>Skyrim is a bad ga-

>Skyrim is a bad ga-

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Isn't it great how we can finish each others sentences?

Skyrim is a bad game.Modded Skyrim is a 10/10 immersive prostitute simulator.

>>507590105Everything's all about you, isn't it? OP tries to make a thread, but no, it's all about "me, me, me."

No amount of pretty environments and cute girls will fix the boring, broken combat.

I remember playing skyrim in 2011 when I was 9 now I'm 18. Have a lot of nostalgia for this game

-me, but a great Elder Scrolls game.

>you can be a member of all factions except stormcloaks/imperials>no reputation system>difficulty is just deal less damage and enemies deal more damage + have more hp turning everything becoming a arrow sponge>some stuff are spoonfed, others are impossible to know without checking the wiki>puzzles are a joke>leveling system is broken. everything is hard at the beginning but you become a god at the end (especially if you are a mage)>remaster still has same game breaking glitches and same crashes>all dungeons are the same except labyrinthian which is actually the only good one>a lot of stuff got washed down from previous elder scrolls>combat types aren't balanced. mage and sneak archer are extremely strong while one handed/ shield and two handed are impossible at high difficulty

>tfw took 8 years to find out a frost troll can spawn in bleak falls barrow

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>>507591615Almost everything in this thread directly applies to Oblivion and Morrowind

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In Moronwind the King of the Dungmer was so ashamed of being a Dungmer he had his ears cut to appear more human.Deep down all Dungmer know this shame.

>>507592875Jesus how is she not freezing to death?

>>507595549Nords laugh at cold temperatures


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>>507596431>>507595952>Anime elf earsDROPPED

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>>507593869Amazing how they made so much of the game so barren and boring with so much

>>507597124That is heavily modded too, original game looked even for barre.

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Any decent combat overhauls?

>>507597603You can try perk overhaul mods like Ordinator, perks can improve the combat but won't completely fix it. For example adding timed blocked, critical hit chances, passive effects, etc. There was recent released "souls like combat" mod on the nexus, looks interesting but haven't tried yet.

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So who's the best custom waifu?Playing this game as an adventuring harem master is the only way I find it fun.

>>507589998Skyrim is the single worst thing to happen to RPGs ever.

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>>507598472Same here, friend.You are just going to have to comb through the nexus to find what you like. Search under Companions/NPC overhauls, look at the most endorsed mods. Most will provide you with further suggestions for skin/body/etc mods

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>>507589998>game needs mods to be "good"Ok Todd

>>507599086>barkeep isn't also a busty waifu Ruined

>>507589998-37 SQUARE KILOMETERS-1mm deep quality

>>507596431>>507595952>>507597069so coomers actually play the game like this or just coom and quit?

Moronwindfag entering a sixth house baseSees chairs stacked on top of chairsLosing....grip...on....realitySees chairs stacked on a tableMy mind....broken...am now.....INSANE.Normal person entering a sixth house baseSees chair stackWhat kind of dumbass stacks chairs like that.Moronwindfags are the worst.

>>507600063Have to have some element of immersion, regardless of how small

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>>507598832RPGfags cry waaay to much.

I need good games with lizardmen aside from Divinity Original Sin II.

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>>507601031Play like this, my waifus are pure.>>507601615You ok?

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>>507601889I am great. Thanks for asking.Glad we agree about Moronwindfags.


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>>507589998is it possible to mod a pirated version?

>>507603850sure why wouldn't it be?

>>507604123Not him I've seen a lot of mods say shit like "if it isn't working try actually buying the game :)". Never had a problem modding the pirated version myself.


>>507604242Because they're lying, lazy, and don't feel like giving support. The steam DLL doesn't make a garbage mod magically work.

>>507592875>>507595952>>507596431>>507597069>>507599086>>507601889>>507602776made for BBC

>>507589998>game has pretty sky therefore every balancing, pacing, leveling, roleplaying and story problems are gone


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>>507589998Its a good game that aged poorly (as all Bethesda games do) but mods unironically make this game fucking amazing. Not just graphics, but everything. The skyrim mod community will never be topped, which makes Holla Forumstards seethe.

>>507606485That's a very impressive argument, I'll now buy skyrim for the 5° time

>>507606610List some mods that fix how retarded the quests are, how bad the combat is, how bad the progression is and how empty the cities are.

>>507606991You can just say you don't like the game. It's obvious nothing will change your mind on that.

>>507595549she uninstalled frostfall

>>507607203So you won't post links to anything that are the most commonly criticized areas of Skyrim?

>>507607432Nah. Why should I? If you want good mods then there's plenty of lists out there.

>>507607631Because you made the claim mods fix everything, yet as far as I know there are no mods that fix actually playing Skyrim.

>>507595952 nice boobage bruh

>>507608239 Does anyone play Skyrim on Nintendo Switch?Let me see those hands

i need to take a shit... in the game

>>507589998You can make Skyrim really pretty but you can't fix it's short boring questlines and dumbed down rpg mechanics. At it's core Skyrim is a boring chore to play and has virtually zero replayability.

>>507589998After playing DDDA skyrim magic feels like some sort of unfunny practical joke.

dude i'm on the toilet as we type

i've been trying and failing to make DyndoLOD work with SFO billboards and it's driving me nuts, i can try to ignore it but the LOD in this game is absolutely fucking atrocious

>>507608239Thanks bruh

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>>507606691I am not arguing with you, I agree with you, I still enjoy the game with all its flaws.>>507608863I enjoy it.

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>>507609268Whats the problem?It is a bitch to set up but its worth it. Once you tried you can't go back to playing without it.

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>>507609689is it true dyndoLOD improves performance if you do it right? because right now i'm stuck with a low VRAM toaster and outdoors are headache inducing

507589998 (OP) you think Skyrim is a bad game, what about elder scrolls online? How do you feel about that? And what do you think about how they've handled their DLC releases, and the fact that you can have a sub or membership to play said DLC and other content? do you think the next ES will be single player focused or have a multiplayer component as well? What would you rather see them do next with the series?

I've tried using different ENBs but my game never looks like the promo images.

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>>507610101I don't think thats true at all. DynDOLOD at its most basic function is adding extra objects to render in the world space, so it can only decrease performance. Granted, some setting are heavier than others (as in 3D trees which you can see on the screenshots I have posted in this thread).DynDOLOD does offer a dynamic LOD option enabled through its esp/esm files, you need SkyUI for that though; this might help you modify it to improve performance.

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>>507610424what are you playing on? PC? ps4/xbox? Switch?

>>507609689Not sure>install and activate SFO billboards with MO2>run TexGen, install the textures through MO2>run DyndoLOD with pic related settings>zip DyndoLOD_Output contents into new archive, install with MO2>get "DynDOLOD cannot read data from DynDOLOD_Tamriel" errori feel like I fucked up during some step but i'm not sure exactly when, I know i might have some SMIM compatibility issues too

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>>507610424Its a lot to do with lighting mods (like ELFX and climate mods) as well and time of day the screenshot was taken. Also, a lot of mod authors use insane ini/enb settings for screenshots only, to promote their mods. Some also resort to good old Photoshop to spruce up their bullshots.

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skyrim is fun.its fun to just run around and do shit, or really nothing in particular.im looking forward to es7 on non shitty hardware, remember skyrim was built for 360/ps3.just imagine an ES on ps5/sex, gonna be sweet

>>507610749Ok some things to try:1. Re download everything, including the required DLLs, most recent version of DynDOLOD !!!AND!!! DynDOLOD resources.2. You might want to decrease brightness to -1 if using enb.3. Disable FAKE lights, they look jarring and have bugs with enb.Do you want 3D distant tress? They are fps heavy and not all mods support it, your dynDOLOD is not currently set up to create 3D trees.

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>>507610808holy shit what morrowind mod is that

>>507592875>>507595952>>507596431>>507597069tits way too big

>>507590546not even being a Necromage Vampire

>>507611324Many, many mods brought together by my autistic tendencies.>>507611383There is always BodySlide to create your perfect waifu.

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>>507611183Thanks user, I'll try those.And yeah, I do want 3D trees, I have a 3700X/2070 Super/32GB RAM, so performance isn't an issue

>>507589998Why are all Bethesda games better vanilla on your first few playthroughs? Mods don't really make the game better.

>>507611795Follow these instructions for 3D trees:- Install dyndolod outside program files- INSTALL Visual Studio 2015, 2017 and 2019- RUN TEXGEN FIRST- for both dyndolodx64 and texgnx64 create shortcuts and add -se to target (not needed if using MO2)- Unpack DynDOLOD somewhere- Edit 'DynDOLOD\EditScripts\DynDOLOD\DynDOLOD_SSE.ini' and set 'TreeLODs=0'- Delete the contents of the'DynDOLOD\EditScripts\DynDOLOD\cache\' folder- Install Indistinguisable Vanilla Tree Billboards- Install DynDOLOD Resources (let it overwrite files)- Install trees and billboards for your Tree mod of choice (let it overwrite files)- Start DynDOLOD with "DynDOLOD.exe -SSE' to start it in SSE mode- Select 'Advanced Mode'- 'Generate LOD Tree' should be grayed out of you did step 2 correct- Select the world spaces you want to generate 3D tree LODs for- Select the brightness for the Tree LODs- Click on OK and wait- Copy the DynDOLOD Output into your installation directory or add it via MO2

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>>507590415for me, it's all about sneed

Literally just for coomers to take screenshots at 14fps, there's still no fucking gameplay you just sit in breezehome and jack off

>>507613498>stop having fun

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>>507613863>Masturbating to plastic surgery bimbo elves with poor performance >"fun"

>>507614285I enjoy the core gameplay of the game regardless of its many flaws, and if I can make it look good at the same time, why not? Skyrim SE also performs far better than Classic Skyrim.

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Why the fuck are SE ENBs still worse than LE ones?

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Alright faggots I want to replay Skyrim since winter is near and I need to know the best mods available, particularly ones that fix the combat, magic, towns and the Alduin fight. Gonna use SE.

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>>507615095Blame Boris, the developer of ENB, he hates working on ENB for SE. ENB remains objectively better in LE for that reason.>>507616247Search modding guides in the nexus, after that you are on your own, you must browse the nexus and pick what you like. Top of the month lists are a good place to start, as well as top of all time.

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For me it's Oblivion

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>>507616575I thought there would be some must have mods since the game's pretty old but I'll look around the Nexus then, thanks.

>>507610163hi Todd

>>507616841There are, but you can find them all in the top 100 mod list at the nexus. Look up cathedral based mods (like cathedral weathers), they are great and the culmination of work by many experienced modders. Don't mean to sound rude but modding Skyrim is truly an individualized process, requires a lot of work and selection, avoid script heavy mods and mods known to break the game (ie foot prints and immersive creatures, you can look up mods to avoid in google). If you have questions I am happy to answer them user.

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>>507617643>If you have questions I am happy to answer them user.I haven't started yet so I don't have many. Is the /tesg/ guide a good resource? The fallout general guide worked fine when I modded New Vegas so I might start with that as a first look.

>>507617796I did not us it but doesn't hurt to have a look, I recommend you use multiple guides and cross reference essential/important mods between them. Also please use a mod organizer like mod organizer 2, don't simply install mods on top of one another overwriting everything, this will solve a lot of headaches later on

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>tfw you find leftover code from Fallout in your Skyrim

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>>507590105>"Skyrim is a bad ga-" - MeWhat did he mean by this?

>>507618275and yet, no spears

>>507618072>Also please use a mod organizer like mod organizer 2,Yeah I still have it installed so I'll go with that. Thanks for the help.

>>507618746Good luck user, don't forget to properly organized mods on the left and right panels of MO2, especially if installing multiple NPC replacing mods (read mod instructions, for example realistic water 2 is installed after majestic mountains). Use something like BOSS but always manually check load orders after.

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>>507616779Oblivion still exclusively has one of the best mods in existence; Immersive Interiors. It adds so much atmosphere it's ridiculous.

Ready to explore some Dwemer ruins, Dovahnon?

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>>507598832Nah. JRPGs ruined them years before Skyrim came out.

>>507589998I dare you to play vanilla Skyrim.

>>507616779Only screenshot I saved of my old installation. :(

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>>507619424fatty fucks deserve death irl.

If you can ONLY play one, with all the mods you wantedmorrowindoblivionskyrim

>>507619632Morrowind, easily.

>>507619593Good thing we're online then!

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>>507620020>>507619672why do you hate oblivion

>>507619329>>507619534>>507619632I played modded Oblivion for 600+ hours, I did my time.

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>>507619329I'm pretty sure Skyrim has a mod that does the same thing, though I don't know how it is right now because the last time I played it SE was just starting to get the script extender.

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i agree the game sucks in a lot of aspects and yet somehow i spent like 1000h on it, the atmosphere and music its too good, nothing is as comfy as playing that game

>>507620295Oblivion has nothing to offer that the other games don't do better, it's just a nostalgia googles meme game the younger millenials cling to.


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>>507590578Try playing Oblivion.

>>507591615The fuck you talking about man, mage is literally the weakest class in Legend difficulty

>>507619593not in games?

>>507620295I just don't want to see those potato faces again.

>>507620432Its unfinished and only for Whiterun, last updated 2013 :(

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>>507620905Oh that sucks

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>>507610101dyndolod on low doesn't hit performance at all and looks a lot better. i think only med and high it switches too many meshes to stay on so when you're on a far side of the map and look in you'll lose frames


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>>507611948Mods make the game much better because Bethesda is incompetent.

>>507616247>winter is nearaus?

>>507589998>Skyrim is a bad ga-me. MO is the real MVP. I wouldn't have bothered modding this shit for so long without it. It's so well made that it's immensely more satisfying to use than anything the game itself has to offer.