2000's childhood pack

>go away boomers

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>>507585672Boomer here. Spongebob and the DS were based.

What is this

>>507585672this is kids in the mid 2000s, not born in the mid 2000skids born in the mid 2000s are the fortnite jake paul kids

Lmao this is me. Feels so weird finally not being underage anymore.

>>507585672If you were born in the mid 2000's you didn't have a 2000's childhood, retard. Also, gtfo underaged.

>unwillingly going to the mall with your momhow the fuck is that mid-2000s specific?

>>507589141Don't give attention to the retard image"Born" in mid 00's implies that you're born say 2007 at latest. Kids don't start remembering till they're 4, no fucking way they'll remember what the Wii's release or Foster's Home airing on TV was likeIf you don't remember struggling with dial-up, you're too young to be here.

>>507585672zoomer here and every single thing on this image was shit.i wish i had psp/ps3 instead of ds/wii like all cool kids and spend more time outside rather than watching shitty brain damaging cartoons

>>5075887802000 here, this is our childhood fuck a mid-2000s. It's like people who were born in 1998 saying they're 90s kids

>>507585672Born in 1999 and a lot of these things are from my childhood.


>>507588780you're still basically underage

>>507585672Someone born in the mid-2000s was too young for literally everything there.

>bubble gum, bubble gum in a dishWhat the hell is this supposed to be? I feel like I've heard it somewhere. I recognize everything but that.

>>507592020Only in third world countries like the USA

>>507588780>Tfw im fat because my family says "you are growing child/teen/young man so you should eat enogh" which is a lot imo>Supossedly you don´t grow after your 21´sI will miss eating bigportions but i refuse to get fatter so i will eat way less after my next birthday

>>507585672I was born in 2000, and my brother was born in 2005. I'm going to make this more accurate.>Replace Foster's Home with Phineas and Ferb>Replace Webkinz with Club Penguin>Add in asking our dad if we can play the PS3 while he's at work>Replace Pokémon cards with some action figures. Marvel, Sonic, etc.The mall part is right, however. My brother never wants to leave the house.

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>>507586838>kids born in the mid 2000s are the fortnite jake paul kidsNo, that's late 2000's and 2010's. Mid 2000's are 13 - 16 now.

>>507592370choosing someone for tag

>>507585672throw 6th gen consoles and newgrounds in there

>>507592370I'm 32 and I remember kids saying it. In my mind people would use it in games to choose people, kinda like Duck Duck Goose, but that doesn't really make sense. I do know the other part is "how many pieces do you wish" and then someone would pick a number.

>>507594115jake paul became famous in 2016 someone born in 2006 would have been 10


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anyone born post 9/11 is permanently underaged

Where my flipnotefags at?

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>>507594182>>507594382I always used eenie meenie minie mo, the fuck kind of 3rd world dystopia did you guys grow up in?

>newgrounds and albinoblacksheep flash animation and games>animutations>demotivational posters>ytmnd fads>sprite/rhg stick fights>niche mmos and browser games>geass summer and Lucky Star vs Gurren Lagann>Japan time and 2006 E3>4chan City Craptastrophe>linkin park/emo AMVs and YTPs>NicoNicoDouga MADs, remixes and songs>SA articles>IRC and small forumsyoutu.be/Lsj0mY13t9shttps://youtu.be/0BYE9TjOmzw

>>507594909That's the classic, but some kids wanted to be contrarian.

>>507594909I just grew up in a PA suburb. We had eenie meenie minie, mo, we had bubblegum bubblegum, and we had skunk in the barnyard.

>>507585672More like mid 90's.

I guess it's not impossible for someone that was born in 2004/2005 to grow up with these things but this feels more like a "kids in the mid 2000s" thing not a "kids born in the mid 2000s" thing t. born 2000

1993oomer and I got a wii when I was 13. I don't understand the point of this thread

>>507589141No one goes to malls anymore

>>507595065Blue Shoe? More like Bull Shit.

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>>507595416I would rather eat a gorilla's anus then play this foot-count game, and I am NOT kidding

Do you guys realize kids born in the early 2000's are the last generation to experience the web 2.0?

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Which one are you?

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>>507585672There will never be a handheld as based as the DS was. You had two libraries (though it did suck that you couldn't play GB/GBC games) and said libraries were some of the best of all time. NES compilations and SNES ports, the GBA library with it's mastery of 2d games, and the DS library with the same 2d mastery and amazing 3d games. Nothing is anywhere near as based as a DS.

>>507585672Imagine being born after Sept. 11, 2001.

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>>507597214Imagine not having a birth year that starts with 1. How do people born in the 2000s cope?

remember kids, you're here forever.been on this hellhole of a site for 15 years

>>507597504being born in 19xy has such an aesthetic to it

I must be losing it, because I swear there have just been 3 threads whining about 2000s kids being 20 years old now and having nostalgia for their childhood in the past hour or so. But nobody would be that autistic, right?

Imagine not having trips in your birth year

>>507596093>implying I'm a filthy millennioidGen Z starts at 97

>>507585672>pokemon cards>buble gum bubble gum>going to the mallZoomers have zero culture.

>>507585672No wonder zoomers are retarded, that all looks terrible

>Mass effect >gta vice city and san Andrea's>metroid prime>dead space>gta 4>dragon age origins >bully>dmc 3>okami>re4>sly cooper>jak and daxter we had the best games

>>507598019Fell for the bait

>>507585672>kid born in late 90s starter packfixed it for you bro

>>507594505Man, thinking back YouTube was really wild back in the day. Anyone could post anything they wanted, no matter the quality, and people would see it. For example, let's take Sonic the Hedgehog content. You had:>Sonic X AMVs>Sonic Shorts and other shitty animations like that Numa Numa one>Poorly done sprite animations that took audio from stand-up comedy and other sources>Tails Doll videos>Fetish garbage like those vore videos (you know the ones) and fatfaggotry that had 2000's metal music in the backgroundShit like this would be the first things you'd see when you typed in "Sonic". And that doesn't even scratch the surface of what the site had to offer. I wonder what YT would be like if it never adopted the algorithm thing and random stuff like that filled the reccomended list today.

>>507585672it's nice being born in 2000when I eventually develop dementia all I'll have to do is look at what year it is to remember by age

>>507598901>Early birthday in 2000Feels good

>>507598901man I swore I typed my instead of by

>>507599039>>507598901 > the phineas and ferb ps3 generation Go away do you even know what good games are

>>50758567290s boomer here>unwillingly going to the mall with your familyI still do that>DSwas alright>Spongebobearly seasons are cool, later seasons are trash>Pokemon cardsthis shit was more valuable than money in my school yard, YuGiOh cards were also popular when it started too>NogginDidn't get that in my country>WiiPlaystation2/GameCube/Xbox were the gamer debate during my school days>Webkinzdunno what that was>Bubble gum songNaruto's Crawling in my skin amv is the voice of my generation>Making fun of JBBald Brittney was our punching bag>Foster's home for imaginary friendswas more of a Recess and Fairly OddParents kid

>>507585672DS and Wii was peak nintendo

>>507585672My dad got me a ds but then mom made us return it like 3 days later, never got a console till I was in middle school


>>507585672Kind of off. This is more of a kids born in late 90s/early 2000s. Kids born in the mid 2000s would be nostalgic for things that came out in the late 2000s/early 2010s.

any 90s kids remember when internet forums were actually relevant before reddit destroyed the internet unironically?


>>507585672>the wii>jb>ds>spodgeboball happened for people born BEFORE 2000

>>507599969Skyrim and black ops arent good games

>>507594550god i miss flipnote so much. this video right here actually got me into Owl Cityyoutube.com/watch?v=WxVcbpUbR30

>>507597636I've tried to leave.I always come back cuz you assholes are hilarious.

>>507585672'99 kid here, you're not special

>>507600150I didn't touch that shitmy dad gave me an old hand me down pc so I played wildtangent games along with runescape as my friend's older brother got me into it

>>507585672This isn't mid-2000's, this is late 90's and early 2000's (98-01).


We've gotten to the point where there are fucking internet memes סlder than a lot of the people that post here. We've only got a year and some change until people who are younger than the site itself will no longer be underage.

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>>507601025Also, while Foster's was a pretty good show, Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy is better imo.

>>507601392That show was underrated as fuck.

>>507601350i feel like such a boomer whenever i stumble across all your base. reminds me of a better time.

2001 baby here>WiiLoved it but aged poorly>nogginno clue>The mallKino atmosphere but glad it's gone>Justin BieberYep, everyone hated the fucker>Pokemon gay>foster's>spongebobBased>WebkinzDon't even want to imagine how much money I got my parents to spend on them>DSascended kino>Bubble gum...Cringe

4chan's 18+ rule should really be like 25+ at this point

>>507601931your mom should be 25+ at this point

>>507601931seethe boomer


>>507601931I don't think it really matters how old people are. What's more important is when/where they started using the internet. I'll take some faggot born in 1999 who was on gamefaqs and ebaum's when he was 8 over some motherfucker born in 1989 who didn't start using the internet regularly until he made a twitter account in 2013 any day.

>>507601171whatever you say kid

>>507594529Anyone born pre 1997 will always be a child in my eyes

>ITT: 18 year olds gatekeeping 17 year olds

>>507601931Okay, old timer.

>>507602795I think you mean>17 year olds who have been told they "act very mature for their age" gatekeeping other 17 year olds

>>507585672You'd have to be born in the late 90s or early 2000s to have enjoyed any of these things at their peak.

>>507585672Making fun of Justin Bieber was a mid 2000 kid thing? I thought they liked him.

>>507603943girls liked him.huge difference. what has changed? nothing cause k|j pop is 100x more cancerous not even going to bring up virtual idols

How is Spongebob for people born in the mid 2000s? Someone born in 2004 would've been 1 when the show turned to shit.

>>507595043fuck you I have to listen to kumikyoku now

>>507595921No they're not. By the time someone born in 2002 was 3, Web 1.0 was dead and going into Web 2.0 with Youtube and broadband.

>>507599513The leap to 3D was way more exciting. DS was cool but the Wii felt so third world for a home console in 2006

>>507599912>Used to go to like 15 websites to get information/discussion/watch shit>Now I get all my info an discussion from 4chan, watch videos only on Youtube and check FB like twice a day to see if my family and friends are still alive

>>507601931This, pushing close to 30 is depressing and I hate feeling older, go I want my youth back

I remember back in 2015 when this board hated on and gatekept against anyone born after 97. Feels surreal that those born after 97 are now the majority of this board and are now beloved.

any wildtangent chads here?

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>>507585672That's kids born 95-02 not mid 00's dumbass.

>>507603943Wasn't Biebermania/bullying like 2011/12. He feels later than Rebecca Black>Bieber is 26What the fuck! He's only 2 years younger than me! I thought he was like 21 at most

>>507605418Reporting inHas anyone else also used Gamehouse?

>>507605404They’re the most vocal if nothing else. 2016 flooded this site with tons of underage newfags.

>>507605404>TFW I used to get called underaged when I used to say that I was 19 back in 2011


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>>507605706>2016 flooded this site with tons of underage newfagsYa, the election tourists from /r/thedonald turned this site into a mutt's law wojack shit hole

>>507597865What other threads

>>507599912>>507605161I miss when the internet was more than just a few websites, now everyone's gathered together in the same few which leads to the shitty conflicts we know today.

>>507605749wildtangent was peak soulit was great rediscovering all the games I couldn't remember the names of

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If you dont own a house then youre underage. Vidya is for adults only.

Andkon arcade and crazy monkey

>>507606841>If you dont own a house then youre underage.Have you seen the price for these things lately?

>>507598868Only people who lived through it understand just how weird the internet was in those days. Nowadays we have shitposts made ironically but back then, it was all unironic stuff being posted.

>>507595370This. Normies don't go out anymore. Malls and nightclubs across the country are shutting down

>>507589485I hate to tell you this user, but early 20 somethings now don't remember dial up and many probably had the DS lite as their first handheld if they were born in 2000.

>>507606841Who the fuck owns a house passed 2008

>>507607186Get a better job, user. Wait for the mass Boomer die-off if you must.

>>507594040Born in 2000 as well. I always thought Phineas and Ferb was more of a 2010-onwards type thing but the first episode was actually in 2007. Everything else you said is correct, though. GameCube, PS2, Wii, had a big binder of pokemon cards and naruto cards, and a big ol' box of various action figures and toys ranging from Ben 10 to Power Rangers to Mega Man to Marvel, etc. Also why does Holla Forums think you need to be at least 10 years old to become conscious and capable of remembering things? I can very clearly remember everything from 2005 to 2010, including everything posted in this thread thus far.

Can't imagine feeling attachment to the media that was spoonfed to an entire generation rather than the interests you sought out yourself.

I'm not gonna lie, I'm getting REALLY back into Yu-Gi-Oh again, thanks to Legacy of the Duelist, it's pretty crazy how much I want to buy some packs and maybe a structure deck or two, and how much Yugioh YouTube I've seen recently

>>507608269I tried getting back into pokemon cards but packs are so fucking expensive I can’t justify buying them with how cheap I am

>>507605418Jesus fuck I thought I was the only one who remembered this shit.Did you guys have the program on your computer that ran these games and you needed coins to actually play the games, and whenever you pressed play it did the lil animation of the coin going into the slot machine before launching the game, or was that something different? I remember this being one of the games that I played on it.

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>>507605713>28 years oldJesus christ time flies fast

>Vacation to Florida in 2006>Go to a beach called Emerald Coast>Can't stop thinking about Sonic Adventure, and how the real life location comparesThe white sands and azure waters really did make it a beautiful place.

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>>507610002>go to mall with mom as a kid>we walk up to a fountain>mom gives me a quarter and tells me to make a wish>I wish that the pokemon world was real so I could go on adventures and catch pokemon so I could have friends>mom laughs at me

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>>507585672Are you fucking retarded? This is post-1995 early zoomer stuff

>>507598019It's post 1995

>>507607651>Who the fuck owns a house passed 2008t lives in shithole state like California

>>507610583>Dressed up as Mario for Halloween one year, attend a church party. >Toddler also dressed as Mario thought I was the real Mario in the flesh.>Got to play along, act in character, and lit up the child's night. >Go to university years later, Halloween 2019. >See kids from the daycare center, one of which is a toddler dressed as Mario.

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>>507597636The only reason I come back is to laugh at the absurdity on this site. Otherwise, my life doesn't revolve around this site.


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>>507608269>>507608269Bro don't

Didn't any of you guys actually use Webkinz? It was fucking huge when I was in school

>>507585672Basically me. Boomers BTFO

>>507599912Sometimes I wonder if web activity being centralized was "by design."As in, google and their alphabet handlers rigged search results to push reddit and certain other sites to the top and sideline the rest of the internet.It's easier to control the internet if all major traffic is lead through a select few sites, no?I don't think it's an unrealistic suspicion. It's a well-known fact that google tailors search results and pushes what it wants seen rather than what users are looking for.

Gen Z fucking needs a distinction, there was a major cultural shift in the 2000s. Zoomers should be split between 1995-2005/2005-2015. The early zoomers just grew up in a completely different society

>>507615281but while our societies were different, we all still lived in one

>>507585672I'm just old enough to tell you this; 2000s cartoons and entertainment were shit tier compared to mid to late 90's. The best channels were all starting to die around 2004. You're welcome. My glorious age group had DBZ, Escaflowne, Digimon, Monster Rancher right after school. Being a Canadian from mid-late 9p's and early 2000s were the best. Our shit was less censored as well.

>>507615803>Our shit was less censored as well. Boy this is not true

>>507605404Why do you think this weebsite is so shit now? Exactly because zoomer subhuman trash are the majority.

>>507605404What exactly makes someone born in 98 different from someone born in 97?

>>507585672I wonder how many generations Pokemon & Spongebob are going to be relevant with. Also is it post-movie sponebob in widescreen that these kids are talking about or is it the pre-movie ones in 4:3 ratio that I grew up with?

I remember when Noggin got The N and it had Daria reruns

I think distinct generations are mostly a bunk idea. Humans don't give birth every decade or two, they do it 24/7. There are rarely hard cutoffs.

Mid 2000? This is like kids born in the mid to late 90s / early 2000 starter pack

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>>507616743This board was shit before they came here

>>507616987They are both irrelevant already

>>507585672>webkinzfuck, I don't even wanna know how much money I spent on that shit.

>tfw old enough to be your parents

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>>507605749Fuck this game was good

>>507585672>born in mid 2000s>Foster's Friends and Pokemon cardsThats being a kid in the mid 00s

>>507614435Of course it was. The foundation of the internet and whether or not startups llike Microsoft and Google were supported by three letter agencies is a massive rabbit hole.

>>5075977091999 I get the benefit of being as old as the year for the first half and being pre 2000

>>507590759>It's like people who were born in 1998 saying they're 90s kidspeople don't really do that right? I was born in 95 and even i don't consider myself a 90s kid

>>507585672It's time. youtu.be/1_HOvvt_XFwGamecube was the peak of gaming, you monster sipping fucks.

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