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>has his own private military and battleship>took down one of the strongest warriors in the galaxy>interesting personality and background to be expanded on>still has yet to get his own game>delegated as one of kirby's bitches only to be used as a insert fightwhen will it be his turn to shine bros

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>>507587453At most I think another Metaknightmare mode.

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>>507588136I feel like that goes without saying we either get a shitty mode or a cameo shoehorned boss fight

HAL can't utilize their characters for shit that's why Meta Knight will never ever get an important role in any mainline Kirby game other than a cameo or gimmicky mode. If they did we'd have much more interesting shit by now instead of KSA which is just an expanded figurine collection rather than an actual game.

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>>507588790>KSA which is just an expanded figurine collection rather than an actual game.That's an exaggeration it's a fun game just way too easy and boring

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>>507587453I want them to make bandana dee interesting

>>507589376>just way too easy and boringYeah that's why it's shit

>>507589589I wouldn't mind this either seeing Bandee get some limelight outside of smashfaggotry would be nice.

everyone in general needs some development this is why they just need to make another damn anime already

Adeleine needs her own game, too.

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>>507591264after last thread I don't think so

>>507591679What the fuck are you talking about?

>>507591930talking about ado and K64 only leads to degenerate cunnyposting giving her an entire game would be a mistake

>>507590525Yeah but then we'd have Tiff and I don't want that.

>>507592191Based off of what? Has there actually been a case of that happening, or are you bracing for the worst scenario?Don't let falseflaggers paint your impression of something. She's a good character that's a parallel to Meta Knight in many ways.

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>>507592576Just remove Tiff and make Kirby the MC simple as

what was his problem and why was it so based?

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>>507594608he's a sword autist with a inferiority complex knowing that one of the strongest people on your planet is a lazy lil shit who does nothing while you have to bust your ass to even get somewhat close would piss anyone off

>>507594823true but everyone only tries once and gives in to Kirby's charm. I think Dedede is one of the only characters besides Dark Matter that actively dislikes Kirby.

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i just want them to return to the EX mode return did, the "speedrun until the end where there's some extra bosses woah" is nice, but i liked how return was just a harder main mode with some extras here and there (even if HR-D3 was the only curveball), it's better than just sticking everything at the end. though star allies go was pretty cool.

>>507589376Look at those very cute lads right there. I love them.>>507595428Why do so many people still try to push King Dedede as an actual, genuine villain? Majority of the time he's either being manipulated by someone else, or genuinely misunderstood (Kirby's Adventure/Nightmare in Dream Land and Squeak Squad come to mind for this one). The only time I can really recall him being an actual villain was in Kirby Super Star (Ultra), with Spring Breeze and Revenge of the King. I believe he was also like that in Kirby's Dream Land. Maybe Mass Attack as well, but admittedly I never got through that one.

>>507596842Pretty sure he was possessed in mass attack. I do sometimes wonder how ridiculous it could get if he was the final boss in every game just like bowser, imagine it when getting sucked into void termina’s buff owl fursuit, it turns out dedede was void termina all along, and instead of fighting void termina’s orb form inside, you just fight dedede.

>>507596842Maybe Mass Attack as well, but admittedly I never got through that one.he's possessed in that game as well (though then again that's like once a month for him).

Void termina’s a furry

>>507597735If they didn't shove Bowser as the main villain in every Mario game I'd imagine Dedede would be his Kirby counterpart. The two are strikingly similar.

>>507598538Now I’m just imagining what dedede koopalings would be like, they’d either be 7 mini dededes or 7 bandana dees

>>507598897>7 bandana deesI like this idea

>>507597735Why do kirby games have so much possession?

>>507599914it's HAL's fetish

>>507598341uh what?

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>>507600072He’s wearing a buff bird fursuit, he also made dedede buff. He definitely likes buff birds.

Despite the lack of ambition when it comes to the gameplay I really envy nu-hal's autism for the series. What other dev team goes "hey you know that butterfly that shows up every game for a few seconds? What if we....". Hell what other nintendo developer would even do something like bringing back Adeleine

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>>507600703Small continuity details like that are one of the things I like about Nu-Hal it's nice

>>507599303It could be interesting if done right

>>507594608Dude really needs to get laid.

>>507600703Adeleine's revival remains one of the most miraculous moments.I'm also pretty happy that, for how mediocre Star Allies released, HAL charged nothing for adding to it. That seems rare and was quite a good publicity move.

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>>507601386>Dear Pesky Puffballs,>The Bandanna-lings and I have taken over Halberd. The Knight is now a permanent guest at one of my seven Waddle Dee Cafes. I dare you to find him, if you can! If you need instructions on how to get through the cafes, check out the enclosed cook book.

>>507602013them charging it for free was really great, considering how many fan favorites were in the dream friend pool and the extra mode in wave 3, they could've easily charged at least 3 bucks for each wave. but they made it free so that everyone could enjoy it at it's fullest.

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I love Meta Knight!

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>>507601647Yes by me

I honestly just want that Meta Knight metroidvania we've talked about a few times before


>>507606227Speaking old thread hypothetical games, I like the halloween game

>>507608469I forgot what was that it sounds interesting

>>507608469that halloween game honestly sounded really good, spooky settings are always cool, and the ideas some anons made up were great.>>507609398it was basically a kirby super star styled game, with each subgame being based off a horror movie, i think someone had an idea of something like The Fly with Taranza and Sectonia, and another was one of Frankenstein i think? not too sure. and the final subgame was the scrapped super star one (the one where you're in a spooky mansion and kirby has his mouth taped shut).

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>>507609935I want one with The Fairy Queen and The Exorcist.

>>507609398The game would be a bunch of sub games like in superstar, but each sub game would all be themed after a horror movie, with the final sub game being the cut sub game from superstar, Kagero Mansion.

>>507600487I mean Kirby is too sort of, animal abilty exists.

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>>507610327I miss the animal ability, it was fun

>>507609935I remember that one now, the Sadako-Susie one was my favorite let me repost it>After losing Susie, Haltmann tried bringing her back through AI>what was special about this susie ai is that with the use of a screen, it could obtain a holographic form by using the screen as a sort of portal to the real world>the Susie AI didn’t act like Susie at all but still loved Haltmann as he was her real father>Haltmann knew that this wasn’t really her but rather than deleting her, he put her AI on an old tape, because he didn’t have the heart to delete her>she knew he wanted to wish for something, so she created a wishing well in her tape. Haltmann explained that only star dream could grant him his wish>eventually, Haltmann forgot about the tape.>being alone in the tape, she grew angry, her appearance become twisted, her hair becoming black and long, waiting in her well for the next person to put in the tape>While cleaning up some of the wreckage after the whole Robobot event Meta Knight stumbles upon the tape>Thinking he could get some insight or information about HWC he plays it>Sadosus is of course very friendly and polite and treats Meta Knight like a friend however doesn't let on about her true intentions or the fact that she can leave the TV screen>Eventually gets Meta Knight to continuously play the tape so she can talk to him because she's 'oh so lonely'>Meta Knight starts to see quick flashes of her in any electronic screen he walks pasts>He hears her voice briefly when he's sleeping or working>Meta Knight tries to tell someone or show them the tape but it never seems to play when someone else is around>Sailor Dee is worried when he finds him staring at a blank screen at 3AM in the morning talking and laughing with someone>Sadosus eventually reveals that she can leave the screen and that she'll never leave him>Meta Knight sees no problem with this what-so-ever>Kirby eventually finds out and everything hits the fan

>>507610383same user, same

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>>507609935I think there was one involving hellraiser and magolor

>>507610383I wish magic was an abilty again as well but a bit more fleshed out

Attached: 08f375f8b636c6231135f92f11f8b4cf516f4182.png (3000x3150, 3.53M) help me optimize this GM soundfont made from various other Kirby soundfonts I frankenstein'd together.

>>507610386I really like this one

>>507610659where you the guy who posted those fan songs a couple of threads ago?

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>>507610793Same I wish there was a continuation of it

>>507610813Nope, I just got bored.

>>507610513Yeah, it went like this.>Magolor finds an ancient artifact that has strange markings on it. He and Susie can't figure out how to open the puzzle box.>So they call in Taranza to open it>Taranza opens it and gets sucked into the box.>Both Magolor and Susie attempt to cover this up with a lie that Taranza killed himself to be with Sectonia.

>>507610931>Both Magolor and Susie attempt to cover this up with a lie that Taranza killed himself to be with Sectonia.those two are terrible enough people to do something like this. it sounds more funny rather than scary

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>>507610868I don't have the means to listen to that

Any art of this trashy slut

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>>507611176no fuck off

>>507611176begone thot.

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>>507606227A Meta-troidvania sounds great

>>507611176I actually mean to draw porn of the Kirbies but I still can't decide which three I want to do. They all have a charm to them.

>>507611102That gives me some ideas for campy horror. >Magolor and Susie trick the residents of Dreamland into doing the Candyman ritual.>Meta Knight summons Pumpkinhead to get revenge on them both for causing Kirby's death.

>>507610931i think the same user had a different idea with little shop of horrors involving the dreamstalk.kirby+horror is a really interesting concept and i wish HAL did something like this, kinda like what someone said, a treehouse of horror episode.

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What would be some more interesting Kirby+Horror/Dark combinations you guys have?Meta Knight + The Mask has been one I've been thinking of

>>507612348>kirby dressed up as nebula>nightmare in a casual settingcute

My perfect husband.

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>>507613130>My perfect husband.Meta Knight is a slut, A SLUT!

>>507613481More like I'm a slut for Meta Knight.

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>>507613650No. Meta Knight is a slut for gross old men nobody that virtuous and chaste doesn't have a secret side to them

>>507613828Weird projection.

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>>507612918i've got a couple>King Kong: citizens of dreamland keep getting captured by a giant bonkers, go stop him oh wait the anime already did that >The Birds: Dyna Blade needs to grab food for her chicks but is too old, so she sends out some other birds (birdons, twizzys, ect). but they cause mayhem (also they block out the sky or some shit). pretty much just dyna blade on a larger scale.not the best ideas but they've been floating around in my mind.

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>>507614543I remember a werewolf one involving kirby turning into a were kirby at night, basically it would be kirby unleashed, it could make for a neat gimmick

>>507613932Y'know what user, I can respect you for wanting a wholesome loving relationship ship with Meta Knight I apologize.

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>>507612918>Meta Knight+The MaskThat actually sounds pretty interesting not gonna lie, would he just have his chunni Knight mode cranked up to 11?

>>507612918I was thinking of some Exploitation and Grindhouse movies actually. Maybe Martyrs and the Jambastion mages. I have an idea for it.>After Hyness turns back to normal from the Dark Lord, he catches wind of a secret philosophical society that seeks to discover the secrets of the afterlife through martyrs.>Hyness starts becoming abusive again, even moreso than last time. >Locks the sisters underground, beats them regularly.>A few months later, Kirby visits them, only to find the women mentally scarred beyond repair.

>>507615082I feel like that wouldn't be a game plot more so just straight up gore porn

>>507615015>Somebody fight me!


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The blob seems like a perfect horror movie sub game, I mean, its a pink blob

>>507592576yeah me neitherThe anime could be just long episode (betewn 30 minutes to an hour long specials) of each game adventureN64 would be the best one

>>507615320What about Lucio Fulci's City of The Living Dead + Hyness instead?

>>507615616A pink blob that eats everything, sorry, forgot to finish


Make way for the cutest Meta Knight.

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>>507615343>Masked Meta Knight has his chivalrous knight and thirst for fighting tendencies cranked up to the comical max>Pulls stupid shit out of his cape like a giant parfait>His Galaxia stretches and doesn't abide by the laws of physics>Duels anyone and anything that gets in his way of taking over Dreamland without hesitation >Chivalrous to the point where he wouldn't let Susie walk on her two feet if he can help it>Talks like a suave bastard and pulls roses out of nowhereBasically he goes full manga Meta Knight?

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>>507616671Why are there two bandana dees

>>507615320maybe have it be implied that he beat them regularly trough the intro.also to add to that anons plot, maybe have hyness trap kirby underground as well, and the game revolves around trying to get out.

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>>507616875So a creepy, twisted version of the great cave offensive

>>507616671>Meta Knight in a pimp outfitno

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>>507591264they really fucked up by not making her the protagonist of the DS/Wii U touch games

>>507611176go back to Holla Forums trannie

>>507617147>he doesn't want to see chaotic Meta Knight in a borb sized pimp suit

>>507616671>>507616759Was this a rainbow curse manga

I wonder if star allies was the last we will see of the Dark Matter boys?

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>>507596842hey i never said he was a villain, he just doesn't like kirby. i like that aspect of him, kirby is cute and all but he should have someone out there that's a "bad guy" but not necessarily a bad guy and dislikes him

>>507617857i don't mind that rainbow curse introduced elline, it made sense in the story. canvas curse really should've had adeleine as the drawer though. not a fan of "and then the brush made it to (You)! That's right! the brush is the stylus! and the stylus is YOU!". I understand that it was the DS and they wanted a neat story reason for the stylus, but it just felt a bit cheap. maybe in-universe it was her, i don't know.

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>>507618940Probably not, they’ll be back in one way or another

So what's everyone doing up so late my fellow kirby anons

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>>507619082Funny how rainbow curse had a better reason for who draws the lines but a worse reason for why kirby just rolls around everywhere


>>507619528Watching a documentary.

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>>507619528i've just been relaxing, nighttime's always been really soothing to me, and having comfy kirby threads is nice.

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