>17 years later>F-Zero GX is still the best racing game of all timeWhat happened, /v?

>17 years later>F-Zero GX is still the best racing game of all timeWhat happened, /v?

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>>507594880Miyamoto made a series, then SEGA (his old rival) made what many consider to be the best F-Zero title and you can tell he’s been seething ever since

>>5075951342 more F-Zero games and an anime came out after GX, though. Maybe they expected it to get more popular and pulled out when it didn't?

>>507594880>literal perfection>how do we improve it?I would just add 30 player multiplayer with good netcode (LOL), and 4K textures.

it just isn't profitable. wipeout is far more superior in similar genre and even that isn't made anymore

>>507596873>it just isn't profitable.Something tells me going Prime 4 on us and actually putting an F-Zero game up front might turn some heads.

>>507596873>Wipeout is superiorPeak snoy

>>507597587prime 4 might happen eventually but not even nintendo can sell new f-zero at full price.

>>507598056I'm pretty sure there would be an audience for a new AAA racing game on the Switch. Mario Kart is old hat at this point.

>>507598639Mario kart ultimate they can make and it sells but good luck trying with f-zero that no one knows anymore

>>507596873F-Zero GX was fine I think, I was under the impression it was the gameboy advance titles like F-Zero GP legend and Maximum Velocity that bombed

>>507596456track editornew cups with new settings

>>507595351those 2 gba games sucked and so did the animebut nintendo will never admit they killed fzero, not gxgx's boxart really sucks though compared to fzero x's

>>507600780max velocity did fineit was the two based on the anime that bombed because they plain sucked>On release, Famitsu magazine scored the game a 31 out of 40.[7] F-Zero: Maximum Velocity went on to sell 334,145 copies in Japan and 273,229 copies in the U.S. as of 2005.[8][9] The game has total sales of over 1 million copies worldwide and has an overall score of 86% on Metacritic and 83.37% on Game Rankings. vsGP Legend/Climaxvgsales.fandom.com/wiki/F-Zero

>this game led to the current reason for why Yakuza isn't allowed to release on Nintendo

who killed fzero?en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Suzak_Inc.who could save it?en.wikipedia.org/wiki/NDcube


>>507604178>Nintendo called this game a failure due to poor sales>Yakuza guy got his Metroid pitch shot down because of it>really salty about Nintendo and got even salty after a low effort port of Yakuza 1/2 to Wii U was called low effort so he said he has no plans to put Yakuza on Nintendo again and said Fans just don't want it on Switch or in Smash

>>507604080just hire the AV guys to do a new fzero for switchen.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ryu_Ga_Gotoku_Studio

>>507604356didnt know that backstorya real bummer

when's the last time miyamoto actually gave an interview?web.archive.org/web/20070214011100/http://cube.ign.com/articles/427/427647p1.html

>>507604860Yep you will probably never see any Yakuza content on Nintendo platforms and Sega will probably never get to work on F-Zero ever again.

>Novice - no problem>Standard - no problem>Expert - had to retry Diamond a few times but its all good.>looks like I got one difficulty left>28th placeIs Master difficulty a meme?

>>507605757I could only beat Master with Sonic Phantom. The AI rubber-banding is insane.

>>507605757I don't think Master is very difficult except for Phantom Road

>>507604356not quite what happenedAV pitched a bunch of ideas, and fzero was the one that stuck because of AV's experience with driving gamessiliconera.com/segas-toshihiro-nagoshi-talks-about-stories-behind-f-zero-gx-and-yakuza/also nintendo was really impressed with fzero gx>“After it released, I got a call from Nintendo. They said they wanted to see all the source code for the game, and wanted me to explain how we’d made that game, in that timeframe and with that budget, in detail. They were wondering how we’d done it – they couldn’t figure it out. We were able to achieve something a lot higher than what Nintendo had expected.”fzero would have sold badly no matter what given that crappy box art and only limited advertising

>In a January 5, 2015, video from Smosh Games, Miyamoto was featured as guest star where he confirmed that the F-Zero franchise was not dead by stating that a new installment in the franchise could be possible if Nintendo were to develop a unique controller interface for one of their upcoming consoles that would be suited for a new game.[58]fucking retire already you old coot

>>507605757I've beaten at least Ruby cup on master with everyone. Letting off the gas whenever you're above roughly 100-150km your nonboosting top speed nets you more mileage out of boosts. It gives you a massive advantage if you land flat from a huge jump, since instead of instantly falling back to 1000km you coast by the others at 1600 or so. On top of that, the fact that the highplacing AI isn't guaranteed to race well every race means you can have an off race and still be okay.Also, if you cant outrace someone, make sure others can't race to begin with. Murder's your friend. >>507606246Phantom Road's just fucked in general. The AI goes so fast on that final turn that they fly off the track, and turn so hard that they can survive it. I don't think i've ever place above 15th place on master there.>>507606934>unique controller interfacewhy can't a game just be a game

>>507606934May as well put it to VR and have the game come with a motion-control steering wheel gimmick.

>Miyamoto enjoys rearranging furniture in his house, even late at night.[5] He also stated that he has a hobby of guessing the dimensions of objects, then checking to see if he was correct, and reportedly carries a measuring tape with him everywhere.[114]so when are we sticking miyamoto in the old folk's home?

>drives a missile with the selfdestruct still active>one of the highest top speeds in the game>has 5 fans>grows flowers that kill people>wants to take over the world because it's what every bad guy wants to do>on a neverending drug benderFind a flaw.

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>>507607249>why can't a game just be a gameI'd love to tell miyamoto he's not allowed to make a new mario game if it uses dpad, analog stick or buttons>>507607386probably what they would want to do with labo, except the switch isn't powerful enough for a high fidelity VR experience that fzero would need

holy fucking shit why is the space angler so BAD?

>>507607249Yeah usually on Master I have to do well enough in order to survive my poor ranking on Phantom Road. I don't remember ever getting first, too often I've gotten below 20th

>>507608259>Cosmo Terminal is easy to fall off on, but you can go all out with murder to the point where less than half the racers live. And once you learn how to slightly turn, it's an easy win>Lateral shift has a few narrow points you can score some kills on. You shouldn't place below 5th here.>Undulation is easyish to kill on and the ai sucks at racing at it, i've seen races end with 12 racers surviving>Dragon slope is a free win, just land flat and let off A after landing from the jumps>kill as much as you can as early as possible on Phantom Road, and just eat the last place/near to last place finish. If you have something light enough to take the early jump, take itThis is how my Master runs go of Diamond cup. Personally I prefer the AX cup because most of the tracks there are great.

I legit hate the 2D F-Zeros, they control like trash. If they make a new one I hope they don't try and be cute by "going back to its roots" and base it on the SNES/GBA games. Sounds like something they would do.

>>507604581>the f-zero gx team have been making yakuza games this whole timeDamn, maybe I should get into the series then

>>507608791adding onto this, there's some racers that are obvious threats and others that will never place highly. The Meteor duo, the Twin Norrita, the Mighty Gazelle, and MEGA COCK are all pretty major issues. The Wild Goose, Space Angler, and Fire Stingray are never going to win.>>507608798what's wrong, you dont like slamming into a wall to help take a corner because you cant turn tight enough?

>beat mission 4 on very hard after only 5 tries>get Mafia Eggman who has the best machine in the game>beat mission 5 on very hard after like 500 tries>get some 8 year old kid that sounds like a girl and drives a piece of shit with zero boost durationit's been 7 years since and i'm still mad.

why is fzero recently on everyone's minds?there's been a few fzero threads this weekguess what supradarky uploads today...youtube.com/watch?v=18sSCgfPp6Mbtw best ax themeyoutube.com/watch?v=KZnvu7dyVCw2nd best themeyoutube.com/watch?v=ZTgkl8Tg2MM3rd best themeyoutube.com/watch?v=x1s2BCT-ZvgI only want a new fzero if Hidenori Shoji and daiki kasho come back to do the musicsome GT tracks by daiki kasho would fit in fzero just fineyoutube.com/watch?v=7bwuU78t7FQhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TIdRs4ZeQL4https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yromVZQGWIY

>>507608943a fzero themed yakuza game would be neat somedayyoutube.com/watch?v=5M8XeFEHRCI

>>507609509I've been playing it since late March. Felt good as fuck to beat the staff ghosts on the tracks that gave younger me endless headache, like Trident and Phantom Road. Fire Field Cylinder Knot still fucks me though, can't even unlock the staff ghost there

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>>507594880I've never played anything that felt as fast. Truly magnificent. Also Queen Meteor is the best car.

>>507609957>queen meteor>not the CHAD SHARKcant hear you over my superior boost power

>>507609850captain falcon scifi openworld action/racing rpg when?youtube.com/watch?v=fxX8wBEH64I

>>507609850And people meme'd about having a platinum action game for f-zero, but the yakuza devs would do just fine making their own action title for it.

The Mighty Typhoon is where it's at, prove me wrong

>>507609890I recently booted up the game for the first time in years this week for no reason and I've gotten so rustyto think that I actually unlocked everything 17 years ago is insane

if they ever do make another F-Zero I hope the cutscenes are just as cheesyyoutube.com/watch?v=5M8XeFEHRCI

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>>507609509When I got my stimulus check I used most of it wisely, but I always wanted to play F-Zero GX, so I bought a copy from the retro store here that is struggling due to this lockdown shit.Seems like everybody else wanted to play it too.


>>507610458I hadn't played for years before a month or two ago. Just do a few runs with something like the Mighty Typhoon or Sonic Phantom, it'll come back to you. dont forget quickturning, it's a lifesaver on nearly every track. just tap L and R and let off the trigger opposite the way you're turning

>>507594880It's actually the 3rd best. Behind pic related and it's sequel, Burnout Revenge.

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This game is the reason i can't get behind racers that make you brake for every turn or do slow drifts

>>507610315hidenori shoji is still with the yakuza devsdaiki kasho has been mostly making tracks for gran turismowww1.kiwi-us.com/~daiki/wonder who actually designed the AX racers, if it was the guy who did all the fzero x designs

>>507610629but the best way to play it is on dolphin in HD widescreen...

Hey fellas I have space for 1 more GC game on this USB stick and it's down to Eternal Darkness or Viewtiful Joe 2 which do I pick

>>507611098this one, by far.

>>507594880Is it even possible to complete this game on all difficulties without taking advantage of bugs and snaking?

>>507610939tfw you drift around a sharp bend just perfectly at 8000km/h with low power on the final lap

>>507611412yes?ive beaten all 5 cups on master with the wild goose before i knew snaking was a thing

>>507607249>why can't a game just be a gameYou have to remember that a lot of these old Japanese devs come from a time where gaming boundaries were primarily being pushed in the arcades. In the arcade, the hardware and the software are inseparable, because the entire game is one unit. Nintendo and Sega both seemed to make their games/consoles with that philosophy in mind.

>>507594880Imagine an open world/racing game where we can play as Falcon, similar to Sleeping Dogs

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>>507611412I did itand that's how the game is meant to be played, snaking is unintentional just like wavedashing and would have been patched out if the gamecube had software updates

>try to find fanart of the racers>unless it's of Falcon it doesn't exist

>>507611601>tfw there will never be a crossover character action game where Captain Falcon, Samus, and Fox team up to hunt bounties across the galaxy>tfw they are confirmed to be in the same universe but Nintendo will never capitalize on it

>Takaya Imamura is a director and producer of Nintendo, mostly known for his design work on the F-ZERO, Star Fox series, as well as The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask, which he designed characters such as Captain Falcon, Fox McCloud, and TingleOH!!!now Tingle's design makes senseHe would actually work as an Fzero racer>He was also the art director of The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask, where he helped settle the darker atmosphere of the title and also designed characters such as Tingle, the Moon and Majora's Mask.!!!!!

>>507611601>not making racing the whole thing and skipping the foreplay>>507611670>snaking is unintentionalActually, it's exactly the opposite. They caught it in development and left it in.

>>507611412yes. Grand Prix is significantly easier then Story Mode. I beat the entire game completely without even knowing snaking was a thing.

>>507611784>they are confirmed to be in the same universeI know James McCloud is in F-Zero, though he's not a fox, but how is Metroid part of the same universe?

>>507611981>They caught it in development and left it in.proof?they probably couldn't fix it in timeif the game was meant to be played that way, the staff ghosts would do it

>>507611981You faggot, Miyamoto even said that with games like Mario Kart taking a more F-Zero approach to racing there's no need for a new F-Zero, atleast with this it's a genre Nintendo hasn't explored as much yet with an open world city

>>507612089Doesn't Samus's ship show up in one of the F-Zero games, or am I misremembering something?

>>507612015story mode's so weird in how schizophrenic it is with difficulty, when you do Very Hard>mission 1 is one of the hardest>Goroh can fly off the cliff on Mission 2>Mission 3's just an easier version of mission 7>mission 4's the easiest one>mission 5's the hardest of all>mission 6 is easy>mission 7 is fucked>mission 8 is easy because deathborn never boosts>mission 9 is the same on every difficulty

>>507612256mario kart's tedious as shit these days. Drifting around a corner is slow and unsatisfying, and you just have to sit there like a bitch and take it when you're in first.

>>507612089metroid and kirby are part of the same universesamus and metroids show up in kirby dreamland 3... samus also appears in mario rpg...G-Diffuser is used in both fzero and starfox and there's an ending in starfox command where fox and falco decide to becoming fzero racersstill no link between starfox/fzero and metroid besides smash though

>>507603428>those 2 gba games suckedHorseshit.>so did the animeTrue.

>>507612406>mission 5I threw my controller at the tv once or twice

>>507612554Dont get hung up on confusing easter eggs and silly references with serious lore.

>>507612672you have 40 seconds to finish it on Very HardThe nonglitch/nonsnake TAS finishes it in just under 38

>>507608943You can really hear the F-Zero GX sound in the Yakuza soundtrack.Compare the intros and guitar inyoutu.be/3VhOzcbdqA4https://youtu.be/e8SGkUebkQUtohttps://youtu.be/JHQa1SA3EtI

>>507612591they couldn't even get mute city to sound rightthat was my first clue that something was wrongyoutube.com/watch?v=1beaYY2G4CUhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hHppES2KCqYMaximum Velocity shat all over those 2 games with these 3 composersMasaru TajimaMitsuteru FurukawaNaoto Ishidayoutube.com/watch?v=GiM8MOLkaDohttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qONPNBrPkA4https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u7lHWydFNLU

Aside from Phantom Road because nobody's good at that track, which track's your kryptonite? The one you either place low on all the time or the one you keep dying to?For me it's Lightning Half Pipe. No rails, awkward turns, and everywhere's sloped.

>tfw completed nearly everything in this game>all master, all videos, all story on v. hardstill working on those ghost runs

>>507613218Serial Gaps fucks me up.

>>507613343What's your machine of choice?

>>507613218Green Planet - Intersection because of the lip at the end of the track, I end up coming off there most of the time.>>507613485my favourite is Little Wyvern

>>507613218Drift Highway always gets me. It's not that it's hard, it's more that it's too short to gain any sort of ground on. There's something like 4 turns and that's it.

>>507613218I kill myself on trident all the time

>>507613642At least it's at the start of the GP, since you can just quit out and come back.

post favorite songs youtu.be/De7XH0sVcbg

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>>507612406>>507612672I don't remember Mission 5 being the hardest for me, but what is frustrating is that if you hold the control stick forward while going off the final jump to the exit you will miss the opening, crash into the door and kill yourself. Happened to me multiple times on every difficulty of that mission.>>507613218Big Blue - Drift HighwayGreen Plant - Mobius RingMute City - Serial GapsLightning - Half PipeFor some reason all of these courses on Master I place pretty low.

>>507613821i think people that spike their controller are retards, but hitting that final door on mission 5, i cant say i blame anyone.Also Serial Gaps has the same issue as Drift Highway. Not enough time to make up ground, and few places to boost.

>>507613187oh naoto ishida worked on fzero 1990 and max velocity 2001, he doesn't work at nintendo anymore thoughhe did the big blue end ending theme for fzero originaland this guy did ashley's song for wario ware among plenty of othersnintendo.fandom.com/wiki/Masaru_TajimaAnd it turns out most of FZero original music was composed by A WOMAN!!nintendo.fandom.com/wiki/Yumiko_KankiMute City, Port Town, Red Canyon, White Land, Silence and othersshe also did StarFox 2

>>507613821>>507613634Drift Highway is a bitch to do well on. I usually seem to hit the girders at the end and drop 10 places.

>>507613574I watched a youtube video of that track a week or so ago and I laughed hard when the guy didn't know about it and crashed


>>507607953Leon's homeworld is poor, they can't afford better equipment. Goddammit I want that lad to win.

GX is my favorite in the series but lately I've been getting into X for the first time.youtube.com/watch?v=AyrbNIapsP4This video has been really helpful. I finished a lot of basic bitch stuff in GX but never got really advanced. Anyone know if most stuff in X applies to GX as well?

>>507614003Yeah, silver lining is that it taught babby me to stop spiking the controller for some non-existent speed boost or something. But frustration was still aplenty.

>>507613187I knew something was wrong with gp legend and climax

>>507614415No it's a difference physics engine. The most useful GX strategies are snaking and momentum throttling (not holding down A when you're boosting as it accelerates you towards your top speed, so when you're above it it slows you down).

>>507612836yeah and I actually did it without snaking after hundreds of attempts

>>507612672Once you get it on one difficulty you'll have it on all of them.

>>507596873What Liverpool Studio are doing now?gamereactor.eu/amp/the-end-of-psygnosis-and-studio-liverpool/Ups annon, the genere oficially is dead.

>>507605463The director already said that both Nintendo and Microsoft initially rejected the games but now they want the games on their platform. Which is why you will see the series on a Nintendo platform soon enough.

death race needs to return as a proper mode in Fzero SXyoutube.com/watch?v=G0UxkNT-UKQwhy is nintendo wasting talent on ring fit adventure?!nintendo.fandom.com/wiki/Taro_Bando

how did nintendo get convinced that the guy who did this soundtrackyoutube.com/watch?v=S3yf3g_THRw&list=PLB534285564146F9C&index=2could do this?!youtube.com/watch?v=yyPtM9Mdlyo

>>507615104It's been their modus operandi to stuck quality devs on what would otherwise be shovelware since the wii days. Those are some of their biggest moneymakers so they put A-listers on them.


>>507615494nintendo.fandom.com/wiki/Kenta_Nagatathe guy who did thisyoutube.com/watch?v=txe5UbkbqK0wasted onen.wikipedia.org/wiki/Steel_Diver

>>507615773>Kenta Nagatayoutu.be/tJA5KmN5d7gWhy do I get the feeling the composers did their own stuff when they were younger?

>>507615943he would have been 28 when he did that soundtrackevery good dev just becomes a supervisor later on it seems, and not allowed to directly work on anything unless it's a small contributionkoji kondo only composes like 1-2 tracks for a mainline mario or zelda game and thats all

>>507611283already got f-zero on there

can you imagine someone at nintendo japan greenlighting excite bots over fzero?youtube.com/watch?v=Jls2NE5kBjI

>>507611098Eternal Darkness easily

X is better than GX

>>507594880Literally ruined racing games for me. I only played this as a kid and nothing else. As an adult, I still just don't like any other racing games.It's just too fucking ludo.

>>507617247Many say this, any ideas why? genuinely asking because it's been ages since I played X and all I remember is that it had more tracks and Death Race

>>507617247This is like seeing someone say smash 64 is better than meleeBy which I mean, I disagree with your opinion but I see where you're coming from and it's a respectable position to have

>>507616821fzero total sales: 2.85mfzero x total sales: 1.10mfzero maxvelocity sales: 1.05mfzero gx total sales: 0.65mexcitetruck total sales: 0.53mexcitebots total sales: 0.28mfzero gplegend: 0.16mfzero climax: 0.005mthough>Nagoshi said in a 2018 Edge interview that F-Zero GX sold over 1.5 million copies worldwide.[83]which beats fzero x's lifetime sales

>>507605757You HAVE to prioritise killing your rivals.

>>507617247X is a great game, but I don't think its better. I fell like you can play more aggressively (attack-wise) in X, cause tracks are a bit more congested, but I don't think you ever feel as fast as in GX.

>>507594880This game was great, wish I played it when I was younger.

>>507610824Burnout fanboys disgust me in a way I can't quite put into words.

>>507614020That's a lot of rabble about music and nothing about the games themselves.

>>507617730burnout's ok>>507617247no scenery to look at is boring and the music isn't as goodgx is aesthetic as fuck

I don't trust Nintendo enough to make a new one, but I would kill for a remaster/remake:>30 player online grand prix with rival system>custom cars and tracks>HD grafx

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>>507617835sound/music is 50% of a gamewhen the music is off, the game feels wrong, even if the gameplay is exactly the samecompare sin and punishment 1 to 2, different composer -> different feeldespite the gameplay being 95% the same

>>507613187Climax has a track editor so I can forgive it

>>507617461It's the bass.

>>507605073Probably Star Fox Zero

>>507618243games like these would work much better with online shared tracks>>507617973track editor pleaseyoutube.com/watch?v=Gcv2PpQTfn8

>>507618386>star fox zerogod what a let downmaybe it's best that f-zero is left as it is

>>507596456>30 player Death Races

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>>507615103It wasnt that long ago the Yakuza director said that Yakuza was a good fit for Xbox but had no place on Switch.

>>507594880is this even possible to play on a switch controller?

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>>507617956What do you mean user? X's music is god tier

>>507613821>if you hold the control stick forward while going off the final jump to the exit you will miss the opening, crash into the door and kill yourself.GOD DAMN IT I BROKE MY FUCKING CONTROLLER BACK IN THE DAY BECAUSE OF THIS SHIT

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>>507607487Which character has the coolest lore behind their machine? Zoda's definitely up there.

>>507618581no analog triggers so not really well, you really need precision for those turns>>507618583x music is good, but gx is better to me


>>507611082You only need Dolphin for the HD part, GX supports widescreen by default because Sega are maniacs.

Are there any other games that let you fuck with the controller's deadzone in the options?

is savescumming allowed for GX?

>>507618879Little Wyvern and Hyper Speeder are both modified aircraft, that's pretty cool.

>>507613218Big Blue - Drift Highway is a real bitch to me. It's so short and hectic that I rarely place first on the higher difficulties.

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>>507618178You have autism.

>>507614709So that's the physics behind momentum throttling? Sounds just like bunny hopping in Quake, where holding forward tries to 'accelerate' you to your normal max speed, which is less than what you're moving at so it slows you down.

>>507613817IF YOU WERE MEyoutu.be/7mwz-5RrdZA

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>>507618891that's not really my main complaint.I just find the game was designed with the gamecube controller in mind 100%. Because the way the Gamecube's face buttons are arranged... The A button is in the spotlight with the rest of the buttons on the side for easy pressing... Not the case for any other controller, as they're all the same size.... So you're holding the acceleration button with the back-end of your thumb and trying to press the buttons you need to... and having a hard time doing so.Actually playing it for myself I found that a gamecube controller is REQUIRED for playing GX, at least if you want to play it well.

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>>507614415I can't really get that into X. I beat the cups on Expert, but it feels like all of the machines turn into a frictionless mess if you boost a few times in a row. I can do slight turns on GX, but not X for some reason.

>>507617426>buzzword poster has closed horizons and says dumb thingsalert the press

>mfw learning that letting off A and then hitting A+Y at the right time after a boost finishes keeps you at a higher speed for longer>mfw learning that you can hit 2k after landing the jump on Dragon SlopeThose staff ghosts didn't know what hit them.

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>>507619942What was the buzzword you think they used? And why did you feel the need to attack that one post in particular? Is it a seething hatred for this game?

Playing Story Mode really made me realize just how much of a piece of shit the Blue Falcon is. It's a wonder Falcon wins any GP's with how thoroughly so many other machines outrace it.

>>507618879I always liked Silver Neelson's craft. Both aesthetically- sleek but boxy, a remnant of a different era of F-Zero machines- and the backstory about how it was built by his childhood friend who's since passed away but is preserved in the AI (or non-artificiL intelligence?) of the machine. Neelson has been driving for decades and has never missed a race, but never won one, either- is he still driving to win, or just to hang out with his old friend?

>>507619305Most PC racing games dating back to the 90s. It isn't very common at all on consoles, for some reason.

>>507616821i remember playing this game for two seconds, thinking it was gay and going back to excitetrucks

>>507619942Huh? user's post looks fine to me.

>>507618879>The Sonic Phantom's engines are powered off of life force>rumors that The Skull uses it to suck the energy from the racers and spectators>only machine with no steering device because The Skull pilots it with black magic

>>507620226ludo, and no, i fucking love this game

Oh great ANOTHER F-Zero thread today. God you anons are such awesome bros

You can really hear the F-Zero influence in a lot of Yakuza's soundtracks.>0:49youtu.be/iOgA5Q5Cyg0>0:43https://youtu.be/UzdxKzGOjO8

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>unlock the Dark Schneider>not only does it have an unfortunate name but it's got pitiful everything

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>>507620693>when the camera zooms in on the cockpit of the Sonic Phantom during the results screen, the steering wheel is actually not modeled inIt's the little things.

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>>507617632Nagoshi pull the F-Zero GX sales from his drunk ass, Nintendo always relase the numbers from games that sales at least 1M from each quarter or anual report. F-zero GX never was mention in any Nintendo report.

>>507619845I unfortunately had the same conclusion. At first I thought it was the triggers- the Cube has very long throw triggers without much resistance. So I tried an Xbone controller, which has similarly long triggers (albeit angled, not straight pull, and without the bump at the end) but the face buttons were still less than perfect.

One of these days i need to learn how to cheat in the missing machine parts. I keep hearing about how the best part in the game is inaccessible without cheating.

>multiple Wipeout clones on PC>not a single competent F-Zero X/GX cloneClosest I've played was GRIP but it doesn't remotely touch the same speeds.

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