Denuvo has trully won, anons?Pirating on PC is really over?

Denuvo has trully won, anons?Pirating on PC is really over?

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did CPY get v& or something

>>507588894Piracy is dead by the time Corepack team leaked the unprotected cracked version of NFS Heat.Blame Corepacks for the death of piracy.

>>507588894I don't really think anyone will bother even to work on Trials of Mana since you can bypass Denuvo and play the whole game already.

>>507588894If piracy is over, why do the games in your image keep changing?

>>507589920Already been patched

>>507590013You can still just use a backup of the old demo. They "patched" it is what you mean to say.

>>507589996More and more games gets uncracked, especially AAA games.>inb4 indieAll indie games are shit

>>507588894Only a problem for you if you're a poorfag neet, get a job you retards

>>507588894trials is already crackedthose fuckers in scene are afraid to release a "may be broken" crack

>>507590134Doesnt work that way, dude. New or Old, the bypass doesnt work anymore

>>507589996no one cares about cracking indie games.

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>>507590258The only reliable place to see the progress of game crack is, even theyre admits Denuvo has win.


>>507590136>must.. consume..latest... AAA release...

>>507588894Trials of mana was cracked already

> Anno 1800 never

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>>507590492Yes. Mankind consumes to survive.They been done that since Adam and Eve, and even Kain.>>507590574Its not, see

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>>507590574bypasses are not cracks

>>507590264still works if you had downloaded the demo before the patch since it needed a denvuo offline token.Can confirm as I am playing it right now with the bypass you just can't do the extra content after the credits

>>507589886what's an unprotected crack?

Buy the games faggots

>>507590768>you just can't do the extra content after the creditsThere's actually a way by hex editing your save, so if you want to do it you may want to check the thread.

>>507588894Trials of Mana is cracked through a Demo exploit. RE3 who gives a shit.

>>507588894All the loopholes have been plugged. Everything crackers find a loophole to circumvent denuvo they will plug it in the next version. Eventually you will just run out of loopholes to exploit. Maybe they will find one or 2 more eventually but it's on its last legs. The crackers already admitted to it years ago that this is inevitable.

>>507590768Better finish that game as soon as you can then. You will never know where the license token will get accidentally updated. Even a tiny bit of windows updates can get your license expire.>>507590778NFS Heat was cracked, sent to lots of people to test it (corepack team was in it), but corepack leaks the crack to the public, Denuvo took advantage of this and patched their DRM quick, Denuvo has a new version (again), and theyre still uncracked for 7 months now.

>>507588894Only pirate shitty western AAA titles that will get consumed by millions of NPCs because of their jewish programming.Or even better, don't even bother downloading them in the first place. Because they're dogshit.

>>507590981I'd actually sooner not play them. I'd pay 2 dollars for RDR2 and 1 for RE3 and Trials. Thats how much they're worth to me.


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>>507591024Theyre not cracked, just bypassed, and that is Only lasts for a week.

>>507590264I can still play mine. Enjoy being wrong.

>>507588894yeah it's really "over", for the 100th time. They probably just got some new and interesting system that is taking a long ass time to be cracked, then will be figured out for one game, then work for all the others using the same system, then there will be a period of everything getting cracked real quick. Then they will develop another new system, it'll take a long time for it to be figured out, and it'll be the "end of PC piracy" for the 101st time. Be patient for once in your life user.

>>507591419+1 Reddit Points, memer !!!Dont forget to upvote it in !!

and still i won't be buying a shit game even if its uncracked

>>507591309That's just a poor cope

>>507591532See >>507591124Your token will not last forever.

>>507591092the dystopian SONY future is truly real.

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>>507588894I don't give a shit about any of these games, so no, piracy is still well alive.

>>507591573See >>507591579

>>507591552>being this delusionaloh user....

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>>507591562Poorfag seethe more

>>507591667I'm already done.

>>507591552How long has Denuvo btfoing the pirates ??6 years and you're keep saying that.Cope, piretard.

>>507588894I don't want either of these games, though

>>507588894Good. Pay for your fucking shitty games. Piss ant.

got to the point where i'm earning a decent amount of money to actually buy games. kinda feels good desu

>>507591309You are this poor?

>>507591919Good.But someday you will get the "losing" feeling though. Imagine speedruns your game so the Token wouldnt be expired lol.

>>507591818BasedNever ever poorfags


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>>507591962>I-I don't like videogames anyway

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>>507590229This, if I needed any of these games desperately I'd just buy them.

>>507592056Just like everyone who isn't a NEET or some extremely low tier wageslavePirates pirate because they are poor, nothing more, nothing else.

>>507590391im not talking about the bypasst. spy

>>507591562absolutely buttblasted handballet

>>507590229>paying for vidyaYikes

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>>507590374Nobody tracks the progress of cracks on that russian CS forum, they will ban you if you keep asking for a status update. If you want to know the moment when something gets cracked by the scene you check a predb site.

Fucking lel, this is actually going to hurt Nvidia and AMD the most. Anyone knows that PCniggers build their expensive rigs because "new single player games are free anyway and I'm just going to buy MP only meme FOTM stuff!". Hardware companies are fucking finished.

>>507592584For P2P cracks, is better. And ironically P2P is better than Scene nowadays

>>507592691I knew i wasn't the only one thinking about that.If i'm going to pay for their shitty games better just to buy a shitty console than an expensive PC

>>507589996Because OP is a fisherman baiting for (you)s. Honestly it's disgusting what became of this board, 99% is clickbait and you barely get any actual discussions whatsoever.

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>>507592428>imagine shilling money for ea or square or bethesda titles

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>>507591419Please delete this.

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>>507592136I didn't speedrun shit, this game has been out for weeks.

Maybe you should get a job like me so you can buy video games legally.

>Denuvo actually beats Piracy for good>More Consoles exclusives games comes to PCIsnt this a good thing ?

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denuvo has killed piracy unfortunately

>>507592703Nah, they're both shit at the moment. there's that absolute mad lad who cracked cowadoody because he got bored, though. Here's hoping he gets bored more often.

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>>507593003But you DID get the feeling that you SHOULD finish the game first, didnt YOU ????? :)

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>>507593075No, most people only play video games on PC because they can just get them for free. Only enthusiasts are going to stay on this platform.

>>507593219Yes they're always shits and some of them actually Denuvo employee spies. This is true.>>507593250>get them for freeNot anymore, Thats why Horizon comes to PC

>>507588894>tfw i buyed re3 for 20 bucks lmao

>>507593250This isn't true at all, I built my first PC to play Half Life 2, I owned a physical copy for months before I could buy all the parts. PC games have always been cheaper, even back when they sold physical copies at stores.

>>507591904>>507592540The seethage is embarrassing. Compose yourselves.

Denuvo has won. But soon society will collapse anyway, and there won't be any such thing as "video games"

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>>507593662What does this mean for wagecucks such as myself?

>>507593662>Deutsche Bank saying anyone but themselves is gonna die

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>>507593569PC games are cheaper because you're paying for a gimped "license" that can go away if Epic kills Steam on top of ridiculous invasive Denuvo DRM that kills your performance on the games

>>507593662Isn't that the bank that launders money for the trump crime family?

>>507593662>America is the Whole worldBased retard

>>507593220Not really. Why are you such a shitposter anyway? How did you end up this way?

>>507594453Because its feels good to BTFOing pirates

>>507588894>tfw pirating DLCs is still alive and wellI buy the games and pirate all the downloadable content for it unless it's a meaty expansion pack, fuck enabling cancer

I thought piracy would never die. But Denuvo is making me eat my words. Unfortunately, I am one of those pirates that couldn't/wouldn't have bought the game.

>>507591092More like there are NO loopholes left, because Codex leaked the unencrypted crack that exposed all methods they were using to bypass Denuvo, that now have ALL been patchedUnless Denuvo accidentally create another exploit (which is very unlikely since they have implemented rigorous exploit checking/testing with every version now) it's unlikely any version of Denuvo present or future is going to be bypassed any time soon

Apologize to her NOW.

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>>507594270Actually the entire economic system of the world is so interconnected that if the US goes down you can best bet you'll go down with it.

>>507588894im playing a pirated version of trials of mana because i played the demo

>>507594270>America is the whole worldYes


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>>507594630>>507591092>Eventually you will just run out of loopholes to exploit>there are NO loopholes leftbullshit, no software of such scale can ever be 100% secure.however the challenge of finding exploits is indeed insane

>>507594630>>507591092Finally some people with brains recognized this. In real world, Big company will never lose to some literal who college kids

>>507595142Yes, it is insane to the point its not worth doing it anymore for freePic related

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>>507588894>38 days and counting>not days and cracking

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denuvo is using all antipiracy measures known to mankind. these companies really want 3rd worlders like achmed from pakistan and Dmitry from moldova to pay a one year's rent to play woman fight monsters game

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>>507595339No they don't want Achmed or Dmitry to play their games at all.

>>507595309Sounds like they just need to crack on with it

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>>507591419No one cares about handball in real life let alone a video game of it.

>>507588894oh no! I´ll have to go play the other literally unfinishable list of pirateable games that we already have instead of these 2 shitty remakes!

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>>507591092there is no way to stop it. cloud? encryption? snatch data from the memory. checks? just remove them.problem is when games add to much of those that it takes a lot of time to remove them since they need to be removed individually one by one

>>507595292Just read this, its an absolute proof that Piracy on PC is dying.

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>>507591942What? Denuvo has been cracked so often it's a laughing stock.

>>507595568Admit it, you long for the new releases. Games you haven't played yet are in the pile of unplayed games for a reason. They don't thrill you. They are empty.

>>507595339And that's a good thingsubhuman third worlder trash from shithole countries don't deserve the luxuries of the first world, even if they can pay for themIf the middle east, africa, eastern europe, south america and all of China were glassed, the world would be a better place by virtue of culling 90% of its dead weight, useless eaters that contribute nothing to the betterment or advancement of mankind

>>507595668Denuvo isnt only one version, you dumbass. Have you ever seen a fully patched denuvo games getting constantly cracked ?

>>507595668Not anymore. All the exploits were patched when that one shitty racing game leaked unprotected.

>>507592891>imagine actually caring about retarded shit

>>507595625Yes, and its a complete waste of time to do that.Denuvo and Irdeto is very smart to do this. It makes the cracking progress pointless since it only works on ONE game.

>>507595829>No ignore every single game ever aside from handball and the current most recent releases, Denuvo is uncrackable. >>507595889Yes, I'm sure that now it's beaten for sure forever and videogame piracy will never happen again. This has never been claimed in the hsitory of the world oh no.


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>buying games with built-in performance hitDenuvo is so fucking anti-consumer

>>507596009Kill piracy ?? No, they will never done that, nor in every medium of entertainment out thereDelay Piracy ??? Yes, they already doing that right now, and they are winning.Also Denuvo never said they will kill piracy, They only said they CAN DELAY piracy.

How come RE2 got cracked instantly?

What would happen if Denuvo reached a state where its simply impossible to pirate games?What could we as proud pirate fags do?

>>507596009Based ignorant pirates

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>>507596429just as it was with music, moviesjust wait it out

>>507596429Pirates have been experienced this beforethere are NO single Denuvo game cracked back in JUST CAUSE 3 TOOK 424 DAYS to JC3 and other games to get cracked.

>>507596285DRM is inherently anti consumerwhich is why GOG existsOn a sidenote, I've never pla

>>507596009It's still happening, just will only happen on shitty indie games

>>507595648>>507595292>>507595150>>507594972>>507594630>>507593662>>507594592>>507593217>>507593075>>507592428>>507592056>>507591942>>507591432>>507591092>>507590136>>507589886>>507588894>>507595976>>507596445This thread has posted absolute proof that piracy is dead, and Denuvo wins. Denuvo created the ultimate DRM that's literally uncrackable. The fact that everyone here is agreeing is more proof of this. It's time to abandon piracy and just buy the games already.>>507596429It will get to that very soon. Denuvo is very smart and has fucking BTFOd pirates at every turn.

>Diablo 3>Uncracked for almost 10 yearsPiracy is dead

>>507596586(auto reply cut off my post)I've never played a game that used Denuvo, so I don't think it's much to worry about.It only comes on mainstream shit

>>507596293They're not even delaying very well. I remember back in the day it took years at times for cracks. Now it's just months. >>507596445Uhuh. Well let's see what happens. I've been looking at piracy develop for 20 years (older than that of course), and seen people like you constantly declaring that piracy is over, only to be proven wrong, but we'll see. I might be wrong this time. I doubt it though.

>>507596009>Year 2050>*cough* Finally..... i can play Resident... Evil...3... For....F r e e .....>DiesWow !! Piracy is winning alright.

>>507596429Don't play the games or watch them on youtube.

>>507596285That's the price of PC getting games at allYou want games to be released on your shit platform? Put your wallet where your mouth is, buy those games and prove you are actually making amends for previous faggotry and making conscious collective efforts towards being a platform worth supporting with consumers that are willing to pay for their games rather than a den of poor thirdworlders and thieves who rip off everything they can even when given sufficient incentive not to

>>507596778diablo 3 is uncracked because it is a shit game

>>507588894if you can add porn mods to Trials of Mana even with Denuvo, whats the issue with Denuvo?

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ITT: Seething poorfags

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>>507596870Yaaasssss BTFO those piratecucks!!!!!!!!!>>507596912This. Buy your fucking games faggots!!!!!!!

>>507596870>YOU ARE EMOTIONALLY ATTATCHED TO THIS BECAUSE I AM TOO.I don't even want to play the Resi3 remake even it was cracked already. I'm just pointing out that when it comes down to a contest between DRM and crackers, one side tends to win, and it ain't the ones selling their wares to software companies.

>People are worried about piracy dying when there's a global pandemic that has shut down the world economy and will make it so almost everyone here who is not a richfag will be living off a government ration of crickets in 5 years.Talk about not having perspective on life.

>>507596809You're keep saying that.You will break, like scenes right now.Read, nigger : >>507595648 & >>507595292

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>>507596932Pablo, Rajesh and Chen can't play it for free

>>507591419what kind of absolute human garbage plays sports games.

>>507597035sorry, i will not buy games that shit on my hardware and experience with anti consumer software.

Every time this gets brought up the pirates swarm the thread saying they didn't want it anyways lmao


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>>507596920That's a massive cope. It might be shit compared to D1 and D2 but it's still popular enough to be cracked under normal circumstances.

>>507597047this pandemic is a fabrication, coronavirus doesn't even exist

>>507596973Based. We buychads and denuvochads always win.>>507597041Except theres literally noone left to crack denuvo anymore. See >>507595648 a perfect evidence that piracy is dying. Just get a job already jajajaja

What are the shit games going to use as an excuse for shit sales now?They won't be able to make excuses to their investors and are going to lose stock value, maybe they shouldn't use denuvo after all?

>>507596912I will vote with my wallet but not buying DRM infested games


>>507597301The lockdown is very real and has very real economic effects.

>>507597146BASED BASED BASEDPiracyfags are so delusional. Their scene is literally fucking inches away from death and theyre coping so hard. Why cant these fuckers just get a job already...

>>507597293The problem with D3 is not being unable to crack the drm, the problem is a lot of shit is server sided so to "crack" the game you need to reverse engineer the server and set up a local server for your cracked game

>>507597501You do realize that most jobs now barely pay enough to survive, let alone buy a ton of hardware and games

>We've reached a point where it's easier to emulate the game on PS3 than to pirate it directly on PCThis timeline is getting weird

Paid shills in this thread? Or are they doing it for free?

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>>507597369You are irrelevant and don't exist to publishers or game devs

What's a reliable torrenting site Anons

im still waiting for RE3 to be cracked. Hopefully they'll remove the denuvo eventually, which capcom did for RE2R

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>>507597041Omg ur so delusional, just read this >>507595648 + >>507595292 cus they are an absolute proofs that piracy is dead forever. Just get a job and pay for what you consume!!!!!

>>507597293Still a shit game, but I see your point.>>507597487the lockdown is real, but the pandemic isn'teven the italian leader came out and said most of the deaths were fabricated/misconstrued, but whatever, once the microchips roll out we'll lose our individuality soon enough anyways

the state of piratefags

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>>507597609At the very least dont be a leeching neet who has to steal games. Piracy is dead and everyone agrees it because of >>507595648 + >>507595292.>>507597668None, piracy is dead, get a job.>>507597678Re3 aint gettin cracked kid, denuvo is literally uncrackable now

>>507594000Considering I was talking about pre steam, and certainly pre epic store days, you're an idiot who can't read. I bet you didn't make it up to this sentence here.

>>507595976>it only works on ONE game.that's why scene groups are only doing very popular AAA releases.but if there was money incentive then you would see everyone jumping on the crack train.idk how it would work but i think if they sell a 60$ + 40$-100$ dlc game for 5$ it would still be very profitable and rewarding. donations are also good since there is a lot of libertarians and other ideologies that would support this. more press coverage and denuvo would be raped unless they go full mercenary mode and start hunting down crackers (btw that's legal if they call themselves a PMC)

>>507597653>PS3Try PS4.Its easier to buy/steal a CFW PS4 and play Trials of Mana for Free than in PC.

>>507597678I like this image but I'm curious to see what PC specs would go with it.

>>507597792>It's truly never everBros...

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>>507597729>but whatever, once the microchips roll out we'll lose our individuality soon enough anywaysSo much this. Its not really worth living and fighting against it anyways, were all gonna get chipped and thats the end of that. Yall hope addicts gotta deal with it!!!!!!!!!

>>507597659I always wonder the same really... Maybe they are console-faggots just larping while they seethe that PC has multi-plats and exclusives? In any case these threads are just annoying, OP should be banned just for being a faggot shill, paid or not.

>>507597987>go full mercenary modeAlready done that.Remember Voksi ??????

>>507595740>>507595475enjoy getting a worse product.

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>>507597590I would have thought one solution would be to compare the assets on the console version to what was missing on the PC version.

Fuck corporations, fuck consumers, fuck China, fuck paid shills, fuck corrupt devsI will pirate as many games as I damn well please and you literally cannot stop me I will only pay devs that actually deserve it, fags will never get a cent of my money hahahhahahahahahhahahahahhahahaa

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>>507597609Live within your means, if you can't afford LUXURIES like video games or consoles, you don't get to play them, you'll have to live without them instead of STEALING them like an entitled THIRD-WORLDER

>>507595740>subhuman third worlder trash from shithole countriesLike America, yeah.

>>507598125I can cherrypick too

Denuvo on consoles when?

>He didn't protect his indie video game by using DenuvoOh no, no no, no!!!!HAHAHAHHaAHHAHAH

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>>507596715No!indie games and games that dont use protection will always get cracked day oneGames that do get protection will still be cracked as time goes onas always, thanks for beta testing and buying those dlc's, meanwhile ill get it all for free with a glitchless version in the meantime ill continue my backlog of a literal shitton of games, not to mention emulation, and multiplayer games I play regularly with friends1% of games dont get cracked, while the other 99% do, always remember that :)

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>>507598162>I will pirate as many games as I damn well please and you literally cannot stop meLol cant do that anymore now that denuvo is uncrackable, deal w it neet loser.>>507598191He dont miss!!!!!!

>>507598223Obsessed yurofaggot

>>507595648That tranny literally cracked one game and was already e-begging. Scene is bragging rights, not begging for money.

>>507590278> I already got it on gamepass for 10 bucks a month> Glorious 4k on an Xbone X> PC friends still waiting for a crackXBOX WINS AGAIN BABY

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Jesus Christ the state of Piracy on PC nowadays..... Pathetic.Where Razor1911 ?? FLT ??? RELOADED ??? VITALITY ????

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>>507598338>Games that do get protection will still be cracked as time goes onLol then explain >>507588894 + >>507590278 + >>507595292Everyone agrees these are abolute evidence that piracy is dying. Why are you so emotionally attached to this dying shity practice instead of getting a job and not stealing games?

there's like two or three dumbasses saying piracy is deeeed

>>507597987Yeah but asking for tips would make them traceable, which kind of defeats the point. Even crypto wallet transactions are all public.

>>507596920No, because it's online-only.

>>507598382Imagine surrendering your consumer rights and letting megacorporations ruin games with DRM that fries SSDs and makes games unmoddable all to Own The Gamers

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>>507598445If he's only cracked it single handedly, He should. If i were him, i will do that too, and probably you too.

>>507597729>but whatever, once the microchips roll out we'll lose our individuality soon enough anywaysSad but true. We nihilistchads are the only people who realise this truth and know that our lives aint worth fighting for...

>>507598616cuz it is

I really fear I wont be able to play Death Stranding and FF7R on a reasonable schedule and i'm at a point in my life where i'm not willing to wait. Denuvo has won that's the truth, i'll be a paypig

>>507596396It took a week, it was using a known denuvo version.

>>507598581>3 games that havent been cracked>meanwhile 100+ games get cracked on the dailyOH NO IM SHIVERING IN ME TIMBERS!*proceeds to pirate more movies,vidya, and porn at an even faster rate*

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>>507598748cuz there's two or three dumbasses saying it.k.

>>507588894Yes, piracy is officially over. Now get a job, NEET.

>>507598445omg just cope already!!!>>507598779Yall got it right, good guy user.>>507598669>>507598616Why do you care about piracy when were all getting microchipped anyway. We will no longer have individuality just accept that you lost.

>>507596778It's always online, but the console version was "cracked" a long time ago.

>>507598669Here we go again, it's time for third-world shitholer piratefags to spread already debunked FUD about Denuvo again

>>507598729I'm far from a nihilist.I plan to fight for my life, however futile it may appear.The hope is over, for the common man at least, though

>>507598934for something I am a libertarian buddy...


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>>507598191You will join us in the third world soon, comrade

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>>507597301t. voba from St. Petersburg. They should just nuke Russia.

>>507597164Neither can Dwight, Cletus or Wade.

>>507599120>comrade>if "capitalism" "fails" then it's commie time!yeah, never goes well.

>>507599120Keep dreaming, shitholer

>>507598987This. Piratecels always do this debunked shit smear campane against denuvo because they can't accept they got rekt hard.

>he doesn't know that cracked already sold out

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>>507593250People play on PC because it's absolutely retarded to buy another hardware just to play muh videojames


lmao personal computer cuckolds unequivocally btfo'd. rev up those wallets bros

>>507599120The economy is a meme

>>507597390Based on what?

Attached: 1568107784894.png (371x353, 148.08K)

>>507588894I remember the same question being asked about Borderlands 3, Assassin's Creed Origins and a shitload of other fucking games, and I'm fucking tired of it, but here we go again. No, piracy is not dead, piracy is never dead, copy protection gets better, you could even say piracy is not efficient anymore, you could even say copy protection works great since it can take months to crack games now, but eventually, everything will be cracked, it doesn't matter how long it takes, everything that is not full online will be cracked, always, forever, just how Japanese games from 30 years ago are still recieving fan translations, every single game will be cracked. Period.Except for Handball. Handball is forever.

Attached: rage.jpg (300x309, 40.56K)

>>507599305When the Americans have a choice between eating their baby or going to the loving embrace of Mother Government and the firing squad, either one they choose will lead to destruction.

>>507596715Imagine a guy that has literally hundreds of millions of dollars, now imagine that this guy spends said millions on a security system, high tech lasers and sensors and steel doors. All to protect his collection of comic books, and they aren't even rare comic books or even ones that are that good. That's Denuvo. It's literally a million dollar security system protecting garbage. Nobody is going to waste their time anymore.


Attached: 1578952348661.jpg (1026x1024, 141.32K)

Dunno about you, but I 100%ed Trials of Mana on my hacked Switch. The only PC game coming this year that I care about is Cyberpunk, and it’s a GOG Free game.Having a hacked switch is truly the baseddest of all based things to have.

>>507599392You aren't real. Memes are more real than you.

Attached: meme controls your destiny. seek 5 relics of his favor..png (1256x812, 999.99K)

>>507598191Do something about it, bitch nigger.

>>507599449See >>507596870

>>507596715The problem is that it's being done for free and eventually if you have this kind of skillset, you can make fucking bank for your time instead of being the sleevepull for a bunch of people who refuse to pick up a skill to accomplish their ends.The fact is for personal use to acquire a game it'll almost always be worth it since you can just spend spare time and save money, probably somewhat expedientlyBut doing all that work to release games you won't play yourself? I can imagine that getting tiring and being unrewardingIt's a craft that is probably unpopular because the sum of all the parts isn't really a whole lot anymore, given the time expenditures increasingly required, whether to do it or learn how in graduating measures.

>>507588894I just won't buy denuvo games then.Is there a website that shows all Denuvo games? launch and load times suck with denuvo and the games take more space.

>>507597659They're doing it for angry replies, mommy isn't back home from her second job yet.

>>507588894Im nor buying any modern games anoni had enough of this bullshit

Attached: 22330_20200507152246_1.png (1920x1080, 883.64K)

>>507595648>people make and share all kinds of content on the Internet for decades>its quality ranges from low-quality garbage to pure masterpieces that require insane amounts of time and dedication>people do it for free and no one has a problem with it, other people sharing your work being a reward by itself...>(((Capitalism))) gets introduced>"Hey guyse here's my latest sketch now go pay me $20 on Patreon if you want to see the rest of it">"Oh my gawd you people are such entitled bigots do you seriously expect me to make stuff for free?"

Attached: 1387609680840.jpg (562x437, 78.15K)

>>507598581Because I don't have to lift a single finger. I just have to NOT play these games, til they're cracked. And if they're never cracked, so be it, I just won't play them. I don't need games to find enjoyment.

>>507588894Those are quite new though, give them time. RDR2 case on the other hand it´s worrysome.

>>507599169voba?what are you talking about>>507599334denuvo has been known to impact game performance for years, as well as a number of other issuesnot to say they're as egregious as frying your SSD, but still

>>507599450>mother govermentyep, that's why it fails buddy

>>507588894>RDR2 and Handball 17 still haven't been cracked Hold me, bros...

Attached: 1571960615831.png (1378x1710, 1.6M)

>>507599605Basically every AAA game on pc not made by cdpr is denuvo

>>507597678>prepaid card only available in the U.S.Third worlder pack indeed.

Ironic shitposters? Consensus cracking? Paid shills? Despondent anons being mindbroken by megacorps?Whatever the fuck is going on in this thread, I just want you all to know that I'm currently emulating and pirating vidya as we speak and you can only impotently seethe

>>507599587I don't have to, Denuvo is doing it for me

>>507599564>fucking Dog referenceGod damn

>>507599661You have no idea how hard it is to "create"Someday, when you get older, you will understand

>>507599592I see nothing. RE3 will be cracked within months and you fuckers will jump to the next goalpost, move along to better threads.

Attached: 1385576175593.png (239x258, 4.88K)

>>507598402>inbred amerishart is upsetfucking choice, m8

>>507599746>posting in bait thread without s*ge

Attached: costanza.gif (264x264, 1.39M)

>>507599746>drive up playerbase and attention, bring forth modders and correctional patchesIf either of us hope to survive we must do it together

>>507599663This is some primo cope>>507599743and this is some primo obsession

>>507599852Can you wait that long ?90% of AAA games remains uncracked for 7 Months now

Attached: 1522249978385.png (2221x1790, 425.75K)

>>507598702Well, no. The last thing you want to create is a trail of money back to you.>>507598934Are you even reading the posts you reply to? This is the example of a 30 year old child just posting stupid shit for attention.

>>50760003090% of AAA games that aren't multiplayer are also not worth cracking.

Attached: 1562876513149.jpg (749x863, 161.28K)


Attached: dokuro kek.gif (351x398, 104.61K)

>>507599746Anon just don't pirate or buy modern games anymorestick with the classics, you may find new tastes in it

Attached: fs2_open_3_8_1_20181012_73482a6_x64_SSE2 2018-10-13 22-15-06.png (1920x1080, 2.18M)

>>507599928Call it cope all you want, I do not need you, nor your pitiful drug called 'games', any more. Good bye.

>>507600030>7 MonthsMost AAA games arent even complete 7 months after release

>>507599564This picture somehow makes sense in the trumpanzee's troubled shit for brains.

>>507600105He do said Bitcoin>>507600109This is the usual piratetards cope, try again in 60 seconds

Attached: 1546867546.jpg (1280x720, 79.09K)

>>507600030>AAAI haven't enjoyed a AAA game in years, who cares

>>507599602I wonder why some billionaire saudi royal's son hasn't picked this up or something. Hire a team of elite crackers, set up inside Daddy's palace, and just crack away at Denuvo 24/7 and release it to the internet. It's not like the Saudi Arabian government would give a fuck and the US wouldn't be able to do shit.

>>507599676>what are you talking aboutIt's short for Vladimir, you chicken-fucking slav shithead.

>>507599661And the same fucking faggots are commies. It's absolutely fucking insane. Worse yet, they use other people's IPs to sell their shit on patreon. How the fuck do they lack so much self awareness?

>>507600030>Can you wait that long ?You fuckers act like there's some limited time until the game completely disappear from the face of the Earth. You do know everyone on Holla Forums has fuckhuge backlogs and now that the PS3 emulator is working just fine that backlog is likely even bigger, right? Just work through it, shit will get done before you even notice it.

Attached: 1392420000083.gif (338x128, 218.39K)

>>507600335>>507600242>t-the game is shit anyway !!!Why Coping Piratetards always use these words ????????????????

Attached: hmmm.gif (200x200, 407.64K)

>>507599928You got owned by your own shitty meme image. Try to deal with the irony here.

>>507599852>y-yeah they'll crack it.... you guys will see!cope

Attached: file.png (1280x720, 1.24M)

>>507600315>>507600456>the usual piratetards copeIf you're hearing it all the time then maybe you should take the hint, shill

>>507600454We dont count indie shits as backlog hereAlso, can Piratetards PC handle PS3 Emulation ?? No, lol.

>>507598669Poor piggy...

>>507600456>copingwhy retarded fags use always use this word__________

>>507599831Don't bullshit me about 'creating', a Holla Forumsirgin couldn't create his way out of a paper bag. Show me what music you've written, user. Show me your amazing art and touching stories.Oh wait.A true creator is simply happy to have his work recognized and enjoyed. As an actual dev, I wouldn't put DRM in any of my products even if forced to at gunpoint.Musicians and music fans have always had a healthy disrespect for authority. Why are gamers such bootlicking faggots?

Attached: 1581833409689.jpg (600x800, 70.03K)

>>507598261>decrypting, checking if game files are legit, downloading data from cloud, etc do nothing to your ram or CPU.all of these are heavy on the CPU and RAM. if your CPU/RAM are a bottleneck you would see huge difference but if they are not then the difference would be only load time and some other minor unnoticeable stuff. also you have the problems that you can't open the game if you are not online and you can't open the game if you change your hardware. you never truly own the game. the inferior version of the game.

Attached: 1588446518101.png (1228x1150, 230.15K)

>>507600529I do.Stay cope, piratetards.>>50760062760 FPS on my PC. Stay mad :))


Attached: 1578853783567.png (500x500, 201.19K)

>>507600456Because Modern games are political shit with no gameplayonly Bethshit saves it!

Attached: 489830_20191121003801_1.png (1920x1080, 3.71M)

>>507600620>4chan is one personA Retard !!>A true creator is simply happy to have his work recognized and enjoyed*Laughs in $$$$*

>I-I wasn't gonna play it anyways!>AAA games a-are trash anyways!>I-I'm not poor, I just don't buy games with DRM!>I-it's shit anyways!>I-it's just taking a little longer than usual!>T-there's no such thing as totally secure software, a new exploit will be found!>I-I'm not a third-worlder!Did I miss any or do you shitholers have more copes to pull out of your unwashed asses?

>>507600030I already wait to buy games until all the DLC is released. Most games are cracked by the time I would play them.Then id its a single player game I will buy it on steam and then download and play a cracked version since it performs better and takes less storage space.If its a multiplayer game I get the edition with all DLC for less than 20$


>>507600794>bethesdrone trumpanzeeIt should be legal to euthanize you, do you a mercy.

>>507600849Yeah, your mom's tongue in my ass

Attached: dabbing pepe.gif (498x359, 407.54K)

>>507600849>memearrow cope

>>507600259That's an anti-Trump image, although you could be forgiven for not realizing given how Holla Forums would still support a fucking mass murderer like Armstrong just due to some pretty jingoism.

>>507600620When they want to build up their reputations and wants more fans yes, but over time, they WILL asks for Money. Sometimes is worth it, sometimes dont.

>>507600382I'm not slav, dickhead, and voba sounds nothing like vladimir

>>507600958Im a Wraith user, i dont care.Also modern game is shit

>>507600761>and will be 5$ after 2 months with all dlcreally wish this was true.

>>507601014Then why are you spreading Russian propaganda? Were you born without a frontal lobe?


Attached: not mad.jpg (676x858, 51.48K)

>>507600761Tell me ONE AAA game that does this

>>507601127Russian propaganda?How the fuck is denying the existence of coronavirus russian propaganda?

>>507600849I wouldn´t be so quick to judge how shitty third world asses are, most of the third world have bidettes and most of the first world dont, so you picked the wrong fight, my shitty assed anonsource: flight attendant for the past 10+ years

>>507601123>he doesnt use key websites with very little legitimacy in order to get a deal>not using humble bundle monthly and picking the game you want up + 2 others

>>507599449You can play Handball on the PS3 emulator that is available. Even though the game isn't cracked you can still technically play it on your PC.

>507595292everything inbred amerisharts hate is russian propaganda, it's their cope mechanism

>Cracking games>in 20+20Disgusting

Attached: 154634451652.jpg (400x597, 23.66K)

>>507601242It's Chang, just repost the copypasta and he'll go away

>>507600454No one is working on cracking Denuvo games right now. Without anyone working on it, it won't ever happen. There is nothing to "wait" for.

>>507601235Every single player game

>>507599482But it keeps investors happy, when a company can convince a bunch of wealthy boomers that games are uncrackable it increases the interest.

>>507601440In two months? With all DLC?

Crack Handba 17 already, you fucking niggers.


>>507601432it will happen eventually, be patient.

>>507600973every politician is a mass murderer in disuguise

>>507601356>paying for literal garbage to fat faggot and whatever publisher sharted it out

>>507601707...may I have it?


>>507601257>buy on g2a>money stolenebin

>>507601742True. SURPRISE!


Attached: 1578966820592.gif (128x128, 151.46K)

>>507592691well they got amd on consoles

When will you give up?

Attached: doompaul hellfire.jpg (399x372, 33.64K)

I just can't be fucked going through all of the effort to download an unpatched game that has a chance of having hidden rootkits and other nasty bullshit. That doesn't mean I'm going to buy it instead though. What's the biggest recent game without DRM? Possibly The Witcher 3 which sold very well even with all of the pirating.

>>507602143>not using promo code PEWDS to make sure you dont get your money stolen

Attached: 1577208876277.gif (498x280, 1.63M)

>>507598496gamepass is on pc retard

What will you do after the economic collapse, fellow Holla Forums-goer?

Attached: doompaul our place 966.jpg (680x862, 50.66K)

>>507600620Maybe creators aren't all just one archetypeWhy do you ALL have to be this fucking basic

>>507592284Not missing much

>>507602597fuck off commie

>>507602597die because the state will go full market mode and no one will feed their retarded useless 400 lbs asses anymore

Normies and Console fags are the only people who dont support piracy or emulation, its a simple fact.They cope and they seethe about spending thousands a year on vidya while pirates spend $100 or less for games on sale with a 90% discountNo crack has any shit in it unless a normie is dumb enough to install shit from some random website and they clicked on the AD with the big download button

>>507592312I like videogames just fine, I just don't like RE or anime

>>507595292I would rather donate to a pirate group to crack Denuvo than buying Denuvo games

>>507602732>Ron Paul>commiekek this one knows the political spectrum well

>>507602787If people didn't pay for products you wouldn't have them, but if your kind didn't bolster playerbases we wouldn't get nearly the extra fun shit we getSymbiosis is the only way

>>507602906Games with great sales numbers still get shit on by publishers constantly, might as well not even buy a game if the money doesnt go to the devs but instead to the publisher so that they can shut down the studio who made the game you enjoyedSad! Many such cases!

Trials of Mana is an abomination against man.

>>507603127why IS this still a problem?are consoomers really just that powerful?

>>507602806Do it then.Oh wait, you dont have any money.

>>507603127Devs could just stop taking shitty deals with publishers.

>>507603287Consoomers much strong, very powerful they

>>507603481Then they have no money to make a game and close shop.

>>507603643>kickstarter>patreonthere's other ways user

>>507598145If it was D2 there'd be a point in going through the trouble but as it is the energy would be better spent on anything else.

>>507603793Cant really make anything that ambitious technologically with such little money

>>507603643They can barter for better contracts. Fallout New Vegas devs were retarted and took a stupid contract based on their own hubris to get a high metacritic score.

>>507603793>scamstarter>patreonNice joke.

>>507601253>light attendant for the past 10+ yearsI really did pick the wrong fight, it's not even fair how pathetic that sounds

Attached: 1588525082491.jpg (530x391, 33.1K)

>>507603948>technologically ambitiousI literally can play a game with the graphics of the ps3 if:>has good art style>good gameplay>kick ass soundtrack>>507604015It's not a scam if you know on who to invest.

>>507603995Unfortunately pubs have almost all the power. Trying to negotiate for a better contract when you're making a creative, mechanically interesting game that maybe 1 pub ever has any interest in won't go well. Or you could dumb the game down to appeal to a mass audience to make it more pub-friendly but I assume Holla Forums won't like that.

>>507603948Unreal engine has a great free plan that allows devs with low starting cash to make something ambitious. They even all kinds of free assets including everything from Paragon after it was shut down.Source is a pretty cheap one too.

>>507603793Even $1000000 isnt enough for American Developers3rd world countries Devs is another story.

>>507604735I said there it was other ways, not that it we're 100% safe, hell even going with a publisher isn't safe.

>>507604459Are there some existing examples of games that used this plan to great success?

>>507604864Extremely hard to make it happen.Also Just for info, Ubisoft treats its developer well.

The people that are complaining about Denuvo are the same ones that will buy uncracked Denuvo games that fuck the game performance; while will be pirating Cyberpunk 2077 that will not have any DRM.You guys are the reason Denuvo exists

Attached: 60.jpg (750x422, 36.88K)

>>507605105Never talked about "treating well"If your game flops be ready to get kicked in the ass, that's why there's no safe way.



Attached: worker wake up call 1588806310261.jpg (687x892, 90K)

>>507593960Well, profits are privatized and losses are socialized, so you'll be out of a job and up to your eyeballs in debt probably


Attached: jb49gwvvwgd31.png (1841x783, 77.52K)

>>507605409Start your own businnes

>>507605306Applies to Kickstarter games as well. See : Mighty No.7There is no safe way for this, Bad games is bad, Good games is good. Simple as that.

>>507606258exactly, I just said there's other ways and nothing is 100% safe.

You know cracking games more than a month after release isn't a "victory" right? Over 80% of lifetime sales will come in that time.


Attached: kept pay.png (1841x783, 63.34K)

>>507605409Sounds like an intro to a game, gimme some ideas Holla Forums

>>507607197I have enough leftist shit on my 3rd world shithole, fuck off.

>>507606442It's a win because suckers paid before they lower the price and pirates get it for free, wtf do you mean?

>>507607480You know even if they're cracked, you will never get an updated/patched/better version, right ?


>>507607714>you will never get an updated/patched/better version, right ?I do, wtf do you mean? Did you seriously think that cracked games don't get updated?

>>507607745Commies don't know that a salary it's just one more price in the market.Don't even try.

>>507593075>playing muslim simulator 3000no thanks

>>507588894i just pirated wonderful 101 though. its shit. also wtf the graphics are so low res. even for a 7 year old game. the textures make my eyes bleed.

>>507608000Yes, only some Denuvo games who gets updated actually get cracked.Have you ever seen Code Vein gets cracked again after its updated ???>inb4 i-it was shit anyway !!!

>>507608284It's qte shit game.

For those of us who buy games we are tired of Denuvo fucking up performance. It drives me to not even want to play games anymore.

Plz crack Capitalism Lab 4chan

>Not having such a massive back catalog of games that most game pirated by the time you get to them.Get on my level plebs.

>>507588894I know its fun to mock buyfags, but what if a game you were actually excited for had Denuvo? And its not a case of "they will crack it like they always have" since the trump card against Denuvo was given away >>507589886

God I wish Cyberpunk 2077 had Denuvo so you would have to support CDPR instead of pirating the game.CDPR will learn from this mistake and will make their future games come with Denuvo

>>507609319>supporting trannies

>>507609452If american trannies made games like CDPR then yeah, I would.

The death of piracy is the death of preservation. Only retards are celebrating this.

>>507607745You can tax those people at obscene rates like the US used to do in the 40s and 50s though

>>507609452It's a dystopian future, of course there will be trannies and homos on the advertising

>>507609767>>507609910>shit "cyberpunk" fps rpg

>>507589920what how?

>>507609819That has nothing to do with anything that anyone in this thread posted.

>>507591579nah, fuck what they did to RE3.

>>507596115who?really, who.

>>507594270The entire world depends on the US dollar, if the US dollar fails, the USA collapses and so does most economies on earth.

>>507609819Lmao, those guys will just leave the country dumbass, and also, that's really off topic.


Attached: 1519621631902.png (374x246, 68.76K)


Attached: Untitled.png (1158x583, 43.16K)

>>5076113273DM's leader, Bird Sister.Shes predicted way back in 2014 that in 2 years, Piracy will be dying due to Denuvo.Shes right.

>>507602549and is only $1

>>507611708>Updates your PC>Another $1 Spends>Power Outtage>Whoops !!! Another $1 !!>Change your Mouse or Keyboard>$1 !!!!!!!!!

>>507593250>No, most people only play video games on PC because they can just get them for freeDelusion. If most PC players pirated, then there would be absolutely no PC games released anymore.

Steam sharing account only works great on a game that you can finish in one day, RPGs ?? Enjoy the scams :)

>>507591579Nah, RE3R is really bad. It plays like a beta indie game.

>>507590981Never. Fuck video games.

Question:If you are a software genius that is able to crack Denuvo, why would you waste months of your life trying to crack a game for free, when you could have been making top dollar and trying to climb the corporate ladder on a high paying Tech company?Why do Codex and CPY go to the trouble of doing this?

>>507612629Codex and CPY probably just a college kids trying to prove their skills. Time will kill them all, 90% of Denuvo employees are ex-crackers/scenes.

>>507612629They probably do work for tech companies already, they're probably just bored and want to embarrass companies like Denuvo. There are some socially isolated NEETs who do crack these things for fun, but right now Denuvo has officially made them all give up for good.

>>507591579>i literally cannot stop sucking cockI can>NO COCK IS TOO GOOD, YOU'RE JUST COPING

>>507600350pretty sure most of the cracking scenes aren't in the US, so they don't have a lot of jurisdiction regardless.

>>507612629I never understood why Voksi didn't just leave Bulgaria and went to San Francisco to make mad money on a tech company and instead he choose to spend months of his life cracking FOR FREE Denuvo games, on his shithole of a country. He asked for a lawyer to help him on redit, so I'm sure he is also poor

>>507591000Thanks user got the patch for it. Unfortunately I had deleted my previous save file.

Shit. And piracy on consoles isn't really an alternative either unless it's Nintendo hardware. Hopefully, a new savior appears and BTFO denuvo. Until then, I'll just buy my games on sale or pirate games untainted by denuvo.

Attached: 1584152926777.png (1003x915, 1.88M)

>>507614483So you are supporting games with Denuvo and pirate games without Denuvo. Then you wonder why all of the AAA games are using Denuvo nowadays

>>507613825That's the thing, people who can crack these things are often autistic and/or have no social skills. To get a H1B visa to the USA you need 5 years of proven experience on your CV, so he could never prove his skill or experience.Plus companies would rather hire a normal handsome guy who can follow orders from his boss (especially if the boss is a woman) than the awkward guy who knows too much sometimes more than the entire department combined.

>>507600030I don't buy games unless they're on sale for less than $10.

>>507614671But we could emigrate to any EU country>Plus companies would rather hire a normal handsome guy who can follow orders from his boss (especially if the boss is a woman) than the awkward guy who knows too much sometimes more than the entire department combined.No they don't, incel

Cyberpunk will be pirated like hell and it will be the last AAA, AA or A game to ever come out without Denuvo.Printscreen this.

>>507592056>>507592428So you're gonna pay up to 200 dollars for all the etxra dlc for a game like Planet Coaster or any of the Total War or EU games? Batshit insane.

Attached: datnigga.jpg (870x570, 79.88K)

>>507601710>be patientSure bud, we can truly play Trials of Mana for free.... in 2030 AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHABetter find a way how to be immortal, bud AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Why is Denuvo so hard to crack?

>>507616116realtime encryption and decryption using multiple encryption schemes, thousands or millions of redundant checks, loops, and traps, any one of which being tripped crashes the game instantly and several layers of code obfuscation all run through layers of nested virtual machines which are also all doing the same thing simultaneously but in different and randomized configurations

imagine if you could just have every game in the world on your pc for free lol

>>507616116Something something random complicated code for each game it makes it pointless to crack since they have to do it from 0 again

>Imagine paying for a DRM that wimps game performance and fucks your SSD, while pirating games for free from companies that don't want that shit on their gamesThat's why you cucks deserve Denuvo

reminder that the moment denuvo shut down every single denuvo game will turn unusable

>>507617484My 240gb SSD is still working fine since Denuvo was first introduced in Fifa 15 way back in 2014.COPEOPE

>>507588894why isn't RDR2 cracked yet? Get to work, ruskie niggers, give me my free game right now

>>507608684>what if a game you were actually excited for had Denuvo?I'll buy it.

>>507617585Reminder that will never happen.Even Corona-Chan cant stop Denuvo

>>507617585So? You aren't entitled to play the game forever

>>507617806Ironic how it's the pirates that earn that entitlement while buyfags are eternally fucked huh?

>>507617484How does it fuck SSDs? I payed a lot for mine and I don't want it to fail on me

>>507618045Brainlets think any time the disk access light is on the disk is being written to.

>>507617939Can you play RE3 right now, huh ???Next thing you're gonna say is "Its shit game anyway !!!"

Attached: maxresdefault.jpg (1280x720, 61.31K)

The question is has it helped sales at all? Was the money used to pay for the drm worth it?

>>507618045It doesn't, it was lies spread by assblasted pirates when Denuvo first came out

>>507618163>Next thing you're gonna say is "Its shit game anyway !!It is

>>507618195It is although not a lot, and it kills/delays Piracy so whats the reason not to use it ??>>507618249See ? kek

>>507618195Depends on the game. For major league AAA titles yes, for indie titles no because even with pirates sales still bring in more profit than Denuvo.

>>507618195First months sales are crucial.Thats why everyone used it

>>507588894It's gonna get cracked eventually... these newer solutions just make things very painful and tedious to reverse

>>507591419almost 1300 days now

>>507595339Or Achmed and Dmitry will be playing dota for the resit of their lives. Dota is better than console games anyway.

Just play this game.Its free, its fun, and its onAndroid

Attached: Switch-SkyChildrenoftheLight-hero.jpg (1920x1080, 655.9K)

>>507618163is that epic jojo!? i fucking love heckin epic joju

Attached: 1577228490363.gif (322x324, 90.76K)

>>507593662Didn't they launder a bunch of drug money or something?

>>507588894>TFW no Anno 1800I know I'll get bored of it in a day but I wanna try it so bad boys.

>Enjoy your Denuvo games with 200 DLCsI want to play Planet Zoo looks a comfy game but I'm not going to pay for their half backed game with 200 DLC plus I'm never going to buy a Denuvo game

>>507597271I had no idea this was a sport until I saw the memes... what a time to be alive.

>>507599092gears tactics sucks, your soldiers always miss but the enemies never miss.

>>507618590We are reaching a point where it's becoming increasingly computationally unfeasible for amateur reverse engineering to analyze or reverse Denuvo, and with Codex inadvertently helping Denuvo patch up the last of the exploits that were known to exist we have likely reached that pointPlenty of sceners are admitting that Denuvo is no longer worth the time or effort involved without being paid, and some groups are already taking bitcoin from Denuvo themselves not to touch any games with that Denuvo has reached a point where its protection of a game is comfortably assured for at least half a year, their next big move should be to lower the cost of usage so more publishers and devs can afford to integrate it. Once that happens the AA and indie piracy scene gets wiped out too outside of things that release on GOG

>>507599743paysafe is also available in Europe.

>>507595339Achmed is a shitskin and will blow himself up, but Dimitry will crack Denuvo and make Denuvo niggers seeth, like Vosky did

>>507619303True except for this:>and some groups are already taking bitcoin from Denuvo themselves not to touch any games with Denuvo.

>>507618976Literally never heard of this game nor have I looked it up, but is there some sort of connection or were these niggas really this shameless?

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>>507595292>Paying for a pirated gameThat like, defeats the entire purpose, bro.

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>>507618195Of course not, publishers won't admit it but if a game is good it will sell a lot, if it's bad it won't sale even with denuvo.

>>507596715It isn't that, user. All the good hackers are dead or retired. They will eventually become legend.

>>507619654It's by the same devs and is kind of a similar concept but far more fleshed out

>>507619683No, since you are paying less and for a superior product that does not have Denuvo, so the game will have a better performance and your SSD will live longer

>>507591419i-i can emulate the ps3 versionc-cope buyfags

>>507619654Its the Journey : MMO versionCurrently, Its on Phone only

>>507590981honestly if I couldn't pirate most games I wouldn't bother playing most games. 90% of shit that comes out is just not worth my money. I pirate shit I'm not excited for but could have potential, if I couldn't pirate them I just wouldn't play it period

>>507620581>>507620071Just watched the stuff on their site, and yeah, looks like a (sadly) phone based prequel of some sort. Fair enough then, was just making sure there wasn't a chinese ripoff of a game I really admired when it first came out.

>>507620946It's coming to Switch as well, not sure when though

>muh denuvolol, nothing is "uncrackable". there's always a workaround, emulation for example.

>>507621135competent emulation of current gen consoles (Switch excluded) is still at least half a decade away at the most optimistic

Why don't we organise a Denuvo games strike to show devs we don't want it?I'm all for DRM but Denuvo actually takes up a lot of storage space and makes loading games take at least 25% longer