Growing up, how did your parents react to you playing video games every day, especially throughout your teenage years...

Growing up, how did your parents react to you playing video games every day, especially throughout your teenage years? How do they react now? Do they even know? Let's hear some stories.

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Mine didn't really care, I'm 21 now and I still do that. I finish my degree this year and will probably just keep gaming because there's just no work here without having an in through a friend. Not gonna be able to find a job or a GF until something changes radically, and they understand that. I don't live in America, so I still live with my parents because the housing market in this country is very prohibitive, even for renting.

>>507958270I'm still young and haven't moved out yet, but my parents got me into videogames when I was very small. They still support my hobby even if I'm in my room most of the time.More fearful for what they'll think of me when they figure out i'm gay. HA

i still remember playing megaman legends with my mom crying on the couch next to me then hearing a glass ashtray break on the floor across the house and my dad yelling "the next ones going at your head"

My mom loved it, made a lot of friends through video games, we played outside, kept me off the drugs and the streets, probably wouldn't be in the career I'm in if it wasn't for vidya. Then again I grew up playing good vidya and not the manipulative shit you zoomers are playing these days.

I played NHL and Colin McRae rally with my father. He's dead now.My mother doesn't care.

>>507958270Mom has told me she was just glad I wasn't spending my evenings out drinking booze out of a plastic bag

> Play video games for 7-12 hours a day from the ages of 13-21> Parents never say anything> Go weeks without showering, wear the same clothes for years> Suddenly get a haircut, buy some new clothes, find a gf by accident but still play games for hours almost every dayLife is surprisingly good, no regrets

Mom is glad, she's incredibly overprotective and has stated in the past she wished I was one of those kids who just lived in her basement forever. Dad is the opposite. He once realized I had been playing a game for 14hrs straight and said he has never been more ashamed and wished I was smoking pot instead like a normal kid. Meanwhile I've blown well past 30hrs at this point.

>>507958884>kept me off the drugs and the streetsa-are you bl*ck user?!My mom never really seemed to care, my dad wasn't pleased with me and wanted me to go out and make friends and have experiences or whatever.

My parents were the ones who actually talked me into playing video games. They bought me an N64 for Christmas one year, but I sucked at it and didn't touch games for probably a year or so after that. I could tell that they were disappointed by my lack of interest in their gift so I eventually started forcing myself to play Mario 64 and Diddy Kong Racing. I finally got gud and got hooked. Sometimes they even played with me and they even bought an Xbox for themselves when I went off to college so we could play online together. It's kind of fun letting them be party leader since we get matched with literal retards and I carry them, even though my twitch reflexes are starting to degrade badly and I'm really not that good anymore.

It triggers the fuck out of them. To this day they tell me being on my computer is bad for my eyes even though they now have their own laptops and smartphones they never put down. Fucking stupid ass boomers.

>>507958270they stopped giving a shit once my acne started ruining my face and stopped gaining height and realized how much of a fucking loser I was destined to be throughout the rest of my life

>Grew up in a dysfunctional family>Dad was a former crackhead>Mom meant well but was weak-willed>Sister was an insufferable cunt>user why are you always playing video games>user don't you want to come out of your room>user don't you want to spend time with us>user why do you treat your online friends better than us>user videos games are bad don't you wanna be like your sister and do school activities>user your hobby is trash don't you want one like us, be like us

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I never really played games much until I got a 360 when I was 12 would endlessly be told to go outside since I'm rural kinda wish I did desu

>>507963443>user why are you playing video games and not talking to us wow so rude talk to us so we can put you down and insult you directly to your face

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They absolutely hate video games, and want to kick me out of the house since I’m in my thirties. But I’ll never move out, since California rent prices are terrible. I have a great job and can afford it. But its a big waste of money. I currently own another house that I took out a loan for. It was 1.1 million. I’m the landlord for that while living in my parents basement. I have to charge rent for it that amounts to $2500 per month and gradually pay the mortgage off. Surprisingly, a lot of dumb Californians will still come to pay this.

Hell, my dad's the one that got me INTO video games.I remember sitting on his lap playing Heretic when I was 4.

>>507958270They got used to it I'm 34 and still live with them, I have a more or less OK job though so I bring money at least

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>>507963819>user aren't games meant for kids? Also, I so wanna see the new Disney movie!

>>507958270>go out>no>okIt's been like that for past 14 years

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>>507958270who the fuck makes these cringe ass pics and why are you posting this trash on Holla Forums? fuck off, faggot

I don't think they ever really cared all that much about what I was playing so much as they did about my spergout ragequits and the fact that I wasted all my free money on them

>>507963835Lmao, do you aboslutely have no empathy? You have a well paying job and a fucking house that's paying for itself and you still won't move out because > well, it's free to stay at my parents, might as well hoard more money at their expense.At that point just fucking go rob a bank or something if you want more money, it'd be less morally corrupt to do so.

>>507963835>I currently own another house that I took out a loan for. It was 1.1 million. I’m the landlord for that while living in my parents basement.I own an apartment while living in my parent's basement as well. How did you find a tenant? I've been looking for well over 6 months now and only done it once for a single month and only because it was the old owner's acquaintance. Do you post an ad on real estate agencies or something?

>>507964994I got lucky with craigslist. It depends on if your area has lots of jobs close by. I know for my area, Samsung HQ is close by enough.

>>507966082>craigslistDid you write down a contract through a lawyer or something? Aren't you scared your tenants won't leave when their period is over? Also, we don't have craiglist here in my third world shithole, but the apartment is located in a highly touristic city. Do you have any experience with airbnb?

>>507958270Mom was worried about me in my early through late teens because I hung out with no kids in our estate passed like 11 and played a ton of vidya. But I had friends in school and college I saw on weekends, can pass as a normie with a stable job now, and in hindsight she's proud of me for being indepemdent and not needing others constantly around me for validationIn truth I'm just an introvert who prefers hanging out 1-2 times a week instead of every day but its nice she thinks it's me being self-confident.

>>507959061Essentially the same as my mum. There are a lot worse things I could be doing than playing video games.

>>507958270Dad didn't like it but he was a passive aggressive bitch about it.He'd always try to get me and my bro to feel bad about our hobby, sometimes he'd take our stuff, other times he compared us to a bunch of grannies.Fuck the guy.

>>507958270parents both hated it, still do. its the source of every issue that befalls me. Diarrhea? gaming. stomach ache? gaming. etc etc etc.its taken years for my mom to get that if im in dota 2 or with the boys i cant just pause it and come running for whatever she came first and still does, but its my hobby and thats what its gonna continue to dad literally only cares that i pass high school, pass college, get my bachelors, get my masters, it never stops and ive come to the realization that they will never care for it or what i am about. I have to listen to their interests, but when it comes to mind it just gets slapped with a big ol tag of "gaming"frustrating but thats just the way it is

>>507958270>thenthey didn't care, I still spent more time outside since there was no internet and I could get like one new game a month on burned CD>nowthey're dead

>>507958270They cared when I was a teen but eventually they gave up on me and realized I was going to be a loser my entire life. Now I'm 27, still living in their house and have never had a real job.

>>507966265I had someone else help me with the lease agreement, yeah. Since they’ve been at this real estate game far longer than me.> Do you have any experience with airbnb?No>Aren't you scared your tenants won't leave when their period is over?Maybe. But I had lots of suitors last time. Who knows what the future is going to be like because of Covid though?

My dad was into vidya in his teens but grew out of it for other shit, but he was still pretty much fine with it so long as I wasn't a shut-in. He's also always been into buying the newest tech and is why I played Rollercoaster Tycoon, Age of Empires II, Unreal Tournament, Halo CE, Age of Mythology, Bioshock, Psychonauts, Tekken 3, Half-Life, Spyro the Dragon, Crash Bandicoot, Ratchet and Clank, and Twilight Princess. They were all stuff he saw in stores or at tech trade shows or reviewed in a newspsper and thought I'd like.I played through GTA V with him watching it, since he was interested in the story. Most recently I bought Dragon's Lair and we spent a few evenings beating it together because him and his friends were super into it in arcades.My mom was fine with it too and tricked me into picking out the DS and a game with it for my tenth birthday by pretending we were buying it for my dad because she didn't know what to get me.

>>507958270My father is a huge pinball & arcade fag so my tastes where shaped around his mainly, dig dug smash tv Bally's Kiss & firepower being his 2 favorite arcade/pins. Mother likes tetris & watched me play through RDR1 when it came out because she liked the setting.High school I was a shut-in never leaving my room playing games for like 16 hours a day, father always wanted to know what I was playing seems to really enjoy watching monster hunter since "woah cool dinosaurs" anyway no they never really had a problem and I don't play as much as I used to I usually get a call or text whenever my dad sees some new game ad on youtube/tv to ask me about it.

>>507967441Your dad has based taste

my mom hates technology and my dad is a bigger turbofaggot vidya nerd than me fun times

my mom doesn't mind and she likes playing shit like pac-man and bomberman (she bought me bomberman 64 when I was a kid) and my dad doesn't care at all

>>507958270I had good grades and never got in trouble so my parents let me do whatever I wanted.

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they didn't like it when I was a kid, and they still don't like me gaming, and I don't give a single fuck about it. Gaming and being a computer/fantasy nerd practically got me where I am todayAll my childhood I was told that gaming/sitting at the PC is bad for my health, but man, working an office job was the worst thing ever for my back. I figured out that I play games for like 3-6 hours per day max, the rest of that time I'm pretty mobile.Being glued to your office chair 9-5 sucks ass, I've been sitting more than at any other time in my life.

>>507958270Both my parents are ignorant, tech illiterate retards with a closed mind and no willingness to learn.They busted my nuts for the vast majority of my childhood. Father was the type of person who judged "PC addicts" based on the number of monitors they had, mother's the type who'd listen to celebrity-doctors on the news, conclude I was cross eyed and then screech at me. We share nothing in common. One time I played a space-invaders knockoff on a cheap gameboy advance chinese bootleg with my mother, and that's literally it.Fast forward a decade and mother sits in front of social media in her shitty little tablet all day, while father have no friends and visits his mom almost on a daily basis.They showed me, I guess?

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>>507959074>still doesn't showerbased

>>507968915>gaming/sitting at the PC is bad for my healthHey, vidya bad news said so!That's why you should have ciggies&coffee for breakfast daily for 50 years, spend 15 hours per day with the TV on tuned to MSM, then utilize a timetable just to manage your stress medication alone, let alone the myriad of other medical issues like diabetes. Boomers and GenXers got that wizdom!

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>>507958270Sometimes I wonder if I'm a shut-in because of my addiction to videogames or if it's an effect to something else, like:>fact that i was the smallest sibling out of three and was excluded from their activities when we were together, albeit probably due to a simple age gap and me "not getting them" rather than out of ill-will>fact that my dad and sister would argue all the time and made me wish to be as far away from everyone>fact that my bro was basically a bully in my own house>fact that in high school i was made fun of by my classmates for being "weird" and that when i reacted violently against them they isolated me (fuck them, i didn't wanna have anything to do with them anyway)>fact that i'm a closet faggot and i isolate myself to reduce the risk of my "condition" to become known>fact that some acquaintances i'd made online that i thought were my friends turned out to be a bunch of backstabbing sacks of shit after which i gave up on socializing completely and fully turned towards videogames since those can't hurt you>fact that even in university i have classmates thinking of me as a toy for their amusement>fact that i simply don't give a shit about anyone anymore and genuinely despise everyone (except for my family) and want to be alone, alwaysOf course videogames are just fun, I'm addicted to them because they bring genuine enjoyment, but they've obviously become more than just entertainment. At least my parents are loving and supporting, thank fucking God, otherwise I'd genuinely mc fucking kill myself

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my mom was typically upset about it. my dad couldn't care less, but he doesn't care about anything, which isn't a bad thing. ive inherited that general apathy and i feel it makes me emotionally stable. now that ive moved out and am financially independent my mom is more receptive to my hobbies. she came over for a week visit and our evenings were mainly just sitting next to each other on the couch while she knitted and i played videogames. it actually felt extremely nostalgic and comfy. i think with time and distance ive realized how much i love my mother and am filled with contentment to just be around her

My parents would and still barely acknowledge my existence unless they want me to do something even though I still live with them

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I think they don't mind too much, although I was definetely more of a shut-in during my teenage years which concerned them a bit but now I have a decent social life as well. At least until Corona hit.

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>>507969649Yeah, that's one of the funny points of life, the TV/social media addict tells the gaming addict that sitting down and staring at a screen is bad.Though, we might want to have more interesting hobbies like woodworking or something that leaves you with a finished product instead of a savefile or an imaginary 99 woodcutting cape.>>507969942Fuck man, there are good people in this world but it seems your luck stat is beyond abysmal. Hope you make friends that don't suck pure shit.

I’m surprised your parents had hobbies that didn’t involve just watching TVI’m jealous of the people who had parents that had some sort of productive hobby they could teach their kid like painting and woodwork. My entire bloodline is working class who never invested in themselves but I somehow broke the mold and finishes professional school

>>507958270>mom is pretty based ancap about it>dad hates the living shit out of it>dad extracts me from mom during summers only anyway so who cares what he thinks>stopped seeing dad at 12>lived as an epic neet gamer for 4 years>go back to school on court order >see dad again for like a week and he pretty much gave up on me. new wife, new kids, new life, yknow->lose 90lb and finish up highschool at 4.0 with elementary education (lmao)>mom accepted that she can't change it and it isn't that bad anyhow. like any hobby>dad... uh, who? barely know the guy lmao

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>>507970391>Fuck man, there are good people in this world but it seems your luck stat is beyond abysmal. Hope you make friends that don't suck pure shit.Thanks man, although to be fair I can sort of see why the online dudes turned against me since I was kind of a drama queen, although as "friends" I expected them to at least come to me and call me out on my bullshit rather than talking behind my back.And besides, I don't feel as bad about being bullied in high school considering I've bullied a classmate myself in middle school. Karma's a bitch LOL, had it coming

>>507970527you sound pretty pathetic not gonna lie

>>507971232Birds of a feather flock together mate, as you try to be a better guy in general you come across better friends that aren't drama-backstabbing cunts.

>>507958270>buy game from my childhood>me and bro play it>mum overhears>she repeats the characterMy mum never said anything about us playing games, never watched either afaik but remembered a soundbite from 20 years ago just from overhearing it back then. Was awesomeIf you're curious the game was muppet monster adventure

>>507958270I was doing sports, Boy Scouts, and a host of other shit. If my grades were good they didn't care.

My mom thinks I am obsessed with vidya even though my average playtime for a game I am not completly invested in is 3h a day. My dad only cared that I am winning at school first and foremost. I finished high school and the best IT college in my country and I moved out, got a job, don't need to hear their shit when I play something.

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When I was a kid until I was 16, my dad used to cut my nails, shave me, trim my pubes, pop zits on my face and back until I would bleed and weep, smell my penis and armpits after I showered, and sometimes showered with me. He would beat me if I ever denied him. This went on until I was 16 and my mom and I moved to another state.He also signed me up to play baseball, basketball, football and soccer, all of which ended n me humilating myself. He wanted me to be good at sports even though I was an overweight spaz. He made fun of me whenever he saw me playing video games.

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>>507972552>average playtime for a game I am not completly invested in is 3h a dayUnironically have sex.

>>507972692good listsports fun dont let your experience ruin them you dont need to be good to have funbut ye wtf

My dad wasn't a fan but couldn't stop meI needed my eacape, that's how I found this placeBetween constantly family fights and my shitty grades and hatred of school and the people there I had to get away to feel saneTo this day when I hear a door close hard somewhere in my own house I jump or get that put in my stomach

>>507969242how many friends to you have online does not count.

>>507972067>playing harry potter on ps1>harry yelling 'flipendo'>dad comes in and goes on a comedy routine about harry being prosecuted by sony for saying 'nintendo' so flagrantly>he still remembers this

>>507958270Bold of you to assume my parents cared/noticed anything about me during my teenage and early adult years.

>>507958270They hated it and kept forcing me to go outside. I didnt want to bother one of my very few friends every single time it happened tho, so I walked a lot around in the forest.Honestly, it was kinda based?

>>507958270there was nothing they could do. being with other people brings me substantial amounts of pain, every moment i spent in school was agony and only video games could provide me the escape.

They spent more time watching TV than I ever did on games and as a result viewed me as actually being proactive. My dad did try to tell me to play games less some times after my mom died, but given I was working 30 hours a week paying his bills at that time, he'd usually realize midway throught the sentence he's not really making sense. Then I moved out and didn't tell anyone in my family where I live so its none of their buisness.

>>507959061My mom literally gave me free booze in an attempt to make me go outside and party and not stay inside to play video games.I wasnt even interested in alcohol at that point. Wish she still did that tho...

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