Why no Devil Survivor 3 bros?

why no Devil Survivor 3 bros?

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>>507588986After SMT V

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Why is she called "Yoohoo"

>>507590171Atsuro just calls her that to mess with her.

>>507590171because i want to yoohoo her yoohoos

>>507588986No spinoffsNo MainlineOnly Persona now

Not enough trannies and niggers in DeSu 2

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>>507590171It's her favorite drink

>>507590171In the Japanese version, Yuzu was called "Sodeko," literally "sleeve girl," by Atsuro due to the kanji "柚" (yu, "grapefruit") in her name, being similar in appearance to "袖" (sode, "sleeve"). Furthermore, the "ko" in "Sodeko" comes from the alternate, native pronunciation of the "子" (su, child) in "Yuzu." In the English version, this was replaced by Atsuro calling her "Yoohoo," a somewhat mispronunciation of Yuzu, which rhymes with her name.

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>>507591284Persona is a spinoff

>>507591739I don't know what's better, grapefruit or yoohoo.

>>507591739was it lewd?

>>507591739What is the kanji that comes after natsu in that pic?

>>507592043Yoohoo is better since she has big titties I want to suck.

>>507592506nvm I wasn't natsu, I'm reatarded and just realized.


Which versions of Devil Survivor should I play? The rereleases or vanilla?

>>507593091Rereleases. No reason to play the originals unless you really hate the English voices.

>>507592975Yes>>507593091Re-release for both 1 and 2.

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>>507593091DeSu 1 needs rerelease because physical builds are trash, Desu 2 fixed that, along with rereleases.

>>507593340>>507593386>>507593391Thanks. Does it also matter if I play DeSu 2 first since I've seen others say it's better to start there then go back to 1

>>507593091The rereleases are straight upgrades unlike most other Atlus rereleases. 2 even added what's basically a full fledged sequel in the rerelease.

>>507593510Stories aren't related, both can be enjoyed without prior knowledge of the other.

>>507593510Doesn't matter, but better you go in release order

>>507593391Atsubro was really damn useful once you get him pierce, phys amp and drain hit in Overclocked, though.

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>>507594117Atsuro is the most based party member. He stays by your side in all routes and is strong as shit for a nerd.

>>507594117In Overclocked yeah. It took until endgame in the OG for physical to even compare with magic

I only played the DS version of DeSu 2. Do I need to redo the Septentrione arc in the 3DS version to do the Triangulum or can I just skip it like you could the Journey in P3FES?

>>507594349And by then many trash mobs have phy repel which ignore pierce, annoying as hell.

Why the fuck did she even have that ending. I mean running away? Come on now.

>>507594649You can skip it.

>>507594327This. Yuzu, Keisuke and Midori can suck it.

>>507591739>English: a friendly goofy nickname to poke fun>Japanese: calling your friend a whoreYuzu's abrasiveness toward Atsubro makes more sense now. Can't imagine being friends with someone who's joke went so far that the whole school is starting to call her a hoeunless it's just because she doesn't wear sleeves, which...that's stupid

*uses shield all*

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>>507594775Added for variety and players who would rather leave the situation at hand.

>>507594327You can get by just fine with the first 4 party members in DeSu 1 since Atsuro and Yoohoo have good speed and offense. And you need to because of how low your options are otherwise in any given playthough.

>>507594858>which...that's stupidwelcome to japanese puns

>>507595120>sweeps team anyway with Pierce+Multi Strike

>>507595120go away starfish

>Everyone, even Yuzu, agrees that running away won't solve anything and that they need to stop the demons to end the lockdown>Yuzu goes back on this on the final day and just wants to make a break for itIt always bothered me that she'd revert like that.

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>>507595120*kills your best friend*

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>>507595831She lost controlled and pussied out by the end of it.

This is Magical Dolly, the Warrior of Love. Say nice things.

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>>507596217Nice tits

>>507588986Devil Survivor 2 killed it by ripping off Eva harder than P3. It's neat and all but ehOriginal game is basically the first true SMT4Seriously, DeSu1 is mainline SMT despite being an offshoot. It has everything it needs, but because it's SRPG somehow it's not.>Maiden (Shin Megami Tensei, it's in the name)>Tokyo setting>increasingly bleak apocolyptic atmosphere>technology summoning demons (it's literally called a COMP for crying out loud)>Law, Neutral, Chaos (and various in between) which are all very distinct from one another>inb4 but muh Louis Cypheryeah and that ended with Nocturne, the last real mainline game. After that you get tranny Lucifer and space Yukiko, the blue power rangers in the worst visual aesthetic of any manline game, and then SMT4.5 which is just an edgy Gnostic faggot's savagery of the original lore. The robot was cool in SMT4 (the Doomguy one, not the stupid Flynn suck fest) but that's it.>>507593340Devil Survivor 1 has an undub cia>>507594117>>507594327Not to mention he is actually a programmer and knows what he's talking about. You can get a lot of great info with coding from him and the 10BIT sidequestIn fact, DS is the only game that has some semi-hard science tech that actually makes its fantasy believable. When Atsuro started into his autism rants on coding it was actually full of real stuff that didn't detract from the story. He wasn't only a great best friend character and a young man doing his best overall but his personality even fit his initially embarrassing design with the power symbol on his hat.Honestly all the designs for the first game are great.

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Is Devil Survivor just Persona but actually SMT

>>507594117>>507594327>Doing Haru's route>Alright me and that magic cannon Amane got this>Oh fuck we're barely doing shit to Babel>CHOO CHOO HERE COMES THE ATSUBRO TRAIN>Punches Babel to pieces in two turnsBest bro. Best boy. In all of Megaten.

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>>507596217She cute

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>>507596217Was it autism

>>507596570Sort of. DeSu 2 even has scaled back S-Links

>>507596880Neat. I'll play it then

>>507588986Because they killed the franchise with the massive garbage that is the sequel story/boss design wise.>First game: literal SMT1 love letter>Second game: we want the fucking Evangelion audience

>>507596545I think the best part of the setting is how the explain using emotions in the internet as a catalyst for the rituals. Imagine using online butthurt to summon literal gods

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>>507596217Stop trying to be sailor moon. Just let me burn people

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>>507596545>Apocalypse literally rapes pre established Lucifer loreevery fucking time

>>507597078Noo you can't kill criminals for hurting peopppele

>>507597078why were we supposed to disagree with him again?

>>507597315He was on the slippery slope plus Kaido would have killed his stupid ass if you didn't intervene

>>507597059>tfw you realize Naoya is basically an ultra neet user using shitposts and lol cows to summon said godsthis game

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>>507597315To be fair he was turning into a serial killer vigilante and was basically becoming pic related but using his death god as a scapegoat.

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>>507597140>pre establishedThere is none you tard. It's in a unique universe

>>507597000>DeSu 2 is a Eva ripoffThis is such a stupid take holy shit. I bet you don't know anything about the game or the anime it's supposedly ripping off.

>>507588986they're probably deciding whether to make ti a mobile game or put it on switchthey will make more more if they make it a gacha on mobile, but a switch version would make fans the happiest

>>507596880It's not like Persona and the FATE system is better than S-links

>>507597000Bunny Autist is a fun protag but aside from that I can't imagine what they were thinking. And then they made an anime of that one instead, and somehow made it worse by removing all the autism and good bits.>>507596694They had to make Atsuro a male because if he was female no one would ever stop slamming wedding rings into their DS.He really is a great bro though.

>>507598357it's like Persona and that appeals to animefags more than the mainline series up till that point

>>507598116>unique universeDid you even play Apocolypse? Not that I blame you if you didn't.

>>507598697It's nothing like Persona and you have no idea what you are talking

>>507598780>SMT IV Apocolypse does not take place in a alternate reality in the unique universe of the original IV, which has no ties to previous SMT okay

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>>507588986Strategy RPGs aren't my thing. I played around with a few SMT's until I found Soul Hackers.I want another Soul Hackers.

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>>507588986>>507589410Doesn't she have sweaty feet

>>507597540>>507598049 So he was right, but his flaw was that he was weak.

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>>507599728yes, she had to walk around the Yamanote Circle for a week with no bath.

>>507599797>Instantly saddles up to you and sucks your dick the whole time if you do the Law RouteIn SMT it's all a matter of perspective.

You let him die on your first playthrough didn't you?

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>>507599418I just want another Devil Summoner already in general. Those games are fun as fuck. But SH was god-tier.

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>>507599797>but he was weakActually, yeah kinda.>>507599418>ywn a NemissaWhat must it feel like looking into the face of your girlfriend day after day once your adventure is over, each passing day her face only reminding you of...the one you lost along the way

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>>507600280>manlet>fivehead>pissy attitudeWouldn't you?


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>>507600280I don't like this prick but I'm also a pussy that wants to avoid permanent party member deaths whenever possible. I just simply don't use him because Jungo is was better and not an ass.

>>507595831She's 16yrs old user. A 16yr old regular girl.Thankfully she still goes with you on the Haru route aka best route.

>>507600646Hitomi could just Nemissa and copy her personality though.

>>507600280I did but after seeing what he was like the 2nd time through, it was for the better

Should I get Soul Hackers, SMT IV or Strange Journey Redux first? I'd be going in pretty blind for all 3.

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>>507596694>that pic>Metatron: "You did a good job not being an evil prick and fixing everything for a happy ending. God's happy with you and Remiel's all smug about how you were a cool guy. I even saw you beat Lucifer. But WATCH YOUR ASS U GOT IT"What's his problem?

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>>507601553IV is the easiest to get into, Soul Hackers is archaic as fuck, haven't played Redux but the original was like IV but more brutal.

>>507601553>Should I get Soul Hackers, SMT IV or Strange Journey Redux first?>Should I get pizza, ass cheese or a healthy, juicy steak that's cooked in and sprinkled with feces?user. If you gotta do one, do Hackers.

>>507601553Soul Hackers is the most fun. Then SJR, finally IV.

>>507601651Metatron has always been a asshole for no reason. Probably butthurt he isn't the Great Will's favourite.

>>507601553Soul Hackers is pretty damn old at this point but the remake does enough to make it feel comfortably retro instead of just plain outdated, if you know what I mean. Plus it has a wonderful 90s anime aesthetic if that's a boon to you. SMTIV is a very accessible entry point considering how it was made to be that way deliberately and it's a fine game, too. The combat is glaringly unbalanced to the point you'll be effortlessly stomping most encounters after the second boss if you know what you're doing but what SMT game doesn't fall off difficulty wise, really? Still, the soundtrack and look of this one are great too so it's a good entry point.I haven't played Strange Journey yet so I can't really comment on that one but you can't go wrong with either of the others.

>>507599418God I fucking loved Soul HackersI should replay Soul Hackers

>>507599418How was Soul Hackers so good, bros?

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>>507599797It was Yama that was too weak.

>>507603360>god-tier aesthetic, cyberpunk at its best>lightning fast combat that's really flexible>10/10 ost (usual for Megaten)>campy dumb story that doesn't take itself too seriously >based Spooky>Nemissa is the best SMT girltruly kino

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>>507591428>look for some nocturne doujins>all I see is gay porn with these threeSeems about right

>>507600280He accidentally bought it on mine but I unironically love Keita, people say that Jungo is the most busted phys tank but I always use Keita

You guys did remember to trust best cousin, right?

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>>507604168I think the boys in Nocturne are hotter than the girls. I'm not even gay.

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>>507604768I went with Amane on my first playthrough.

>>507605057Wise man, don't listen to edgy niggers

>>507604768Honestly, him, Amane, Atsuro, Gin and Haru are all fine choices. No idea why you would choose Yuzu or Kaito unless you just suck.

>>507601651Metatron is just eternally butthurt that a kid with a DS can beat the shit out of him and proceeds to do so in the Chaos ending.

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>>507604768Damn straight I did.

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>>507602126>Does everything *record scratch* says.>Is basically his mouthpiece.>Fights on his behalf no matter the odds.>Is still not his favorite over someone like Satan who has turned against him twice now.I'd be pissed too if my boss liked someone like that more than me.

How do you do, fellow son of men?

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>>507606676Is it sons of man or son of men or sons of men?

>>507606676I dunno why but I feel the strange desire to trust him for some reason.

>>507606821sons of man

>>507588986>DeSu 3 comes out>years later the enhanced port comes out>several more years till it comes to americaI thought for sure we were gonna get the shaft on break record, they took so damn long.

>>507606676Hello very trustworthy individual how do you do.

He was a commie wasn't he?

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>>507606997Luckily Atlus as incompetent when it comes to US SMT games as they are with Persona, 6 months for a already heavily translated game and no word on Scramble's localization

>>507608076>ronaldoDo you really need to ask?


>>507608076He's a fucking BR

>>507608279WHAT IF

>>507608391WE FOUGHT



>>507608076The world created at the end of his route is one where people lack competitive drive, make of that what you will

>>507588986The Yukari of the game. Dumb bitch who incels hate and betas defend because titties.

>>507609078Yukari is a great character. So is Yuzu. And it's the otherway, incels don't like them.

>>507608837>>507608709>>507608580>>507608391>>507608279It is the only truly permanent way of dealing with them, not to mention after a few hundred cycles, most of the stars would probably give up.

>>507609078Yukari with Yuzu's outfit in Dancing Moon Night is literally just Yuzu.

>>507609284>beta doesn't read properly before going captain save-a-hoFigures

>>507594117fist 'em

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>>507588986the second game killed the franchise hard, Devil SURVIVOR 2, yet the characters immediately find cover in the military with free food, beds, showers, medicines, roof, knowledge, protection, etc. No sense of danger or the need to fucking survive like in the first game; it was just go to this place kill some monsters, then go there and kill some more.anguished dude was kino thought.

>>507609704How is that statement.

>>507604890Hijiri was the hottest. Too bad he's stuck in an infinite cycle of time.

laptop 'em

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>>507609431No, it was retarded and Ronnie is retarded.


>>507608076Remember when his justice was for everyone until it wasn't and then he murdered Makoto, his one sympathizer at JPs, and he did it with a gun too which was extra metal because we've been fighting with demons the whole game up until now?

>>507609809Too be fair, in DeSu 2 the whole world, all of reality was falling apart rapidly. Only the reset ending has the world go back to how it originally was.

>>507588986They can't make better girls than Makoto, Fumi and Otome.

>>507610052It is essentially the same as the TDE, endless war with little chance of victory but the reward of nigh omnipotence upon victory, only difference is there were better presented alternatives in DeSu2.

>convulses, throws up blood and dies because you didn't cheer her up enough

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Why is Metatron, the voice of god himself, spend his time sending hatemail to japanese teenagers?

>>507611427He’s lonely.

>>507611427God hates Japanese teens.

>>507611427Better than going out and getting savaged by Chaoschads.

>>507611427He didn't like the Persona games so now he is taking his anger out on this group of Japanese teenagers.

Sako is a closet pervert that liked sitting on teenage boys

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>>507610861Io is so cute.

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Oh god the fucking DeSu2fags are here now

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first we wait for Jack Bros

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>>507610347DeSu 2 improve on the girls from 1, 3 will do the same.

>>5075973151) it’s more about protecting him from taking on gangs on his own and dying, you can even tell him he’s right but to stop going it alone 2) it’s also implied he has the demon judge like one guy and then kills everyone around them justified or not.Either way, better than how it would have played out in Persona

>>507612709>3 will do the sameI have reason to doubt

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The Atsuro ending sucks, the goverment tried to mircrowave tokyo and now you are giving them Satan, and then willingly giving up your abity to step up if they get too greedy.I regret not going with Naoya.His ending is just Nippon stronk shit.

>>507612904>no OtomeI know why but dang


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>>507608076The game was too obsessed with making literally everyone tongue Yamato's butthole to actually shed light on the valid problems Ronaldo brings up.

>>507613558Anti-gravity tits are the best, niggers with shit taste don't @ me

>>507613558Hinako and Fumi are the best girls in this game. Literally none others come close to the sheer destructive power that they wield. >tfw giving Hinako multi strike and +Stone and seeing rows of enemies just shatter into a billion pieces

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>>507591739So, wait. Her name is Grapefruit, which is a pun on her tits, but her nickname is Sleeve girl, which is either a comment on her inability to wear shirts with sleeves (further pointing-out "Hey! Side boobs!!"), or that she's a public-use cumdumpster.Oh, and tranny-jannies? There is no nudity in pic related. Dare you to ban me for not breaking the rules.

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rabbit and persona 3 man

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>>507614301She's exclusively my cum-dumpster.

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>>507588986I did not like anything about devil survivor 2. I loved devil survivor 1.

>>507614412Cute. Are you drawing these yourself?

>>507614028Don't forget Grimoire +, Ares Aid and Pierce

>>507615216yes along with posting some old oneslike this one for christmas

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>>507605843Satan isn't Lucifer. Satan is literally just the "adversary" God created to test mankind.

>>507588986How would it feel to have your silent boytoy stolen by your favorite indie rockstar?

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>>507616215He's talking about the moments in II and IVA where Satan judges God and calls him a faggot that needs to be eliminated

>>507597000>>507596545>DeSu 2>eva ripoffwhat

>>507613643What do you mean? Plenty of your allies object to the direction Yamato wants to to take the world in.

>>507615883boob physics

>>507616215>Satan isn't Lucifer.are you sure everyone keeps saying satan IS lucifer and that it is his new name

>>507616427That sounds more like he's doing his fucking job of countering gods will, at least better than Luci does.

>>507616514Everyone who says this is mainly comparing Alcor to Kaworu and the Septentriones to the Angels. It's pretty reductive (like with most claims of anything being a rip-off of something else), but still understandable.

I have never played persona or shin temi whatever it's called, but I am sold on this girl's massive tits and am now interested in playing? Do I need to play the main series or fan I enjoy this on its own? Will emulation work fine is or it heavily reliant on DS hardware like the microphone and touchpad?

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>>507612904Lads I love boobies

>>507596217>>507597078Man, Keisuke and Midori were way better in the manga.

>>507616215I wasn't talking about Lucifer though (however I will admit the fact God spared his life is kinda showing favoritism). I was talking about how Satan in Smt II and IVA betrayed God yet is still allowed to be his right hand man.

>>507613643did you even play the game to begin with

>>507588986Devil Survivor 2 tried to be the next persona and it failed horribly. Just let it die or we'll probably see another piss easy, knockoff persona game like Devil Survivor 2.

>>507591739nigga u gay

>>507616837>pretty reductiveThat is literally the only thing they have in common to begin with

>>507616863You don't have to play SMT to understand this, just pop right in. Emulation works fine but play the re-release overclock on 3DS.

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>>507599418When does it get good? I like the setting and the atmosphere but the actual combat and demon managing is a pain in the ass.

>>507617170>knockoff personaWhat a fucking terrible take.

>>507617387Rerelease doesnt work on citra

>>507616863>Do I need to play the main series or fan I enjoy this on its own?Sure go for it>Will emulation work fine is or it heavily reliant on DS hardware like the microphone and touchpad?The 3DS version is the one to play mainly because of the extension of some of the story routes, added skills and demons, but I don't think it emulates well. The 3DS version of the DeSu 2 seems fine though. For the original DS games, you'll be fine with just an emulator.

>>507610284Which was a fucking stupid concept resulting in the tone flip-flopping all over the fucking place so it had to be carried by gameplay and porn, with the most memorable moments being joke dialogue options.

>>507617521That's what I meant, you should play it on hardware

you see, i got this ice cream that explodes

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>>507613305Don’t they have the ability to take away the demons of things go south?

>>507617415The title screen


>>507594858>Japanese: calling your friend a whoreI love Atsubro even more now. He tells it like it is.

>>507610861Well you'd have to pretty much go out of your way to get her killed, so why not give her one of the worst deaths?

>>507617769So never I guess.

>Joe does or says anythingm.youtube.com/watch?v=0vYpa46cn60&t

>>507594858Maybe she should do something besides complain or attempt to hop on dicks if she doesn't want to be called a trollop. Brotsuro did literally nothing wrong, as usual.

>>507618083The game is amazing all the way though.

>>507597716I knew he was my favorite for a reason.

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>>507616378The fact that Haru's top always looks like it could slip off with one wrong move is pretty hot.

>>507617170How are Desu2 and Persona similar in any way other than the Link systems, and vanilla and Record Breaker sold quite well for being a non-mainline, Persona, or Edrian Odyssey game especially in RB's since it was a enchanced port for a very late ds title.

>>507618707I wonder if she ever had a nip slip while singing

>>507598525>They had to make Atsuro a male because if he was female no one would ever stop slamming wedding rings into their DS.Shit, you’re right. I would actually wife a female Atsuro, no hesitation.

>>507618595The gimmick of having your demons sperg out is annoying. Using you mecca to summon and maintain your party is annoying.I can see mecca not being problem mid game but these additions are so retarded.

>>507588986Before it was TMS#FE. Now it is SMTV.

Best party comp in the game, bar none.

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>>507619508Swap out Kaido for Amane and you are correct.

>>507619181Nah demon loyalty is great and adds a extra dimension to gameplay. And gives demons more personality. There is plethora of Macca and magnetite, the problem is there's no resource management to the game. Nothing wrong with forcing you to have proper party management. The combat is GOAT.

>>507619508This party's dynamics were off the charts on the final day in the Chaos route

>>507588986I couldn't get into Devil Survivor after 3 hours, of playing, what gives? I thought the game would inmerse me like SMT but nope. Should I give it another chance?

>>507597716asagi plays devil survivor??

>>507619508>Dickbag cousin who actually does have your best interest and well being in mind>Resident bad boy gang leader that looks after and takes care of his own and is a big dick Physchad>Sweet nurse who willingly lets herself get possessed by a demon to kill the vampire that killed her BF and has no problems with actually committing murder to back you up>Hackerman teenager who is a total bro that has your back through thick and thin>motherfucking Black FrostHow can any other route compete?

>>507620070Yeah, Devil Survivor doesn't get good until the 4th day, until then you're just grinding and talking to people.

>>507620143>>Sweet nurse who willingly lets herself get possessed by a demon to kill the vampire that killed her BF and has no problems with actually committing murder to back you upMari was hardcore as fuck and was truly the most underrated girl in the game.

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What’s with all of the DeSu threads lately? I ain’t complaining but they’ve been pretty frequent lately.

>>507621489Real-life Lockdown memes and the game is kinda topical in general