I just got to Week 2, Day 2 with Joshua and it feels like the combat has just plummeted. How the fuck do I use this character?

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>>507595027Joshua is different from Shinji. With her you could just memorize a pattern and do it without watching, with Joshua you have to go for the numbers on the top screen to be efficient

>>507595027Dude, math.Just keep track of the numbers and pull of the strings. Maybe get a combo modifier so you can reach the finisher earlier until you get comfortable with him. If I remenber well, his defensive option is a sidestep but the pictures kinda stun and are easy enough to pull off while you're doing Neku stuff.

>TWEWY thread

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I don't know what day it is, but eventually Joshua will get a levitate that lets him stay in the air until he's hit.He fucking nukes when he's up there, so combat will probably be easier once you are.For actually playing him though, it's simply a "high card low card" deal. Get cards lower when they have a blue arrow, get cards higher when they have a red arrow. get the same number if it's a white -.


>>507595027Joshua will get better eventually but if you ask me, Shiki is the chaddest partner in TWEWY.>total sweetheart that genuinely cares about the people she comes across and does her best to help them>has a stuffed cat that can maim enemies alive, clone itself, and grow into a laser beam shooting kaiju>gives her all straight from the start and grows alongside Neku >invincibility frames for DAYS>blocks oncoming attacks with her bare fucking arms >can jump unlike Joshua>gets to second base with Neku on her fourth day in order to fix his shorts like an alpha>is so cool that Neku slugs through a whole week with Joshua in order to save her

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>>507599778I actually used Shiki to kick Panthera Cantus’ ass. Her invincibility frames were godlike when it came to dealing with his attacks.

>>507595519>>507596248>>507597279I'm going for his numbers, I understand that much but his damage seems awful and his defense is lacking. It seems all I have is one short dodge. The levitate sounds really helpful

>>507600161If you want my advice, get some threads that focus on increasing his combo panels, which will increase the damage output on his finishers and buff him up with some food and practice fights.

>>507600161levitate is super helpful from my experience, its attacks are way more faster than his attacks on the ground so be sure to have joshua levitating every battle

>>507600161You will kinda have to work on feeding him for defense again if you did it for Shiki, but his offense will increase by a TON once you get his levitate. He does tons more damage with it.

Thoughts on the Eden set?

>>507600161Joshua is ok, the main reason you feel this difference is because you went from an objectively better character (Shinji) that had already unlocked most of the stuff to make her OP, back to square one with Joshua. Once you unlock some stuff (levitate and bigger objects) he is good to go

>>507600521>>507600621>>507600838>>507601019Alright, I'll shove food in his face and supplement him with what items I can find till I get levitate. Thanks for the advice guys. It is pretty hard whiplash but I'm still very much loving the game

>>507600842They’re pretty fun to mess around with at first but I prefer the Irregular Note set more.

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>>507601072Have fun, user! TWEWY is one of the best games out there and I will never not love it.

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>>507600842They were great for shitters like me that couldn’t beat the secret boss on Lvl 1 Ultimate.

>juggles enemies for days >deals a good deal of damage >can even stunlock foes for you for long periods of timeDon’t mind me, just being the best pin in the game.

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>>507601954Black Uranus is the best due to its insane damage output with the puck and reload time but Lightning Pawn is also pretty good.

>>507601954Pegaso had some of the best pins in general.>the Spark Core pins>strongest brand Psychokinesis pins>Her Royal Highness>motherfucking Lightning Rook

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>>507602474I remember equipping two of these babies by the endgame and having Neku just blast the shit out of everything. Shit was so cash.

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>>507595519Did TWEWY do an Evangelion cross-over?

>>507600842They’re pretty cool, but I never really used them that much since I preferred having constant DPS on my side compared to having to play defensively.

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>>507595027You wait for Day 3 or 4, then Joshua becomes probably the best companion of the game.

>>507603082I mean, Joshua is basically asshole Kaworu, so it wouldn’t be too surprising.

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Best bro, best boy, and best party member. No contest.

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>>507604260Weren’t you banned earlier today?


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>>507595027If you're playing on switch, I believe you swipe down to use him. Either that or up. Shiki was tapping

>>507604094PICK IT UP, PHONES

>>507605348I’M THERE

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>>507602474Weren’t they Joshua’s favorite brand? Would make sense for them to be that good.

>>507606445Nah, his was Dragon Couture, though that brand was pretty based as well.

>>507601954That’s a funny way of saying Blue Blood Burns Blue.

>>507604094I like how he just straight up breaks down the walls in Week 3 just to blow off one steam. Beat was great.

>>507599778>sexually assaulting someone is alpha


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What in the fuck is going on in this thread?

>>507610818You just watched an autist get banned several times in one thread.

>>507611096>he’s going for number 4 nowJesus, man.

>>507611061At this point, he’s basically the Barry of TWEWY threads.

>>507611096Why is Mina taking a pic?

>>507611459I actually think he might be worse, especially considering that TWEWY is a pretty niche game to begin with.

>tfw i realized i never picked up joshua's and beat's lv 3 fusion upgrades after 14 years

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>>507611096Who's the girl taking the pic?

>>507612086You never got to hear>Neku: "Another world awaits..." >Joshua: "And you're going." and>Beat: "Let's start it up!" >Neku: "No, let's end it!"

>>507612365today i learned scarletite is a bitch to farmAlso does anyone have any insane gameplay videos of this game? I never saw what good play is in twewy

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>>507612660Is he also the fag that keeps posting that reeeeesetera screen cap?

>>507613009The one and only. He’s also the same fag behind the Shiki is a bitch spam, how much he wants to fuck Neku, etc...Call him names and tell him to fuck off when he pops up.

>>507613146How in the hell does any of that equal a sequel?

>>507613262He’s VERY autistic. I honestly just think he’s just using it as an excuse to shitpost like a jackass.

>>507613334He sounds like a psychopath.

>>507613579Oh you have no idea.

Oh, and look up his name in the archives since my previous post got deleted.

On another note lads, the commissions are on their way (eventually), but I fear it will take even longer than initially expected. But the lineart is being done as we speak and shit will be here soon™

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>>507614163>Chose the best shopkeeper.

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>>507614163Fucking nice.

>>507612770Well, there are a couple of speedruns for both the DS and Final the puck is the strat, while you can opt for easy Fusion spam in the later ports or 1P2C partner

>>507614319I've got two more coming after this one


>>507615782Which ones?

>>507614163>burger grillMY FUCKING MAN

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>>507616816The Doc from Shiba Q, and the Mus Rattus chick

>>507617908Superb taste.

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>there are people on this board that never beat the postgame boss rush on Level 1 Ultimate

>>507618453You think that’s bad? There are people on this board that never beat Panthera Cantus on Level 1 Ultimate.

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>>507618453Thats like saying there's people who didn't beat DMC5 on Hell and Hell mode. There's no shame in that.


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>>507618913Eh, Level 1 Ultimate ain’t that hard. You just gotta make sure you have the right pins and equipment for the job.

>>507617908will you be commissioning konishi?

>>507595027What are you playing it on? Only the original DS controls are worth shit. Fuck touch screen gaming.

>>507619908Find me a good artist and I'll commission them. I'll forward requests if they aren't fucking weird.

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>>507621332I WON’T EVER GIVE IN