You can't break the cycle.Another Dragons Dogma thread

You can't break the cycle.Another Dragons Dogma thread

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game got boring when i found out about x4 conqueror's periapt, liquid vim, explosive arrows, and tenfold fury. when death dies in about 20 seconds, something is fucked up.


>>507953470Not my clip, but either that or BBI. I don't know the daggers well enough to recognize if those are the final BBI tier or not

Having 6 skill slots would make warrior funner

>>507953689Yep, those are the best daggers AND shortbow

>>507953843I played warrior with 6 skill spots via 8input.dll and I'll be honest it was still boring and it didn't address the core problems like having no ranged options for fliers and just generally being less capable than everything else on offer.

This would be my favorite armor if not for the sleevesIs there anything that can hide them?

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>>507954238Playing a big lady with a big sword was enough for me. BBI can be a bitch though, I'll give you that.

Is that series still a rumor or is that confirmed to be happening? Is Into Free going to be the theme song like God intended?

>>507954664The netflix series? It's real. It's going to be CG animated

>>507954263There have been a lot of armor mods, but dunno about just the sleeves.

>>507954752> CG animated> based on Dragon's Dogma's paper thin storyI can't imagine it being very good...

Whats with the recent upsurge of all these DD threads over the past few days? Is DD2 finally coming out?

>>507955460It's about a man who loses his family to the dragon, and ventures out to take revenge. It really sounds like a recipe for disaster

>>507955557It went on sale and everyone suddenly remembered it existed.

>>507955557It goes on cycles, like vampire or baldurs gate

>>507951672How do you people stand bbi it's all stone and dark I'm gonna run through a sunny field as soon as I find an exit

>>507955557Games where nothing modern really scratches the same itch are ones people keep coming back to like Deus Ex and Metroid Prime. Dragon's Dogma is one of those.

This looks interesting.*picks up bucket*

>>507956018Careful arisen, a fall is like to kill as well as any beast.*vaults over chest into endless pit*

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>>507956497Those wolves....are they in a pack? But why would they be in a pack?

Any other games like dragons dogma? I just finished my 2nd playthrough a few days ago and I still want more.

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>>507951672>J-just play for 100 hours it defo gets good then just STICK WITH IT!!!!Why are Dragons Dogma fans so delusional about their glorified single player MMO game?

>>507957226No, closest you'll find is MonHun and Souls.

>>507957345its good from the first minute the fuck are you talking about

>>507957345Because it's true. I actively hated DD on my first run through, went back to it at random a couple years later because of vore, and something just clicked and now it's one of my favs. >>507955908 is a great explanation. The alternative description is that Dragon's Dogma is a 6/10 game that feels like a 10/10 game.

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>>507954238AgreedAnd arc just isn't worth it, doesn't even compare to sorc nukes which are ranged eitherStacking stagger equipment and spamming jump attacks was my best move most of the time

Is having sex with your pawn ethical? It didn't go well for Aishe

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>>507958000Anyone know how to get weapon set switching feature in 8input.dll to work on a controller?Apparently it's possible but I'm at a loss and there was one of those nvm fixed it posts in the comments on nexus with someone else asking how to do it.

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>>507957961Look, let’s stop fucking around here we both know it’s not good from the first minute. Hell, it barely becomes passable after the 10th hour of playing, stop lying to yourself lmao

>>507959694back to skyrim faggot

>>507953248>Game got boring when I played it boringly

>>507959743The game is a snooze fest. The story is absolutely mediocre, zero likeable or believable characters, the quests are all fetchy and monotonous. The only saving grace is the combat which is the selling point of the game and it’s not even that great. The game felt like a single player MMO

>>507959808That's like saying never hold up a shield and spin around behind for an easy backstab in dark souls. Once you know about it you're never going back to the old way.

>>507951672am I the only one that thinks dragons dogma would have been better with a turn-based system?

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>>507959928then perish


>>507955557> Is DD2 finally coming out?pretty much 99% confirmed at this point

>>507960142So not confirmed at all and people are just getting their hopes up jumping at all the sure signs like "Sora's in Smash" fags.

>>507959557You can remap functions to different keyboard/system keys (there's a link to an msdn page describing the values in the dinput8.ini file), I imagine they plugged in the correct values to correspond to controller buttons or used some joy2key thing. Anyway fuck that guy.

Why are mods gay and deleted the thread yesterday?I was fucking using that shit.

>>507961920Threads were probably being daisy chained which means it's a pseudo general which belongs on /vg/ not Holla Forums.

>>507962021/ddg/ died a some time ago

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What's the best way of dealing with mimics in Bitterblack as a sorcerer? I can't deal enough damage in time, or have time to cast spells.

>>507963453Maneaters are very weak to dark, so bring high necromancy and cast it before opening chests.

>>507963635Neat, I used to cast it a lot, but haven't really in BBI. Guess I'll reequip it

>>507963453You can use the "Go" command to make pawns open chests. Like that other guy said, they are weak to dark so you can cast maelstrom over a chest and insta-kill them when the pawn opens it.

>>507960238Alright I've got it working now, what I did was I used joytokey as you suggested and set it such that when L1 is pressed it acts as a shift key and then when L2 is pressed while L1 is pressed it types numpad 1 which is what I set as my cycle skillsets key.Would have been nice to bind a different one to each of the face directions rather than having to cycle through them but it doesn't seem to support that functionality.I was going to try a mystic knight that has everything all ripostes and all trances all the different weapon skills and all the extra buff stuff too, but without a way to bind sets to specific combinations I think the only comfortable way to make it work with 12 skills in 2 sets rather than 24 skills in 4 different sets, that way you know if the skill you want isn't on this set it's on the other one and you don't have to jumble between 4 different sets trying to find the one set with the skill you want.

Somebody post some sliders for sexy pawns, I'm tired of not getting hired..

Thinking of replaying. Any decent mods come out recently to make the game more challenging?I tried World Difficulty last playthrough. While some encounters were fun, it mostly felt like a tedious clownfest. Very mixed bag.

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>>507965282Are you on PC? Post your pawn's deets and I'll hire them if so.

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>>507952659I don't understand why this game gets hyped so much. The gameplay is absolutely atrocious with a few good elements thrown into it like parrying.

>>507960212>generic SE faggot in Smash>a hope>not a fear

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>>507963453Cast maelstrom, it oneshots it.

>>507965532People who never played Monser Hunter (does combat way better) and Zelda (does worlds and level design way better) or retards.

>>507965704Funny. I came from playing iceborne and played DD because I was bored after farming everything I needed from AT nami. I'd have to say I really like DD and hope that a sequel will eventually come which will polish up the mess. Though now I can kind of understand the pain of other DD fans who had been waiting for a sequel for ages now.

>>507965489Get dinput8.dll, cheat your character to always have the Predation Augment. Go solo and never heal or use the menu in combat.

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>>507951672yeah but where's the sequel?????

>>507967710oooo hou i habe seen de dragons dogmaaa unbin by time binding grand desing ˘ω˘

>>507957345I wish more mmos played like this.

>>507967793Coming 2053

>>507957345You can literally kill rabbits outside the starting town to max out your vocation without gaining levels, tell me what mmos do that.

>>507964403>>507965698Pawns are usually good at opening chests without commands, the problem is that they open it while I cast something, usually maelstrom. But I have to be somewhat close to the chest, and if the pawn open it too fast, he starts throwing death spells and trash around.

>>507969603Why do you have to be close? maelstroms aoe is massive

>>507969672So that the pawn can open it for me. Or they just hover around me

>>507965698>>507969672I find maelstrom to be a pain in the ass because it takes so long to not only cast but also to dissipate, High Necromancy meanwhile lasts long enough that you don't need to stop and cast it every time you happen upon a chest, it's probably still up since the last one and it's more than capable of dealing with any maneaters potentially within.

>>507969297To take that further, what MMO has locked stat gains?One character does everything, just change classes and now your stats change too. Pay for server transfers and character edits, goyim.

>>507969603Just cast high miasma

You know, people always say DD has great combat and that's what redeems the garbage open world, the general lack of content, and the horrendous RPG mechanics. And I agreed for a really long time.Today, something just clicked, and I realized the combat's actually shit as well. Skills don't really flow together at all. The stamina system and lack of a combo rating / staling mechanic means that there's not really any reason to do anything but the same move over and over again. Outside of some scripted knockdown stuff or elemental weaknesses, large monsters are insanely non-interactive, and small monsters are only slightly more interactive, due to the fack that juggling's not really possible. Any time I try to do anything interesting, it feels like I get hit. The game punishes me for having fun and rewards me for playing it safe and plinking away with hit and runs or ranged attacks. Barely any movement mechanics at all, defensive mechanics feel lacking despite the plethora of options some characters have - likely because jumping has no iframes. I really don't know how the game feels so distinct and complete and yet every aspect of it remains unfinished. God knows it's no DMC or God Hand or even Okami. In those games, when you try to do something cool, it works, and the game rewards you for it. In Dragon's Dogma, when you try to do something cool, you get grabbed by a gorecyclops and oneshot from full health. The only way to play the game is to play lame.

>>507971662Just let the thread die user

>>507965282I do wonder what is the most popular arctype. From what I've seen when I randomly summon pawns is that the tiniest of lolis rarely have good scores

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>>507971778Look man if I want to write essays about how I've suddenly woken up to how disappointing DD is at 4am, that's my prerogative

>>507971778reminder capshit makes more money half-assing REmakes than they ever will investing in a DD sequel that would polish up the game and iron out all the issues the first had

>>507971662I kind of agree but shooting a griffin out of the air with blast arrows or climbing up to a cyclopes' eye and stabbing it with thousand kisses is always satisfying. The moment to moment stuff can still be good even if some of the enemies are really annoying to fight.