Here we go again. Ring Fit 1-12. Switch Sports. Animal Crossing. Mario Kart. The future for Nintendo is clear

Here we go again. Ring Fit 1-12. Switch Sports. Animal Crossing. Mario Kart. The future for Nintendo is clear.

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>>507958558They should just go full software producer for mobile games at this point.

they were targeting "gamers" to begin with?

>>507958558>Ring Fit 1-12. Switch Sports. Animal Crossing. Mario KartI unironically enjoy all those games, and I don't normally play casual vidya

>>507959113In one of their directions, they explained that Odyssey was targeted towards "core" gamers, unlike the Galaxy games, which were simplified for wide appeal.

>middle of its life cycleHas it been that long? And the only games released on it are breath of the wild and animal crossing? Maybe they will release a third game before next gen.

>>507959296>they explained that Odyssey was targeted towards "core" gamers,Haha what the fuck? Odyssey is literally Toddler's First Videogame in design.

>>507959445Does BotW really count when it's multiplat? Only game I see people wanting Switch emulation for is Three Houses.

>>507958558..until their next console

>>507958558>mfw i enjoyed all these games and i play Ring Fit atleast 2-3 times a week>Mario KArt 8 Deluxe was literally the best Mario Kart to date>The new Animal Crossing (played by Sis) is in her opinion of the best entries in the seriesArent you tried of shitposting Op-chan?

>>507958558That's a very misleading title.

>>507959585And you're still a disgusting pedo looking kraut by day's end.

>>507959494>get rid of press X to awesome counter combat>make the game more like a RPGYeah eat your baby food paste and fuck off you ridiculous mantoddler

>>507959445I think you forgot Astral Chain, Three Houses, Luigis Mansion 3, Dragonquest XI S, Kirby Star Allies, Mario Maker 2, Splatoon 2, Super Smash Bros Ultimate etc, all games being huge successes financially and critically.

>>507959852You literally can't game over ever in Toddler's Odyssey.

Here is from the article:The company reportedly touched on the strategy in an investor Q&A following the publication of its latest financial results on Thursday.Nintendo reiterated comments president Shuntaro Furukawa made in January, when he said the console was entering “the middle of its life cycle”, according to Japan-based analyst and investment adviser David Gibson, who live tweeted the event.As of March 31, 2020, a little over three years after Switch launched, Nintendo had sold 55.77 million units.Nintendo said on Thursday that it will increase its advertising budget during the mid-stage of Switch’s cycle in a bid to reach those who don’t currently play games, Gibson reported.The Japanese company sold around 21 million Switch units during the fiscal year ended in March, and has forecast sales of around 19 million for the current business year.Switch recently outsold the Super NES to become the Japanese company’s third best-selling home console and its seventh best-selling games system overall.Nintendo said in January that it has no plans to launch a new Switch model in 2020.The platform holder is currently facing Switch hardware shortages due to increased demand and reduced production capabilities, although it said on Thursday that the situation is gradually improving.However, it also warned of potential software and service delays due to disruption caused by the

>>507959940so its like RDR2 where the game lets you skip missions if they are too hard for babies?

>>507959916Very funny. You should write for SNL.

>>507960114Nothing I wrote was a joke, all those games got rave reviews and sold a lot.

>>507960003Ah so OP is just a really angry illiterate sandnigger as usual?

>>507960167Very funny. You should write for SNL.

>>507958558>>507958696are you retarded, nothing about this article says they'll release Wii-like shit. it's just them saying they'll increase ADVERTISING budget. that means there'll be more commercials to attract people to Switch.

Are niggers really this traumatized still?

>>507959940What the fuck games have game overs in 2020?

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>>507958696>> a new hobby

>>507960260Nah, he is just stealing from review scores and sales data, not really good comedy material.

>>507960081>b-but (other completely unrelated game)

>>507960396Someone got really triggered over the last financial report it seems, op is a fucking pathetic faggot, I wonder if he will commit suicide soon

>>507960450Its just the same kind of casualization.

>>507958558My Switch has been a dust magnet past 2017. I think I only turned it on for Smash and Astral Chain (which sucked) in the last two years. They released all their good games in the first year to get suckers on board and it's just been a mountain of crap since then.

>>507959940I guess all Souls games are casual baby games since you can't game over in them either

>>507958558Nintendo's latest financial report shows that Nintendo are expecting to sell less titles this fiscal year compared to last, I think the main thing you can take from this is that they don't have much games in the works with plans to release them in the next 12 months. Breath of the Wild 2 is 2022 at the earliest, same for Bayonetta 3, Prime 4 is even farther away.

>>507960321Correct. Nintendo has no plans to release any more games for Switch since they’ve already rehashed the only three franchises they still make games for.

>>507958558oh so that's why they have no games coming out.

>>507960767>Bayonetta 3, Prime 4 is even farther away.To think Nintenfags hyped up these games BEFORE Switch even released.

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>>507960807Didn't ARMS make Bloodborne numbers? They can just easily make new IPs that become huge ass successes like they did with Splatoon.

>>507960606That doesn’t make Mario good because RDR is casual shite too, I don’t see your point.

>>507960863To be fair, all of those games are facing significant delays.

>>507960893What games even have Game Overs nowadays?

>>507960828They don't need more games. They got that AC, Pokeshit, MK trio that is enough to please casuals. They're gonna coast of these titles until Switch 2. Expect BoTW2 as a cross-gen title.

>>507960081Holy shit I thought you are just trolling but you are serious. Fuck rockstar, they are supposed to be the cool and edgy dev. They have become the corporate hipsters they were making fun of in GTAV.

>>507960930I really don't understand what is taking them so long. What is making development difficult here? Hell, in Bayonetta's case, Astral Chain got announced and released in the timeframe we have been waiting. So not sure what exactly is holding it up. Same with Prime 4.

>>507958558Ring Fit is the best game of this gen if you aren't a fat bastard.

>>507961079RDR2 is really that casual, the mission design is fucking COD tier of linear and the whole game treats the player like a baby, it honestly gives off the same feel as the tutorial of Mario Maker 2.

We want the Wii audience

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>>507960969I wasn’t that guy. Game Overs don’t even make sense considering the format of Mario Odyssey and that should have been your argument, not “b-but... RDR”

>>507961183Ring Fit is hambeast bait you dumb nintenfatty. Instead of resorting to video games to lose weight, drop those fries and go for a run.

The last time nintendo made a game for people who actually like games was the GCN and even then it was only reluctantly

>>507960234No Snoynigger. Nintendo is making more money than Sony right now and Snoys are shook.

>>507960003Ah so once again the OP is a snoyboy headline baiting

>b-but Nintendo only meant advertisingYes that's even worse you nintendo shills. I know just now that Nintendo will just coadt of its "evergreen" titles for the reminder of the gen. This is Nintendo's dream scenario.

>>507958558>Hey non-gamers, do you wanna play vidya but don't want to put in the effort of learning hand eye coordonation for the buttons of a controller, let alone where all the keys on the keyboard are and how to properly move a mouse for a desired effect. HAVE YOU CONSIDERED PHONE GAMES, HERE NOW THE GAME SHOOTS FOR YOU, OH YEA, YOU LIKE THAT, JUST WAIT UNTILL WE FIND A WAY TO TRIVIALIZE VR SO THAT EVEN A LITERAL GORILLA CAN PLAY IT!STOP THE BUS, YOU'RE DRIVING US OFF A CLIFF!

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>>507960882>Didn't ARMS make Bloodborne numbers?2.21 million copies as of December 2018 but Nintendo fans got spoiled by Splatoon selling almost 5 million on Wii U so to them ARMS is a failure. Fucking retards.

You see ads for Playstation 4 and PS4 games daily on TV, I guess all games for that platform is now casualized baby garbage using OPs logic?

>>507958558>Switch Sportsbetter be as good as Wii Sports.

>>507961683Difference being that PS4 just this year got FF7R, P5R, Nioh 2 and so on.Switch has literally only Animal Crossing and will continue to have only Animal Crossing for the remainder of the year.

>>507958558>Switch SportsSnoys better pray Nintendo isnt working on this because if they are Switch is going to outsell PS4 + PS5 combined.

>>507961881Why would anyone care? It's a given that casual trash sells well.

>>507961838Eh the Switch is having Xenoblade remaster and Deadly Premintion 2 coming this year, 2020 is kinda like PS4s 2019 where the only exclusive game coming out for the system was Days Gone.

>>507961525>goalposts movinglol just delete your thread and end your life

>>507961954Because Sony would ape Nintendo like they did with the Wii craze.

>>507961957A lazy remaster and shovelware. What a dissapointment for a system in its prime. Third parties really do not give a single shit about it either.

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>>507958558>Switch sportsSeriously why hasn't this been a thing already. It would print money

>>507962092>FF7R, P5R, Nioh 2>talks shit about remasterslol

>>507962092a lazy remaster would be to sell a tutorial chapter for 60 bucks and then waiting even more years to release the next chapter

>>507958558its the wii all over again!abandon ship!

>>507958558>Hayden says they will produce less games for PS5, but will focus on qualityProbably something similar to Death Stranding and... Days Gone?>Nintendo wants to bring consoles to more peopleThis is somehow bad.

>>507962092>Calling DP shovelwarezoomers should really be gassed

>>507962197>>507962207>coping this hard that they got a lazy remaster while PS4 got a 30 hour AAA JRPG with great production values and ton of optional challenging content

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Why do Nintenfags always deflect the shittiness of Switch with the shittiness of PS4?Both systems are godawful trash. But Switch slightly more so because nobody is defending PS4 on Holla Forums whereas Switch has a geniune cult.

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>>5079622712019 was a really bad year for Playstation, this entire board became a shit zone every single time Nintendo got a critically acclaimed exclusive game that year.

>>507962308>30 hoursThats baby numbers, the OG XBC takes around 160 hours to fully complete, and thats without the new added content the remaster has

>>507962423Ironic shitposting is still shitposting, user.

>>507962431PS4 got way more worthwhile games than Switch though? And Death Stranding won most GOTY awards of that year? Games like Sekiro, DMC5, Re2R weren't even released on Switch. How did PS4 have a godawful year when every single worthwhile game was available on PS4 but not on Switch?

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Stop consuming soulless corporate garbage

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>>507962423Have you not been in a PC thread? There are subhuman niggers in those claiming that PS4s are superior to PC's all the time there

>>507962539Enjoy playing the same exact game with more anime characters. This is definition of lazy. When is FF7R coming to Switch by the way? 2035?

>>507961087Nintendo are just struggling to keep up. Their engines are simple, their toolsets are obtuse, their staff are underqualified, and their teams are understaffed, You can look at say the budget for Breath of the Wild, which was 80 mil just for the game itself, that's more than MGSV, which had actors, a licensed soundtrack, hours of coreography, and a new engine made for all of Konami's studios was developed under that budget, and Nintendo even had to hire like 4 other development studios just to get the game finished for it's delayed release.An easy comparison is Assassins Creed Origins, came out after Breath of the Wild, had a direct sequel a year later, and then has a full sequel with new assets, and an overhauled engine, and it will release before Breath of the Wild even gets a full reveal. Nintendo are behind everyone here.

>>507962604I was only talking about exclusives, but yeah those are some pretty good PC games

>>507962656Literally nobody does that you dumb nincel. I do however go to emulation threads often and I always see Nintenfags seething about how BoTW plays better on PC than Switch.

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>>507962737In the age of emulation, exclusive is a highly relative term. Fact is that PS4 got way more worthwhile games than Switch ever did in 2019. And the objective 2019 GOTY was on PS4, not Switch.

>>507962678FF7R is coming to PC next year so?Didnt the FF7 remake also add a ton of new anime characters? Like Roach, non-Yuffie and non-Noctis?

>>507962656>Have you not been in a PC thread? I am a sub-human and I fell for trolls claiming that PS4s are superior to PC's all the time there.

>>507958558There's absolutely nothing wrong with this.

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Non-gamers rise up!

>>507962864>FF7R is coming to PC next year so?I didn't realize Switch was a PC.

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>>507962754Here is one of those threads, take a look>>507956741

>>507962827Wasnt the peoples choice GOTY last year Fire Emblem Three Houses though? You can never trust journos when colluding with awards and shit

I think Snoys are made because latest Animal Crossing sold better than any PS4 exclusive. Well, except for Uncharted 4. But don't tell them. Sales don't matter when it comes to Nintendo, according to those people.

>>507962539Nothing like 120 hours of grinding fetch quests.

>>507961323Which games did they stop making since the Game Cube?

>>507962910All Switch owners own a PC and PS4 though?and FF7 is already on Switch

>>507963056>casual trash sells wellNobody is arguing against you here. Both UC4 and AC are garbage games. It's really a shame how Switch is missing out on titles like P5R, FF7R, Nioh 2, GG:Strive while being in its peak years and PS4 being one year away from the grave.

>>507963056>are made*madFucking lack of autocorrect.

>>507962876Most of those are just wii u ports though

>>507962975>they are saying PS4 is better than PC ;__;>here is an example>"PS5 will make your PC"So you just want to show us how dumb and useless you are huh?

>>507958558Animal Crossing isn’t really riveting gameplay to begin with. They’ve been doing it for a while now

>>507963109Are we talking about Switch owners now and not the actual Switch platform?Of course as a Switchfag you'd want a PC first because Switch misses out on literally every essential game there is that doesn't have the Nintendo brand. It's by far the weakest single system of this gen. And it's really only wortwhile as a secondary or tertiary device. Never as a primary device.

>>507963129Of course, user. As expected. Every game that's not on the Switch is a masterpiece. But if - IF - Nioh comes to Switch, it will suddenly become garbage and>it wasn't that good anyway

>>507963203Read the thread, the dumb FF7 nigger says that the remake is not feasible to run on a PC.

>>507963235But I just told you Uncharted 4 is garbage? Have you issues reading? Both AC and UC4 pander to very casual sensibilities..

>>507963280>falling for bait that easilyMy money is on the dude being a triggered nincel

>>507963056You have to be retarded to think that. It's mostly Nintendo fans who are frustrated that there's nothing to look forwards to this year. Literally the only New Nintendo titles this year are Animal Crossing and Clubhosue games, 2 casual as fuck titles, that's your 2020, meanwhile the next gen is just around the corner, and there's big things in the works already, even the PS4 has a lot of must have titles coming this year, but nothing at all like that on Switch.

>>507963132As if autocorrect will do anything to "made", you retard.

>>507963235Yep, thats why no one talks about Catherine Fullbody anymore, its now automatically shit since its coming to Switch and with exclusive content

>>507963302>Have you issues reading?What language is this?

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>>507960863I completely forgot those and SMT5 even existed.

I wonder when the Discord tranny will bait people into "debating" him on his tranny server

>>507959445It's not been "that" long, mobile hardware is just hopelessly outdated almost immediately after hitting shelves. Phones are going to be better specced than the Switch DURING the system's lifespan, and performance problems have been an issue for the system basically since day one.

>Those desperate Nintenfags pretending PS4 isn't having a good year while they pretend to be content with just Animal Crossing for a whole yearI don't even play consoles anymore. But pretending that FF7R, P5R, GG, Dreams, TLOU2, Ghost of Sushi is somehow less lucrative than some Facebook-tier gardening sim strikes me as corporate whoring of the maximum degree.

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>>507963280I don't give enough fucks to read the thread, and you are just telling me how easily trolled and triggered you are.

>>507958558Probably better than targeting no gamers with the total lack of games in the last 3 years, which is why I sold mine. >inb4 some tendie posting lists of shit games or non exclusives

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>>507958558Why don't they just make some fucking videogames?

>>507962729They make fat stacks of cash, how can they not hire the right talent and not enough of them? Are they greedy jews that underpay in the hopes of making a lot of money? I'm not going to ding BotW here since it did do the combination of open world elements well enough. But that and Odyssey can't be the only good games that push the hardware this generation from all the first party games they have. Even Xbox has done better than Nintendo here.

>>507961087>I really don't understand what is taking them so long. What is making development difficult here?When you announce the game with a jpeg before anyone's even developing it, then I don't think it's unexpected that the dev team you scramble together as fast as possible might not work out.

>>507963618Same reason why Sony and Microsoft aren'tThe ol Rona

>>507963394Catherine was discussed for like a single day when it came out and everyone pretty much agreed that the extra content actually detracted from the game.

>>507962678Was FF7R even good? I saw many a mixed review, with comments that the plot and pacing were spotty. Never played the original, so I’m wondering if I should bother with the remake.

>>507963567>makes an observation>user claims observation is false>posts proof that it happened>"why so triggered?"I just posted proof?

>>507963618Funny thing is I was the guy who predicted them to make a hybrid console one day decades ago because they could literally churn out game after game after game for one system alone. Now they make one and it has an emptier and shittier lineup than both the DS and the Wii had for their time. Literally only the first year was good.

>>507963798I'm waiting for the PC version myself. But I really enjoyed the demo.

>>507963798>Was FF7R even good?It's absolute trash literally only homosexuals play. Just imagine a studio greenlighting this motorcycle animation, that should tell you everything.

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>>5079638322019 was pretty good, one critically acclaimed exclusive game per month (minus Pokemon) the latter half.


>>507963832Yeah Switch being hybrid gave everyone high hopes that it would mean consistent release of titles from Nintendo and their partners. Instead we're getting endless droughts. 2020 is looking absolutely dreadful for Switch. If you don't care about Animal Crossing, you're basically just going to watch that shit collect dust the year out.

>>507963929This "man" did not play the game.

>>507963929Photorealism was a mistake, they should have gone with more anime styled graphics and this shit wouldnt look nearly as awkward.


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>>507958558I'm not worried. They can release all the casual cardboard waggle bullshit they want as long as it keeps getting good games as well.

>>507963798Define "good". There's more about it that doesn't work than does, but this is true of pretty much every modern tentpole title and it definitely stands at the same level as Red Dead 2 and nuZelda.

>>507958558>sweep up core market>sales drop as untapped audience dwindlesGee, I wonder why they would do this every single generation.

>>507964104>d it definitely stands at the same level as Red Dead 2 and so?

>>507964028>playing JRPGsYou mean running from shitty fight to shitty fight and watching cringy, homoerotic cutscenes with bad graphics and animations.

>>507959916Is Astral Chain not a generic anime RPG? I know nothing about it other than the cover art.

>>507964163I'm a psychic

>>507963965Like reviews mean anything. Anything below 90 often means shit and then even in the 90s you have many stinkers. I don't even want to know what games you're referring to, though.

>>507964215then maybe open fucking youtube and see for yourself

>>507963353>It's mostly Nintendo fans who are frustrated that there's nothing to look forwards to this year.Again, expected response. Every game that sells well on Nintendo's console is simply because>there is nothing else thereYou probably love Hayden after his famous ''we will make less games for PS5'' statement. No doubt, all of them will sell 10+ mil

>>507964114>sales droplook at this dude

>>507964215Its essentially a hack n slash with RPG elements, after a very slow start the combat opens up and gets fun, and it has tons of optional stuff to do. Probably the best enemy variety I have seen in a game this generation to be honest so I am a tad biased.

>>507964268You are a literal retard if you buy any of these "games".

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>still owning pointless consoles>>507964369You are a retard if you own a console in the first place.

>>507964271So you only play games that most normies give 10/10s for?

>>507963597which system are we talking about here?

>>507963821Typical retarded Holla Forumsirgin mental gymnastics

>>507964215/v/ almost collapsed due to the extreme shitposting the game got as it got so much praise, reviewbombings and seething that still even lingers to this day

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>>5079642942019>pokemon sword and shield>luigi's mansion>fire emblem three houses>link's awakening>astral chain>super mario maker>marvel ultimate alliance>ring fit adventure>daemon x machina202>animal crossing>xenoblade definitive edition>clubhouse gamesI think you're right, Animal Crossing probably sold so well because there was nothing else on either side of it for multiple months.

>>507964356Sounds good. I’ll check it out.

>>507964050Fools me, sort of. Also makes me uncomfortable.

>>507963102Wind Waker. Never got a Wind Waker 2 despite the first one being a critical and commercial success


>>507958558>Switch SportsWii Sports. It’s going to be called Wii Sports. Not Switch Sports, not Nintendo Sports, not Mii Sports. It’s Wii Sports. The game millions of casuals are already familiar with and still continue to play on their old Wiis. They didn’t drop the U in NSMBU.

>>507964739It was on sale recently so it may happen again soon enough

>>507964215It's more of a hack and slash than RPG. I do like the idea with it though, basically take Jojo but not make it fucking shit.

>>507964813NoIt will be called sWIItch sports, capitalizing on the Wii brand AND the Switch brand

>>507964784I know it's not what you meant but Phantom Hourglass is a direct sequel to WW.

>>507964784Wasn't Phantom Hourglass the sequel to WW?

>>507964708Whole year vs first 4-5 months. Hm...

>>507958696>They should just go full software producer for mobile games at this point.>if I keep parroting the same bullshit, it will become true!You really are sad.

>>507964708>>pokemon sword and shield>>luigi's mansion>>fire emblem three houses>>link's awakening>>astral chain>>super mario maker>>marvel ultimate alliance>>ring fit adventure>>daemon x machina>all games that came out after Junelol?

>>507965132its actually 6 months vs 4-5 months, the latter half of 2019 was frontloaded as fuck compared to the earlier half. If it was the entire year user would have included the new Yoshi game, Travis Strikes Again and the fitness boxing game.

>>507965132We knew about those games since last year. What games do we know are coming this year?

>>507965359The usual E3 Direct would have given us the fall/winter line up, but due to the global crisis it seems to be delayed until atleast August

>>507965498>due to the global crisis it seems to be delayed until atleast AugustThey've had a drought of 2020 games since last E3. No fucking excuse, especially when you could just shit out announcements on twitter or get it """leaked""" it like ubisoft shills do.

>new Switch exclusiveIt's shit because it's on the Switch.>multiplat gameLOL it runs better on PS4!>port of an months old gameIt's over, bros. Nothing but ports this year!^^Every thread, every time.

>>507958558Nah you're a fucking idiot OP and you can't even read your own headline.Nintendo simply said they would spend more money on ADVERTISING. Thats all.They didn't they same thing with their other handhelds when they would advertise them in ladsmags and stuff - pic related

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>>507965359I don't understand you fucks I am sure I remember that they announced shit last year due to release this year already.Shit that last mini direct said they had shit down the pipeline but the wu-choo fucked with their schedule.

>>507965132That's Nintendo's lineup for the first 7 months of the year, but I feel I need to reiterate, Nintendo said in their financiall briefing that they plan on selling singificantly less games this year compared to last, it's quite evident that their lineup for this year is set to be much smaller than last year.>>507965298By this point last year all but Link's Awakening was announced, it should be self evident to anyone that Nintendo has nothing up their sleeves for fye 2021, which of course makes no sense since they are about to be driven into the ground by next gen hardware.

>>507965987Man, they sure don't make them like they used to.

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>>507963554>TLOU2 opinion discarded

>>507966001>I am sure I remember that they announced shit last year due to release this year already.Like what? If they were any good you’d think you’d remember


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>>507963554>P5RYou can't call Xenoblade a lazy remaster when you literally list this off as a must have, its the same game sold again with miniscule adjustments, one new palace and not even a graphical overhaul/upgrade for 60 bucks once again and with tons of day one DLC.

I just bought a switch lite and smash ultimate and can currently afford 1 more gameWhat game should I get second?botw?

>>507966594me personally brave defaultno more heros 3panzer dragon i like itminecraft dungeons and ninjalainb4 ports, thrid party or shovelware y'all are anything but predictable

>>507966871senpai your arguing with fuckers who are finally getting the games they were promised four years after they were revealed

>>507967474Astral Chain

>>507965987Because they're spending jack shit on video games now. They'll coast of their evergreens now until Switch 2.

>>507967905>who are finally getting the games they were promised four years after they were revealedunlike Nintenfags who still don't have Bayonetta 3 after four years.


>>507967905How’s that Metroid Prime 4 working out for you guys?

>>507958558Wait is this article saying that in order to increase the ratio of gamer to non-gamer, Nintendo is just going to start having non-gamers assassinated?

>>507958558Who are they targeting right know? They haven´t released anything worth shit in over 6 months and it doesn´t look like that´s going to change anytime soon.

>>507959940>game overs in any modern gamepointless mechanic, artificial difficulty that serves no purpose but to waste your time, has never made any game harder.

>>507969976The non-gamer. They don't need to make any more games. They have Pokemon, Animal Crossing and Mario Kart driving most of the Switch software sale. And that audience is non-casuals who buy a system for 1-2 games and settle for that. This is Nintendo's dream scenario.

>>507958558How about they spend money on manufacturing more consoles

>>507962876>3 years inwhat the fuck is nintendo doing? this is depressing

>>507970126Pretty much sounds like it. I´m owning a Switch for close to 3 years now and have been waiting for Nintendo to finally get the software train rolling, making excuses for their poor output etc.Turns out instead of getting better it only gets worse.

>>507970126>release wii u and mario kart 8>doesnt sell well>release switch and port mario kart 8>sells like butter

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>>507970317it's unironically more games than PS4 and Xbone got combined

>>507971263Mario Kart sold over 8 mil copies on a system that was a failure (less than 14 mil Wii U consoles were sold in its lifetyme). That is actually really impressive.

>>507958558tlou 2 on the switch?

>>507958558Is >pic relatedanon in this thread?

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>>507973137The funny thing is that all his green text issues are on point.

>>507973248Hello there.

>>507973367Don't confuse me for an animetranny please.

>>507973232Poorfags seething because they waited three years to get a Switch

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>>507958558Nintendos past, present, and future targets non gamers. Nothing new

>>507958558have sex incel. not everything has to cater to you.

>>507973248Yet its a huge success and wont be Nintendos last console by a fucking long shot, that faggot is probably crying while butchering his genitals this very moment.