>single handedly ruins Smash hype>single handedly lowers the sales of Smash>single handedly halts production of Smash...

>single handedly ruins Smash hype>single handedly lowers the sales of Smash>single handedly halts production of Smash DLC>single handedly plummets Switch sales and Nintendo's stockHow does he do it? Was Sakurai doing it on purpose to get out of his contract with Nintendo?

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>>507592702Yeah, i'm thinking he's pretty based.

Exists to appeal to me, because I hate each and every one of you rosterfags

The instant the next "hype" character is announced, you'll completely forget all about this "no hype".

>>507592702Byleth may have been peak "buy my game" jewry but at least he did this board a favor by reducing rosterfag threads.

>>507592702>single handedly lowers the sales of Smash>single handedly halts production of Smash DLC>single handedly plummets Switch sales and Nintendo's stockImagine being this obsessed with a fucking roster of 80+ fuckers in a mentally retarded children's party game not pandering to your pathetic needs.

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>>507593042They'll be back when the first character is announced for the next fighter pass anyway.At least it'll be quiet until then.

>>507592702>single handedly ruins Smash hypeIf by that you mean that it made people come back to reality about their meme character wishes(like Sora), then he's pretty based.



>>507592702>blames byleth for the fucking coronavirusWhy are smashfags like this.

>>507593336>Retarded Smashtrannie doesn't realize that Smash Ultimate is shit all around due to focusing more on Rosterfag pandering instead of focusing on mroe important things like netcode and balance.You cucks are gonna wind up like the Mahvelfags if you only give a shit about are "muh hype picks!"

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>>507592702Still better than Banjo.

>>507592702Loved Smash as a kid, but I've got zero interest in it now that the meta is mostly fire-emblem characters. Make a sword game somewhere else, nintendo. I want to fight Donkey Kong.

>>507593989Schizo, all of that happened MONTHS before corona

>>507593989Because they're mentally retarded

>>507592959Nah I still remember Corrin and how fucking horrible he was.

>>507594227>Corona>Was in China since November 2019 >Byleth was announced in January 2020You have got to be the most mentally retarded Smashfaggot out there and I could give two shits about FE. You clowns are more fucking obsessed with them than R/Krappa is with Crapcom.

>>507593989>he doesn't know the virus came from Byleth's trailerI remember when I was as naive as you are.


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>>507592702Terry ruined Smash hype. At least people know what fire emblem is. Nobody knows what the fuck Fatal Fighters or what ever game Hat-Ken is even supposed to be from.


>>507592702>single handedly ruins Smash hypethis is kind of true. The wait from Terry until the next announced character was too long, all that speculation and hype, waiting every week for a direct was instantly killed by having Byleth be the next character, it literally made every dick go limp.>>507592959This is true though but>>507593194This isn't true, since the next first character is ARMS and maybe he'll be fun to play but overall it's kind of underwhelming in comparison to the first passI think Byleth is fun to play sometimes but he isn't as fun to play as the rest of the passI loved Three Houses but even I know that another FE rep (specifically avatar character) was boring. Should've been Edelgard.>>507594726This is bullshit even if they didn't know him it was a 3rd party rep, it brought so many fun mechanics, people still play him to this day competitively or for funByleth was only used by MK Leo whose personality is almost as boring as Byleth's


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>>507594082>he doesn’t play local with his gf Lol

>>507594482>Japan didn't do a lockdown until MarchRetard

>>507594726eh terry and kof had a fanbase fin the 90s. The new FE character was hated because it was a shill pick, even though 3H was better received that corrins game. Even if Corrin and Chrom wasn't shoved into the roster, byleth still would have been seen as wasted since all the other characters seemed like out-there 3rd party picks.

>>507595268You are not very bright at all aren't you?

>>507595672cope, shill. Production halted months before it was law and it was all because of the fucking shill pick

>>507595842look kid as much as I absolutely hate bylieth it’s retarded to assume he stopped the production of switches lol

>>507595842You do know that Byleth was being developed and was almost finished in November right?Sakurai says so in the presentation. They kept it hidden for no reason other than maybe the backlash would have been greater considering development time until the next character was far.

>>507595159Yes, he

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>>507592702Between the byleth disappointment, the weak arms announcement, and the dlc development delays to the virus, rosterfagging is at an all time low. Thank god

>>507592702>single handedly revives Smash hype>single handedly doubles the sales of Smash>single handedly multiplies production of Smash DLC>single handedly skyrockets Switch sales and Nintendo's stockHe is next, boys

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>>507597049>Will play exactly like MarioNo thanks.

>>507597049>easily the most iconic fictional character to ever exist>dabs on Sorafags>dabs on rulefags>dabs on rosterfags>dabs on anti-rosterfagsKino is back on the menu

>>507595224your gf is fat and smells

>>507592702>Frog reduced rosterfaggotry to the lowest it's been in yearsThank you based Byleth

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>>507593072>Do you actually even care about smash? Or do you WORDS WORDS WORDS WOJACK WORDS WORDS WORDS

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>>507594209but japan wants to fight chrom and japan made the game, so enjoy your anime swords.

>>507594726terry was a >who from a dead company but at the least he was a 3rd party with a strong history and a small yet dedicated fanbase. byleth was a character almost nobody wanted for a game with like 8 identical reps already in the game

>>507594726>Zoomers don't know*FTFY

>>507597185Dont talk shit about ma boi Mickey

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>>507597185correction;>will play exactly like mr. game & watch


>>507597645Fuck why Chrom? Leif/Seliph/Eliwood would've been better options for Roy's echo.Same for Lucina, she could've been a Marth alt color and we could've gotten Alm/Seliph/Sigurd for Marth's echo.Wasted opportunities. Why give Awakening a 3rd rep.

>>507594726The lack of enthusiasm towards Terry in the most vocal regions was overshadowed by the triple whammy of Banjo & Kazooie being released, the promise of more DLC beyond the first pass, and Sans getting in as a Mii Costume. Then Terry's presentation and subsequent release brought so much hype that many deemed him the best inclusion from the first set of DLC even if they weren't all that familiar with him before. On top of this series of events, even if none of this had happened there still would have been that final mysterious slot in the pass to keep people interested. Terry absolutely didn't ruin the hype.

>>507597919Too good to be true.>>507597992This too except with more frames of animation.

Byleth still generated more hype than the Arms character announcement

>>507597049I think you're overblowing some of these (specifically the second and third points), but Mickey would no doubt get some significant attention.

>>507597049>Blocks your path* youtu.be/7s21gNbCYXk

>>507598372They also generated far more salt and disappointment. I've seen very few people actually upset at ARMS getting a rep. Wait for the ARMS fighter properly gets revealed anyways before drawing conclusions on how people will respond to them. Not exactly fair to compare the two when Byleth was revealed in a whole presentation dedicated to showing off how they play and all the content that comes with them.


>>507598372residual hype as a result of the previous 4 DLC. ARMS had no hype being people waiting to see if the DLC 2 pass would be worth paying attention and most people decided to tune out.personally I'm hoping for a paper mario shill pick in there somewhere, but don't expect anything else of worth.

>>507598130>why Chrom?Female Fire Emblem fans wet their panties for him and whale for him in the gacha. Chances are, they've thrown more money at Nintendo than you ever will.

>>507598797>I've seen very few people actually upset at ARMS getting a repHAHAHAHAHAHA!Did you not see everyone on twitter and 4chan raging that they were shilling a flopped game (even though it's 3 years old)?

>>507598797But to be fair an ARMS rep should've been in the game from the start along with Inkling, so even if they haven't shown who it is, it pretty much lowers the standards for the next fighter's pass. The FE pick wasn't even the best character in Three Houses to pick from since it's not your story, it's the story of the lord you support and aside from that, it's from a franchise that was already represented, I think a Pokemon rep would've done the same thing and maybe worse since it'd have been from the worst Pokemon game to date.>>507599306I guess so then. I just hope that when the Genealogy remake is announced we do get Sigurd/Seliph as a character.

>>507592702What bothers me is that people were adamant about FE characters on Smash since Ultimate launch, it always had a really mixed reception by the community on general. Byleth was pretty much the stereotype of "blue-haired swordsman" when even people that supported more FE characters didn't want another character like that, it gives even a bad impression about Fire Emblem as whole. Maybe they didn't do it for shilling, but literally feels this way, it was at least a inconsiderate decision.

notice how these leaktrannies haven't said shit since byleth? They are just attention whores and no longer bother bullshitting since no one cares after byleth anymore

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>>507597049>Smash logo>Firework show on a starry night>A yellow one goes off, Pikachu jumps in front of it and poses, creating his silhouette>A blue one goes off, Sonic jumps in front this time>Another yellow one, Pac-Man joins them>Finally, a red one, Mario jumps in front of it>Three more go off to form the most iconic silhouette in history>Camera pans down to reveal Cinderella's castle and Mickey orchestrating the fireworks>youtube.com/watch?v=6CNq3LwDB4oIf only

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>>507597049>>507600193What would his spirit board be?

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Always saves the worst for last, not really sure what the fuck his problem is.


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>>507600483If that's the case we're doomed for FP2.

>>507600483this>corrin>incineroar>bylethlast is always the worst>>507600606nah it comes in waves

>>507600325>Minnie>Donald>Goofy>Pluto>Pete>Mortimer>Daisy Duck>Oswald



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>>507600325>Mickey (Steamboat Willie)>Donald>Goody>Minnie>Scrooge McDuck>Pete>Three Caballeros>Snow White>Tinkerbell>Grim Grinning Ghosts>Cinderella's Castle/Disneyland >Walt himself

>>507594661>shits on Hero, the main character of one of the most influential franchises that birthed the JRPG genre>claps at dead cereal mascot from an insignifant platformerBanjofags are a fucking joke.

Fuck every single person that cares about dlc.I'm fucking glad you cunts got shit on and cried about it.

by the end of fighter's pass there will be another. he is coming.

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>>507600574>>507600961Go see a doctor

>>507602838Best choice, should've been him instead of Robin but only using fire magic.

>People think ARMS was a good choice and not a soulless, boring shill pick, and anti-hype

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>>507603130Arms doesn’t have 8 fucking characters in smash

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>>5076013533 of the 5 dlc characters come from jrpgs. Ofc I clapped for them, they were the only slightly unique character out of the 5.

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>>507597049Popeye would get in before the mouse, given his already established history with Nintendo.

>>507597481>rosterfaggotry and all of the autism that comes with it disappears>undistracted, people actually start discussing the gameplay, controls, and mechanics>everyone realizes they're actually kind of shit

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>>507603130Because ARMS shouldve been in from the get go. Even if it wasn't that good, it sold a good million, is recognizeable, and is goofy.aka the same shit and more of what faggots shill their shitty choices like Issac or Geno.

>>507603130yes, a new first party character from a new series is far better than the dregs we got in pass 1

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>>507602838If they remake FE4, do you think they'll keep Xander as his VA?Arvis was one of my go-to units in FEH and I really feel like Xander really nailed what Arvis should sound like in an English dub.

>>507592702The only thing that killed Smash hype was the delay caused by the pandemic. But please, keep crying because whatever obscure piece of shit you wanted isn't in Nintendo's marketing game.

>>507593072why on earth would I give a shit about something I don't play? Did you hear about the new dota character? I sure as hell didn't because I don't play that game.>mentally retarded children's party gamePlease, tell me what transcendent games are worthy of your infallible attention. Or don't, because it's still vidya and at the end of the day all that matters is that the player enjoyed playing it. You're in Holla Forums country and you're going to try and take the intelectual high road?>>507594082I'll concede the netcode criticism but how imbalanced and poorly made can a game that has the ability to unify a fanbase that has been fragmented for the better part of 12 years? Ultimate is easily top 2 in the series, arguably the best in the series. To date, smash bros is the best selling fighting game franchise in history, and that's with only 6 iterations of the game (I'm looking at you SFII)so... fuck off.

Attached: Screenshot-149.png (1920x1080, 1.54M)

I unironically had to put the game down after that big "announcement" stream I stayed up all night for. I don't know if I've ever experienced anti-hype on that level in my life. I wasn't even mad, I was just incredibly flabbergasted and generally disappointed.I'm sure I'll go back to it some day, but fuck me, dude.


>>507597049oops wrong image

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>>507592702>"Sorry, we can't add Rex to the game because his game is too recent to join the roster">"Anyway here's Byleth, who was chosen as part of the lineup a year before their game was even finished"

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>no more rosterfaggotryThat's pretty fucking based if you ask me. Good riddance.

>>507604640the FEH voice choices are pretty good

>>507605371Sakurai obviously wanted Rex,But was told to add Byleth by producers to sell more copies of FEJoker was the surprise pickTerry was the passion pickBanjo and Hero were the "They should have been in a long time ago" fanservice picksByleth is the shill pick

>you know what our game needs? ANOTHER bland FE self insertIf you don't see the problem with this thought process, then you have literal brain damage. A fucking goomba would have been more exciting than this literal who.

>>507592702Fuck smash threads and fuck nintendo. Byleth is based as fuck

>>507592702>The only reason Marth and Roy were in Melee was to trojan horse the series into the westSince the very beginning, Fire Emblem has been nothing but shill picks

>>507593072why can't Snoys meme

>remake coming out soonYep, I'm thinking he's in.

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>>507605616Sakurai is a Japanese man that grew up in the 80's, Hero was also probably a passion pick

>>507606116So what you're saying is, if FE had been localized sooner, no one would have cared?

byleth is cute go play her game, OP is a fag who needs to shower

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>>507605371Really it's the double standard that bothers me the most, but with ARMS coming I feel like Rex is getting another chance

>>507605371They usually leave one slot open for a character from a new game. They probably didn't decide on Byleth specifically until later. That said, with ARMS getting a character, Xenoblade 2 is the next logical step. At least it better be.

>>507606519>They usually leave one slot open for a character from a new game.wow what a weird coincidence it's literally always a fe character

>>507605371Yes, Rex didn't join for the roster because it was decided in 2015, when his game probably wasn't even in pre-production, and Sakurai still wanted to give him something so he got a Mii costume. When Byleth was decided to be in for the DLC, his game was under a year from coming out (At least from the time we know DLC lineup was finished, November), and since at that point most games are well into development he lined up much better. If Three Houses had come out when XC2 did and XC2 came out when Three Houses did, Rex would have had a much higher shot.

>>507605249>Monokuma>more important than Mickey

>>507606723>If Three Houses had come out when XC2 did and XC2 came out when Three Houses did,Byleth still would've gotten chosen instead and you'd have a slightly different excuse defending them.

>>507606636It's either that or a Pokemon, like Lucario in Brawl and Greninja in Smash 4. It just comes down to what they can feasibly expect to have a new cast of characters to choose from.

>>507606968This, Corrin was chosen even though Splatoon, Pikmin, Star Fox and literally any veteran were all on the table.

>>507597049Disney's far too autistic to let it happen.

>>507607637Corrin's game wasn't even out in the West at the time of their revealNintendo just has blatant favoritism to FEHave fun with Camilla being in Fighter's Pass 2

>>507606376>another avatar character with a male and female option where more people give a shit about the female version and pretend that she was their waifu all along and then flock to the next avatar

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>>507592702If Byleth was S tier everyone would play him, the truth is it doesn't matter whatever shit swordman gets put in, all the community cares about is tier whoring anyway

>>507608727Nah, only the half that never let go of Melee.

>>507608727The reason why people defend them with "b-b-b-but they're fun!" is because they get easy stocks by spamming short hop fair/bair and killing at 20% with fsmash. Making a braindead simple character always nets some fans of them.

>>507608959>spamming short hop fair/bairthat's just smash ultimate, shit's trash. If you ever play against a shulk who's good at short hop aerials you will want to kill yourself

>>507608959THIS, holy fuck. Corrin in Smash 4 had the broken as fuck pin and was everywhere, now that pin is garbage she's one of the least used characters in the game. For comparison, K. Rool also sucks but is very very common online. One has fans and the other was thrown away as soon as the next FE came out.

>>507606968No, I'm just trying to bring you some common sense. The roster we KNOW was decided from 2015, and all signs point to this. Things like Most of Inkling's content being from Splatoon 1, and none of the newcomers being from AFTER that point bar Incineroar, whose design was finalized before 2015 and who had a pre-determined slot already. Rex just didn't make the cut for base game due to the roster being decided well before his design was probably even finalized. What you should be asking is why he wasn't decided to be on DLC, but you would have to ask Nintendo why the leading character from their newest upcoming entry in a long-running, profitable franchisegot in over the main character from a much younger, less proven series, whose newest entry had much lower projected sales.>>507607637Corrin was an extra who was pushed onto Sakurai by his team-at that point he already thought there were too many FE characters, so his team had to convince him Corrin could do something unique. There likely wouldn't have been anyone at all if they had't decided to push Corrin, even though I can recognize that they were a boring and underwhelming pick.

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>>507609320Not every character, and it's especially bad with Byleth.

>>507609681>dude dude no it's a 20 year long series of coincidences where fire emblem and literally nobody else has benefited from constantly! This totally makes more sense than the director being biased towards that series!

>>507605616even if you like dragon quest, hero is fucking terrible

>>507610005What? Marth was put in LONG after his game and Roy followed as an easy add, Brawl released literally years after Ike's game, Smash 4 came out two years after Robin and Lucina's, and Chrom was both an easy add and his game came out years before. Of course they got in intentionally, I'm not saying any of them didn't you mong, I'm saying that Rex not getting in specifically was due to the dev time not lining up. I had literally already explained the circumstances for Corrin too. Just accept that Rex being shafted had literally nothing to due with favoritism and everything to do with poorly timed circumstances, Jeb

>>507610603Rex not getting in was due to him coming from a game without the words Fire Emblem in the title.>I had literally already explained the circumstances for Corrin toolmao yeah I'm sure they had to push REAL HARD to convince the guy that constantly bends over and sucks the cock of FE to add a FE character. Especially when that """""""""""unique""""""""""""" moveset has a down b counter and almost nothing but derivative moves.

Killed the hype for me indeed.I have never entered a smash thread ever since.I know the game died when they runned out of money to by the license for third parties IP, so, whats the point of getting hyped for the next update / dlc.Maybe I watch the EVO tournament.

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>>507592702>single handedly BTFOs fake leakers and Twitch band wagoners expecting Dante. I especially hate the kind of streamers that don’t even play Smash to fake hype for those views and subs. It pisses me off so much that a hobby that I grew up with lost sanctity when assholes started making millions just for making faces while playing games. There hasn’t been a good school shooting in a while.

>>507611684Those same people made low effort videos defending Byleth to get easy views and likes. But of course you don't actually care and are trying to come up with something positive for your self insert.

>MFW I really liked FE3H and hate rosterfags

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>>507611526You're clearly a seething retard from that first line, so I should;t even bother responding to the rest, but yeah, Sakurai has gone on recod saying his team had to push him to add Corrin and convince him that hey would do something new, which they DO. There are no other moves like Dragon Fang Shot or Pin in the game, and Their normals were given a unique flair based on their dragon properties, like Their throws, Smash attacks, Bair, Dair, etc. They're still overall boring but that comes from their cardboard personality, not form their moveset.

>>507597403she doesn’t and I have sex with her every time we meet :)

>>507592702Nah ultimate is boring but not because of one newcomer, the game desperately needs more quality shit to do in it. Melee and Brawl had a ton of fun distractions, Smash 4 at least had Smash Run but theres fucking jack shit in Ultimate. They put all their eggs into WoL and my god was that a horrible time investment holy shit its so tedious and boring with no replay value at all. The online is also an absolute travesty that is somehow worse than Smash 4's online. The announcement of a Smash Run 2 would easily trump the excitement of yet another new character

>>507592702HOES MAD

>>507600686Bayonetta was technically last for Smash 4 DLC. Most of the people upset at her inclusion when she was revealed were those too salty over their character of choice not being selected as the Ballot winner. Generally she received a lot of hype, and there were plenty vocal about their previous support for her getting in. Yeah, she obviously gained a lot more hate once she started tearing apart the game's meta, but that was irrelevant to the character herself being included. To be fair though, Corrin was revealed in the same presentation and came out the same day as the Umbra Witch. Perhaps it can be said that the final first-party characters are usually lame picks, in which case I can't wait for Cinderace to get in later down the pass.

>>507611876Play something that doesn't have an anime artstyle and you'll realize that 3H is actually a shit game with an open world even smaller than a ps1/n64 adventure game, with similar quality graphics.>>507611897>but yeah, Sakurai has gone on recod saying his team had to push him to add Corrin and convince him that hey would do something new"Sakurai can't be biased......because he said he was!" That's how bias works, you can only be biased towards something if you say that you're biased about it.>There are no other moves like Dragon Fang Shot or Pin in the gameNeutral B is literally ZSS's with an attack added at the end. Side B is literally their only unique move.>and Their normals were given a unique flair based on their dragon properties, like Their throws, Smash attacks, Bair, Dair, etcBy this logic Dr. Marios neutral B is unique because it's the only pill in the game. Also by this logic wouldn't Corrins moveset be derivative because half of them use a sword>N-N-N-N-N-N-N-N-N-N-N-NO THAT'S JUST AESTHETICLike the dragon form? So we conveniently ignore the swords but the dragon form is automatically unique?


>>507612429Forgot to mention that literally every other Smash 4 newcomer was more unique than Corrin yet don't NEARLY get as much credit for unique moveset as them. Just another example of every other franchise having to work 100 times harder to get the same praise and rewards as FE does.

I hope FE having the worst character trailers in a recurring thing in smash>not even original CG>just takes a scene from the fire emblem game itself and throws some smash bullshit over itI can't wait for Kiran to summon a smash invite

>>507597049I would love it but the last rule has not yet been broken: vidya characters only.

>>507594910>Should've been EdelgardWhat a massively bad opinion.

>>507610505How so?>>507605371Poor timing unfortunately. I definitely feel Sakurai would have loved to include Rex if given the chance, but he's not the one leading the decisions on which characters get in as DLC fighters. Nintendo has first say, and even if he might not have liked to particularly include the character himself (i.e. Byleth) he's not going to say no unless there's stronger reason for it (ex. they seem unfeasible as a fighter or don't fit properly in Smash). Just look at how apologetic Sakurai seemed about Rex not being able to join the roster when going over his Mii Costume during the November 2018 Direct. Maybe by good luck we'll see Rex join as one of the final five fighters, but I wouldn't hold your breath for it.

>>507613140>Poor timing unfortunately*being from a game that isn't fire emblem

>>507612868Robin and Lucina's was pretty great, even beyond Captain Falcon's surprise appearance. It definitely had more effort to it than the following reveals.

>>507593072Only 1/3 based. Makes some good points.

>>507612429>"Sakurai can't be biased......because he said he was!"How is that bias? He was added because his team could prove to him that he was a unique addition>Neutral B is literally ZSS's with an attack added at the end. Side B is literally their only unique move.Err... no? They're used completely differently, though its mostly by virtue of Dragon Fang shot having a worse stun time and, *gasp*. the extra attack the end. You'll never a ZSS throw out a Stun Gun at the same times a Corrin would throw out a Dragon Fang Shot.>By this logic Dr. Marios neutral B is unique because it's the only pill in the game.Yeah, it a pretty unique move, because not only is the only pill in the game, is the only projectile that its specific properties of bouncing like that while dealing high damage and also setting up for follow-ups.>Also by this logic wouldn't Corrins moveset be derivative because half of them use a sword>Like the dragon form? So we conveniently ignore the swords but the dragon form is automatically unique?Jesus due, shut the fuck up. The things Corrin does with the dragon attacks aren;t thing you can do with just a sword. Her Forward Smash, Bair, Up Smash, Down Smash, Down Aerial, and both her up and down throws make clever use of the dragon form to let her do some fancy effects that she couldn't otherwise without it. Yeah, UNDER half of her moves are sword swings (seriously, go check her moveset), but the majority half is something completely visually and functionally unique.>>507612563Retard. characters like Shulk and Rosalina specifically were praised for their unique implementation, even without there being high personal hype for the characters themselves. Corrin is said to have a unique moveset because she does, and its like the one thing she has going for her. She looks and plays like no one else.This is my last (You), I have some other shit to do. See ya.

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>>507613128>What a massively bad opinion.Why? If Nintendo is going to insist on a new FE character, then Edelgard, or any of the 3H lords for that matter, would have been vastly superior to yet another cardboard self-insert MC. Byleth is just a boring character in general, with a bland design and no personality.


>>507613445Not him, but Edelgard was shit and Claude was boring. Even if Dmitri would've been cool, the whole point of Byleth's inclusion is that he reps all three houses from the game called, you know, Fire Emblem: THREE HOUSES? Adding only one lord wouldn't have been proper representation, and they're not the MC's wither, plummeting their chances more.


>>507611832Not that user, but I don’t think you understand what self insert means.

>>507603130ARMS is 100% better than Byleth and will actually be an interesting fighter to play as.But yes, Terry, Joker, Banjo and Hero are on a whole nother level above ARMS that ARMS still feels weak in comparison.

>>507606519>Xenoblade 2 is the next logical step.No it's not.Nintendo is clearly trying to revitalize ARMS, possibly in anticpation for a sequel or something. It had a major update, a new demo/trial, and they asked Sakurai to add a character for Smash. They have plans for the series.XB2 is passed. Even if something new is coming in the series it won't involve Rex, and you already have to pay $30 to get a shitty Rex mii costume.I'll never understand the pure stupid leaps of logic Smashcels make like this.

>>507613427>How is that bias? Because every other character was more unique? Because being unique isn't some amazing requirement only Corrin was able to fufill?I could believe the moveset potential argument for Plant, and in a hypothetical world where Olimar was in Corrins position, but not with Corrin.>Err... no? They're the same move. If Zss's neutral b was changed to that in smash 4's launch then people would've said "wow they added an extra bit of it at the end" not "wow they completely changed zss's neutral b" like they did with D3's side b.Corrins is just a dumbed down version of it where you can't decide what to do after it because Sakurai knew after nobody using Robin that FE fans want braindead simple characters.>Yeah, it a pretty unique move, because not only is the only pill in the game, is the only projectile that its specific properties of bouncing like that while dealing high damage and also setting up for follow-ups.It's still derivative of Mario's neutral B, which is why nobody thinks to call it unique. because we actually have standards for non FE characters>Her Forward SmashLITERALLY the only use of the chainsaw part of the sword (funny how this is never complained about) but the idea was stolen from Ness.>BairDerivative of Robs, but faster.>UpsmashLiterally Marth's upsmash>Downsmashattack on both sides downsmash #3543>down aerialfalling down dair number 343t45323>up and down throwsThese are regular fucking throws. Hell Marth's upthrow killed at extremely similar percents in Smash 4.>Yeah, UNDER half of her moves are sword swingsOnly because you're seriously fucking counting throws, which objectively offer nothing different than a regular throw.Even then Corrin is more a sword character because their neutral is sword moves.Even the aesthetic argument is garbage because 95% of the time you're looking at an anime swordsman and occasionally get to see a glimpse of dragon stuff.

>>507613427>Retard. characters like Shulk and Rosalina specifically were praised for their unique implementation, even without there being high personal hype for the characters themselves.No they aren't. Nobody is. Bayonetta is objectively more unique than Corrin, came out on the same day, and still didn't get as much praise for their uniqueness than Corrin did.

>>507613427>Corrin is said to have a unique moveset because she does, and its like the one thing she has going for her. She looks and plays like no one else.Fucking LOLCorrin is unique among other FE characters but compared to the remaning roster and ESPECIALLY Smash 4 newcomers, you're absolutely fooling yourself if you think Corrin wasn't the most bog standard Smash 4 newcomer by a wide mile.What exactly is unique about Corrin? The only standout thing is pin but outside of that I see a completely standard zoner with tippers and everything. Corrin lost her broken pin in Ultimate and now there is zero reason to use her because she does nothing different or better than literally every other sword user in the game. If she were truly unique you'd have something of an audience for the character that just plays her because she's fun, not unlike Little Mac or Dr. Mario, but not even that exists because she's so standard.

>>507593072Why do leftists always make shitty ass memes with TONS of text?

>>507594082>and balanceIt's the best balanced game in the series, so much so that top level players are complaining about having to learn so many matchups.

>>507597049Popeye would be better

>>507615614rent fucking free

>>507592702The first pass lineup was like a pretty good buffet with something for everyone, and then Byleth comes out as the equivalent to a toothpaste-orange juice smoothie.

>>507598130Sakurai said right in his announcement that he was fan requested. Truthfully, if you think about it, he set that up by featuring Chrom in Robin's trailer, down to saying that "I'll have my chance another day" line.

>>507600686can't handle based roar, what a faggot