Is Raytracing going to be the next big paradigm shift in gaming?

Is Raytracing going to be the next big paradigm shift in gaming?

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>>507591957No, it exists to make youtube comparison videos

>>507591957framerate aside, the left looks significantly better than the right. the shadows are darker and more crisp, and objects in the distance are less blurry.

Left looks better

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>>507592871Retard shadows in real life are a lot more soft then those straight line shadows with no raytracing

>>507591957Right now raytracing is a meme, give it a couple years for hardware to catch up.

>>507593497yeah but Cool >>> Realistic

>>507591957If it's implemented and used correctly then yeah.Ghostrunner's implementation is a complete joke. It doesn't look good and you get a huge performance loss.

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>>507591957I prefer the left.

>>507594034top looks better.

>>507594034Bottom's too cartoony.

>>507594034You can get the same effect in minecraft with a lighter weight shader and less fps cost


>>507591957left looks betterI enable RTGI with reshade whenever possible and I can confirm that RT is a fucking meme not worth shit.the only positive thing about it would be in reflections and even then that's unnecessary for gaming and SSR are fine enough.

Actual ray tracing would be panacea you could apply to literally any 3D game and make it look like not-shit. This approximated jewish trickery we're getting will shift nothing but money into Nvidia pockets.

>>507594034technically minecraft doesnt have a modern rendering pipeline,so it's expected for the original to look like shit regardless,this is cheating


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>>507594584>and make it look like not-shit.That's not how it works. RT isn't about making games look better it's about making light work more realistically. Some of the most beautiful games don't even have lighting engines.

>>507593497>real lifeI'm playing a video game

I will continue to disable post processing effects that needlessly take up vram


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>>507594251its minecraft you fucking contrarian nigger

>>507592871Have you ever seen real life?

>>507591957Raytracing exists only as a meme.>Raytracing must be built into the game>Other than tech demos, specifically designed to make it look like it has more of an impact than it does, it's hardly noticeable>Tanks frames.>More expensive than it's worth.>>507595273Let's buy overpriced product to play fucking Minecraft and Fortnite on

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>>507595521Yeah I can walk outside if I want to experience that

>>507595521why would he want to replicate real life in a game? thats retarded, nothing will beat real life in real life terms, ever

>>507591957No, the big jump up are going to be faster RAM speeds and SSDs becoming the standard

I honestly can't tell the difference playing something like Control or Metro Exodus with RTX on or off. Well, except the considerably worse framerates.

>>507591957>unusable at a decent frame rate in 2020>only benefits realistic artstyles >will increase the number of graphic-fags>overpriced >little support its a gimmick until it can be used efficiently. So theres zero point for the next 5 years, same with VR

>>507591957I'm hoping it will make developing easier for low poly indies.

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>>507594983Realistic lighting and shadow behavior instantly and objectively make any 3D scene look and feel better, sure there are some games that managed to pull off a look without relying on dynamic lighting, but for the rest of the ugly dated shit it would be an instant fix because of the way our brains are used to processing light information.

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>>507596090i dont get this,games will still be reusing assets every 2 steps,why would you need super fast load speeds to see the same thing?

>>507596090No, the actual big jump would be powerful CPUs that can handle actual advanced gameplay shit such as Dorf Fort scope and detail in a real time 3D environment game

>>507596451>i want everygame to use the same lighting because games arent generic looking enough already

>>507596090brainlet ps5 drone

>>507591957Only if used in conjunction with AI

>>507596451No it doesn't.Okami looks better than this.

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>>507591957yeahthat's a really garbage implementation

>>507591957No. It's nice, but not paradigm shifting. The next big thing will be something like a haptic 3d experience (pushed hard by the porn industry)

>>507596451>ugly dated shitKill yourself, conslow retard.

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>>507597352That's literally a photograph

AHEMfuck graphics fagsfuck realism fagstheyre the primary reason games have become so shit

Seems like it's at the stage PhysX was when it was first introduced and it's mostly a gimmick with a couple of standout examples.Waiting to see if it becomes more optimised and widespread.

>>507594983>RT isn't about making games look better it's about making light work more it can potentially look better, fucking retard

>>507591957>bigNo. It'll look nice though.

>>507597548I was directly refering to your post, you literal fucking conslow retard.Stop posting. You're embarassing.

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>>507597613>theyre the primary reason games have become so shitNo that'd be conslows and conslow-exclusive culture. it's gotten to the point where Snoy Exclusive™ should be its own fucking genre.meanwhile nin tendies pic related

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>>507597832You're trying to imply realism = beauty when that isn't a rule. Did you even read my post you dumbass?

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>>507594027>>507595021>looking like shit is coolOk retards

Good fucking lord this website is terrible.

>>507596658>>507596849Saying games "would look the same" for using ray tracing would be like saying every game is already the same for using our known gravity knowledge to depict characters moving on solid surfaces, light behavior is such a core concept of the human experience that replicating it accurately will always subconsciously read better. Realistic lighting does for immersion far more than polycounts or texture res so much it's insane. Ray tracing is not an artstyle, it's a technology, stylized games can use it to depict their stylized shadows and reflections in accurate places, you can use it to make audio more believable by bouncing it off the geometry. There's always the option of dedicated artists hand-placing and painting the mood by doing everything manually, but we already know the industry doesn't give a fuck about that and since that's already a pipe dream, I'd rather have the shit we're getting done right than half-assed like it is now.

>>507594034i don't understand how you fuckers think the top looks better. you guys are legitimately blind.

>>507598713>Saying games "would look the same" for using ray tracing would be like saying every game is already the same for using our known gravity knowledge to depict characters moving on solid surfaces, light behavior is such a core concept of the human experience that replicating it accurately will always subconsciously read better. Realistic lighting does for immersion far more than polycounts or texture res so much it's insane.highly retarded post right here

>>507598368most people agree that more realistic = better graphics and this is what RT is for, better graphics, your shitty opinion about realistic graphics is irrelevant, dumb fuck

>>507598745The bottom is oversaturated and looks fullbright.

>>507598527>hard-ish shadows in a futuristic, stylish, sleek game with blue gradient>shityou L I T E R A L L Y cannot stop sucking dicks

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>>507591957>Lose 81 frames for softer shadowsFucking yikes

>>507598885>most people agreeon a lot of retarded shit>the holocaust is real>justin bieber is a good musician>corona virus is a threat to mankind>civilization started in the middle eastyou're just a mindless consumer

>>507594034bottom looks like a lego set display at night so i like it better

>>507598885>most people agree that more realistic = better graphicsDidn't I already tell you to stop fucking typing, you embarassing inbred conslow retard? How many layers of autism are you on?

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>>507599185No one cares about your edgy opinions.

>>507599293I'm a PC fag you literal retard, talk about autism

>>507599293Nothing you have contributed to the thread has been remotely worthwhile.

Ray tracing reduces dev time and work. Thats huge. Lots of prebaked effects dont need to be made or worried about.It will simplify engines, game development, and lead to much better gfx without dev time. Yes its hugely important but the biggest benefit wont be for a few years.

>>507598548>nooo muh raytracing heeelp

>>507598745/v/ is especially retarded when it comes to graphics

Why is Control LITERALLY the only game that has done RTX right?

>>507599480ray tracing fucking sucks BECAUSE of this, we have to deal with an antire generation of 20fps 1080p garbage because devs dont want to waste resources on baking in good lighting.

>>507594034how the fuck is RT meant to work in minecraft anywayits based on lighting up shit to a certain level which in itself is based on light travelling by certain blocks distancei've seen them advertising it so light can fucking bounce eight times round corners so a sunrise and completely light up a house that otherwise has no torches just by bouncing through a doorway down the hall, or through the skylight chimneysurely that's going to fuck something up with the lightning spawning shitor it's going to look fucking awful and superbright when you place torches like normal so you don't get nuked by a creeper

>>507591957Yes of course and I implore each and every user in this thread to go out and buy RTX RIGHT NOW because the payoff is going to be huge ok it's definitely not a meme just trust me

>>507599615DLSS will fix this

>>507599185>this is somehow arguing that the purpose of RT isn't better graphicsbrain dead /po/tard

>>507599615By the time rays are ubiquitous the hardware will run it fine

>>507595273>>507594675>>507594034is this like when you use shader / texture / model mods on games like monster hunter?you're running around looking cool as fuck but everyone else sees you for your true, ugly selfmy friend used a mod which swapped the handler outfit for some ultra bimbo anime shit so i see him running around in this ugly fucking abomination of an outfit and so does everyone else but he sees coomer shiti imagine you'll be sat there thinking you have a beautiful fucking castle and to everyone else who didn't fall for the RTX meme it'll just look like a giant shitty block of grey like always

>>507599439>>507599459>>507599338GladiumTonitrua why hide your tripcode?

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>>507598971How does the bottom look "fullbright" to you? It's literally the exact opposite.

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rtx is the physx of 2020

ray tracing only looks good on games with bad lighting, theres a reason why half life looks barely any different with it.


>>507591957Minecraft raytraced looks absolutely spectacular, but weirdly enough I don't care about it in realistic games. I mean sure, I can definitely see the difference every time, like in your picture, but I just don't really care about it. Minecraft looks like a completely different game and I'm sure less good-looking, less resource intensive games will benefit greatly from accurate lighting, but for the realistic AAA ones, eh, I don't care.

I legitimately see no significant difference. Of course I notice minor things but nothing I would actually care about.

Raytraced audio sounds like it'd be pretty cool. Especially in VR.

>>507600016>be a retard>get called out>boogiemans a tripfagcringe

>>507599185>justin bieber is a good musicianAlright, now you’re just being a contrarian faggot. Don’t ever disrespect my boy jb

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>>507600052zoomers weren't alive back then

>>507600057Yes but rtx is going to be piss easy vs pre baking everything. The switch to rtx will give better graphics with less work. Amd will offer ray tracing too. Its the future

>>507599804>what will """"""""""""""'fix"""""""""""" nvidia's shitty gimmick?>another nvidia shitty gimmickI TOO ENJOY MY SLIDESHOWS WITH A SIDE OF SMEARED VASELINE

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>>507591957is ray tracing bloom JR?

>>507595948see you in 20 years fucko

>>507600392DLSS 2.0 is almost flawless. The artefacts it causes are pretty much unnoticeable unless you compare 2 screenshots side by side and pixel hunt.

>>507600249The seethe, I can literally taste it. Keep at it trannoid, I can do this all day.

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>>507600392DLSS 2.0 is not a gimmick and is actually incredible.RTX is now being supported by Microsoft and is being implemented into DX12U. It's also being added to Unreal Engine 4.24. RTX is the future.

>>507591957left unironically looks better to me

>>507598864>not refuting it or providing a counter argument of any kindHighly retarded post right here

>>507593497Real life deceptively doesn't really factor into the equation that much.Good visual art emulates then enhances reality. It's why photographers edit their photos in specific ways, and it's why the image on the left looks better.

>>507600392*doubles your framerate while looking better than native*amdfags on suicide watch

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>>507599185Average Holla Forumsbrain. All of those things are true by the way.

>>507599886RTX is a server setting for now

>>507591957Right now it's just an expensive gimmick, wait a few years for the tech to become more accessible to the consumer base and developers

No, it's a meme.Sure, for le realism it's alright, but for any game trying to present a certain mood, style, aesthetic or isn't doing the realism thing then it's just a meme

>>507600392DLSS is fucking magic

>>507600543>I can do this all day.Yeah that's not too surprising.

>>507600532Mass Effect 1 had film-grain in 2007.

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>>507594034It's implemented horribly in Minecraft. I tried the RTX demo. The majority of what you're seeing in that image is blocks that don't light up vs. blocks that do.

>>507595875>Raytracing must be built into the gameall graphical effects have to be 'built into' a game, what do you mean by this?

>>507591957Right is unironically better

>>507599338>>507599809>>507600285>>507600742Case in point. These retards can't even comprehend that "most people agreeing" doesn't necessitate facts. Realistic graphics =/= good, it's just a fucking opinion. RT also doesn't even ensure realistic visuals it's just a lighting method that tanks your frame rate. Someone can bake lights that are much more aesthetic or just as realistic and it won't tank the performance, but that doesn't allow the cunts trying to ruin artistic merit in video games effortlessly pump out marketable visuals. It requires actual work and boy oh boy publishers don't want to pay workers. Not to mention the GPU vendors and console companies who want to sell the latest gimmicks.And read a fucking book and get some taste.

>>507600052physx was based

>>507600871Titillating retord. Upvoted.

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>>507600532>>507600548>>507600867God I hope Monster Hunter World adds support for DLSS 2.0

>>507600750okay that makes sense but what does that mean for people without RTX stuff

>>507591957>implying new consoles will be able to handle it

>>507600532>DLSS 2.0 is almost flawless. The artefacts it causes are pretty much unnoticeable unless you compare 2 screenshots side by sideit's significantly easier to see in motion, it's noisier than 2017 pathtracing demos

>>507601205tensor cores bro

>>507601098Now that you're only in defense mode it's getting boring. Seen it all before.

rtx isn't a meme, turing is a meme. should wait for ampere and run comparisons then. also doesn't ghostrunner not use dlss?

RDR2 desperately needs DLSS 2.0. Runs kinda shitty, TAA is the blurriest implementation in video game history, but also needs TAA more than any other game ever made. But more than likely Rockstar abandoned any technical improvements to it just to shove more multiplayer content in.

>>507600052i miss physxalso it's still used in a lot of games, but as the physics engine rather than as a gimmick with some flags

>>507601115they play on non-RTX servers. it's in beta and to my knowledge nvidia hasn't been clear on future implementation, but you would be fine to assume eventually there will be a client side option available. the are using the required server option to test it's stability.

>>507591957honestly even when I look at comparison pics, I still don't understand exactly what ray-tracing is, even if I do notice one picture looks better than the other.

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>>507601205yeah man every ps5 game will run at 4k 144hz with raytracing enabled!! the ssd will make anything possible just you wait!

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>>507591957Only for simple games like Minecraft and Mario 64 PCComplicated games tend to have all that detail and lighting baked into its image maps so Raytracing isnt going to add much that the eyelet can't already seeHigh contrast is going to get peoples eyes horny than actual accurate depictions of light.

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>>507600889>a common trend at the time that 99% of players turned off then means it's acceptable now

>>507591957What is Raytracing?

>>507599480>>507599615>>507599657>>507601340>BakedCan you guys stop saying this like you know what it means

>>507601302>Now that you're only in defense modek so let me check real quick1. retardation2. autism3. stupidityand now +4. delusionDamn bro your case is worsening as we speak. Need me to call somebody?

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>>507601571>>507601518tldr: realistic shadows based on where objects are in real time

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>>507596437Oh baby, low poly, low res, but godlike lighting with smooth framerate would be pure soul.

>>507601061no one said realistic graphics are objectively good, the argument was that the purpose of RT is to improve graphics, you're just a massive retard for attempting to refute this because of your shitty opinion that realism doesn't improve graphics

>>507601283>implying the tensors core of a ps5 will be able to do 1080p 60fps

>>507601607I didn't say baked, you stupid fucking faggot. Don't fucking include me in your faggot reply shit, fucking rape yourself with a knife.


>>507601529Yeah the point of raytracing and dynamic lighting is to get rid of having to use baked lighting for "realism". The reality of all of this being that we are in pursuit of something that isn't consumer available yet, but exists out there in the world. It seems gimmicky now, but mark my words in about ~10 years raytracing and friends will be the groundwork for ultra realism in one way or another.

The thing is we've gotten so good at faking lighting that Ray Tracing tends to not look impressive anymore outside of reflections.For example here's RT off.

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>>507591957Graphics whores was the paradigm shift that has been killing good game design for the last 20 years. Why do you think more graphics whore technology will make games better?

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>>507601815prove me that ps5 will be able to do raytracing then at 1080p and 60fps.

>>507601840doesn't look that great chief

>>507601840Here's RT on max

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>>507601472at least there's a good chance no screaming pre-teen kids will be joining those RTX only servers, right

>>507601636Wait are you actually getting upset?

>cratering your game's FPS to unplayable levels for a minuscule graphical difference


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>>507601840ok yeah but that's not the point. you guys are thinking about raytracing in the current gaming climate- but like >>507601816 said this is shit that's groundwork for more complicated and believable experiences.

>>507601985lmaoing at anons posting baked scenes and reeeing about how RTX does nothing

>>507602058>doubling down on the delusionAww, it's like stealing candy from a baby.

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>>507602060Maybey my brain isnt wired right but I just cant see the diffrence between regular and super high fps

>>507601985Shadow of the tomb raider only uses raytraced shadows. If you already have a bunch of baked shadows the effect raytracing has is pretty minimal, much like OP's example.

>>507602074>please don't progress past my 2009 shitbox pc!!!!there will always be f2p mmos for you faggot

>>507602305Yeah, theres not a single game on the market that looks better with Raytracing right now.

When did absolutely retarded, computer illiterate zoomers infest Holla Forums? It’s like you stupid retards are proud of your ignorance and inability to google.

>>507602383eh what BF5 did was cool even if it was a shit game

>>507601816Well sure, its emulating real light, but consoomers are impressed by sexy pretty sharp-detailed images than if something is reflecting light in a proper manner.If that power barrier can be minimalised or taken out, then I can see it being used to an artistic degree and propell the the realistic lighting in scenes tenfold, but until then, baking the actual light into the scene is going to achieve more than fiddling with light setups and ambient bounce lighting.

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>>507594034Problem with RTX is that it's making textures way too bright and ruining look of the game. PTGI looks way better and also runs better even with old gtx 1060 you can play it at mostly 30fps.

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>>507602060B-But Ahrrr Tee Eckss is the future you fucking fag!What do you mean conslows literally cannot even run 1080p at a stable 30fps? What are you, poor? I just paid 1.5k$ for a 4k smart teevee to run my upscaled checkerboard ultraHD4k™ SnowExclusive™ at a buttery smooth cinematic 27fps, and there's NOTHING you can do about it ;D

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left looks better

>>507600695>and it's why the image on the left looks better.the image on the left looks better because the right is a terrible implementation of raytracing, if it used the full power of raytracing to create actually realistic lighting it would've looked 100 times better

>>507602468>>507602383I think open worlds can benefit from this technology to bake GI maps pretty fast, there are engines right now using the RTX API to do it like Unigine.

>>507591957>consolefags think they're going to get full on raytracing in their toy calculatorsFuckin lel'd

>>507593497if movies were about imitating real life they'd still all look like shit despite having real humans and locations. The real world is a lot more flat than having carefully curated lights placed about to make something that looks good.

>>507602364You have cognitive issues.

>>507596849>pre-baked shadows

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>>507600889are you trying to say dlss = bad with this image? it looks way better

>>507591957No because devs will just use it to avoid proper art design and it'll ironically look worse

>>507602765says the faggot posting all caps paragraphsgrow a dick incel

As long as we have graphics cards powerful enough to run games at 4k 144hz, there will always be rendering memes that don't do anything that ensure games will struggle with 720p and 20fps for the rest of time.


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>>507593497left looks better than real life retard. Its the same reason why romantic and surrealist art shits all over realistic art, art shouldnt replicate reality; that's boring and lazy. Instead, reality should be improved upon

>>507602670>I think open worlds can benefit from this technology to bake GI maps pretty fastI think open worlds can benefit from some physics like in 2007, but what do I know. As long as your turd looks shiny, I guess it's fine if we literally regress to 1987.hey buy my battlepass

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>>507601672>no one said realistic graphics are objectively good,you literally say this in your garbage post

>>507602730>The real world is a lot more flat than having carefully curated lights placed about to make something that looks good.You can still do that with ray tracing and it will look better as well as be fully dynamic. Think of the lights in a literal film set.

>>507603203where retard?

>>507596849No it doesn't you limp-dicked, brain-dead, pillow-fucking weeb.

>>507598713ray tracing will be used in place of a real art style like ULTRAREALISM is used now.

>>507602551this image is less about lighting and more about being a low budget game.

>>507603286realism is a real art style, fag

>>507603178>imagine being this retard

>>507603178that's not how it works, better graphics /=/ worse gameplay, etc. but keep coping chief

>>507603286Yeah, so same shit as now except better looking. Nothing we do will bring back the old times so we can at least focus on polishing the shit we have.

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>>507603365lmao FF7 low budget yes still satly nomura raped your boypussy

>>507593158>>507592871>>507594035>>507599068>>507599747>>507601061Ok eyelets.>>507594027Actually has a point. Hopefully someday RTX will be able to run properly to achieve the proper effects it should.

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>>507603124>graphics cards powerful enough to run games at 4k 144hzThere's literally no GPU out there that can run modern games at maxed settings 4k 144hz. 4k144hz monitors are as expensive as a 1060GTX.

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>>507603178>I think open worlds can benefit from some physics like in 2007Good thing they have them, then. The fuck are you talking about?

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>>507591957Right looks significantly better, my eyes can't see beyond 7 fps anyways

>>507603519now looks way better, only soiboi faggots would prefer the kiddy cartoony shit on the left

>>507603519damn, games used to have soul before

>>507591957Yeah, it probably will if we get hardware fast enough to do it without huge performance loss. Control looks amazing because of it, for instance. RTGI and reflections are very nice.

>>507603597it objectively is, they outsourced it to Cambodia or whatever the fuck. look at the textures.>>507603649>eyeletswe just prefer art rather than boring as fuck realism.

when are we gonna get past realism, they have these engines that can simulate the possible but i want to see crazy ass mindbending impossible shit

>>5076037790/10 abhorrent bait apply yourself

>>507603445>>507603490>devs literally never had to compromise in order to run their shitty skinner boxes with LE EBIN SHINY EXXXXXXXXXTREME GRAPHIXCee Ow Pee COPE

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>>507591957NoIt'll be the same as PhysX>>

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>>507603649Autism: the postEven if that shit actually mattered (it doesn't) you still wouldn't notice it while playing the video game. Only matters for screenshots. Is it really worth the 80 fps?

>>507603890They dmt

>>507603876The 2015 demo was outsourced, the final game was not. The texture loading issues are a combination of an Unreal 4 problem and the fact they are pushing the PS4 to it's conceivable limit. Imagine someone on 4chan not knowing what the fuck they are talking about. Crazy, right?

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>>507603896>0/10 abhorrent bait apply yourself

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>>507604124I'm wholly convinced that everyone on here just plays the Ubisoft games that they pretend to shit on all the time and ignores everything else

>>507602383Play Control

>>507604198Whoa, bro, you look like that?

>>507603649>incorrect lighting on the left makes incorrect lighting on the right better

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>>507604124Okay dumbass, just go ahead and post your cherry-picked game that doesn't have physics and get it over with.


>>507593497Actually if you knew any better you'd know that in life shadows are hard cutoffpoints and even the halftones leading up to the shadow still get relative large amounts of light giving the object practically a celshaded-like look to it.Its also not strange for cast shadows to look very hard-edged.If anything things becoming more hardedged is even more realistic given how skin is made up of many small hard edges that either reflect or block light to create form shadows.

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>>507604198Let me tell you something kid, I epic trolled on somethingawful before your parents were born, I led the user raids with 4chan while you were pissing your diaper, I fought in the gamergate wars while you were drooling all over the tablet your inattentive parents shoved in your hands to not have to deal with you, don't mess with me or I'll f you up, this is your last warning

Raytracing cant be showcased just by side-by-side meme images. It’s impressive comes in motion, in dynamic worlds with moving light sources and physics. Obviously you can “pre-bake” lighting in a static room in a static game where everything is blocked with forefields and you cant interact with anything.But say... The Elder Scrolls. With your dude jumping all over the place, looking anywhere, throwing objects everywhere, day-night cycles and seasons, torches and fire and spells and lanterns and glowing things... It’s clear that “dude textures lmao” can only get you so far just like “dude more polygons lmao” before it. Lighting is the next area for graphical improvement.

>>507603649It's going to look like shit with the frame rate though

Raytracing and realistic graphics are memes and should die as the default for AAA games


>>507604212Name any good modern open world games with physics.

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>>507594675>>507594034does this just change the lighting or am I an eyelet missing something else

>>507603649Oh no I'm going insaaaaaaaane

>>507604071>when you have literally no idea what you're talking about but act like you do

>>507591957Left is better

>>507604403>incorrect lighting on the right>doesnt cite

Attached: 1521471551785.jpg (540x400, 38.76K)

>>507604598red dead

>>507591957Looks like fucking shit

>>507604660>when you literally have no rebuttal because you realized you were parroting a retard so you just have to act like it isn't true

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>>507604598Arkham games were pretty good what was it...Black Flag? Ironically a ubi game, had decent but admittedly limited physicsWitcher had good physics, especially in dismemberment Metal Gear V i mean and these are just recent AAA titles

>>507604814imagine shilling for n64 tier assets

>>507604535>The Elder Scrolls. With your dude jumping all over the place, looking anywhere, throwing objects everywhere, day-night cycles and seasons, torches and fire and spells and lanterns and glowing things...>It’s clear that “dude textures lmao” can only get you so far just like “dude more polygons lmao” before it. Lighting is the next area for graphical improvement.>picks item from table>everything else on it suddenly bounces in place>BUT NOW IN ULTIMATE GRAFIX

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>>507604557Did you just forget to read the last response, dumbass?>>507603876Newsflash, everything you understand in art is a reflection of nature to some form, get fucked.Realism doesnt nessecarily mean photorealistic, jackass. Simply emulating how light properly functions can bring out the artistic direction of a scene tenfold if done right.

Attached: 85c2892f95f196938fb3aabcc80c19b2.png (833x950, 1.43M)

>>507591957Shadows on the left one are more realisticHave the images been swapped and the left one is actually the one with raytracing?

>>507605082>Newsflash, everything you understand in art is a reflection of nature to some form, get's an interpretation you fucking retard.

>>507605082Shut the fuck up. I'm so tired of being disrespected on this goddamn website. All I wanted to do was post my opinion. MY OPINION. But no, you little bastards think it's "hilarious" to mock those with good opinions. My opinion. while not absolute, is definitely worth the respect to formulate an ACTUAL FUCKING RESPONSE AND NOT JUST A SHORT MEME OF A REPLY. I've been on this site for 6 months: 6 MONTHS and I have never felt this wronged. It boils me up that I could spend so much time thinking and putting effort into things while you shits sit around (probably jerking off to traps or whatever gay shit you like) and make fun of the intellectuals of this world. I've bored you? Good for fucking you. Literally no one cares that your little brain is to underdeveloped and rotted to comprehend my idea...MY GREAT GREAT IDEA. I could sit here all day whining, but I won't. I'm NOT a whiner. I'm a realist and an intellectual. I know when to call it quits and to leave the babybrains to themselves. I'm done with this goddamn site and you goddamn immature children. I have lived my life up until this point having to deal with memesters and idiots like you. I know how you work. I know that you all think you're "epik trolls" but you're not. You think you baited me? NAH. I've never taken any bait. This is my 100% real opinion divorced from anger. I'm calm, I'm serene. I LAUGH when people imply I'm intellectually low enough to take bait. I always choose to reply just to spite you. I won. I've alwayswon. Losing is not in my skillset. So you're probably gonna reply "lol epik trolled" or "u mad bro" but once you've done that you've shown me I've won. I've tricked the trickster and conquered memery. I live everyday growing stronger to fight you plebs and low level trolls who are probably 11 (baby, you gotta be 18 to use 4chan). But whatever, I digress. It's just fucking annoying that I'm never taken seriously on this site, goddamn.

Realism is the cancer that killed art, film, and is now killing video games

>>507604713>>507604857>>507605035Why do I even bother anymore

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>>507605053keep going bro what's next?the classic cope? still nothing meaningful to say, just keep plugging your ears. Gonna go ahead and mark shill off my list real quick. Take your time.

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>>5076054083D assets aren't fucking textures.....retard

>>507601670it's going to happen in your lifetimephotorealism can only go so far and pixel graphics are getting tired as fuck. people will be experimenting a lot more with different styles in years to come i think.


>>507599480>thisthis is a tool for game developers. we can already get the exact same effects, right now. it is just a lot more work. This won't make anything look better. it will just make certain effects cheaper, and thus more widely implemented. beauty is about intention. it is about creating an emotional connection with aesthetics. a game is not more beautiful because you can see your character in mirrors or because sound bounces off hard objects. go to your bathroom, stand in front of the mirror and listen to your voice echo off the walls. stunning, isn't it?Raytracing is a gimmick. It can be used to good effect, or it can be just another toy to distract you from the same problems gaming currently faces: a lack of imagination, design by committee, and devs not being given the freedom or the time to complete projects. I point to all the games in the early 2000's, back when "realistic ragdoll physics" was all the rage. If you knocked over a stack of boxes, they would fall in some realistic way. Tell me, is Skyrim a better game because you can knock stuff off the table? That shit added absolutely nothing to the game. Later on, devs found ways to use physics engines to do things like make vehicles handle better, or more accurately represent environmental damage. But they could do that, already. the engines just made it cheaper and easier. Same with raytracing. the tools are irrelevant. only the craftsman matters

>>507605098>Shadows on the left one are more realisticNo they aren't.They just look better because they fit the style of the game more. And was the point of graphics before Conslow Exclusives™ flooded the market with polished turds.

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>>507605547You are a drooling fucking retard. Textures and models are created at the same time, you don't create a model then send it to the texture guy, you do both.

>>507605309holy shit

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>>507593497Depends on the light source and the distance from the the object casting a shadow to the surface the light is hitting. It also depends on what is casting a shadow and it's texture.

>>507605359>this one game I played fucked up sometimesHOLY FUCK STOP THE PRESSESWhatever single 2007 game you're referring to also had physics glitches. Now go fuck a snake, retard frogposter.

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>>507599657when you light a torch, in daytime, are you blinded? obviously devs can control how the light works, and when. a torch produces almost no light, next to full sunlight. clearly there is some physics going on that devs are going to replicate.

>>507605673there should really be a quiz you have to take before you can post here or something lmao

>>507605627Look around your room, you won't have shadows that gradually fade away on the edges

>>507605673Not that guy and I don't really care what you're talking about, but I'm going to just jump in here and say that no, this isn't usually the case.

>>507603963Difference was that Physx was a thing made for just Nvidia GPUs when the current gen consoles were all running AMD. If a developer wanted to include it it was extra work on the porting to PC. Raytracing is being supported with the next generation of consoles so it will be much more widely adapted. Basically once the next gen gets old enough that games stop being cross-gen with the PS4 and Xbone you will see far more raytracing support in new games unless its a switch to PC port.

>>507591957It's not a meme, but it's like PhysX. It will be a couple of years of dumb proprietary stuff until eventually it can be implemented cheaply and thus becomes standard.

>>507605807You're a joke. You're now trying hard to act stupid because you got blown the fuck out.>>507605945It's nothing but the case you pathetic samefag.

>>507591957I actually think it will. Especially once audio SFX has raytraced implementations. It's been backported to oldschool shit like Quake iirc and it's really fucking amazing how it reproduces echoes and shit in spacious rooms. Sound experience has been criminally ignored for the past couple decades. I can't stress enough how exciting raytracing is for sound.

>>507595521>noooo your art has to represent reality all the time

>>507597884Yes, the picture in his post is a photograph.

>>507605556>LOOK GUIZ I SAID ART! ART ART ART ART AM I COOL NOW, TAKE VIDEO GAMES SERIOUSLY MOM ITS ART!!!!!muh art fags should be hung from trees

>>507606067>ur a jokkkkkeeee >:( nah bruh I just don't argue with disability hallway kids

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>>507606237your iq is too low, please stop posting


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>>507606303that is not realistic.

>>507606067It's okay to be wrong, user. You're anonymous. No one in or outside of this thread will be able to trace your stupidity back to you. Modelers create, you know, models. In a typical, professional, non-indie workflow they might do some basic texture work to help visualize things and do UV mapping, but then it's passed on to the texture artists to finalize.Can you do both? Yes. I do. Is that how it's done in most studios? No.

>>507591957>Skyrim waifu threads with raytracing,Yes

>>507606284>>507606392>this time it's 1 minute off to the markAgain, you're a fucking joke. >>507606513Keep telling yourself that, you're wrong either way you faggot.

>>507606607what are you even talking about? 1 minute off the mark? why do people do this, it's genuinely hard to watch

Uh if they could figure out how to make it run.Nvidia is good at making proofs of concept and then letting AMD figure out how to make it actually usable with less overheard. And usually free to license.

>>507603519This is why Witcher 3 was universally considered game of the decade. Art style is very important.

>>507606607Now you're just shitposting. I bet you don't even know what a UV map is. Imagine getting your feelings hurt on an anonymous Bolivian trophy fishing image board so hard that you double down on looking like a retard and pretending to do it for the lulz.

>>507606513>texture (((artist)))

Attached: 1586576740.jpg (1920x1080, 287.98K)

>>507594034Yeah, that's the only way to sell RTX; drop it into a simple, low-end or an old game. Control looks only marginally better and even then it has shit like cube maps and screenspace stuff literally ripped out in places and RTX just adds them back at massive cost.

>>507596451Wind Waker > Wind Waker HD

>>507606740Witcher 3 would be on the right side and it would be the worst looking

>>507606740Witcher 3 looks like ass and plays like ass

>>507606875aaaaannnnnddddd we've come full circle

>>507606874Keep telling yourself that while I laugh at your damage control.>NO THEY DIDN'T OUTSOURCE EVEN THOUGH THEY ADMITTED TO IT>NOOO THE ONLY MODELLED, SQUARESOFT MADE THE PS1 TEXTURES

>>507606875Okay? One game has a couple bad textures so they all do? What's your point? Go be a cherry-picking autist in a FF7R thread. That's not what we're talking about here.

>>507607123>he's still acting like everyone thinks and acts like him where everything they post is a hill they have to die on or something aight schizo

mi order large pepporini...garlec bred... coke

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The problem of realism in vidya is that it's mostly used by the Western AAA industry to help exemplify the graphical fidelity in their game releases as if it actually means something and doesn't cover up the weak narratives and uninteresting gameplay. Even worse is that this sense of realism is generally not accompanied by decent art direction, very often they're set in worlds which are painfully boring to look at.

>>507607109>>507607238>>507607278embarrassing attempt by the shills to lie about a game

So would SAO be hyper realism or stylized anime if it existed irl?

>>507607123Again, I just jumped in to say that modelling and texture work are usually separate entities in professional studios. I didn't even know you guys were talking about FF7. Change your diaper, Jesus. If anything, outsourcing would prove that even more.

this thread does not fit with my perfect reality you will all forget soon the trauma the pain

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>>507607558And I was saying this game wasn't professionally done, it was outsourced to SEA.

>>507607528I have never played the game, I never will, and I don't give a shit about it. I'm talking strictly workflow. Texture artists are a thing, dedicated modelers are a thing. Maybe they were shitty on FF7R, maybe not. I don't know and I don't care. But they are two generally separate jobs.

>>507607683Hate to break it to ya chief, that's a quarter of at least every game and tenfold nipshit

>>507607683No, you said models and textures are always done by the same person. I drink heavily and even my memory isn't that bad.

The next big paradigm will be using AI based tools to create assets.Raytracing is a fancy tool, AI being used in asset creation will actually change the industry.

>>507607801You're trying to save face, I get it, but you can fuck off. You were off-topic.>>507607915Now actually look at the game and tell me some mongoloid wasn't doing both. Please do it.

>>507591957The non RTX actually looks better, and has a better framerate.

>>507600889>dlss = good>checkboarding = bad

>>507608079yes because checkerboarding looks janky

>>507608016Save face? I wasn't even part of the conversation retard

>>507591957the paradigm shift is going to be megascan libraries that improve output by orders of magmitude. photobashers will be designing vast open worlds.Not exactly sure about this one, but vr has benefits for artists to impulsively sketch out raw concepts in

Attached: quixel.jpg (1920x960, 1.43M)

>>507603649can't this be solved with baked lighting

>>507608016>Now actually look at the game and tell me some mongoloid wasn't doing both. Please do it.I don't know that and neither do you. I don't care about this game. >Textures and models are created at the same time, you don't create a model then send it to the texture guy, you do both.This is the only thing I was replying to and, while some indie devs and studios operate this way, it is not wrong. Your statement implied that this is how it's typically done, and I chimed in to say that it isn't. If you meant something different you should learn to use words better.

>>507603649Whew calm down optometrist

>>507608171>he's still tryingyikes


>>507608265No. I don't know what game it is, but the left likely is already using some degree of baked lighting. Everything wrong with it is a result of the dynamic stuff.

>>507596437>it will make developing easierThis is something that doesnt get brought up enough. Its way easier to dev raytracing than all the different things you have to do to fake it

>>507608608Devs having an easier job doesn't make games any better. This is blatantly obvious looking at the history.

>>507608909less effort spent on grafics frees up effort for mechanics, physics, whatever else

>>507609161The people making graphics don't make those things so no. And having artists degenerate to "place light go shine :DD" isn't a good thing for graphics anyway.

Attached: 11135046504_6b26eb2f5a_o.jpg (2500x1406, 942.6K)

>>507609161Yes and no. When it becomes the standard, absolutely. But currently you now have to design levels and worlds to look right using both traditional lighting and raytracing. You can't just flip a switch. So it's like an extra step in the process.

>>507604651yes but nochanging the lighting is basically just color correction.ray tracing changes how light interacts with the environment....i think

>>507609161>frees up effort for mechanics, physics, whatever elseL M A OIt only makes publishers get away with even tighter deadlines since hey, this shit does itself, you can do this by November. Maybe a side project too. No pay rise though, be thankful you're not replaced by 10 chinks for the same pay like in Disney-Pixar.

This game is a bad example

>>507609406>The people making graphics don't make those things so noMoney not spent on a graphics programmer can be spent on other things

>>507591957Every one itt is retarded right is not suppoused to look more realistic but more dynamic so you get light and shadows that move all over the enviroment and the result of that is not more "beautiful" rather than that is to achieve variaty since different types of lighting affect different objects therefore forming different types of shadows

>>507594034All the retards saying RT is useless can't comprehend what it means for games like arma, GTA or any game with real time time of day

>>507591957No. It’s being over emphasized on the PS5 and XBSX. There is a reason why Cerny doesn’t talk about it and instead talks about their SSD and theoretical benefits of higher clocks despite less cores. Sony’s rumored RT solution is not the same as MS which should be a red flag. RT on these new consoles is merely a marketing bullet point. There is no way it compares to nvidia even on the low end and that tanks frame rates. It will see limited hybrid rendering uses in 30fps games. You will not see a single 60fps or higher PS5 or XBSX game using ray tracing. Even with RT, traditional lighting methods will still be used for artistic reasons in order to over emphasize certain things. Just like in computer animated movies

>>507610047>calls literally anyone else retarded

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>>507594675I wonder what the Miiverse water guy thinks of all this

>>507597884it's a real photograph you stupid god damn nigger bitch holy fuck just end your god damn pathetic life you stupid son of a whore i hate you and everything your gay faggot father stood for you're the reason why the world is shit and we'd be better off without you, and only you

>>507604651>>507609572To understand ray tracing, think of lights shooting off a zillion rays(lasers) in different directions and each ray bounces off things it hits(unless it goes through them due to transparency or whatever). Each ray will only bounce so much before stopping(creating shadows).Ray tracing shaders interpret textures or light sources and calculate how light would react based on that. And there are various variables to control how the shader acts, such as how many rays it shoots off(an example can be seen in Borderlands where the ray amount was low so you get shitty looking beams). REAL ray tracing is more thorough, like in Pixar movies.Hope that makes sense, I'm kind of dumb so I can't explain things well.>>507609932>Money not spent on a graphics programmerGoes into the pockets of CEOs.

Attached: ray tracing.jpg (1172x2122, 582.41K)

>>507591957Considering how much time is saved creating a scene like this with raytracing, yes, absolutely. Left takes way longer to do for environmental artists. It is without a doubt the next significant jump forwards.t. works in 3d compositing

>>507610048>arma doesn't run badly enough, let's ray trace it>gta4 + mods looks as good as gta5 + mods + rt simply because of artistryyou're just a dumb goy

>>507610672Not even that guy but holy shit you're dumb. Go back and re-read the reply chain.

>>507594312You cannot get full on path tracing in Java minecraft

>>507610048It’s going to be useless for those types of games on the new consoles because real-time RT even on RTX is incapable. You will not see any sort of outdoor tome of day global illumination, RT is local only even with Minecraft. Whatever winds up in these new consoles for RT is going to be limited use


>>507611328>outdoor tome of day global illuminationYou mean like in Metro Exodus?

>>507611328>because real-time RT even on RTX is incapable.Why?

>>507610997>Go back and re-read the reply chain.lmfao fuck off back to red dit

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>>507592871>>507593158Graphic illiterate faggots ALWAYS have to put their uninformed opinion. It's been happening since longer than you two faggots have been playing games. Raytracing is going to be the future but hardware isn't capable of it yet.

Attached: 1582152798353.jpg (1921x1080, 796.49K)

>>507610809bottom image looks better, is that raytracing?

>>507611927Been here since 2006. What would you call it, wojak faggot?

>>507606875Thats an homage to the old game, retard.

does rtx implement ray tracing or path tracing?

>>507591957It's the next PhysX

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>>507612007no the top is

Attached: RT.jpg (1176x2136, 537.11K)

>>507612060The old game looked better than that, retard.


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>>507599185Gross, who let the Holla Forumsfag in. Don't you have conspiracy theories to be catching up on?

>>507612115so it makes shadows brighter and adds a piss filter, interesting

Redpill me on DSLLFrom reading what it does it seems like a magical breakthrough in graphic stability thanks to ai technology. That sounds kinda bullshit, but I'd believe it. Doubling your framerate and improving your image literally for free, wouldn't that kind of technology be default for everything we do?

>>507612436No, it calculates light and color and makes it act more realistically, or less, depending on how you configure it. It's more realistic than the bottom.Here's a gif, should get the differences framed better.

Attached: ray tracing global illumination.gif (1172x1044, 1.74M)


Attached: 1529137405914.gif (200x200, 2.77M)

>>507592871>hard shadows>objects only have two shades, bright and in shadow>light from fire from dumpster somehow shines on the ground with no plausible vector

>>507611960but the shadows look darker and crisper on the left

all these “left looks btr” fags. i cant run it either but i can obviously see that the right is infinitely more realistic. stop coping.

>>507591957>shadows, but blurryWOOOOW

>>507610826They still have to make the scene on the left for hardware without RT. The problem is now and for the foreseeable future, RT comes at significant cost to performance. Also, DLSS making a 540p image HD to make more room for it sounds like bullshit. Might as well turn motion plus on your TV to make 30fps into 60fps (or if you’re most people it’s probably already turned on by default anyways and nobody turns it off).Games need to render in real time and that’s what RT is in this context, real-time ray tracing. A fucking PS3 can do RT, just not in real-time. All those calculations need to be done at a playable framerate. And even then the end result might look worse than if they went with the approach on the left. Metro Exodus RT makes the game look darker and arguably worse. Maybe it’s more realistic and natural but it’s a fucking video game it doesn’t need to be realistic and natural. 3D animated movies and CG don’t use RT for everything for that and other reasons. For artistic reasons you might need to light a surface unnaturally. Metro Exodus looks like too much shit to justify the frame hit. People said HDR was the next big thing and the masses complained that they couldn’t see their TVs during the day so now fake HDR with contrast closer to SDR is the norm. I know these are remotely comparable but I mention it because Metro Exodus with RT looks so much like shit and is dark and it gives me HDR vibes. That and everybody saying it’s the next best thing. It’s not even new. The next big thing list includes such classics as HDR games and VR. Such show stopping technology

>>507612569I'm no expert that's my understanding of it. AI-upscaled images. And the newest iteration looks promising, but like literally any technology before it, it will probably take 5-10 years to become common. I haven't seen it or anything like it mentioned in the PS5 or XSex specs, and as we all know, they're unfortunately what is going to set the pace for adoption of new tech. Same way SSDs are suddenly a big selling point.

>>507612074ray tracingthe highest level dxr function casts a single ray so any implementation beyond that including path tracing is left to the developers

>>507612740One day console-niggers will stop making stupid posts and then backpedaling with irony

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>>507613041>hates DLSS, hates raytracing, hates HDR, hates VRthis post is one big anti-tech cringe

>>507613707I don't agree with everything he said and I'm pro-raytracing, but for the most part he's not wrong.

>>507599185you need to go back

>>507612436I made another comparison from another game, with some of the settings maxed out to give a better example of what RT does. It can more realistically caluclate light and shadows.

Attached: Nier Tomato GI.gif (2560x1440, 3.78M)

>>507613041>3D animated movies and CG don’t use RT for everything for that and other reasons.To what exactly are you referring to?Also, I agree I don't think it makes sense for RT to be implemented in games that aren't built around it. Seeing shit like classic Doom with raytracing looks like fucking garbage, because it was never intended to be that way. Raytracing gives designers way, way more tools to do more with less roundabout garbage. On the Metro thing, I haven't played Metro but usually when you subtract all the fake lights from games you get a bunch of fucking dark interiors because nobody bothered putting in another light source, and most interiors in games right now look like utter fucking garbage. Scenes with raytracing should be lit with that intention in mind. There is no universal "RT makes things darker" or "RT looks worse/better." RT gives technical powet by removing limitations currently facing creating real time environments, and can technically do all the things non RT can do. Raytracing as a concept is an objective technical benefit to the environmentsl artist, therefore it will not ever go away or be phased out due to lack of consumer demand or some shit. It is not a consumer fad like HDR TVs.

raytacing will be a meme in 99% of games and will be horribly implemented for decades.most devs STILL cant into tessellation

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I can only pray some autistic dev makes use of light as a game mechanic in some mind-blowing way. I'm reminded of that one episode of Samurai Jack. You know the one.

>>507613707>>hates DLSSeveryone that wasn't preyed upon by marketing hates it, postprocessing is always bad

>>507614561>You know the one.just you, zoomer

>>507614429>doesn't even understand the difference between tessellation and parallax mappingokay buddy

Attached: 1588184845751.webm (300x268, 102.6K)

>>507614629>postprocessing is always bad

>>507591957Nah, the next paradigm shift is Vulcan going mainstream with devs. RTX is simply too big of a leap for normalfags because it requires dedicated hardware and uniform support accross the industry which leaves it in a similar spot as VR, devs don't want to commit fully because they don't know if there is demand, which leads consumers into not fully committing because there are no devs supporting it. It's a catch-22.We'll have "RTX features" though, which'll just be slightly better scene lighting and reflections on PC only. Still, games with RTX features will end up looking better than games without RTX features going forwards, in comparable games.

>>507614670It's actually the only episode I know. Mine was not a cable household growing up. But I see it get mentioned in threads about clever uses of assets, either artistically or mechanically.Tl;Dr he fights a ninja in an extreme lighting situation and they each use light or dark to conceal themselves. The artists ran with it and used extreme positive and negative space shapes via sheer black or white.

>>507614429that looks like a bug

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>>507591957it's a pointless gimmick that will only ever be used in western movie "games" that aren't fun to play anyway.

>>507614629what's bad about it? >>507600741

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>>507615127Imagine trying to walk on that

My take on raytracing is that it's a great tool for if you want a game to have realistic graphics; stuff like racing or flight simulators and building games. However, not every game is best served by using realistic visuals, and in those cases the usefulness of raytracing is quite limited. I could see it being used as a tool to help inform the implementation of some pre-rendered lighting solutions during development, though. I feel like raytracing has far more potential in the areas of digital art and special effects.TL;DR - Raytracing is very nice tech to have around, but it's not appropriate for all situations and developers that want to use it will have to be smart about working with the tech.

>>507603178i think open worlds can benefit from not being made anymore. there was this thing back in 1987 called "level design" that i wouldn't mind seeing the industry "regress" to.

>>507605549I can get behind more PS1 tier graphics in my games. That shit's timeless.

>>507615754open world games can have level design mate

>>507615952"generic grass field #6000" isn't level design and that's all you'll get from open-world games. either that, or a generic GTA city.

>>507616075Subnautica was open world

>>507591957Sure, once hardware can support it without fucking bailing like a bitch.

>>507616075I didn't say it was, you sperg. OOT is an open world game and saying GTA doesn't have level design makes you a complete moron.

>nvidia pajeets are shilling blurry consoleshit like DLSS 2.0kek

>>507616075Play BotW. I know it's a butt-blasting game around here and you can say it's empty and boring and whatever else, but if you don't see the genius level design in the way the topography is structured then you aren't qualified to discuss level design.

>>507616463>blurry consoleshit like DLSS 2.0>literally sharper than native 4k >>507600741

>>507616134and it was garbage

>>507611960>Graphic illiteratewhat the fuck does that even mean?

>>507616463>>507614629>uninformed normalfags that just drop in then drop out without reply when they get BTFO"kek"

>>507616075GTA cities are designed around the game mechanics, GTAV was designed to have big stretches of land to speed on your car, take off on your plane, several alleys to lose the cops, hiding places, sniping points, even the mountains are designed to be traversed by land vehicles.

>>507616560Not him but BOTW has terrible level design because there's no incentive beyond autistic wandering. And I personally didn't come across hardly any side quests because I was going in my own direction, meaning the devs didn't funnel me into locations they wanted me to be in.It's poorly designed.

>>507594034Yeah it looks pretty great on bfV but it cuts down my FPS to around 65ish. Looks really good but I’d rather play with 144.

>>507616996Except you played the way the devs intended, what the other user meant is that most landmarks can be seen from any point in the map so you can always know whwre to go without having a mini map.

>>507616996There are so many things I disagree with with in this post, but I don't want to turn this into a BotW siderail, so I'll just say that your complaints are more overall game design issues, not level/world design.

>>507617220The devs intended me to drop the game because it was boring and poorly designed?>what the other user meant is that most landmarks can be seen from any point in the map so you can always know whwre to go without having a mini map.That's not very commendable.>I put a mountain over here and the sun sets over there>I'm a genius....>>507617370You're just trying to seperate the two which is stupid. It's not like the shrines were anything special either.You're trying to recommend BOTW as a large and well designed level but that's a bad joke. You're in the same vein as the delusional people praising MGSV's gameplay.

>>507617220Partly this, but a good example of what I mean is just the way even cliffsides are formed. Every cliff I climbed felt like it had rest spots exactly in the right place, regardless of my stamina pool. But besides that, despite its size and it's free-roaming nature, the devs knew what I was going to do and designed the game to suit that. Not all the time, of course. But a large majority for the kind of game it is.

>>507617220That's not what he meant at all. The devs intentionally block lines of sight and open new ones depending where you are. This way, depending on your initial route, you'll be following different breadcrumbs trails of interesting locations that can be seen in the distance. If you go East from the great plateau, you'll see different landmarks than if you go North, and this keeps happening so players will have unique experiences with the game depending on which landmarks catch their attention and when they decide to backtrack to explore the landmarks they ignored the first time around. The tools you have will change your approach so your experience will be different depending on if you explore some area X as your first activity after leaving the great plateau, or after you beat all the divine beasts and upgrade your gear.

>>507591957Right looks worse and plays worse, raytracing is the stupidest thing I have heard about.

>NVIDIA's entire architecture upgrade with the 2000 series is based around raytracing>only retards and poorfags like >>507596381 dislike itWhat do you think?

>>507617620Again, you're either a typical butt-blasted BotW hater or someone who doesn't understand level design in video games. Probably both.But a friendly reminder that this thread is about raytracing. I almost didn't bring up BotW because of this shit.

>>507617620That's just you bitching, it's not even valis criticism just an uninformative opinion.>>507617760Yes, also the rivers long enough for you to swim with one stamina circle

>>507591957Why would prettier lighting be a paradigm shift? Even if it catches on it will change absolutely nothing about how games are played.

>>507591957rtx is awesome but that image is shit example, left looks better, don't @ me niggers

>>507618037Or it could be that you're just another retard overrating a game you liked. Good level design rewards a player, like earlier Zelda games. BOTW has fuck all in it. It's just a shallow sandbox.>But a friendly reminder that this thread is about raytracing. I almost didn't bring up BotW because of this shit.You brought it up because you're an obsessed fanboy.

>>507601850That's literally the opposite of reality. Stick to your pixelated platformers because you're mental.

>>507617815>that's not what he meant at all>proceeds to explain the same exact thing but with more wordslol

>>507616463>Bothers to write out DLSS 2.0 to talk shit>Not just saying DLSS and leaving it open if he might only mean 1.0, cuz that indeed is bluzzy console shit2.0 is literally shaper and ends up with a far better picture than upscaled console 4k you fucking retardNot to mention that consoles (at least xbone) will heavily adapt this through directML (something you don't care to understand)Not to mention that snoy already has upscaling all the way through on the pro anyway

>>507618070>That's just you bitching, it's not even valis criticism just an uninformative opinion.Feel free to tell me what I'm bitching about and how criticism isn't valid. I've played the game for dozens of hours too, how am I uninformed?

>>507618396>he did not find all the game changing armor>he did not get the cool weapons>he did not find all the cool spots>he did not play the game

>>507618396The only one obsessed with BotW is you my dude. I brought it up as a good example of good level design in an open world, which it is. You're the only one sperging out about it without giving any solid argument against it other than the typical Holla Forums talking point like it's empty, which I even addressed in my first post. Take your medicine dude.

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>>507618695>game bad because I say soThat's your entire post, it's not criticism, you are just calling it boring without even saying why. It's obvious you did not play it.

>>507605957good point

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>>507618702Like I said, autistic wanderer simulator. >armor doesn't change the game aside from the zora costume>weapons do not matter because combat is pointless>implying there is even one cool spot in the gameI did play the game.>>507618736You brought up a poor example of level design and I'm informing you of that fact. And apparently I have to remind you that you are obsessed with the game which is the reason you brought it up. I have given an argument and you're just trying to strawman on me because you're a moron lol.You have an incredibly low IQ don't you.>>507618862>nooo you didn't play itAnd now I have to wonder why there are a bunch of nintendo manchildren in this thread. Where did I say it was bad? What have I said that implied I haven't played the game?

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>>507619147>higher damage doesn't change the game>mimicking enemies doesn't change the game>electrocution, burning, freezing immunity doesn't change the game>increased stealth doesn't change the gamelol you didn't play shit

>>507592572Is there a name for when you get really happy watching two slightly different things side by side?

>>507619147>You brought up a poor example of level design...You're only real argument is that the game doesn't reward you well enough, which is something I actually agree with. It's my biggest issue with the game. Towards the end of my time with it I just avoided fights because there was no reason to get into them once I mastered the combat system and there was no challenge anymore. But again, that is a game design problem, not a level/world design problem. I like the game anyway, but am very far from obsessed with it. It just was the first thing that came to mind when open world+good level design came up. You're literally the only one being shitty about it. You have multiple other anons agreeing with me. Fucking let it go dude. You are welcome to your opinion, but you are also wrong, don't know what you're talking about, and acting like a straight up child.

>>507591957Eventually when hardware catches up and the code for it is improved. It won't be a huge paradigm shift like Doom was, as an example, but it will be a large shift. What I will be intrigued by is if it will have light strengths. A weak blue, as an example, can be overpowered by a strong red, not to create a shade of purple, but to create a strong red.

>>507619559>higher damage doesn't change the gameCorrect, whether you fight enemies or not doesn't change the game at all.>mimicking enemies doesn't change the gameWhat?>electrocution, burning, freezing immunity doesn't change the game>increased stealth doesn't change the gameCorrect. In the case of burning it just added a layer of tedium and nothing else.>>507619893Meaning it has piss poor level design. There's no specific design in place here, it's just a big and shallow sandbox. You act like this isn't an argument when it's an objective fact and it's why the game was praised. You are the one without an argument that's why you're seperatinglevel and game design when they are the same. BOTW only has game design most of the time, the zones are about as detailed as out of bound areas most of the time.>but am very far from obsessed with itThen consider not accusing others of being "haters" and bringing up very poor examples of level design. You act like you're a retarded fan, just like your buddies.

>>507612115Nice how the debris in the back is highlighted in the raytraced picture. Working on settlements in this game is maddening where lighting is concerned, it drives me up the wall that lights just completely lose distance after a certain point. Not realistic at all. Here’s hoping it’ll be a reality in a few years on the pc at least

>>507620869>What?Yes, you didn't play shit, you are just speaking out of your ass. Give up, get a life nerd.

>>507591957>shows a literal dumpster fire in picguess it's true, real life is more kino than pottery

>>507620869>Meaning it has piss poor level design.You clearly are stupid and, again, don't know the difference between game design and level/world design, so I don't know why I'm still doing this with you. But so, okay, imagine if every bokoblin camp and shrine had a unique weapon or something like that. Combined with the topography, the way the world guides and assists you despite being completely free-form, would you say it had good level design then? I know you'll say no because you're a stubborn, ignorant asshole, but I have to ask anyway.

>>507621207I did play it you spastic fuck and proved it. I'll take this as my win since you're just spewing at this point, I didn't even talk about enemies in that post.

>>507621023>Here’s hoping it’ll be a reality in a few years on the pc at leastJust use the shader. You can tweak it to do as much or as little as you want. I personally like the AO aspect more than the color bounce but you can do either or. Or both.