Have you ever cried because of the video game?

Have you ever cried because of the video game?

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no form of media has ever made me cry

>>507959121From emotion, noFrom frustration, yes

>a video of a bunch of normalfags crying over the episode of TWD>fucking CRINGE! S O Y! Muh bread and curcus! Mindless cattle crying over their product!>yakuza thread>nooo not the heckin %character name%, why did they kill him, how could they, hold me Holla Forumsros...So, which is it, Holla Forums?

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>>507959121>nu-star wars poster>that t-shirt>crying Wanna be twitch fag soiboy SJW liberal trash

the hell is his problem?

>>507959448>frustrationIt is also an emotion.

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Yes because I'm extremely weak-minded and susceptible to emotional manipulation.

Yes. When I play 4~5 modern AAA titles and look back on the games we used to have in the 90s/2000s I cant help but just bawl at how the hell we landed in this state

I cried at the end of FFX

cried? don't think so. but the pmd blue ending made me melancholy.

>>507959121I have never cried for any reason since I was born.

Yes, because I was drunk when the game decided to take everything from me in a single chapter.

You can not call yourself a man if a toy makes you cry. If your dad or dog dies, it is acceptable to shed a tear, but under no other circumstances should men cry.

>>507959472>implying anyone on here is actually crying>implying they would upload a video of it anywayreaching hard here

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>>507959121"reset", the roll credits theme of okami on ps2.yea say what you want but damn those feels.

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>>507959121Call me a fag, but I've cried at the end of Medal of Honor's reboot


>>507959624Same here, friend.

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Mafia 1 ending

Schlatt is funnier.

>>507959809>cucked into depression by New Zealand chad

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>>507959759Rabbit deserved better, man.

No but was close to legit tearing up at ending of Telltale Walking Dead Season 1

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>>507959975That's a funnu way to spell Jawsh

>>507959121>basedboy faggot white dude gets cucked behind his backclassic

I cried when robo died. I was only like 10 to be fair, and was also on painkillers after I broke my shoudler. It was a rough month.

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>>507959121Yes.Happens mostly in emotional VNs, though.

>>507959121Brothers: A Tale of Two SoulsI knew better but it still made me think of the people I loved

>>507959121>That pic>Star WarsJust icing on the cake

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>>507959994>ChadYou do realize not only he also got cucked but also had his internet career taken a huge dump on for that whole drama, right?

Let's be real hereThis faggot getting cucked isn't anything to be surprised about Youtubers and twitch streamers are the most vapid fags on earth Not to mention this nigga is ugly as fuck compared to the girl

>>507959121As a very young child, I once stayed up until midnight to meet the ghost who appears in Animal Crossing on the gamecube. I tried to complete his quest after he said he was going to be severely punished if I didn't, but I just couldn't find all the things he wanted, and my parents made me go to bed before I could finish. Thinking about how this damn ghost would suffer made me cry a lot.Also, when I was just as young or younger, my mother had to return Pikmin to the store because the thought of sacrificing the lives of these creatures for no reason beyond Olimar's selfish progress through the game made me very upset.

>>507959121my eyes got watery from intense wonder (?) on day 12, theater in the original pathologic>his actions shall be my actions

>>507960231my nigga

I thought the booze would make what was coming easier to deal with. Only for it to be far worse

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No, I've cried once or twice over good cinema, and of course the odd book. But video games aren't art so no, I've never cried at a video game and I presume you would need to be emotionally unstable, or an infant, to do so.

>>507960675Shit bait

when aerith's materia hit floor and the piano starts plinking

>>507959121I don’t understand why people like Carson. He’s not funny. His whole shtick is his laugh that he does in response to his friends making dumb jokes. I feel like he tries to build his brand off of “nerdy relateable loser stereotype” but it comes off as cringe to anyone older than 14.

Yes. Yakuza 0 and Yakuza 6.

When I beat a snake eater when I was like 15 I shed a tear

I cried playing Wolfenstein 3D when I was 4 or 5 whenever BJ's face got all bloody at 1% health, so I would have my Dad play it instead.I also remember one time when I was 6 years old, I was so close to finishing RtCW's 2nd level "escape2" after playing it for hours and getting lost, only to get shot by a camping enemy in this spot in pic related. I didn't save at any point, so I was really upset, and I can remember my Dad coming home from work right at about the same time and telling me, "sometimes you win, sometimes you lose".

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>>507960362>he also got cuckedHow can he be cucked if it was one time thing or just sex to begin with?>his internet career taken a huge dump onNot really, they even joke about it in recent vids

>>507959121>the video gamewell i sure do love that one game we all playthe monolithic generation defining "video game"

>>507961221>so I would have my Dad play it instead.user that's so cute

>>507960231sameeither that or jrpgs that got me really immersed

>>507959448What game?

Only for feelings. Dramatic romances are my weakness.

>>507961243Imagine being so beta you let the man who fucked your woman make jokes about it?

>>507959472nobody talks like this

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>>507961407>ImaginI don't need to, I could just watch his stream on Mondays

It wasn't crying, it was sweating out of my eyes.youtube.com/watch?v=sxJ-LSBfrQ4

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>>507959121>CallMeCuck>fell for an E-girlHe had it coming

>>507960170 Not even hot

>>507959121>CallMeCuck Schlatt and Jawsh are better anyway

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>>507959121Nah movies do though

>>507959121Mass Effect 3 made me cry. And not because>MUH SHIT ENDING

Yes, at the Mass Effect 3 ending.

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>>507960170>born in year 2000>fucks 8 people almost simultaneously ...

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>>507959121Plenty of timesCliche "muh friendship" tearjerker scenes always get me, so I usually just sit there, tears flowing, thinking how stupid the writing is

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>>507962347Yeah, EDI didn't deserve that fate.

end of Okami>Issuns' speech>that ost

TWD S1 got a tear out of me

>>507962106Schlatt is a gigachad.His presence alone makes you know who melt despite her not being attracted to a single streamer ever.

>>507959809strange how well written that song is considering what it's about

>>507959121No. Not a fag.

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Only once, at the end of Outer Wilds when you're gathering everybody you encountered around a campfire.


>>507962636Isn't he gay?

>>507962798It's an act.

Only once.

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>>507962628oh, same m8

>>507959121I'm a major cryeroff the top of my head recently:outer wilds endingyakuza 0 kiryu/nishiki *that* scenegoing down the mall elevator in automata

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>>507962936>>507962528this too, that was a great momentyoutube.com/watch?v=ya3yxTbkh5s

>>507959519Bitches and hoes.

>>507959121I teared up during the scene with Oshtoru's mom in Utawarerumono.It's probably the only time weebshit made me even come close to crying.

>>507959975>>507960110Fools.They are funniest together.

I cried like a little bitch all throughout the last parts of TTMIt's such a shame the sequel turned out shit.

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Dearest Marie...

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>>507960170shes super cute

>>507963470youtube.com/watch?v=ir-LPRQEQzM"Dad hugs you."

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>>507963602Step in line buddy

>>507961393Smash bros

>>507959121First weeb game that made me cry like a bitch.

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>>507959121Ending to FF7:Crisis Core.


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>>507963470If you choose no here you have no soul>>507963578The worst part is He died thinking his son was still dead

>>507962936I cried when Emil remembered the past during the fight in the desert.His song and lamenting his dead friends got me good.


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Can't remember for sure, but I think the ending to Fullmetal Alchemist and the Broken Angel made me tear up. I certainly remember it being very sad.

>>507963792>>507963836>Is laughing throughout the fight>When he comes to this realization and the pain he's been harboring the laughter turns into sobs >Unless stopped he chooses to nuke everythingHonestly who can blame him at that point

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You'll forgive your hasty brother, won't you?

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>>507963602she'd probably fuck you too


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The ending to SH Shattered Memories got me years ago.Also Nier got me melancholic as fuck throught all the endings. Strangely, never experienced that in Automata, even with Emil's backstory

>>507964223Same with NieR, I just think it's far superior to the sequel

It's quite a weird one, but the Machine's final dialogue in A Machine for Pigs got to me for some reason. It's probably the delivery, it really does sound like a heartfelt plea of someone who has seen what the future has in store. The ending monologue right afterwards is great too.youtube.com/watch?v=PfpPnmkkaDw

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Ring of FatesThe ending is incredibly depressing imo.


>>507959121The "Subscribe" t-shirt completes this image.>>507959757That's a man, isn't it?

>>507963792>remembers despite Nier being literally erased from history>he sees everyone in the afterlife, finallyEmil was a good kid.

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>>507964563Never played that game so I have no idea what's going on but that is some pretty good writing and delivery of the lines.

It might seem dumb but I cried when I realised how bad OPM: A Hero Nobody Knows was, cuz I really love the anime and manga. Also, they spoiled best-girl Genos and made him into something else.

>youtube.com/watch?v=gFJ1r6_4mW4>1:48 kicks in

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>>507965147The airport part with Lilly almost made me cry.

I'm a massive pussy so yes.>Yakuza 0/Kiwami 2 endings with the blind girl>Mother 3's final boss fight solely for the Hinata shit>LISA the painful during the finale>LISA the Joyful during the dad fight

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>>507959121Yes, I cried at the end of Odin Sphere.

>>507959121Yeah. From raging too hard or from something depressing occurring in the game. Haven't had it happen at all recently though.

I cried when Ghost died in Modern Warfare 2.

>>507959906>>507962873FUCKCan't forget about this, either.

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>>507964110>>507965709>Claus: I’m going to where mom is now...Fuck man that got me.

>>507964563AMfP is a great story, but not that good of a videogame. It should have been a novel or a short film and I'm sure it would have gotten widespread attention.

>tis good to see you awake

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came pretty close riding back to see johns family on RDR1

banner saga 1 and valiant hearts

>>507965709>not Lucas remembered Claus' smell

>>507966865But not at his death?

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Damn carson really got played like that>can completely understand him now after thot cucked meFuck...

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>>507966980>>507966562the line "Claus,you must be so tired" just destroys me everytime, every other part is just a build up until that shit.

When I was 16 I was addicted to Trackmania Nations, server went down and I went bathroom to cry. That was only time I have cried over a video game.


>>507967209If this wasn't already clear - NEVER date an e-thot. NEVER date openly promiscuous women.It's not even a high bar to cross. Katerino is a whore and a profligate, but Carson should've found someone IRL instead of over the internet. It was doomed from the start.

>>507960170Billy D looks like THAT without his beard?

>>507967069na, it was more that i felt i'd been to hell and back just for the trad life, and i loved that

>>507959121Yes, my dad beat me up for not doing my homework due to vidya.

I cried when someone replaced HCs with Green Rugs in trade window on Habbo Hotel and I fell for it

>>507967485they weren't even dating, Carson was being delusional

>>507967485It's hard ro find a decent whaman these days, so it's understandable.

>>507967289I think "you must be so tired" and "it must have been really hard for you" are nip trope lines, but I'm obliterated by them any time I come across them.

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carson deserved it for being an unfunny hack

>>507959121What's wrong with this fucking nerd, every image I see of him he's fucking crying. Is he some mentally unstable retard who got famous or what

>>507967069>that part where he says thank you to his dying horse>That part where he gives john his hat and everything elsePure kino, only rivaled by>are you the last one?>yeah, its just me>*american venon stars playing

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>>507959121Yeah, I got teary eyed for a lot of vidya I liked toward the end or during the hype sections.FF10's ending when Yuna passes through TidusXenosaga 2 during the "Breathe deep Rubedo" bit toward the end. I was more or less just happy about how good the game wasXenosaga 3 when you're fighting Zarathustra and Jin takes on all those angel looking gnosis. Fuck I love those games.Kingdom Hearts 1 when the world's are splitting apart and Kairi and Sora are being separated. Kingdom Hearts 2 when Sora and Riku are together against Xehanort and he does that 360 laser attack and they're both working together to deflect everything. Legend of Mana, watching the intro, finishing the game. That game just gives me feels to this day.Megaman 2, when I first beat it, and Megaman is shown walking as all the seasons pass, and then only his helmet is left behind. At the time I thought he just left forever with his task complete, like the world no longer needed him.First time ever beating the elite 4 in pokemon red and blue and seeing my team in the hall of fame, knowing the game is over.Beating PSO and hearing the credits play.

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I cried at the end of Edith Finch

>>507967974worse streamer, he gets more views/subs/donations by exaggerating reactions to everything

>>507959121Drakengard 3

yeah i cried when halo 2 got ported to MCC on PC

>>507967749Which is contrary to the opinions of Carson's friends and Katerino herself.

>>507967770This>was simping hard for a qt.14>virgin, a little fat, nice hair, funny, basically perfect >confess >"iigh user, i rather go out with other user than you"It destroyed me, kinda good tho cuz i would still be a simp if she had not been that brutal

I didn't cry, but by the time I processed what had happened I was fucking broken.

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>>507967770It's hard to find decent women if you stay inside 24/7

>>507968515sorry sjwbut im busy defending western civilization

>>507968021>Kingdom Hearts 2That scene was supposed to be cool. I Would have expected the Roxas scene, which is the only good bit of storytelling the series ever made.

>>507962441the modern empowered woman

>>507967289the worst part for me was the slight delay in the text right after he fires the lightning and before it says it reflected so that you have that 1 second of just knowing what's about to happen before it plays out.

>>507959472>video vs. anonymous postobviously the same, like losing your receipt for a new watch vs actually losing the watch

>>507959121Barret/Marlene scenes.

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>>507959121No I cry at terrible threads such as yours

The only recent one I can remember is when I've played FFVII for the first time in order to prepare myself for the remake.The part with Elmyra describing how Aerith came up to her for no reason and just told her "Someone dear to you has just died" hit me really hard. I didn't cry, but I noticed my eyes tearing up a bit and it felt like "Ah fuck, there it is."

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>>507968585Not him but I honestly didn't care much about Roxas until Days, which proceeded to fucking break me, despite being pretty shit gameplay wise.

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>>507968271because of how fucking absolute shit the port is? I was more seething with anger at 343i's general presence

>>507968364And now you're posting on an anonymous weeabo image board while she's taking cock from some chad

>>507968364If she really said she'd date other guys than you then it's good it turned out like this. Otherwise it would just be a waste of your time user, she probably wasn't good

>>507959121Cried like a bitch

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Lost Odyssey has some kino fucking moments.

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>>507968515I'm not kek, I just don't wanna date anyone yet, it's embarassing.

>>507968021>Beating PSO and hearing the credits play.youtube.com/watch?v=wkPksE1wpvYHumanity was never meant to find happiness. No matter what great technological breakthroughs or universal understanding they achieve. Even among the stars we are meant to suffer eternally. As it always has been in this forsaken existence.

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>>507968924too bad I'm not taking cock from some chad :(

I know I've cried while playing games, I just don't remember when or why.

>>507959121klonoa ending made me cry as a kid

>>507968953I'm not sure why but this game had 0 effect on me, then other indies like the cat lady/downfall/lorelai and lisa all fucked me up.

>>507968924I post here from time to time user, i do go out tho, met other girls and realize how fucking stupid i had been.You should try it too, never EVER simp for a girl, there is to many fish in the water to just get fixated on 1 that doesn't feel the same about you

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>>507959121>>507959486>>507959519>>507959809>>507959994>>507960137>>507960170>>507960362>>507960392>>507960962>>507961243>>507961852>>507961618>>507962106>>507967209>>507967485>>507967749>>507968296Call me cuck, son.

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>>507968771"You can't fall in love with me." She knows, bros. She knows she's going to die.

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>>507968953This game did absolutely nothing for me because the ending was predictable from the start and everything felt like a no-stakes situations

>>507961393Animal Crossing because i realized i wasted 60 dollars on a mobile game

Did not even play ffx, watched like a 2-3h video.But>that part where tidus passes right through yunaDamn...

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This shit got me out of guard.

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>>507959121From emotion, yesFrom frustration, no

I am 32 but only so far at the end of Valiant Heartsyoutube.com/watch?v=anKqBK_RxssIt was a damn good game

TWD season 2, only cause my dog died 2 weeks prior and the first thing you gotta do is fucking kill a dog. Total bullshit and I still hate.

>>507970172yeah, what the fuck was this doing in a kids game

>>507969819It's not supposed to make you sad through some convoluted reveal. The real sadness comes from the simple fact that the story of River and Johnny is just plain tragic, and the "solution" the protagonists come up with (or rather it's just Eva that does this against the protests of Neil) is fabricating a lie to allow him his final wish.

>>507963428short stepsdeep breath

The credits song that plays afterwards always gets me.

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>>507964563I realize this game may not have enough of a reason to be a game to justify itself overall but this is exceptional as far as prose and delivery goes. Almost makes it worth it. Almost.

>>507965683I cried at midnight in a McDonald's because of that fucking scene

Brothers: A Tale of Two SonsBecause I realized my brother and me don't have that relationship and we never will.

there were maybe tears when mareg died in grandia 2MAYBE

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>>507970251I knew what was gonna happen the moment the guards started following him.

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I could not play FF7 for a week after Aeris was killed. This was the only time I can think of I found a particular scene in a game upsetting enough to not want to continue for a while.


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>>507959121Cried watching Markiplier's playthrough of To the Moon

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Cry of FearRealizing that Simon's only way to continue was either actually killing himself or spending the rest of his life at a mental hospital was not a very easy thing to accept

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>>507964563The phenomenal soundtrack certainly helped, too.youtube.com/watch?v=_TSKgwvHgho

It all builds up for one hell of a cathartic payoff

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