Is Sae Niijima a virgin?

Is Sae Niijima a virgin?

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Yes, why do you think she's so angry all the time?

Nope, we had sweaty sex on her kitchen table just ten minutes ago.

>>507589115Your micro penis didn't count.

no dude she has a sister

She gives me virgin vibes. Sadly we will never know unless Fatlus go full jew and releases P5 : Eternal Punishment

Post the greentext

Do Japanese women actually look like this?

>wake up>you're at your desk>paper work everywhere>coffee spilled over fucking everything>look down at your clothes>you're a fucking mess>notice the time>fuck this>you're dealing with this shit tomorrow >ride the subway home>have to deal with onlookers judging your disheveled look>get home>oh great>fucking perfect>Makoto and her boyfriend are here>awesome>Makoto explains that it's "date night">Her boyfriends taking her out for dinner and movie>something you haven't done in 6 years>try to smile and tell them to have fun>they leave>look around at your big, expensive, empty apartment.>the apartment you planned on raising a family in>welp>might as well do what you always do when you've got the place to yourself>put on comfy clothes>get some ice cream and liquor >turn on the TV>Oh joy>A Romantic Comedy>The same one you've watched dozens of other lonely nights>stuff your face full of ice cream>get to the part where the guy says "I love you" to the girl.>why can't that be you>chug your schnapps>it does little to dull the pain >it does little to dull the pain of being alone>it does little to alleviate the stress from your dead end job>it does little to calm the growing realization that you haven't had a proper "release" in years but your fucking little sisters getting pounded like a slice of beef by her hot boyfriend>good god >what the fuck is even your life at this point>start crying>it just happens to be the scene where the couple kisses in the big finale>keep crying>pass out drunk on the couch

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>>507589631No. They look like this.

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>>507589826The girl in the black suit is pretty cute.

>>507588226How do you think the SIU director got her to her position? He literally looks like the balding middle aged man in every rape hentai, and that’s who he is

>>507589691Im alucinating or this copypasta ended with her masturbating until passing out


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Sae is bae.That is all.

>>507588226Yes. Makoto's loud moaning next door only makes her even more miserable

>>507588226Yes. And her pussy is hairy.

What do the japanese think of her? Is she somewhat popular?

>>507589826Soapland OL cosplay whores with the brothel Madame in the middle.

>>507591973>Is she somewhat popular?lol no

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>>507588226Yes. She is what makoto would have become if i never defloured her.

>>507592280>akechi number 1That fucking psycho serial killer?

>>507592520Blame fujos.

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>>507589691anon please delete this, it hits too close to home and it's making me feel unconfortable

>>507592280This list is almost perfect. I'd swap shinya and hifumi. And swap yoshida and iwai.

>>507592280>8 Better than i expected

>>507588226Why yes, she IS a boyfriend-free virgin with rage. How could you tell?

>>507589826I would hold hands with asian Tina Fey.

>>507592631Get a boyfriend that barely talks.

>>507592520He's attractive so he should be forgiven.

>>507591012>>507591104>this isn't from a doujinRipI'm into this shit.

>>507593306Oh yeah easy life cause pretty. My mistake.

>>507593204I tried at one point but men find me intimidating because I'm a CEO of a branch of my family's business and usually never get near to me for fear I fire them* or becuase they heard of "my reputation" as an angry workaholic, which is incredibly exaggerated to be honest

>>507593517Wait, femanon or homodud?


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>>507593737drunk purple octopus from mars


>>507593792Post tentacles

>>507592280We need a edit, where all are Kasumi

>>507593517Than find a moderately attractive house guy.


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>>507593104Tell me whyI'm stuck as a virgin with rage!Tell me whyI so need a cute boy my age!Tell me whyI never wanna hear you say,"I have a girlfriend!"

>>507594012those are way more rare than unicorns user, either they're taken or they never get out of their homes


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>>507593517L O N D O N

Nah MC probably went in for the side course

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Accordind to the only Vanilla Sae doujin, Yes

>>507588226She seems like she'd either be too focused on her job to have sex, or she hate fucks like a tiger some guy she finds at a bar once a month.

>>507593765yea, sorry but I'm gonna have to ask you to delet this

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>>507593517Yeah but would people like this even date men less successful than them?

>>507593517If you looked as hot and attractive as Sae I'd bang you against the dinner table from Friday night all the way to Monday morning.

>>507593765Wow rude

>>507593765Damn this was good.

>>507592280>Tae best girlSupremely good taste

>>507592280>Hifumi above Saefuck the nips and their yamato nadeshiko fetish

>>507601290honored tradition > brainlet coomershit

>>507589691now do a nice greentext where joker fucks her brains out

>>507599236I actually want someone responsible, money isn't an issue at all but it would be nice if he was on or arround my same level

>>507601941There is a doujinnhentai dot net/g/271439/

>>507602369There's your problem, males in your position don't want equals. Better start being a dommy mommy.


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Wow... she's old and a virgin just like me bros.......... she has to be.............

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Lol of course she is. Did you not see the way she treats Makoto for thinking about anything but school? Sae had no interest in men until after her Palace. She maybe had some guys she liked in high school, but when her dad died she was all the way into school and her job. It's obviously a sore spot since her coworkers talking about her lack of a boyfriend/husband pisses her off so much.

>>507588226you gotta be fucking retarded to think any moderately attractive woman is a virgin over the age of 18. Men throw themselves at any pretty women by the hundreds and no ones gonna say no to all of them

>finally after all these years I sat down in one night and finished Haru's chapterWhat a fucking slog of a beginning though. I hate forced drama bullshit. Just started Sae's palace just wondering how long it is? Don't worry about spoilers, my ex already ruined it for me like the cunt she was.

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>>507604352But user this is japan and to make it worse, anime

>>507604619Luckily for you Sae's palace is the best one in the game. A lot of variety, good character development, and you get to use Akechi.

>>507605568But user thats Maruki´s palace

>>507605660When I got to Maruki's palace I was already way too overpowered so I could instant kill most of the patrolling enemies. All I did was kill the reaper once. The mementos changes really makes you gain a shit ton of experience points.

listen close, not every woman needs a man in her life. it is completely possible to get by without one, and still lead a fulfilling, enriching life. as a matter of fact, pursuing a relationship is just a waste of time and energy, when you could be dedicating yourself to career and craft. so, please, spare me the sympathy.

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>>507606278addendum: if you have an older sister... o-or brother, be considerate about bringing people over to spend the night. not everyone is partial to hearing their younger sibling get railed nonstop all night while yelling 'don't forget this feeling!'

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>>507606278I know this is bait but whateverkinda agree for the most part but I call bullshit here:>"... pursuing a relationship is just a waste of time and energy ..."there are times when you need someone to listen to you after a stressful af fuck day, and 4chan/the internet only gets you so far. even more when you have money.In my life people only get close to me because:A) they want moneyB) they want to leech on my position to go to events/get on my contactsC)want help on shit out of the blueand they usually overlap, people tends to look at you las either a potential walking ATB machine or that one angry lady who will scream/get angry at you for no reason (this las is not true but for some reason that's what people say of me) without actually care for you.I can count my real friends with my two hands and I will not reach 8


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>Watch dude that goes around displaying unused P5 in his channel>Expect there is something about Sae in Royal so i can yell at Fatlus>There is nothing, absolutely nothingNow i want to yell at them louder...

>>507606278They don't sell that kind of cheap wine in Japan. She should be drinking Strong Zero.

>>507607797I know Royal is easier than Vanilla but are you okay user? Did the corona made you insane?

>>507592280>Hifumi not number 1japs deserve another nuke

>>507591012Sauce ?

>>507607856*unused P5 content

>>507608146i haven't OD'd on persona yet but i still need the p4g plat

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>>507608553I guess thats what quarantine is for. Btw Vita or PSTV?

>>507608758Vita, i lost my vita TV and don't know what happened to itUnfortunately they're expensive as shit now

>>507608880I still got mine. Im about to finish Naoto´s dungeon but im very busy rn so will have to wait a month at least to play

>>507607648Have you tried date sites but faking your profile to look mundane?

>>507606687Reminds me of my ex's older sister who kept asking me to get my older brother to talk to her.I kept forgetting, but mostly because she wasn't actually a very nice person.

>>507609519You should have sticked your dick in evil user

>>507609370once, but it wasn't a pleasant experience to be honest

>>507609883Well 16 year old me didn't have a taste for older women like I do now. Besides, she wasn't evil, she was mostly just a slob who dropped out of high school, and she seemed like the type of person who'd never let go while draining your income.

>>507610329Then imo you can only keep trying or cope and go with someone around your status. I desire you best luck fem¿?user

>>507610645Then nevermind

>>507592520The japanese are getting fed up with shitty "wish fulfillment personality of fucking milk" protagonist characters just like us. They want some fucking trashmen and adults in their lives again. Like based baofu

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>>507589115No you didnt because P5R completely cucked you out of being able to do that despite Fatlus teasing otherwise.

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>>507612290Royal after the Valentine Ova tease was painful...


>>507612290The worst mistake of P5 is not being able to romance Sae, the second worst mistake is not being able to fuck Makoto and then rub it in Sae's face because she's not romanceable.

>>507592280>kawakami #4holy shit I wasn't expecting Japs to be this based

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>>507612825She isn't really popular in Japan, but gaijin piggu fucking love her.

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>>507593987Based and Kasumipilled

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>>507613048>Mishima>5th>Above Sae in both polls to make it worseFucking how!!

>>507613452Mishima legit has one of the best SLs in the game. People just shit on him because he isn't a cute girl and because people are in denial that Mishima is a proxy for the player

>>507589826Yeah, Sae looks more caucasian. Those girls are still pretty cute though

>>507613048Why is it that Japan consistently produces top tier waifus only to have them rank low in fan ranking while the West consistently produces shit tier waifus but actually ranks the top tier waifus highly in Japanese games?I just dont understand.

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>>507592520Dude has a lot of fanboys/fangirls

>>507613589>is a beta faggot>is a janitor on an anonymous phantom posting forum>he cleans it up>for free>complains to you about there being too many shitposts for him to clean up to the playerYeah no, he is fucking trash. I am actually happy he is not a cute girl because otherwise I would have legit felt bad for her.

>>507613774Akechi is a cringy edgelord who pretends to be prince charming on camera but is actually just a piece of shit. God I hate that faggot so muchI know Royal develops him more, but I will never forgive this scumbag for anything he did

>>507613589I wanna fuck Mishima's cute boy pussy!

>>507613452The reason Sae is low is because she's not a romance-able confidant, and her's is more about the investigation that a friendship with her.

>>507613676What are these shitty western waifus that japan loves?

>>507613676Japan's got weird tastes, man. It's jarring every single time

>>507613941>Goro is so much of a piece of shit, the Metatron you get at the end of his S.Link doesn't have Light/Hama repeal, absorb, Null or resist.>Yet all his fusion materials needed to summon him do.Goro truly is a failure.

>>507613941Royal just leans way more into the edginess, which honestly saves his character from being a total dumpsterfire to being hilarious

>>507613048>>507592280>dametora that highbased japs

>>507613048Poor OhyaI mean she's a shit but poor thing

>>507614947>Goro Akechi>hilariousIn what way?

>>507615091Ohya is a great romance because she knows that MC will only fuck her for a few months and want to settle down with someone younger.

Looking at these lists reminds me of how much P5's confidants completely blow the previous games' out of the fucking water.


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>>507592280>my boy Taro making top 5Maybe Japan doesn't need another nuke.

>>507593517The problem is you're most likely fat and gross.

Sae eating a tub of Ben and Jerry's while silently watching a musical!

>>507613048At least both appreciate Sojiro.

>>507588226japanese women are whores and both the men and women there cheat regularly

>>507589691>>507615964Unless she's an olympic-level bulimic, with a sticc figure like that I doubt Sae has ever even seen a tub of ice cream

>>507616947She also only works 24/7, so she probably doesn’t have the time to even eat. We only see her eat in scenes with Makoto or drinking coffee at Leblanc, so I have my doubts

>A Sae thread of over 100 repliesNice

>>507588226I love Sae but since I still can't romance her in Royal I was going to date Kasumibut then something strange happenedI fell in love with HaruI regret nothing

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>>507617951The only reason you regret nothing is your brain seems to have died.

>>507618071I can't hear you over the sound of dating a billionaire heiress with a heart of gold

>>507617951Same with me dude, fluff is best

>>507617951Haru is the goodest girl in the whole game, she's a precious fluffy cinnamon roll. It's tragic how ignored she is, both by the game itself and the wider community.

>>507618175>HeiressShe's going to be disowned for not following daddy's wishes.

>>507588226Probably, and she'll remain one since even Joker doesn't want her. Joker, who fucks everything with a hole including lolis.

>>507618381She's the majority shareholder in the company and by the end of her SL you realize that Takakura-san isn't trying to kick her out of the company at all, and instead supports her taking a more active roleShe's not going anywhere

>>507618641Joker doesn't fuck any lolis.

>>507618373Haru grew on me, but she’s just not my type. She’s nice and all but one of the more boring party members/confidants

>>507618373yes>>507618858I felt exactly the same way for my previous 2 playthroughsI can't really explain what happened

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>>507618847You fuck Lavenza in Royal.

>>507618847Uh huh, sure user.

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For me, it's Shadow Sae.

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>>507619008Nice deliberate mis-ordering of the screenshots.>>507618987No.

>>507619048so Sae admits that she's frequently sent innocent people to jail simply because she "must win"this is never addressed, she faces no consequences for this

>>507619008She's too cute.

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>>507619286No, she hasn't done it in reality, but she's part of a system that does.

>>507619237Anon Lavenza literally confesses her love for you in the original game, she just had no screen time to show it. Now it's even more obviously romantic. It plays out much the same as Elizabeth's in P3, only difference is that the twins are the ones who get the goofy dates to see the world and Lavenza gets the fade to black.She's literally mini-Elizabeth in every way.

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>>507619286She's pretty. Pretty girls don't go to jail.

>>507619286Holy shit you’re right, the PTs tricked Akechi during their mission, but they never stole her fucked up heart. She never atones for her wrongdoings even if she did help the PTs against Shido

>>507619286When prosecutors fuck up it just results in lawsuits against the state, they never face the real consequences of the lives they've ruined.

>>507619517Her and Elizabeth are even based on the same fucking character from Frankenstein.

>>"After hanging out for a while longer, I escorted her back to the Velvet Room..."Stop being a fucking retard.

>>507619286>she faces no consequences for thisWell yeah, it's a female. Consequences are alien to them.

>>507589691>>507615447>>507615548>>507615675>incel fantasiesEww.... gross.

>>507619657Im pretty sure they did

>>507619739Yeah, and you just "hang out" with Elizabeth in P3.

>>507619657Sae changed her heart on her own like any party member does.

>>507619048>All that wasted potential

>> EXACTLY THE FUCKING SAMEAgain: stop being a fucking retard.

>>507620139Do you think Lavenza is blind to the significance of wanting to sleep in MC's room?

>>507620139Don't ruin their fantasies, user. This is all they got and the sole reason they play Persona games.

>>507619739First of all, the dubscript fucks with the tone of the whole of all when a girl says "I don't want to go home yet" then leans into you it means something you autismo. Especially when she's already made her romantic love clear on another occasion, hell even the twins talk about how Caroline wants to boink you and Justine wants a threesome. They obviously can't put "you fucked the loli silly" in a CERO C rated game, learn some subtlety.

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>>507620209Im going to jump the gun and say YES

>>507589691>female>lonelyPick one.

>>507619982Oh shit you’re right, but they never reveal what her treasure was cause they spent an hour explaining their convoluted plan based on delicious pancakes

>>507620287Wise words

>>507620452It's been too long since I played the original to remember if this is Royal-new or not, but when you get to the treasure and it's still the warbly white thing, Makoto says she can see the outline of her dad's police notebook.

Seriously why tf is lavenza a kid? If you fuse a little girl with another little girl the most logical result would be a young teenager at least...

>>507620619I'm pretty sure that was in the original.

>>507620619I think that was just a theory of hers, but maybe they confirmed it after they stole it. Honestly I can’t remember even though I just played it. That ending was just such a clusterfuck mess

>>507613048>Sojiro #1 in Japan>Sojiro #2 OverseasDamn right. Dude is the best character in the entire series and he isn't even part of the main group.

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>>507620635Every assistant is a reflection of the deep, unfulfilled desire of the guest.>Liz is a cheery jokester in a game's who's themes are all about death and the cast is of serious people.>Margaret is a serious older business woman in a more lighthearted game and a bunch of Scooby Doo pals.>Lavenza is... well Joker has a lot of cakes

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>>507620635It's heavily implied that the velvet room attendants take a form appropriate for whatever wild card user Igor tasks them to help out. Joker wanted a loli.

BDSM with Haru!Domming other girls with Haru!

>>507588226You have to assume that unless they have kids all Persona girls are canonical virgins, Sae is no different but the other hags in 5 are debatable

>early drafts of the game had a concept where instead of LeBlanc, you would be living with SaeWe fucking missed the chance of a life time.

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Imagine railing Makoto in the pooper and Sae having to hear it through the bedroom walls and it's not like she can confront you two about it.

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