The image that saved Holla Forums

The image that saved Holla Forums

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>>507594568EGS exclusive, fuck. hope its get cracked though.

>>507594568And made someone lose their job.

>>507594568>the image that triggered twitter karens

>>507594568I think she have a better ass than 2B. Yeah 2B’s ass have a perfect shape, but the thiccness in Iroha fucking surprassed it

>>5075958912B has more polygons, but Iroha's has a better shape and proportions thank to her hips

>>507594568>you lived long enough for Holla Forums to obsess over a SNK girl this ISN'T Mai

>>507595618>using the k-slurUm, mods?

>>507594568Damn imagine that in a community where there's sexual predators and real issues, this is the one that caused a bigger shitstorm than the racist tranny and ltg being an overall faggot

>>507595176>EGSwtf is that?

>egs>stadiayou don't know shit secondary

>>507598387Tencent Games StoreThe shitty CCP-owned storefront that can only 'compete' with Steam by bribing devs/publishers not to release on Steam

>>507598387>EGSepic game store, fortnite company have it exclusive to their platform

>>507597409God bless. Just wish they didn't go from one worst girl to another.

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>>507595176It's not EGS exclusive, you can get on Google Stadia :)

OP can you please delete this thread? I am extremely offended right now.

>>507599437Fuck ogf, Karen

>>507594568Iroha keeps making me hard, even though I've already fapped today

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>>507594568Looks too old IMO.

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Cute crane

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>>507599496>he used the k-slur againmods, I DEMAND you remove this person and his post RIGHT NOW

>>507594568that image destroyed the livelihood of some pr guy and forever tarnished the reputation of a whole company simply because one wom*n said it made her feel like she didn't belong.

>>507594568>the image that killed 2B

DID KK get in trouble? That's all I care about. He didn't deserve this

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Alright, let's get this out of the way.>White people are shit>Trannies are annoying>Karen gets mad at titties>Faggots get mad at titties>Holla Forums>ResetERA>Coom>CringeAnything I missed?

>>507594568Now THAT'S what i'm talking about!

>>507599874Cham cham isn't a moeblob loli either, I still don't know why they decided to draw her like that after SS2.

>>507600137oh but she does belongat the bottom of sonic_sol's competitive player tier list lmao

>>507600178>wojak>pepeAlright let's have a SamSho thread, fellas

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>>507595176KoFXIV barely reached 1000 players and they think SamSho will sell on EGS.I hope they atleast got some good money to make KOFXV not look like shit.

>>507599874>>507600237They did a good job drawing her smaller on each game.

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>>507600531Non issue since playerbase is on console.

>>507594568>Almost all fighting game girls are deliberate fap fuel, everyone knows that.>Get mad when the account acknowdleges how hot one of the charahcters is.Are complainers merely pretending here?, I don't get what's their deal, how can you be offended by the statement "im horny" while still accepting that huge ass flaunting itself all over the place whenever it appears?


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>>507601065>I don't get what's their dealIt's just Karen and her white orbiters user, don't try and understand it.

>>507598387Eggs with Grilled Sausage

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>>507601046its dead on console

>>507600531they dont think it will sell.EGS offered them a million bucks. they are selling out so that they dont need sales.

>shit lobby>mediocre netcode>neutered mechanics>selling out to Stadia and EGSnuSNK is cringe

Could they add cross play in an update so I can find matches when I buy it for the Switch?

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>>507594568Oh my god I want to sniff her farts so badly

>>507602094they could, but they wont.

>>507594568we should all coom on this and send it to the people upset over pixel butts

One curvy bird mogged 3.5 billion people.

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>>507602985>>507603104can she get pregnant? i want to make her a mom so badly.

>>507603104I like the confidence in not even trying to hide the clipping.

>>507594568I like her face and hair so she is 10/10 to me.

>>507603409SNK's games kind of suck graphically but I unironically think it gives them more soul

>>507603841She cute all around!

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>>507594568And the image that killed SNK's twitter thanks to yet another sjw subhuman

>>507603841Yeh cute face

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>>507603942This picture is a good oomph to me.

>>507603841I want to stroke her hair

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*ahem*silhouette sex

>>507604049I'd oomph her, if you know what I mean

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>>507604139Not going to happen, it's a good idea so it won't happen.


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>>507604139that's a cuck fetish mateit's a scenario exclusively used in NTR

>>507594568Not like it's going to get more people to play SamSho for more than two weeks

>>507604528Any except first person is cuck shit.

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>>507601046Die consolecuck

>>507603929SS7 has no fucking soul though.

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>>507604139Not gonna lie. Iroha was definitely the one that gave me that fetish.

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>>507595176Hope it's temporary. Really disappointing, I've been waiting for a PC port for ages.

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>>507605290>this fucking shitty bottom of the barrel serif font ruining Japanese art aesthetic in every screen of the game everI seriously don't know what they were thinking, it's in the Japanese language version of the game too

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An attractive girl with no good porn or doujins, glad her in this new SamSho might actually getting people to drawn something good.

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>>507605290>>507605394>>507605509>>507605626thank you for doing this

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is the game good? the damage is too much


>>507604528Where have you been? Iroha IS NTRbait.

>>507594568I missed this. What game is this and what happened?

>>507605364likely temporarily, 6 months exclusivity is likely if it is temporarily though

But anons, she's a birbI still would tho

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>>507600178(order of events might be wrong)>official english samsho account has fun with iroha's DLC, makes jokes about people being horny on main, etc. VERY positive response>A competitive SNK player, a woman (transsexual possibly) complains about this>In their defense, they say they never had a problem with feeling uncomfortable in the community or with the character Iroha, but felt uncomfortable about the "horny jokes" the official account was making>tweet didn't get much mileage at all (not even more then 200 likes) so no one should have cared>but somehow a graphics programmer from SNK (Jim Bulmer, who is very engaged with the community) saw the tweet and responded, supposedly saying something about it being a bit "unprofessional" (unsure since they are deleted now)>people thought Krispykaiser, the guy behind the official account, was going to get fired, so there was blowback to Jim Bulmer responding>Jim Bulmer likely had no suck intention, but deactivated his twitter likely just to wait for the drama to blow over (though people are going with the narrative he was "harassed" when no such thing occurred)>tweets on the official account got deleted despite the positive press, apology postedA lot of hoopla over nothing, they should have just told him behind closed doors to cut down the shitposting and leave it at that. Didn't need a public spectacle of an apology and a programmer even touching it with a 10 meter pole.

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>>507594568this is just low res chun li

Okay Holla Forums, sell me on samurai showdown light chocolate is toptier

>>507606174Anything is NTRbait for you cucks.

>>507606602Despite her stance she doesn't actually work like Chun-Li, she's a shoto with a double jump.

>>507606430The bird part makes it better

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>>507606608probably the only modern fighting game that does "MUH FOOTSIES, MUH FUNDAMENTALS" meme right

>>507606430If I impregnate her will she lay an egg?

>>507600178Yeah, you're gay

>>507606608>Okay Holla Forums, sell me on samurai showdown1. It's a game with very basic inputs, you have to just focus on positioning and punish, no need to learn complex combos2. Every character is vibrant and distinct with clear personality and gameplay3. You have to earn the w

So when does the game become better than V special?

>>507606889imagine spooning her at night while she warms your children inside the egg

Fuck >>507600178and Fuck niggers

>noboby give a shit about samsho>le hot anime waifu girlzzz!!!!!!>suddenly people pretend they care about samshoCoomers are fucking pathetic

>>507607129Never. The only thing it has on VSP is that in VSP animations are kind of cheap and don't have a lot of frames and it's not a problem in this game which is very well-animated, but mechanically VSP is a superior game.

>>507606531I agree with Bulmer, it was unprofessional even by coomer FGC standards. A comment like "we horny on main tonight" would be fine for something like Dead or Alive, which prides itself on sex appeal, but as far as I know SamSho overall isn't sexualized to that degree. I think it's less that people were complaining to PR, and more that the suits saw what he was doing and slapped his shit for disrespecting the game's general direction.

>>507607705>but as far as I know SamSho overall isn't sexualized to that degree.White people.Too stupid to even read the thread they're in.

>>507607074>You have to earn the wI see what you did there

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>>507607370I'm a fighting coomer but you should already know this happens a lot, especially with fighting games.

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>>507607705>NOOOOOO YOU CAN'T BE SEXUALLY ATTRACTED TO A WOMANDo the world a solid and remove yourself.

>>507607705>SamSho overall isn't sexualized to that degreeMeanwhile, the maid with a fat ass and huge tits that's in love with (You) is soon to release.

>>507607705>disrespecting the game's general direction

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Why are people upset over the fact someone complained about something on twitter?

>>507607705>disrespecting the game's general direction.

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>>507604965it's the truth though, FGC plays on consolesyou seriously expect people to bring PCs to tournament? nigga are you THAT fucking dumb?

>>507607370>disrespecting all 54 SamSho fans to shit on coomersback to Holla Forums with you buddy, why do you get so mad at porn


>>507607705Maybe old games but considering that Shiki who was designed from scratch to be a wank bait was on base roster i have some doubts about it. Also Mina and Iroha make it even more useless argue about it.

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>>507608148>he doesn't bring his CPU to his local arcadeHah, what a scrub!

>>507607705shut up retard

>>507607982There's a line between attraction and objectification.

>>507607705>the game's

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>>507594568You couldn't keep my tongue off her asshole even for a second.

>>507595176>EGS exclusiveso? better than steam. its a games platform, not a every review is memes and russian hackers try to send you 10000 cs:go trade invite scams a week platform.

>>507606608>So when does the game become better than V special?they'd have to purposefully make it more competitive.>bring back the weapon strength bar to reward footsies and reads>bring back meditation, but make the reward issen instead of slowing down time>rage burst loses issen, but gains fatalitiesthere, i made ss7 just as fun as ss5spnot sure if gamers could handle suicides in a current samsho though

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I'm so fucking tired of everyone getting mad at sexy content. I not even mad at this point. Just tired of it all. Who does it actually hurt? Seriously tell me who is hurt by sex in a fictional setting? Maybe I'm just getting old

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>>507608404No, there isn't.

>>507608106Because we're tired of white Karens and their simps trying to fuck with what we like.

>>507607705>general direction

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>>507608549Cool, women are tired of being just objects for titillation.

>>507608542>Seriously tell me who is hurt by sex in a fictional setting?Karen's feelings.That's pretty much it.

>>507608507i just wish it was on my steam library is all, really dont like opening some other launcher to game.

>>507607705No, it's an irreconcilable difference between Western PR and Eastern sensibilities. For some reason showing Iroha's ass and titties is fine but saying it turns you on is taboo. It's farcical. Don't piss on my head and tell me it's raining.

>>507608650This is a work of fiction

>>507608650Too bad, keep trying to fuck with what we like and it won't end well for you.Only white guys put up with the retardation of women, the rest of us have no problem smacking some sense into a bitch (or in this case just ignoring them).

>>507608282>fanartIt's game accurate. This game's characters are sexy, lasses and lads alike, only Nakoruru is not really sexualized but hey that's just bait for purityfags

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>>507594568Ok, but where are the doujins? No one cares about your fucking shitty gay fighting game. YOU ONLY EXISTS TO GIVE US PORN WORTHY CHARACTER DESIGNS.

>>507607705Posts like this really get my noggin jogginWhy do people ignore just how shameless SNK has always been with fanservice since the very beginning? Is it because no one cares about SNK in the west? They have always been one of the worst offenders of it.

Unrelated to this but my girlfriend is a feeder and she keeps trying to make me gain weight, i'm a pretty fit dude to begin with but I already put on 10 lbs in quarantine thanks to her. She keeps pinching at my belly and likes being the big spoon so she can poke at it, which is cute though. But I dont want to gain. I know she wont be turned on to me if I lose weight. What do I do, Holla Forums?

>>507608848>won't end well for youremind me again of what you guys did last time someone criticized the objectification of women? Besides, y'know, putting her on the map.

>>507608848Fuck you. I'm white and I don't put up with this shit. You mean SanFran whites or some shit

>>507608507Go back to bed Tim

>>507609028M8, I'm not talking about some retarded movement, I'm talking about the white race's oncoming demise and loss of power.Again, things will not end well for you.

>>507609186Nice larp bud, no one takes you seriously though :/


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>>507609291Whatever helps you sleep at night bro.Best go get a gun now before they're all gone.

>>507609403>he thinks nazis can win a second timefucking lol


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>>507608650Well good thing they're not the ones being turned into objects but literal fictional characters.

>>507609474Are you retarded?I'm talking about when white people fuck off and become a minority m8.Do you think anyone but you actually gives a fuck about sexy women in video games?

>>507602985No wonder these threads are all fanart, in-game she looks like shit.

>>507609587>become a minoritya minority where? Because they already are a minority in the global population. If you mean a specific country, there's nothing wrong with that either.

>>507609302Holy shit I need Cham Cham's Juicy Cunny all over my face right now.

>>507609727I'm talking about the US, since that's where most of the retarded whites live.Thankfully, when more of them start dying off, faggots like you will have 0 say, since, again, minority.

>>507608975Just accept your fate fat boyT.fatty lover

>>507600178>White people are shitWhat's the problem with this? Do you have a counter argument for this?

>>507609914This is definitely the post of a stable individual lmfao

>>507609662She actually looks better

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>>507609984Ironic coming from the Karen whining about cartoon titties.It's okay though, you guys won't be around for much longer.

Nakoruru was probably the only female character in the base game not "sexualized"Even Charlotte got absolute territory and thighhighs. Anyone trying to push that Samurai Shhodown is some high art without fanservice is coping.

>>507598990I know, they should've went with best girl.

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>>507610114Reductionism isn't gonna make your stance less retarded.


>>507600531All the mexican kof players had to wait several years for it to be deep discounted so they could afford it

>>507610229>ReductionismI'm sorry, are you NOT whining about cartoon titties, Karen?Seems to me like you are.It's pretty typical Karen behavior, you're extremely privileged so you need to look for pointless stuff to whine about.It's a shame white guys are pussies unwilling to beat you once in awhile, maybe then all this dumb bitching could be avoided.

Collector here. I remember SamShow anthology being $20 about a year ago. Now its $40. Better pick it up before it gets more harder to find. With that regard, ps1 games are going up as well. Dino crisis, parasite eve all used to be $20, now theyve doubled.

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>>507610440>Literally typing words in a post because it offends youYou expect us to think you can beat a woman? Lmfao

>>507610623I'm not white, so...Yes?Only white guys are, again, pussies who think a woman never deserves a good beating.Hell, I beat the shit out of my little sister the first time she ever stole something when we were kids, and you can bet she never stole anything ever again.You guys just never got your asses beat as kids, so you don't understand how privileged you are.

This board is gonna be so annoying during coronasummer.

>>507597409They don't actually care. It's just for fighting over censorship drama, like when people suddenly cared about Senran Kagura when that was getting a bunch of threads over some cancellation.

>>507610859Imagine making shit up to flex on an imageboard

>>507610962Imagine thinking a kid disciplining his younger siblings is so far-fetched that it has to be made up.White people in a nutshell.

>>507607970Why is Narmaya in over Zeta or thirst lord Metera?

>>507610028Good lord.

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>>507610470bro even last gen games are getting expensive and it's the fault of you and people like you

>>507611273That actually require play the game or granblue.

>>507594568Its a great coomer design but its kinda cringy in an actual game. Cammy and Ivy make the leotard/dominatrix thing work, but this womans a maid/samurai whose always hopping on one legging hold two cartoon looking knives. Its too silly, make all the characters waifubait or make her less retarded looking.

>>507610470>collectorThat's your fault you dumbfuck, stop hoarding plastic you won't use.

>>507598387Ember's Ghost Squad

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>>507600178Sad how predictable this place has become

>>507611530White hands, etc. etc.

>>507610470just pirate bro

>>507611319Im not going to lie i fucked up the price on Oni PC Big Box about 3 years ago. I already owned a copy i bought on ebay for around $30. A reasonable sum. Then at a flea market i found one for $5 in big box. I decided to sell the 2nd one but didnt want to really let go of it. So i put it for a huge price at the time $80. Then some dude bought it. And the rest of the Oni Pc Big Box editions were subsequently priced that high. I didnt mean for it to happen.

>>507611587what did he mean by this?

>>507610917nigger this goes for both sides of any controversy, not many people care about SNK or Samsho games since they are niche, people complaining or praising the Iroha posts are in the same boat in that regard.What matters is perspective. Drama should not be occurring over a few tweets because of minor banter from an account that the overwhelming majority liked. Shit like this can't keep happening over and over. PR accounts are changing, memes and jokes make them more relatable to the average normalfag. People fighting against that or feeling "uncomfortable" are behind the times.>>507611530>make all the characters waifubaitThey all are, even the final boss in some aspects. In the beginning Nakoruru was literally the only one not.

>>507611530t. Karen

>>507611793White anons are scared of sex, so it stands to reason that >>507611530 was written by a white guy.

>>507600178>White people are shitGo away Druckmann, being white is not a crime.

>>507610028>her thighs are larger than her head>her hips are almost half as wide as she's tall

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>>507612138I know, it's great, isn't it?

>>507612138And that's a good thing

>>507612138That's the best part.

It's just trannies trying to micro-control their immediate surroundings, as usual.Fighting games in general are full of big titties and ass. Saying you feel uncomfortable when straight men are aroused by them is just ridiculous. Trannies/libtards just know that they can play that card to harass people so they do it for fun.Fucking with straight men is just their sadistic pleasure.

>>507601065Expressions of heterosexuality are forbidden.

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>>507611650it's too easy to fuck with the retro game market and everyone wants to make big money off of it so everyone is willing to increase price just because someone else did. japan did used games right, but that shit's changed too because people outside of japan go there thinking they're going to score big.arcade board collecting is permanently fucked and i wish companies would re-release boards

>>507612138SNK knows their shit, but it's also because they don't slap strongman built on everyone.I swear SF models can make girls look like trannies on some frames.

>>507612586Ahh, typical white woman/tranny; immediately loses xer shit when the world doesn't revolve around xer.

>>507608404What's wrong with objectification?

>>507608650All three of them, lmao.

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>>507612858Nothing. Objectification and sexualization is neither a good or bad thing

>>507613001You know what hurts you fitting in? Starting trouble.

>>507613001>if I white knight then the women in the community might fuck meevery time

>>507612717I actually like that SF girls have some muscle on them, they're fucking martial artists. It's just some of the faces can look kinda jacked at times.

>>507613053>>507612858Objectification is bad because it creates inherently more boring characters, and on top of that the implications it has socially is that the people being objectified exist solely for titillation, in this case, it's using women as objects for the sexual attraction of men.

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>>507613347White hands typed this post.

>>507611650Lmao imagine thinking it was you and not the market that set that price, delusional jew

>>507613356>how dare people be straight!

>>507613509That's not what she said.

>>507613347>it creates inherently more boring charactersSubjective.>the implications it has socially is that the people being objectified exist solely for titillationSource?

>>507613572>SubjectiveCharacters who exist solely for your erections are not good characters.

>>507613356She's right. Imagine being a male nurse but all the female nurses talk about are doctors.

when is the new update going live? tomorrow night?


>>507613356as cringy as all that shit is, i don't want TOs to start having fucking dress codes or policing controller art. what a terrible idea

>>507613356>horny culture why is everything a fucking "culture" to these people?

>>507613660Post some examples, please.

>>507613794Sure! What's the point of Honoka in DOA5?

>>507613572Anon, stop trying to engage with obvious trolls and just hurl racial abuse at them.You're not going to have an argument in good faith with these Karens.

>>507613739the left generates mental illness

>>507613739They have no self confidence and must attach themselves to a larger community for their mental wellbeing.

>>507594568Will we ever get the best cast again?

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I love how we're coming full circle into puritan territory again. Women will unfeminize themselves soon enough just to prove a point then suddenly wondering how they got back into the kitchen

>>507613356They are 100% correct

Attached: playasia.jpg (591x674, 55.35K)


Attached: d6fef78118d6911adae74cc3594aaac7.jpg (1200x1701, 192.98K)

>>507613356>Women should be able to dress however they want!>An ahegao jacket? STOP BEING SEXISTYeah I'm sure that fag goes to locals all the time and totally buys and plays fighting games regularly.

>>507613001Reminder, these are the people who call you fragile masculinity.>>507613347>Objectification is bad because it creates inherently more boring charactersNope. A character can be boring without sexualization or great with sexualization, it has little play overall.>and on top of that the implications it has socially is that the people being objectified exist solely for titillationOnly those who are insecure of themselves, which are not people should cater to since the problem is within themselves but they project it to others.>it's using women as objects for the sexual attraction of men.Women are sexual to men and men are sexual to women. In this case they are "objects" since Iroha is literally an object with no agency and doesn't exist. Her existence has no bearing on other women because Iroha is not a real woman.

>>507614328What are you even arguing against anymore? You're inventing shit to get mad at lmfao

>>507614248BASEDHope this triggers more white kids.

>>507614389Where do you think we are?

>>507613845Tbh to be sequel-bait. DOA deeplore is that she has the same powers as Ayane’s father. Of course this went nowhere because DOA would rather sell you $1,200 in dlc.

When is it coming out on Steam?

>>507614375>because things are bad, the reasons are irrelevant>lol stop being offended>culture isn't realwoah

>>507614430White hands typed this

>>507613356Why would I want to welcome women to my niche hobby?

>>507614430I'm a straight white male and I'm in favor of big titty games, your move jew.

>It's another episode of "These people don't even play fucking video games, but are gonna ruin it for everyone who does"Getting real tired of these fucking reruns. I want to go back in time and try again.

>>507614521Probably in six months like every other game sweeny sticks his dirty fucking rat paws in.

>>507611915maybe so but not to the extent iroha is imo. Sorry if I sound too "sjw" but the other girls stlil look like just normal fighters who are still hot. Even the tall black girl, atleast she has muscle and gives off the impression shes from a tribe of strong warriors or something. I like shiki too so maybe I dont think she's oversexulized and I just dont Iroha being a maid. Her maid gimmick makes me think she would fit better in something even more anime like blazblue or unist. To the other anons, I said Cammy and Ivy were hot too so you can stop pretending to be from r/aisanmasculinty

>>507614615Problem is these people say they do play it.

>>507614757Well sucks to you she is very popular and even got her own spinoff and is actually surprising she wasn't in the base game. Look like your opinions i in the minority.

Attached: 1581025781145.jpg (1013x1698, 922.88K)

>>507613356coomers btfo

>>507614778Weird how most of them seem to have no interest in it at all until this shit happens and suddenly they're lifelong fans.

>>507613335That and everyone's hands and feet are too big.

>>507614580LolGet triggered more at titties, whiteboi.

Attached: IMG_20200511_235654.jpg (2302x1762, 390.53K)

>>507594568damn that's a fine body, reminds me of this, just perfect

Attached: 1589236357512.webm (640x800, 1.13M)

>lol gamer lol coomer lol porn addict lol nofap is totally legit*woman says aggressive objectification and its culture are gross*>LOL SJW LOL ANTI-SEX LOL STRAIGHTS GOOD FUCK YOU

>>507614757well the director said iroha wasnt in the base game because she "clashes with the atmosphere", so you're kinda right. But its just a video game bro and every game has one or two stand out characters, I think doa has a demon right? And tekken has a walking tree, its fine if iroha is in samsho, it never took itself seriously to begin with, atleast not in the way NRS tries to be with their games.

SNK 3D still looks like shit

>>507614976la cretura

>>507615002Yes user, the top portion you're quoting is Holla Forums.The bottom is the rest of us.As it turns out, Holla Forums and SJWs have a lot in common.

>>507613347>it's using women as objects for the sexual attraction of menand this is a bad thing because...?

>>507613347>the people being objectified exist solely for titillationIt's just a bird, bro.

>>507614976This is what being a coomer does to you. Take note anons.

>>507615210men are not allowed to have functioning penises and desires toward heterosexual urges, they should only be around to give money to women and minorities.

>>507614248Look at what he retweeted next. This intern is going all out


>>507614615Ironically enough, liberals are now claiming they are the real fans and everyone complaining isn't.The left can't meme or compile an original thought.

Attached: more like fagula.png (598x1067, 422.54K)

>one guy says thing>GUYS THE LEFT/RIGHT/POL/V/ ALL THINK THISCan someone who does this explain to me why you think this way? Why one person is now suddenly the figurehead for an entire catch all term for various stances in US politics, for example? Is it an ex-gamergate thing?

>>507614948You first Larper

Attached: 6D0638BA-5F70-423D-9230-DB2EA866A422.jpg (889x1080, 198.09K)

>>507615549Cope whiteboi, no one gets upset at titties and sex more than you guys.

>>507615442Another example. Kind of a desperate tactic to use over a niche series. Guess they're that afraid of being accused of getting someone "canceled".

Attached: gamer bros.png (588x526, 55.63K)

>>507594568i love me some thighs

Attached: 92754995_2582526428734553_2983270309631175058_n.jpg (1080x1350, 271.13K)

>>507613356>do u wanna welcome women or notDude, we're here to play video games, not welcome women. If you have to change yourself to "welcome" other people maybe they're not supposed to be with you. This isn't marriage. There is no "give and take". You either like fighting games or you don't.

>>507615547Anon, you're a fucking retard. Discrimination has existed for thousands of years.

>>507613356Ahegao jackets? Roasty is toasty as hell but she's right about those at least. God I hate ironic weebs

But like, I am confused that the main twitter just did a couple innocent tweets and everyone is losing their minds BUT they aren't saying that Iroha needs to change her design? I am genuinely confused.

>>507614559>because things are bad, the reasons are irrelevantThings aren't bad though>lol stop being offendedYes, people need perspective that a tweet on twitter dot com has no bearing on anything greater. There was no real reason that should make anyone mentally stable "uncomfortable">culture isn't realCulture has little to do with it>>507615034>well the director said iroha wasnt in the base game because she "clashes with the atmosphere"I always took this as they just didn't want her to get sliced up otherwise japanese waifufags would get mad. She's extremely popular in japan so I'm sure people would get butthurt getting gored up.>>507614248Play-Asia always has fun with this shit since it's literally their business model>>507615731This guy was thirsting all over Iroha, who is he fooling?Also look how quickly they abandon the "we need to get the fighting game community bigger guys!"

Attached: CUsuSmEUsAAysAY.png (747x624, 383.23K)

>>507615731>>507615442So they complain about Fighting games being a sekrit making a sekrit club of their own.

>>507614886>Well sucks to you she is very popularSucks to you I can still go on boorus and fap to her normally instead of pretending I like playing her. looks like your opinion doesn't even matter, especially since she wasn't in the base game lol.>>507615034>well the director said iroha wasnt in the base game because she "clashes with the atmosphere">But its just a video game bro and every game has one or two stand out charactersdont care i'm vindicated i'm right, director said so himself. for real though he probably just wanted to jew out some dlc but yeah I guess I see your point, I main Raven and Yoshi in tekken so I'd be hypocrite to call out iroha for being too different. >>507614948>>507615549blackhands typed this

Attached: 1574098707084.gif (528x472, 230.84K)

>>507615442I was actually excited to buy SS for PC after Iroha's announcement (whenever it's coming out). I even own KOF 98 and KOF 14 on Steam.But after seeing them punish their employee for being a straight man, I don't know. It's just fucked up.What if I were in his place?

>>507615665(You) need to try harder. Niggers don’t know what a comma is

>>507615547>Can someone who does this explain to me why you think this way?Check out the screencaps posted ITT. Liberals hate the female form and anyone who openly likes it with a seething fury.

Attached: uncomfortable.png (581x360, 30.15K)

>>507607705You clearly don't play the game so shut the fuck up.

>>507613679A good friend of mine is a male nurse and this is 100% what happens.

>>507613347>Objectification is bad because it creates inherently more boring charactersThat is the only argument worth a damn. Everything else is subjective and looking for something to be mad at.Because if it was dudes or something like hot Ryu no one would care

Attached: 1587794564640.jpg (1000x661, 145.89K)

>>507616041>Literally post a picture with post number>N-NO! Ur whiteShit, I should post some titties, that's like your kryptonite.

>>507615863They can go that route if they want. It takes one exaggerated tweet to have a forced discussion about Iroha's design

>>507615930what was the original tweet to this?

>>507616107Shouldn't she be making up false sexual assault claims again rather than be worried about dudes jerkin it to tiddymaid?

I don't play the game and Iroha makes my penis the big penis. Thanks for listening.


This dumb drama smells like some bogging to me, Im fairly certain women dont even know what SNK is.

Attached: 771.jpg (600x600, 27.68K)

>>507600167Same, I hope this won't be the end of him

Attached: 1589229390487.jpg (589x500, 216.78K)

>>507613356giant fag

>>507616542only "women" that know SNK are wh*toid povertyfag trannies

>>507615665>>507616196>maybe if I keep pretending to be black they'll eventually believe me!Okay whitey

>>507616196>literally post titties>Haha fuck you scared of tittes whiteboiLooks like neither one of us has reading comprehension here. post more Iroha


>>507607705Get fucking styled on, retard.

Attached: 1588823814741.jpg (1024x788, 132.93K)

>>507616107They don't hate the female form, they just hate the female form that they can't be arsed to put in the effort to obtain.

>>507616236God this was so long ago. Funny times.

Attached: dina butthurt at play asia.jpg (649x327, 29.58K)

>>507607705based post making coomers seething

I hope the devs just look at this twitter SJW horse shit, laugh, and continue drawing huge titties and ass.

Attached: 1555895475836.jpg (720x720, 100.1K)

>>507614757You never played these games.

>>507617008White hands

>>507607705If youre selling characters like Iroha you have no right to act like horny posting is out of line.

Attached: 1589021940311.jpg (542x343, 61.58K)

>>507599874Nopan uhu

So these are the new Baikenfags?

>>507615731this coming from the guy who thirst after a pokemon character on a regular basis

>>507615976Buy the game and only Buy Iroha as DLC

>>507617240>Iroha>newfuck off solfaggot

>>507616984wow never knew how based they were. glad to still be buying from them.

>>507594568>The image that saved Holla ForumsI don't know about you, but Holla Forums has been slow as of late. Threads last longer, less replies, less content. Perhaps its true, all boards except Holla Forums and Holla Forums are finally dying out.

>>507594568>>507599678>>507600445>>507602094She's 15. Now you know why that makes normal people uncomfortable when you are promoting her as a sexualized woman on Twitter.Guy got banned and those creepy pics deleted. Good riddance

>>507617374White hands typed this post.

>>507617306You have no fucking clue what you're talking about, retard. Did you think Baiken was created for Xrd?


>>507617374>those tits >those thighs >that ass >15 years old lol

>>507617374What's 15? The code, the design, the disk the code is on? Iroha has been "15" for longer than you've been alive.

>>507617374Nice to see you back dude, did you know she has no official age? Did you also know she is both 2D and the personification of a fucking bird?

>>507617374ok so you cant sexualize a 15 year old but nobody has a problem that you can cut them in half in the same game either?

>>507617374If she's 15, I'm 15 too. Bitch.

Fuck whitey all niggas love big booty bitches

You guys dont play fighting games though


>>507617519>>507617525>>507617526>>507617565>>507617570>Responding seriously to an obvious trollYou anons have a lot to learn.The proper way to respond to trolls in threads like these is to call them white faggots or Karens.

>>507617374Do Americans really? Like actually get in trouble with the law over fictional character ages, or is this just a bad meme?

Attached: 1588092830946.png (474x200, 115.35K)

>>507617598No retard, the meme is that Holla Forums is shit at fighting games, not that they don't play them. Get out.

>>507617374>She's 15Wtf ok no fucking wonder that Twitter shitter got banned. What the fuck were they thinking>Put underaged girl with huge breasts and ass in skimpy clothes>Tweet lmao she's so fucking sexy I'd fuck her would you?Iduot

>>507617786Only the white ones.Since most of them live in Flyover Country, which is infested with prudes.

>>507613347Every single fictional depiction of anything in existence is an objectification of that thing. The very act of creating a fictional person is an objectification of any attributes that person has or is. Thus the only way to not objectify women is to not have any women in any sort of fiction, depiction, or photograph.

>>507617490Did I ever once say she was new solknuckledragger? sorry Baiken made you have to think instead of mashing buttons like you do VS everyone else.

>>507617786Absolute, leafs too.>>507617821Don't samefag.

>>507617741For example:>>507617821Okay Karen

>that one jew is still trying to act like he's black

>>507617320I bought a few games from them because of this, mostly just physical copies of games I had to pre-order online because local stores weren't carrying them. It's only a small handful, but might as well give a company I respect the business.

The absolute madmen

Attached: Based Play Asia.jpg (589x113, 9.27K)

>>507617741We all fucking know it's whitoid simps, faggots, and trannies that post shit like, this is nothing new. However your assumption that they're not serious and just trolling is just having too much faith in people. Jealous ugly white women aren't as active as you think outside twitter and facebook, it's their orbiters and simps that do the grunt work of the shitposting in places where they can't soak attention.

>>507617821>>507617374SHES A CRANEWHO GIVES A FUCK

>>507617786Generally speaking no. The only case of a pure underage illustration being prosecuted was some pedophile in jail for real CP who drew underage porn and showed it to the guards and he was charged and found guilty. It's a pretty bad precedent imo but the only time an illustration on its own was prosecuted. Usually they only go after people who also possess real stuff

>>507617374Iroha has no official age. On top of that she's also a fucking magical transforming bird, so who the fuck knows whats going on with her age

>>507618165Unless you're in Australia or Canada which legally treats the stuff 100% the same as the real thing.

>>507617374This is bait, you fools. I use this tactic to farm (You)s all the time. 100% success rate, if you were wondering.

Iroha's date of birth is unknown, let alone her age. Stop replying to the shitty samefag who keeps pushing the "15" narrative.

Hey how about that Samurai Shodown?You know? The fighting game?

>>507617493Krispy Kaiser, the SNK community manager

Attached: 1561141682380.gif (90x107, 11.87K)

>>507618086wait does this mean they deleted that horny post? what a bunch of cowards.

Attached: twitt.png (533x305, 44.89K)

>>507618157>She's a 200000000 year old crane alien with an adult body bro lmao it's legalHoly shit this is why I hate this place. Can't even argue right. It's like those Loli fags that defend their pedophile tendencies by saying the girl who looks like a child is a 1 million year old god

>>507618086Based, these fucking faggots threw the professionalism argument out the window when it was okay for Wendy and Sonic to do it.

Attached: 1456426574324.png (579x646, 410.64K)

>>507617374hey it's that smug_legend person i heard about on twitter

>hating a biological imperative Is it because trannies can’t have children without some sort of Frankenstein type science being involved? Is that why they hate women and men who give women attention, even if they’re fictional?

>>507618420She doesn't look like a child though faggot

>>507618372Yes, we're well aware, white user.

Can it save the shitty game it's from, though?

>>507604139I thought that super was just her getting naked and slicing them up

>>507618303On top of that if she was fucking born when she was designed, she's legally older than all the fucking faggots crying about her. So if a character doesn't look underaged, is physically old, is designated as legal, what exactly makes them "15" other than lacking crow feet on their face and having a chain smoker as a VA?

>>507618418It's ok, Playasia has been picking it up and retweeting shit like in protest of SamSho twitter being fucking dumb.

I've been seeing this whole >16 year old posts all over this site including pol Are we being invaded bros?

>tfw ArcSys twitter account can act unprofessionally all the time and get little to no criticism>SamSho twitter tries it once and get crucified The funny thing about this is that now everybody knows about Iroha and her release date compared to Mina and Sogetsu (Who I didn't know was out until I saw a video of somebody showing an unblockable oki setup with his water bubbles)

Attached: firefox_2020-05-12_00-34-32.png (741x762, 837.37K)

>>507618401I really hope SNK patches in rollback netcode because the game sucks online.

>>507618513Not in the MUGEN version. You know the one.

>>507618420>Tall>huge tits>huge ass>huge hips>has been around since the 90s>Is legal by every definition of the word>LMAO LOOK HER FACE DOESN'T EVEN LOOK 50+ SHE MUST BE NO OLDER THAN 5 YOU SICK FUCKSSimp harder faggot.

>>507618585Nah, just flyovers.White Americans have always been like this.

I started fapping standing still and it feels so goood, its like I fapped for the first time again

>>507618509Sadly no. SNK and Samsho are niche as fuck and very few on both sides of this controversy play the game, which makes the blow up of this controversy and bitching of SJWs even more stupid, it's not popular enough for anyone to care to bitch about

>>507618625>and get crucifiedIt was like 3 people.No, SamSho's twitter is just run by pussies, that's why it happened.And also Karen got super triggered so she siced all her SIMPs on their twitter.

>>507594568boring dull no sauce havin character, i'd rather play sf1 ryu than this stale popeyes biscuit

>>507618632Shit, if they can get Code Mystics to code rollback for it that'd be fantasticI wonder how hard it'd be to make rollback for the new game compared to the classics they've been giving rollback to

>>507618815He got crucified by his employers enough to get those tweets deleted and give an official apology.

>>507606608Mashers get fucking DESTROYED and it feels great every time.

>>507615930>Yes, people need perspective that a tweet on twitter dot com has no bearing on anything greater. Why are there threads about it then? it's just a tweet, right?

>love the face and hair of a woman the most>in this case love fellatio >Iroha has 0 good fellatio imagesTruly the worst timeline.

>>507617345How the hell is Holla Forums still thriving?

>>507602094But the Switch version is shit, doesn't even have consistent 60fps.

>>507618706>he's still tryingNo one's buying into it timmy.

>>507619062OK Karen

>>507618997/b/ I think is just pure porn now but I haven't been there in probably a decade.

Can someone explain to me what horny on main even means?

>>507614976La silicona.

>>507614072>>507613679>>507613736Get out, fag.

Attached: chamcham-samuraishodown-tk-artwork.png (1292x674, 1.16M)

>>507618529I hope they rectify this somehow, giving in to those morons is the worst thing you could do.

Attached: 1576120379205.jpg (640x360, 57.55K)

>>507619220Some people have two twitter accounts, a SFW one and a NSFW oneBeing horny on main is retweeting/posting/liking NSFW stuff on your SFW account

>>507613356>>507613001These people must die

>>507618967Because of the reaction to said tweet. Obvious rebuttal I expected but not the same thing at all.

>>507619347Absolutely fucking not, they gave an inch so it's over.

>>507619156now it's just adorable at this point.

>>507617786No. 2D is legal in the Land of the Free.

Attached: 1354004665161.gif (839x1363, 77.32K)

>>507618967/v/ is addicted to outrage culture and twitter in general.

Why do americans always reinvent the wheel thinking it'll bring great progress when it just pushes everyone back?

the only sad thing about this is even if that tweet would have been left alone not to many people would have picked up samsho

>>507619356I see.God twitter is such garbage. I only use it because all of these fucking nip artists using it instead of pixiv.

>>507619347Lolno.Whenever a company gives in they give in for good.No going back, they want that whitoid money BAD.

This was rated E back in 2000, what went wrong? Video games seem to be more of a target for outrage and censorship than TV shows and movies nowadays.

Attached: Sera's butt.png (1665x1530, 205.89K)

>>507613547She can speak for herself so fuck off with your micro-aggressions, you misogynist.

>>507619516/v/ is outrage culture.

NO BAIKEN NO BUY Right guys?

>>507619537rent freebitch made

>>507607970>yuzu>ram AND waifu>using gamer instead of coomerit's 2020 user delete this image

>>507619628>what went wrong?For Japan specifically, CERO. People underestimate how much CERO fucked things up and how much worse it is then the ESRB

>>507619689I've been a Baikenfag since X and only quit Xrd because I am fucking bad.

>>507619628Video games are more mainstream media now so it gets the same level of attention, if not more.

>>507619507Mississippi bros...

>>507619716Unintelligent swine.

>>507614521Who cares? No one plays fighting games on PC except Tekkucks.

>people defending fucking ahegao hoodies How? That's literally walking cringeshit.

>>507615442>Cries over people wanting to fuck a video game girl. >Has Karin as profile pic.

Attached: Karin.jpg (667x1000, 62.95K)

>>507614976Is this Dark Souls Thai Edition?

>core fgc values

>>507619909Gotta own them libtards man

>>507614248>> the fuck is this and why did they retweet it

>>507619909No one in this thread is defending them.

>>507619909They're shit because they're cringe and not funny. They're not shit because of "misogyny", "rape culture", or "muh women". They cry about things for the wrong reasons.

>>507619346>actually wearing ahegao clotheslol

>>507619909Because the moment you allow TOs to start dictating that you can't wear shit because you might offend someone is the moment you fucking lost.

>>507618086Is It the same CM?

>>507619837Don't worry, the map's almost entirely innacurate.Hence why no one has ever been arrested for just loli porn in Massachusetts.>>507619909Because it pisses off white people, which I find hilarious.

>EGS bad, Steam goodYou're not on reddit, nobody is here to give you upvotes.

>>507594568I hate this character and I didn't buy the game because I was afraid she would be in itThey better not put her in the next king of fighters

>>507616107Trannies calling straight people "Troglodytes". Eh.

>there are entire groups of people that come to 4chan not to discuss anything related to each board's topics, but instead to change the overall culture from what they consider a toxic and problematic one (neither are true) to one they consider safe and inviting, when they already have their own space that they consider safe and inviting.

>>507620084Wrong. It's literally porn and a ton of tournaments have parents and children in them.Dunno if you're just a stream monster that has never been to an actual event, but that is the case.TOs hold private events, they can do and should do literally anything they want. That's the wonderful freedom of the US.

>>507619507No one likes flyover shitholes, not even the inbred fags living in them

>>507600167>>507618404>>507616557Who cares?

Attached: 5c49cfd3497718fcc816556e5418f5d9.jpg (1200x1671, 331.91K)

>>507617786No, america is one of the jew major nations you can't get in trouble for itSome people try to pretend you can but anybody who ever has has had it tacked on on top of a sentence for real cp, the courts know they can't get away with prosecuting for that alone

Why is twitter against sexy females?

Attached: EXNHFpcVAAAECch.jpg (1500x3000, 255.62K)

>>507620214>and a ton of tournaments have parents and children in them.Tell white people to fuck off and stop bringing their kids then.

>>507618086Holy based!

Attached: 46fe04ba85b8d99c232b594511f10708.jpg (800x862, 80.57K)

>>507620340>jew*fewBut it is also a jewish nation, freudian slip I suppose

>all these contrarian tourists from Twitter itt defending cancel culture bsThis place is lost

Why does Iroha walk on one leg like a kabuki actor when the game already has a character for that shtick?

Attached: kyoshiro-altcol.gif (140x160, 25.56K)

>>507620214Fuck off tranny. Close your eyes if you don't wanna see a bunch of blushing cartoon faces.

>>507613114nigga you knoq aroo is like, one of the top samsho players, maybe if you kept up with the damn game you'd know that, retard

>>507620491I'm not in favor of cancel culture, I don't defend what happened but I can also laugh at irohafags because they deserve it for liking such a garbage character

>>507620509Because she's a fucking bird.

>>507620214Yet it's okay to have grown men in drag reading storybooks to elementary schoolers?

>>507620509Because it's a fucking crane

>>507620491It's just our resident "white" Amerimutts user, pay them no mind.

>>507619628>what went wrong?Americans, not even joking but cause of them videogames are treated in the same vain as fucking movies and TV shows like its one of the most lucrative mediums out there but more so in the west just look at AAA titles, specifically individual releases which sell like 30 mil alone compared to Nipland where it breaks past 10 mil at best

>>507619969>thaiThat's a goblino

>>507607970its funny bc people who "main" most of those characters never play the games they're in 99% of the time

>>507620694>>507620657>>507620509A fucking crane with an injured leg, to be exact.

Attached: EXnUqh-XsAIPHBD.png (837x897, 493.14K)

>>507619439>>507619586Then I hope they suffer somehow from this

Attached: 1555744812060.gif (200x200, 948.07K)

So what's her story? How does she turn into a person?

>>507620030Probably they have a bot who retweets everything with the MH hashtag.

>>507620660If the libraries want so then yes, that's freedom baby. I don't give a shit about that and believe they shouldn't. But if parents consent and the libraries also then whatever. Freedom>feelings>>507620518By the size of my hentai external, I'm a literal coomer. I dont want people to see that shit in public though. >>507620362>white peopleThis is the FGC, retard. Dumb stream monster, never ever been to a tournament lol

>>507620193nigga where did she say shes trans, afawk she's cis you fucking retard

>>507620896It's an old japanese folklore so probably just magic bullshit


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>>507620787Very based and very cute story. Disliking Iroha now is literally anti-asian racism when racism against asians is at an all time high and can't be tolerated

>>507620976>This is the FGC, retard.Nigga, the only people bringing their fucking kids to tourneys are white people and chinks who think they're white.Don't like it, don't bring your kids, fucking period.

>>507618997Basically what >>507619167 said. It lost its face years ago, but still retains it's community for being a more edgy version of /gif/, /soc/, /hm/, /s/, /h/, and /u/ all in one. Of course it's has shitpost threads all the time, bit it's very different now than what it was before

>>507620787Super Paper Mario mimiced this story a little. Count Bleck's assistant, Natasha, is heavily hinted to be a bat he saved from a trap one night. Just a little something.

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>>507620787>and flies away to never come back

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>>507594568Good lord now this is a BRAPPER

>>507621196If the TOs dont like it, then it's banned.They make the rules.Don't like it? Make your own tournaments, fucking period.

>>507621160it doesnt explain why she's a sexy kawaii maido though. take that 4chanlets

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>>507621231Why do Japs love their sad endings so much? Fuck them, you know 99.9% of men wouldn't give a fuck that they were fucking a bird woman.

>>507621281White people so scared of sex, lol.

>>507613001>"Nobody cares what any you dudes think"

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This is why you should just stay off twitter.

>>507621196run your own fucking tournaments then cunt, TOs decide what happens at THEIR events. also if you went to literally any major fgc event youd see fucking everyone bringing their kids

>>507621308Because the ninja maid is an old as fuck trope in anime.

>>507600137>made her feel like she didn't belong.Super sexy characters has been around forever in fighting games and Iroha is a returning character, and the fgc itself has its fair share of waifufags. They have a super sexy character being released and are expected to promote her, but someone expects everyone to pretend that aspect doesn't exist?Why would you willingly follow a game company that released SNK Heroines and be surprised and upset when that audience is also considered?

>>507620509Fucking casual, fuck off PlebbitorPlay the game first


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>>507621473White peopleScaredOfSex