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>>507678301Still workin' on that Abe request from last bread

Requesting Ibuki embarking on an underwear raid. Make her look more like a ninja but in the style of her battle/kimono outfit.

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>>507678301Marnie and Marie Rose double team blowjobbing Zack's (from DoA) big donkey dick.

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>>507678331anchoring >>507677301

Requesting Natalia from Tales of the Abyss with big titties, tied up and gagged. If possible, make her gloves visible(best part of the princess)

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Requesting your waifu reacting to your fetish,and be honest.

Requesting some cute art of any Jenny from the ittle dew/card city nights games playing vidya in pajamas, or draw a Jenny version of another vidya girl, doesn't matter who

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Drawthreads are dead... bury them... consider this mercy

>Corpse Party x Castlevania Please request Aymui Shinozaki as Eric Lecarde and Naomi Nakashima as Johnny Morris.

>>507679902While it's getting applied to her?

>>507680013Or you just told her about it or she just found what's in your encrypted folder. Whatever.

>>507678301Requesting Asha from Monster World/Wonder Boy walking in on Bocke (Left) fucking Shion (Center) in the assFull referencefiles.catbox.moe/jj6shg.png

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Requesting my MMO character from the game "Mabinogi" wearing her Long Battle Maid Outfit, floating or very slowly falling on a dark space/black colored background, being surrounded and illuminated by the light of shiny, colorful music notes floating around her.Character Reference: i.imgur.com/fdxo87C.pngAlternatively, relaxing and playing fancy instruments like pic related.No lewd allowed, it will be ignored, instantly rejected and sealed away.Please and thanks!

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>>507679956Most of the deliveries just don't get anchored, user. So calm down.

>>507679902Requesting drawfags to post their fetishes instead so I know what to request.

Requesting Jolene in Jolyne Cujoh's outfit.

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>>507680369*punches you*

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Requesting Seth stuck in a wall with a picture of him above and his ass filled with cum with the words "slutty little assassin" written on the wall and a pouch full of money next to him.

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Requesting Nyx with an adult body similar to Shade (the chick on the right) after she using a spell that weakens the curse keeping her looking like a toddler

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>>507680351Requesting her dressed like this autistic spic insteadyoutu.be/cqk9Cvqpvac

Requesting Bowser cooking some Jiffy-pop over his stove while Bowser Jr. is yelling it him from the living room "Daaaad! Hurry up! The movie's already starting!" The Movie in question is the Live Action Super Mario Movie from 1993.

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Requesting Isabelle as the public speaker for the "Democratic" Nook Islands Republic.

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>>507680351Requesting her getting viciously raped by men with big dicks

Yuffie from FFVII eating a bar of Butterfinger chocolate, or wearing a chinese dress, a slightly sexy evening dress, or a cute idol-like outfit

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Requesting Katerina from Croixleur Sigma giving a clothed paizuriAlso requesting >>506226350

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Requesting Blaze the cat "dressed" like Belladonna.

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So how much effort should I put into a delivery?

Ashley buying groceries while wearing a facemask.

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>>507681595Whatever you see fit.

>>507681595As much effort as you'd like. Give it your all if you can, or just be a dick to the requester for the sake of it with troll deliveries

Requesting Wii fit trying out nude yoga.

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Requesting Arueshalae from Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous holding hands with a paladin

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Requesting Ashley in a skintight catsuit and mask as a rookie agent.

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>>507681595As much as you want to, unless it's a spammer, they deserve shitty deliveries.

requesting a cozy izmir sitting beside Gran while they sip on hot chocolate, or wearing a kimono fashioned after her dress and ice powers drinking some tea

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>>507681634>>507681883Requesting Ashley, Toki from smt apocalpyse and Wednesday Addams being devious macabre goth girls and licking a huge monster cock that they spawned from a black magic experiment.

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Requesting Mao wearing a choker with a heart on it, long black gloves, a pink crop top, a pink short skirt, black stockings, and a black thong that's exposing his bulge.

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requesting tharja stuck in a wall getting fucked silly, thinking it's robin using her on the other end but really she's been open for public use and a bunch of guys have used her

Attached: Tharja_(FE13_Artwork).png (418x900, 403.1K)

Requesting goth Heather Mason doing goth things. Like reading depressing poetry for one suggestion.

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requesting kat and raven from gravity rush with king cai on a leashthe idea being a hypothetical scenario in a never-ever gravity rush 3 where they find cai and try to watch over him

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>>507680008>Dracula Great War: Vampire Killers PC-98 homebrew hackYes please.

Requesting Snake getting his ass squished by a Smash Bros man while Samus looks at them concerned

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Requesting an older and more filled out Fuuka seducing a guy in her college dorm like this scene from Somersault. With surprising confidence.youtube.com/watch?v=yTWs6eDdpzI

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Requesting Abe from Oddworld meditating under a waterfall.ak.picdn.net/shutterstock/videos/3153070/thumb/1.jpg

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Requesting Edelgard just as she looks here but have her looking at the viewer and maybe use a different angle. It would also be nice if you could draw her with one foot on top of Rhea's dead dragon body, but it's not totally necessary.

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>>507680651Ok >breast envy>size difference >/ss/>suspended congress Those are a few tags that I like to see and draw.

Requesting a fusion of Tharja and Dragon's Crown Amazon firing a giant purple spiritual skull from her axe

Attached: Muscle Wizard of darkness.jpg (2389x876, 319.04K)

Requesting the bottom image with Cornelia

Attached: Cornelia pathetic.jpg (1714x2683, 526.08K)

Requesting the get in loser meme with Peacock and Marie from Skullgirls in the car to the top left and Peacock being the one saying "Get in loser, we're playing Skullgirls." or something similarly fitting.

Attached: Get in loser.png (2682x2676, 1.95M)

>>507682548This, but it's both Tharja and male Robin.

Requesting Jill as a cam girl. Maybe with some clothes, lingerie and nylons strewn around.

Attached: Cam Girl Jill.png (1052x617, 694.63K)

Requesting Joanna Dark in the nitty gritty side of being a government agent. Doing something like staging someone's suicide or clearing evidence while appropriately dressed including gloves and a hairnet

Attached: JD.png (1091x758, 1.05M)

Requesting the WoL(Shadowbringers ver.) and Nanamo at Costa del Sol for the Moonfire Faire, with Nanamo looking extremely embarrassed due to her face being close to the WoL's bulge.

Requesting Setsuna as a cute/sexy barmaid serving beer.

Attached: Setsuna FE14 barmaid.png (2255x2276, 3.17M)

Requesting Tony Hawk in Smash


>>507683450gimme suspended congress with any splatoon idol. It had better be delivered in 30 minutes or less and come with one of those little plastic tables.

>>507685221No I'm good, I don't really like drawing splatoon stuff.

>>507685221>those little plastic tables.Not him, but what are you referring to here?


>>507686149Got a ref pic for the clothed paizuri?

>>507683978I should stop drawing her...Anyway, you want her clothed or not?

>>507683450/ss/ with five and dito in suspended congress (not reverse) but dito being the one lifted and unhappy about it

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>>507686294I just want my lunch to get here but the fucker is late

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>>507686870rule34.xxx/index.php?page=post&s=view&id=3455514A position like this would be nice.

>>507678301OP IS A FAGGOT!

>>507685221>>507683450>suspended congresswhat

>>507687263Its means lift and fuck

>>507685016Right around the time-frame of THPS 1 and 2's new remakes getting announced.I hope they add new tracks, or even the 2X ones

>>507686880Would prefer clothed

>>507688685Well, they have to replace the ones that are out

>>507689047Maybe add the unused Rio De Janeiro map that was in the PS1 version of 3 and the PS2 release of Project 8

Requesting this but vidyai.imgur.com/631xtTy.jpg

>>507689759I keep thinking this a porn link

Requesting someone uses Akari Ichijou's talismans against her to cause her to turn mindless/backfire on her

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Requesting Crash, Tony Hawk and Spiderman skateboarding together

>>507689853Nobody uses Imgur for porn anymore

>>507690629This, but add Doomguy and Rodney Mullen in there too

>>507691552Oh right, Doomguy is in THPS3!

>>507691632And with the old IDKFA code, too

Requesting Ferdinand in Imperial Uniform (LOGH). Optionally shouting>"I AM FERDINAND VON AEGIR!"in yellow subs.

Attached: Ferdinand Galactic Heroes.jpg (3129x2002, 1.09M)

>>507687002What are these for?

>>507693535the tables are to prevent the top of the box from touching the pizza. very helpful with thick pizzas like pan style, or when you stack several pizza boxes on top of each other

>>507693535To prevent the pizza box from smashing into the pizza and ruining it

Requesting Sig getting fucked in his ass by an user while Amitie watches on in the background, aroused.

Attached: jazzynyc99.jpg (1788x1361, 251.27K)

requesting fat asses in tiny thongs

Requesting The Neverhood and Skullmonkeys art

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Requesting Fran in fancy beach attire. Thinking of something like on the bottom reference (Laegjarn), black one-piece swimsuit with heels and a sarong. Anything equally fancy is appreciated too though if you have better ideas.

Attached: Beachbunny Fran - FFXII.jpg (2291x2823, 1.1M)

I know there's a kind user working on the Laegjarn thighjob request at the moment, so I'm just posting this here for anchoring purposes.

Attached: Summer_Laegjarn_Neutral.png (1600x1920, 282.32K)

>>507681595no effort you drawing for free

Requesting William resting at a Bonfire.

Attached: Nioh Souls.jpg (3459x2712, 1.84M)

>>507681595depends on whether you're practicing, passing some free time or actually trying to make a portfolio quality piece

Trap Kyoko revealing their bulge and being smug about its size.

Attached: Kyoko_Kirigiri_Illustration.png (916x916, 574.81K)


Requesting Cecile donning the reverse bunnygirl costume, running her hands through her hair with one eye covered with her bangs;Otherwise,her taking a selfie in her nurse uniform and wearing a facemask

Attached: Cecile Neues.jpg (2648x2064, 1.74M)

doing a very basic party magic trick.

Attached: the-witch-and-the-hundred-knight-recensione-artwork-metallia.jpg (904x764, 270.45K)

>>507678331>>507683978I did the one on the right and didn't really like it so I reworked it into the one on the left and now I don't know which one would be better.Thoughts?

Attached: Cornelia Pathetic - which one.png (7194x4000, 2.39M)

>>507698189Not OR but right looks better imo.

>>507698189The one on the left looks too derpynice job &tw

>>507698189The angle is better on the right but the head is too small

>>507698189Right seems better.>>507698448Cornelia has an infamous derp face

Attached: Cornelia derp.jpg (679x676, 76.34K)

>>507698636I know. I meant perspective-wise

Requesting Gamby as a Porter in Death StrandingGeneric outfit or Sam's outfit, BB isn't needed, hell you can even just recreate the cover

Attached: Gambier Bay.jpg (1656x611, 310.62K)

>>507681595How ever much you see fit

Requesting a modernized Kefka (in suit and without his makeup) who blends into society and conceals his psychotic nature.

Attached: Gestahlian Psycho.jpg (2279x2512, 1.31M)

>>507701225Requesting her licking some other girl's pussy instead

>>507701225But I like the pickle rick, man.

>>507701225already perfect as is

>>507698189>>507698636I like her derp face.

crying as she has spilled her tea and broke her favorite tea set.

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Blue board.

overconfident hilda instant loss into being bent over leaning against a wall and fucked from behind with an angry expression viewed from underneath

Attached: 418px-Black_White_Hilda.png (418x899, 243.49K)

Requesting a mermaid from FF in a shrine maiden Miko outfit or classic white robes since they were keepers of the water temple

Attached: 1588530464532.jpg (479x319, 95.3K)

putting my one out again, since halo 2a drops todaychief, arbiter, johnson and shipmaster having fun falling off a cliff in a warthog

Attached: 1589249092219[1].jpg (860x1200, 238.89K)

Requesting Calill from FE9 wearing an elegant evening gown.

Attached: Calill-FE9 gown.jpg (2336x2478, 511.35K)

>>507702340>Artists post whatever the fuck they want to post>"B-Blue board..."RUN. FAST!!

>>507680351Imagine having a waifu.

>>507706097>>507706097I didnt make the board rules.

>>507702340That's why we use Catbox, dumbass

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>>507678301Look At My Thread: >>507706406

>>507706557Turd Man!

Attached: mgmn.jpg (480x360, 10.2K)

orange heart butt.

Attached: Orange_Heart.png (846x1450, 845.94K)

>>507706557Are you insane?!

Requesting /fit/ Mog with a buff-ass Chocobo as his stando.

Attached: Choco&Mog summon STAMPEDE.jpg (2542x1381, 963.58K)


Attached: GUTSMANS_ASS_by_dmy_gfx.png (400x400, 25.13K)

Requesting, with Ryuuka (the Neptunia character for the Yakuza series), one of the scenes from Bakamitai youtube.com/watch?v=jgOgK89ajzI or together with a little boy (if Ryuka is a female Kiryu, then the boy is a male Haruka)

Attached: Ryuuka.png (444x1392, 273.32K)

Requesting more traps or slutty femboys getting fucked.

requesting pov buttjob

Attached: 1538264873106.jpg (1920x3117, 430.89K)

>>507706992LOL That Meme


Requesting the idol girl Tsubasa giving a lucky fan paizuri (backstage or at a con for example) while thinking to herself whether this really is a sustainable approach for self-promotion.

Attached: Tsubasa - Tokyo Mirage Sessions.jpg (3681x2031, 660.07K)

Requesting shuten douji getting Fucked like in this pic:files.catbox.moe/3xcava.jpgplease

Attached: Shuten2.png (512x724, 375.93K)

Requesting Zorn and Thorn selling balloons.

Attached: Zorn Thorn FF9.jpg (1464x915, 244.12K)

Requesting thick High-Cut-Armor Mitsuru adjusting her hip straps.

Attached: highcutmit.png (1216x1648, 1.19M)

Requesting Poharan in any of these outfits.

Attached: Poharan outfits.jpg (1588x1505, 440.41K)

>>507708368This but trap/male version.

Requesting this delivery get coloredfiles.catbox.moe/4fuq42.png

Attached: periccipomf.png (2142x734, 1.05M)


>>507707509You fucking idiot. You had to ruin it by yor damned reply

Requesting Saizo re-designed to resemble a General of Hel (Like Lif and Thrasir in the reference) from Fire Emblem: Heroes.A rough concept/sketch would be more than enough, he's my favorite unit and I think the aesthetic would fit him perfectly.

Attached: Saizo Hel General.jpg (3797x2219, 780.1K)

Requesting Tom Nook as Hunter and Isabelle as his Attorney in thisscene / pose.or an alternate ver Nook's nephews.

Attached: Barstow.jpg (1324x826, 264.14K)

Requesting Nia squeezing Dahlia's ass

Attached: buttdahlia Nia.jpg (2733x1317, 638.19K)

Reisz from Trials of Mana in the FGO Dangerous Beast costume with a paw-top spear

Attached: img0146.jpg (1280x1808, 385.9K)

Requesting bea’s thighs

Attached: 43066911-F270-47C9-8A49-216618458CB3.jpg (355x773, 233.88K)

Pine in a school uniform, dont forget the randoseru and draping uniform topAnd one of just Pine asymmetrical docking with Momoko, also from Bombergirl

Attached: Pine_promo.png (1080x1920, 3.26M)

Requesting Justin (middle) recording Nana, Saki, and Mio (left) who are naked (covering themselves to boot) with his phone please?It should have:2 Privates (right) laughing at the naked sergeants as well. Give one of them a nosebleed.Nana, Saki, and Mio yell “JUSTIN, YOU’LL PAY FOR THIS!” (With said girls blushing like mad)

Attached: Grandia humiliation request.png (1455x735, 783.18K)

Requesting either Bremerton squatting or sitting and seen from the back, focus on her t-back and big ass, Bremerton in a cute plain dress, or trying to zip up her jacket and failing.

Attached: Screenshot_20200330-225655.jpg (2400x1080, 2.23M)

>>507711816Bea is cute!


Attached: unnamed.png (512x250, 19.35K)

Requesting Orphea (in her Slacker Look) forced to give a blowjob while she looks up with an angry expression. Alternatively the aftermath of a handjob spread all over her face, the messier the better. Any other lewds are also fine with me though.

Attached: Orphea Slacker Skin HotS.jpg (3000x1362, 492.13K)

>>507712659>lewd Bremerton requestsAren't we daring today?

Requesting Z23 presents her iron-cross-shaped pubes/bush. Optional with Javelin and she approves this and call it as cool.

Attached: Z23.png (857x1024, 731.39K)

>>507713949>todaytry every day



Attached: stamp.jpg (500x245, 40.18K)

I don't like any of these...

>>507694518Requesting Klaymen as Cloud and Klogg as Sephiroth.

Requesting Zooey in a Chinese Dress with big poofy Covered Hairbuns

Attached: ZooeyChina.png (2540x1032, 1.77M)

>>507716771this is a good request


>>507716735Then make a prompt you silly goose!

Attached: profile_167_600.jpg (600x450, 211.02K)

>>507717827yesit even paralels to the religious symbolism of the neverhood

>>507718049damn bird...

Requesting Eliza from Skullgirls singing, teasing an audience or band member's clothed erection during her performance, or even flashing one of them during the song.

Attached: Lounge Singer Border.png (358x439, 86.96K)

Taking butt/asshole/anal requestsNintendo onlyGays not welcome

>>507719092This adult Ashley lifting up her skirt to reveal her bare ass/asshole and the fact she's not wearing underwear underneath.

Attached: Adult Ashley ass.jpg (1078x1200, 101.06K)

>>507719092Lana from Hyrule Warriors fucked through her torn leggings

Attached: kisspng-lana-model-hyrule-warriors-personal-identification-5b2b36bc6519a0.5677165215295587164141.jpg (900x980, 176.3K)

>>507713949it's mishafag, he has no creativity

Requesting Wraith and Loba twerking. Or at the very least doing the booty drop pose.

Attached: Ref.png (547x428, 456.74K)

>>507719092adult princess ruto pls

Attached: 0b9858c30e46d8ef81ce73c35bca6ac1[1].jpg (634x600, 28.58K)

>>507719389This but it's Cia dressed as Lana.

Requesting Smash Ultimate's Zelda wearing/modeling a pair of elbow-length gloves, like her previous Ocarina of Time and Twilight Princess incarnations used to wear.

Attached: Zelda_-_Super_Smash_Bros._Ultimate.png (1000x1065, 909.54K)

>>507719092Oleanna getting her anus wrecked.

Attached: 1582417249362.jpg (855x794, 352.51K)

>>507719092Daisy in lingerie, anal creampie


>>507719092Requesting Pearl from Splatoon 2 getting an anal creampie

Attached: Pearl.png (387x675, 199.75K)

>>507719092Asshole requests, huh?Draw me, I'm an asshole.

Requesting, a pic of the standard "laughing girls" replaced with both and Feng and Meg from DBD.- They off to one side laughing at Micheal who is wearing a hospital gown with his ass exposed to the elements. (His mask may be blushing)

Attached: laughing at Mikes buttt.jpg (1490x1268, 431.3K)

>>507719092If you picked something up tell us because I want to steal.

>>507719092BW2 Bianca pulling her pants down to show off her big butt

Attached: Bianca BW2.jpg (480x900, 88.74K)

Requesting Jenny Fox as Foxxy Love from Drawn Together

Attached: What.png (1240x680, 560.98K)

>>507719092Anal tight fit with Elise (FE:Fates) in her swimsuit.

Attached: Swimsuit-Elise-fe.jpg (3043x2318, 2.61M)

Requesting Umihara Kawase as a hentai mahou shoujo

Attached: Umihara Kawase.jpg (3888x3368, 1.61M)

Requesting Massachusetts wearing a Boston Bruins jersey.

Attached: Ref.png (915x460, 390.67K)

>>507720539Why would that matter? just do it. Pretty sure any of the two parties would not even care.

Attached: 67689896678.png (484x477, 60.93K)

>>507720861To prevent double cakes.

Attached: 1547815163541.png (377x624, 31.42K)

>>507719092sonia full nelson anal with a stunned expression

Attached: 1579711686864.png (596x811, 960.43K)

>>507719092Zelda pulling tight fitting white pantyhose over her butt. (Preferred her Ultimate design).

Attached: ss_1.jpg (1280x720, 150.65K)

>>507719092Marie's butt

Attached: astral-chain-marie-wentz-uhdpaper.com-8K-3.331-wp.thumbnail.jpg (914x514, 44.62K)

Requesting all Neptunia Goddesses fused into a Super Goddess

Attached: Neptunia Super Goddess fusion 1.png (4140x1258, 3.31M)

>>507713949Daring how

I want to sleep with Z23... (´・ω・`)

Attached: 1588879822884.jpg (2480x3508, 625.86K)

Anchoring(?), let me know if this is still a thing.

Attached: Kagero_bad_end.png (2457x1944, 3.88M)

>>507719092nayru's fat ass with or without pantyline innocently showing against her sheer dress

Attached: 865eb0d4ef26b4d296c3b71c2854a6fe.png (353x599, 262.77K)

>>507678301someone draw kirby if he absorbed heihachi kazuya or jin. one of them is bound to make it into smashmy moneys on jin

Attached: 755346-bigthumbnail[1].jpg (450x360, 178.38K)

Amiya in desert-crossing attire and riding on a donkey, obviously traversing the desert

Attached: char_002_amiya_1.png (1024x1024, 98.01K)

>>507707258Give request

>>507719092Requesting Petra from Three Houses showing the mark she has on her butt but it looks like dickbutt and she's quite embarassed about it.

Attached: 48748744.png (860x1972, 854.6K)

>>507719092An instant loss pic with Anna suddenly regretting her words when it turns out the customer wants to go balls deep in her ass. Either imminent anal or it already happening. Or both.

Attached: 1547231639328.jpg (1080x1920, 1018.22K)

>>507719092draw some Peony hentai: cowgirl, buttjob, spreading her cheeks

>>507722207This but her awakening design instead.

Attached: Anna_FE13_Artwork.png (2769x3211, 3.07M)

Requesting Purifier/Purity being kept as Shikikan's personal slave, either chained to a wall and maybe mindbroken or she's completely in love with it and has a collar onOr something involving her nice thighs and abdomen.

Attached: Siren_Purifier.png (1026x885, 907.49K)

>>507722207>>507722506this but one of her original not-shit designs instead

>>507678301Requesting Red-Mage Ringabel unleashing his rose theme stand: "「Love's Vagrant」!" I have no style preference, the style can be however you like. The design of the Stand is flexible if you have a better design idea, all I ask is that its got a rose theme.

Attached: Red Mage & STAND.png (1936x1512, 1.98M)

>>507722506>>507722207this but tellius anna

Attached: 1488084019450.jpg (540x724, 111.45K)


Attached: images.jpg (700x420, 10.96K)


>>507547329 files.catbox.moe/ana7ie.pnghttps://files.catbox.moe/ssa8ba.png

Requesting Ryne/Minfilia receiving rough anal.

Attached: Ryne FFXIV.jpg (1859x1805, 351.21K)

>>507722207>>507722506>>507723106This, but Shio

Attached: Shio.png (455x496, 301.87K)

Requesting Bo Jackson celebrating a super bowl victory by fucking Marie Rose in the reverse suspended congress position.

Attached: tecmo.png (1204x1139, 1M)

>>507723370This anna instead

Attached: Portrait_anna_fe08.png (62x71, 1.55K)

no one is going to draw it anyway so why are you arguing over which one gets drawn

God I hope nobody draws anna

Requesting Kei Nagase wearing sexy lingerie trying to seduce her Captain.

Attached: Nagase Concept.png (573x1085, 1.01M)

Requesting Ishtar (FE; the top one) in Ishtar(FGO)'s outfit.

Attached: Ishtar.jpg (2264x3506, 695.51K)

Requesting Aiba wearing a quercus alba somehow, whether as a full-body costume, a hat, etc.

Attached: Aiba Alba.png (1726x1017, 2.77M)

God, I hope someone draws Anna

>>507708368>>507678331files.catbox.moe/6k611g.pngEh, did a doodle thing.

>>507725645>Doing something for the spammer

>>507723235>not posting with a clickbait thumbnailfool

>>507725712Why are you always so saltyLighten up

>>507725732Why would I do that?


Requesting Mike Haggar piledriving Fullmetal Haggar (it's a big crab monster) from Legend of Mana.

Attached: HaggarVsHaggar.png (1472x668, 473.6K)

I hope Anna finds sunken treasures

>>507726804I hope Anna finds me a Dorothea or Severa banner to roll on.

>>507723118lol you forgot last thread.

Requesting toro grilling some burgers

Attached: ToroNew.png (261x524, 87.25K)

>>507726804I thought we were gonna find her treasures on her back door if you get what I'm saying.

>>507726804This but a sexy swimsuit

Requesting el homo largo

Attached: __akizuki_ryou_and_kikuchi_makoto_idolmaster_dearly_stars_and_etc_drawn_by_sugar_sugarless__300bb09f3cfd4c7a63658750852bae6c.png (1025x769, 576.88K)

>>507678331>>507679029I tried. Didn't have much time due to schoolwork.I can't color or shade for shit, though

Attached: IT BEGINS.png (921x850, 51.22K)

Can we just have Serious Sam holding an anchor in one hand, wielding the cannon in the other, Klodovik on his shoulder, and wearing a pirate hat?That'd be great

Attached: sam4-1024x674.jpg (620x409, 79.51K)

>>507728792cool ms paint picture

>>507723235FUCK yes

Attached: 1588988884426.jpg (484x616, 53.43K)

>>507728792OR here. Still much appreciated regardless for the Abe. Much obliged!

The "Official Delivery Album" has gotten a surprise update! It makes me incredibly happy!imgur.com/a/DWja6Thanks everyone who have contributed so far.

>>507723235That looks great!!


>>507723827This but FE2 Anna


Attached: 20200512_153953.jpg (1000x500, 200.29K)


>>507731375where's my Draco full-cloth

>>507680651FutanariSize differenceAmazons, Shortstacks, and everything in between.NTR

Requesting ring fit trainee stretching and a nice pov of her ass

Attached: 1589323421164.png (800x1187, 360.3K)

Requesting Samus firing the gayest looking beam because she's totally super sure going to fire a gay looking beam because some VFX artists who worked on vidya with gay shit totally would make her fire a gay looking beam and have the authority to make her fire a super duper utlra faggoty gay beam.

>>507680651Traps futa smells

>>507731982>being a cuck

Attached: 1408018035242.png (580x500, 272.56K)

>>507732402>Being that guy who obligatorily complains about NTR.Stop starting trouble.

Requesting Alva sharpening his sword on a grindstone while completely ignoring Zullie, who's rambling on about spending their lives together and love and whatnot

Attached: 27fe44c437a939c7e2a525023a3b1572c7a7cc46_hq.jpg (600x600, 60.16K)

Requesting Miriam getting raped by a wolf man

Attached: miriam reference.jpg (2660x1717, 2.95M)

>>507732583Shut up cuck

Requesting Gene in a frilly or lacy black set of underwear or a costume resembling something of the Frame Arms Girls mechagirlsAlso requesting colors for vidyart.booru.org/index.php?page=post&s=view&id=369985 and files.catbox.moe/95g87k.jpg

Attached: 96de04c5c5651898b946f91d3fa5d066.jpg (1718x2400, 526.94K)

>>507680651You don't need to know all of them

>>507732402>self inserter>>507732583Nothing wrong with calling NTR shit

Requesting Carole (Honkai Impact 3rd) dressed as Yang (right), including the wrist gauntlets

Attached: Carole and Yang.jpg (971x691, 145.62K)

>>507733424I dont self insert but I sure as hell dont like NTR

>>507680651>clothed sex>full nelsonAnd that's it. I'm not really sure if calling those tags a proper fetish is adequate, but it is definitely what I often go back to.

requesting Garnet from FFIX dressed up like a Cleyran Dancerthe Eiko was pretty cute thanks

Attached: cleyradancer.jpg (297x265, 34.89K)

Requesting this villager using an axe to solve problems that don't usually call for an axe

Attached: 357px-AC3DS_Girl.png (357x599, 186.98K)

>>507733629>>507733424Why do either of you think anyone cares? You see NTR and reflexively start moaning like bitches.

>>507733035>>507733629For fucks sake, man, learn how to fucking grammar.

Requesting Blaster Master Zero Eve with tits as big as Kanna's, and the two symmetrical docking>also double paizuri and cumshot variant

Attached: kannaeve.png (948x850, 973.7K)

>>507732375What kind of smells


>>507734620Can't be more specific? I like some smells stuff, but definitely not all of them.


Attached: Img331706_l.png (355x426, 78.47K)

anyone drawing footjobs?

>>507734843Pits, dick, the usual

>>507735158Hm. for me it's mostly dick, butt, balls, crotch in general, but definitely not feet or farts.

>>507734852Draco is sexy!

Anybody got some gloomy girl requests? Gore, augmentations, body horror, gijinka, rule 63 and/or /u/ are also acceptable.Not asking for it to fit every criteria, just to be relevant.

Attached: minanyx.png (309x585, 103.96K)


>>507735516Nier from GranBlue dressed as Brother Nier from Nier

Requesting this Inkling girl as a futanari having sex with one of the human girls in Smash Bros. Something similar this pose, for reference: files.catbox.moe/45fgd3.png

Attached: 3241.png (2100x1488, 2.56M)

>>507735516double from skullgirls


>>507679847>make her gloves visible(best part of the princess)patrician

>>507735516Binah from Lobotomy Corporation fused with Big Bird (also from Lobcorp) lobotomycorp.fandom.com/wiki/Big_Bird

Attached: Binah_.png (990x1290, 339.13K)

>>507736071Puffy sleeves are also up there for me.

>>507735597Needs more Draco lewds.Bonus points for cute green-haired bush.

>>507736315i'm just a glove guy myself, but i understand being into outfit-based stuff like that; here's hoping you get your request, buddy

>>507733934>Why do either of you think anyone caresEnough to be having this discussion.Could’ve had the guy seethe over the tag and leave it as that you know


>>507734876If by foot you mean steel-toed boots, and by jobs you mean stamping on your fucking degenerate neck until it caves like a crushed toilet paper rollNo

>>507736524White gloves are based

>>507729217You don't need to take it if it's not up to your standards>>507729054It IS MS Paint.


>>507736943I'm not to picky user, so don't beat yourself up. Just glad Abe got some love regardless.

Attached: Abe thumbs up.jpg (1024x768, 84.94K)

Requesting Platinum the Trinity sitting on an anons face.

Attached: Platinum_the_Trinity_(Centralfiction,_Character_Select_Artwork) (4).png (1416x1905, 1.57M)

>>507736535Caring that he's making noise is not that same as caring about his message. His message is nothing but hot air.There are always those anons who make the obligatory bitch moans about NTR. Looking to stir up trouble.

Draw Steppe Wives porn.

Attached: ss_711808b050a182ed6e01db961b602dfdfb83e2d7.1920x1080.jpg (1550x1080, 580.94K)

I know no one requested this but I created a Cacodemon/Cookiedemon in 256 faces for #256fes on Twitter.

Attached: cookiedaemon.gif (256x256, 550.92K)

Requesting Byakko from FFXIV in angry pose shouting "NO MORE GAYS!"

Attached: FFXIV Byakko.png (921x909, 975.88K)

>>507736943>It IS MS Paint.Cool! I no longer have MS Paint on my Pc.

>>507737479>Looking to stir up trouble.?

>>507737124Abe-user is based.

>>507737909>What? I was just complaining out loud with no idea that someone might take issue with it.Stupid or lying?

>>507737479It’s pretty inconsequential noise though.A guy can complain but then it depends on if people are going to humour it into a discussion about the fetish.

Requesting Gigachad getting a blowjob from Switch-Tan in public and him commenting how it's fun to play with her on-the-go or some shit like that.

Attached: Sch.png (795x795, 184.52K)

>>507737713I'm retroactively requesting this and now requesting more, that's cute.

>>507738095It's an obligatory noise that is always made whenever NTR is mentioned. A waste of a post at best. A goading into a larger debate at worst. He knows what the fuck he's doing. Being a general nuisance


>>507738124Am I allowed to draw this?

>>507738071Cucks aren't allowed to have an opinion so who cares.

>>507738554You have to draw it.

I had a bunch of ideas for Charlotte if anyone wants to tackle one or some:-Being kissed by a Succubus, one arm held and one hand on one of her breasts (happens when a succubus grabs either her or Jonathan)-wearing one of the many many pieces of body clothing from the game i.imgur.com/JYOoLqV.png (Nyx's nurse outfit as well, give her the same breast size as the Nyx too if possible)

Attached: Charlotte Aulin.png (740x621, 360.56K)

256mbs of raw pussy destroying power. Pretty much just played Source games and WoW on this thing.

Attached: s-l640.jpg (640x426, 38.03K)

Requesting Ly fooling around (lewd or not, your choice) with some Lums.

Attached: 9f13caf.png (404x764, 238.81K)

>>507739346>256mbLMAO Also wrong thread


>>507738554Do it.

>>507738554Yes, but upload to catbox.moe instead of posting it anywhere else.

>>507739346requesting this but its Roll

>>507737713I didn't request it because I didn't know I needed it. Good shit.

Requesting short haired Paya, maybe like a bob cut. She can either still have her hair up or it can be loose.

Attached: Paya.jpg (1280x1810, 362.65K)

Le Viada covering her bare tits with just her hands or like 2 fingers, or a pair of hands groping her tits from under her top and maybe leaking milk, that'd be hot thanks

Attached: Le Viada from Dusk Driver.jpg (400x936, 114.61K)

Requesting Londrekia with a blue ice pop in his mouth.

Attached: Londrekia-profile.png (1690x2120, 1019.67K)

>>507739346Requesting lewds to this.

Requesting instant loss with April May trying to seduce some guy into getting her way, with her then getting fugged and she has the psycho bitch face.

Attached: 75-756403_mod-the-sims-april-may-ace-attorney.jpg (820x1518, 243.05K)

>>507680651Big boobs, futa, traps, in cute or sexy outfits.

>>507742629You got nice tastes.

>>507743058Lmao no.

>>507729205Pac Man?

Post big requests

>>507743961Requesting Zelda sitting on a BIG dick

Attached: Zelda.png (683x683, 512.17K)

>>507743961What do you mean by "big"


>>507743961can I get Big the Cat as a hot gijinka girl?

>>507743961Requesting Starlow with a big dick

Attached: MLBIS_Starlow.png (288x384, 107.56K)

>>507744435I hear her name and I say "hell yea!"

>>507743961Requesting a kaiju tall Celica petting a small dragon.

Attached: celicafee.png (1200x2100, 1.87M)


>>507721015Last time I did this it turned into the roll bunnysuit overload Wich was fantastic

>>507745179Mega Man Roll?

>>507744867Requesting normal celica getting pet by a dragon instead. By pet I meant getting fucked by dragon dick btw

>>507744901That's not one of the lyrics!

>>507745313Thus but only if it's anal cumflation.

>>507745313Hey! Get outta here! I'm the only one allowed to request and draw Celica getting dick by dragons.

>>507745452>cumflationew>>507745753fite me

>>507745815Cum inflation is great.

loli request for shitty delivery

>>507737124Eh, okay.



>>507745815>hating cumflation

>>507745957>>507746292>liking cumflation

>>507746292People who hate cum inflation are weak.>>507746443You're weak.

>>507746507no u

>>507745976Freesia (from Fairy Bloom Freesia) beaten and doomed to her fate as the dark slimes' playthingsuch as i.imgur.com/oBbgc0H.png

Attached: Freesia Bad-End.jpg (2268x1074, 599.63K)

>>507746292>>507746443THE DUALITY OF MAN

>>507743161Hey buddy, what are you into that is so wonderful, huh? Post it so I can judge you too.

Attached: 1568949512650.png (378x379, 219.82K)

>>507747154Hyper scat

Taihou winding her gramophone like cranky kong, Albacore coming in like DK with the ghetto blasteryoutube.com/watch?v=F5NCSpb4hDM

Attached: TaihouKong.jpg (1632x1010, 350.45K)

>>507733901Hope you don't mind a super quick drawing, hastily thrown together in about 20 minutes.

Attached: file.png (512x512, 272.32K)


Attached: forcelicar.jpg (800x800, 275.41K)

>>507747434Aw that is so cute user nice job

>>507744867requesting celica asking for requests in a Holla Forums drawthread

>>507747434>drawing for the spammer

>>507747434How creative!

>>507745976A pissed off Yumi punching a monkey in the face.

Attached: 1588642949146.jpg (967x1000, 104.91K)

>>507747434not at all. looks great, thanks!

>>507747784she looks silly

>>507747754>the size of this cope

>>507678331>>507736281>>507735721Hope you have a nice night, guys.

Attached: borg.png (1003x844, 496.16K)

>>507725712>>507747754Chill out nigger

>>507678301Requesting Any of the reference characters as twitch thots.Bonus points for chat and the skimpiest clothes you can think of.

Attached: 1589251068521.png (1136x2232, 1.85M)

>>507747446Yes, good.

Attached: 1547978859399.png (200x217, 58.67K)


>>507747973And you as well. Thank you very much for the even creepier Binah!

Attached: sticker (25).png (252x224, 15.08K)

Requesting fishe

Attached: Fishe.png (800x800, 312.11K)

Requesting Alex dressed up as Alex Kidd.

Attached: alex.jpg (1876x1107, 322.02K)

>>507747964where's the cope

>>507745976Kiyohime Lancer from FGO in her normal costume but with a white snake lower half, keep the spear

Can someone draw Makoto's christmas outfit but make it not christmas-y? It sort of looks like a kunoichi's costume and I dig that.

Attached: makotoxmasT.jpg (674x800, 124.12K)

>>507748382Him getting mad that the request was done

>>507748882>>507745976This but green snek bottom

>>507748314Requesting the girl on the bottom fucking the fish and the girl on top fucking the shark using their dicks.

>>507749637That makes sense, but it feels like more of a seethe, ain’t it?Maybe both

requesting big tits in wet t-shirts

>>507749970>he doesnt know nanami

Attached: __asari_nanami_and_maekawa_miku_idolmaster_cinderella_girls_and_etc_drawn_by_gomennasai__72aaa173c4bc6bcddcb801cebfbf8ca5.jpg (600x366, 38.98K)

>>507750130Not him, but why would anybody know them?

requesting a feisty tied up jessie getting gangbanged by shinra soldiers

Attached: 1578011596918.png (720x720, 514.44K)

Please give me thicc requests no redirect pls

>>507750067Suggesting this Princess with an improvement to her ballistics.

Attached: Dumbass Princess.jpg (810x1200, 53.92K)

>>507750067taking suggestions for this

>>507750130I don’t know anything about the characters or the series. What i do know is I want porn of it.

>>507750454Thicc'en Toriumi from P3.

Attached: DSL.jpg (1280x720, 91.69K)


Attached: 158920031208.jpg (243x453, 57.96K)

>>507750454Lucy realizing her pants can't contain her ass any longer

Attached: Lucy Baker.png (130x452, 50.04K)

>>507747973Thats actually pretty good. Surprised you're improving.


Attached: 1561090969908.jpg (639x987, 62.19K)


Attached: Elizabeth.png (1152x1978, 598.23K)


Attached: Eliza pjs.png (646x799, 227.43K)



Attached: cle.jpg (1256x1600, 705.4K)

>>507750526Karen from Code Vein

Attached: karen.jpg (600x342, 138.13K)

>>507744867Requesting Serika stepping on an user's crotch with her nylon-clad feet.


Attached: D6lPXnqWsAAjBkm.jpg (746x1200, 103.7K)

I swear to god all the best requests pop up while I'm too busy to draw them aaaaaahh!!!!

Attached: 1581821601801.jpg (700x700, 36.18K)


Attached: Platinum_Dahlia.png (732x1256, 518.9K)

>>507748314This looks fucking silly!

>>507748314Sharks are awful, ugly and dumb!!!

>>507753996Why do you do this shit every thread? Are you the same guy that keeps spamming “she is creepy”?

>>507753996What is it with you and calling things "silly"?


Attached: don't_be_so_silly.png (532x480, 270.96K)

>>507753996You're fucking face looks silly

>>507754439That's kinda hot tho ngl.

>>507754447Better silly than ugly. ;^)


Requesting Cierra wearing a pink strapless bikini. Give her a ponytail as well.

Attached: C7EA4834-9969-4C3D-AA93-23459D60B623.png (304x320, 381.04K)

Requesting Akatsuki blushing and having [gay] lewd thoughts.

Attached: Akatsuki_%28BlazBlue_Cross_Tag_Battle%2C_Character_Select_Artwork%29.png (340x563, 162.45K)

Draw shantae with an Egyptian aesthetic

Attached: 1564253231105.jpg (1920x1080, 260.44K)

How do I draw for myself without needing to listen to someone's else request

>>507755931just use them as inspiration. then tell them you're drawing it but don't post it

>>507755931Create a second personality and draw for him instead

>>507755931play a video game and draw out an idea that is brought up but never shown, those work for me

>>507755931Do you have a favorite vidya/character. Just draw them doing silly things or a cool pose. It statrs kinda simple, but later on you'll get more creative as you go along. At least that's how it goes for me.

>>507756084>tell them you're drawing it but don't post itTriggered

>>507756416Beats actually drawing it and not posting it...

>>507756550even better: don't draw it and post it

>>507756593So your average baitfag post.

>>507756771is that when you find a picture, and then request something similar and then post it?

>>507756935No you ask for something but you're not even a drawfag or had no intention of drawing anything here. Like >>507750526

Who can I commission to draw stuff like this?

Attached: EV8JqCyUEAAErxD (1).jpg (923x1280, 142.01K)

>>507757437Someone without taste and a very strong stomach.

>>507758803Where do I find such a person?

>>507758803A broken clock...

>>507757437>>507758803Requesting this picture with the maid.

>>507755931do your own request

>>507747950I'd still fuck her.

>>507759030Right here >>507758803

>>507757437doesn't the guy who made that do commissions? Something naught or whatever his name was...

>>507762143He doesn't


Attached: Cerra_Rivers.png (461x812, 288.03K)


Attached: What happened to Steve when he tried to keep the creeper out of his house without carefully placing blocks in a manner to which would prevent the creeper from intruding on his territory.png (1068x1200, 21.05K)

>>507762465Good job my nig!

Attached: 76787888888.jpg (800x450, 60.54K)


Attached: 1588943140337.jpg (446x432, 14.99K)


Fallen London request.Requesting catgirl version of The Starvling Cat sitting on the edge of a well, beckoning to you.

Attached: starveling.jpg (800x600, 66.49K)

>>507762465I don’t get it.

>>507683978>>507678331Delivery. Feel free to rerequest, it's not that great in my opinion. Also I forgot to add the Pathetic subtitle and I'm too bored to do it nowAlso for the one guy who liked her derpy face, I added some extra derp for you right here: files.catbox.moe/4sr7rw.png

Attached: Cornelia pathetic - not too derpy.png (4158x1967, 1.47M)

>asks for requests>doesn't deliver

>>507763508It's a troll deliveryGet it?

>>507763825Oh ok

>>507763578Nice dom mommy.

Attached: Handbra.png (888x958, 565.57K)

>>507763618People don't get motivated to do your request if the requests they got weren't interesting.

>>507763618Name 318 drawfags

>>507763578Best derp

>>507763618Some people aren't that fast, okay?

Attached: 1587753262674.png (1280x985, 789.9K)

>>507763618There are like 78 requests for every drawfags.And maybe your thing wasn't good anyway


>>507763618What was your request?

>>507755927>I'm going to study fundies so I stop being shit!>End up just flipping through a pdf on hands, watch a YouTube video, and drawing nothing in the span of two daysDon't anchor this.

Attached: dtnmfdh.jpg (306x645, 55.9K)

>>507765765>shiny colors You betrayed my trust pldf


Pick only one and explain why you chose it?

Attached: Cierra swimsuit choice.png (2236x692, 59.68K)