Help me test my shitty game's servers

help me test my shitty game's

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i need to know who is opplease respond

Holy shit he's actually doing it

is it finally happened?

>>507600856yessir.need more shrimp to see if the server can handle it

The Grandguard is pretty powerful; I'm just choosing him everytime and killing three or four opponents before going down

omegalul at that glitch. rebooting now

Hell yes

>>507598475>my shitty fucking half-assed shrimp that I contributed to the threads ages ago might actually make it into some sort of gamewow, that's a strange feelinggodspeed

You server shat the bed and the thing is unplayable, OP

that was fun

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what are the controls

>>507601942click to move. if you click close by you attack. 1 key to use specials for chars that have them. kinda shit but i wanted it to work on mobile

the server is spamming an ungodly amount of errors but its apparently still working so #yolo

>>507598475>Ancient shitpost actually becomes a gameDamn nice, now if EEnE Online got the same treatment

this is godlike.BUMP

Bump, Rigor Mortis and Ether rex are the most fun right now imo

Uh, did it die?

One-Shot Johnny OP as fuck

this sucks3 years from now when this is a trillion dollar game everyone will say it was better when it was in pre-alpha and sucks now

>>507602867yeah, just rebooted it. this is the first time i've had more than like 2 people on. guess it can't handle it

>>507598475YESSSSI’m gonna stop phoneposting and get on my computer for this

>>507598475holy shit you made it further than me ophad this 4 years ago but left it rot at the bottom of the sea

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>>507603383you should team up or sumn, this looks really good

>>507603383looks better than op's

>>507603383nice. sprites look better than my hackjob of cutting and pasting the photos

desktop that will crash the server slightly less often


oh god what have i done

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>>507604415oh god i'm so sorryit was fine when i tested with 2 or 3 people

I fucking knew one shot johnny would be broken if this were ever a real game

>>507603814I don't think I'd have ever been able to get any form of decent netplay running with that engine, that really killed my motivation>>507604415getting pic related with the desktop one

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oh god help

>>507604901i think players dont get disconnected cleanly and its causing a lot of built up garbage. i can't even tell though because the error log is getting spammed lol

I think the meta is a little unbalanced

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bros come on lemme in i wanna game


>>507604901every time you click the Join the Fight button, it spawns an extra entity under your control.

>>507605363i guess it elaborate a little bit more, when the server starts lagging, or if you're using a keyboard macro to click really fast, you can easily spawn multiples. see >>507605205the worse the lag, the easier it is to spawn more, which increases lag, etc.

>>507605363So everyone accidentally has Jeepers' ability


>>507605205johnny was destined for this

>>507604893Johnny's attack is equal to The Dome's defense, he would lose if the stats made any sense


ok now what the fuck is happening

>>507606272i wish i knew bruh

>>507606272A few of us found how how to make clones that linger but dont fight and cant be killed. Ive controlled up to 3 at a time but most just sit there


>>507607721i had a screen full of narcissa wrights attack, like 30 of them at least

where did everyone go?

>>507608293no its fine the server stopped shitting itself now

go bumpsy or no balls

>>507605475>>507605363i think there's more than that, but i'm uploading a quick hack to hopefully prevent this particular error

>jannies cant delete battleshrimp threads because its actually vidya nowabsolutely based

patching now

>>507609837I don't know why they would in the first place. It discusses the finer details of fighting game mechanics in a satirical fashion. They must be autistic.

ay where the battle shrimps at? All I'm getting is a grey screen

teams when?

>>507610130yeah making it a real game ruins the original points, I don't even like how everyone started using the version where the skills are listed instead of just the stats

>>507598475He actually did it, the absolute mad man

>>507610130there needs to be more room for coomer and haha threads, user

nevermind I changed browser, but now I'm getting server connection error

>>507610617after the server stops self destructing whenever more than 5 people join lol

>server connection erroryou aren't ever going to sell hats like this

>>507610914>>507610743>>507610268i'm (attempting) to live patch bugs as they come up so just refresh.>>507610695agreed

>>507611470WAIT instead of hats sell dipping sauces (ie recolors)

did you make this in godot

OP is a heroNow make lamal vs erioioire style fighting game

it dont work

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fuck johnny

fix the ghost players, op.

>>507610130the same reason why they delete Holla Forumsermin threads

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after you die you can't come back when you click join

>>507613680i'm trying. thats why the server keeps going down


hp regen when?

after trying a name that is already taken you're just not allowed to join until reload

that's a lot of ghost

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unironic goty


>>507615715i made a few updates to the client to try to fix it, might have to refresh the page


>server fullfun while it lasted

Did the server die?

>>507616485>funit fucking sucks, I could make a better game in 10 seconds

>>507616602do it fgt

I wish there was more of a map :(My boy zippy smalls is underappreciated in this small map

>>507616770yeah speed characters are kind of useless



massive faggot strikes again

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if you still have ghosts refresh the page, it seems ok on the latest update


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>>507619072>>507619142i think he found a way to do it on purpose. for the most part it was working for awhile

yikes at all these need to build in a censor for names

clicking many times shouldn't let you spawn more than once

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>>507618331>>507619072>>507619142he's a villain character he has to be defeated

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>picking johnnyOH NO NO

>>507619072>>507619142>>507619571>not doing it with one shot johnnys

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cant seem the connecttoo many people?

>>507619072>>507619142>>507619571looks like leaked jeepers dlc

Can we get a top 10 leaderboard on the top right like all those .io games


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>>507620089need a score too, +5 for every faggot killed


DMCA when? Nintendo is going to rape your ass

>>507620197We must unite to defeat the faggots

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might be unplayable until i find the Massive Faggot bug. sorry bros

>>507620825can you bring it back up just for like 5 minutes? i want to record some gameplay for historical preservation


>>507620930trying one more patch, give me a minute

>>507620978>>507620930busted version up for now if you wanna record the faggotpocalypse