What's the worst Touhou game?

What's the worst Touhou game?

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>>507586257the fan made ones


>>507588770UFO is peak 2hu


>>507586257the doujins


>>507586257the game you like

>>507586257Unpopular opinion: Mountain of Faith

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>>507588110This I guess. It's so different it's hard to say if it's better or worse but fuck if I don't think it's completely unfun.

>>507586257You're favorite game

Unfortunately anything after 12 is pretty forgettable.

>>507588770Suck my dick

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17 is dumb as hell with all its furries and weird animal realm


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>>507592885anon is correct. this is not a good thing.

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>>507593859EoSD is far from my favorite but you're clearly a contrarian

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>>507594153I'm not judging it on the characters or music, merely the gameplay, which in that respect, is the worst of them.

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>>507586257TD for the shmups, HM objectively

>>507586257that's a lame question now what's the best Touhou game??

>>507594516Seiga's spellcards were pretty nice to look at. As were Futo's. That's all I can really say on its behalf, though, shmup-wise.

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>>50759351917 is just a SMT game with Law and Chaos actually non-biasedAnd also /u/ shit

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>>507586257Four Seasons

>>507594892Phantasmagoria of Flower View.Also, "the worst" doesn't necessarily mean "bad." I don't think any of the games were outright bad for any reason. Would it make you feel better to answer the question rephrased as "least good?"

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>>507595007you are so secondary I am going to have a heart attack>>507595145It would be the best if it wasn't a pahntasmagoria

>>507594892IN, LoLK, and GFW

>>507594892EoSD and LoLK


>>507594436I don't disagree since I hate the feel of movement in EoSD, but characters and music is the reason why most people love Touhou.

>>507595486Yeah, but at that point you aren't really critiquing it on being a "game." And there's not a single touhou character I outright hate or anything, so there's that too, so it's not something to factor in, really.

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>>507594892I'm pretty mediocre at the games, I probably had the most fun with 7 and 8.


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>people keep spreading the fact that "Touhou games are mediocre shmups">been on a binge lately through various shmups>still end up going back to Touhou occasionally and enjoying themI don't get it, is there some kind of inside joke with pretending the games are bad? The only 2 I never really go back to are 3 and 9 for being actual inferior Twinkle Star Sprites clones. Before you accuse me of something stupid, my favorite Touhou character is the Crtl key.

>>507595785Character designs and music can absolutely be critiqued. Clearly gameplay is what's important to you, but really, Touhou isn't the best STG series to play if that's what's most important to you.

>>507594892SA without a doubt

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>>507596401It's just bait so you get into the genre beyond Touhou. Boomers over at /vr/ may be unironic though

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>>507596401Most shumps are just incredibly soulless and bland, even Cave games just lack the fun and interesting atmosphere Touhou games have.

>>507592885LoLK is not.

>>507594892IN, UFO and LoLK.

>>507594892IN / SA

>>507596486Don't get me wrong, I absolutely adore the characters and setting. Merely that I'm willing to admit it's not "the best" under OP's stipulations.It's the only series of games I really play often, anyway...

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>>507594892EoSD, IN, SA, UFO and LoLK are all contenders.>>507594963I think most people love Seiga and Yoshika: their stage 4 fight is a well done dual boss fight and Score Desire Eater is a cool spell for a stage 3 boss.

>>507596401Anons just conflate "harder" with "better" to make them feel like they didn't waste their time.Everything's all a waste of time, anyway, but there's no sense in grieving over that or being hypocritical about it. Just enjoy fun things.

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>>507596831Maybe Cave sets the trends somewhat, but I never see what makes them really stand out except difficulty wank

>>507598151For obvious reasons, non-Touhou games tend to have higher production value, since they are made by more people, or because they have to work harder to distinguish themselves on the market.I'd say Touhou games are good in most ways that matter, but I also think huge impressive bosses with attack animations and visually unique small enemies are nice. At least as long as the visuals don't get in the way of dodging bullets.>>507596831Cave should just cave in and make a Touhou fan game. I don't think ZUN would stop them at this point.

>>507598151What's Marisa so smug about?

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>>50759288512 is when I stopped playing the games. I didn't like the mechanic and then I tuned out.

>>507600219Being herself

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>>507598397They have really nice scoring systems and high production values.

Kogasa has big boobs and a big butt.

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dont lewd her

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i know people who play touhou and they mostly all have gay lispswhy is this

>>507601365Impossible, even wool drew her with big boobs.

>>507601365And remember: no green shrine maidens

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>>507586257all of them

My wife and her gf about to sodomize this dumb umbrella

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>>507601412You tell us: they are your friends/acquaintances.

>>507593859No. It could punch you in the dick everytime you pressed something and the music and characters would still have EoSD be top tier 2hu

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>>507601286>>507601365Tsukumogamis are the lewdest touhou, they are objects that are happy to be used by men

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>>507601412Sounds like you're friends with people who have gay lisps

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I'm so tempted to say LoLK because I can't stand the trial and error design, but the aesthetics are too damn good.I might have to settle with TD for being generally bland and having a crappy extend systemThe worst is probably one the non-windows ones I haven't played

>>507602461When will someone scan this artist's doujins?


>>507592885>15, 17>badnostalgiafag detected

>>507594436>>507595486I don't really understand you. Isn't the movement in EoSD the same as in all the other games?As for the spell cards, they are clearly not as elaborate in EoSD as in later games, but this is why EoSD is one of my favorites. If anything, it's impressive how EoSD's spell cards all manage to feel unique despite almost all of them being fairly intuitive "dodge RNG stuff" cards.

>>507588770NO U

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>>507599132There's certainly nothing wrong with such things in a shmup game. Higher quality and what-not is better.What I'm saying, though, is that most people who shit-talk 2hu while praising other shmups do so purely because of difficulty.

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>>507602461Well if tsukumogamis by Japanese folklore are old tools that got possessed when the user stopped using them (probably to make people and specially kids treat their stuff better and make it last a long time). By that logic these tsukumogamis want desperately to be used to by human so they become turbosluts

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>>507603454People who shit talk Touhou do so for made up reasons to justify their dislike for popular things.Or possibly because they are used to other styles of shmups and can't play/enjoy Touhou as easily.(Also, not all forms of criticism is shit talk. )

>>507595486Don't think EoSD is any special in movement. If anything, I find the radical difference in movement between characters of MS and PCB more annoying

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Suddenly, Tenko falling from the sky!

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Reminder - Aya is a credible and trustworthy source

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>>507602427Sure, but the gameplay itself isn't fun.

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How come every bad Touhou thread has a Seija / Nue OP? Or is this just me?

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>>507603050Touhou is a good, enjoyable series, Most of the games are fun. EoSD is the least fun. Not awful or anything, though.What part of that's confusing?

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>>507605525the Tewi ones are worse

>>507605525They're hyper defensive because their waifu is from a weaker entry

>>507605525But my threads are always great, you're just seething.>>507605754Case in point

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>>507605570Your feelings towards EoSD are confusing, and you are not doing a very good job of elaborating on them.Why do you find it the least fun? It's not that your opinion is wrong, it's just that the thread will be more interesting if you tell us more.

>>507605959The bullet patterns, mainly. Patchouli's spellcards looked nice, but they operated simply as a more complex form of Rumia and Cirno's (in that you had to do sweeping motions to complete them and what-not). The rest of the spellcards weren't that cool to look at or play against.Especially Sakuya's, which disappoints me the most. Her gimmick is that she can freeze bullets and make them insta-appear, right? But the way it was handled, it was no different than any other type of bullet rain. They might as well have not used a time-stop gimmick in the first place. PoFV incorporated the gimmick a bit better, though, and it's a shame that wasn't how EoSD used theirs.I like danmaku that both looks and feels good, effectively. I simply think EoSD didn't provide that quite as well as other entries had (except maybe Ten Desires).

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>>507605935They're bad, but that's why they're good.

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>>507606515I think most stage 5 gimmicks are pretty weak honestly. Sakuya and Youmu are just bullet spam, while Reisen and Seija are big surprise but fairly trivial after getting used to

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>>507607904Reisen is such a fucking disappointment.Bullet Shifting could be used for really creative and utterly sadistic patterns but instead all it amounts to is lazy back'n'forth movement

>>507606515Interesting point about Patchy. Which shot is this for? I don't think it's true in general.For Sakuya, I completely agree that her time-stop is just a gimmick. Funny that you mention that danmaku should "feel good". I completely agree, and this is actually part of why I like EoSD so much: with many other Touhou games, I feel that the spell cards are less intuitive, so you have to do some specific practice before it feels good to dodge them, but whenever I replay EoSD, everything just clicks without effort.

>>507607904I'd have to agree with you, there, honestly. Although, Futo's spellcards in Ten Desires were pretty fun and dynamic (even if she's probably the easiest Stage 5 boss). They had lots of cool patterns and such which was nice.Beyond that, I feel like there's generally more interesting spellcards in stage 4 and 6. Sometimes 3, Keine's spellcards were all-around fun.

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>>507586257All of them

>>507608167Patchy's lasers, where they sweep at you from the left and right. It honestly feels like Rumia, but stronger. There was also the flaming fire danmaku which she shoots at you.They were cool to look at, but were rather simplistic. My favorite spellcards in EoSD, but not within the series as a whole.

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did anyone try PoFV net play?is it any good?

>>507609627Is it still possible to net play that game?

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fuck the moon

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>>507610003with adonis2, yes

>>507586257DDC or HSiFS.>>507592153Also not a bad choice. A scoring system where you can cap out point item value in stage 3 and dying means an instant reset? Fucking boring.

>>507610705DDC is the best game thoHSiFS was more fun than WBaWC

>>507611437DDC has shitty, unfun boss gimmicks and HSiFS has worse problems with glowy bullets and visibility issues.

>>507611639>shitty, unfun boss gimmicksI could say the same about half the series..>HSiFS has worse problems with glowy bullets and visibility issues.Calibrate your monitor

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>>507586257The photo games and the fairy games.

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How we make her popular?

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>>507612356Turn her into a literal meme, like Rumia or Moko

>>507612474I think is too late for that, if she didn't get a "theme" in her first year then she will hardly get one.

>>507612142Yeah, actually. Why didn't I think of that?

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>>507611901My monitor is not going to fix all the garbage from the release items and bright ass bullets from half the bosses.If HSiFS modified the release system where you couldn't spam it so often and did away with all the glowy shit ZUN keeps putting into his games lately, it would have been a decent game.

>>507612356Like this.

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>>507612828>glowy shitLooks like danmaku games aren't for you

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>>507595785Pure gameplay I'd say MoF is worse. Difficulty curve is a step function at Kanako, the continue system make it an even worse problem, only one type of bomb, and I prefer grazing to chaining for scoring

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>>507613004I've already LNB'd all the games, and 6-8 do not have this problem. Hardly anyone gives a shit about scoring past IN for a reason.

>>507613191Post your replays

>>507613249Two of them are on YT. :^)What do you want to know?

>>507612356Take the big mommy type touhous and make them give her milk..

>>507613081That's true. However, the fact that you don't move egregiously slow-paced, the danmaku is somewhat pleasantly well-varied (in terms of looks, though) and you actually being able to see your hitbox, makes things more manageable imo.

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>>507613249sent ;)

>>507612356Gift her to the friendly hermit

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>>507613081>grazing to chaining for scoringThe chaining isn't all that interesting either. It's literally press X to deathbomb when there's a lot of items on the screen you can't get, press X to deathbomb during dense nonspells, time certain PoCs correctly, and collect items at max value at the PoC without autocollecting them.Overall, Kanako herself isn't that bad, but VoWG itself is a huge step above everything else.

>>507612356Impossible. Nothing about dead babies is funny.

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This series has taken its toll on me, bros...

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>>507615772Oh god what the fuck ZUN



>>507606890fuck beasts

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could I get the mega torrent pls? I'm on a different computer right now and I don't remember where to look for it, prease understand

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>>507618123nyaa.si/view/1175232you mean this thing?

Touhou 2 SoEW

>>507618123Only if you post Flan lewds

>>507618184Yes, thank you very much.You are a gentleman, and a scholar.

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This was just scanned, why this artist loves to blueball us with his insanely lewd yet "sfw" doujins?

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>>507619493Because it sold better, you reading them on sadpanda don't make the artist money

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