FFXIV is the single most talked about game in all of Japan, is it really THAT good?

FFXIV is the single most talked about game in all of Japan, is it really THAT good?

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Yes, it's a masterpiece in game design and will be studied by great scholars and academics for many years to come.

>>507952629It's methadone for a classic Final Fantasy fan, the type of person that games like VIII, X, XIII and XV have and continue to alienate.The gameplay is usual tab-target MMO fair, but if you can get past it the story and tone is the most faithful-to-its-roots thing Square Enix has released in nigh on 2 decades.

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probably the best MMO on the market right now, I might be baised but ive put in so many hours into this game when most MMOs failed to keep my attention for longer than a couple hours, yes id say its that good


>>507952964Pretty much this, doesn't help Shadowbringers has been probably the best single player FF in a while too

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>>507952964Addendum:Best way to approach the game is to treat it like an episodic singleplayer FF with really bad party AI, sort of like playing XII if you had poorly configured gambits. Play the game, finish the story, then unsub until the next expansion releases; it's all the fun and novelty of a new game with none of the gear ladder or grinding. Also it has a Game of Thrones-esque quality in terms of being a ridiculously long-running serial, which gives the writers the ability to keep building on the story's framework- bringing back characters or plot elements from the base game or earlier expansions hundreds of hours later with massive and highly enjoyable moments of payoff.

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>>507953551>Shadowbringers has been probably the best single player FF the fuck, shadowbringer is multi

>>507953615that doesn't sound that good user

>>507952629only if you like MMOs. as a single player only fan i couldnt give less of a shit about XIV

Its the best mmo currently. Not that its saying much with the current mmo climate.

Ysholta is the best FF character.


>>507952629No, other games are just really THAT bad.

>>507952629It's wow with anime and less boat, I had a blast back then when I've played it.Still thinking about resubbing but too busy with pso2 nowadays.

>>507953708Yeah but barring three trials you don't need to party with a single human being throughout the entirety of 2.0's main story. And even that I believe is because they didn't have 8 man party AI ready yet. Which now they do in that new Varis raid. I fully expect the next expansion's big story trials to have a trust completion option.

>>507953785He's basically saying it's best to look at it as an FF game before an mmo, mmofags who immediately bumrush to endgame skipping every single part of the story will not find some mythical endgmae to end all endgames, it's about the journey not the destination.

>>507954262>It's wow with anime and less boat,I don't know where this comes from.I'd hardly call the game anime. When I think anime I think something like Tales or Suikoden or Dragon Quest or something. Nothing about most FF's artstyles, this one included, really evokes that anime feeling. Characters in XIV tend to have reasonably normal facial features with normal sized eyes and shit, and FF games in general seem to have fallen hard for the realism meme.

>>507952964What's wrong with X faggot. I like both it and XIV. Also X is by far Japan's favorite Final Fantasy and possibly the single most beloved game ever there, it consistently tops Japanese "best games of all time" lists, so it doesn't make sense that the reason Japs love XIV is because they dislike X.


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>>507954262I dunno bout that, FFXIV has a linear story and you are THE hero guy and the main character of the story, wow's story is kinda just.. happening in the background to all the actual game, and the player character is the guy standing off to the side when the main characters are having their big dramatic moments, granted I haven't played WoW since vanilla but as far as I can remmember the players involvement in the story was peritheral at best.

>>507952629When Japan is currently falling hard as fucking shit for mobile with gachashit, I don't believe what they play is relevant.

>>507953947Why did Shadowbringers make her threatening to spank and punish you when give a smart ass answer?I never thought of her as "motherly".

>>507955223because the smart-ass answer in question was to go "yes mother" when you were told to go rest up.

>>507954863>Also X is by far Japan's favorite Final FantasyAnd that's okay, people are allowed to be wrong.

>>507955453X was ok, and I would argue was the last ok singleplayer FF game because anyone who called it the worst FF game was severely lacking in imagination when SE cracked their knuckles and knocked out 13.also lets not forget that 2 is shit while we're at it.

>>507955440There was another time too I think where she was like now now dont talk back to mommy or some shit.

>>507952629Idk, but I want to kiss yshtola gently.

>>507954863>X is by far Japan's favorite Final FantasyHuh. FFX remake eventually then? FFX-2 remake?

>>507955223I don't know if this happened before or after 5.0 but calling Y'shtola "mama" is a meme in the JP community. Her voice is way more "sexy older woman" in Japanese too compared to English where she kind of just sounds like a frumpy librarian.

i stopped playing wow years ago because it sucksi tried xiv and it feels like wowi hate mmos

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>>507955749Oh I guess that makes more sense.

>>507952629Being the best mmo right now is a pretty low bar.

Post Crinkle Elf

so what do japanese players complain about when it comes to this game?>>507956312faggot

>>507954453Couldn't give less of a shit about anything outside raiding in this game and I'm enjoying myself, the fuck are you on about?

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>>507955223Cause of people like >>507956312

>>507956357liveletter stream translator had a warning about yoshi potentially addressing the "priority" ranged dps have and the general fact that smn is broken as fuck, which are the two things japs are apparently complaining about the most right now

>>507956421If raiding is all you care about then fine, I mean I have no idea why, the raiding in this game is pretty atrocious, but you do you.

>>507956564The music tho

>>507956563Ranged dps are always going to be the better choice for clusterfucked content (aka, everything that isn't a 4man dungeon) because melee dps are just that much more likely to die to shit by needing to remain close to their target.

>>507956642TURN THE LIGHT ON

>>507956563>addressing the "priority" ranged dps havemind explaining some? also is there anything else like general topics maybe? i see what western people complain about all the time so im curious to see how different things might be

>>507956716It's not that ranged DPS are more favoured its that in the current raid tier certain DPS spots have a lot more mechanics responsibility and Japanese PF is apparently a disaster because no one wants to fill those spots.

>>507956847You mean how Light Rampant is a party wiping machine that if any single person fucks up everyone dies so fast nobody is even sure what just happened?

>>507956986I don't raid so I don't know the specific mechanics that they take issue with

>>507953947No Ryne is.

I don't understand how people praises this game>The story doesn't get good until the first expansion>The gameplay is atrocious like you have to press 3 buttons for hours and hours of tab-combat in corridors with trash mobs and some interesting bosses.>Okay now you reached endgame, well now you have all your buttons unlocked now with a HUGE SPIKE in difficulty the endgame consists in battles against bosses that you need to practice for hours or watching a tutorial video and practic for less hours>And you need to pay a subwhat's the appeal?

>>507957368>huge spikeYou what? did you think your supposed to go straight into savage raids the second you hit max level or something?


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>>507957368>what's the appeal?addiction and neet erp support groups

>>507957368Something along the lines of>The story becomes one of the best ff stories in the first expansion and onwards>Interesting bosses that are references and callbacks to other iconic FF entries>Okay now you reached endgame, well now you have all your buttons unlocked now with a HUGE SPIKE in difficulty the endgame consists in battles against bosses that you need to practice for hours or watching a tutorial video and practic for less hoursPretty appealing if you ask me

>>507957368wrongjust like any jrpg/v/ whining about difficult content woware you poor?sounds like you are a faggot

>>507957605>no red lizardtrash

>>507955223Her entire character is defined by witty one-liners and since she wasn't put on a bus for the duration of the whole expansion this time around, you get to see it come up often.

This game is so popular on these forums because it has "anime girls" and you can "coom" to them. That's literally it.

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I hit level 35 and trying to craft well leveling up is a major chore. It take several hours and world trips just to get the mats for items that only last several hours. Is it better to just say fuck it and power level at the end?

>>507957998t. blood elf/draenei player

>>507957998I only like ffxiv just because it's the only mmo right now that has decent gameplay, no p2w, and has anime girls to coom to yes.

>>507957998The coom meme only applies to Jewish produced subversive porn, and the Jews fear the 2D samurai.

>>507958051crafting is usually something you done when you're able to quickly get what you need in any mmo, i' say just wait til 50 before you focus on it

>>507958051Crafting is one of those things thats best put off for when you already have a max level battle class sitting around, not least because it can get expensive and you just won't have the gil for it.


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>>507957998It's understandable that you have different preferences user. We're all unique after all. Here, I got something that's more of your cup of tea.

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>>507957368>The story doesn't get good until the first expansionThat's pretty true. ARR story is clogged with filler and stuff that just doesn't matter, but it retroactively gets better in the context of the later patches of Stormblood and Shadowbringers. When the story gets going though it gets real good, and 3.3 is still one of my favorite final fantasy stories of all time.>The gameplay is atrocious like you have to press 3 buttons for hours and hours of tab-combat in corridors with trash mobs and some interesting bosses.Also a very fair complaint. One of the main changes I champion is a leveling system overhaul. Some jobs just feel like absolute shit until level 70 while others are pretty okay. That along with ARR being kind of boring storywise is without a doubt the biggest hurdle for new players to get through. I don't really have a defense for it, either, it's a valid complain all "FILTERED XD" memes aside.>>Okay now you reached endgame, well now you have all your buttons unlocked now with a HUGE SPIKE in difficulty the endgame consists in battles against bosses that you need to practice for hours or watching a tutorial video and practic for less hoursThat is kind of the appeal. Executing boss mechanics with a well communicated party is very fun, and it makes you feel like a total badass.>And you need to pay a subYeah that's always going to be a downside, especially because it has a cosmetic cash shop too.You aren't raising any bad points, it's just that if any of those are an absolute killjoy for you it's just not your game, and that's okay too.Like I said, biggest hurdle is definitely ARR stuff, and they are culling some of the filler and adding flying to ARR in 5.3 to make things faster.

Based cat.

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>>507952629False, if anything its Fate/Grand Shitter

>>507958383isn't 14 THE diaperfag mmo of choice tho?

>>507956312Fuck off back to WoW diaperfag>>507957998>>507957368Filtered WoWfags

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>>507955223To add at least some character to that fucking robot.

>>507955062wow is all about sucking the player's dick too now. so much better when the game world isn't filled with 100000000 super special snowflakes who are all the chosen one

>>507958620kill yourself

>>507958620kill yourself

Can you do Diadem with


>>507958808Yes, but you shouldn't.


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>>507956563>addressing the "priority" ranged dps havewot?

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>>507958675>>507958698>samefagging One message was enough user


>>507953182XIV just lifts features that are already present in DQX though available years prior so I couldn't see XIV as being the top.

>>507958898Why? is it only worthwhile for 80 DoHL?

>>507955792Well, XIV is the superior WoW now

>>507959009>14 seconds apart

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>>507957605I'll take number 6!

Fuck frogsFuck krautsand fuck BRD players

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>Lalas taking the bullet for the missing communityWe'll take out Au Ra next

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>>507952629I liked it but I feel it has a lot of flaws that have never been addressed, such as the pvp being shit and nothing to do once you reach max level. It's heaven if you're into roleplay though.

Which race has the most heterosexual looking males?




>>507959439Why can't you just tell by looking?

>>507959517>babyface men Nope.

>>507959439Au Ra

>>507959630>Highlanders are babyfaced

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>>507959739They just look strange.

>>507959732>male au rado they even exist? 90% of the population are coomers playing bunnies, catgirls or female lizards

>>507952629Its trash people just like the characters.

I started playing it the other day for the story. Please don't laugh. But I just can't get into the MMO groove anymore. It's not like I don't have the time, it's just that I don't feel it anymore. Should I just watch a story/cutscene mix on youtube? Would I be invested as if it was "me" experiencing it? Ahh fuck I wish I could play this game without the mmo tropes of long travel times, level gating of missions etc

>>507959910If you can find one containing all of the dialogue outside of the cutscenes, go for it.

>>507959897Sure. I see them more often than Elezen, Hrothgar and Highlander men.

>>507959910Noone in xiv is gonna give you shit for playing for the story, infact people say "Cutscene skipper" as a derogatory term, and as the another user said, there's a lot to be read from talking to nearby npcs throughout the story, or even returning to them after key events in the main scenario.

it suffers from being an MMO. Playing through shadowbringers with the trust system for dungeons makes it clear that the story they want to tell is for a single player jrpg

>>507959042Yes, you need the stats from gear wearable by a level 80 DoHL to minimize wasting nodes, mats and time.

ff14 is a single player mmorpg, as ridiculous as that sounds

>>507953182>probably the best MMO on the market right nowThis is like saying a raw broccoli sandwich is the best thing on a plate of shit, piss, vomit, and raw broccoli sandwiches. It's both accurate and thoroughly unimpressive.


>>507957368>And you need to pay a sub>oh no why don't they keep a big team of people on staff for years and years for free because I'm a poor faggot who doesn't want to get a jobNeck yourself, commie shit

>>507952629I don't get the hype for it. I played it for around 6 months after Shadowbringers release and it was mostly fun but it's really lacking in content. I only got about ~1200 hours worth of playtime on it, which is really low for an mmo.I think the main problem with the game is lack of meaningful progression systems, as after reaching level 80 on your favorite class and getting BiS gear there's just nothing to progress towards.Crafting is bad and every crafting class is the same, plus it only takes a week or two to max them all out. It's a great way to make gil but not fun in the slightest.There's a lot of optional content for glamours and mounts but personally I don't find mounts interesting. Ultimates are fun to play but I don't want to deal with static drama.Also the sub is expensive and you can't pay for it using in-game currency, the retainer and item storage system is idiotic and housing is pointless.PVP is so bad don't even bother.For positives, visually the game looks great, is has a lot of SOUL and it's just generally pleasing to "live" in the environments. The job design is good (other than everything is about dps, even tanks and healers)Also, I didn't find the story interesting so I skipped all the cutscenes. Still no clue what happens.


>>507960073Apparently Yoshi is being given the director's seat for XVI; if a single-player story is what he wants to tell, he might get that chance.Or SE management might pull the rug out from under him and push him into a mental breakdown like they did Matsuno.


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>>507959910I can't imagine getting the full experience without playing yourself. Part of why I think XIV's story is effective is the player slowly getting familiar with the world and characters over the course of hundreds of hours across months.

>>507960669Isn't there rumour that Matsuno's gonna be on XVI too?

>>507960694She is very cute.

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>>507960950Didn't he quit squeenix?


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>>507961061Bruh he's working on Save the Queen

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>>507961061He's a freelancer now but him and Yoshida seem to be good pals what with him writing the Ivalice raids and also coming back for the current Relic series. Wouldn't be surprised if he was offered a supporting role on the next game.(assuming the rumours are true and it is Yoshi directing XVI)

>>507952629Private server when? I want to play the game.

How can i get Y'shtola wife ???

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>>507961061>>507961246He's freelancing

>>507961404Fanta to hroth.

Never ever poorfag.

>>507961404Built for big roegadyn cock.


>>507960605Hi user.

>>507960950Every piece of info about XVI right now is just speculation/wishful thinking. The only thing we actually know are the SE's 3rd Business Division (Yoshi's division) is making a new AAA game. That's it. Yoshi isn't confirmed as director or producer, him being in charge of the division doesn't pin him as either of those roles. Matsuno being the writer is speculation based on him doing stuff for XIV.


>>507961226I will never cease being amused by that cosplay, the sprout is just ingenious.

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>>507961698She actually won something in the contest, probably because of the sprout, and was super surprised/embarrassed since her cosplay was relatively low effort compared to some of the crazy shit other people made.

>>507961590I wuv u, hope you're doing well


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>>507961891I love you too and I hope you're well too. I'm taking a break between running right now and dripping with sweat!

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>>507961871I dunno, the novice hall gear and the sprout is pretty spot on, nobody else thought to do it.

>>507961404Who started this reverse-bunnysuit meme?

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>>507952629I want to FUCK Shtola!

In a very special way FFXIV is unique. It's the only game i know about where player OC effectively became known characters in the porn community.

>>507962000It's a good cosplay but the people who end up in the finalists usually go fucking nuts with super elaborate and complicated costumes + makeup. There were SO many Tsukuyomis in the finalists at all 3 shadowbringers fanfests.

>>507962223The idea carried it, everyones seen sprouts running around in their level 15 nublet armour so everyone can relate to it.

I miss him, bros

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>>507962204I know at least one WoW OC who became a known porn character long before XIV was popular, and in a broader sense there are lots of relatively well known porn OCs, though they aren't game characters.


>>507961871that's why its so great, it's newbie in everything and endearing and cute

>>507953615>Best way to approach the game is to treat it like an episodic singleplayer FFThis is absolutely bullshit. The ABSOLUTE and undisputed best way is to get four friends and play through the story together side by side. Become the party and share the experience. It will get you through the boring shit more easily, and it will highlight the peak moments of the game. Like when you step into Dying Gasp.

>>507962406Yeah i was specifically mentioning game OC that became porn OCs. Who's the WoW OC?

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>>507962487just go to one of the many other threads in the catalog, faggot

>>507962562Monara the draenei girl

>>507962670Oh yes i know and love her. But i didn't know she was a game character, i thought she was just the artist's star.

post yfw they don't top Holminster Switch as the opening dungeon in the next expac

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>>507962941Rate the game is going right now next expac probably won't have any dungeons.


>>507961404Don't be little sun.

>>507962941Isn't the next story dungeon literally Homoswitch Hard

>>507961980god omega female nooooo

>>507959862They dont look gay tho.

Would you like to life in the world of FFXIV?As much as I like the game, I don't think I would like it.>Gridania is peaceful but at the mercy of the elementals>Limsa is ruled and full of pirate that will rape you>Uldah is ruled by jews that will backstab you if you get successful>Ishgard is still in reconstruction but also in a never ending winter

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>>507962941>Holminster SwitchThat was a pretty great starting dungeon and all the stuff going on in the back ground was great. It’s a shame you couldn’t save anyone.

>>507965074Ishgard so I can fuck a dragon

>>507965074At least you don't live in the First where they just got done dealing with nearly getting erased from existence only for white chlorination syndrome to just be casually sitting in a cave in Kholusia.

>>507965074Revenants toll.Imma try to become a mechanic and join cids crew

>>507961451>Garuda romancebros...

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>>507965074Eorzea is an absolute shithole to live in, you have to live with the fear of some retarded lizard summoning a primal because you told him his spieces looks ugly almost all the time

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>>507952629Nah, it's just a WoW clone, it's literally just WoW for japs and weebs.

>Try to look up FF14 on twitter>Maybe I could find some nice pict->It's just people posting screenshots of their character>They literally made twitter accounts for their character and spam screenshot of them>It's all there is to it and it's completely flooding everything FF14 related since they don't really use any special hashtags

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These two are sexiest characters I've ever seen in a video game.

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>>507965573If you want any hope at finding decent art you have to look up the characters Japanese name.

>>507952629I hate the playerbase so much. 4chan is all obnoxious tranny faggots, reddit is all obnoxious casual normies, and fucking in game it's a mix of both of themFUCK FUCK FUCK

>>507956107>I don't like mmorpgs>that means they're badShut up retard.

>>507965573Just search on pixiv, it's not hard.

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>>507965456You think with the Calamity happening that people with work together but maybe need a second Calamity to fuck up stuff even more so people work together.

>>507965901The calamity that started the 7th umbral era was a light slap on the wrist compared to the civilization ending catastrophes that were the previous ones.

>>507965573>>507965867>check on pixiv some nsfw stuff for ffxiv.>see some fucking abominationsdo not recommend pixiv just for that reason holy shit what the fuck i thought artists were better on pixiv. this is worse than some stuff i've seen on hentai foundry

>>507952629Yeah Shadowbringers was fantastic, had a great soundtrack, had a playable Gunblade job and had one of the best FF villains in a very long time.Future of XIV is shockingly bright and hopeful despite how fucked it's original launch went back in 2011.

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>>507966015pixiv is japanese deviantart

>>507965573That particular community has a nearly 100% overlap with players who afk in Limsa all day and think Umbrellas count as content. Probably the worst segment of the community because they're obsessed with the game but only give horrible feedback for the game, shout down all valid criticisms of the current state of endgame and are an extremely loud minority that thinks itself representative of all casual players.

Is PvP any good yet?

>>507966015Pixiv is just Deviantart with slightly higher average quality

>>507952629Wait, really ?

>>507966015It really, really varies. But the huge advantage it has over twitter is the fact that it isn't a nightmare to navigate.

>>507965867>Literally posting a pic from pixiv>"hurrr search on pixiv"ok dude>>507965694I just wanted to search more japanese meme with ffxiv like that one that an user posted yesterdaytwitter.com/07amemiya/status/1259849846246313984>>507966015I blame all the gaijin flooding their shit on pixiv

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>>507952629>is it really THAT good?No, it's full of trannies.

>>507966106I've heard good things about the new PVP map but I don't bother with PVP much. Haven't done frontline roulette even in months.

>>507966132No way in bloody hell. Not as long as gacha is a thing that exists.

>>507965738the social media and forums community consists largely of extremely loud minorities of players that play the game 100 hours per week and as such is split into either: a) raidlogging fflogs obsessives and b) afk limsa screenshot weirdos who play the game like second life and spend hundreds on character art commissions.

>Another day with crippling tankxiety

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>>507966339Just blame your healer for everything bro.


>>507966106Nah but the new frontline map is the best one so far>Relatively small so lots of encounter>Nodes can't get stolen if already taken so less camping and more roaming>the addition of aoes really helped the combat en mass

>>507966106Fuck no.The only way I can see them making it good is if they do it like MCH and rework the whole thing from scratch.

>>507952629No, it's an MMO with automated group finding and dungeon designs built around playing with randoms so you don't have to socialize.

I want to mating press Y'shtola and drain my entire nutsack inside of her.

>>507966339Stop being bitch made

Why did you main your main job?

>>507966707I like spears.

>>507966595Why won't you let Y'shtola drain her entire nutsack inside of you, you fucking cuck?

>>507966558perfect game for Holla Forums autists and trannies

>>507966195twitter.com/07amemiya/status/1260903358891614209english sub

>>507964560I meant next expansion (6.0), not next patch. but yes it looks like Lakeland but with Leafmen and what appears to be the Amaurot star shower in the very top left of the image? It'll be an interesting one to say the least.

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>>507966707I like being angry

>>507966707>DRK because I wanted to easily get into savage changed to >WARbecause I wanted to beat my co-PLD tank's DPS and I keep fucking up Fray timings.to now>MCHthis shit is fucking easy as fuck and also stylish. It's like GNB if I didn't have to worry about weaving issues or rotation fuck ups (well....usually, I haven't had a problem with WF window yet)

>>507966851the fuck are leafmen doing in lakeland

>>507966339I eventually got over tankxiety by not giving a fuck about anyone else. The only people I have any respect for is the healers, and even then it's more "professional courtesy" than actual respect. Dps are the kids that the healer and I have to chaperone through this dungeon/raid.I mained DPS in WoW but when I started XIV I chose PLD specifically because I didn't want to deal with the same bullshit and now I don't. Instant queues remind me that I'm more important than these plebs so when they whine its the same as if an infant tries to whine about a scary noise.

>>507966707it was the only healer out of the box

>saved the franchise after the decade of lightning made the brand so forgotten japanese kids only knew of it from theatrythmnBased yoshida is a hero.

>>507966851That looks like shit the flowers are 2d, glad i stopped playing before the end of stormblood.

>>507966917Either its on the border of Lakeland/Il Mheg or the fairies are helping with the sprout slaughter

>>507967094What the fuck WoL?

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>>507966558>socializeLmao WoW babbies love using that word to refer to the cancerous concept of applying to guilds like its a job interview and dealing with guild drama just to get fucking loot. I'm trying to play a video game, not stroke some permavergin's ego long enough that he puts me in a raid for a chance for gear that he's going to masterloot to his friend or current simp obsession.

>>507967094Oh god all these WoL's aren't just walking over to il mheg are they?

>>507966707It's cool and leveling alt classes is fucking cancer. I know I can just do POTD on repeat for 6 weeks but Jesus christ I'd rather die. It's a shame newgame+ is implemented so shittily, I'd rather burn through that repeatedly instead for xp.

>>507966707I like tanking and sword/shield

>>507966917Have a feeling Titania is helping us for some reason. Maybe a war with the new WoLs?

>>507952629>Feet are webbed feetNot a footfag, but is there a mod fix for this because shit like this bothered me in Skyrim too

>>507967180Some of them would be that stupid and think they can just fuck with fairies. I’m thinking a lot of them thinking they are unstoppable now that they become WoLs.

>>507966707I like to punch shit

>>507967158>>507967719>Sprout genocide is the main focus of 5.3

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>>507966195>tags on pixiv for anything even remotely popular in the west now get flooded with shitty western artists and their constant shilling for patreons and the likeI hate it so much. Even if it were the case that pixiv is japanese deviantart, even if their artists were every bit as obnoxious, at least it's in moonrunes so it doesn't bother me.

Attached: 80983095_p0.png (1686x1973, 1.92M)

>>507952629Why are you lying? Fate/Grand Order is far more popular.

>>507966707It has a cool aesthetic and I've always had a liking for defensive characters/classes.

Attached: __lalafell_and_paladin_final_fantasy_and_1_more_drawn_by_kkaebing__c77bd6f448baedf8a1f264aaa61daaf6.png (1500x2580, 1.84M)

Tell me about Monk, why do people like or dislike it?

>>507966220>>507966463>new map was supposed to be more focused about making kills than doing objectives>backpeddle a week or 2 later and nerf kill/death ratings>reduce win goal from 1800 to 1600 for no reason>people bitch about muh premades>devs force players to always be freelance>system actually still rigged, have to patch is weeks later again>on top of that force frontline roulette to ONLY queue people for the new map, actively killing all other modes/mapsIt was the best in the first few weeks, then it was "ok" after, but after months and months of the same shit, it got quite stale.


>remember that your sub lapsed 30+ days ago>go on for free 8 days>everything is dead, even limsa is empty>join for a match of frontlines, it's terrible, even the regulars I used to see aren't in the matches anymore, remember how awful PvP balance and feel of classes are>current raid tier is still an unfun shitshow>5.3 indefinitely delayed>5.35, the patch with the only MMO content this game will get, also indefinitely delayedYeah, great game...great expac, definitely loving Shadowbringers...

>>507968240Clunky and unrewardingLot of 'effort' (for a lack of better term) for very little reward

Attached: absolute state of ffxiv.png (1162x619, 208.37K)

>>507968261>>on top of that force frontline roulette to ONLY queue people for the new map, actively killing all other modes/mapsThey are coming back in the rotation with 5.3 tho

>>507968382diapers should be gassed

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>>507966015Pixiv has been on a steady decline in the last 10 years as more and more gaijin have created accounts there and spam their pig drawings.

>>507968382what is it with trannies and diapers

>>507968398Good, people have gotten enough time to farm the new mount already.


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>>507968240Monk is an artifact from ARR while the other classes have all been homogenized. Even so, Monk is still very clunky and requires slightly more effort than other melee for not much reward. It does good DPS but its utility in Mantra was nerfed a little bit.

The entire point of the game is gay ERP so I guess the Japs are just huge fags.

>>507968027>>507968537I still harbor some misplaced hope that Caim is gonna show up in the third AR and just fuck people up because they never played anything other than Near-a-tomato.

>>507968240It’s fun because you go fast and punch stuff to death. No idea what >>507968376 Is talking about but you don’t really have to do much now that you have riddle of earth rework and true north.

>>507968682post ultimate clear

>that fucking grind through the 2.x contentI enjoyed myself well enough during ARR, and the final dungeon was amazing, really felt like a proper oldschool FF with a modern coat of paint.But fuck, I've started the 2.3 content and it's so fucking boring. Refugees again?!Annoying, especially with the Heavensward carrot dangling in front.

>Play WoW since just before BC>Midnight launch for wrath, everyone huddled outside in a blizzard>Store gave us warm drinks and pizza>Quiz for prizes>Go home and make the first death knight on my server after installing all those discs>Standing in IF doing /emotes with the voice getting gold from people on bank alts>Things start to change with catas launch night>Fat losers in horde beanies screaming at anyone in alliance merch>More old tired women picking up for their neet kids>Staff dont care, most dont understand why its a big deal>Buy digital since>End of Pandaria felt like the end for me>Tried Warlords but i dont need to tell you how that was>Get into PS3 beta for ARR>Loved FF but decade of lightning killed my interest in it>End up enjoying test trying out crafting and stuff>Seeing people queueing and talking nicely was a breath of fresh air from the bitter fucks of WoW>7 years later or more>Real life friends i made in game and meet at fanfest and cons>Went to the royal symphony orchestra distant worlds show and the RDM job crystal on my bag pointed me out and other people with them or badges were asking everyone about what servers and the like>Even in its lulls people are far more patient, the devs clearly give a shit and once again its an mmo that feels like playing with a world of people, not npcs playing npcs to bad the open world lobby for my raid instance.

>>507962941the final boss is kinda intense on mechanics for a first dungeon. Especially compared to some 80s dungeon.

>>507968690The absolute best you can hope for is acknowledgement of either Nier. There isn't even a guarantee that they will follow up on TotallyNotMaso that one of the dwarves breathed in at the end of the first raid.

>>507968832Take a break from it. I know I just did a few hours a day with those quests.

>>507966707My friends convinced me into picking the game up at the same time as them back around patch 3.4. One of them was a Gridania Lancer, the other a Uldah Pugilist, and I knew I wanted to try my hand at healing, as it sounded like a more involved role than just hammering at damage dealing buttons, and because of the reality that dungeons would only allow 1tank/1heal/2dps. So I went for Arcanist in Limsa and branched into Scholar afterwards. The pet class aspect sounded more fun than plain vanilla CNJ/WHM and Limsa sounded like the most fun starting city. Been a SCH main since then. Squeenix seems determined to make the job ability kit less fun with every expansion release, but it's still alright.

>>507968832if I didn't know the legendary Shiva fight was getting ever closer I would've quit desu. you can do it, user

>>507968240On one hand, it's barely changed from ARROn the other hand, it's barely changed from ARRNo one on the dev team seems to care about MNK so all it gets is more redundant downtime tools for some reason instead of anything actually cool added to its core rotation like the other melees, and it's got less buttons to press than it did during ARR at this point thanks to skill pruning30 levels later they still don't get that stupid DBZ aura from the Lv50 job quest, and Aura Cannon is nowhere in sight

>>507968832There's about 80 quests between 2.1 and 2.55.It's a slog, but just power through it.Be sure to read the quest item descriptions along the way though. They eventually stop putting effort into them.

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>>507968945Yeah, I'm playing a lot less, pretty much just log in a few times a week after work and do a few quests.I definitely plan to get there.


>>507968870I just went through the Lv77 dungeon again for the first time in a while, leveling my BRDThere's Lv50 dungeons with more mechanics than the last boss in there.

Are there any nice looking full arm to shoulder gauntlets for PLD?

>>507968925Well we did see angelus powder everywhere so I would be surprised if we don’t see murder hobo anywhere.

>>507968832Just blitz through it and don't bother paying much attention to the dialogue until they start talking about dragon cultists and Ishgard again

Probably talking about the current content drought.

>>507966707because I like big swords and played 2h drk in xi

Shadowbringers was a filler expansion and stormblood wasn't as bad as everyone says it was

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>>507966707I low key still think edgy things are kinda cool.Im the kind of guy who doeznt cringe at my own linkin park phase.


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>>507969125I leveling PLD and dungeons between 50-60 can end in wipes every now and then when someone forgets a mechanic or is new. Closest thing on 80 is brooms and You're-not-Alexander

>>507969529I like edgy stuff too and the shadow philosophy.

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>>507969412>fillerI know you're trolling, but filler is not synonymous with bad.

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>>507960273>food analogy

>>507968832You gotta bare in mind they were hit with a tsunami and a reactor started to go into meltdown so a lot of stuff like "Leviathan is coming to drown limsa with a tidal wave" had people understandably iffy about shipping it at the same time so things got really moved around at this point.


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>>507968129We need more feo art

>>507969597Qitana Ravel's last boss has a decent amount going on, iirc.


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>>507968471diapers are gassed on a regular basis

>>507952629terrible unresponsive gameplay

>>507969412It's true. Shadowbringers is for illiterate retards who think exposition and loredump = narrative. Heavensward is still the best "narrative" in the game so far and even that was the original expository filler deviation from the overarching plotline. Stormblood is honestly quite good, increased the graphics requirements for the game, and had a lot of compelling characters and mini-tragedies.

>>507969412They hated him because he spoke the truth

Paladin tanks go cover brrrrrrrr

>>507970936What a normalfag meme.

>>507968382>THE FUCK NO

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how hard is the lighthouse raid I don't want to get bullied

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>>507970936>Implying I'm wasting valuable sheltron time on your retarded ass

>>507969412I've yet to understand why stormbabbies have this autistic need that the worst FFXIV story wasn't in fact so bad despite the overwhelming evidence instead of focusing on SB strengths like "It didn't homogenize the roles as hard as Shad did" or "Literally every piece of gameplay content was better in SB than it was in ShB" or "SB didn't fuck a specific role so hard its almost entire population collectively quit playing"

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>>507971246Right before Construct 7 there is a scrawling you can interact with that gives you a list of prime numbers. You can review it in the middle of the fight by switching to the event log.

>>507971369If you don't know prime numbers you don't deserve to clear

>>507971369what the fuck is a prime number

>>507971480Surely you jest?

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>>5079714801 is not a prime number

I don't know what job to play, what should I play? Ask me anything.

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after the crystal primal arch and gay ass garlean shit no one cares about would you dudes be cool with killing more dragons with estinien? or are you fine with just more random primals or elementals? would be cool to just hang out with estinien again for a long haul.

>>507971246Not too bad and nobody will probably care if you die or not.Unless you are the main tank who doesn't know how to position the last boss right, then people may give you some lip.

>>507971474post 200 prime numbers

>>507965074I think in a world wherein w*men are as strong and as smart as men, there isn't pirate rape. Limsa ergo is the best answer.

>>507971626Being the main tank is secretly the easiest role in the game since most of the mechanics ignore you.

>no lalafellin wife

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>>507971616what the shit do prime numbers have to do with a raid

>>507971842There's a Boss that literally gives you mathematical questions

>>507971785>there isn't pirate rapeNigga what the fuck?Literally in the very fucking first dungeon there's a rape cave full of women

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>>507971937And the girl from the arcanist questline is rather implied to have been too if I recall.

>>507971842You gonna learn, one way or the other.

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>>507971608>>507971616Primes numbers are pretty much irrelevant unless you're a math major or maybe a programmer. If you somehow skipped that particular 4th grade math class they might conceivably never come up again in your later education or future employment.

>>507971942Built for big behemoth cock


>>507971630I would like to visit Sharlayan in a future expansion, would be nice to meet Alisaie and Alphinaud family as well as seeing the place where most of our friends studied to become Archon.

>>507972185PLD's rotation is more fun but DRK has better mitigation.

>>507959910you should play it, and nobody will laugh about playing it for the story, you must keep in mind that this is a FF game first and a MMO second.also the moments will hit you harder if your self-insert/waifu/husbandu/pc is the one that is the protagonist instead of some literal who on youtube

>>507965573>Static members create a channel specifically for screenshots of their characters >It's more active than the channel discussing stratsThat's my cue to leave.

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>>507971996Remember back in grade school and you asked what would you ever need to learn that shit for? Well, this is what you should have learned it for

>>507972218and meet their undoubtedly wierdo mother who so enjoyed dressing her opposite gendered twins the same even as teenagers.

>>507968240Changes to the existing functional job design through skill pruning or the removal of the Blunt Debuff which was basically a persistent self buff have weakened the overall original design.Many new additions to the kit are redundant, have extremely limited use cases, or are outright useless. This is on top of existing parts of the kit which are also useless.RNG Chakras from crits and Brotherhood are a crapshoot.Monk is exceptionally slow to see feedback implemented even by the extremely slow pace at which the devs apply job fixes. This is assuming they even take certain points of feedback at all.

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>>507965074>>Limsa is ruled and full of pirate that will rape you>be me, midlander male>make my way into the nearest city after farm is destroyed by monsters>get kidnapped by femroe pirates and forced to be their cock sleeve for the rest of my life Wonderful

Attached: femroe doms.png (585x844, 683.8K)

Does Alphinaud ever become a likeable character? I see him posted plenty but he's the shittiest Scion by a mile.

Why does MNK feel so shit to play? I can't put my finger on it.

>>507972573The events of the final cutscene in ARR humbles him severely.

>>507972573Over the course of Heavensward he goes from the worst scion to the undisputed best scion and remains that way up to this day.

>>507972573hes the 2nd main character.


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>>507972573Oh definitively.His character takes a turn for the better starting in HW, before hand he was a "know it all" arrogant little shit, but he got some goddamn taste of reality when his genius plan turn into a horrible mistake and he atone for it since then. ARR Alphinaud and present day Alphinaud are completely different characters, he's actually a friend for one instead of treating you like his own tool.

>>507972573Don't worry, cooler Alphinaux replaces/bullies him and hungers for your dick.

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No. It's just that japs cant into PC gaming so they never had the MMO rush in the same way the west did.This is their WoW.

>>507971785>pirates don’t rapeYou should go solo sastasha and read what the female npcs are saying and fully explore the map. Make sure to go into the part named “The Hole”.

>>507968027we shall turn into a storm of blood that not even the heavens'ward would be able to stop, we will bring the shadow

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>>507972573Just keep playing

>>507972702His big moments in Eulmore still put a huge grin on my face.

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I love XIV memes. They're gold. twitter.com/fluffy_ff14/status/1249805389421477888

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>>507972321It still boggles my mind that people fail this shit because shit is indeed grade school math.>You have 2, how much do you need to add to make it divisible by 4?I guess french people do math as well as they play the game.

>>507972573After what happened with the crystal braves he did.

>>507953551>>507952964Statements like these make me feel like I am an insane person. Can you please elaborate on what about the story you guys feel is so masterful? To me it is the most tripe shit in existence. Characters feel like archetypes instead of real people. Plot is constantly victim to asspulls and generally designed in a way that whatever the writer wants to have happen can be explained by magic bullshit or just people really insiting that what just happened wasn't retarded or illogical.Now I will give it credit. There are some nice moments and the occasional piece of clever writing. But nothing that could excuse the cliche driven, uninspired 95% paired with shitty MMO Gameplay plot contrivances.The biggest fucking crime is the english localization department translating the plain japanese text into some pseudo medieval jargon to make it .. well I don't know what their plan was. It makes reading simple sentences an absolute chore and irritating.I know I sound really harsh but I genuinely do not understand. Don't take it as an personal insult and I genuinely want to hear your guys more detailed take on the story. Maybe I'm just missing something or too jaded or something.

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>>507972604You put in twice the work and get about the same payoff in damage, and you don't even get to use any cool looking skills because the job is stuck in ARR.

>>507973147I think many miss the point, that one of the numbers they need to use is their HP

>>507973210You just have to move to the back or side of a boss. That’s not very hard.

>>507973124>That part when the cat dude ask you who you are and how you have so many friends>Not picking up the joke reply that everyone follow up with and you see Alphinaud panicking in the backgroundMy sides were slain

>>507973165>He got filtered by Koji of all people

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>>507973165When you have to put up with ten years and an entire console generation of this fucking thing its a significant step up.

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>>507973441I played through the whole main quest to the end of shadowbringers.

>>507972870>a fry for the really hot ladyWhy did I chuckle?

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>>507973165>Plot is constantly victim to asspulls examples?

>>507973441I guess you could say hes UNDERTHEWEIGHT

>>507973516Prove it

>>507971480a number that can only be divided by itself or 1. 2, 3, 5, 7, 11 are good examplesnot 1 because for some reason FFXIV doesn't believe that it is one

>>507973698I fucking hate 1, some says it's prime, and others says it's not

>>507973698Yes, along with the rest of the fucking worldNo I don't know fucking why either, never plucked up the courage to ask a professor about prime 1 after I got told off for arguing the same question when I was 10