Uh consolebros did we get too cocky will all the teraflops??

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How many generations now has


Once again, developers will just prioritise graphic fidelity over framerate because normalfags only understand WOW PRETTY GRAPHICS!


>article: at least 30fps>Holla Forums: ITS LOCKED TO 30You mouthbreathers are worse at twisting facts and yellow journalism than the journalists you criticize

>>507595741>believing a fucking word out of the mouths of people that haven't even played the gameIf the game ran at 60 in any way, shape, or form then they would not say at least 30. At least 30 means usually 30 after translation.

>>507595741well its not like they're going to announce "at least 8 fps"if they were expecting they would be able to hit 60fps they'd say 60 fps.

gotta appeal to your audience somehow and normies can't see past 30 fps

>>507596037Anon, this may be news to you, but there are numbers between 30 and 60

>>507596067This.That whole "At least 30 fps" sounds like they are desperately clawing at trying to get 30 fps but aren't there yet. You know if it ran at 30 but got framerate boosts up to 60 every now and again they would be all over it with "UP TO 60 FPS HOLYSHITOMGBUY"

>>507594196I just don't get it. Niggas have top of the line hardware, all the latest tech, software and techniques to maximize resources with variable shading, dynamic resolution, down to the metal Api's, etc. and they can't still pull off 60fps on consoles? Not to mention this isn't even a true next gen title either, it's a cross gen game.

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>>507594196This was a decision made by Ubisoft, to say next gen consoles can’t run this game at 4K60 is retarded.

>>507596318And I'm telling you that the game will have fps that drops below 30. Guaranteed. There is no fucking doubt about it. Not even close. The claim of at least 30 fps means the game will not run at any number below 30 fps. Is that what you believe? Is it really? Based on this single article written by someone relaying literal marketing speak by Ubisoft you believe it? You instead choose to ignore the past 20 years of Ubisoft games failing to meet performance standards?

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>>507596037>>507596067Wrong. If they even hint that they might have 60 and it doesnt turn out to be true, even if its just "mostly 60 but not constantly 60" the internet retards like you will start a shitfest about lying.Saying "at least 30" protects them from that retardation but still allows the possibility of doing higher. Grow up.

>mfw devs go crazy with the post processing effects next gen in an attempt to make their games look way better than the previous gneration and every game ends up looking like a shitty ENB while simultaneously killing the perfomance

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>>507596650see>>507596592Usually 60fps is not equivalent to at least 30. At least 30 means they're trying to raise the minimum to 30 but will fail. They always do. Usually 60 means they're trying to raise the minimum to 60.

>>507596650Marketers and journalists lie to your face and don't even apologize for it.


>>507595103It's utterly retarded though because it only looks prettier in stills, with actual gemplay in motion it looks and feels horrible.

>>507596318>there are numbers between 30 and 60Have you ever tried playing with FPS in between those numbers? It's the most horrible shit, you can notice everytime how the game runs at that and I'd rather lock a game at 30fps than play at 45

>>507596495It's precisely because they have access to all that extra bullshit that they cram in way too much to make it work at 60fps. They choose to have the game look good, in exchange for the game looking good and playing good.

>>507594338Literally all of them. Imagine spending more and more money on a console which is the exact same amount of power as when you were a child.Fucking embarrassing. And now days everyone can run 144hz or 4k for cheap on PC.

They probably don't want another AC Unity situation where they shoot too high with a new console gen with regards to the visuals and then realize the target platform can barely fucking handle it as it is.

Ubisoft games are a unoptimized mess, even on PC

So, what, a buttery 20FPS on playstation?

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>>507594196Why are developers so incompetent

>>507594196I doubt this is due to console limitations and it's just easier for developers to limit it to 30fps instead of working on optimization

>>507594338How many generations now has

>2020>still thinking consolefags care about fpsWhats the point in laughing at them if they dont care?

>>507599348because retards keep buying

>>507599416Pathetic. That doesn't happen, and PCs last a lot longer than a single console generation. My PC is 11 years old and I'm still getting 60 fps with modern titles.

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>>507594196Weren't xfags and snoy homos bragging about how they'll hit 4k 60 fps with just 500$ ? some were even delusional to dream about 120 frames on consoles at 1080. You'll be lucky if an open world game runs at 1080p and stable 60. Get ready for xbox two and ps4 2.0

>>507594196just enable different modes like a lot of games do on PS4 Pro and XboxX1080p60fps4K30fps

>120 fpsBitcoin miners seething

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>>507599416>3 times

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>>507594196I’m willing to bet the Sex can run it at 60fps but the PS5 can’t so they had to lock the framerate for both consoles.

>>507599868>racing game runs at whateverlet's see how complex open world games with a shittone of stuff going on will perform

>>507594464If the developers want to*Most developers don't give a shit.

>>507597378exactly, cod's popularity isn't in small part due to the gameplay feeling fucking good at 60fps

>>507600039>d-d-doesn’t countCope, seethe, dilate120 frames per second confirmed for release titles. Bitcoin mining gear is now obsolete

I can't fucking believe this. Hasn't 30fps/low fps been an issue since the fucking PS3?

>>507600396And those games run at those framerates on PCs too. Find me a game that runs worse on PC.

>>507594196>at least

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>>507594196If devs can't drop their obsession with graphics, I wish they'd at least give us the option to choose between lower res + high fps and higher res + lower fpsI really don't give a shit about 4k, I just want to PLAY the video GAMES.

>literally a cross-generational game that will be released on PS4 and Xbox One>Can't even run at fucking 60 on next-gen consolesJesus fucking christttttttttttttttttttttttt what in the fuck is wrong with the vidya industry?

What's the point of buying a basedstation 5 and xbox sex when they can't even run games at 60? Like really, what is the fucking point?I can save that money up to get me a pc instead that will run games at 60 throughout the whole generation, and then when the "upgraded" versions of the consoles come out 3 years later they still wont be able to do 60 as a standard.

>>507601321Yeah, bro. Individual PC parts are cheaper than AIO solutions. You're paying for a brand. Consoles are made from the cheapest parts that can be produced in the millions at the time of design which is about 18 months after their initial planning and 12 months after their initial release. That's how long the process takes to manufacture consoles that cheaply. You're always AT LEAST 2 1/2 years outdated on launch day of a new console and by that time you can get equivalently powerful PC components cheaper than what is included in those consoles. That's how this shit works, homie. Welcome to the industry.

>>507600039yep coping salty pc peasant coping already.

>>507594196Can you imagine how bad it'll run on PS5

>>507594338>>507597561weren't older consoles 60fps? like, before PS1 and N64

>>507602042Not every game ran at a smooth 60 in earlier gens, but many of them ran at 60 most of the time. This is mostly attributed to the sheer size of the games. Think of it like this.It's a lot easier to optimize 5MB of code than it is to optimize 5GB of code. A single person can go over 5MB of code to remove inefficiencies, but it's unrealistic to hire 1,000 people to go over 5GB of code for the equivalent level of optimization the 5MB game received.

KEK but retarded shitters will still buy next gen consoles

>>507602829You asked the question. You got the answer. You get PC parts of equal performance for less money. This has always been true. You're paying a console tax in addition to needing to wait for a machine that has less utility.

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>>507603035can't reason w/ low IQ, man. this is why i call them consolewomen

>2020 >consoles STILL can't do 60fpsWhat the fuck is fucking wrong with people?

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>>507594196>At least 30fpsWow really aiming high there aren't you Ubi.

>>507602456Your entire explanation goes out the window when you consider no games were that large on handhelds but they cut to 30 at the DS as well.The actual explanation is laziness because you'll buy it anyway. Why do you think most shit isn't new in AAA games? They're banking on the brand for you to buy it anyway.

>>507603035It’s not 2010 anymorePc component prices have inflated massively to the point where buying consoles is a better financial decision now for most gamers. Especially considering 99.99% of the games you run on pc can run on ancient hardware. I use a gtx750 and there are 0 new upcoming pc titles that will challenge it.You just got fucking dabbed on by youtubers shilling you garbage you didn’t needI’m not getting an Xbox, I’m shitposting. But genuinely believing buying a gayman pc in 2020 is a smart decision is fucking idiocy

>buying Ubishit>being surprised when Ubishit is actually Ubishito I am laffin

>>507603858>The actual explanation is laziness because you'll buy it anywayI don't buy consoles. Nothing about my post would prompt you to believe this. Take some time to read the shit you respond to.

And this is a surprise to anyone?

>>507594196No wonder there's so much Nu-Cuckbox shilling and astroturf right now. This piece of shit is already a disaster.

>>507603306they can, devs can't

>>507603894> I use a gtx750 and there are 0 new upcoming pc titles that will challenge it.what the fuck do you literally play at 720p under 20fpsyou retard

>>507603894>Pc component prices have inflated massivelyConsole manufacturers need to purchase those parts to make their consoles as well. If the parts are more expensive they're more expensive for everyone. >I’m shitpostingI doubt that. You just had nowhere else to run so you claim you were only pretending to be retarded. Even when you are trying to act like you're serious you're still being proven wrong. Even on as you describe ancient hardware you're still able to outperform consoles and don't need to spend $500 every console generation.

>>507594196It's okay vikings historically ran at a cinematic 30 fps

>>507604292modern means games from 2009 user

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>>507602042Yes, there were some shit games that have frequent dips like Super Star Wars, but most games back then targeted 60.

>>507594196so the xbox series x is equivalent to a 2080ti for 500 bucks.pcfags are laughing about this why?

This surprises no one, I remember ps3 promising 1080p 60fps before it launched.Never trust these shitty boxes to give you the best.

>>507603894>Pc component prices have inflated massively to the point where buying consoles is a better financial decision now for most gamersYou can build a PC for 2x the price of a console and have 4x the level of performance. It's a no brainer.

This for open world games that focus on graphics, how many are good if you ask?

>>50759419660 fps belongs to PC chads, sorry not sorry.

>>507605075A 2080 Ti will run it far better than that lmao.

>>507602042not really, a lot of games back on ps1 to even ps2 were locked at sub-30 fps levels. Some did, but so do some now.

>>507604292Starcraft, factorio, xcom, civ, endless, mincraft etcAll run perfect, why does anyone need better hardware when all their friends are just logging onto LoL, DOTA, csgo, valorant?>>507604357Price to consumer is not the same as price to manufacturer kek. One day you will realise that all the marketing worked on you. The esports shit, tubers, twitch, targeted ads, pc part sites etc etc. It’s all the same shit mate, you got dabbed into buying inflated crap. I have a thinkpad x200 that I play on half the time that runs all steams indieshit perfectlySteve mcjameson is better off with a sexbox for his new Bravia 4K panel than he is buying gaymen shit

>>507605456yes, those are the only games you dumb nigger

>>507605380not at 4k

>>507603894Consoles nickel and dime you. It's not a better financial decision.

>>507605456Empty words as you shill for consoles talking about how marketing is working on other people.

>>507605456>i dont need better hardware because I only play games that run on toasters anywayThen why would you need a console?

>>507605456>Price to consumer is not the same as price to manufacturerEquivalent performance parts for PCs are less expensive by the time consoles are released. That's the whole point made >>507601734 here that you ignored.

>>507604750damn bro......

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>developers don't want to optimize their shitwow, what a shockenjoy 200+ gig file sizes and stuttering framerates while you guys blame the least the games look pretty and "cinematic" though, right? you chose this future.

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>this is a xx60 range card in 2020Fuck zoomer nigger gaymen, you’re all retarded

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>A cross-gen game that won't be using assets entirely built for next-gen still can't get 60fps I'd almost want a built in 1080p/60FPS vs 4k/30 FPS option at the start of a game.

>>507605456>Starcraft, factorio, xcom, civ, endless, mincraft etcWow look at all those "upcoming games" you said won't challenge your 750.

Remind me how diverse Ubisoft is in the current year

>>507594196GOOD, 60fps is overrated and most eyes cant notice the difference.

>>507606220That thing will be outperforming the PS6 and the next Xbox after this unreleased one.

>>507605796It did for AC:O, Valhalla is just more of the same. The "pro" consoles struggled to keep 30fps at 4k even with their shitty medium settings.

>>507594196post >yfw console virgins will never EVER get to experience 60fps

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>>507606431One of my eyes sees in 40fps the other 20fps so I can see it

>>50760665020/40 vision eh? Lucky.

>all these pc gamers seething on their $1000 4channel and Dota machines

>>507606496for odyssey it only got in the mid 40s. this will presumably be even more demanding.

>>507606771I don't see you able to put forth a single argument in favor of console performance. All I hear is you whining that you don't know how to build a PC.

looking forward to the new console cope posts for this gen

Farewell sweet Nerevar, better luck on your next console generation.

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>>507606923I’m trying to explain to you that your blind allegiance to nvidia, intel and Corsair or whatever shit is exactly the same as people blindly following console brands. You are just being sold useless shit because you fell for fancy marketing. You are EXACTLY the same as the consolewar kiddies you pretend to be superior than. You respond the exact same programmed lines.Stop buying gaymen rgb chinkshit you retarded zoomers

>>507594196AssCreed is being ass. Not surprised

>>507607592Allegiance because I'm seeking the best value for my money? Eat my ass, loser. You're shilling for a console with garbage performance when you can make a PC that performs better for less money even if you don't already have a PC. The fact that you think PCs are all "gaymen rgb chinkshit" betrays your shill bias. You're projecting your zoomer mentality onto other people. Zoomers are the ones that only buy consoles and phones. PC users aren't pretending to be superior. They are superior. They get a 30+ year library with emulation and easy piracy on top of better performance and more utility. Consoles are defective, proprietary , more expensive PCs you are charged extra to access.

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feels good to be a Sony chad

>>507596650>Saying "at least 30" protects them from that retardation but still allows the possibility of doing higher.If they were trying to say that then the article is worded horribly, at least 30 doesn't project that 30 is the base and were gonna go higher, it projects we'll try to hit 30.

>>507608129It will most definitely target 30 FPS

>at leastwhy would anyone say "at least" unless they have multiple modes for different frame rates? this basically confirms a possible 60 fps mode or an unlocked framerate mode like hitman which is also "at least" 30 fps but can hit 60 fps.

>>507605437He's talking about pre ps1 and n64 games user

>>507594196I remember I bought Origins, and Couldn't even get a constant 60FPS and would constantly drop @1080p.This is with a 1080 and i7-6700kAsscreed games are just horribly fucking optimized.

>>507608360I don't Ubisoft has ever added additional modes

>>507608009> The fact that you think PCs are all "gaymen rgb chinkshit"They are, they have been for 5 years dickheadyou are unironically shilling for chinkshit for free. Not shitposting. Not having a laugh. You are ACTUALLY doing it for free.You are the consolewar babbie, you are the one shilling, you are the one doing it for fucking free

>>507608472there's no reason why a next gen console like the xbox can't run this game at 60 fps outside of shit developers. RDR2 can hit a full native 4k near locked 30 fps on an xbox one x with super detailed environments and character models yet ass creed is always like 1700p on the same console despite looking nowhere near as good. i bet RDR2 will be patched to be 4k60 in both consoles using xbox one x settings or higher. no reason for this game which looks worse to have worse framerate.

>All the retards over the past few months saying the xbox would have a 3700x + 2080tilmfao console kiddies never learn

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>>507608874>They areYou're wrong, and you're stupid for thinking this. >you are unironically shilling for chinkshit for free.You mean PC components? What company? They're competing you know. What you're accusing me of doesn't even make any fucking sense, retard. You think I'm shilling for competing companies simultaneously? You're ignoring every point to shitpost. All you're doing is demonstrating that I'm right when you can't argue a point.

>>507594330>CharlestonI don’t get it?

>>507609321Wake up nigger>competitionKekYou are doing it for fucking free

>>507609648That's what I thought, shitposter. You must get off on humiliating yourself.

>>507600032THIS.Sony will become the lowest common denominator in this generation so third party Devs won't bother optimising for specific hardware like they did with the original Xbox One.Only first party titles will have all the bells and whistles.

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>THIRTY>FRAMES>30meanwhile pchads are getting 360hz monitors

>>507608415it's okay, i never claimed to be literate anyways

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>>507599416Literally never, retard.

>>507599772>xbox twoUnderrage.

>>507610782Chin up user, we've all had those moments.


>just watched a RDR2 graphics comparison video >PC vs XB1X vs PRO all tested at 4k (PRO is fauxK)>PC has cleanest visuals >XB1X not far behind, pretty unnoticeable unless you compared it side by side, with slightly worse lighting and in some places textures/filtering>PRO is really blurry at times especially when it comes to objects in the distance or close ups with a lot of fine detail like beard hairs>for whatever reason expected the PC to be similarly priced to the consoles!>using a RTX 2080 which is like $700 on it's own and not including the rest of the system >XB1X is on sale for $200 frequently >PRO is also around $300-400Your dick measuring has no basis when you realize better experiences come at a significantly higher cost. If this console which costs like $400-$600 as a complete package with the latest cutting edge ryzen and RDNA 2 tech can't achieve 4k60 then don't expect a similarly priced PC to do that either. You'd probably have to buy a GPU which costs the price of the whole console alone to do that just like with RDR2.

>>507611760Rdr2 is just an awful port. And the ampere cards costing as much as the new consoles will easily do 4k60 (3700 & 3800). PC gaming is not necessarily a cheap hobby

>>507612247I meant 3070 and 3080 but you get my point int

>>507611760You realize you console apes sound like the same dumb niggers that were touting the "POWER OF THE CELL" for PS3, right? Lmao, Consoleniggers that couldn't plug in a video card to a PCI-E slot are talking about RDNA 2 like its currently out and games are benchmarked.

>>507595741A Fluctuating 60fps might as well be 30fps, it's unstable and could easily drop below the mark during this.

>its the year 2120>ps18 releases with nasa super computer specs>games still run at 30 framesgod i fucking hate it

>>507611760Absolute horse shit you god damn liar, the console rdr 2 has settings that are too low to replicate on PC. rdr2 on pc objectively looks better by several times and has the added bohus of 60 fps. Also just a friendly reminder than at xbonex is weaker than a fucking rx 470.>buh muh price le 30000 dolarydoosMassive cope from a console poorfag who probably originally called anyone who didn't want to waste 500 dollars on an underpowrred shotbox as poor.

>>507594338>le every game is 30fps on consoleDo PC ucks like ever go outside? Most Nintendo exclusives are 60fps as standard. It's only really the SO CINEMATIC Sony games that sacrifice frame rate. Most of the Ratchet and Clank games were 60. It used to be standard.

>>507594196>poorly optomised game with denovo installed>30fpsThey're lucky it's not 17fps

Asscreed would run at 30 fps even if the standard became 60. They can't into optimization on consoles at all. Or PC for that matter.

>>507612716Let me know when all console games are 60fps. Because all PC games are.

I wish console FPS would be reduces to 15FPS standard just so I could see their reasoning/rationale at defending it here.

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99% of people ITT would not be able to tell a 30fps game from a 60fps one. The graphical hit required for 60fps is not worth the benefits. Only racing games, fighting games really benefit from 60 fps.

>>507612760>with denovo installedconsole versions don't run denuvo fucking retard

>>507612625If its weaker than a 470 and still manages to have 90% as good of a look as the PC version with a $700 graphics card whilst being $199 itself makes PC look bad, not the console.

>>507613068>99% of people ITT would not be able to tell a 30fps game from a 60fps one.

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>>507613173oh, then why was Ass creed unity running between 17 - 24 fps?Checkmate bluehair devs

>>507612247>PC gaming is not necessarily a cheap hobbyIt used to be before it became popular and it will always be more expensive because each component commands it's own price and a lot of components suffer from price gouging like ram in the last 2 years, intel CPU for the last decade and nvidia GPU for the last 3 years.

>>507594196If that's going to be case in 90% of the games with shitty 30 fps just because of "muh 4K" then they all can eat dogshit. But that article literally says 30 FPS is BARE MINIMUM. Which means game won't go down below 30. It can run above 40 to 60 for all I care and it will be true. You are just a faggot who wants validation of spending 1500 on a fucking PC that's why you try to reflect articles lmao. We literally haven't saw next gen for fuck's sake.

>>507594196Shitbox shilling has died down drastically since this heartbreaking news.

>>507594196>Ubisoft>Ever prioritizing framerate

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>>507594196Was anybody really expecting 60+ to ever be the norm on consoles? XBSX is only twice the FLOPS over XB1X. Enough to double the frame rate or improve graphic fidelity but not both. I’m aware it’s better architecture and FLOPS aren’t 1:1 but in a general sense it’s still not enough.Besides, have you ever visited a friend or family member whose TV didn’t have the default motion plus effect turned on? It’s on by default and nobody turns it off. It makes most 30fps look like 60fps with input lag. But most people don’t know and don’t care. Probably the number one reason people claim to be unable to see the different from 30 to 60

>>507613715Every time>rumors and teasers>HAHAHA IT'S GOING TO DO 8K 120FPS SUPER SSD BLAST PROCESSING GET FUCKED PCKEKS>actual gameplay shows>it runs at awful framerates, with even worse loading times on release>w-who cares, i-it's still bang for my buck>proceeds to pay for their own internet and for batteries on a fucking controller>games end up on PC anyway and they look and run better on it>y-you had to spend over 1k>most PCs are built for little under 1000 and still outdo both current and nextgen consoles>>507613947I'm shocked people still even buy Ubisoft trash, every single game consists of some of the most boring open worlds to see the light of day.

WTF! I have put away my fucking 1200 bucks stimulus so I can buy the Ps5 and series x and its going to only be 30 fps? I guess the cost is still less than a pc that can do 60 min.

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Christ. I can't imagine how terrible the PS5 version will be then. 1080p 30 fps? If I had to buy a console to play this game I'd still buy the Xbox.

>>507613541It never was. I remember buying the GTX 7900 in 2006 for like 500 bucks. If you want top of the line stuff it'll simply cost you

>>507612386its not though. fluctuating 60 is amazing on console with freesync

>>507614351yeah xbox series x is weak ps5 is rip


>>507594338Even old NES/SNES games would drop frames and flicker like crazy when too much shit would hit the screen.

>>507597395That's a retarded way of playing. 45 fps is actually pretty decent. I choose 45 over 30 everyday. But that's mostly because PCs doesn't have tech to improve frame pacing or screen tearing issues when consoles don't have those mostly. Only Master Race things retard.

>>507594196This makes no sense. The consoles are using 8c/16t Zen 2 based CPU's at base clockspeeds. I get that some parts were left out due to console OS optimization, but why are they limiting it? >Inb4 "Hurr durr, it's not Zen 2!!!"No, they can't lie about this. Not to investors or the public, because undoubtedly somebody is going to pull apart one of these SoC's and analyze it, and if they discover they don't have Zen 2 based CPU's, it would be a huge bombshell and clusterfuck. It seems Ubisoft is purposefully limiting framerate on next gen consoles.

>>507614792Some Sony fans in another thread told me simply having an SSD doubles framerate so I'm sure it'll be fine.

>>507599013DMCV, MGSV, Doom, literally every COD. Git fucked retard. Kys since consoles has actually 60 fps multiplat games.

>>507615415Brb on my way to good buys to a 44gb ssd to hit that 4k res and 114 FPS.

>>507599651Enjoy 800x600 res lmao.

>>507615415>BU BU BU SNOY Every time

>>5076153568 core 16 thread, HOLY SHIT IT MUST MEAN ITS A 3700X!!!!

It’s only a matter of time until post processing 60fps is the norm. AI-assisted frame interpolation will be a thing. Visibly 60fps that control like 30fps with input lag. Just like how nvidia has DLSS, something like that will appear on consoles to supplement reconstruction techniques. 15% of the GPU overhead used to upscale both resolution and frame rate so a 540p 30 FPS game can be 4K and 144fps

i cant believe there's people who still play assasins creed, those gmes are stuck in 00's game design doctrine

>>507615784I'm only referencing the current narrative. Am I wrong?

>>507616125>It eats monsters for breakfast!!!!kekAt least you've got that three year old Kickstarter scam to show the beast's power haha

>>507606532Gwen is so sexy. Built for Ben.

>>507616253What? So does the SSD double the frame rate or not?

>>5076051792080Ti won't run it 4K/120 either? Are you retard?$2000 PC can't even maintain 4k60 so what makes you think a $500 console can?

>>507611760I used to believe this. I'm playing 1080p 60 fps on high to max on every game and I paid 550 for my build. Just take the redpill user. It will be alright.

>>507616871Isn't that also crunching through Denuvo's bullshit?

>>507613285Not even close to 90 percent, deluded consolenigger.

>>507594196keep coping console peasants

>>507613032Salty pc cucks, go back playing your 2007 garbage looking and playing game.

>>507597561Nope. That was a trend that began with the Xbox 360. Most PS2 games ran at 60.

>>507602456No video game has anything approaching 5GB of code.

>>507594196This game is going to run like ass on PCs too. Not that the new consoles are amazing but if a cross-gen game is only getting 30fps on the new consoles then something is wrong.

>>507603035>>507603194Keep on copping and justifing your $3000excel machine

>>507594196>UbisoftWho the fuck cares, seriously? People who still play the putrid shit they release should just fuck off from Holla Forums.

>>507618441They only play Zoomnite and Dota 2 or CS GO all day to talk about their 300 fps when no one cares about those. 3A gaming on PC is dead.

>>507594196>shitty devs continue to shit out unfinished and unoptimized games well into the futureWow, this is totally unexpected!

>>507599651>bro look I play modern indie games at 60 fps with my 11 year old PC.

>>507618505It's an example to illustrate a point. Even if you double the code from 5MB to 10MB in order to get the equivalent amount of work done you would need to hire another person to do the work which increases the development costs or time to develop the game and still retain the same level of optimization. The point is it takes more and more people to optimize code and it reaches a point where it's no longer worth the investment to make it very optimized when technology advancements can simply make kind of optimized good enough. Continue this process for 30 years where developers rely on stronger and stronger hardware to mitigate their sloppy coding and you get poorly performing games simply as a result of it being near impossible to optimize a lot. There's a limit to how much a single person can optimize in any given time, and hiring even more people isn't going to really solve the issue when they don't have time to even look at all the code let alone figure out how to make it more efficient.

The "in-engine gameplay" they showed didn't look any better than Odyssey on the One X. How the fuck did they not get it running at 60 fps?

>>507618667This, JEWplay messed with the performance of the last two witcher lite ac games. It’s trash regardless of platform

>>507619226>bro look I play modern games on consoles at ~20fps>and it only cost me ~$600

>>507619269Jewbisoft simply doesn’t care about optimization. Most western devs don’t

>>507618441>pausing your movie to shitpost on 4chinzGo away

>>507596557>Sony paying off third parties to deliberately gimp Series X performance of their titles to sabotage the reputation of the SeX's power

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>>507617154a 1080 by itself is still like $400

>>507618461>Nope. That was a trend that began with the Xbox 360. Most PS2 games ran at 60.

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>This gen both Microsoft and Sony have stated that they're targeting 60fps and higher>Doesn't mean a thing when lazy devs won't bother optimizing it since they've been getting away with 23 frames for yearsThat's pretty sad. I was actually pretty interested to see if consoles would actually manage to at least maintain 60fps across games.

>>507619641>Snoy is broke!!!! PS5 has no games!!!!!!>wtf Snoy paid off Ubisoft to make the SeX look bad!!!!!!!

>>507594196I, for one, am glad to know that the game will take full advantage of the hardware.

>>507594196Why wouldn't they?It's not a shooter, and they pride themselves on graphical fidelity. And the gams have always been perfectly playable at 30fps.I'm not surprised at all they'd continue that, considering they suck shit at optimization anyway.

>>507596318not on a television

>>507606443>10.6TF of power on a 2080ti>PS5/Series X output 12TF+nigga do the match, AMD already say RDNA 2 is 50% more powerful than a 2080ti

>>507594338Too fucking many

>>507620990Hollow words. Start talking shit when the things are in customer hands.

>>507620639Because it's a cross gen game that is going to look the same on both gens.

>>507594196The engine is dogshit, it does not support numerous modern hardware features and in general is poorly optimized.Fuck Ubisoft.

>>5076209902080Ti is 13.5, 15-16 actual.

>>507609278is that the real wocat?

>>507621094It'll look best on nu-gen, and like Origins/Odyssey on old-gen. Why would they care if people want more frames?Maybe, bigass maybe, we get a performance mode for 1080/60, but that's a huge ass maybe.