How long will part 2 be? We obviously start out in Kalm. But where would it end?

How long will part 2 be? We obviously start out in Kalm. But where would it end?

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>>507587762>But where would it end?When they leave Kalm. Cloud's flashback story takes 30 hours, plus another 10+ hours in the robot-arm minigames to navigate through Kalm.

>>507587762They're going to turn the mythril mines and getting past the zolom into their own entire chapter

>>507588224And that's a good thing. Worked well enough with the Train Graveyard.

>>507587927Dont give them ideas

>>507588613fucking hell that retarded filler side plot.>let's have the player fuck around counselling ghosts while they're about to drop the fucking plate.aerith is such a cunt she waited until the end of the game to "defy fate" and she actively & knowingly held you up and assisted shinra in killing thousands of people so she could be a therapists for faggot ghosts that don't matter at all.the writing in this bastardisation is the worst I've ever seen.

>>507587927No thanks

>>507590359I mean yeah the writing's shit, but as far as the actual game goes, this was a cool and interesting level.

>>507587762>no ship planet free roam>no chocobo planet roam hunting>no golden saucerLmao remind me why I'd buy this?

>>507591850I didnt know you already played part 2

>>507591301i do not agree, climbing up a ladder to climb down a ladder and fight ghosts that turn immune to physical damage for an hour was not interesting or fun

>>507587927I was about to post this myself. I like the way you think

>>507587762I womder if we will even get to the Gold Saucer in part 2.

>>507592562But those ghosts were in the original and they had the same gimmick.

>>507587762It it's not open world and doesn't cover at least up until Cloud hands over the black matera and the Weapons are released then it will be trash.

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>>507593594I dont think it will go that far. At best it will go to Nibleheim

>>507593294>But those ghosts were in the original and they had the same gimmick.yes, but it only took 5 minutes as opposed to several hours.

>>507593715That would be absolute trash.

>>507587762End of Rocket town, Wutai, or Forgotten city.


>>507593715It’s gonna go past Nibelhiem. People forget how short a lot of sections in 7 really are and now they have no reason to pad it out with completely new areas due to having much more to work with outside of Midgar


>>507587762Was this announced for Xbox/Windows yet? I'd rather play it on my Xbone X.

>>507593949Well they managed to make Midgard a 30 to 40 hour game so I inagine a lot of padding so yeah

>>507588224Capturing chocobos will be its own chapter. Running through the swamp will be a mini-game similar to the motorcycle sections.

>>507588224Yes of course

>>507594674Yes, but I have a feeling the next installment is going to be closer to the Open world style of FFXV. In this sense they might actually rush through segments of the game to get to more bombastic set pieces. Moreover, the best part to end a segment would be on a huge cliffhanger and Cloud turning into Sepheroths Puppet and unleashing the weapons would be a great place to punctuate the story.Or they at least end at the end of disk 1 with Aeris death. Stopping the plot at any point prior would be so underwhelming and really would rob any good faith people still had in the reboot.

>>507595825I personaly would end it when Aerith dies but IDK. I would have done that in psrt 1 but it would have been a 100 hour game

All I want is to know whether they’ll keep Sephiroth doing a front flip when he gives cloud the destruct Materia

>>507587762Start out with a prologue in the Nibelheim flashback.Start the game proper leaving Kalm.End at the Crater.

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>>507594320Are you fucking baiting? I know how fucking short areas are, just how fucking short the path between sectors was (1 screen) which got turned to a whole section with its own cutscenes and characters.

>>507587762>Part 2 starts with the Nibelheim flashback>Ends with visiting Nibelheim

>>507596108That would be nice

>>507587762Ending it with Aerith's death is the way to go but that's a lot of locations in between. Between that, the set pieces and the overworld would probably take longer to make than the first one.

>>507595825>>507595996Ideally this is what I hope for. I hope they shoot for a trilogy.

>>507595825>Yes, but I have a feeling the next installment is going to be closer to the Open world style of FFXV. it won't be. don't get your expectations up>>507594320>people forget how short a lot of sections in 7 really arebecause they have unvoiced dialogue, little animation and take place on one or two pre-rendered backgrounds. the remake has sections which take five minutes in the original taking upwards of two hours. they have to strike a balancing act where moving through these places feels interactive enough and takes enough time that it feels physically believable while not wasting much time in them or ballooning the scale of the game to ridiculous proportions. i don't know how they're going to do that in just two more games.

>>507596514And that happened because Midgar is only 6 hours at most in the original so they expanded. They now have at least 35 hours of the original to play with now. I honestly expect part 2 to be less expanded so they can focus on generating the different assests for the necessary story areas. You could definitely end up being right but judging from the interviews in ultamania I don’t think that will be the case

>>507596921It shouldnt have ended in Midgard for a trilogy

>>507597448The only way for them to do that is to cut the same way they did in Disc 1 in the og, with Aerith death, or slightly before. Disc 2 and disc 3 are way shorter than people remember, with disc 3 being composed only by the final dungeon.

You guys do realize they will probably expand shit like Wutai and Gongaga right?

End at Temple of the Ancients

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>>507596906I don't make games but it seems that they would be spending fewer resources on framework stuff e.g designing a combat system, and therefore have more to spend on creating new assets.

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>>507596906It also depends on how they make the overworld (I.e. one of the things they had yet to decide following a review), because if it is like Kingdom heart 1-2-3 it will be a giant hub to just travel between location with a minigame in between (I use kg as an example since Nomura is in charge)I.e. the game will make you travel between locations on the motorcycle while racing to escape Roach and Shinra robots, screen shot this

>>507599217The most important thing is the will they do that? To he honest I feel luke thats the only reason why we only got to Midgars. Lazy fucks

It’ll end right where Aerith died. Then a whole game dedicated to what was the last 5 hours in the original.

>>507587762Who knows

>>507599529I'm expecting it to be the same as the og, or something like gummiship and space in Kingdom hearts since Nomura is in charge, so they can retain the simplified Overworld looks/chocobo minigame and all that shit. While mostly underused, Og overworlds like the one from FF7 are still a thing (I.e. check bravely default 2)Worst case scenario, it's something like ff12 where you jump to location and location or ff10, where you're set on rails to follow the story.

>>507600371I expect it to be sorta like Dragon quest 11

>>507599217The game is linear as fuck still up until you get the Tiny Bronco anyhow.And I just bet they're gonna make the first trip to Fort Condor mandatory.

>>507602312Everything is going to be mandatory

>>507600371I work at SEThe overworld won't be avaliable properly until after KalmThe initial plans is to have the player cross the big empty fields for a minute before being aborted by Devil Riders as the tutorial battle, the gang will then be found by the ranger that runs the chocobo farm, he'll take the player to Kalm.It's being discussed if the Chocobo Breeding sidequest will be in the game.

>>507603149why does it need more tutorial shit.

>>507603521every game has a tutorial

>>507603618its the same game.

>>507603149No you dont lol

>>507600684Oh, yeah, I completely removed from my head the fact Dragon quest was a thing. Game was so generic for me, but it's a possiblity to have wide open areas and an stilyzed Open world >>507603149I doubt you. Also... the breeding chocobo thing is not aviable until mid disc 2 anyway, so not even worth bringing it up now.

>>507603810there is no guarantee that the people playing the second instalment will have played the first game

>>507590359That's not the cae though. They were actually still "ahead of schedule" despite the distractions in the train graveyard, which is why the timejannies still interfered. They'd have just interfered more persistently if they had been even earlier than that.

>>507588613>Worked well enough with the Train Graveyard.yeeeeah... I don't know about that.

if they left out that cringe novel shit with kyrie and leslie they could have put better things in.

>>507603957That might be for the best actually

>>507593594There's no fucking way it's going to be open world lol.

What is going to be a chapter of its own or atleast half the game is that sidescroll part to get that sword, where you hang on those green gelatin things to get around....

>>507604239Kyrie is optional though

>>507604749thats fair still didnt like their inclusion.

how long until the game is remade in full and all the parts are packaged in one complete ultimate definitive mega disc?10 years?

>>507603957>the breeding chocobo thing is not aviable until mid disc 2 anywayNot him, but they might just find some excuse to make it "the main minigame" for part 2, since they'd have to implement the race for Corel already anyway, so why not? For part 3 they can introduce some sort of plane racing or such to explain why the tiny bronco becomes unavailable after the highwind appears - it's actually repaired and used for plane racing.

Do you retards really believe they're going to remotely follow the original plotline anymore?


>>507596906You're definitely right but I have a feeling they're going to fuck it up.

I hope the next part includes chocobo racing.

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>>507605235Lol thats not happening

>>507605390They might alter the snek bits, but there will still be a Rufus parade, the party will still encounter Dyne, Bugenhagen will still explain the lifestream (perhaps he'll also explain what the timejannies were), etc.

gold saucer or right when you get to nibelheim.kind of feels like there won't be as much expanded content like the first had.

>>507605487>Kingdom hearts 1.5 HD + 2.5 is a thing>Kingdom hearts digital collection is a thingI'm not expecting only one disc, but once it's done they're definitely gonna sell the whole pack together for a lesser price. 8

>>507605805end of gold saucer i like after dyne to finish off on barret's big story arc.

I think Nomura said something about either making it in quickly released small parts, or slower released large parts from part 2 onwards or something like that.

>>507587927kek fuck you buddy

>>507605860Maybe in 15 years

you guys ready for fort condor?they seem to have actually tried with some of the minigames.what if they actually bothered instead of possibly cutting it out and made a real RTS?

>>507606282does anyone trust nomura ? fuck it does anyone trust square enix?

>>507595825each continent will be a gamescreencap this

>>507606619I trust Nomura more than Holla Forums's "predictions" at least. Damn, Holla Forums was wrong about so many things, pretty much all of Holla Forums here called me delusional for bringing up that SE might use some sort of "hybrid battle system" and all of Holla Forums seemed to insist that it will be a full-on action game full of Quick-Time-Events with AC Cloud personality and KH Aerith personality. You guys might pretend that never happened, but I still clearly remember all that user.

>>507606619Im not really sure. He dropped the ball with KH

>>507606619it's not KH, so yeah i guess.also despite people saying he's in control of everything, kitase and other people who worked on the original are there to try and make sure this isn't a gigantic fuck up

>>507607680But dont they have a hand in the time jannies?

>>507607327eh you could still be wrong on ac cloud coming.

>>507607796i'm pretty excited to see what happens honestly.i would have been ok with 1/1 remake, but i'm ok with a new take on the storyline to change things up, and so far everything that has happened hasn't reached anything near as bad as the worst of the compilation.

>>507608186And that is? Dirge of Cerberus?

>>507607894They might add a corresponding arc for that that will be resolved within the same game, considering they literally kill timejannies formed from the Advent Children themselves as well as the Bahamut they summon, as well as Whisperroth who is a caricature of AC Sephiroth and Safer Sephiroth, there's a good chance that AC events won't happen in the remake timeline, hence the "mourning Aerith" phase in Cloud's life will probably be addressed much faster and much earlier and give him some "post-mideel development" perhaps, though we still don't know how Aerith's death is even covered so who knows what'll happen. Just that the AC story most likely has been killed along with the timejannies.

>>507608280the problem is that each game in the compilation has cool stuff as much as terrible garbage.CC had zack, but it also had fucking genesis and unneeded stuff like hollander and shinra's bastard son(even though he was a cool guy)Dirge had some dumb shit with deep ground, but it's workable, and it had vincent being pretty badass and cloud going back to his old self after AC, but it also introduced gackt into this whole mess in the first place.also lucrecia is just a retard

>>507608768Does everyone hate Genesis here?

>>507609156he's pretty awful.they actually tried to salvage him in CC, but he still ends up being a whiny bitch who quotes doesn't change the fact that he was originally created so that nomura could shoehorn in his favorite singer, but i think he actually realizes how stupid it was now.

>>507596565That seems like an odd place to stop. Midgar’s fine as it can be a self contained arc on itself. But outside there's not much stopping points. Aerith’s stabbing can probably be the stopping point. Junon, is another probable locale, but that only covers a smaller story than Midgar. And there's not much to do in Junon story wise as well. But I wouldn't put it past them to end the next part on the boat trip to Costa del Sol.

>>507606282They're unironically still undecided on that, but Nomura personally wanted to release it quickly. Not sure if the sentiment is shared throughout the team.

>>507609801They could always just redesign him

>>507606517I liked that minigame. Doubt they'll do something as deep as an rts, maybe something like, Ni No Kuni 2 or that one FF with schoolkids that Tabata directed. From what I saw it too had some kind of a rts war sim much like Ni No Kuni 2.

PC bros...

>>507611279I don't mind the design, but that guy is insufferable, imagine Roche, but everytime he talks, he says everything in this flowery poet like sentences and quoted LOVELESS everytime he gets. And I find his final fight in CC to be kinda in the way of the narrative, since Zack somehow stops in the middle of nowhere while he was dragging Cloud, leaves him on sitting on a chair, walks around in a dungeon and fought Genesis. It's weird as hell.

>>507611279i mean they did after dirge.they tried to run it back pretty hard, but there was just no getting over his didn't help that his part in the story was pretty ass as well.

>>507608186I don't mind that changing fate and destiny is being used as a metaphor, but I hate it when they literally fought against it and had to use timeline shenanigan to win against this new omniscient Sephiroth. Much like the time jannies. The concept is neat but the execution is nothing but trash. Although upon further inspection it does explain alot of it's nature and behaviour, doesn't change the fact how abrupt and forceful they are in changing the plot.

>>507611719I played CC so I know about Genesis user. I even remember when Sephiroth flicked him off

>>507587927I’d play 40 hours of Cloud, Zack and Sephiroth’s journey to Nibelheim

>>507587762Start at Kalm and end at Aerith’s death, obviously.

End it with Zacks return in gongaga

>>507596514The length of segments in the remake is based on how iconic those original segments were, So expect the Nibelheim flashback to be huge, the Junon boarding of the ship to be huge, Mt. Corel / Gold Saucer / Dyne segment to be huge, Cosmo Canyon to be huge, Gongaga to be huge etc. Don’t expect Fort Condor, Chocobo Farm, Mines etc to be anything more than the original, though.

>>507587927Man, the scary part is that this could well conceivably happen.

>>507612923If we played as Zack in latter parts. Would he be the first FF MC to have both of their parents being canonically alive?

>>507612487Sorry, I didn't read through the sequence of replies.

>>507612923Didnt somekne leak that there is a Zack DLC coming?

Reminder fighting fate and trying to change destiny was always a theme in OG FF7 too

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>>507604160"ahead of schedule"That's the stupidest fucking thing ever. if anything they were countless hours late because FF7R is padded out with so much filler.It's just lazy writing and the devs wanting to pad out the game with even more garbage that has no regard for the story. Areith is responsible for facilitating the killing of all those people because as we saw you can fight fate so the time ghosts aren't an excuse. they're completely incompetent and inconstant as "arbiters of fate". they just made aerith an unlikable cunt because they can't write. cloud's a stooge for letting her hold them up with the retarded ghost sub plot too.

>>507613213I’d buy it in 0.2 seconds

>>507613021It won't, but Kalm would probably be longer than flashback and then resupply. They'll probably have an elaborate escaping scene where Shinra is sending troops to scout there and solving the mystery from Before Crisis how Kalm is a Shinra spy town filled with Shinra's staff like in Nibelheim.

>>507613279>gameplay segment with two unique boss fights, unique monsters and assets is paddingHello

>>507612932I don't even think they'll have fort condor. I do think after junon they'll head to wutai instead of Cosmo canyon to push this wutai + avalanche cooperation thing. Fort condor is going to get blended with the wutai arc. And finally i think there going to swap golden saucer and Cosmo canyon around. Just for red grandfather to explain the ancients more.

>>507613456>Before CrisisWhat

>>507613645Psp game nobody played

>>507613526It's padding the story and doesn't fit at all. and yes the boss fights take like 10 minutes each. everything else in the sewers and the train graveyard, the hours of walking along corridors and pressing pointless switches is disgusting padding.

>>507613747Wasnt it mobile? And I meant the plot element of it being a shinra spy town...can you elaborate?

Could they pull off 20~ hours of expanded travel to Nibelheim flashback with you controlling (and leveling up) Sephiroth and Cloud/Zack, then another 20 or so hours with expanded journey between Kalm and Junon (with more new stuff sprinkled in between, of course, like side quests and small villages / dungeons) and have the entire “infiltration of Shinra Junon base / military parade / boat ride to new continent” segment, plus new Turks, new Rufus fights and Jenova as the final boss? Could an expanded first visit to Junon + boat ride final part be the equivalent of Shinra HQ infiltration in this game?

>>507613835Your criticisms give games SOUL. If you want straight point A to point B you play beat em ups

>>507613835Why are you complaining about gameplay-focused sections in videogames?

>>507614004Final boss?

>>507613747That's Crisis Core ya dumdum

>>507613279To play devil's advocate, this time around. There's not only just Barret, Wedge, Jessie, and Biggs on top of that pillar. There's countlesss armed neighborhood watch personnel and Shinra troops. It wouldn't be out of the realm of possibility that they would have to fight to get through. And because of that, the ghost had to hold them back so that Wedge and Jessie would reach a certain floor. Still dumb though. I fucking hate those ghost. Like you've said, it's lazy, and uncreative. The concept is unique but it feels like a lazy plot device that just interrupts the flow of the story.

>>507614123that's not gameplay. it's sony movie shit.

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>>507613618I think they’ll have Fort Condor but it won’t be a recurring minigame like in the OG, it’ll be a place you’ll visit once and have a setpiece, there will be an invasion while you’re stationed there, someone will say that you can send archers to two locations and you’ll get to choose one, then you’ll go up the Fort fighting enemy troops and maybe rescuing allied soldiers, then a big final boss at the top of the Fort etc. It won’t be a RTS-lite minigame like in the original, but it’ll be there

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>>507614337final boss of that part, ending in the boat ride to the new continent

>>507613975It is on mobile. Japan only. I don't know the exact details of the story, on of the stuff people have talked about the game, here. You'll have to read the wiki to get the details, sorry. There's also another new plot about Avalanche (the one that is not Barret's) is a group funded by Rufus to take down Shinra.

End when cloud awakens the weapons? Not sure if that leaves enough for part 3 to be a "full game" but we all know how it doesn't fucking matter and no matter how ff7 is going to be re-segmented for the remake they'll find some way to pad the shit out of it to make it "full game length".

god this thread is so full of shit

>>507614628getting old sucks.this picture is a good reminder to stay healthy

>>507587762It's gonna end in Aerith's death. Not a lot happens plotwise between exiting Midgar and the Temple of the Ancients.I really hope they don't just remove the overworld and teleport you from one place to another. I also hope you can actually choose your party members and not having your party tied to story events, but seeing as how they're animating and voice acting everything, i'm afraid they're gonna do something like that.

>>507616447i feel like it's going to be work like the first one.get to an area, if it's a town, spend time in it, otherwise, work your way toward the next area, see neat things, then move onto the next.

If they want to make trilogy then they should end after Aerith dead/survived.

>>507614628you can tell which one has autism. it's the one who dresses like his characters.

>>507616447This, not necessarily her death (cause that just might not happen) but at or around the Ancient City.>but seeing as how they're animating and voice acting everythingThey have a lot of automated stuff, could be streamlined for non-essential party banter.

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>still thinking aeris is going to diei'm sure somebody will be killed in her place though

>>507618606>VR dream teases Barret and Tifa>Barret doesn't die due to whispers>whispers are gonepretty obv

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>>507618784i honestly feel like barret could still eat it.he got so much play in the remake, and in the old version, his significance kind of peters out after dyne.

>>507618985>"you'll come back, won't you?"You could be right, but I really hope not.

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>>507613835in the OG it was just "some random area with ghosts in it", which was completely half-assed. Now THAT was padding, random encounter area with one of the most simplistic puzzles ever just to have a little more gameplay with the Cloud+Tifa+Aerith trio between sewers and Sector 7 pillar. It stops being padding either by removing it or by expanding it. Or what exactly did you consider that area in the OG?

>>507587762It would be gutsy if part2 to was just only the flashback in Kalm.

>>507614431There's combat/exploration between the switches, retard.

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>>507619205that and the scene where they switch worlds and barret has his moment made me really just seemed very final

>>507591301nah it was shit

It's painful how mediocre this game is.

>>507614431They really went overboard with the padding. The switches that take 10 fucking seconds to activate are the worst shit.

>>507596906>Thinking she's gonna dieI guarantee part 2 is gonna be a completely different story with all new towns.

>>507605467You just know.