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A proper Naruto fighting game would be so cool.


A Naruto: Kakarot but good would be nice. also I'm fine with a Shinobi Strikers 2 and 3.

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>>507960002Yeah it would be pretty nice. Arena fighters are fucking terrible and the transition to 3D was a detriment to the series. The only exception was the running around Konoha stuff, that shit was tops.

Unironically the storm soundtrack is one of my favorites of all timeyoutu.be/rBDc4CKFx5Uhttps://youtu.be/pcsS2cHpwW0

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>>507960536At least we have MUGEN

>>507960536Arena fighters are overused but they're overused BECAUSE of the storm games. CC2 made 4 absolutely KINO games.


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>>507961384onso I aint seent you in a minute. i remember seeing your character on cactuar ffxiv like one time and didn't want to be like>i know you from years of Holla Forums shitpostingthat was years ago at this point

>>507961712I don't think I named my character Onsokumaru FFXIV the little bit I played. Might have been Onsokkun or something else.

Gosetsu deserved better. Fuck Asahi.

>>507962509well no you didn't but you posted your catgirl in some thread one time. I recognized the name and cat from that time.ahh FFXIV pre button culling and naruto good times. that was a long while ago.

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>>507960536cringe contrarian

>>507962836Oh right.Damn good times, man.

Chuck, we're leaving.

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>Naruto/a/ here. We are laughing at you.

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>>507963269>/a/ hereStop lying, /a/ don't cross board.

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>>507959856Female dog no jutsu

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>>507963472You're not you when you're hungry


Why does Naruto have so many games but the greatest shounen of alltime doesn't? Imagine a HXH JRPG where you can create your own nen system.

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>>507963906Because HxH is underground.

>>507963119>not so fast chucktachi and sneedsame>>507963269>>507963419say that to the one piece pirate warriors game nerd. also is fuan no tane even comparable to anything Junji Ito has made or has some no taste ch/a/d pranked a sophisticated Holla Forumsirgin such as myself?

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>>507964008Its like the third most popular shounen.

>>507963906>the greatest shounen of alltime doesn'tBecause it's kinda hard to make an Mx0 videogame.

>>507963269>/a/>using a google image result reactionimage of DitF>actually having the balls or gumption to give a fuck about a Naruto thread this many years after hot pockets 3.0 /q/ quickening you can(not) touhou hijack

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>>507963906HxH doesnt have its own version of PoE the same way Tokyo Ghoul doesnt have its own version of VtmB, japs with creative talents don't want to make licensed games

say it with meSAND

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>>507960367>Shinobi Strikersit was worth than the UNS how could you want sequels?

>>507964149That's not been true for something like eight years now.

>>507964894My standards are pretty low right now, you know with Boruto putting the series in a hard coma.

>>507959856bros. was it kino?

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I am not asian you fool! my eyes are fully open, your cheap illusions will not work on me

>>507965373What you don't like techno-ninjas fighting alien-cyborgs?


>>507965401>completely dominates opponent>"sensei, let me go all out just this once to finish this fight">super special final move misses because they always do in this series>"now I am too exhausted to win this fight"so retarded

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>>507965401I'm still mad.

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Is it true that Uchiha skulls tend to be at least 4-10 cm smaller than the average person? I can kind of see why the lawful extermination was justified...

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The entire concept of eyes in Naruto was so stupidOkay cool you have some genetic mutations that allow you to cast ninja arts with your eyes, but also you can just casually plop out the eyes from your dead fella and insert them into your own sockets and bam they are completely functional and you get the ninja arts too, good deal, no repercussions, doctors hate him

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>>507965983It "kinda" works because they are just Genin, and by having them overexert themselves using techniques supposed to be used by more experienced fighters it shows they still have room to grow.

>>507966442Go back to being dead

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>>507966602>no repercussions at least in the early partKakashi literally have to put headband over his Sharingan to make it stop consuming chakra

>>507963906HxH fags are delusional

>>507966602There are repercussions. They drain Kakashi even as an adult. Even though it's an evolution of the sharingan, Obito couldn't use two rinnegan. It takes a special kind of person.

>>507966938Not until the Sharingan is Sharingone.

>>507963269/a/ here. We love Naruto and hate moeshitters.


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>>507965401Watching that smug fuck get rocked by based Lee was the best

>>507966442I hear their brains were missing a few wrinkles.

>>507959856what's the best Naruto game? >>507963269>darling a fucking clone of genesis evangelionopinion discarded

But how could the likes of you EVER UNDERSTAND THAT?

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>>507967212>Another deadbeat Uchiha farther who leaves his family What a surprise, it is there genetics they can't help themselves

>>507962967He's right. Arena fighters are pretty trash. They're fun for casually play for like, a month. Clash of Ninja was a better fighting game series. We've got abominations like Jump Force because of the popularity Storm picked up. Good 3D fighters can be made, JoJo All Star Battle was pretty good, but with Scamco pushing out games like My Hero One's Justice and the One Punch game with no real substance, it's a problem.They don't even have to be traditional 2D fighters, They just have to put some effort into making it a good fighting game.

>>507967561Leave papa alone

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>>507967212Reminder that the Uchiha were at the center of just about every major conflict since people got Chakra.

>>507965401>Everyone talks about the weights> no one talks about an unconscious Lee with a broken arm and leg taking up a battle stance when the match was about to be declared over

>>507967730Nah it was aliens.

>>507967730Did you know that despite only being 13% of the population, Uchihas account for 52% of rebellions. I though that was interesting

>>507966993>>507967020was mainly thinking of medical repercussions of casually performing full eye transplants in questionable environments, but I guess uncontrolled ninja arts are the Naruto version of tissue rejection

*steps on you*

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>>507968006Chakra can act as a healing medium so fast eye transplants arent close to being bs.

>>507968006Chakra does something something. Honestly I think that kind of detail isn't really necessary for a teenage-aimed battle fantasy comic.


>>507959856I really want to fuck this salad.

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>enjoy boruto anime>enjoy the stupid filler >enjoy boruto manga>reading through naruto manga>enjoying the shit out of it>want watch the filler parts of narutoI'm a bona-fide narutard bros. It's only gotten worse with age.

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>>507968006Yeah but it really doesn't happen that often. Rin was a medical ninja, Madara can regen, so on. You can usually explain it in some way.

>>507968406I prefer the anime look myself

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>>507968408Nothing wrong with Naruto, Shippuden is shittier because of endless filler but Boruto is even worse

>>507968408>>enjoy the stupid filler>he likes "all conflicts happen because genjutsu :^)" asspull bullshitI kinda like some of Boruto story arc's premises but goddamn why does this stupid shit keep happening


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>>507968610I think its because the side characters get shafted so hard that i actively want to see the dumb filler since it's the only chance we see them do something most of the time. Like Ten-Ten's only fight in the manga pre time skip happens off screen and she was supposed to be on the same level as Lee and Neji as elite konoha rookie ninjas.

>>507968406For me, it's Himawari. I wish the anime wasn't as boring as shit.

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>>507968531You mean the movie/game look. The anime has her dumb as shit manga heels.

>>507968967LOCK. ON.

>>507968610I dropped Shit Pudding around the Obito stuff, and just wiki'ed the rest. Can anyone give me the rundown on Bort so far?

>>507967442>clone of genesis evangelionwrong>>507963269>DitFhahahahahhahaahhahaa

>>507967541the absolutest of lads

>>507960684>>507961402>Tfw you there'll never be an era like the mid/late-2000s anymore where everyone and their grandma was making 1000s of Naruto fangamesI know zoomers got those shitty mobile fangames now, but it's not the same.

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>>507968932It's kinda interesting because Boruto tries to do the opposite with a bunch of dedicated episodes for the secondary cast, but it all feels really boring and trivial. Could be better executed but I can't help but feel like watching is a waste of time.

Reminder that Sakura gave birth to an Uchiha that wears glasses yet somehow still has sharingan. Let that sink in.

>>507969582Simple enough. Salad can't see well normally and the Sharingan just amplifies that shit vision further.

>>507959856Why all of these games based on anime always have shitty level of destructible environment? I'm doing hyper super duper mega ultimate attack and I want to see the effect of said move like the impact it has on the battle arena, c'mon it's 2020 for God's sake.

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>>507963269>/a/ hereI'm sorry about your terminal cancer

>>507963906>but the greatest shounen of alltime doesn't? But it does

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What's the best Naruto game available on ps4?

>>507969736>he says while browsing Holla Forums

>>507969582she will be blind soon

>>507967730Uchihas have been banned from 109 hidden villages. Let that sink in.

>>507968408Childhood is liking the fights. Adulthood is preferring the relationship skits and slice of life episodes.

Be honest, how does My hero Academia compare to Naruto. It seems like its Naruto but for zoomers

>>507963269>/a/And entire board of trannies convincing themselves they're only just traps.

>>507968408My issue with the Boruto anime is that it plays itself too safe, even though people watched Naruto in the first place for it's stakes. I watched up until the Chunnin Exams and I was entertained but at the same time disappointed at all the wasted potential and weird plot narratives.The manga however is a gigantic middle finger for those who even gave a slightest shit to the power scaling in Naruto, it honestly reads like a parody. It doesn't help that Assistant-kun made the plot revolve around his bland OC instead of you know... Boruto.

>>507961614Rip Neji

>>507970117That's Holla Forums though...


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>>507970067My YouTube recommendations is filled with dumb shit like itachi making breakfast for Sasuke and i can't help myself but watch each and every one

>>507970108It somehow manages to fuck up the "underdog" story in less time than Naruto.It's still a fun series if you want a SOL/Action mix in your manga rotation, but it's nowhere near "best shonen ever".

>>507970108It has almost no likeable characters, and terrible plot, pacing, and action. I like the very beginning a lot, but only because of All Might. The first chapter/episode reminds me of Naruto, but after that it feels like the author has no clue.

>>507970108The series got weird pretty quickly. It's an easy enough watch if you got the time and don't mind HxH tier plot twists.

>>507970195No, no. This is Holla Forums.Holla Forums is afraid of the trannie boogeyman they create in their heads./a/ are actual trannies

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>>507970543>>507970557I read the manga when it was fairly new, Deku came across as such a punk bitch to me that I struggled to give a shit and when that fire guy was bullying him and he was getting attacked by some villian and was begging Deku to save him i had to drop the manga

>>507970782/a/ is men pretending to be little girls. Holla Forums is men pretending to be females.

>>507959856Kisame...We're leaving.

>>507970108Honestly as someone who's caught up on it, I have no clue what the author wants to do with the series.>MC gets his endgame powers already>Villain gets his endgame powers already>War arc which the MC and Villain will most likely fight>Tfw this is all happening and they're all still in their freshman year despite the manga being almost 7 years old

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>>507961384How would ATLA vidya look if it's done by CC2?youtu.be/YHPOnWczkXc

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>>507970971Look, we can easily tell you're an /a/ tourist who does not play video games. You've spent very little time here and at best possess a surface knowledge.

>>507971015Kekeke... off to mindrape Sasuke for the 4th time for no reason, are ya' now?

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>>507970849Later they become happy classmates in their new hero school and the bully becomes angry comedy relief. Him telling Deku to fucking kill himself never amounts to anything. He's a good guy now.

>>507970971Trannies love anime.

>>507971329Odd choice of words for someone who goes on /a/ enough to pretend to know the board culture.

>>507960002Get your PS2 and play narutimate

>>507971649They also like speedrunning. What's your point?

>>507963269/lit/ here, get fucked.

>>507966009Which one? There’s like seven different kind.

>>507967561Good, now he can’t get in the way of me fucking Sarada

>>507969780Uhh Based?

>>507971790that you should dilate.

>>507968967>Himawari gets the best episodes Poetry

Itachi...we're leaving

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>>507972264Okay but then what?

>>507959856storm 4 was pretty kinostory ending is better than in anime

>>507963269/v/ here, go suck a dick

>>507971902/s4s/ there, tis nod nice anone

>>507972387Make it 42%

Katon: Gōryūka no Jutsu

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>>507970117nice projection

>>50797258942% of what?

>>507971490Guy still won't remember your name, fish face


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>genjutsus OP as fuck on original naruto>suddenly no one every used them again and it went full dbz

>>507963269/a/ cutie hereany other cuties here?

>jutsu involves the user throwing up an elementWhy was this so common

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>>507972874Genjutsus were never OP, only Itachi's genjutsu was OP

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>>507972785This entire technique is bs. >Multiple stabbings multiple times>Oh yea sorry haha, just 1 second has passedWhat the fuck?


>>507963269fuck off weebtard


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>>507972967Obitos genjutsu was miles stronger. He controlled the 4th Mizukage a perfect Jinchuuriki for years with it.

>>507972973It makes the user go blind.

>>507973186Obito can't beat infinite tsukuyomi

I tried watching Naruto but it's some of the most boring, ugly animation I've ever seen and everything about the characters has been done before and better.Why does anyone like it?

>>507972898The element had to come from somewhere, and it's not like their mouths were covered for most of them.

>>507973279No one can beat the Infinite tsukuyomi that doesnt have a rinnegan.

>>507973321because they watched when they were young

>>507959856I want to marry milf Ino!

>>507973321>watchJust read the comics nigga>characters has been done beforeIt's shonen, what do you expect

>507973003No (You) faggot newshit

>>507973530The manga is also ugly, answer the question


>>507973321>characters have been done beforewelcome to entertainment retard

>>507959856Whats the point of the different combo enders in ninja storm?Why would you want to do anything other than launchers into air combos for highest damage?

>>507959856youtube.com/watch?v=pI7Jc-fSQQ8Best ost? BEST OST.

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>>507973635and better

>>507973321is naruto zoomer filter nowadays?

>>507972973ya ever done DMT?

>>507973775Naruto is a zoomer show.

>>507973321BHA is just naruto in the city!!!!!!!!

>>507973653Any Shippuden but yours track is shit. That's a fact.

>>507959856Why are all sonnygers on twatter uchiha fags and mudslimes?And yes I know>going on twitter