Troy Baker's message to the people who saw the leaks

Troy Baker's message to the people who saw the

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excuse me, butwho the fuck is Troy Baker?

>>507591461The voice of this dude

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>>507591218>a studio with 30 years of developmentNice try, Troy. But that Naughty Dog doesn't exist anymore

>>507591218How much you think they paid him

>>507591461the guy they get when they can't afford Matt Mercer

>>507591983Maybe he gets paid royalties.


>>507591218>a couple of screenshots

>waah I might not get my awards this year

>>507591461that one faggot voicing anime games

>>507591218>a couple of screenshots

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>>507591218whys jason mraz talking like the video box

>>507592123Do you not remember the VA strike? Devs are never going to give them royalties, it was the one condition they refused to agree to.

>>507591218imagine simping for a fictional tranny that killed the character you voice

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>>507591218>you really think that's all it takesngl yeah.

>>507592224He's too expensive for that, now.He's totally useless.

>>507591218we all know he is getting paid extra to say this shit

>>507591983for some reason, imagined Druckmann calling him over the phone bawling his eyes out

>>507591983>calling an employee a shillis this the level of stupid we're at now?

>>507592536>Nolan North too expensive>Hire Troy Baker>Troy Baker too expensive>Hire Matt Mercer>Matt Mercer too expensiveWHO IS OUR NEXT SAMEVOICE?

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>>507592447imagine thinking that one of the most prolific voice actors in the history of the discipline gives a shit about any single character

Nice to know his normal speaking voice is the same as the one voice he does for literally every character.Why does this guy get so much work when he doesn't have any range or variety whatsoever

He looks like a fucking faggot70% of Naughty Dog left after Uncharted 4It's not "a couple of screenshots" that leaked, it's 90 minutes of footage that includes pivotal scenes, the final fight, and an ordered list of the levels.

>>507592608>T-troy please say something the internet is mocking my magnum opus, please

>>507591697Which dude?

>>507592671why deobrah wilson ofc

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>a couple of screenshotsis this faggot pretending?

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>>507591218>a couple screenshotsare they ignoring how much of it leaked?

>>507592445I remember it, but I never really looked into it.

>>507592721>in the history of the disciplineExcuse me what?

>>507591218>ending is spoiled>lmao they're too good for it to be spoiledHe's such a brainlet. It's over. The ending is a joke. The twist is a joke. Sucking their dick won't fix that.

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>it's another Holla Forums talks about voice actor """range""" thread because they don't have anything else to complain about

>>507592838Debra is based

If you watch that YouTube series with him.and Nolan north you can clearly see he's a massive ca pretentious liberal faggot. In one episode he talked about how the swedish chef from the Muppets was really offensive. Nolan north seems alright though.

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>>507592658>is this the level of stupid we're at now?no, this is how we win

>>507591218Ummm why is this dude mansplaining the leaks over and over again? Can we get the two leading LADIES to comment? Shut up white dude your time is over

>>507593249Hi troy.

>>507592746Because generic handsome man voice and the studios rarely want anything more. It's as much on individual studios as it is on the VA.He also did Two-Face in Bam Ham City, Joker in Origins, Gul'dan, Pagan Min, and other pretty decent roles. I mean, I think the dude's a moron, but he's voice acting is fine if the studios bother to use him for something than younger Nolan North.

>>507591218I've never seen such a high concentration of cope in 1 minute.

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>>507592658Voice actors don’t typically run PR damage control.

>>507593568Anon if I got paid as much as he did do you really think I'd spend time talking with you retards?

>>507593596have you seen Neil Cuckmann's video?

>>507591218> A scouple screenshotsI think he doesn't know

>>507592536Doesnt he still do japanese games?

>the entire plot summary>pivotal scenes in fucking HD>every main character deathj-just a couple of screenshots guis don't worry

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>>507591218h-hey guys Niel Druckmann here, the leaks are from an old pre-release version of the game. L-lying? Me? I would never lie. Tell them Troy Baker. Tell them I'm not lying please..

>>507591218He went from slightly cool guy voice actor man to insufferable egoistical failed actor fuck in an instant years back.


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>>507591218this guy is 44

>>507591697Him dying ain't a problem, it's how he dies. So pathetic.

>>507593732Hi matt.

>>507593574You forgot his best work in the game Unearthed: Trail of Ibn Battuta.

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>>507591461Just some cuck who gets paid to read a script

>>507591218>couple of screenshotsMan, they pay him to damage control and he just half asses it, what a cunt.

>>507591218I am enjoying this so very much :)

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>>507593732yesits pandemic

>>507593456>spoilers won't ruin the game for you>don't spoil the game or you'll ruin the game for people

>>507593845Yeah, I don't think it was as cope as this one though. Cuckmann wasn't visibly coping like this guy is.

>>507594016He became a complete irredeemable cunt after working on Infinite

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>>507591218>just a couple of screenshots OHNONONONONO

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>>507591218Good goyim

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>>507591218THE COPE IS REAL

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How were the leaks confirmed anyway? why couldn't the developers just ignore the leaks and then surely no one would have known if they were true? anyone can make up fake "leaks" so what or who confirmed these ones in the first place? don't tell me the developers tweeted about it or something stupid like that when they could have just ignored it and we'd all be none the wiser


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>n-normies will buy it anyway!Believe it or not, Retail store sales make up a fuck ton of normie game sales still.With lockdown, these publishers are solely dependent on internet channels to promote their games.And when shit like this happens, and there's negative press everywhere, that's HORRIFYING to them.The leaks will definitely have an unprecedented impact on sales.

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>>507591218Why does he look like some bum you would see at SXSW?

>>507591461he's in a band called Blink 182. He plays the drums

>post YFW you're not neil cuckmann

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>>507591218>a couple screenshots

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>>507592447When is it ever mentioned that they are trans? It's a muscular woman. Imagine that, in a post-apocalyptic incredibly violent world, it is beneficial to be muscular.

>>507595836>anyone can make up fake "leaks" user there's 1.5 hours of footage from various parts of the game, along with an overlay debug menu showing the full chapter list. Can't really fake new gameplay footage.

>>507596207Which is the cheery on top of this shit Sunday

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>>507592837>>507591697samefag but i still laughed

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>>507596256yeah and how did they get the proteins necessary?


haha golf club go bonk

>>507591461Nolan North's brother

>He doesn't even know what he's talking about

>>507596076I laughed user.

>getting a voice actor to do PR damage control What even is this timeline?

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>>507592123They are never going to do that. Not with a big project like this.>>507591983Probably 20 in toilet paper and handnitizer.

the quality, the ratio, the hat with the thinning hair and the earring just makes it look like a clip from some gay porno

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>>507591218how about you stand up for the mistreated workers, fuckface

>just a couple of screenshots

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This reminds me of Kemono friends.

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>>507591218this coming from the fucking retard who unironically said 'you can't judge the voice performance of the SH hd collection based on the trailer because that's such a small portion of the game', when the scene in the trailer was THE FUCKING MOST IMPORTANT SCENE IN THE GAME (aka prison talk between James and Mary/Maria).

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>>507596990Ok throw me some numbers

>>507596473Well, his job is his voice work, and acting.

>>507594145dude dresses like he's 16 lmao

>>507591218He doesn't honestly believe that. He knows it isn't screenshots but full cutscenes too.

>getting so big for your britches that you have a falling out with Nolan NorthCringe


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>>507596990his video does look like an interview for a porno

>>507597364Whyd he have a falling out with Nolan North? Aren't they both doing that Avengers game by Square Enix?

>>507597364dude is a fucking pretentious faggot, I feel bad Nolan even had to deal with his holier than thou bullshit when they were working together on the youtube channel

>>507597329Of course he doesn't the funny part is that ND paid one of their VAs to do PR damage control

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>>507597364What happened with him and based Nolan?

>>507597802about the youtube channel they had together believe it or not, that's how fucking childish and deplorable this grown man is

>>507597802If I had to guess, it's over the VA union garbage that was going on a while ago. Baker was campaigning for royalties, North was sitting on the fence, at least publically.

>>507594181I've always been tempted to tweet this to Nolan north ,but never did though.

>a couple screenshots>this level of damage control

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You can tell this isn’t for anyone who actually saw the leaks

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>blatant damage control from a fucking VA of all things>looks like a simp, talks like a simp, acts like a simp to boot>just a couple of screenshots bro>HONESLTYThis is all so fucking pathetic its incredible.

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>>507591218>a couple screenshotsHow disingenuous.>muh pedigreeCompare TLOU to Jak and Daxter. ND of today is not ND of 2012, which was not ND of 2004.

>>507591218It's a shame you linked to channel where you can't even comment because the owner's being an apologists

>>507591218>A decade long history of VAing secondary characters in cartoons, vidya, and anime.>His career can be summarized as completely replaceable.

>>507592838>do the same CGI role in vidya as the token black woman for EZ money after mad TV kinohonestly based

>>507598143And don't forget the fucking fedora

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>>507591218I said it before and I'll say it again.He is L I T E R A L L Y pulling a Mark Hamill. It's fucking hilarious, and I cannot wait to see where it takes his career.

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who even watches dub anime nowadays?

Is he wrong though? Aren't most of the spoilers early game shit?

>>507591218When did Troy ended up becoming a stuck up faggot that likes to smell his own farts and think he's a proper hollywood actor?Was it always this way? Back when he did weeb shit I thought he was ok

>>507597364This faggot really needs to be knocked down a few pegs. Nolan is still a working man's man, unlike this punk.

>>507591218>TLOU 2 could damage Troy's image with this videoI hope this means more roles for Matt Mercer, dude's been known as discount Troy for far too long.

>>50759198312 grams of peruvian white

>>507598354i swear this video looks bad on purpose i find it hard to believe that this is a legit response

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>>507598424The ending was spoiled.

>>507591218Hold on. Why didn't he have a thick Texan accent in the video? I thought he always spoke with one.

>>507598446he was the head of the voice actor strike and>>507597131. He was probably always this way.

>>507598587Matt Mercer could probably write Neil under the table. Not that it's that hard, but still.

>>507591218These fuckers never learn, just by adressing the leaks you make people that doesnt know about them more curious and interested in watching them. And the people who knows about them, and already set their minds into not buying this shit stick even more with their choice


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>>507591218>another shit quality vid of tlou2 staff sucking the game offthe damage control is getting annoying, they should just shut the fuck up until release day

They must be paying him $10,000 for each stupid twitter/youtube thing. A couple screenshots.I AM JOEL>$20,000 has been deposited into your account

>>507592658He's an independent contractor

>>507596289ah, I see that makes a lot of sense. So it wasn't something they could just deny

>>507598738In the videos or people posting?

>>507591218There are way too many Likes to Dislikes on that video.

>>507599289in the 1 hour and a half of footage and the entire summary that were leaked

>>507599327Let’s fix that

>Just screenshot guys >Dev build cutscenes from early 2020>Morew than 1 hour worth of leaks, yes, leaked out more content days after the first barrage >Just screenshots dude trust me and Sony's pedigreCalifornians are imitating the Chinese Communist Party in PR.

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>>507596256>uses gym>gyms aren't open during this pandemic

>>507592083Who's the guy they get when they can't afford Nolan North.


Every major game Troy Baker is attached too is CURSED.CHANGE MY EFFN' MIND.


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>>507599830Based? Based on what?

>>507599980god of war 4 was good tho

>>507600045newfag much?


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>>507599406That footage is early though which was my point. There are multiple ending summaries saying all sorts of shit

>>507600556>that footage is earlyit had dates from april and march

>Guy starring in game says something positive about gamewoooooooooooooow

>>507600845He means "early in the game", ie, not spoiling the ending.

>>507600897>Stars in game >Gets his head caved in after being cucked out of role of protag

>>507600931That's also wrong because we saw the chapter list and the final chapter.

>>507601020His character is still a big one and one reason people like the last of us

>>507600045GTFO redditor.

>>507600931it shows the beginning of the epilogue with ellie leaving her jew gf and the tranny in santa barbara which proves at least one of those summaries

>>507591218He even looks and acts like a massive faggot.>MEH AWARDSGiven to them by other faggots like themselves.

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>>507591218holy fucking shit the damage control keeps coming

remember when troy baker voiced cool games

Is this Toy Baker famous for other shit than TLOU? Really, first time heard of this goy

>>507601139>>507601243Yes, I'm aware, and I have at least the reading comprehension of a pre-school graduate. You should be responding to >>507600556 with this information.

>>507600045Based on this dickLMAO GOTTEM

>>507591218>screenshots So he doesn't know?

I just want to flick that hat off his head

>>507601441he knows he's just doing damage control

>>507591218Snoy Baker

>>507601139Level list doesn't say much. Many leaks were saying Ellie dies in the fight but then they are changing their "leaks" because the story trailer suggests Ellie kills Abby.

>>507601354In weeb circles because he was the voice of Kanji in P4 and Yuri in Tales of Vepseria, before Mercer replaced him because Troy thought he was too good to be voicing weebshit.

>>507591983He does it for free

What's with ALL this damage control? Are preorders THAT low?

>>507601771*in the vanilla release of P4

>>507592658contractor not employee

>>507591218are you guys doing your job?

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>>507601769Final chapter is called Abbie vs Ellie. We see this fight.

>>507591218He's dead to me now, Matt's shit but at least he doesn't have his head up his ass

>>507601769>Many leaks were saying Ellie dies in the fightThose leaks were misinterpreted due to how much Ellie gets the shit kicked out of her. Ellie lives and is being set up as the "villain".>but then they are changing their "leaks" because the story trailer suggests Ellie kills Abby.Never even seen that.

How much money did Naughty Dog throw at him for this damage control?

>>507592083Lol what? Isn't Matt Mercer is always considered the discount Troy Baker?

>>507596114>Based Joel Sims stream refrence.

>>507602130he does it for free

>>507601354He got his shit kicked in by Holla Forums's least popular delivery man.

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>>507602118How can a leak be a misinterpretation? Either it leaks what actually happens or it isn't an actual leak.

>>507592721No but he'd give a shit about loosing a paycheck

>>507591218Didn't he just recently leave RetroReplay to go do his own thing? He's really making all the terrible career decisions lately

>>507601909>>507601771And half the anime. The fact that Matt got swapped in for Troy half-way through and nobody noticed, is quite amazing actually.

>>507593365Nolan seems like a real man's man boomer type. Pretty chill too

>>507601354Its his true "star" making role for normies

>>507591218Why does he care, wasnt he paid already?>>507591461>who the fuck is Troy Baker?>being this fucking new

>>507591218They're in full-blown panic mode, aren't they?

>>507602413Because the leaks come out, and then some dumb-asses play Chinese whispers rather than look at the leaks.

>>507591461Steve Blum but for video games


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>>507602361That fight made up for the awful bossfight preceding it

>>507591461He used to have a bakery in Troy.

>>507602542Yeah, I barely noticed it too. Matthew is a cool dude too.

>>507596054I don't see it having any more of an adverse affect than "underperforming" (AKA "it's dead to us if it doesn't yield CoD level numbers right away"). But whether or not it does well, I expect a decent shitshow when the more normie fans get a load of the story. This is going to be the Season 8 GoT of vidya. also, if it does do well, I can at least look forward to holding this over Snoys' heads for a while to come, that they willfully endorsed horrible working conditions to defend and support a fucking movie game.

How the mighty have fallen.

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>>507602661it really is, has there been another game that leaked stuff and had this much damage control PR stuff? like the entire plot of Mass Effect 3 leaked and they didn't do this much


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>>507602678None of the videos say anything about the ending though.

He looks like Corey Tayler the singer from Slipknot

>>507603324yes you faggot

>>507603324Nolan North would be the better lover

>>507602413Originally the final scene was leaked as screencaps. Someone accidentally put the caps in the wrong order. When the video came out we saw that she actually just leaves her beaten to shit half dead and fades to black.

a $60 movie

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>>507603410Who's also an obnoxious faggot

>>507591218He looked better when he was trying to look like Joel. Now he looks like he caught HIV from a gay meetup in Palm Springs

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>>507591218He looks like he's going to audition for Brokeback Mountain 15 years late

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>>507602687Steve blum actually did voice in some games


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>>507603796What's he up to nowadays?

>>507603324>actually finding that bald ass fedoralord ever attractiveFucking YIKES user

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I'm still buying the game while Holla Forums seethes. I only know about the Tranny and something about golf.

>>507591218Holy fuck he's lookin thin.

>>507603921I don't know All I know is that he used to voice act in some games like heartbreat 1 from ace combat 5

>>507591461run of the mill anime dub VA that LARPs being a respected celebrity after being in a few AAA games

>>507603987Literally nobody here is mad, not many people here other than yourself cared about this game. Go ahead and buy it while the people who worked on it continue to supply us with endless lols

>>507604030It's all the meth

>>507602167Matt is hotter no homo

Can this dude only do one voice?His normal voice sounds like his VA voice

>>507596990Come on, the oralcumhackerman is way more handsome and talented. Look at that jaw man, it's not a competition.

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>>507597364I honestly couldn’t give a fuck for anything he has voiced

>>507604393he does have range but he's pigeonholed because he made it big with Joel's voice (aka slightly modified normal voice) and now everyone just wants that

>>507596256Its really 4D chess. Abby isn't a tranny, her Asian friend is, but its funnier how the biological woman is more masculine than the tranny

>>507603796>>507603921>>507604118>Used toHe still doesI remember him as the brutes in halo 3 and tank dempsey in cod zombies, and wolverine in a bunch of games, but he even voices a character in valorant

>>507591218 I watched it respectively, but he didn't really make an argument of any kind. I do agree that games should be experienced first hand, but if people don't like the changes they've seen to the story, then they probably won't care much for the game play either. No amount of acclimates for Naughty Dog is going to change that.

>>507591218fucking hated this dude in bioshock infinite, screaming and grunting every 20 seconds

Modern gaming and its controversies are so fucking bad. How many fucking filters do I need to put in to make Holla Forums readable again

>Joel is killed>Troy is too good for Anime games now to ever play Kanji again>Rhys was recast in BL3 and even if they did bring Troy back, he wouldn't be able to fix Gearbox's awful script Does he have any good roles left?

>>507605150/v/ is irredeemable and has been since ~2014. You'd know this if you weren't a newfag.

>>507596256Yes, that's why she gets buffer than most men we've seen in the whole universe after her dad dies. Mary Sue much?>>507604594IRL yes, unconfirmed in the game.

>>507605261at least he still have Retro Replay... oh wait

>>507605395You can tell that Nolan is pretty upset about him abruptly quitting.

>>507592671Why Vic Mignogna of course.

>>507605280I don't think Holla Forums is irredeemable at all. I still see at least a few good threads a week.

>>507596289gameplay footage for a sony game is gameplay kek

>>507605261maybe he's hoping for duckman to fit him in HBO

>>507591218He’s trying too hard. They clearly paid him, and what he’s saying is bullshit. It wasn’t “a couple of screenshots”, and Naughty Dog hasn’t been in development for 30 years - the ND that exists today is LGBTIQ+ dilating trannyfags who joined the company yesterday. What a fucken shill.

>>507593706The thing is they are playing false pathos. They hired the guy who played Joel to talk down fans thinking that the fans are so stupid that they will consider this from Joel himself.The thing is its idiotic to think that the fans can't tell that he's just an actor. His job was only to sit in a chair and read lines into a mic. He has no opinion on any of this, he was just paid to say things.

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>>507605951Yeah correct me if I'm wrong but I read 70% turnover since Uncharted 4. That sounds pretty insane

>>507605965He also played mocap if that's any consolation. The only thing that doesn't make him Joel is the face and body.

>>507593706This is the second time Troy has done it. He was on full damage Control during the SH HD collection voice acting thing.

>>507592775He's a cringe faggot who huffs his own farts

>>507591218Is this man really trying to sell the notion that Naughty Dog is still prime ND?

>>507593095In regards of video game voice acting, he's one of the most well known voices in the industry. There's better voice actors, sure, but almost everyone who plays video games knows who he is at this point.

when did you realize what a cunt troy baker was?for me it was him doing Q&A at some anime convention and someone asked him why he quit voicing kanji, he told a story about people coming out of the closet to get the crowd to cheer for him, then didn't answer the question

>>507591218this nigga a geek

>>507591218Why is this overpaid voice actor recording a video that looks like it's from 2006 youtube? What is this fucking terrible quality?

>>507606243He’s giving it a red hot sheckel.

Nobody cares.Nice hat.

>>507591218I already despise this overexposed prick, but actually begging people to buy this shit? No. This asshole is well aware that Nu ND is not Old ND too. Hope he gets brain cancer.

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>>507591461High Profile VA from a pool of profile VAs that get paid for voicing major characters in Anime, Cartoons, Gaming, etc. Troy has good chops for things like Tales from The Borderlands, but also is a big of a "problem" person when it comes to certain deals/drama. Enjoy the voice, don't like the person in this game.

>>507591218Yuri lowenthal has the most range of any vidya va although sometimes I just hear sasuke

>>507606436His profession is talking into a microphone not editing videos.

>>507606357Q&As for TLoU. Ashley Johnson seemed pretty cool, but Baker came across as a real fucken fedora tipping faggot.

>>507593456Is that surprising?

>>507591218He's right, leaks are pretty dodgy looking but as a movie game it will only be known if they work when they are truly contextualized within the narrative. It's probably still going to suck, but it can't be said for sure until seen in its entirety.

>>507601990>3.2k likesdamn, r/thelastofxer2 must've gotten there first. we got work ahead of us boys

>>507606615>Baker came across as a real fucken fedora tipping faggot.He's the generic stereotype of a douche who learns guitar to get chicks in college

>>507592837Oh that's AWFUL, but I love it.

Attached: Snorts.jpg (377x567, 18.9K)

>>507593095He's objectively up there with Nolan North, Steve Blum and Jennifer Hale.

>>507591218>The Jewish masters using their top goyim to calm down the other goyim

>>507606615Isn't the entirety of the Critical Role cast just some highly paid voice actors finding a way to get paid more in a side gig?



>>507596054People are bored out of their minds so I don't really think the leaks will have a big impact especially since normal people don't obsess over spoiling themselves for the sake of video game gossip. Considering the PS4's on it's last leg this will probably be the last huge title and be a top seller for a while.I'm saying this as someone who really doesn't like what I've seen either.

What is that channel? Its posted for 2 years but literally only about TLOU2. And then the instagram and shit seem to link to totally unrelated profiles.

>>507591218He certainly showed me.

>>507606079And that he has no control over what Joel says or does in the story. He's an actor, he is not in charge of anything, he has no responsibility. He's doing this when it should be Druckman or someone else in charge, but those guys are creepy weirdos to people.

>>507606824You're forgetting Jen Taylor.

>>507607314Actors are often told to get into character to deliver the vision of the writers.

>>507606079>The only thing that doesn't make him Joel is the face and body.And the entire life experiences and personality.

>>507607314Higher ups like Druckmann and other people are terrible at interpersonal shit and come across as swine to their co-workers and potentially the public.

Attached: cresh.png (650x488, 156.68K)

>>507607264You're comparing purchasing trends for normies with informed consumers.Informed consumers look for stuff to buy. Normies need skyscraper billboards in their face or they simply don't know to buy something.Netflix is already taking care of that for normies.

>>507601769the denial

>>507596054This. Normie and non-Normies seems to forget that most of the money a game makes and the phrase "OVER 500,000 UNITS SOLD IN ONE WEEK", is a half-truth, because those units were """SOLD""" to physical retailers (Best Buy, Walmart, Target, ETC).The money is already made for ND, and they'll make back the game's budget and maybe some profit from sales. The retailers are the ones that have to worry about bad word of mouth and general lack of interest for physical, to actually sell the physical CDs. Hence those "look at dis dude" pics of floor bins full of AAA games just tossed in there at striked prices, just to get copies off the floor and out of Warehouse.

When a company is pulling out all the stops to do damage control over the leaks, it's pretty telling. They've done everything short of getting Jesus himself saying that the full game will be worth it.Funny part too is that had they not delayed the release date, even if it wasn't up to THEIR satisfaction, they could've had more sales back in February when things were still unknown. Now with the cat out of the bag, their delays ironically hurt them more than it helped.

>>507596114I'm so happy Season 2 is out. That was one hell of a Thanksgiving Special.

>>507608654its what 18 days away? I can't wait for them to pull all the stops for their PR nightmare damage control

>>507596256Overtly Muscular with no sign of cleavage. In post-apocalypse America. Unless she ate alot of deer and shits like a pig, Abby is a weird woman's head on Alex Jones's body.


Attached: Karl doesn't approve.gif (228x211, 266.58K)

>>507591218DSP was right for calling out this faggot years ago. I will give him that.

Attached: 1588924316425.jpg (465x414, 74.48K)

Why even make this video? Cuck.

>>507597194he wears a fucking fedora.

>>507606717That’s not the reason why that video has so much likes. The channel (Breakthrough) hosting that video is a TLOU2 shill channel. Look at Breakthrough’s videos and see for yourself, friend.

>>507591461A bretty gud voice actor.

>>507606675Its surprising that he thinks anyone would care if they're banned from his stupid channel

>>507609465>LTG was the first to call out boogie>DSP was the first to call out Troy BakerAlso, DSP BTFO’d Anita a week ago. He follows this shit since he brought up a detailed account of her history of scamming people. LTG also destroyed a tranny and knows the phrase “based and redpilled.” These two guys browse Holla Forums and they will save gaming.

>>507591218>>507591461Why do voice actors or any kind of artists have the same kind of inflated ego? What is it that turns this people into degenerate narcissists?

>>507603987Joel dies, Ellie could too

>>507610127Also, the game is short and has no online.

>>507591218He voiced /ourguy/ Joel. He didn’t deserve to get wrapped up in Cuckmann’s fanfic


Attached: B33EA38B-3A5A-421D-89B0-967CEC11DF64.jpg (1437x1437, 858.84K)

>single earringThis guy looks like a fucking faggot. Bet if you sicked the FBI on him you'd nail him for being an adrenochrome user too

>>507610226But then ND probably gave him good money to do this.

>>507610105Fame and fortune user fame and fortune

>>507592658You know employees typically get paid, right?

>>507606957Some of them are that big. Telisan ,or whatever his name is, and Liam don't do much

>>507610105They tend to see the fans the most and get all the praise for the game.

>>507591218God, I wish I had a good voice. Everybody’s always complaining about height and hair lines but no one ever realises how important a good voice is. You could exude charisma without trying if you had a good voice. You could sing without effort. All your jokes would be funny even if they’re shit. People would look to you as a leader. When you yell, people would be intimidated without you needing to raise a fist. They’d see you as a leader. All your words would hold wisdom even when they don’t. I wish I had a good voice bros.

>>507610105"because they are in a big media form and everyone can hear and know its them! they're a household name! pretty much a celebrity! I get to be on award show!" is what they think, but the truth?

Attached: jp5.gif (480x270, 2.35M)

>>507610332And then you remember that Troy Baker said this before the leaks came out.>“I want people to go inopen-mindedto this story, and allow Joel and Ellie to tell their story — not the story that people think that they want to be told,”When someone has to say such a thing before the game's release, that's a fucking omen of how bad it'll be.

This dude's fashion and mannerisms are straight out of 2001, what the fuck. Even the video quality makes it feel kinda outdated. I'm not super invested in this game and its surrounding leaks but this video comes off as pure developer-fellating damage control, his fake condescension makes him seem exasperated

>>507610662its why he is now forced to go do this PR stuff, Naughty Dog definitely went "What the fuck Troy? you have to go out there and fix this now, or else no more ND games"

>>507591218looks like a coked up progressive

>>507610665He's been damaging ND before the leaks and telling people to approach the game's narrative with an open mind. Of course his expressions are fake, he knows that fans will fucking hate the story. And without any online at launch, the normies who got swindled into buying this along with fans who ignored the leaks or believe the lies about the leaks being "screenshots without context" are gonna get pissed. Remember the Mass Effect Andromeda fiasco? This is gonna be bigger than that.

>>507609465DSP is the last person that should be calling out people for wearing silly hats indoors.

>>507606605He was great as Peter in Spider-Man.

>>507595649she is so fucking disgusting lmao

>>507610963But when Phil does it, it's funny because you know he's gonna say something meme worthy.

>>507591218look at this dude.he minimizes the impact of the leaks and then proceeds to use the appeal to authority to say how experienced Naughty Dog is while struggling to come up with a coherent sentence.fucking lol.

>>507610452Looking at Liam's roles he is REALLY active.Tal on the other hand not so much.

>>507611086His Peter sounds like Sasuke. That's fine though. The Sasuke voice is one of the better American voices.

>>507591697Voice actors are so full of it. Nobody gives a fuck about these people.

>>507592837I knew it was coming and still keked.

>>507611109DSP has never done anything funny.

>>507611280I give a fuck about the Xenoblade VAs. For one, they're actual actors.


Attached: 0624E09B-CE32-48AE-9770-FBB616AF9121.jpg (470x470, 28.73K)

>>507591218>30 yearsHow many of those people were even around from when they started? Loving the dare to watch a big egotistical company collapse tho.



>>507611487how is this funny?

Yeah I don't care about the leaks because the only good VA is in it. And her name is Laura Bailey. She's a goddess and I'll buy every game she's in. Not clicking this lame troy hard baker video. I'm getting the game for Laura.

Attached: ahhhh.png (215x226, 118.52K)

>>507611690How is it not funny? It's the funniest video on YouTube. Only LTG vs Brazilian Trolls comes close.

>>507611794can you answer the question?


Attached: 018.jpg (600x600, 32.06K)


Attached: LB1.webm (398x358, 1.48M)

>>507591461Travis Barker's brother.

>>507611951I gave you my answer. It's the funniest video on YouTube. Nothing in Baker's career comes close to reaching the level of kino seen in DSP's Lightning Returns unboxing.

>>507610665Makes you wonder if he wasn't told to do this because to make it seem like all those celebs making quarantine videos.


Attached: LB2.webm (388x406, 776.78K)

>>507597364yeah i can't believe he quit their LP channel and took half the subs with him.

>>507591218>Troy says "A couple of screenshots" according to commentsNot gonna watch the video but if true, yikes, at least research what you're talking about first ffs

>>507602361ahahahaha death stranding bad, but it has few moments.

>>507603921typical voice acting shit, Toonami, some games and anime, not many major things, but all good for the VA life. And VA training workshops. He's cool.

This is why I don't play triple turd games. Fag Baker is in every single one of them.

>>507593980I mean you're un-ironically correct. February was not the latest build. About half of the footage is from April, half from February. Probably won't change in that time though.

>>507605621Didja see Peterposting?

>>507603796I loved him in GTO. He understands Onizuka.

>>507611742why? Poor Laura cried over this shit, She said it herself. You shouldn't buy the game to show her the support

>>507601909No he also voiced Kanji in P4G because that came out in 2012 and he didn't start smelling his own farts until 2013.Mercer voices Kanji in Persona Q and P4D



Attached: rgfsytgargs.jpg (395x575, 45.31K)


Attached: Mercer thumbs.gif (480x480, 2.29M)

>>50759198341% of his usual fees

>>507606807saw him at a con last year, never bothered walking up to him, just observing from afar. Missed out on some personal cringe, for I had no personla interest. To think i once considered asking him to sign my copy of MGSV when Texan Ocelot sucks.

>>507591218He's right.

>>507602167Matt Mercer's stock has gone way up ever since Critical Role became big. Like if you care about D&D at all, he's like one of the biggest names out there for producing content, they even straight up made D&D guidebooks based off of his campaigns.

>>507612310Hi DSP

I bet he claims to go jogging on building sites

>>507592746Dub mafia

>>507602167matt mercer probably more in demand since his DnD brand exploded

>>507602687Doesn't Steve Blum have the world record for most performances in video games?


>>507596114The game is probably still gonna sell like 7-8 million copies, but the leak undoubtedly is affecting sales. Even on plebbit, a lot of people there said that the leaks left a sour taste in their mouths and turned them off from buying the game.

Attached: 1580815968652.png (587x515, 266.64K)

>>507613127Hi! Hope your enjoying my Minecraft stream! I'm putting on my vest as I'm typing this ;)

>>507613276Vest hoooype

>>507591218>You can't ruin a game by looking at screenshots>It's a game, it's an experienceAll that Druckman dick sucking is going to his head.

>>507592671>tfw crispin freeman's too expensive now despite him saying repeatedly he really wants to reprise zetta but union won't let him

>>507591218>A couple of screenshotsDoes he really not know that gameplay footage and cutscenes got leaked as well?

>>507603478>Nolan North would be the better loverOh yeah this is 100% true. I'm not gay but Nolan North is totally the kind of guy who would be super goofy and fun and do lame romantic gestures like send you a rose while you're at work or shit like that.Troy Baker looks like he'd get in angry yelling matches with you at 3 AM because you told him he's irresponisble and drink himself to sleep on a beach without telling you where he left.

>>507612763Based esl!

>>507613442Best part is, everyone in the comments is calling that out. Not even 10 seconds in and people are sick of his shit.

>>507613594I agree. This is basically gamergate 2.0. Here we go

Perhaps I am wrong or just don't remember, but why is it only Western companies that apologize for shit like this?

>>507613110So discount troy.

>>507591218Oh God, I'm so glad Boomer North ditched this pretensious fag from Retro Replay. So fucking dishonest.

>>507591218>A couple of screenshotsheh

>>507613720Because Western companies cater to cancel culture, whereas eastern ones don't give a shit.

>>507613713God, I hope not. Last thing we need is that grifter Vox Day hijacking it like a week in again so he can hock some shitty book.

Post VA's that are undeniably BASED.

Attached: Ranger Nero.jpg (1080x1075, 354.57K)


Attached: adasd.png (327x316, 207.7K)

>>507613819What would they be canceled for? Does their audience not like this progressive stance the company took?

>no one's posting leakspointless thread desu

>>507591218Troy baker also said mgsv and death stranding were good and they were shit, so yeah

>>507613786he did? maybe now I'm gonna watch his channel, I always thought Troy was so overrated and a massive faggot

>>507613786>"Apparently there were disagreements regarding the general direction of the show which caused friction between the two, and in the letter, it's stated that the relationship between the two is "not okay" but that it will be."

>>507613819Eastern ones commit sudoku.


Attached: 1588509672322.jpg (1536x2048, 344.28K)

>>507613846Doubt it. Once the game comes out and confirms what everyone who has seen the leaks already knows, Troy's rep, along with Neil and ND, will go down the drain>inb4 opposite of what Holla Forums saysPeople who were throthing at the mouth for this game who got spoiled are saying "This is shit, hope it's not true", that is NOT the reaction you want from being spoiled.

>>507591218why did he ditch based nolan north?

>>507614029I haven't played DS so I won't comment but yeah, being literally unfinished aside, MGSV played amazingly well. The unfinished story just fucks it over.

Troy Bakermore likeOnions Baker

>>507591218>a couple screenshotsdon't tell him

Attached: 1427968271115.png (974x715, 56.45K)

>>507613996I'm saying they know if they fuck up, they'll not only lose sales but, even worse (to them), but called racist or sexist or homophobes or whatever.If you don't cater to those people, you don';t have to worry about that.

>>507613996If you look at the game trying to be offended it'd be easy enough, Abby the white straight female ruins the life of Ellie and her jewish girlfriend who's pregnant with a half asian baby all because she has daddy issues

>>507613873Best boy Daniel and Reuben too. tho I don't have a pic rn.

>>507591218that just mean he doesn't care for the characterprobably no character at all...

>>507613873LOVE AND PEACE!

Attached: 3780BFEC-E185-4BD5-9D44-CFF452F41D96.jpg (700x525, 127.65K)

>>507611346His bankruptcy is pretty funny



Attached: 1586385863529.jpg (1008x895, 235.83K)

>>507614265why is the jewess the pregnant one? Shouldn't it be ellie? doesn't she have a duty to pass down her immunity to future generations? seems like an interesting conflict to build a story around.

>>507614482>all debts erased

Attached: cant-keep-getting-away-with-this.gif (245x295, 1.94M)

>>507614041He has only released 2 new vids since Troy left, one with the Uncharted 3 crew and one with that Spartacus actor(who's joining RR LMAO) I know it's soon to tell but it legit looks better without Troy

>>507613873Yep, the best

Attached: JYB.jpg (800x1000, 46.35K)

>>507613996People don't take it well when you fuck with characters they like or care about, and here there isn't really some grand progressive basis to defend it with either, so most people will just be pissed.

>>507605865Could explain the sudden dick sucking.

>>507614329What mental gymnastics. This place never ceases to amaze me.


Attached: 1588548312004.jpg (291x388, 19.8K)

>>507591218God these videos are pathetic. The game will still sell like hotcakes and make bank, leaks or no leaks, yet these cucks act like it's the end of the world.


Attached: 1559721027990.jpg (380x405, 11.56K)

>>507592083fucking wrecked

>>507614640nah Ellie just hooked up with Jewtits after she slept around with everyone else in camp

>>507596256>Imagine that, in a post-apocalyptic incredibly violent world, it is beneficial to be muscular.It's also beneficial to have heat vision and the ability to fly like superman, you faggot, but that doesn't mean it's possible


Attached: 1586982016564.jpg (313x313, 12.97K)

>>507601354There was like a two year stretch where he was in everything, and not just with bit parts, but lead protagonist roles. Everything from Joel to MC in Bioshock Infinite to Joker in Arkham Origins, dude was everywhere. You couldn't find a single AAA release that didn't have this guy front-and-center

>>507614327Close enough.

Attached: DMC panel.jpg (1024x411, 50.55K)'s live!!!

Attached: 1589098792123.gif (600x600, 2.2M)

>>507615525Dude. Who the fuck is this?

Attached: fahkumram-clean.jpg (1280x720, 150.75K)

>>507613996Not really, no. It's an issue with companies where they suffer because they put progressive messaging over delivering a good product.

>>507614702>tell them you did nothing wrong>it unironically works

Attached: CCDB49B1-3B4A-4065-A9ED-44ED55EBC356.gif (280x161, 811.4K)

>>507613434i fucking love crispin freeman

>>507614640I absolutely agree. Thats what the sequel should have been. An adult Ellie gets pregnant during an adventure. Joel then steps back into the protecter role, without it being the same game over again.

>>507613110>>507613208There's like 10 people that give a shit about DnD. Matt is a literal who.

>>507613873Whoever does John Marston, don't remember his entire story but that was his one role so he gave up acting and went back to construction, then got called back for 2 and basically said "sure". Seems like a pretty decent dude.

this is embarrassing

constantly having to tell people that nothing is wrong isn't going to give people much hope

>>507591218Why is he so pink?

>>507611280I like cartoon actors, John Dimaggio, the Pinky and Brain guys, even Tara Strong seemed cool before she started doing anime and stole Harley Quinn.Moral is, if you replace a beloved Batman VA, you're probably shit.

>>507613873He has the best yell.

>>507615835>even if Joel has to sacrifice himself, Ellie now understands his decision from the first game because she feels the same bond with the child in her womb>game is about this direct parent-child love as opposed to some amorphous love for some bullshit abstract concept of humanityToo bad we're controlled by neoliberal kikes that have made a religion out of abortion. It's a good thing I stopped myself before I started giving too much of a shit about this trash.

Attached: images (50).jpg (300x168, 7.6K)

>>507616308>Tara Strong>animeThe fuck? Since when?

Attached: Harley.gif (300x309, 1.88M)

>>507591218>suddenly started wearing that stupid hat everywhere, including to awards shows and in his own houseAlright, let's see that hairline, son, it'll be easier this way.

>>507616394Disregard, although she does do video game dubs which confused me.


Attached: 1568045225768.jpg (480x480, 127.9K)

>Game director>Male main character voice actorWhen are they getting Ellie's voice actress to do a video?

>>507615929His video on YouTube with his family is pure kino. Idk if his wife was a whore in LA or whatever but he seemed like a great guy who felt very happy and lucky to have a beautiful family. Good stuff, especially in light of the character he played.

Attached: download (34).jpg (216x132, 5.69K)

>>507616126WUBBA WUBBA

>>507591218This faggot has one of the most punchable faces I’ve ever seen.

>>507616364>game called the last of us>story isn't about what it means to be the last of usyou're going to get your generic revenge story and you're going to like it.

>>507591218I wonder if he has a BONUS the is contingent upon the total number of games sold.

>>507616126It's a common trait amongst members of his own species

Attached: the-pink-weasel.jpg (320x240, 21.75K)

>>507602167Matt Mercer actually does japanese shit



Attached: 1586030759842.jpg (1920x1080, 139.09K)

>>507596732It worked so well for that Kemono Friends incident....right?

>>507613713No, no its not.

>It already has perfect score on PS StoreSony is at it again, manipulating scores and shit.Expect them mass delete negative reviews on Metacritic as per usual

Attached: 4123523612.png (1006x328, 152.87K)


Attached: 1427995704118.jpg (600x610, 38.43K)

whats the story with nolan and troy? last time i watched a retro replay was like a year ago or something so i'm not up to date

>>507591218>fuck you buy the game

>a couple of screenshotsLOL


Attached: Yuri_Lowenthal.jpg (614x768, 110.6K)

>>507615525imagine the smell

>>507603796>mfw I beat ratchet and clank 2 and saw he voiced the thug leadernigga really does have range

Attached: 1491705555633.jpg (414x479, 43.33K)

>>507600305No it wasn't

>>507617075Gotta admit, I didn't even know PS Store had ratings.That being said 700 is a little low for a manipulation, think it's more console fanboys trying to get small victories.

>>507617075>Rating a product before its outWhat? How is that even allowed?

>>507617475Thing is, you need to own the game to rate the game

>>507591218is this recorded on 2006? is he on hiding? Holy keks, the quality

>>507617075>>507617475>>507617552Yeah you can literally rate any piece of content on the store, that's all this is


Attached: 1532161885858.png (1085x1217, 1.66M)

>>507617075>it's trueJesus christ

Attached: 1507586839263.jpg (1157x772, 109.39K)

>>507616698are you ok?

>>507602167He was briefly, and then people realised he actually does Troy Baker than Troy Baker.

>>507591218Valvatorez is still Troy’s best performance.

>>507600305>hey you know how all our other notable games are over the shoulder because that's a good system for third person shooting which is all we make anymore? Let's throw that in our one melee focused game because fuck youThey get some points for not completely retconning the old games for being too "immature", although I still have no idea how Kratos is alive. They did that stupid Outer Worlds shit too where you can see other realms on your map but can't go to them, and of course lame enemies and bosses. And the whole plot feels like a B story from one of the PSP games.

>>507617601I'm disappointed.

>>507594837He was already a cunt by the time he did the Silent Hill HD Collection though, and that was a year before Infinite.

>>507615647>Who>not knowing Chad does life

>>507596054>there's negative press everywhereEvery media outlet is shilling it hard though. You're only going to see the negative on places that aren't actively shutting down discussion of it, aka here and small subsets of Twitter.

>>507596256>ITS A WOMA-Nobody cares, faggot.


Attached: 1574005904018.jpg (484x409, 33.32K)


Attached: A toast from Kramer.jpg (720x540, 68.63K)

>>507605618Nah he got #metoo'd

>>507591218>Doesn't matter, doesn't matter>Really? Really?>its a game, its a gameWhy does he keep repeating things twice? Why does he have such a punch able smug face?Why does he wear a hat indoors?Why does ht have 1 ear ring but not the other?

Attached: 1585787120206.png (655x522, 31.32K)

>>507618620Which one is the gay ear again?

>>507607364>>507606824dont forget Steve Buxley

Attached: DOVARED4.gif (720x960, 2.39M)

>>507603324He has no facial definition.

>>507618774Any ear with an ear ring..

Attached: 1583796556557.png (750x711, 86.97K)

>>507618483are you a sony shill? wanna delete the vids?__ and bilibili has it but in parts. good luck with the chinks


Attached: 7415258.jpg (900x750, 70.88K)

>e-celeb thread>hitting bump limit>vtuber threads deleted on sightMODS = FAGGOTSMODS = FAGGOTSMODS = FAGGOTS

>>507591218I love all the damage control around thisThey know they fucked up

>>507610105money and fame


>>507604603He was also in Dead Rising, No More Heroes, Naruto, and a plethora of Star Wars games.

>>507619235vtubers already have /jp/ and /wsg/

>>507610662Probably had to or risk getting fucked over in some way by ND. Same thing happened with Bill Murray and Fembusters.

>>507617340Fuck no.

>>507591218troy baker can go fuck himself

Attached: 1513920962307.jpg (552x387, 21.79K)

>>507604419Is that Ricardo?!

>>507591218What other hacks other than Neil Druckmann and Hideo Baba has made voice actors take the heat off themselves?

Attached: 687645453435435.jpg (960x640, 151.34K)

>>507603324Only in games like DS. In OP's video he looks like he got some AIDS and is waiting for a man to pound his bony ass>>507603478true that. no homo

Attached: the look.jpg (319x316, 9.56K)

>>507603324He used to look better now he just looks coked out and pathetic.

>>507591218>i speak in microphone>i know good vidya>craaaaazy!

>>507591983About three fiddy

>>507613873>Inserted Vergil lines in the Power Rangers game Unbelievably based and /our guy/.

>>507617074Yes it is. Gamers are waking up again.

>>507617340nah he's a pussy, he got all assblasted when people were going to shoot home invaders instead of just calling 911 and waiting 20 minutes



Attached: 1587462929830.jpg (1000x1117, 286.05K)

>>507620060The company behind that one show with the "I've masturbated to you before too" line, I can't remember the name of it.

>>507605618Pick up the phone

Attached: 1586394460797.png (410x598, 187.7K)

>>507611742You will never destroy Laura Bailey's asshole. But you can imagine it sounding something like

>>507620420More importantly he has no range and can't even act to make up for it.

>>507618483here's the leak. fuck this game. fuck nd


Attached: haze 1.png (227x237, 46.31K)

>>507620806Anon why did you post 8 gigs of dolphin porn?

>>507610646Its not just the voice u moron


Attached: 1550993991333.jpg (313x313, 17.65K)


Attached: philsm.png (825x660, 784.22K)


Attached: 1588657254334.png (480x360, 169.59K)

>>507620806>pornnot even close. it's called 8 gigs of garbage >>507620806


>>507592671Nolan North is genuinely a good VA and person.

>>507596114i'm really feelin it

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>>507617075>only 700+Meanwhile Cyberpunk is at 1k+ ratings. This game is not gonna sell well.


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