>has a hallucination of Aerith dying>tear rolls down his cheekHe's going to save her this time, isn't he?

>has a hallucination of Aerith dying>tear rolls down his cheekHe's going to save her this time, isn't he?

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Yes, he will

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>>507593185No he will become a hobi again

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>>507593185No its a premonition.He's going to cry like a bitch while the whole time it strobes the ending of Crisis Core

>>507593185I will throw a fucking tantrum if those cowardly fucks don't turn Aerith into a shish kebab.

>>507593185>he dies instead of her would that be based or cringe?

tfw gonna attack my gf at the temple of the ancientstfw gonna murder her at the forgotten citytfw gonna fusion ha with sephiroth to defy destiny

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>>507593185I want part 2 now.

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>>507593185UHH AERISBROS>the scene were Cloud sheds a tear after Aerith tells him she is still not sick of him has the same affect as the scene where Marlene suddenly gets spooked by Aerith>it probably means someone is getting memories from the lifestream>also the opening theme suddenly starts to play>we all thought it's because he remembered the forgotten forest>but in Japanese Aerith says to Cloud word for word what she wrote to Zack back in Midgar, that she can sum up all her 23 wishes in one "I like to spent more time with you">Cloud does a strange gesture with his right hand>When Zack reads about Aeriths wish he held her letter in his right hand>If you get Aerith event in chapter 14 she will tell Cloud his feelings aren't real

>>507593832It would be pretty based

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>>507594276Yeah, that's what I got out of that scene too

>>507594342this is mega cringe

>>507594164In 5 years

>>507594394Cloud died for Holla Forums sins

>>507593571If she does again he definitely will, it’s over

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I have never played the original or a FF game ever. Should I play the original first? What am I in for gameplay wise?

>>507593842>fusion with sephiroth>bodies merge in ecstasyhaha can you imagine?


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>>507594276This. Also normally when he gets vision from the future, well he literally sees a glimpse of the future, but that wasn't the case in that scene I think he literally got ZACKED

>>507594276What does it mean? Enlighten me user

>>507594276>>507594386your mind is rot


>>507594276What the fuck are you on about?

>>507594709I never thought about this but you're right he never saw that forest scene. So what does it mean tho?

>>507593185He will TRY...

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>>507594638don't deny meembrace me

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>>507594939It obviously has something to do with Zack, but till part 2 we only can guess.

>>507594276Can someone post the CC scene?

>>507594939Because if he literally saw the sleeping forest it would be too on the nose. But Aerith walking away is blatantly a reference to it

>>507593185No they said the same general story will be the same and Aerith dying is crucial to the game.Shit like Jessie, Biggs, and Wedge surviving have literally no impact on the story.

>>507595279But all the the other time Cloud literally sees the future/OG, so they had no problem with being too open about it. Also that part about her repeating what she told Zack while going to their old dating spot is just one too many coincidence

>>507594582Thats how its going to go down user

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>>507593185I think we have a bigger problem here on our handWill part II fix her ass?

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>>507595678hey user I got all the answers to your headcanon shit right here come on

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>>507595927no we went into the bad timeline


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>>507593185She will be saved, but then you'll have to go back to the original timeline where she's dead, because it's the only one where Sephiroth can be defeated.

>>507595678Well, what does it a mean?

Are the side missions worth doing?Like do they unlock any worthwhile weapons or story scenes? Because some of them are fucking boring. The music collecting one in particular. Although I’ll concede that betty’s dance is cute.

>>507593185Most likely.

>>507593185I'll take back everything bad I've said if the next game forces you to kill Aerith to proceed. The ass blasting would be palpable.

who's winning the ass wars bros??

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>>507595927We killed the time jannies we are stucked with Skeletor aerith


>>507596305what ass, i see four planks

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>>507596210You need to do all side quests to get the second elemental materia and in hard mode they give you manuscripts

>>507596305>dress aeris is still a asslet Fuck

>>507595756I want to believe he’ll save her

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>>507596194Wait 10 years for part II

>>507595678What are you talking about

>>507595927>>507596305Holy fuck Aeris is almost comically flat

>>507596305>Even redress Aerth is a plankAll my dreams and hopes are smashed.

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>>507593185iirc, wasn't saving Aerith going to be a possible outcome in the original game that got cut during development?

>>507595678Sorry but that’s nonsense. All of Cloud’s visions have been things he experienced in the OG and and the Sleeping Forest dream is really important to him since it’s the last time he sees Aerith alive before she dies, hence the tear. There is no indication whatsoever it has anything to do with Zack

>>507594276There is something up with that scene.

>>507596305None of them that's for sure.

>>507596796That's exactly it we never saw the sleeping forest even though literally all the other time we see the future they literally show us. So this was something else.

>>507596796Cloud never got anything personal from Zack, memories or feelins. All he got from him is his fake persona.


>>507593387Is this meant to be a spoiler lmao

>>507594716It means that if you go for Aerith you are in to get cucked by Zack

>>507597249absolutely delusional secondary

>>507597383We'll see when Zack turns out to be alive on the next part because the ending scene wouldn't make sense otherwise

>>507596305haha show me barret's model faggot, see who truly has the biggest ass

>>507597631makes perfect sense

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I wonder if Nomura likes Zack more than cloud.

>>507596305why are they affraid of making characters attractive? and i mean not over the top stupid bimbo style, those are literally planks

>>507594716>>507595192>>507596869>>507597631>>507597249Nips are already on the casetwitter.com/GAAAysgMMME/status/1257441346849247237

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>>507597841fujos were a mistake

>>507597841That's actually pretty interesting, can you post the vid?

>>507597708He made Zack a degenerate womanizer in KH so I doubt it.

>>507598059Here it's around 15 minutes

>>507598139correct characterisation

>>507598139He's really young in KH though

>>507597841Somebody translat pls

>>507598185fuck*here youtube.com/watch?v=3s1Xu7koqmM

>>507597681In the ultimania they already make clear that he survived


>>507595927This looks awful>>507596187Tifa has a cute but tho

>>507597812Because you are not meant to >>507597708see their models like that. As you see in some characters cases they aren't even modeled without their clothes. Aerith literally does not have a mid section.

>>507597841Honestly what the duxk are they even going to do with Zack. Shipping bs aside, Zack death is detrimental to Cloud's character arc. Him being alive fucks it up.

>>507598307>not being able to use google translate to get the gist of itWhat's wrong with zoomers?

>>507598723English, dude

>>507593185What if Cloud kills her this time around?


>>507598516In an alternate timeline, yes. Cloud's entirely everything makes no sense if Zack is alive.

>>507598723I wonder if cloud will sacrifice himself to save Aerith and Zack will become the player character. Or maybe the theory about cloud being the next vessel is true and Zack has to fight cloud.I dunno. Sounds kinda lame.

>>507598880Yeah, I agree even though it's a AU timeline it already takes a lot away from Cloud same with the idea of Aerith surviving.

>>507597841So are they going full Zack=Cloud?

>>507598723Nothing, Zack being alive was an example of how being freed from fate led him to have another destiny.It's another thing they can do later, a spin off in game or light novel form. Zack being alive in the alternate timeline will literally have 0 impact in the remake.

>>507599140lol no

>>507599140They’ve made Cloud act less like Zack so no

>>507599034That just means that in some timeline Cloud will not have SOLDIER autismo and will continue being a loser and AU Zack will probably bone AU Aerith.

>>507599150You are crazy if you think that AU Zack won't be relevant to the game in some way. That shit needs to be explained, also ou can clearly see that Aerith sensed something before they go through that portal

>>507594663>>507594663Damn, I really got to make time for a second play through on Hard.

>>507599140it would fit with chapter 14 Aeris statement with Clouds feelings not being real. So maybe?

Aerith's english VA is streaming the game on Twitch. She is pretty cute.

>>507599140I think so at least from what Aeris said and that tear scene, I think they will at least play around with that idea.


>>507599391As I said it's most likely spin off bait. They can later release a light novel of even a game and call Crisis Core 2 where you play as Zack against Sepiroth or some shit.Unless there is some crazy Nomura thing and timelines literally merge with each other, AU Zack shpuld have no impact whatsover in the Remake and I hope to God that Nomura doesn't turns FF7 into KH lite even more.

>>507599745I doubt it.

>>507600117Did you ever see how SE handles these thing? All of that shit matters even some retarded mobile game tells crucial parts of the story, there is no doubt that Zack will get more involved with the story as time goes by.

>>507599724I checked to see and how can people watch someone just babble about nothing, just play the game

>>507595927L-lightning-San!?! Is that you!?!

>>507599724>thank subs for 2 hours>play game for 20 minutes>end stream

>>507600380Zack being alive creates several complications for Cloud's entire character and estabilished persona in the early/mid parts of the series. In the Remake he can't even HEAR the dude's name without having a major breakdown.So explain user how would you introduce AU Zack into the remake storyline without fucking Cloud's arc up?

>>507600474>>507600638Her chat is full of simps but at least she is easy to hear and look at.

>>507595927What kind of bodytpe is this?

>>507593185Can we at least all agree with:Cloud/TifaZack/AerithSo Holla Forums?

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>>507600884No, fuck off

>>507600884Pretty much.

>>507600884If I'm honest it looks it's going that way

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>>507593185i thought the same but not that i think about it it would be such a great troll to build up to saving aerith and then the exact same death scene from the original, no updates, happened.

>>507600884I'm still waiting for Yuffie

>>507600884Well, Cloud and Tifa are a given, but Zack and Aeris are still up in the air

>>507593185>He'll save AerithYou fucks never played FF7?

>>507600884yeah, and it's boring


>>507596305Where's Kyrie?

>>507600884I guess it's leaning towards Cloud/Tifa but lots of things can still happen

>>507601209Yes and? Did you play the remake?

>>507600884For me it's Yuffie/Vincent

>>507600884This game follows the compilation so the chances are really fucking high.

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In Advent Children despite living together, Cloud has still not put a baby in Tifa. Is he a faggot?

>>507601407>Yes and? Did you play the remake?Yes I played both.What happened with Cloud between the Golden Saucer Keystone for Temple of Ancients and Aerith getting stabbed?Seriously you fuckers need to think.Now if you talking about the Zack timeline the yes Zack will do everything to get stabbed instead..

>>507600884no. aerith and nanaki, tifa and barret.

>>507601484Vincent is for ShelkeFor real though how the hell did she end up in World of Final Fantasy

>>507593185>He's going to save her this time, isn't he?No, but Zack might

>>507601653He is sterile because of the mako jizz


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>>507601209>he doesn’t know

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>>507601878They why did Hojo want to breed Aerith with SOLDIERS?

>>507596305>Cloud has a thicker ass than Aerithwhy

>>507601656Then you saw the last few words of the game didn't you? They're pratically telling you that different shit is going to happen someway and somehow. And it has for this entire first part to make sense and for the remake to be the final part of the FF7 compilation that they want. I'm not saying that Aerith will be saved somehow, I'm just saying that there is a possibility that she CAN be or that at least her death will be postponed.

>>507602073he squats

>>507600884Cloud is for Sephirot.

>>507602012Those faggots didn't get mako poisoned.


>>507598723Zack is dead. No matter how similar this alternate timeline Zack is, is still fundamentally a different individual from the one that Remake!Cloud knew in his past, and the survivor!Zack has his own survivor!Cloud with him, and it's that other Cloud that will demonstrate to us how important Zack's death is in regards to remake!Cloud.

>20+ years>people still shipping Aerith like it's ever going to happenDelusions aren't healthy.

>>507598813Sorry phone fag

>>507600884The remakes are/Will be bundled up versions of the compilation and if the compilation did one thing right than it was to cement Cloud and Tifa, Aerith and Zack. So yeah my guess is it will go that way again.

>>507600380Holy shit this is what ruined KH. I hope they dont do this shit with FF7

>>507602736in 2027 when everything is over I'm going to make a compilation video of all their cute scenes together set to American Football - Never Meantgonna get so many youtube views

>>507602736I think most people know by now it will not happen

>>507602981>I hope they dont do this shit with FF7I mean. I don't want to spoil you but they did it back in the day with the spin offs from the original already. Expect every detail to matter in some way.

>>507599516It was confirmed that she said that so Cloud doesnt become a hobo again


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>>507601653Because Cloud is depressed because she isnt Aerith

>>507602098>Then you saw the last few words of the game didn't you?Yes and multiple timelines and scenario has been a thing since they ever release FF7.Why do you think FF8 is Nojima tackling time, colored wings (black/white), which is shit he wants to bring back to FF7 later via Lifestream White, Lifestream Black, AC, Crisis Core and the overall compilation shit which even changes the aspects of Wutai and Avalanche.>They're pratically telling you that different shit is going to happen someway and somehow.How are you fucks barely realizing this NOW?>And it has for this entire first part to make sense and for the remake to be the final part of the FF7 compilation that they want.OG FF7 is already confirmed as the true ending.FF7R is just a part of the timeline that involves a different ending. Aerith being alive means jack shit if is Nojima goes with his, everyone but your 3 selected die in the Midgar drop.>I'm not saying that Aerith will be saved somehow, I'm just saying that there is a possibility that she CAN be or that at least her death will be postponed.BRUH Nomura confirmed that Kitase wanted to kill EVERYONE except for 3 you select 3 years ago.

>>507594342They've already done jesus sacrifices with XV and X it's overplayed. >>507593185>intro theme plays adding to the mystery I unironically thought it was pretty kino. I might bawl if he manages to prevent her death and then they both start crying tears of relief because they were certain it was going to happen.>>507596518>genuine romance sprinkled on topI would buy a collectors edition of all the parts. >>507600884Having only played the original and watched advent, I disagree, I liked the love that could never be angle with cloud/aerith. Whenever I get around to playing Crisis I might agree with you.

>>507593185They're going to make you think that, then kill her anyway so they can still get some emotional impact out of it.

>>507595927>>507596187Why did they make Aerith so awful looking and Tifa so hot?


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>>507604343Based Nojima


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>>507602736I know this is going to be new for you but...You don't need to ship two characters BECAUSE they will happen. Mayhaps some people just like their interactions?

>>507603678Brother we know from the OG game that the ending was not a GOOD ending for humanity. The planet got it's way but humantiy ended up extinct later on, we know from Dirge that Advent's Rain of healing may have healed Midgard but didn't stop Geostigma from other regions. We know some fundamentally different shit is going to happen based on Sephirot and Aerith's obvious knowledge of the future so c'mon don't be so presumptous as to assume that you certainly KNOW what the Remake's ending will be.

>>507601484>Yuffie/vincentWhy is this so popular, where did it come from? It's not just because they're both optional, right?

>>507605647>Brother we know from the OG game that the ending was not a GOOD ending for humanity.Yeah it's just the true ending.>The planet got it's way but humantiy ended up extinct later onYes and no. Since the "planet"/"lifestream" created the "humans" to help with it's healing.Yet due to Jenova that wasn't a perfect plan and neither was the weapons.>we know from Dirge that Advent's Rain of healing may have healed Midgard but didn't stop Geostigma from other regions.Yes Jenova's influence on the planet is not an easy fix.>We know some fundamentally different shit is going to happen based on Sephirot and Aerith's obvious knowledge of the futureHas nothing to do with them.Has everything to do with the different takes they wanted to make with FF7.>so c'mon don't be so presumptous as to assume that you certainly KNOW what the Remake's ending will be.You can assume, based on Nojima's take on the concept of, "muh multiple timelines/scenarios" that Aerith surviving from the stab being a thing or not doesn't matter. It is weather she will survive or if she will die at all.

>>507606192>Why is this so popular, where did it come from? It's not just because they're both optional, right?AC/DoC, maybe?

>>507606441No it's been around since before then

>Beat OG7 for the first time in 10+ years yesterdayMan, I forgot how ungodly based Birth of a God was. The whole latter part of the game is pure KINO.Crisis Core though...it's something.

I wish square Enix would care about plot and character development as much as these dumb fucks on this thread.

I just want Zack to be back. He's such a good lad, and SHINRA robbed us of him.FUCK HOJOFUCK JENOVAFUCK SHINRAFUCK HOLLANDERAND FUCK NOMURA

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>>507607003shut the fuck up onsokumaru

So if they let Aerith live how will they handle the stuff that happens in Disc 2?I mean there is a lot that could stay roughly the same, namely the Huge materia quest, the Weapons, raiding Midgar, even fighting Sephiroth. The main thing that seems would have to be adjusted is Cloud's mental breakdown and subsequent healing, since Aerith would clearly be involved in that.

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>>507607051Why did they wanna kill him in the first place? They should have just sent him to the hospital and then have him report after he healed

>>507604343Yet Cloud friendzones Tifa hard because he cant get over Aerith

>>507607137He slaughtered a bunch of grunts

>>507607097The part where things started to really click for Cloud is when he remembered how all the kids and Tifa were treating him back when he was a kid. I don't see how Aerith can help with that.

>>507606332I don't understand why you are assuming that the Remake ending will be the same as the original when they literally killed what was trying to make them follow the original plot.

>>507607137Zack Fair died on that tanker five years ago

>>507607137over 15k confirmed kills, the only casualty on his side is him

Meanwhile in XIV.

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>>507607430That was after he woked up.


>>507608412>Cloud, do you remember what day tomorrow is?

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>>507599150>>507602545It's not an AU, it's this game's timeline.>main branch AVALANCHE which didn't exist before>assassination attempt on the president which didn't happen before>Shinra so desperate to get rid of AVALANCHE they blow up their own reactors>AVALANCHE HQ bombing Shinra HQ and sending in a rescue for the teamAll Zack's doing. He leads AVALANCHE's main branch, which is way larger because people are actually willing to follow an ex-First Class SOLDIER.


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>>507608694play Before Crisis


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>>507609068implants tier

>>507608669April 30th, is there something special about it? I can't remember sorry.

>>507608694Absolute retard. Explain how Cloud has his sword and his autismo PTSD. Also explain why Zack would NEVWR contact Aerith or why he would leave Cloud alone.

>>507609385>why Zack would NEVER contact Aerith

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>>507603291It's over, Cloud's days as a non hobo are finished

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I haven't played ff7r yet, but I assume>He saves her >Time ghosts reverse it>She dies

>>507612164we killed them ghosts dead son

>>507612164It doesn't even get that far.Barret dies however.

>>507612164The time jannies were BTFO

>>507610714Its his destiny ti become a depressive hobo user... not even Tifa's big titties can fill the void Aerith left

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>>507593185>>507593387>>507594342>>507595756>>507596518>>507600884>>507601062>>507603401Zack won.youtube.com/watch?v=ugJO4rttYcE

>>507613443In death. But seriously. Zack and Aerith are still going to wind up dead.

How many fucking parts are there going to be?Midgar is like 20% of disk 1.

>>507613849Hard to guess now with how the ending of the game went and if we are getting an open world or not

>>507613849i say 3. im mostly curious about how saves are gonna work especially with a generation hop.

>>5076138493 or 4

>>507614031I have so much experience from grinding materia and doing hard mode so I really want to be able to just wack one enemy in part 2 and gain like 10 levels

>>507610714>>507603291>>507611425>>507611647Is Clpud meant to be a hobo after he saves the world? Shit nan...that depressing cant he learn to move on?

The Becky Aerith:>no ass>no tits>gets killedThe Stacy Tifa:>nice ass>huge tits>doesn’t get killed

>>507613849>Imagine paying 60 dollar for a one citySquare Enix shills are pathetic

>>507609631>"I can't sleep at her house, I guess I'll just ghost her forever lol"

>>507593387>>507594342>Somebody actually posted this unironically What happen to this board?

>>507607613Didn't say it will be like the original. I'm just saying that people don't even bring up the original in the proper context.Cloud is a mess by the time that happens so the 7 seconds makes sense. It wasn't Cloud being just awestruck because Sephiroth made a dramatic descent, Just because they know it will happen doesn't mean that can stop Sephiroth.The same Sephiroth that fucking teleports around when he wishes it. Unless it's somehow implied he's using Dio's, Za Wurdo every time he's doing it and it last 7 seconds. Meaning that the Time Materia's "Stop" lasts 7 seconds now.

>>507615116Remake threads are notoriously infested with ginormous hamplanets, who can't go five minutes without bringing up their autistic OTP.

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>>507614031My guess is that they're not going to bother with a save transfer at all

>>507593185Probably. Then she will realize they fuck up, her prayer wasn't able to reach the planet, and worst yet, the lack any allies inside the lifetream, so she will have to self sacrifice herself later in the game. Even "worst", without the shock of being unable to save her, he wouldn't get his late game therapy, and Sephiroth will mess with his head even worst than before.They just want to make this hurt again. Even if you know is coming, they want to give you hopes. Then Crush them.

>>507593185cloud's going to die this time so zack and aerith can live.

>>507615079Yakuza games.

>>507596191Are we clear that Sephiroth wants Cloud to save her, right? Like, he knows she being in the Lifestram and all, is the biggest reason he keeps failing.

>>507617489I don't think it's that clear at all. He only taunts Cloud once about Aerith when they meet on the street (The "you can't save anyone including yourself" line).

>>507593185If they're really gonna change it drastically, pick one of these:>In the DLC timeline, Zack survives but Cloud dies shortly after his fight with Shinra mooks. This means Aerith and Zack live, but Cloud and Tifa will die in their place in this timeline>In the "normal" timeline, Aerith will live and she will get cuter and better, but SE will SUBVERT EXPECTATIONS and kill her at the very end to emulate the feeling of OG FF7 and killing her later in the game so new players that knew of her normal death get their hearts broken >Cloud is given a choice to literally alter tine and save someone>He will save Sephiroth and create a new timeline in which Sephiroth, Cloud and Zack destroyed the entirety of Shinra together and they work as a new group of whatever Alternatively, I will also remind you today that no matter what timeline, Genesis is still alive and well. That's all.

>>507617732But still, if he is truly AC Sephirtoh, he knows how things go even better than Aerith, and by all means, killing her was his downfall. From allowing the party to obtain Holy, Cloud getting his therapy shock to overcoming him, and even in AC, Aeirith keep sabotaging his plans from the Livestream.If Sephiroth really wants to change the timeline in his favor, that's the breaking. He needs to get the black Materia without allowing the Party to get Holy. Which means, neutralize Aeirth, without losing influence over Cloud, and make sure her prayer doesn't reach the Planet, much less the lifestream.

>>507598802deepl.comGoogle translate is shit. Use this.

>>507618148I just can't see them killing Aerith in a different way. The way she dies is as iconic as the death itself. She either dies the same way or not at all

>>507618236Nice nigga thanks

>>507618148Ok, where does Gack fits in those options? Remember, at the End of Dirge, he said he was going to "Save the Planent... Brother"For real though, I am 90% sure that plotline is dead, and also I am very sure Sephitorh is bullshiting us with his "lets save the Planet together" speech, but I am kind os scared at the same time that the two super Soldiers in the series, with some ties with Jenova and the Livestream, had now speech about saving the planet.

>People still din't realize that it won't be Aeris this timeheh, nothing personal...kid

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>>507618287We will get the scene, and we will stop it. Then Aerith will realize she needs to join the lifestream so they can get Holy, and will "die" in a form that doesn't feel like death for new comers. It will like "ascend" into the lifestream.

>>507618616I can't really see that happening because Aerith is already at that point in part 1, she's fully expecting that she's going to die. If her character develops anywhere it has to go back to what she was in the OG, hopeful for her own future again.

>>507618497Tifa is there to be Clouds cocksleeve and to be eye candy, there is no way they kill her.

>>507607097She would be completely useless if she lives. That's the main problem.

>>507618919She expects it, but she doesn't know how or why yet. In the Novels leading to AC, it was clear she was already fighting a cold war with Sephiroth to stop him there. Again, they will prevent her death, and she will think that's good, relieif even, then she will realize that something isn't right, and later in the game she will join the lifestream, either to get Holly, or maybe to seal Sephiroth in a similar way as the old Cetra sealed Jenova.

Here's official artwork of Cloud smiling by Nomura.

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>>507619839And amazingly enough, he did it again!

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>>507593185BRO, Aerith's VA got gifted 7000 subs on Twitch.You guys are horny af, she's just a corpse anyways.

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>>507620246This is kinda sad.

>>507620160>>507619839Actually... this may be the most chill Cloud have ever looked in official art in the history of ever! Not Even his chibi artworks from the Spin Off games, or his art from CC when he was still "happy", represent him nearly as chill as this two.


>>507620246Simping intensifies

>>507595756DRUNK AERIS

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>>507620443I mean they spend so much time drawing Cloud looking angry he probably enjoys having a reason drawing him happy.

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>>507620701whoop wrong pic

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>>507619215I think the problem with her living would be the complete opposite. Aeris making it would fuck up the entire tone of the game, after all she is humanities last connection to the planet, her death starts a dramaturgical downward spiral of happenings. It also means there is no Cetra magic deus ex machina.

>>507620903But seriously. What would she do?

>>507620903Again, that's probably what Sephiroth wants. Get his devil ex machina, but in a way where Cloud and co don't get their own Deus Ex Machina to stop him. In the AC novels, he was very aware as to how much Aerith fuck his plans after her "death

>>507620903>her death starts a dramaturgical downward spiral of happeningsThe sequels that nobody likes? What if this entire Remake project was just get some overly optimistic ending with no significant deaths?

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>>507620797Nomure was just waiting for an excuse to draw those characters, didn't he? Link, Mario and even Kirby I get. But I feel he just REALLY wanted to draw DK, and then add Mr Game and Watch just for balance.


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>>507620903The tone of the game is already altered with the time travel and Whispers. Aerith knowing she's going to die is already fucking up her death scene

>>507621394Probably, that or he just wants to draw outside of his usual games.Honestly if I was Square I'd be worried of him eventually quitting, especially considering how they handled Versus 13, thrusted him onto the FF7 remake, and rushed KH3

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>>507621319Nah, say whatever you want of the changes, they respect the "feels" of the original even still. Even if they decided to save Aerith (doubtful) they will still try to hit us in a different way. This is the FF7 canon, happy endings are only allow if they had some sort of bitterness to them. Even the Ending of the original.


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>>507621538I just realized the Torna members don't have any belts, what the fuck Nomura