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Any tips for this asshole?

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>>507698119Antiblast 3 and learn his moves. Earplugs 5 if you get fucked in the last phase constantly

>>507698119Dont get hit

>>507698432>Antiblast 3 and learn his movesThis is all you need to know

>>507698119Antiblast and it becomes a fun hunt

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>>507698119rocksteady mantle + healing mist for last phasethe pools of lava/fire/explosives dont actually hurt you that badly, especially with mild fire resist but a fire mantle isnt going to rid that chip damage completely.just avoid and attack as usual for that last phase without worrying too much standing in the pools til he's gonna make them explode

Just shoot him

>>507698119Hit it get away then hit it again and don't get hit OR use a fucking bowgun you fucking retord.

>>507700401You can tell by the color of his ooze when its going to drop.

This any good? It's on sale.

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>>507700658Yep, even with a clear warning blademaster is still prone to mistakes so a bowgun is the best choice for this kind of monster.

>>507698119Not fighting him since it's a shit fight and Safi, partially Kjarr and future weapons are and will be better anyway.Also stop playing boring, easy shit. This game is not worth the time. Maybe if they actually add challenging stuff to the endgame.

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What's the best way to farm research points?

>>507698119Who cares, Monster Hunter is now dead.Westerners defiled, raped and killed her.

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Reduce his HP to zero

>>507700923Played 1 and 2, pretty much nothing like MH. Hits aren't as satisfying, way more fast paced, a lot more customization. Pirate it and then decide

>>507701351Bone grind in GL.

>>507701251>>507701394Quit samefagging

>>507701251How anyone could defend deviants as a good alternative to endgame is truly baffling.The Ticket system single handed ruined MHX and MHXX. No one thinks having a system where you have to fight 16 tiers of same monster multiple times to get gear/re-attempt due to failing/advance a tier was good gameplay.

>>507701654Learn how to detect samefags.

>>507701251>This game is not worth my time>Spends years talking about it

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>>507701394hmmm... japs really didn't enjoyed world, this speaks bad news for the franchise, shit is about to turn into RE 2.0.

Don't reply to listfag you autists

>>507702293Don't mention him then

>>507702293Better yet, post a PC room.

>>507701932Thread is a Monster Hunter thread. I play MH and I discuss MH, you act like uploading an image is some sort of time-extensive operation.

>>507701485Sounds like GU

>>507702142Japan's looks reasonably proportional to their usual numbers based off that chart. Just had breakout success everywhere that WASN'T Japan. It's on the lower side for Japan sure but I think the overwhelming success overseas more than compensates for that. If anything I think it spells a pretty bright outlook for MH6.Really it's just up to Capcom whether they wanna listen to player feedback: Removing claw, more monster skeletons, more zones, weapon tweaks, etc.

>>507702712It was pretty obvious you play iceborne with your post. Thought it was funny your retarded ass says the game isn't worth your time when you play every update. That's not including the couple years you spent shitposting.

>>507703034>couple years>iceborne has been out not even a year

>>507700923I've only played 1 and 2, they're pretty fun but they're nowhere near as deep as mh. Worth $10 each at best

>>507703418>as deep as mhwell with World and IB being as deep as a puddle, thats rather alarming

>>507703354>Implying MHW hasn't been out longer

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>>507700923Got dragged along to play this serie, only get it if you want a floaty MH but with the shonen dial cranked up to a fucking thousand.

>>507700923It's passable, mostly because the Soul Sacrifice team worked on it and fixed a lot of shit that was wrong with the previous games but you still can't salvage something with terrible core mechanics.>>507703537>with World and IB being as deep as a puddleIf World is shallow then previous games are even worse.

>>507701394Settle down Ken-sama

>>507700923If you like anime then yes. If not then no. Also the best part of the game is customizing bullets.

>>507703009I'm not so sure anymore user, I feel that the franchise is taking a dark turn ala Resident evil for losing it's main focus, I still enjoyed MHW but I don't like the direction it is heading with a more western touch to it due to the bad practices western games has and how MH works.

any alatreon news? when was he supposed to come out again?

>>507703769ah yeahs the deep combat of clutch claw wall bang x2, impact mantle, beat on mnonster head withhy our DPS rotation like some sort of MMo and get multiple KOs quite deep >>507703591i like world, just not iceborne lol

>>507701394doubting this chart considering I rented MH1 once at a hollywood video back in the day

>>507704038>i like world, just not iceborne lolI know you like MHW, just find it ironic you shitpost about it so much.

>>507702580How about YOU post a PC room?

>>507698432>He takes any defensive skills other than Health Boost

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>>507701394>Only about a quarter of World players in the West bought IB>Meanwhile like 80-90% of Jap world players bought Icebornehuh

>>507704550I ain't letting go of that evade extender nigga

>>507703848MH1 sales in the US was so minuscule that the line is barely visible.>>507704226It's Holla Forums, everyone shitposts.World had it's issues but was utlimately a fine game.Iceborne fucked the gameplay hard with Clutch Claw and Power Creep.

>>507704607Content was more difficult and they got filtered

>>507704038>waaah my stun chainsYou make it soud like previous games weren't exactly the same, but with less verticality, worse weapon movesets and slower, dumber monsters, did you by chance start with World?>>507704386I would, but every time I do we get errors in the codes for some reason

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>>507704631>It's Holla Forums, everyone shitposts.Negro most people don't spend two years doing it. Its only when you make your self look like a retard that you do the merely pretending shit.

>>507703993Could be the case, who knows.I still think that the success of MHW internationally will spur Capcom into pouring more resources and effort into MH6. I think it'll feel a lot more comprehensive and complete (which World in many ways was not, if we're being honest) and that may help the Japanese market warm up to it a little more, given that Capcom gives it adequate love.Who knows though, could go either way.

>>507704980World is a repeat of Tri where capcom worked on creating a new base to reuse for decades first and foremost, of course it doesn't feel as complete when it's a major rework from the ground up, and to be fair, unlike tri they didn't take out entire weapons either and we have a much bigger roster of monsters too.>that may help the Japanese market warm up to it a littleThe japanese market is quickly becoming irrelevant due to fucking phones, 70% of the sales for World were oversea sales, Japs aren't buying games anymore outside of Nintendo's first party and whaling on mobage, it's a dying and almost completely irrelevant market, sadly enough.

>>507701251half of these are true and the other half is whining

>>507704751>>507704751The other games didn't have free 5 minutes of beating on the monster like Iceborne does.At best you could 2-4 trap and KO with a hammer/cb/hh, flash after a trap for select monsters but that wouldn't be nearly as much control as the amount of control you have in World/Iceborne.NuMH is a fucking joke, monsters die too quickly and you get a free damage opener on all monsters with any weapon.

>>507704980I wish for MH6U to be full of unique weapon designs, ditch all the iron and bone shit, I want the music to return to it's classic style, orchestra takes away a lot of the magic and tension of the battles, finally I want it to be more colorful and less serious on the overall style, I want the game to feel silly and relaxed again.

>>507698119antiblast 3tenderise leg and slash on itrepeat a billion times until this triple nigger finally drops reactor fucking capcom let us meld this shit already it has been 3 months

>>507704978You might be confusing me with someone else. I'm not listfag.But why does that matter, you'll call anyone who disagree with your opinin as listfag.

Why are the most popular mods coomer mods

>>507705839>less serious on the overall styleEat shit, I want Gen 1 and 2 style of being both grounded, serious and consistent yet over the top when it lands for the cool shit to be more pronounced and impactful.

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>>507706229Because that's how all moddable games are.

>>507704751>but with less verticalityThank god, verticality is cancer. 4U had the worst maps in the series up until Capcom went full retard and created the Ancient Forest>worse weapon movesetsI know I'm going to get shit on for this, but crit draw GS required far more commitment than TCS GS where you can cancel out of your charges risk free thanks to tackle. Also requires more positioning instead of mashing tackle/slinger burst until TCS and praying the monster stays still long enough to land it.>slower, dumber monstersSome like the one you posted, sure. But others like Zinogre, normal Brachy, and Garuga got absolutely gutted.>You make it soud like previous games weren't exactly the sameAs fun as I find wall bangs, there's no way in hell you got nearly as many stunlocks in older games. Traps were slower to deploy too, which is why you didn't see them get spammed as often as in World.Also tenderizing is utter cancer and I refuse to believe anyone actually thinks introducing it and balancing newer monsters around it is fun or challenging.

>>507705913I never mentioned any lists.

>>507706229Because the bulk majority of the playerbase are westerners, which make up 90% of all coomposting on the internet

There's a mod that allow you to skip cutscenes yet?

>>507698119git gud

>>507705784>The other games didn't have free 5 minutes of beating on the monster like Iceborne does.Given how narcoleptic and passive monsters were before Iceborne you had a lot more time of free beating, but I'm sure you'll pretend shit like Gammoth or Gravios totally aren't helpless sitting ducks who barely even fight, let alone Gen 2/3 monsters who were basically sitting ducks 24/7, even the supposedly speedier ones like Narga.>At best you could 2-4 trap and KO with a hammer/cb/hhSounds like you're just terrible at the games or you're talking about games you never actually played.

>>507706445>crit draw GSI played it until world and now I have 15 hunts in ~700 hours of world. I don't like TCS.

>>507706931>you're talking about games you never actually played.The hypocrisy is staggering

>>507706229Try some rope, it's gonna be good for you

>>507705784>The other games didn't have free 5 minutes of beating on the monster like Iceborne doesYeah instead you could lockdown monsters for the entire duration of the huntDid you seriously never do HAME runs in older games or something as simple as Valor pierce HBG in GU?

>>507706249Nah fuck you I want my MonHun silly and over the top without reaching XX levels of shit, but tbqh I settle for the classic music rather than orchestra.

>>507704701How can they get filtered by content they haven't bought ?

>>507700923It's so nice to see that stygian kept doing side jobs before applying for Iceborne.

>>507706445>which is why you didn't see them get spammed as often as in World.bullshit, trap spamming was still a thing, just less effective due to no free refills and monsters not being made of wet farts amd not dying sub 5 without trying much

>>507698119use rocks, aim at slime generating parts (arms, head) and shoot there to make him cum slime.Equip antiblast 3, and git gud

>People actually arguing in favor of Iceborne's stunfestOf all the things to defend in the game, why would you pick that?

>>507707737valor pierce hbg is not that cool until you get a meta set

>>507708032Because they need their crutches to pretend they are "good" at this game

>>507707797By watching streamers get rolled. A retarded amount of people watch twitch and whatever else. I'm not saying that's the only thing that affected sales, but word of mouth on the difficulty definitely did.

>>507708032>>507708231Do you talk to yourself in real life, too? These are talking points only someone like listfag would make. I've never heard people bitching about anything like MHW being a stunfest.

>>507706445>Thank god, verticality is cancer.Verticality is the best thing that could be implemented to MH.>crit draw GS required far more commitment than TCS GS>Waiting for the monster to kindly 90° turn the way onto your charge>Commitmentlol>Some like the one you postedNo, 99% of the monsters pre IB were slower, more stationary and more passive, otherwise people wouldn't constantly bitch about Barioth and the likes, Garuga's new moveset is also a massive improvement and I don't see how somebody who bitches about tenderizing being cancer pretends that instacharges with broken hitboxes are supposedly good.>there's no way in hell you got nearly as many stunlocks in older games.Maybe if you sucked at the games, previous MH didn't have nerfed flashbombs or trap duration, monsters had far more weaknesses (see Narga getting fucked by Sonic Bombs), monsters like the Blos or Tiggy would very easily get stuck on walls etc., this is again, without accounting for how passive the monsters actually were when they weren't all you people can't stop bitching about how the monsters can't stay put, how tenderizing is cancer and how the game shits "AoE" and feels "unfair", because you're just shitters who can't deal with monsters who are actually proactive and don't rely on broken hitboxes.

>>507701251He's one of the best and most challenging fights in the game, literally just get good Most of his moves are fair, the only problematic ones are his tackle and his tail slam which can both be easily avoided by not being a complete shitterIf you're still that much of a baby at the game just go grugsteady and baby evasion blanket


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>>507698119Gunlance, evade extender and guard 5.That's it, congrats.

>> at this high level gameplay

>>507708663Nah bro I'm pretty sure the game giving you more and more ways to stunlock the monster was a talking point since 4U

>>507701394Oh wow, sincerely hope capcom doesn't pull a DmC/Lost Planet 3/Resident Evil 6 by forsaking their core for more western money.

>>507708663God I fucking hate listfag so much, he ruined all future discussion of MH games because now retards can deflect any criticism by calling someone else listfag. Same shit happened with FF7R and Barry.

>>507707737>comparing a 4u/XX 4player HAME run with a dedicated LOCKDOWN player to Iceborne's generic opener that requires ONE player.Hmmmm.

>>507709732This is the life cycle of every single popular series.

is there any PC lobbies open?

The game giving you two free knockdowns at the start (plus whatever you build up between them) is pretty cringe

>>507709971Since everyone is being bashful for some damn reason, I guess I’ll make one in a few minutes.

>>507708665Instant charges were literally never a problem because monsters try to face you before doing them and you learned to position yourself after a few hours. I'm not saying they are well designed, but they're not as big of a problem as people here say.

>>507709732>doesn't pull a DmC/Lost Planet 3/Resident Evil 6 by forsaking their core for more western money.They already did, it's called World

>>507710121Literally every opener is the same.Start fight.Shoot groundWall bangEquip Impact MantleBeat on faceWall BangTenderize headBeat on faceKOBeat on FaceBeat on Faceinstant-trapBeat on FaceBeat on facePalico sleeps the monsterWall BangBeat on faceKOBeat on FaceBeat on FaceBeat on faceTrapBeat on FaceBeat on FaceBeat on FaceKOBeat on FaceBeat on Face Beat on FaceMantle expiresPut on rock steady and unga the 40-60% remaining health of the monster

>>507710121Based, I'm up for some comfy huntan with frens.

>>507710367World is the Resident Evil 4 of the franchise.Different, good in some ways, worse in others.

>>507710346>99% of the monsters pre IB were slower>instanchargesDo you not see the discrepancy between these two sentences>>507710346It's more of the 180 beak slam that always got me with Garuga. It feels like he lost some of that crazy chicken aspect when they gave his moves actual startup

>>507710738sure worldsperm

PC room: Wc?RRussimZ@

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>>507708665Anyone who complains about instant charges show that they have no idea how to play MH.Literally do not stand directly in front of their head retard.

>>507711126I'll take mantles/boosters over HA/Styles and T2/T3 investigations over shit deviant ticket system any day of the fucking week

>>507698119Craft your favorite weapon with ice element from Safiijiva and max it's stats, it may take you about 2 or 3 hours if you enter the siege constantly

>>507711335Why do these conversations always devolve into fanbase wars between GU and World

>>507711335Bro, all those things are badHow about you just don't put up with garbage instead of putting up with 'alternatives' the devs feed you

>>507711335>GU lives in his head rent freeI'm talking about REAL mh, pre gen 4

>>507711209>Play MHFU>Fight Garuga>Try breaking wings by staying on the side>Get instacharged on a sudden turn because Garuga's whole body turns into a hurtbox, tail includedWhat's next, Plesioth apologists?

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>>507711483Because it's the same tranny shitposter leaking from containment general

>>507711483>>507711529XX was the last installment before World.So the natural path of discourse is new game vs last game.For Ex. RE4 vs RE5, DmC vs DMC4, DaS3 vs BB, etc etc.

>>507711483Because people who have played a MH game before world love to be elitist about it. No one likes to see their series become more casual friendly, but I agree it's silly.

>>507711729I farmed Garuga too many times with a GS in 4U for my relic weapon. His charge is easily prevented by not being an idiot. Plesioth does his hipcheck regardless of where you are, Garuga's charge is 100% DEPENDENT on your position. This is 100% a git gud issue and not a game issue.

>>507711868I think it makes more sense comparing Monster Hunter 4 with what is basically MH5 rather than comparing it to a (not necessarily bad) spinoff

>they really think world 2 won't be a mmo casual shitfest fully pandering to casual trash

>oh neat you can layer gae bolg>the fuck is a glamour prism>from ex behemothNevermind, not going through that shit again

>>507713593>not just soloing it with MR gear

man namielle is probably one of the most fun elders to fight besides nergigante only complaint is one of his high pressure water attacks has a wonky hitbox and his wings blocking your view

>>507713593If it makes you feel any better you can refund the one Glamour prism over and over so long as you're ok with blowing a few points each time you layer a new weapon.

When will this be in the game?

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>>507713749just bring in 5pc safi set, kjarr water cb and unga that shit iceborne cb is more braindead than valor hbg lol

>>507713960offtopic shit mmo things won't ever be in the game

>>507713960can't reuse the skeleton for a buttton of monsters so no go for current monster hunter teamgotta be a kushala doara reskin

>>507714056But behemoth's already there

>>507713960but lavasioth is from frontier too

>>507714569And it was a mistake, it should fuck off back

>>507713593Grab gunlance, grab enmity, shoot manly chest, block everything. Win

>>507713889isnt the insect glaive the only weapon you can use the glamor prism on anyways?

>>507714929Well yeah but who only has one of their main weapon? Just saying it only becomes an issue when you decide to change and have to go manually remove and reapply the layer at the smithy.

>>507715268>who only has one of their main weapon?everyone but elemental weapons

I swear capcom made safi a purposely unfun fight in as many departments as they could imagine

>>507716141Aren't IGs fast enough to benefit from high element? I don't fuck with them often enough but I figured they fell into that area.

>>507716517yes, why would they make it fun?

>>507716517Not saying that Safi is fun, but what is your definition of a fun fight?

What's the mod that tell players how much damage everyone on the team did during the hunt ?

whats the point of palicos

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>>507716656IG's meta has shifted from element to raw from world to nowIn 4u it was just a high raw blast weapon, in xx it was a high raw blast weapon, in world it was a high raw elementless weapon, into element for select fights with kjarr igs, most notably fire, water and ice. General Ig was para kt ig.When Iceborne came out IG was back to using elemental with all the new elemental buffs, namielle's water ig was so godlike, this carried over with safi where we rocked Safi elemental igs for element, then brachy came out and now the best IG is a high raw blast IG. lol

>>507716517At least it's more fun than Kulve

>>507717050They are cute, funny, helpful and gunner's best friends, they are short so they won't get in the line of fire like how hunters do, also sometimes they steal gems and what not, they are nice.

>Breaking Barioth's head means chipping his teethOuch. Any other monsters have details like this?

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>>507717819Don't bully Barioth.

>>507717894Deserves it for being a spastic jumping faggot

>>507717819>cut off Velkhana's tail>fucker just makes a prosthetic out of ice because fuck you

>>507717819Breaking Rajangs horns means his horns will be missing


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>>507717819>Breaking monster parts means their parts are brokenI don't understand your question.

>cant join other players who are on the same stage of the story as me because my MR isnt high enoughhuh?

>>507718381>Break every bones in the monster's legs like twice>Still won't stop jumping everywhereI don't understand what you don't understand.

>>507718094>Break Glavenus tail>Still uses it just fine

>>507717032Chiefly, a fight that when I get hit I mumble something along the lines of "Aw, fuck" instead of asking how I could ever have possibly avoided that attackI don't need every attack in the game to have a 5 minute telegraph but a millisecond or two to react to him would be appreciated

>can't augment slots for my weapons anymore because I don't have fucking tempered glimmerpelts>can't meld them for some reason>grinding lands trash sos never has people put categories >haven't jacked with my own in agesI just can't

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>>507707783>Some people still wants MIDI soundtrack on 2020

>>507719195Why dont you jump into that PC room and ask people for help

>>507701394>That p3rd peakDo Japs really?

>>507719298Please commit self inflicted homicide not for shit taste but for blatant bait postingHowever have one of my favorite

>>507719195Imagine being a lurelet and not having a billion rajang lures

>>507717819Breaking kulve's horns ends her dogshit ass siege

>>507719789It was a pretty good game, shame about no g-rank tho

>>507719789Yes japs really liked a good game

>>507713962Anyone who says this hasn't played valor hbg, kill yourself you disingenuous cuck.

>>507701394>game is not on portable console>japan has lower salesno shit, those faggots spend 30% of lives in a fucking trains

>>507718539>Break every bones in the monster's legs like twiceBut you don't actually break them, which is my point.

>>507720538this, but shitposters will shitpost

>>507719195It takes like 3-4 hours to go from region level 1 to 7, if you’re lazy. How have you not maxed every region at least once yet?

>>507720538overall jap sales keep oin the same mark outside of some outliers, now the western casuals never cared until a braindead easy casual game on casual platforms got released

>>507720827delicious salt of nostalgiafaggot

>>507720827>p3rd is the highest selling mh games in japankeep telling yourself that kiddo

>>507701394MHP3 should be before MH3G, but still, damn.F


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>>507721170we already have enough collabs with dogshit games

>>507721102wow 3 outliers got a million more sales than usual - the most overmemed game, the most jap tailored game and the game on a platform everyone and their dog owned, rest keep on exactly the same mark not even that far behind, until capcom ruined the series (and yet the core is still there as evident from the graph)

Zino motorcycle when

>>507721794Thankfully never

>>507721170God, Nergigante is literally the most fun fight in the game for nearly every weapon except lance.Not talking shit on the lance, but it just gets ultra repetitive on literally the most ultra repetitive weapon in the game.It has its place in a lot of different hunts and all, but it makes Nerg a pushover.Any other weapon though? Fun as a motherfucker.Poast meemees as well. Of any kind for MH

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>>507721794I'm amazed they even bothered with the railgun. Why the fuck did they turn it into a shotgun though?

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>>507722425Because spread is bullshit OP ammo in world

>need to max my handycraft charm but that involves fighting a GL exclusive Tempered Lunastraplease no

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>>507698119Shoot him

>>507723217>too pussy to fight the tempered wife on easy modeshitter status: roasted

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>long GL>windproof, guard 5, guard up, fire rese z

>>507723689>no blast resist

>>507723217Just wallbang her like 4 times. Bring a sleep ammo lbg and a plunderblade palico. A Rajang turf war would also help if you're lucky with it.

>>507720449How anyone can still defend valor hbg in 2020 baffles me.

Imagine being afraid to fight a fucking monster in a place with infinite carts and which gives you monster loot for literally free. Casual worldsperms once again prove the series is dead.

>get to point in game when everything one shots you>gatekeeped from upgrading your shit since the next monster marks the next upgrade node for gear>have no funwhy does iceborn do this?

>>507724198No idea what you're talking about. Never been oneshot.

>>507724198didn't know you can get all the way to tempered monsters in GL and not be allowed to upgrade your gear

>>507723485dont reply to me ever again, furshitter

>>507701687Yeah, the deviants themselves were great, but the permits never came off like >"muh sekrit club"They came off more like>"don't farm too fast"

>>507724453seething and toasted

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>>507704613my nigga

>>507723058Dangerously based

>>507720654It literally says part broken


>>507724850>breaking some spikes means you broke the entire limbnegative IQ post

>>507717050Sounds like you need a plunderblade, mine's stolen tons of mantles/palliums for me.

>>507717819Breaking Seltas Queen's leg plates exposes her muscle tissue.

>>507725059>spikes on legs

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>>507704631>It's Holla Forums, everyone shitpostsNo, and it's your shitty attitude that killed this board

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>>507711483It's mostly console war shit. They're very different games, neither of which stay within the lines.

>>507725338>Breaking ceanataur's claws broke off the blade segment>Breaking them permanently engaged itBugs and crabs were so soulful...

>>507725762kys no one liked your dogshit monsters and they are not coming back

>>507726014Eat a dick faggot. I loved the crabs.

>>507726014Gas yourself, faggot


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>>507726212>>507726224>likes literal trash>calling anyone a faggoti see it's cringe day today

>>507725762miss crabs and insectsmiss futbol hermitaur set

>>507726397He has shit taste and can't deal with it.

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>>507726549Yes you do, now what? You clearly don't posess enough braincells to stop liking garbage

>>507701394Im not paying for dlc which is the same price as fucking game, no mater how much i enjoyed mhw They can fuck off.

>>507726823It's okay friend. You hate what you want. You may be wrong, but still. I can't stop you.

>>507726878I got it for 10$ tho

>>507726878>which is the same price as fucking gameit's literally not you redarded poorfag

/vg/ seeps into this place more and more every day it seems

>>507724453>Come on hunter, lets play>Teostras away fighting Kushala again

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>>507727023Its never been that cheap on ps4 not even on the sale.

>>507727098whats wrong with the MH /vg/?


Attached: 1582001107563.png (852x310, 354.78K)

>>507727338Are you seriously asking? /vg/ as a whole is a shithole. Worse than here, so that should tell you something.

>>507727246>ps4no pc

>>507727338my hunter is the cutest and totally original uwu compliant my hunter or i'll have the coomers kick you from any lobbies you join

Attached: 1582597195377.png (353x473, 194.58K)

>>507727338visit it and see for yourselfdon't come back too

>>507727338Is a basic rule that /vg/ is generally worse than Holla Forums, simply because /vg/ WILL have namefags or avatarfags of some kind.

>>507727970>Is a basic rule that /vg/ is generally worse than Holla Forumslmao

>>507727338>1st for autism!

the rare reversed ruined killscreen where it is your hunters backside instead of the monsters.

Attached: 2198e3e4-07a6-449a-bb37-04261688222e.png (1920x1080, 1.98M)

ctrl f: pc room>4 results>"Cannot connect to the session because it no longer exists or the IS is incorrect."I though v ran big lobbies constantly considering how consistent the threads are.

>>507728069Then go the fuck to check yourself faggot, Holla Forums might be shit but at least it isn't polluted by namefags and avatarfags AS much./vg/ is circlejerk for the sake of being circlejerk.

>>507728846stop visiting garbage generals for garbage games

>>507723217>not having a wind res charm

>>507728846last time i hosted a lobby no one joined!

>>507728970>*stop visiting /vg/ftfy

>>507728970>stop visiting garbage generalsKinda hard when they're all shit.>for garbage gamesThere it is. Why are you here if you hate the game?

>>507703009there was never any danger of the claw coming back, they always put some game specific gimmick in

>>507728740Not quite because a lot of people here prefer shitposting about the game and people that play the game instead of actually playing the fucking game.Make one yourself and I'll join.

>>507729124there's more than one game and not my fault you only like shit ones

>>507728740I’m in Wc?RRussimZ@ right now, but if you make one I’ll hop in.

>>507728069The only decent generals that were on that board was starbound general and city building general

>>507729426My dude, go back to /vg/. your shitposts belong there.

>>507729514Ill join that soon as im done with this hunt.

5 gen didn't add a single fucking new weapon type, what a fucking shitty gen.

>>507729514Can't connect

>>507730273There's already way too many weapon types, there's a reason why they experiment with other stuff instead

>>507730273Fifth gen barely even started and the general rework is so massive it's no surprise they didn't add a new weapon yet.Better than Tri taking out weapons from previous games anyway.

>>507730436I wouldn't say there's too many. Just not enough left for unique things. I would stil like to see Frontier weapons added to mainline games jsut so those don't permanently disappear with Frontier fucking off forever.

>>507730436Not only they didn't had any new weapon type they deliberatively removed the shitty cat mode.

>>507730273Better than removing weapons, like the first game of gen 3 did.

>>507730432Another user joined earlier with no issue. Just make a room and I’ll join it.

>>507730680>Fifth gen barely even startedIt already ended you absolute retord, I really doubt they will add a completely new weapon by DLC.

>>507730813Anon, I'm that one user from befoe, I thought you were gone but I really cannot connect to the room anymore, it says the session has been deleted

>>507730694>I would stil like to see Frontier weapons added to mainline gameskys anytime>>507730724They only removed it because they couldn't feel assed fixing it, just like it happened with underwater

>>507730768It did included a new weapon type which is much better than shitlance.

>>507729514>Cant connectScrew itPC room ID: [email protected]

>>507730957Fuck this shitty gameNew PC room: 6#AFpNwxrYFE

Attached: 045CC421-88EB-47B9-9502-5E15D6233606.jpg (1200x675, 126.27K)

>>507704607I think the sales of the next game are going to be very interesting.

>>507730694I don't see them adding Tonfas/Magnet Spikes for two reasons:>Tonfas would steal IG's niche as aerial weapon unless they got a massive rework>Magnet Spike was broken and the magnetism concept with the Magnet Gun has already been kind of integrated with the Clutch ClawThat said, anything can happen, I just find it highly unlikely they'll reuse those weapons, sadly.>>507730878>It already endedThe average generation lasts for three games or so, you actual retard.

>>507731292Never mind, join >>507731272

>>507704550>the nerve of people not playing the game like me! You should only use this specific thing I use!"No"

Attached: IMG_0809.jpg (720x1107, 115.06K)

>>507731292Same error, I'll try this>>507731272

>>507731050>bitch axe>better than funlanceDelete this.

>>507731831>delete the truth because i don't like it!

>>507731413>The average generation lasts for three games or soWhat the fuck are you on about?! a gen is composed by 1 base game and 1 "ultimate" game, which gen 5 already had, you know the drill.MH and freedomdos and FUtri and 3U4 and 4U gen is a special case because it was an anniversary and iceborneThe gen is done and we are heading to gen 6 already m8, sometimes there is an oddball game like 3rd portable but is not relevant.

>>507731050Not only are you wrong on that, I love both GL and SA. But it removed 4 weapons. Gunlance, HH, Bow, and DB.

>>507732205SA is better than all of those combined.

>>507732019Not that user but while Switch axe is underrated calling it better than the gunlance is a bit of a stretch

>>507732205>Gunlance, HH, Bow, and DB.And nothing of value was lost tbqh

>>507732019But from an objective standpoint, the Gunlance is better.

>>507716517I had fun doing Safi with friends. Not sure if I'd enjoy it as much in the future simply because of the time it took to get it done, but it was enjoyable enough.

>>507719789the game was released 3 times and came soon after Tri online died.>P3rd>goodNice joke.

Attached: good one.jpg (227x224, 24K)

>>507731413p3rd was a stopgap while they were working out the 3dsx was a stopgap while world was taking too long to develop

Why is Shara's mounting minigame the only one that looks more like old gen mounting?

>>507724198MR 150 hereWhat point is this again?

>>507732638No, both p3rd and XX were last goodbye games before crapcom jumped ship to the fattest cock they could suck money from

>>507732478Nice delusions

>>507732643Because Shara ignores you entirely while you're on him and attacks whatever else is around while massively sapping your stamina with each move. You get that old school feeling of urgency because unless you've got skills on to lessen stamina drain or are playing multiplayer and have a HH stamina buff or teammates that can constantly flinch the fucker you're absolutely going to come off before you get the knockdown.

>>507724198>Still use HR gear>Get smeared>Why does the game do this?No clue

I fucking hate shara ishvalda why do I have to spend 10 mins to get this faggot out of his rock shell

>>507723058I'd risk the fumes.

>>507732414Same way I feel about tri all together.

>>507733769because you suck at this game

>>507733808Definitely based

>>507733864>jump down into arena>stun him into a wall>stun him into a wall>smack smack smack>ok hes no longer enraged>repeat


>>507727970The only legitimate thread on /vg/ is the indie one.

>>507731831>weapon was literally worth for only ONE fight>better than anything in 2009

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>>507727338Imagine Holla Forums but listfag and trannyfags make themselves somehow even more obnoxious. Now imagine they're the majority rather than pariahs to be mocked viciously by everyone and there's also a discord server where people circlejerk until they come up with secret club memes to post about on the board.

Why is this allowed?

Attached: the kushala expierence.webm (640x360, 1006.54K)

>>507734596>Listfag does nothing but play MHWIts hilarious

>>507734748If nothing else his single minded drive to bitch about the game he supposedly hates is impressive.

>Steam MaintenanceWe knew it was coming, yet we continued

Attached: 0CF864B1-1308-483F-B450-4EC2C8BE940E.jpg (817x1024, 243.11K)

>>507734667because you are dumb and not use sticky against kushit

>>507734667>Had fucking safi of all things pull this shit yesterday

Attached: Untitled.jpg (600x886, 70.35K)

>>507734667I'm convinced that the Elder Dragons are just the game's devs competing with one another to see who can make the most obnoxious fight possible

>>507735157Not everyone responds to monsters they dislike by pulling out the cheese gun. Some people have enough resolve to just force their way through the problem with what they know even if it's objectively fucking awful to experience. Makes killing the fucker all the more satisfying.

>>507735380>some people just bash their heads against the wall to prove nothing to no oneyes they are called "retards"

>>507734572>git gud >posts bogun videoSasuga, retard-sama

Attached: 1561091078138.jpg (255x210, 11.68K)

>>507733808Are you sure?

Attached: Vaal invites you to her swamp.png (215x208, 47.15K)

>Disconnected from my own hosted PC roomCapcom please.If you anons still wanna hunt I'm down but someone else is gonna have to host.

Attached: adfadwawda.gif (245x245, 490.48K)

>>507735562Bowguns are the weapons of chads.

>>507735664Online is down right now cuz steam's doing their retarded maintenance

>>507735380>Not being proficient with every weapon and having special fuck you builds

>>507735562seething meleepleb as usual, go cry harder how element LBG are op while i'm gonna laugh at your retardation while not taking 10 minutes to break a fucking rock shell on fucking shara fucking lmao

>>507735493Who said it's about proving something? You don't have to roll over and accept the easy options just because something sucks ass.

>>507735664>>507735849Today isn't the day it seems, good honts though.And thanks again, user.

PC room (again): s7mP2Xh!Zy7Z

Attached: C149F74A-17A4-4AF0-826B-9F24460925E6.jpg (1024x576, 76.89K)

>>507735662Nah, on second thought I'm not a furshitter so I'll pass

>>507735943>Who said it's about proving something?Why else anyone without crippling autism would bother using a shit option on purpose then?

>>507721693not gonna argue with a disingenuous weaboo who can't get japcock out of his mouth, fuck off retard

>>507735932>>507735694Man is it easy to harvest (You)s on this board

>>507730680>Tri taking out weaponsI still want to know why they did it.

>>507735850Anon I bothered to learn about five of them before deciding it's good enough, I'm not dedicating my weaponized autism to learning another nine.

>>507736202Because the option is there? Why would a man in Florida do a rail of coke and sodomize a flamingo in front of school children at a zoo? Is it smart? Fuck no, but he can so he will.

>>507736339Sounds like retardation and not weaponized autism.

>>507736301(You) farming is fine, I do it too, so have an extra one.

>>507736573Sounds like I don't have to play like you do. Do what makes you happy chief, don't expect others to just fall into the roles you do.

>>507735662Let me just gem in something real quick.

Attached: 2134632463223545235.png (267x111, 24.42K)

>>507736828biggest pussy

>>507736969I'd think Jho has a bigger pussy than Vaal.

how do i unlock the quest for chaos oil 3 in mhgu? i already defeated both metal raths and beat ahtal ka.

been using this build for a while now, works quite well but is far from meta, slapped this together the other day when i had the usual person complain about it being a meme build. it shows how much damage you trade off for the other skills.

Attached: dual blades.jpg (1344x639, 243.02K)

>>507723058I'm sure she'd look pretty if you removed all that flehy flesh thingy

>>507739568>you removed all that flehy fleshgo away skeleton your time will be in 5 months

>>507739243Newfag here, why do people wear Brachydium when they're not gonna use artillery secret?

>>507739835I raped your grandma in her tomb

Attached: skel.gif (222x200, 296.25K)

>>507739903the set is pretty good and easy to craft, tons of decoration slots and you get agitator 7 without even trying.

>>507739903because it's just one faggot and his epic meme build

>>507735208>ruiner nerg does this in the gl>bambaro slaps his shit for it

Attached: seriously.jpg (515x345, 191.54K)

>monster does an attack that only damages in front of them>this knocks off and damages anyone clutch clawing the tailwhy

>>507701394It's no longer Japan's series.

>>507740995Hitboxes for when your character is clutched are always the same as when your character isn't clutched, for better or worse. If you're getting thrown off of the tail while clutched then the tail would have damaged you if you'd been hit by it normally too.

>>507741410full body hitboxes should not be a thing all together, holding onto a fucking Rathian's tail while it's just doing its autistic slow run should not knock me off

>>507727693how the fuck did you get it for 10$ on pc?

>>507727338theres a lot of things wrong with /vg/ the kingdom hearts general is completely unusable because its unironically worse than Holla Forums

Im unironicly getting filtered by shara ishvalda and its pissing me off

>>507698119Use water moss whenever he goes mad( his parts turning red) to turn him back to normal, at least 2-3 phases of the battle have watermoss

>>507741607Welcome to monster hunter


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>>507742338Ask for help, shara its quite easy, and abuse the wallbang on the first phase, remember to look on the minimap where are the falling rocks

>>507739568We already know what they look like without it thanks to concept art

Attached: vaal.jpg (1366x768, 142.29K)

>>507742338what are you having trouble with?

>>507743650I keep trying to stay on its ass but it isnt a weak point or whatever so I try to clutch claw it but just get knocked off and stunned into being blasted by them beam, combine that with how annoying and boring the first stage of the fight is just makes me not want to play


Attached: 1579823349529.png (522x483, 415.69K)

>>507739243>Swap garuga legs for bracy>Swap earplugs/medicine for earplugs +4>Swap the chest,arms, or waist for anything else that you want>Id argue you dont need marathon runner on DB's and refresh would be better but thats up to youDo you stay in demon mode a lot or something?

>need 40 minutes to kill a monster>watch speedrunners do it in 5 minutes>"Yeah, they have perfect minmaxed equipment. I'm not bad, it's only natural because they do more damage.">watch arena quests where the game gives you gimmicky bullshit equipment>they still do it in 1/10 of the time I needfugg :DDD

Attached: 1530649154887.jpg (252x212, 13.41K)

>>507732020Not that guy, but 1st gen was 3 games, 2nd gen was 3 games, 3rd gen was 3 games, 4th gen was 4 games, and 5th gen is 2 games. That may indeed be it for 5th gen (though I wouldn't be surprised at a stopgap game getting released before 6th gen either to buy time) but I'm not going to pretend there's fewer games in the series than there actually are.

>>507746489>40 minutesI also suck at video games but how?

What is the secret timing for doing iai spirit slash and not getting hit by grab attack?

Attached: intellectual.jpg (800x1200, 344.96K)

>>507747017It's not every monster but I just can't get my head around some like Barioth or Namielle.Granted I got Iceborne a week ago but it's still embarrassing considering I played every MH since 3U.

>>507742836Can't fuck a male.

whats wrong with the ancient forest why no one liek it?

>>507745986that setup allows near permanent demon mode allowing extra evasion and mobility via the dashes and it makes mounting trivial, you can literally ride a fleeing monster to the next zone without running out of stamina.i am also working around my decorations, i don't have earplugs +4 for example.

>>507747852What weapon? Also barioth sucks ass, not even speedrunners like him.

>>507743424Vaal hazak has a pretty cool design. Too bad it's a shit fight.

>>507748225i'd love a Vaal that drops the fart gas gimmick and removes the rotting flesh so you see the artwork design and increase its mobility making it more like an elder dragon version of nargacuga.

>>507744173Run partbreaker 3, stun res 2-3 and tremor 1, hit head and front legs, run to edge of arena when it uses spirit bomb, congratulations ez shara

I want to fight Alatreon already so I can complain about how they made it even worse. Fucking chinks, man.

>>507748424>increase its mobility making it more like an elder dragon version of nargacuga.what did he mean by this

>play a bunch of MH:W solo>Satisfied with it, not seeing much grinding yet though it seems like a fun grindy game>every hunt is a slow cat and mouse game, lots of preparation and resource management, sometimes crafting items by going to places on the map that I know have the right items>start to reach high rank missions and feeling like they're getting too strong for me to handle, even with my best gear>start to go to online missions and play multiplayer>game turns to fast as fuck kill-all-monsters arcade game>grinding out tons of materials now but feeling like that magic feeling of exploring the map and learning the monster's hiding places and the secret areas are going awayI know there's a lot more story content and at least one more area I haven't been to yet so I just need to be patient for that, but still.

>>507748562ok, how about this then: they already doubled down on the fat gas Vaal with Blackveil. imagine a one that goes the other direction and focuses on how it has hooks fucking everywhere on it, i figure they could justify increasing the mobility on this otherwise slow moving elder by removing the rotting flesh covering it.

>>507747967Extremely un-based

>>507748631Not our fault you’re playing on high rank any qeapon of iceborne shits on world

>>507747852I almost timed out on namielle, that fucker has way too much health for what you have access to.

>>507698119sticky ammo

>>507748631>getting too strongDid you not dump LR gear and craft earlier HR stuff?

>>507748764So basically nergigante?

>>507748225Vaal is a good fight the second effluvia bullshit fucks off, it's a fucking crime RE Vaal is not default version

>>507748901did people really have trouble with namielle he seemed to be one of the easier elders

>>507749084i was thinking more like Nargacuga.

>>507748456I did run to the edge of the arena when it did its spirit bomb and died instantly even with maxed out hp from food

>>507749186You basically just want an elder dragon without elder dragon bullshit. That's ruiner nergigante.

>>507747852You can cheese Barioth just enough to break both his front legs by chaining 2 wallbangs into two traps. That fight is mostly about not only dodging his attacks properly, but can you dodge in a away that lets your continue your offense with whatever weapon your using. Otherwise is a 30+ minute montage of him continuously jumping around nonstop

>>507742518The first phase where he spawns has watermoss scattered around the area as well.

>>507749112Here's the thing about vaal. If you don't have effluvia resistance, he's the hardest elder dragon. If you do then he's the easiest. His only notable attack is the aoe effluvia blast and the huge aoe dot attack he can do with blackveil.

>>507749334doesn't Ruiner have the whole metal spikes and bleeding thing?i just feel Vaal doesn't put up much of a fight if you remember to slot in resistances to it's only gimmick, it's slow moving and has a fart cannon. blackveil is even easier with it's "extra damage here!!!" blobs

>>507742518>>507749690Scatternuts work aswell to get rid of his slime buff and their hanging in the first area too.

>>507735662Source please?

>>507748027Corona+ at that time, I think.>>507749463Does breaking 1 front leg do anything or do you need to break both?

>>507749123he isn't difficult, but he just doesn't go down.

>>507749828All the metal spikes do is encourage you to attack his front legs. Then the bleed is status is so managable that's laughable if you have health regen augment. Other monsters have way worse bleed attacks on them.>>507750050I don't know how to play sns but there is one attack combo it has that does retarded damge, the catch is that you have to time it correctly.

>>507749828Ruiner is more about screeching autistically and sliding around spamming spikes

>>507750050Not sure desu. Guess you could opt for tenderizing the head instead of another legI but I doubt you're gonna break it in the same time it'd take to break the other leg.

>>507750050Pretty sure you need to break both. Breaking its tusks is better though; since broken wings just make Barioth trip far away from you for less than a second but broken tusks makes it not be able to spit tornado and trip longer when it does the jumping ground pound

>>507723485I've fought her exactly ones in HR and that's it. Most unfun shit I've ever witnessed

>>507704613Maxed evade extender and evade window.My hunting horn rolls across the map in three quick hops!

>need xenojiva materials>well whatever he wasnt hard when I fough him solo with pre-iceborn gear>hop into event for it thinking its ez grind>lol faggot watch as I fly around and shoot shit everywhere >lol faggot try to damage me as I sit on top of scalding hot ground>lol faggot you like my AOE ground pound I do every 5s if I feel like it>ok I decided Ill just shoot shit for a while now you can damage me

>>507753825>farming AT Xeno not for the ticketFor what purpose

What does the white circle indicate when mounting? Do I get my finisher when it fills or empties? This shit seems completely random.

>Miss using Hammer>Think about picking it up again>Remember the horror of trying to head snipe online or else you do shit damageHow do you fuckers to it?

>>507753825>lol faggot try to damage me as I sit on top of scalding hot groundThis is less of an issue now with Iceborne thanks to Teo gloves coming with built-in heat guard and everyone wearing it anyway because of master's touch.

>>507754501Fling your team mates in the air so you out dps them

Velkhana is lewd!

>>507754501Just put on some exhaustion and beat the fuck out of the monsters legs until they get tired and then start giving them a concussion.


>>507755250>exhaustionThis does something in world?

>>507749298A bit late but Pc or console? If you're playing on PS4 I'm willing to help.


>>507755550Does the same thing it's always done. Exhaustion hits tolerance cap= monster loses stamina chunk. No stamina = gets tired = free head shots bby.

>play with SnS almost exclusively >game seems to sense this and keeps throwing friendship/expert jewels at meFUCK OFF ALREADY. I'LL DIE BEFORE GOING BACK TO THE HEALSLUT WAYS NO MATTER HOW MANY TIMES YOU TRY TO TEMPT ME WITH CRIT EYE

>>507755695PC :(

>>507755848>StaminaWorld bab here. Don't monsters have infinite "stamina" when enraged anyway? I cant remember, but doesn't that stagger drooling state only occur outside of the enraged state? Which thanks to wallbangs and agitator meta the monster is enraging almost 100% of the time.

Attached: 021fd03b6fc5a3b281b87ba6cd274148af4993bdd2892c30fc0a091b2bcb6376.gif (300x477, 117.9K)

>>507756358Ah, sorry dude. I'm sure there's an user here that'll help you out

Play Spread 3 LBG


Attached: tj43Y35.jpg (2560x1442, 1.21M)

>>507756358Post session fag, I'll help

>>507757748Frostcraft spread? What?

Attached: 1580583804712.jpg (2560x1440, 3.29M)

>>507758607Yes. I do hit and runs. Also not a fan of Safi's gear.

Attached: 2139081023123.jpg (2564x1440, 1.02M)

>>507756406Enraged state takes priority over exhausted state

>>[email protected]!KGuwf

>>507759181Breddy gud damage numbers. How many shots do you get at max charge? I don't think I could give up the ability to continuously fire at max damage when a monster is down though

Attached: 1584181489805.jpg (2560x1440, 3.78M)

>fire sos flare>moon rune player name joins>sits afk in camp for 10mins>I faint for the first time>leaves quest

Attached: 1588095749235.gif (253x230, 77.88K)

have a blessed hunts today guys

Attached: [email protected] (150x140, 11.5K)

>>507759716Only two. The 3rd - 5th shots go to 49, then 43 and at empty bar it ends at 41. It gets a little awkward when the monster is down and you want to fire continuously, but it still does respectable damage and your free to play as cowardly as you wish.

>>507719195Could be me.>Literally NOBODY will EVER hunt Tempered Stygian Zinogre.>Don't have a single Stygian lure. Literally 0 lures and 15-20 of every single monster in the game.>People just do guiding lands to grind great spiritvein gems off ruiner nergi/velkhana even during the eventAAAAAAAAFUCK

Attached: flying-fuck.jpg (430x305, 9.04K)

>>507760568Yeah, I like to play aggressive what with a 5 clip + spare shot and DB3. I could probably bump my numbers up by 2 per pellet if I dropped DB. It's cool to see builds I'd never considered before.

Attached: 1587370766400.png (467x1172, 490.54K)

>>507759941>Fire sos flare>Runes, but Chinese>Carts three times>Second try>Runes, but Moon Runes this time>Absolutely flawless performance>My face when this keeps happening.I am super suspicious of Chinese players. I swear I've had so many Chinese shitters.

Attached: H5tzXAt.png (432x549, 276.69K)

Fucking hell. Where's that user who said Shara's spiritbomb can be blocked? Either that's bullshit or I need some level of Tremor Res too because my character staggers right before it threw the bomb.

>>507761293>chink1190537>Absolutely flawless performance>mfwAre those guys with a bunch or just numbers like 119089010 and steam name of xi pinyang are bots that are created to carry players?

Attached: A21062F4-E721-42EA-BE45-B42D903EB173.jpg (480x350, 54.34K)

>>507759941>not keeping farcasters so you can return to camp and kick worthless leechesThere's a special joy to being able to return and just stare down a player as you race to see whether they'll take the hint and fuck off before you can get to the kick option.

>>507762150iirc theres a method to it as it first does a wind press effect against your back first before exploding. Much easier to just get to the edge of the area than worry about blocking it.

>literally every female in mhw is waifu material>instead we get the bug eyed goblin of a handler >devs even go out of their way to give you the other handler for a few quests to taunt you

Attached: 1588092710433.jpg (650x902, 66.37K)

What's the best Lance at the moment?

>>507762879I want to flex my build

>The year is 2020>He hates RuinergHoly fuck what the hell is wrong with you. I fully expect once they have the new popularity poll Nerg is gonna overtake the reddit dog as the most popular monster in the series, and I can't wait.

Attached: 1.jpg (1930x1079, 1.4M)

>>507763287but I don't???

>>507763287I love Nerg but if it didn't happen on the previous poll then i doubt it'll happen now, it takes a lot to overtake Redditdog and Batcat in popularity.

>>507763969The "official" popularity poll with all monsters hasn't happened for 5th gen yet. We've only gotten small World specific polls.

>>507762150>Blocking spirit bombBounce it back or you're impure

>>507763063>devs give you the Guildmarm outfit, but with your handler's goblin faceFuck you too, I guess.

Attached: 1567952193781.jpg (660x680, 55.17K)

>>507763287I hate his fight, all he does is spam spikes and that attack where he jumps and throws even more spikes. And he relies on stunlocking you with a roar to get any chance at landing it.

>>507765129Take the PC pill

Attached: 1583181693550.jpg (1920x1080, 233.4K)

What is the ultimate tail chopping weapon? I'm tired if hitting tails 100 times and still no chop.

>>507765129>>507766030Actually, this one is more relevant

Attached: 1566199007405.jpg (1920x1080, 446.84K)

>>507766157switch axe

>>507766247>>507766030Your both

>>507766157GS. Innate partbreaker and an S-tier weapon overall.

>>507762363>bots that are created to carry playerswtf i love china now

whats up with chinese players using generic as fuck names like Jarold or Harvey and then just going on mic and speaking gook for hours on end in random lobbies?

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>>507766030disgusting soulless face swap mod

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>>507766030>>507767023>not spawning and eating at hub

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