Animal Crossing New Horizons

just one day until dodo time

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someone get this fucking faggot Lopez off my island!!!he was my first camper, I had no choice but to invite himhe's so self centered and obviously a gay

>two skye ops at the same time

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>>507614621Lopez is fuckin cool dude

Why doesn't Nintendo allow us to play NES games with friends, it would give people more to do with friends.You already need to have online in order to play, and it would be a throw back to the original game.

>>507614660Skye is powerful

>>507614660I mean, she would be autistic enough to forget she already made one.

>>507614696he's so rudemy island is chill and friendly, even audie is friends with everyonehes saying how the island will be better now that he's here. I don't think so bro. he's on full quarantine

>>507613637Also worth noting Redd showed up on a weekly basis in WW and NL with few exceptions and you can even set up when he'll come in the former.Always one step forward, two back.

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>>507614621That's how all smug villagers act, so you better get used to it.

>>507614856>he's on full quarantinePlayers with Cyrano on their islands know about keeping villagers in quarantine, A-CHOO!

>>507614919I barely remember Redd showing up at all in NL and I played that game for almost a year. I'm not saying you're wrong I'm saying I don't know what's wrong with me.

What is a "holding pond"? Just another name for a pond or does it differ from a normal pond in some way?

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>>507615041It's just a pond. It's referred to as such in the game as well.

Reminder they fucked up his house so bad that the starter cabin manages to look better.Does robo-furniture even exist in this game?

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>villager starts

still havent been able to find a golden trout...

>>507615120They fucked up Hazels too.

Ahem....>fuck time trannies>fuck animal abusers >fuck skye, Marshal, Raymond, Merengue, Fauna, Ankha, Marina >fuck coomers>fuck docklets >fuck “Japanese zen themed islands”>fuck nfc losers>fuck discord beggars

>>507614919>UpdateI love th wolf yo post it, its so sexy

nook and sable go on a car ride

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>>507615120Not yet. I hope you're saving those rusted parts, though.

>>507615041I fish every fucking day and ive never seen this fish. I have all of them for May but this and tetra


>>507614919Redd was based in CF because he had his own shop in a back alleyway and he was always there. I guess they want to make art more rare but it’s really just frustrating barely being able to ever see him

>trying to spoof using joycon droid>not working with A10eit pairs and gets a few inputs in but refuses to put in amiibos

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>>507615316You have to just keep trying and race against the clock because disconnect issues happen like crazyEven on my Note 9

Has a celeb visited your island yet?

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>>507615324so how do people get the birthday hats and birthday table and birthday sunglasses

>>507615449>May 14

>>507615252I've caught a couple. They're only available between 9AM - 3PM. The one that really sucks looking for is the ranchu goldfish since I found one by accident and then fucking sold it.

>>507614249So THATS what filing a complaint to Isabel is meant for

>>507615491I like Marina and Coco's alright, but can't be bothered with the others.

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Shit, should I get Melba? She's very cute and I need a normal villager, but it's only the second island I've went to search and maybe I could find someone I like even more?

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>>507614660I see three.


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>tfw finally got Cast Master.About fucking time, I made it to 90+ twice before.

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>>507615491Enjoy your uggos lol


>>507615595the feature barely works

>>507615449>time tranny is also a commie dicksuckerwhat are the odds

Reposting6FMPSZucker handing out Mossy Rocks.Kicks is here too.Ables are closedNot much else going on. Will not be closing gates just FYI. Will be open about for about 40 min.

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>>507615591I lied. Just remembered to add the Coelecanth to fish Ive never seen. Its so rare to get a rainy day. The few times i have it cleared up super quick

Is she our queen?

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>>507615690Wanting to fuck villagers. you are as bad as the fucking bronies.

>>507615449>May 14th

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>leave earlier thread open while I sleep>scroll through it after I wake up to see if there are any interesting posts like patterns or art or something>I missed someone with Marshal in boxes

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>>507615198>fuck skye, Marshal, Raymond, Merengue, Fauna, Ankha, Marina>tfw I have Marshal, Merengue and MarinaFuck you too user, I didn't ask for them. It just happened that way.

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>>507615689>not having cast master by your second day>not having a fortress of every available fish/bugs built right next to the blathers' tent waiting for his slow ass to build and rebuild the museum

>>507615850just get his amiibo lol

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>>507615650melba is a cutie.

>>507615316probably wont help, but are you using the pro-controller?im on an s9 and when I realized I had to use the pro controller it works like a charm

What do people do with bells once they pay their house off fully?I've only done two major turnip sales and I've already paid off my house and still have millions left over.

>>507615850buy cheap amiibo nsf card. put all AC amiibo on it. profit.

>>507616023Nothing I have over 10M and nothing to do with them

>>507616023play 20 minutes a day doing daily chores and waiting for something good to show up at nooks that'll only dent like 0.10% of what's in your ABD lol

Lionel is in boxes do people want him

>>507615967>>507616078I could have saved myself the amiibo if I saw the post.

>>507615783noplease dont ruin hershes goes up into the mountains early in the morning to sing alone and its cute

>>507616023Moving houses, inclines/bridges, buying loads of furniture and clothes

>>507614716you can play the nes emulator online with friends.

>>507616023>>507616080Gift all your villagers crowns.inb4 dupers who ruined the game for themselves already having two hundred crowns.

>>507616023buy the daily expensive furniture from the store


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>>507616023You burn through them very quickly if you move houses and bridges a lot. Otherwise, there's not much reason to be trying to amass any more money. Spotlight items at Nook's can sometimes go for 200k+ for a single item which can also eat through your savings if you get lucky and get a lot of them in a row.

>>507616009Yeah I'm using the pro-controller, maybe I got the wrong amiibo bin.


>>507616023Go all out with island customization and shopping for the catalog. I have 15m, but I just keep accumulating bells without dipping.

>>507616023You could make a second account on the switch and build a second house.

>>507615850Literally just got Marshall today. He was my first campsite villager thats mandatory

>>507615783she's a janny

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I'm way too fucking excited about this, even if it is cheating.

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>>507615316I've got that exact same phone and somehow managed to get it to work today. Dont know if I'll be able to do it tomorrow again though.Become a beta tester and get the latest version that lets you set a bin file beforehand.On your phone enable developer mode and set bluetooth to 1.6Try the home button trick to see if it works.Also try to grab a new bin file off of NFC and read through their discord for help. You dont need a verified account or anything to read or post there.

>>507616250nfc bank? thats what im using

>>507616204I do not like fences at all in this game. Anyone else like me?Theyre tacky and they ruin the island esthetic

>>507616313my mandatory villager was Pietrosorta hated him just because I had no say in him moving inbut now it's a good bro

GEEZ PEETAH THIS IS ALMOST AS BAD AS THAT TIME TOM NOOK BEAT YOU FOR NOT PAYING OFF YOUR LOAN>Peter is carrying a butterfly net and starts to walk by Nook>Nook tackles Peter>Peter: Whoa what the hell?!>Nook: Where's my money?>Peter: What? I don't....I don't have it>Nook punches Peter across the face>Nook: Where's my money?>Peter: I - I - I haven't sold my tarantulas yet>Nook puches Peter again>Nook: Look buddy you think running an island is cheap?>Peter: N-no I>Nook: Museums? Stores? Running water?>Nook: Do you know how much I have to pay Isabelle for her salary?>Peter: I dunno man! I thought I could pay it off whenever.>Nook: Yeah well you thought wrong bitch>Nook picks up the bug catching net and starts to beat peter with it>Nook: Pay me by sundown or I'll burn your house douchebag>Nook throws peter into that default knocked out position>Stands up>Skye starts to walk by and is shocked>Nook looks at her>Nook: Don't think I didn't forget what YOU owe me>Skye starts to cry and starts to undress her blouse with her chest facing away from the camera>Nook with a smug look: Yeeah. It's good to be the king

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>>507615491just let stitches leave my island. Design is cute for a non-living villager, but ribbot is all I need in that department

>>507615994You have convinced me with your strong and reasoned arguement, I'm inviting her.

>>507616432technically the game allows you to do this with the official cards if that makes you feel any better

>>507616432I would say that is an odd one to get excited about, but then again you are Hideo Kojima so that woman looks like she would be to your tastes.

>>507616465I had him in New Leaf. I stopped playing right after. His ugly face ruined my fun.

>>507616460I haven't used iron or stone&iron fencing. The others work just fine with an island aesthetic though. If that fails, then just put the more "developed" fences toward your island center.

Where the fuck is Redd?

>>507616465>>507616608How can you possibly hate Pietro?

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>>507616596Goth duck? Odd choice? What are you gay? Never watched Dark Wing Duck?

>>507615491The amount of seething rage in this picture lol

>>507616694Do I need to use fencing to get a 5 star? I would hate for this to be true

>>507616748...What goth duck is in Darkwing Duck?

>>507616432but it isn't cheating

>>507616472The fact that this reads almost exactly like a modern Family Guy skit makes it funnier and sadder at the same time.

Does anyone have ether a Red Soda Machine/Black Cotton-Candy stall theyare willing to trade? I'm paying in fat stacks of NMT, I need these items bad.

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>>507616460i feel the same way, but the country fence and the hedges are alright

>>507614249would you Holla Forums?

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>>507616853I don't think it's absolutely required, but it's a very efficient way of getting your island rating up. There are plenty of fencing options for even the most rural of aesthetics, plus there are hedgesn so I don't see what the big deal is.

>villagers sometimes won't sit properly on benchesIt's actually kind of cute.

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>>507616809It's some slightly edited /a/ image. They actually made it an autoban to post the image on /a/ if I'm not mistaken.

>>507616472What is it with seth mcfarlane and rape? There is so much of it in family guy

>>507616582I'd love to get the cards, but I'm not shelling out 15 bucks for even unpopular villagers because they can't just sell new packs.Some people consider even legit cards cheating though.>>507616596Hey man, Gloria is a sweetheart and I loved her in NL after I spoke with her some.>>507616748>What is this user talking about I don't remember a duck similar to her in that show...>Go checkHoly shit, she really does look a lot like Morgana.

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>>507615491this but with hazel, canberra, skye, pietro, cherry, roald, carmen, ribbot, sterling and june

>>507615198There is nothing wrong with NFC spoofing. I wanted to have my bro Tom and not have to wade through 10000 gacha islands of shit villagers to do it.

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>>507616962i got a red vending machine. you only paying in NMTs? no bells?

>>507617072My island square bench randomly disappears. Is this normal?

>buy turnips at 93>price doesn't increase higher than 66 the whole week

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>>507616718he's kind of a pretentious fuck in this game at leastcool house tho

>>507616940Because it actually is the part in Family Guy where Stewie is beating up Brian demanding his money. It's not modern though. Family Guy always sucked. And can the family hear Stewie or not? It doesn't make any sense.

It's Cherry's birthday, user! Something nice about her.

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>>507616023Be like Wario and just amass a fortune to flex on other plebs while living the life as a trailblazer going to Holla Forums islands, watering flowers and drawing porn.

>>507617281only worry if price starts higher on monday

>>507617269Yeah, sometimes villagers will spawn stuff from the ether to sit down on.

>>507617339Fucking really? I watched this show a while back and I don't remember it being this bad. Well shit.

>>507617347it sure is nice of her to have a birthday

>>507617347Open your gate so I can give her present.

>>507617417it was

>>507616456thats where I got mine too, maybe I did something to the files that I shouldn't have.

>>507617347Your porn is good. I thank the pasta man that popularized you enough to get more porn of you made.

>>507616023I had to pay off four different house mortgages so I was always desperate for bells until just recently.

>>507617417>Bought at 104>Currently 18% chance at a large spike, but 74% for decreasingTomorrow will tell, I don't wanna have to find an island around work though.

>>507615491There are 400 villagers. 400. And I see these same ten niggers every where I go. Normies are such brain dead sheep creativelet soulless pieces of shit. Now I’m seeing that koala fag and skye everywhere I go. God everyone playing this game is awful.


Got a cool coco

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>>507617094Rape is funny.

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>>507615491Was unironically into Raymond and Audie the second they got revealed, before the trannies latched onto them. Diana’s been in every town I’ve had since CF. Fuck off


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>wisp on my island for the second night in a row>haven't seen Redd in nearly two weeks>haven't seen CJ in threeman fuck this

>>507617968>Menu sign in front of Able shopUhh user you know that’s not a restaurant, right?

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>>507618040>Diana>CFDon't need to lie user.

>>507617347YOU'RE A BITCH

Is there any point to wrapping paper, by the way? They don't seem to care what color wrapping paper you use and they don't mind if you give them a gift unwrapped. The only other thing I can think is you can decorate your town with wrapped presents because the bags look kind of nice and each color has a unique sprite. But that's a very limited usage for an item that is in the shop EVERY DAY.

>amiibo's in his entire island and denies his villagers the opportunity to spread their wings and explore other islandsISHYGDDT

>>507615491I don't know about the others, but coco is actually a cute normal.

>>507618312it gives you an extra point if it's wrapped

>>507618264That's odd. I always go to the Able Sisters when I want to eat out.

Put your thinking caps on, lads. I'll be forcing my Raymond to move out tomorrow. How can I milk the most el-oh-els out of desperate trannies and fags? Should I ask them to send me essays or videos or what? Or should I just flat out steal a ton of tickets from them?

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>>507618264>He doesn't eat hedgehog pussy

>>507618419I'd say money but you can't get the hundreds of dollars you could back in the first few weeks.At best you can get twenty bucks.


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>>507615650I wish Beartato and Reginald were in this game

>>507617968Flick please come back to my island

>>507618419Make them stand on two lawn chairs, hold two torches and have a laptop dangle from their testicles.

>>507618264He has goat villagers

>>507618419you cant force villagers to move out lol

>>507618419Can you get some good torture pics before you go. to spam the normies.

So whats the verdict with Wisp, hes usless right?Expensive or something new? I prefer to catalog so I go with new

>>507616553>>507615650You gotta keep in mind that you could go through dozens of islands after that and not find a single person you like more than Melba, so the moment you find someone you really like, it is best to take them.

There's fake art for saleM9GRR

>>507618573unironically fucking based

>>507615491>tfw I'm getting LollyDon't care if she's popular, she looks a ton like my old cat and I've had her before.

>>507618419Ask for enough bells or tickets that it takes two tripsGhost them after the first

>>507618419Sell him for absurd amounts of NMT, and have them drop them right when they arrive. Then, escort them to his house, and a couple seconds after they walk in, press minus and force them out.

>>507616718sucks they made him wear a shirt in this game instead of the scarf

>>507616919Magica De Spell, duk

>finally get workout top>I don't have any pants it goes withWhy does it only come in three shitty colors?

>>507618760anything with titties?

>>507617576if true, you're more likely to have a full descent paternabort

>>507615491The patrician choice is to have a mix of "top tiers" and underrated villagers. Just because a bunch of dick chopping faggots like some of these villagers doesn't mean you should abandon your favorites.

DO NOT open

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>>507618419First create some kind of proof that you have him in boxes.Make them create a video no more/less than 30-60 sec of themselves irl begging for him and stress that they only get one chance and that they must do so by all means necessary, the more humiliating the better.Draw the desperation out.Be sure to tell them to not upload the video anywhere just DM to you. Write their names down then make all the videos into a compilation video and post on youtube.

How did the Workout Top make it into the game jesus christ its tinybuilt for lewd

>>507619289Wow. I really should’ve listened. Delete that

>>507617118thats pretty specific, who hurt you?

the point of AC and the correct way of playing is how you normally do of course except one thing. Villagers are meant to Cycle through your island so you get a chance to see a large variety of villagers throughout the foreseeable future. You get to see new villagers that may be odd or ugly or mediocre in your eyes but they grow (or not) on you. That is the purpose of having a village and being it’s caretaker. You are NOT meant to autistically hoard specific villagers, e-beg on discord and pay real money for amiibos or NFC’s while abusing others and gaming the system to kick specific villagers you don’t find desirable out. Whatever villager decides to move in, give them a shot as it makes your island community soulful. When They want to leave, let them and experience new villagers. 95% of players play like obsessed trannies and this is the main reason for all the stress and toxicity caused by the game.

>>507617251NMTs are worth 10k a pop, but if you want bells I'll get you those too.

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>>507618760perfect statue? real or fake doesn't matter

>>507619336This, but one by one tell them that they won and have them drop off a bunch of NMT on your island before kicking them out and ghosting them.

>>507618760left before i could answer your question but no that reply wasnt me

Tammi is ready to help me rule this island with an iron fist

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>>507619093No more art left

>>507615760Closing up. Thanks for visiting.

>>507619531That's a cute headpiece + shirt combo for her, I like it user.

>>507619531What the hell is that hat

>>507614249>>507614660>>507615470>>507615783>>507616204>>507616321She looks like a retard the fucks human men

>>507619289This makes me really uncomfortable. Why would someone bully so much?

well i couldn't get a webm that wasn't super crusty using url direct link converters, so this image will have to do.your room was very nice. i hope to get some of that DIY stuff some day

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>>507618419be sure to sell his fleas as well>>507617032

>>507619746that's all the animals though

>>507619706I give her purple clothes all the time because that's the color of her default shirt, which I'm pretty sure is that one she's wearing. Tammi is one of my favorites now even though her weird eyes turned me off a bit at first. >>507619727Gulliver item

>>507618034Is anyone there yet? I'm afraid to go alone.

>>507620040I closed already. One guy came and hated on Cherry or something.

>>507619826>that cabinetIs that something you can actually put shit inside of, or does it just come like that or have to be crafted with trophies? That's fucking nice.

>>507620223it's a DiY that requires gold can also place things ontop of it

>>507620223I just looked it up, it's a DIY, costs gold to craft, and the trophies are included/permanent.

>>507617094rape is funny

>>507620374>>507620387That's a little disappointing, but still looks nice.

>>507620179Damn. Well I gave another Cherry a gift already so it's okay.

>>507619336I don't think I have it in me for this kind of cruelty, bros. I'm fine with laughing at losers and soys, but what if it's an innocent kid? Oh well. This is probably what I'll do still. I doubt many nice kids want reddit cat anyway.I'll ask for videos detailing exactly how they're gonna take care of him because I "want him to go to a good home". Then I'll take their tickets and not give them the cat.>>507618690How should I go about doing this?

>>507620179She was the third cherry I've given trash to today. >>507618760 had the fourth

>>507620472Someone was crafting it earlier today so you missed out unfortunately.

>>507620526>I doubt many nice kids want reddit cat anyway.It's absolutely all discord trannies dude, do not feel bad about mentally abusing them.

>>507620603Well, just something to look forward to later I guess.

>>507619727Ancient administrator hat. For maximum weebdom.Gulliver reward, meaning you can't buy it.

>>507620223It's a little disappointing that it doesn't accrual require trophies to craft, but I guess you would be kinda fucked by having to wait until the bug tourney came around like the Bonsai shelf though.

>>507620541Cool bro. I hope she puts it in her house.

>>507620526>innocent kidtell them do not send a video if they are under 18If they do, its not your fault, just delete and move on.But REALLY humiliate the others though.I want to see the face of an obsessed loser who would get on their knees and give you an air blowjob just to get a polygon with a texture

My gang.

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>white chocolates flooring doesn't match with white chocolates wallWHAT THE FUCK!!!!!!!!!! ALSO WHAT FURNITURE DO I EVEN PAIR THESE WITH

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>>507620918I like Merry. I wouldn't have minded getting her as my peppy. She's pretty good and she doesn't seem overly popular so people wouldn't bitch about me having her.

>>507620935you gotta make your own candy/chocolate furniture, like you're living in a willy wonka factory

>>507620918needs more birbs

>>507614716Why would you ever want to

>>507620928congrats man

>>507620526>I doubt many nice kids want reddit cat anyway.Kids wouldn't be begging for villagers anyway, usually they learn to be happy with who they get.

>>507620918your extermination is almost complete.replace the rest with birds

>>507614716>>507616184>>507621175Anyone wanna play with me?

>>507615198>>fuck time tranniesTime Trannies exist with my concept for the explicit purpose of bringing me paintings and other works of art for my museum.

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>>507617941Really asshole? Rape is funny?How would you like it if it told you that I barged into Skye's home while she was barely waking up?Sure at first she might be happy to see me, and perhaps a little confused that as soon as I walked in I started taking my clothes off. As soon as she saw my cock though, that's when the fear would kick in. That's when her heart would start pumping. That's when she'd look around and realize a few things.She'd realize I was blocking the doorway. She'd realize her windows were blocked by furniture from the outside.She'd realize why humans wear pants.Most importantly, she'd realize that she was about to lose her virginity whether she wanted to or not.Do you think that's funny? Is it hilarious to you she'll have a sticky cunt dripping with my cock juice? Does it give you the hee-hees that she knows from that point on her only purpose on the island is to exist as my personal cumrag? Rape is not funny asshole.

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Finally got Boone's, Tammy's, and Tammi's photos, so I'll be happy to let go of my remaining starters when the time comes.

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>>507621418skye finds rape funny and enjoyable