Oh boy I sure love VR now let me play the same game 10 times over because no one has released anything since HL:alyx...

Oh boy I sure love VR now let me play the same game 10 times over because no one has released anything since HL:alyx.HL:alyx truly was the killer app. Literally the final nail in the VR coffin. Every indie developer has just scraped their project because they can’t deliver a game that can be more hype than HL:alyx. Valve killed VRAlso hate Vrchat but that’s another story

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At least PSVR is coming out with hit exclusives left and right.

>valve is literally too good at making video gamesdamn its 2014 again

>>507955372They aren’t to good. Everyone else is just shit because it’s literally a major gaming company against small indie studios.

>>507955640have you played alyxit's a pretty good fuckin game

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>>507955924Yeah and it’s pretty good for VR standards but meh as an overall game.

>another chink threadhow can you turn the narrative to alyx/valve killing vr lmaoalso tinanmen square 1989, winnie the pooh.

>>507956490What doesn’t this have to do with chinks? I’m just saying VR lacks content and will soon be dying because of that while every VRfag screams “but look at the sales figure uuurrhh duurhh look wee aren’t irrelevante because look at the sales figures”

Fucking release the workshop tools Valve fucking damn it

>VR headsets sell out everywhere>Holla Forums makes that sound like a bad thing>Alyx sells well beyond Valve's estimates and is by every possible metric a success>Holla Forums just denies itIt gets tiresome after a while. It's less a debate and more talking to a person with their fingers plugged in their ears and yelling "lalala! vr is a fad! vr is dead! LALALA!"


>>507960719why do niggers use this word as a subsitute for an argument?>you make a claim>another user makes a counter claim>you post "cope"holy yikesalso niggers are just mad because 1 game doubled the amount of VR headsets active on Steam

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>>507959347Its sold out, but it's not like they restock them very often.


>>507961314It's still the most possible sales a product can make.


>>507961460one headset is sold multiple times because everyone realizes there's only one game for it.

>>507955026>spent 1200 bongos for a VR headset>wind up watching VR porn the entire quarantine BASED



>>507962198speak english you esl

>>507955026>because no one has released anything since HL:alyx.Motherfucker, that came out like a month and a half back, learn patients

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>>507962462rent free


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>>507955026Anyone else hoping that the entire Artifact team gets cancer?

>>507963230no, because i doubt the ui guy or the card artist pulled the strings to get that abortion of a game made

>>507963420Doesn't matter, they contributed to that game when they could have contributed to TF2 instead. They deserve cancer.

>>507963581you sound like a normal, functional person to me

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>>507963651More normal and functional than these cunts who worked on Artifact.

The only people who need VR anything are the most autistic fans of certain simulator games. I really like certain sims, namely air combat, but the hardware just isn't there for me to give it the time of day just yet. I'm sure the rape games will be great, though.

VR threads always boils down to hardware debates because there are no games to discuss in a VR threads.Vrfags just screams LOOK AT THE SELLS NUMBER!While everyone else tries to talk logic into their fried brains that there are more factors than raw number that should make VR a success.

>>507963770doubt it, considering that they have jobs in one of the most prestigious game companies in the US while you're a NEET sperging on Holla Forums that real people deserve death because video games

>>507955924It's a good VR game, but it's a shit game.It's also funny to see all the VR threads die off now it's been a month and all the retards who bought an Index for Alyx have boxed them up because there's nothing worth playing and the only people into VR are trannies who use FBT to pretend to be anime girls online.

>>507963857Artifact is an exceptionally evil video game though.

>>507963914what happens if i dont play vrchat but still use my index? am i just a chimp or something?

>>507963841Well this is literally a thread commenting on the state of VR itself, and VR units sold is a better way to empirically prove something than, say, individual game sales areBut go ahead, redpill me on why i wasted my money or whatever

>>507963963Probably, I mean what else would you be fucking playing? None of the other games have any real longevity aside from maybe BS, which is a dogshit rhythm game anyway.

>>507963914So true! I was on Craigslist one week after the launch of HL and indexes was sold left and right

>>507963841I see the opposite. VR is great fun but people with some vendetta against it are always camping the threads with steam stat screenshots and the same stale memes about every game being a tech demo no matter how long it is.

>>507964132Blade & Sorcery - Gets it's longevity through mods. best melee VR can offer right nowBoneworks - Outside of just completing the campaign, there's a lot of bonus & unlockable content to go through, as well as sandbox modes.Hotdogs, Horseshoes & Handgrenades - I'm a gun autist, and the amount of content that this game has keeps you entertained for a whileOnward & Pavlov - Multiplayer, so inherently replayable.

>>507964357Shit, shit, shit and both shit. Enjoy your lazy, pretentious, antifa and retarded devs respectively.

>>507964539cringedoubt you've ever even played vr trannyalso i dont form my opinion on games based on the developers, nigger

>>507964289Seems like your brain is fried

>>507964632Played every single one. Have 300 hours in Pavlov and I hate myself for it.

>>507964636Oh dear. Maybe your 'logic' can help it?

>>507964632Yeah you form them from your hard coping and buyer remorse.

>>507964632>also i dont form my opinion on games based on the developers, niggershort-sighted and retarded, typical VR user.

>>507964689what dont you like about them besides their shit devs?

>>507964289Epic boogeyman. Do you really have to invent a boogeyman to rationalize the cold hard fact that VR is simply a failure?

>>507964728wrong and cringe

>>507964728>buyer remorse.Do people really think this is a thing? How embarrassing. You can just resell the headsets you know. >>507964780That's literally how it is though. Same screenshots and same statements and no matter how many times they're disputed and proven false, the "boogeyman" will just post them again in the next thread.

>>507964773B&S is alright, mods are okay too, but it's as arena wave slasher as it gets. It has a lot of good potential and is fun every now and then. I like it, but it's a hard sell to anyone not a massive incel or edgelord.H3VR dev hates F2000, ergo its a shit gun game.Boneworks is just fucking boring, the redacted chamber might be the only semi-fun level in the game. Unlocking shit for sandbox is a nightmare, terrible idea.Onward is alright but it feels like the gamemodes are un-fun on purpose.Pavlov works, but the dev is a crybaby and it's carried by the mods and community. It's the best, but it's still long way from good.

HL Alyx sucks, literally the most mediocre VR title I've playedJust a walking sim with lore dumps and the occasional bit of gameplayPlayed using oculus link with my Quest

>>507964728you have this delusion in your head that all vr players like wear their headsets crying, forcing themselves to play another hour of the "oh so dreadful" vr just to justify their purchase.no retard, if i didnt like it i'd just sell it on ebay for my grand back

>>507965102>he fell for the quest + link meme

>>507965102>HL Alyx sucks, literally the most mediocre VR title I've playedI've played some of those rough custom maps and not gonna lie, it gave me those Sven Co-op/Garry's Mod rough feels. Still, I'm really displeased how little content the game has - three guns, a bunch of samey enemies, most of them are just bullet sponges, I don't even bother to pick up reisin and do the gay hacking games.

>>507963841VR is still in an early development phase.People like to claim it's a mature technology now compared to what it was 5 years ago, but the fact is is that every game is still limited to standing in a 5x5ft area and teleporting around in-game. It needs to go further to "feel real". It'll get there eventually, but it's not there yet.Personally I don't care too much about VR, since I've got vertigo and literally cannot play VR games for more than 5 minutes without falling down and/or vomiting, but it's still interesting to watch the technology evolve from the sidelines.

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>>507965101yeah see, this doesn't really translate to "Shit, shit, shit and both shit."hating h3 because the lack of a single gun is a bit retardedwith pavlov, i dont know why you would let the dev make you like or not like the game, so what if he's a nigger? id just forget about it and play the vidya because im not a sperg.

>>507965360>memeWhat? It works perfect. They even updated it today so you can use USB 2.0. Beta feature still but I tried it earlier with the default charge cable and it worked great, barely noticed the change in compression.

>>507965484>teleporting>5x5 feet areasounds like you're about 3-4 years behind on your VR info buddy

Scrapped has two Ps dipshit.

>>507955026Who makes these threads? I've always wondered what kind of person wastes their time to put together these posts just to attempt to piss off someone they don't know

>>507965510>hating h3 because the lack of a single gun is a bit retardedit lacks fun maps too. Take and Hold is literally a bunch of non-descript concrete halls, and it's the most advanced gamemode.

>>507965578No, games still require teleporting around, and you have a limited area to actually move around in. Room-scale isn't enough, you need to be able to walk and run endlessly, which can only be obtained with something like a VR treadmill, which nobody actually has and games don't actually support.

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So do people legitimately hate VR or do they just like to troll and rile up the vrfags? It does seem like a very easy source of (you)s.

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>>507965787Some genuinely can't afford it, some rile up VRfags, some false-flag because VRcultists are cringe and also trannies.

VR kills your eyesight

>>507965780there are plenty of VR games with no or optional teleport (any popular VR title nowadays)and when you said "5x5 room" I thought you meant something like job simulator where you literally only have a predetermined, small area to move around in, being confined to it.i'd rather not use a treadmill/running device, VR is already tiring as is, thumbstick locomotion works perfectly fine

>>507965780>which can only be obtained with something like a VR treadmill, which nobody actually has and games don't actually support.Nah, you can do redirected walking if you can rent a football pitch or a warehouse.You can afford that, right?

>>507965787look at the comments on any VR gameplay video, there are plenty of niggers angry at the existence of VR

VR kills your testosterone

>>507955026I don't get how HLA gets praise when it's a generation behind every vr game that came out just before it. Boneworks has physics on everything while in Alyx you can't even throw props at enemies. It's a beautiful game but it plays like shit due to gunhand syndrome

>>507965918Moving with the joystick isn't virtual "reality", that's just playing a video game, it's not going to feel real if you push on a joystick and move in game. The actual walking with the lighthouses tracking movement is a neat first step, but it's inherently limited by the room size, range, and wires.

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>>507966127you can't move in Alyx anyway, games too damn slow

>>507965484>VR is still in an early development phase.its been 7 years since the first big affordable vr headset retard

>>507966248yes, and it's still teething or rather learning to walk like someone after a series of strokes.

>>507966076they definitely made a few concessions to make it easier for normieniggers getting into vr, but i think they're not to atrocious.you can throw a prop at an enemy and they will get stunned by it, but you can't melee them with a prop. also with the gunhand thing, i think it would have to be either some sort of auto-holster when you drop your gun, or what alyx has in game now, because dropping your weapon is EXTREMELY common with new players in VR, and dropping your pistol down a cliff at the beginning of the game could mean a soft-lock, so i prefer it in this game desu

>>507963914>It's a good game but a bad gameWhat did he mean by this?

>>507966248It's been over 40 years since the first home console. It's still in an early adopter phase, it still has a long way to go before it's perfected. Just because headsets are affordable and games exist doesn't mean it's been perfected. Wait until you see what VR is 10 or 20 years from now.

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>>507966431VR GAME vs NON-VR GAMEVR games are shit compared to standard video games, but they can be good for VR

>>507966431You missed the most important word.>It's a good kinect game, but a bad game>It's a good eyetoy game, but a bad game>It's a good Switch game, but a bad game

>>507966454you will see this same excuse 10 to 20 years from now

>>507965994Most are just boomers quoting the same "it'll never catch on" crap or people pissed that VR stole the new HL game. No loss.>>507966248Not that long really. Motion controls weren't really embraced by devs until the Oculus got some and they're still working out the best methods for using them. When new tech like face/eye/body tracking comes out, it'll take a while to be utilized as well.Stuff takes time. The alternative is we just stay with our stoneage keyboard and mouse forever.

>>507964357B&S is literal dogshit, melee without weight is cancer.Boneworks is one of the shittiest indie idea guy turds I've ever played.H3 is decent, but has no good modes, so it's ultimately just a sandbox against enemies who are boring to fight.Onward is a budget ARMA, and Pavlov is a shitty unity CS:GO clone.None of these games are good. H3 is the only one with any potential, and it's squandered by an idea guy dev who spends hours on autistic gun simulations and no time at all spent on the most basic of all questions, "is this fun to use?"

>>507966810>None of these games are goodAnd that's the biggest issue with VR. Why should I buy a $1000 headset which costs more than even a decent gaming PC (The recommended spec VR-ready PC can be built for under $800) to play games that are just okay? Sure, VR is affordable now, but if there are better games that don't require me to spend $1000 why should I bother with it?

>>507966703>The alternative is we just stay with our stoneage keyboard and mouse forever.Putting all your hopes and dreams into the first thing that comes along with alternative input is just retarded, though.I picked up a Novint Falcon a while back. A great idea stifled by the realities of home products, it let you feel a 3D model within a confined space. That's the kind of stuff that would be impressive in VR. Imagine picking up a sword by physically clenching your hand around a virtual hilt, and feeling the weight of it pulling against your arms.What have we got right now? Garbage inputs with the same trackpad/joystick cancer you whine about, except now you can waggle them around in a frictionless, weightless environment. VR requires multiple MAJOR leaps in tech to be something impressive, because right now it's an absolute joke and after almost a decade of development, the best devs have managed to come up with is "light gun games, but now you can walk around poorly and barely see anything because the PPD is a fucking joke".That's it. That's the only real use case for current VR.

>>507966127Thumbstick is fine enough to immerse me. I don’t need to do a 1k run every time I want to play a game.

>>507966810>Onward is a budget ARMAMore like budget Insurgency 5v5 mode.

>>507967387I hope you realize the “$1k VR” is a meme, right?youtu.be/-NBMdcUTC2M

>>507966810Funny that B&S, Boneworks, Pavlov and Vrchat are the only games discussed about the last 3 years because nothing never an exciting ever comes out.>inb4 hurh durh boneworks came out not even a year ago

>>507967731>I don’t need to do a 1k runImagine how much fitter society would be if VR games required actual walking and running.

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>>507967731The problem with this argument is that the natural progression is:>walking IRL is too cumbersome, thumbstick input is fine.>ducking IRL is too much work, I'd rather just have it on a button.>aiming IRL is too much of a hassle, I'd rather just have a mouse. And then you throw the VR set into the garbage because nobody wants to watch a 3D cutscene anyway.

>>507955026Beat saber and 3d porn are the only major selling points for me, and that's not enough for me to justify a purchase.

>>507967856I wouldn't know honestly, I'm not dumb enough to spend 30 bucks on a video game. Much less 30 bucks on a fucking VR game.

>>507968063Aye, fair enough - Onward is way past the point where it could be improved. It's pretty clear the devs have a vision where it must be as "realistic" as possible by being plainly retarded and designed in a bad way.

>>507967876>>youtu.be/-NBMdcUTC2MOh yes, let me just drop $450 to play a handful of gimmicky games. And the most interesting part of the Index/Vive is the motion tracking allowing you to actually walk, whereas the cheaper headsets don't do this.Next you'll be telling me I can get the same experience with Google Cardboard

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>>507968208>And the most interesting part of the Index/Vive is the motion tracking allowing you to actually walk, whereas the cheaper headsets don't do this.What? You think you can't walk around with Rift-S/Quest/Odyssey+? Then you don't know what you're talking about.

>>507967980Most people play games as a stress reliever and just wanna sit down and immers themself on a screen.Only full autist neets wants to work a sweat for play games and in the end it always ends with them just sitting in front of a mirror for 10 hours while masturbating to their own avatar.

I like VRChat because it lets me work on my social anxiety and there's so many nice, fun people on there.

>>507968208B-b-but at least I have a headset p-poorfag. I’ll just w-wait for the good games to come out. Y-you’ll see! The killer app will soon be here.

>>507955026Yea id' feel like a retard if I bought something that I knew only had a few games

>>507966240The amount of coddling of weak retards in Alyx pissed me off. At least give me the option to run and fall at regular speeds without using console commands.

>>507968618Stop lying.It doesn’t help people that place it only grooms them into mentally ill trannies. I tried to join that hellscape called /vrg/ and it was literally the worst community I have ever been in. So much drama, gay posting and pretentious dumbasses that literally could separate reality from Vrchat.

>>507968939This is why you don't become entrenched in any of the game's communities. Just hop in worlds till you find some people you have fun with and don't accept their friend requests.

>>507962458>>507962529>>507963169he means there's a big second hand market, brainlets I swear

>>507968939Someone didn't get invited to /vrg/ Prom lol

>>507963810The hardware won't ever be there if this shit never catches on to begin with. VR has come a long way since it's initial phases, with finger tracking and hand tracking looking to become the standard. The biggest problem right now is that developing for it is goddamn awful on top of the rapidly changing hardware that's becoming difficult to keep up with. No point in buying a new headset when the hottest new one is just eight around the corner, repeat ad infinitum.

>>507964780psvr sold over 5 million units, that's not really a failure as far as VR is concerned.

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>>507969213Yes I’m mad he ignored my invite to the prom and accepted a dumb kemonofag instead...please come back!!!

>>507969342Yeah I have noticed that as well. It seems like the industry is really milking VR market before the bobble pops. A new headset is released every fucking month!Just this yeah we got an announcement for 5 new headsets not including the ps VR2z what’s up with all the hardware release but nobody commiting to do a fucking game for VR

>>507969342I don't really care, the hardware as it is right now isn't good enough for me to bother fucking with. I don't think I'd take a VR set even if it were free, really.

I'm buying an Index,Valve need the money to compete with Epics great exclusives, if Epic win we'll lose our steam libraries!

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>>507966810What are you on about? B&S was literally one of the first games to incorporate physically weighted weapons, you’re literally talking out of your ass.Also just because a game has a realistic take on combat =/= ARMA knockoff, especially considering Onward shares very little with ARMA.

>>507970050>being loyal to a soulless and faceless cooperation because another cooperation is competing with them...This is why we still have obedient soldiers in Iraq shooting op civilians for their Jew master.

should I get the quest or rift s?

>>507970393A fucken MEN.

>>507968208You clearly did not watch the video at all, WMR costs half of what you said here ($450) and you can physically walk and have the headset detect it. You must have a fetish for embarrassing yourself or something, huh? Or maybe scat, considering how much shit you’re posting.

>>507970579None but if you have too then rift S.The quest is a meme phone WMR that stutters and the link cable is garbage.

>>507970838Try to support your claim and keep to the topic rather than point fingers on the user.Ok champ?

>>507970393the largest cause of casualties to civilians in iraq were insurgents.

>>507970846b-but my hand trackingin what way is the link cable garbage?

>None of these headsets recommended as cheap alternatives are availible in the UK>If they are they're marked up significantlyIf my choice is a low-mid-range for $750 or a high end for $900 shouldn't I just bite the bullet and buy an index?

>>507970010You’d be missing out

For the price of a VR headset I could get a ps4 and 10 good games that are more replayable that boneworks

>>507971074Just watch the fucking video brainless, he got a Lenovo Explorer for 205 britbongbucks, and he explains how you track your room first with the camera on the headset, allowing you to roomscale move about. You can see him walking around in the video while playing.


>>507967942Know what grinds my gears? People only ever talk about Galaga, Pitfall, and Adventure when discussing the Atari. Is VR with buying casually? Probably not. But i love my goggles. I enjoy stereoscopic vision with VorpX in non VR games. I'm excited for what B&S offers as the game and mods get more advanced. Someone made a randomly generated dungeon. Another guy made multiplayer. Someone else figured out a way to make creepy monsters. I'm a Boomer and my Boomer friends have VR, we've played D&D for decades and I'm excited at the prospect of an actual dungeon crawl with them.

>>507971770Wow, I didn’t know a PS4 and 10 games could cost sub $200, must’ve been a steal!

>>507967980Control stick ducking is needed because there are moments when you're reaching below your feet. And if your really ducking you can't put your hand through the real floor to reach beyond a virtual ledge.

>>507971893Literally the first thing he saids is the Lenovo option aren't easy to come by the in the UK>But EbayI am not buying a second hand VR kit, I don't want any bodies semen encrusted hands having touched something I wear on my fucking face

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>>507972010Wow and I didn’t know you compared a ps4 and 10 games with the price of a google cardboard!

>>507972208Any WMR headset serves as a good budget option, surely some of them are in stock.

>>507968890Alyx is the opposite of Boneworks. B is meant to be something you play when you've been adapted to VR, while A an introduction. That's why Boneworks has shit you can avoid by climbing, while Alyx is a linear theme park

>>507955026Why don't you play games that VR was actually made for like DCS?

>>507955026Should have just bought Ouya. It was a better scam.


>>507972010Ironically I got my psvr for $200 and it was totally worth it.

>>507967545Yeah, 'current' VR and it's still miles better than stuff like Falcon and the console gimmicks we've been shown before. Lightyears better than sitting like a potato in of a monitor anyway. It's a real 'sum of it's parts' thing. 3D screens, headtracking and motion controls were all meh and practically failed on their own but together in VR, they just work. It's not sinking and will only get better with time, no matter what the naysayers want to think.