>devs had to invent a deus ex machina magic slugs to prove him wrong...

>devs had to invent a deus ex machina magic slugs to prove him wrong.>Tons of RL island nations that are nearly close to his economic systemHe was right.

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>>507598605Ryan's ideals fail because he willingly forfeits them as soon as Fontaine cuts into his market share, it actually has little to do with the "magic slugs" and more so with Ryan revealing himself to be a hypocrite. It's easy to defend the great chain when it's being pulled in your favor. Libertarianism itself is a terribly flawed ideology, as evidenced by the fact that not a single libertarian society has been successful throughout the entire course of human history.

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>>507599943Its never been tried

>>507598605Did the same with the company megacorp/Vox populi in infinite

>>507599943to add to this, Ryan wanted to "free" people/intellectuals/laborers from the great chain, but didn't factor in the essentially indentured servants he had to swindle to build his dreampark in the first place. Fontaine was able to run a populist 5th column because Ryan didn't really care about the unwashed masses to begin with. He hated daddy government so much but ironically turned into exactly to what he despised most. Simple, but effective writing. Still have no idea how we go from this to DUDE TIMELINES in a matter of two games. Even Lamb was a natural progression that had some good writing.

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>>507600435It has though, Sealand and Liberland are both libertarian "countries", there's a reason you've never heard of either.

>>507599943>>507600725I dunno, it seems a bit convenient that this supposed 20th century genius of a man gets blindsided by populist uprising in a city like this. I guess he was always supposed to be a caricature of an autistic libertarian but surely he would've figured out he was playing with fire by cultivating a toilet cleaner class

>>507601103well that was his fatal flaw. He believed in his ideas too much, he seriously expected the potato-niggers to worship the all-mighty dollar exactly as much as he did. also his bad habit of fucking whores.

>>507601103>free trade of guns>free trade of drugs>increase of poverty>city full of geniuses that think they deserve betterHow could this happen?

>>507599943>Ryan's ideals fail because he willingly forfeits them as soon as Fontaine cuts into his market shareAyn Rand IRL also abandoned her own ideals the instant they were used against her (namely, when her lover ditched her for a younger woman with higher value).

>>507600725>Still have no idea how we go from this to DUDE TIMELINES in a matter of two gamesThey didn't have the balls to write a racist as charismatic and convincing as Andrew Ryan, so the plot of Infinity had to dive headfirst into horseshit.

>>507601103That's the point, Libertarian ideals are doomed to fail because they fail to take into account the working class, it's not Ryan's fault, it's the ideology's fault.

>>507600435Real slavery has never been tried

>>507602585My favorite fact about Ayn Rand is that towards the end of her life she was on social security benefits, she, like Ryan, betrayed her own ideology.

>>507598605>this kills the lol-tarian

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>>507603752A book?

>>507601103>believes in liberating people from higher authority>doesn't believe in liberating people from his authorityfunky>>507604256A book Ryan banned, among other things, which allowed for smuggling rings to form.

>>507603396I hate Ayn Rand's retarded philosophy as much as the next guy, but taking government gibs when they're available to you is pretty in line with objectivism

>>507604256Something you can believe in other than Ryan. He saw that as a threat for some reason.

>>507603752pssht nothing personnel kid

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>>507598605Was Adam not just a metaphor for any severely addictive drug? How would a completley free market survive when the likes of heroin and meth are introduced?

>>507604493It's not that he wanted to be the people's God, it's that he wanted the people to believe in themselves.

To be fair, a deus ex machina was the only thing that allowed his city to exist in the first place. Even with that museum in 2 "explaining" how it was built, the timeline still just doesn't make sense. Not to mention the fact that it never explains where food or really any resource other than oxygen and fish come from.


>>507606029Like portugal now?

>>507609368you can buy meth otc in portugal?

>>507609368Closer to Brazil, I'd say.

>>507602585Tell me a story, user


>>507609661>>507609696Maybe not otc, but they legalized ALL drugs

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>>507602753Seriously, it's fucking irritating that it's almost impossible to make a likable villain without outrage faggots cry bullying about it. I seriously can't think of a villain from a western game that was likable and felt actually like a character.Last tragic villain that was actually well written I can think of is Emet Selch

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>>507613065You're not supposed to like the villian... messes up the hero villian dynamic. You get better results when you love one and hate the other. If your ok about the protagonist and find the antagonist likable it diminishes the payoff of the climax

>>507613608I like seeing two characters fight tooth and nail for what they believe in, and the closer the writers get to make the audience understand both sides the better.It makes the characters feel so much more alive because you can understand their motivation.

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>>507612917Even fictional ones? Did they not see what nuke did to metro city?

>>507613608It doesn't necessarily 'diminish' the payoff, it just changes it. Getting the same exact 'hero is great, just do what he does without worrying about consequences or the future or anything else' is fine, but it does get boring after a while.

>>507614065I dont disagree, but I feel it removes the viewer's want for a specific end. If they love and hate, they yearn to jizz themselves at the ending they want. If you like em both, it becomes very easy to not care and be as invested in the finishI like to make prowrestling analogies. McMahon/Austin wouldnt have been as satisfying if you liked vince comparably to steve. But how they ended it... wasnt satisfying at all...I guess misawa/kawada could be a counterpoint, though...

>>507615167Yeah, if the story teller isnt imaginative or creative, I could certainly see that happening

>>507615167Live long enough to become the villian is a decent enough transition after you explored the hero story. Let's you build up a new hero, tooCan even do a redemption story after that...

>>507613065Ryan isn't the villain. Fontaine is.There's nothing villainous about fighting for your beliefs. Ryan didnt bring Jack to Rapture or did he want to make contact with rhe outside world. Fontaine wanted to control rapture, and suck it dry to sell the plasmid industry to the surface, we even hear Ryans last audio diary with a somber and regretful tone over his past actions, but he was absolutely adamant that no matter what Fontaine wouldn't take over his city his dream.

>>507615778Prolly why he was the final boss

>>507613065I honestly can't think of a time when devs were gonna make a villain relatable but then removed that due to pressure from the left. I'd love it if you had some examples.

>>507613065>Emet-SelchGod I loved this fucker. Literally did nothing wrong, only fought for what he knew to be right from his own perspective. The best type of villain.>>507615357Maybe the emotional payoff is worth it in some cases, but I think the story itself works better if both sides have valid reasons for what they're doing.

>>507602753>Not liking multiverses Done properly it’s good shitDone badly it’s ass

>>507616413The entire time he wanted to bring his people and you kept stopping him and with how determined you were he finally realizes you're a shattered reincarnation of his old friend so he tries to see if you can handle the same power he holds. You can just tell his hopes were rising just for it to come crashing down when you failed him, and when you do manage to contain it it's too late, he's already too deep in murdering your party.Imma miss the fucker.

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>>507616413It works awe some, yeah. Agree. Of you can swing both, even better. I think it always better to have the audience emotionally invested, but your way does make a great tale, too

Delta was a based protagonist, fuck matriarchy and fuck commies.

>>507617175>When will we get a game that shits on commiesThat's Bioshock 2, it tells the story of how Lib Left ultimately falls to Auth Left after a successful revolution, Sofia Lamb takes over rapture after Ryan and Fontaine are disposed of. She then goes on to create a cult of personality around herself and has herself hailed as a god like savior of rapture.Sofia lamb is a lib left turned commie.

reminder that he's jewish

>>507619136plus they do a "both sides are bad" thing in bioshock infinite when the leftist revolutinaries start killing innocents, the leader of the leftists even tries to murder a child with scissors but you stop her

>>507600726I have heard of them and they are fucking jokes.

>>507600726>there's a reason you've never heard of eitherBecause one was never really intended to support more than the creator's immediate family and friends, and the latter was founded only 5 years ago on completely undeveloped land?


>>507617675Im playing 2 right now and while I totally agree with the criticism towards its story Delta is fucking awesome and way more likable than Jack.

>>507617675Dude just wanted his loli back

>>507619197>>507619812Cite your sources

>>507620759The game it came from?

I would legit rather live in a communist country than an ANCAP hellscape.

>>507620996What? I just beat 1 and I'm partially through 2 and the only thing I can remember either of them saying about his origins was that audio log about him burning down his forest after congress moved to make it public. What log said where he was born or grew up?

>>507619791Because they're jokes, correct. There won't ever be a libertarian nation because a large nation cannot exist under pure libertarian ideals, much like how a purely anarchist state couldn't exist either.

>>507621279The speech in the medical pavilion. He was born in the USSR and thats where his hatred of altruism started