Instant 10/10 tropes in vidya

>game lets you move fast as fuck

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>>507956552Risk of Rain 2

>>507956552>Boss uses your own skills

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Everything rumbles.fuck all y'all rumblephobics

>you learn abilities from enemies

>>507956667Also Risk of Rain 2

>>507956552The only good thing about Warframe

>>507956824>driving game>rumble patterns change based on the surface you're on

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>>507956552>Final/Secret boss is a fistfight>Can play though the game barehanded/unarmed (with it being a challenge due to a lack of damage vs weapons, but not restricted by a gimped moveset compared to other playstyles)

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>>507956901we get it you love RoR 2 shut the fuck up.

>>507961009what is your problem user

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>>507956552>"Last boss" is actually hard and then there's another boss right after that who hits extremely hard but is quite easy once you learn its moves

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>remix of the main theme plays for the final boss

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>final boss is your mother

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>>507956552>You fight the Final Boss with a downgrade version of your base form.

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>>507956552>That scene before the final boss where everyone you've meet lends you their power

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>>507956552your ally/escort moves as fast as you

>game let's you play instead of making you watch cutscenes where your character goes through action sequences

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>>507956552>stage theme/background changes on final round

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>>507961009eh calm down bitch

>>507956552>you get to go back to a place you've been before in earlier games or earlier stages of current game>It's now a more dangeous place and presents a new set of tougher enemies

>>507956552>unlimited inventory sizebecause if it isn't nailed down it is mine

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>>507956552Hard filter boss at the start of the ending section but the actual final boss is a formality.


>>507956552Unconventional class/role design.

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Give me some games that let you go fast

>>507958542MGS: Twin Snakes


>>507963968every time i think of this i think of yosuke saying something like "come on guys, lets give our leader the send off he deserves"

>game lets you ride horses

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>>507956667Transistor>>507963703Asura's Wrath

>>507956552That around midgame moment where you get trashed/captured, lose all your gear and have to return to early game tactics that you had forgotten since getting OP gear.

>grappling hook


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>>507956552Subtle jiggle physics

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>>507956552I don't know why so many people are constantly asking for bunny hop cancer when they could be asking for naturally fast games

>>507964224>Stage changes day to night during the fight.

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>>507964613Tekken 3

>game allows you to have sex>game rewards you for having sex

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>>507956552>douchebag guy warms up to you and becomes a great buddy

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>>507965681Titanfall 2 should have had a grapple hook segment in the campaign

>final boss is your rival

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>>507956552>there is no fall damage

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>>507956552>game gives you a customizable base

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>>507966270I don't see anything. Also, subtle jiggle physics are pathetic.

>>507964896Also Nioh

>>507964224that background change in the boss from the train level in metal slug 2/X

>>507956552ability to torture women and niggers

>>507956552You can abuse w*men and minorities

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>>507962408>theres a qte after final boss and if you fail you start from the beginning of the fight

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>villain tries to tell the hero shouldn't kill him cause hes a hero and it would be wrong>hero just says he already killed all of his henchmen on the way here and then kills him

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>game let's you scalp fallen NPCs

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>>507956552>the gameplay is good

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>game lets you slide around for your movementIt annoys me that Wisdom Form from KH2 is the only game I know of that has the slide 'n' shoot system.

>>507967032>>507967108actual nonwhites

Sliding. Any game that has sliding is a 10/10. See Vanquish.

>>507956552>romance options

>>507956552>Boss goes full melee in a shooty/bullet hell gameThe Edge is such a good boss.

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>Game lets you fuck your own sister.


>>507964546I fucking love Fable because of it, it might be a 7/10 but with that it's 10/10 for me

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>>507966950>You can change what track plays while you're there

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>comic relief ally becomes ridiculously overpowered

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>>507965681>>507964398>>507956667>>507956552>>507966901>>507967456>>507967626Risk of Rain 2

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>>507956667Tales of the abyss

>>507966382this, shooters rely too much on strafejumping and bhop instead of trying something new and it blows

>>507961009RoR 2? When did Rigs of Rods get a sequel? Do you mean BeamNG?

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>Dual wielding full shotguns

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>>507968984Titanfall had the right idea having the speed increase attached to something less arbitrary but they still fucked it up by putting a lesser variant of bunny hopping in anyway which removed any actual punishment for hitting the ground

>>507969336dual wielding smgs with a ridiculous RoF

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>>507967257This is a thread about 10/10 tropes, bucko.

>upgraded weapon looks cooler and has new moves for each upgrade

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>>507966796as someone who started learning 3d moduling pic related makes me scared shitless

>>507966409>Game has a day and night feature in general

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Leitmotif starts playing but in a more dramatic way while you fight the final boss.>>507964398The original Ratchet and Clank was my favorite for this.>>507966796Kino

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>Early game boss appears as a regular enemy later on

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>>507967784>>507967904I thought one was a reply to the other...

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>Main character sacrifises himself in the endI fucking love it each time it happens

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>>507966382So like Doom Eternal?

>>507972057YesDoom Eternal does also have a sort of bunnyhop but it can only be used to maintain momentum not to keep it and I am fairly certain it was unintentional

>>507962408Is this unironically Bloodborne?

>gear you wear shows damage

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>>507972538I was thinking of God Hand.

>>507971348>Obliterate yourselfRisk of Rain 2 may be the most kino of games>>507962408I thought Furi

>game has slow walk

>>507964975>game lets horses ride you

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