Stop wanting western characters in Smash

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literally who


>>507584913Callate maricon

>>507584654Banjo had more of an impact on asking for western characters than that faggot

>>507584654banjo caught more press for smash than any other character reveal in the fighter pass

>>507584654After that last character pack, I stopped asking for anything.

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>>507585168>>507585820Yeah by a bunch of pathetic furfaggot manbabies that couldn't move on from their miserable childhoods of a mediocre series that only had one good game and is now reduced back to being a Tranny Kong OC.

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>>507586842I don't see the issue here, all the characters here are Japan owned.

>>507584654nobody:absolutely nobody:some random literally who on some literally who website: CHING CHONG SE HE YONG HOHO

>>507584654>Rosterfag thread>Not just any Rosterfag thread, but a ResetEra Rosterfag screenshot thread

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>>507586842What a colorful cast of characters Smash used to be.

tldranyway while smash sells like hotcakes, they have to understand that not everyone is going to buy their dlc if there aren't characters they like. Simple as that.

Minecraft is popular in japan, western franchises that are not popular in japan will not get in and rayman’s smash 4 trophy proves this, banjo kazooie was only added so gajins would stop flooding him on twitter


>>507586842Pissed me right the FUCK off!!


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>>507586842This is why I refuse to buy any dlc for this game.

>>507585820That was Sans and Joker

>>507586842I mean, I get that it's bait but including the alts of Robin, Corrin and Byleth is just stupid user.There's maybe only one or two "Western" characters I would even want in Smash and I've already conceded that Crash isn't happening because working with Activision is just something where everybody loses.I'm very happy with an ARMS rep just for music alone, quietly hopeful for Travis and considering I got K.Rool, Simon and Banjo already? Anything from here on out is just gravy.

>>507586842I i feel like Ike, Robin, and MAYBE corrin have enough "design" to them to stand out from being a generic medieval human, they still look anime though

>>507587194Go back Tranny Kong Vine faggot

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>>507586805the face of the FGC is a literal furfaggot, maybe you need to learn your place boy

>>507584654he uses too many words to say that nintendo/sakurai prefer jap-centric shitregardless they're already adding in western shit in the form of banjo, spirits and mii costumes. enjoy steven minecraft.

>>507584654>Diddy's been in since Brawl>DK as we know him is basically Western anyways

>>507584654This post was made long after Ridley, Daisy, Dark Samus and K. Rool, some of the most-requested western characters, were announced. He is a retard.

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Yo check out this leak.

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>>507586842well the game is japanese so a majority of the cast being generic JRPG swordsmans is acceptable because japan has literally never made a single game that isn't a anime role playing game

>>507584654based. Fuck western gaming, this burning dumpster of an industry doesn't deserve the dignity of being acknowledged by the east

>>507587661What a shit roster. 2 Marios? Who the hell are those guys on the bottom right? What's a "Marth?"

>>507587661>mariofags still at it>mariofags thinking they'll be TWO mariosgive it up mario will never be in smasht.luigichad

>>507587595>>507587623Those are Nintendo characters, moronsThe point of OP is that Smash is a game that celebrates Nintendo history and popular adjacent Japanese third party franchises. Yes we got Banjo, but he's in a position no other western rep is in that he was a massive fan request due to his former history as a Nintendo mascot, it's really not the same as putting in shit like Doom Slayer or Master Chief which have nothing to do with the Japanese gaming industry whatsoever

>>507586842Why do they all wear blue and black?

White people be like>STOP ASKING FOR BINTENDO CHERAIRER>but let me tell you why we need ash from evil dead

>>507587993They're all fags

>>507587974When has Sakurai ever shouted NIHON BANZAI GAIJIN GO HOME and declared Smash an agent of the Yellow Peril?

>>507587623>sakurai: these characters were added because of western requests, we even approached a western competitor to get the rights to a western character as a result>OP: west doesn't matter because nintendo is japaneselol

>>507587974>RidleyProbably the single most consistently requested character among western fans for like 15 years, plus his design takes huge cues or directly imitates his Retro design (which is a western company)>K. RoolObviously a 100% western character, debuted alongside the reimagining of Donkey Kong (also done by a western company)>Dark Samus.Designed by Retro, 100% western character>DaisyMade specifically to appeal to western audiences, alongside the rebranding of Doki Doki Panic as a second Mario title.

>>507587623>Ridley, Daisy, Dark Samus and K. Rool>westnigger are you fucking dumb

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>>507587560Nice projection.Next time why don't you wait til the furfag wins a REAL fighting game that isn't MK nor DBFZ.

>>507588114We do need Ash from Evil Dead, just not in Smash>Weird inclusion in DBD doesn't feel like him>Bruce Campbell is in the worst CoD zombies game>Nowhere to be seen in Mortal Kombat

>>507588337See >>507588328 and then post your suicide on Liveleak.

>>507588337Dark Samus was made by Retro Studios.

>>507586842Try again without echoes and alternate costumes

Nintendo already has western indies and Ubisoft shit in the game, alongside Banjo. They also intentionally do not add Japanese exclusive characters most of the time because Sakurai wants characters with worldwide appeal, the FE lords were supposed to be removed from the western version of Melee at one point.Smash doesn't have western characters because Sakurai doesn't speak English. The language barrier is an issue he highlighted in the Banjo stream. He's afraid working with them will be a pain in the ass and he's not familiar with what's popular in the western fandom unless it showed up in the SSB4 character poll.There isn't some specific rule about this, the answer comes down to business

>>507588338>wait until he wins a game>not those ones though they don't countaccept your loss and move on, this is yiff country now

>>507588328>Designed by Retro, 100% western character>the peak of wh*toid creativity is to paintbucket a Japanese character blackLOL

>>507588328They were published by Nintendo. They're Nintendo games, even if they were made by western developers. Smash Bros. is about Nintendo and JP games. So ergo Ridley, K. Rool, Dark Samus, Daisy and even Banjo make sense to include. Something like Doom does not. Understand now?

>>507586842When will Nintendo realize that nobody gives two fucking shits for the cast of FE except weebs? I'm not even shitposting. I'm dead serious here. They really can't accept that the fans don't care for this series?Were they blind to the hate that Lucina got?Were they blind to the hate that Corrin got?Were they blind to the hate that Robin got?Were they blind to the hate that Byleth got?These characters are not interesting and no amount of pushing will save the poor sales. They are so bland that fans have to create personalities for them in fan art. The fucking DQ protagonists in Smash don't even have names and they have more charm and personality to them. If anything, Byleth just made Smash fans even fucking less interested in FE3H.

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>>507588538This. I don't understand why Scorpionfags exist since the inverse of the JP exclusive rule applies there as well.

>>507588626Banjo isnt a Nintendo game and Nintendo commissioned western developers to make all of that shit. Trying to claim Smash is a JP exclusive series is retarded. It's not even Nintendo exclusive with stuff like Persona in it.

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>>507588328>>Daisy>Made specifically to appeal to western audiences, alongside the rebranding of Doki Doki Panic as a second Mario title.What? She's not in SMB2

>>507588328>giving an eastern character a palette swap makes them westernthis amount of mental gymnastics is uncanny. Please never reproduce

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>>507587974they're adding cross promotional content from western devs/publishers to their japanese gaming industry celebrationthe actual truth is that they have an innate preference for japanese oriented content, not that there's a hard rule against westernshit. they know the west is the more profitable market so it isn't beyond the realms of possibility for a western-favored third party to be added, just unlikely.

>>507588902I think he meant "subsequent Mario title"

>>507588626Good thing Doom 64 exists and Eternal got a switch port you fucking moron

>>507588768Lucina and Robin didn't get any hate. Back then there were only 2 FE characters in the game and Awakening had been a massive success so people were open for more FE characters. The Fire Emblem fatigue started with Roy coming back and got in full swing with Corrin

>>507588768do weebs even like the fucking series? it sold like shit until just recently and even then it barely pulls the same numbers other series do in the same situations

>>507584654When will Japanese people controlling IPs with huge western appeal (Nintendo, Dragonball, etc.) realise that there is a LOT more people in the rest of the world than there is in Japan?Like look at Dragonball for example. There is probably more dragonball fans in America ALONE compared to Japan. Combine america with all of the english speaking western world, and yet they still prioritise their Japanese audience. Why?Why are japs literally scared of progress and money and actively refuse gaijin help and gaijin focused business?Imagine if Rockstar North prioritised England/Scotland as their primary audience for GTA and fucked off support for America and the rest of the world, just because thats where they're based? You'd say they're retarded

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>>507588860>Banjo isnt a Nintendo gameHe WAS, and that's why fans wanted him in the game, and why they added him.

>>507589005>"T-That doesn't count!!!!"

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>>507584654japan superior anyway

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>like the idea of Doomguy in Smash>not even a muh FPS rep thing, since we already have Orange Master Chief and Banjo-Kazooie for that>don't want him in because it would make Bethesda wealthier

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I got K. Rool, Ridley, and Banjo. I literally don’t give a fuck who else they add at this point.

>western characters dont belong in sma-

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>>507589005Bro a fucking white guy created Dark Samus. She's a western character.

>>507589189it actually doesn't you drooling simpleton


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>>507584654Western or no, I just wish the characters they picked for Smash were more creative.

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>>507584654I agree

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>>507589424people forget rare redesigned DK so hard that he's essentially a different character. he's absolute a western character in everything but current ownership

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>>507588768No one over 12 cares that much to seethe over video game characters. Also, you wouldn't give a shit about 97% of everyone in Smash if personality mean't anything to you.Only people in Smash with a semblance of personality that's not fan head-cannon is Pit, Palutena, Snake, Terry, Ken, Shulk and Bayonetta.



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>>507589503No wonder I never really liked Dark Samus

>>507589424First-party titles owned by Nintendo hardly count.

>>507589550>any of those western characters being "iconic"if a normie doesn't know who the character is, they aren't iconic

>>507589552why did you post the same shitty art in both threads agreeing with the same image

>>507589550>He thinks James is anything like LinkkekDid Link murder Zelda and send himself to the dark world to atone for it only to find his very own wife clone there to torture him further?

>>507589615Miyamoto's art looks shit. Rare's initial sketch oozes soul. Fuck Im still salty rare turned into such a shit fest. I actually feel bad for Microsoft buying them out just as all the talent had been bullied out of the company

>>507589721But Ness (from Earthbound, a game that flopped massively) and Fire Emblem characters from 30 year old games are iconic?

>>507589240If id was still independent I'd probably be a Doomguy fag too


>>507589615SOUL to SOULESS

>>507589903The Miyamoto sketch is fine, he just doesn't look aggressive enough to be an antagonist. DK's current design is nothing shy of brilliant because he can look silly, friendly or threatening by simply changing his expression.


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>>507589903Rare's sketch looks edgy like a Tetsuya Nomura design

>>507589550>every Western game is dead>the only Jap games dead are the ones killed by Konami's retardation

>>507589854Are you retarded? The image isn't comparing James to Link, it's comparing James to Alice, since both of their games are about a nightmarish world that is a reflection of their inner trauma.

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>>507589940>This is what clowns that thought the Pee-U era was good act on a daily basis

>>507588768Because regardless of the hate they get online that shit works. Every FE game has continued to snowball in popularity and the recognition from Smash is absolutely playing into it, otherwise they wouldn't bother.The bigger issue with FE is that either Nintendo needs to stop asking for the main lord/avatar and allow the Smash team to use someone more interesting and diverse, or IS needs to end their reliance on archetypes to diversify the series' portfolio of main characters. If the Smash roster has Camus, Black Knight and Tiki instead of Roy, Lucina and Corrin it wouldn't receive as much hate as it does.

>>507589940get your own safe space, western gamer

>>507590020>He says, posting a western design of Samus

>>507590061It's saying all the Japanese protags are essentially the same by their samey descriptions

>FP2 is gonna be focused on Nintendo characters>Was planned for Melee>From a genre not yet represented in Smash>Her game is getting a remake this yearShe's in

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>>507590267Isnt she an assist trophy?

>>507589940>Characters will most likely be Japanese because it's from a Japanese company>NOOOOO ADD MY FUCKING GLORIOUS WESTERN CHARACTER ITS BETTER THAN ANY CHINK GOOK SHIT!!!See I can be retarded like you too. Shut your mouth you pathetic fucking faggot.

>>507590267Would be hilarious just for the salt from everyone.>>507590337That's the chick from Fatal Frame

>>507590267>sakurai thought about adding them for about five seconds then went on with his lifefucking james bond is in boyo's we're fucking going home

>>507590265It's comparing the visual designs of the character, which is obviously not a point in the Japanese games' favor.

>>507590020You sound mad

>>507590141>snowballThree Houses has yet to even break 3 million copies(you could multiply that by 5 and still wouldnt be in the top 5 best selling switch games), and Fates barely outsold Awakening despite having multiple versions. The franchise hit its peak and no matter how many poochies they put in smash itll never change.

>>507590408Polygonal N64 Pierce Brosnan is a kino pick

>>507590267There's no way those games are coming over to the west so Ayumi is still in exclusivity hell.I'd be down for it because Part II is actually a great game and probably the most underrated game from Nintendo's 16bit era but let's be real.

>>507590141>CamusI don't know how they would get a character that only fights on horseback to work but you're absolutely right. One of the many problems with Fire Emblem and Smash is that out of all the diverse characters the series has the go with the sword lord every god damn time.

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>>507590428>I'm a westecuck who only looks at surface appearances of the Japanese characters because he hasn't played Japanese games because they're "weird" and "gay"Okay

>>507590267she's a spirit

>>507590428Isn't that image a joke based on the samey male western protags? I'm almost certain I've seen the same image with Desmond, Nathan Drake, etc. on it.

>>507590489>final smash only works on female fighters

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>>507590389Try playing a non anime styled game sometime

>ITT westcucks try to cop japanese vidya because western videogames are so shit

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>>507589798So what, sue me.

>>507590742i don't think i've ever seen an intelligent post alongside a reimu image

>>507590029holy shit it fucking does

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>>507590720Oh like smash?

>>507590589>I'm a westecuck who only looks at surface appearances of the Japanese characters because he hasn't played Japanese games because they're "weird" and "gay"Are you blind? The Japanese characters in that image are the definition of generic looking.

>>507590141>>507590586Seeing FE fand complain about their characters would be like if Pokemon fans said they didnt want Pikachu or Pichu and how great pachirisu or the other electric rats would be instead.

>>507588768When will you realize that FE is selling like hotcakes and made enough profit from Awakening to warrant completely reviving the series which too was an extremely profitable move? >Are they blind to the hateNo. But they know you'll chuck a little bitchfit for a day or two and then buy the pass.

>>507590751i just want to know the purpose

>>507590860And you still haven't.

>>507584654It's cute that you think sakuri or nintendo have any sort of anti western bias

>>507590929>generic looking.>only looks at surface appearancesThanks for confirmation!

>>507590905oh man I haven't seen this one in ages

>>507586842>TopWestern Character Designs>BottomJapanese Character “Designs”

>>507590943It's more like if they put in the regional Pikachu clone in literally every game instead. People would rightfully get pissed.Frankly all the Pokemon need to stop too, it and FE get so much extra attention because of their rotating casts it's exhausting. But at least the Pokemon opt for different types and varied character designs so Incineroar still stands out regardless of how much of a shit I give about him.

>>507591105If anything, the image is biased in favor of the Japanese games, since it leaves out the abilities/move sets of the western protagonists, which are far more imaginative than their Japanese counterparts (such as Cate Archer's various gadgets disguised as make-up and female cosmetics items, which is much more interesting than Snake's boring military gear).

>>507591220>TopEastern Character Designs>BottomEastern Character Designs. Fixed it for you.

>>507591359DK's current design is western but yes

>>507586842Awakening was a mistake, seriously of all the Nintendo franchises to not die it's fucking FIRE EMBLEM.

>>507591293i fucking despite inceneroar and his nasty hotdog hands but only shit he's such a staunch difference from any of the existing pokemon and very well any of the other characters. he brings such a different look as well as a wrestler/luchador aesthetic which is completely unheard of throughout smash, i'm not even sure if the nes wrestling game has any spirits.byleth has marth's fucking head.even with the fact that pokemon at least has the sales to justify more characters its fucking bonkers how just about every pokemon save for pichu brings something radically different to the game while every FE character is an androgynous swordboy that sometimes has magic

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>>507591293>It's more like if they put in the regional Pikachu clone in literally every game instead. People would rightfully get pissedAnd notice how pokemon fans dont suggest more electric rats

>>507587993They're mostly all members of the same kingdom. I think everyone in FE with blue hair is descended from Ike and Marth

>>507590868too bad they stopped doing these art crossovers for third parties

>>507584654The only reason Banjo got in is because he was Japanese inspired. Fuckers like Master Chief? Lol japs don't like shooters or western shit for that matter, you're all retarded gaijins. Yamato Master Race, white pig go home.

>>507591642>muh differing playstylesWhy are we pretending Smash is anything but "spam forward aerials as the best character for forward aerials"? People talk shit about Chrom, Ike and Lucina but people play those in droves. Who the fuck plays Pichu, Jigglypuff, Charizard or Lucario? Nobody because they're worthless. Being "different" doesn't make you good by default.

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>>507584654agreedget BTFO faggots

>>507590995>FE is selling like hotcakesDude the series is one of their least grossing IPs of all time.

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>>507586842God female byleth looks so fucking retardedwe all used to admit it too but then when she came to smash the fire emblem fanbase realized the only way to make people accept the character was to focus on sex appeal

>>507592302Now let's see the profits they're making off of Heroes.

>>507591998this is the same bullshit as the "functions" bullshit from marvel, character designs can be their own reason to play a character and if every character looks the same whats even the fucking point of any characters at all. have colored blobs with no fucking designs to them like the original dragon king game was supposed to be. this series is literally founded entirely on being able to play as cool looking nintendo characters, i guarantee you that had they not made the decision to shoehorn mario and the other nintendo fags in and had the 64 game be generics his series would have died on the console and been reduced to that gag off-game they pull out for giggles and shits at a tourney after the actual games are over with.

>>507591926>he was Japanese inspiredReally?

>>507592380>but muh heroesEvery time. It's a shitty argument for many reasons, but ill settle for just pointing out that FE got the same number of characters as pokemon a year before heroes released

>>507592380>the shitty gacha game with micro transactions makes shitloads of money by preying on whales, so it MUST be relevant

>>507591926I've seen some japshit on Pixiv supporting TF2 in Smash for some reason they really like the Medic

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>>507592380gacha games will sell as long as theres a single titty to be rolled for. its like being a real estate agent, its a market that you'd have to be genuinely retarded to fail in. anti-westcucks, looks like you lose

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>>507591749What are you even trying to say? I can't follow your posts.The Fire Emblem fandom is frustrated because Nintendo consistently picks the games lord, a specific class that always has shared mechanics and usually a character design based on Marth out of tradition. Lately they're not always the main character nor are they the most popular, if you look at Heroes' popularity polls for 2020 the house leaders (especially Dmitri, the blonde asshole with an eyepatch and spear) are ahead of Byleth. The one time they were smart and avoided doing it with Chrom they retroactively added him back in anyway. There's no reason for things to be the way.Or are you just shitposting and saying all FE characters are identical and asking for a character is equivalent to wanting more Pikachu clones? I don't even like the series much but come on.

>>507592751holy based

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>>507592716...How tf would he even play? fucking Summon character with shitty hitboxes?

>>507593028>Medic cycles between mercenaries and heals them>other player has to figure a way out around them to hit the Medic and separate them a la Ice Climbers

>>507588768>Were they blind to the hate that Robin got?Anyone that actually hates Robin shouldn't have their opinion considered anyway.

>>507586842Even though i've never touched a FE game in my life, i wouldn't be upset about adding a few FE characters to the roster, they are Nintendo after all.What makes utterly zero sense is the absolute saturation of FE characters to the roster in such a short amount of time.For the longest time the Mario franchise made up a good chunk of the roster, but that's to be expected because Mario is the Nintendo mascot and is part of a well-known franchise. In addition, each mario character at least looks unique in their design as well as their moveset.When i look at all of those FE characters, it's hard for me to imagine that most of them wouldn't have very similar movesets.What would make me want to play as blue-haired anime protag no. 2 vs blue-haired anime protag no. 4?

>>507592931>FE should get the most characters because of muh protagonist rule I made up>WHY THE FUCK SO THEY KEEP PICKING THE PROTAGONISTS AND NOT MY PARTICULAR FAVORITES

>>507592931I hate FE almost as much as I hate myself

>>507590141Is that why their padding the roster with FE characters? to get more people into the series?That just feels disingenuous, especially when you consider a good chunk of early FE games were japan-exclusives, it seems like now that awaking is sem-popular in the west, they're trying to make up for lost time.

>>507591220both were designed by japanese, retard

>>507593532I already bitched about how FE has too many characters in Smash in at least one of my posts you replied to. I'm just saying if Nintendo insists on adding a newcomer every Smash game for marketing reasons they should at least go by the popularity polls in Heroes or the characters the stories and trailers actually center around rather than the player avatar. Characters like Lyn or Dmitri or Black Knight who actually do have a lot of backing and are main characters in their games, nobody is asking for fucking Dolph or Silque.Stop being autistic.

>>507594056>Is that why their padding the roster with FE characters? to get more people into the series?Seems that way. They are a business.

white people are truly the most insecure human beings on the entire planet.

>>507594205Oh but for every other franchise they're "one off literal who side characters" fuck off

>>507594641>Being a Geno fanboyLet it go user

>>507594331And it isnt working. 3hs sales barely grew at all since byleth got announced.

>>507592716Medic is a German, of course they're going to support their own allies.

>>507594831Given the timing they were probably trying to remind current owners that the DLC was available for purchase soon, which is unfortunately something we'll never have stats on since Nintendo doesn't share that kind of shit.

>>507595130>we need to add a character to smash so our own fans will notice when we added the dlc they already paid for


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>Doesn't give that much of a shit about the characters anymore and just want fixes toward the online and the mechanics>All the effort is going exclusively towards DLCJust shoot me already.

>>507592716>japshitI recognize that font; it's gookshit from knock-off America (South Korea)

>>507595226You fucking know they're going to do this with the Sword and Shield DLC too user.I'd be shocked if we don't get that ugly kung fu bear.

>>507594750Characters like black knight prove that people only issue with Geno is that he isnt from fire emblem

>>507595435No geno is more obscure and hasn’t been in a game in the 21st century


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>>507595642Like black knight and lyn but apparently standards only exist for non FE characters


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>>507593503>What makes utterly zero sense is the absolute saturation of FE characters to the roster in such a short amount of time.It was almost perfect at the beginning of Smash 4. Marth, Ike, and Robin. It was great. Then they just kept going.>add Lucina as a redundant Marth clone>add Roy back as DLC even though he was already a Marth clone>add another character as DLC to advertise the next gameThen they kept fucking going in Ultimate>add Chrom as a ROY clone>add ANOTHER advertisement as DLC

>>507588768When will autists realize that Nintendo doesn't give two fucking shits for the opinions of some spergs on the internet

>>507595435Fire Emblem has a rotating cast so the main characters need to be reviewed on a game by game basis. It's far more comparable to Pokemon and Zelda's formats, and complaints about the lords being included over main villains or sidekick characters that are way more popular are just as valid as the complaints about having three Links instead of Midna or Ghirahim.Geno is a 24 year old character from a Mario RPG, owned by a third party, who hasn't even had a cameo appearance in around two decades and was a co-star with three other party members. He'd be cool, I love SMRPG, get fucking real. The franchise can't even get Waluigi in Smash and he's a fan favorite in every spinoff since Mario Tennis 64.

>>507591998are you mentally ill?do you think that those characters dont get played just because some spastic tournament players dont pick them?the non competitive audience for smash is several magnitudes bigger than that of the shitty competitive scene. the whole world still sees it as the party game it is and having choices for that is GOOD.

>>507588768Wow its almost as if.... you're the one who's out of touch and your geeky little internet rants and protests mean nothing and FE will continue to sell and be popular with the actual customers. Hoes mad

Attached: 1581313062969.jpg (998x957, 425.31K)

>>507590029and that's a good thing

>>507595967Funny how that doesnt work out for xenoblade, dk, pikmin, etc.......almost like it has nothing to so with it

>>507596409Geno has been in one mario game, shut the fuck up

>>507596143>not even in the top 15 best selling switch games Nice popularity haha

>>507596409Do you know anything about those franchises you're listing off or are you just sperging out

>>507596720cope tranny

Attached: 1589185757735.png (2538x1372, 448.05K)

>>507596409>DK>PikminDK and Olimar are the protagonists of almost every game in their franchise>Xenoblade Sakurai literally came out and apologized that he couldn't put Rex in due to the timing of Ultimate. If not for that it really would have worked the same way.

>>507588768>Were they blind to the hate that Robin got?BAHAHAHAHA, Robin got essentially no hate.>Were they blind to the hate that Lucina got?You mean one of the most popular FE characters even among non-FE fans? She got fairly small blowback.

>>507596724>muh rotating cast >so can other franchises with rotating cast get new characters?>NOOOOOOOO REEEEEEEEEEEE


Attached: 1581572843169.jpg (674x912, 117K)

>>507584654Never. Mickey is in

Attached: 7372018168ce491e7032bbf30330742b.jpg (235x159, 6.99K)

>>507597009>no alph>no dixie>no xenoblade x rep But gotta have Palutena dark pit and lucina!

>>507597135>Donkey KongDixie should be in the game but it doesn't have a fucking rotating cast. I can guarantee I'm a bigger Donkey Kong fan than you are, shut the fuck up with this nonsense.>XenobladeSakurai publicly apologized on stream for XB2's hero not being in the game because of time constraints. He's a prime choice for Fighter Pass 2 the same way ARMS was.>PikminAlph is in the game

>>507591293>It's more like if they put in the regional Pikachu clone in literally every game instead.No, because regional pikaclones aren't even remotely main characters/main mascots.It would be more like if they put in a starter from every other Pokemon game.

>>507588546>Ignored the fat crocodile king with glaucoma to push her(his) agendadisgusting

>>507597264There is literally nothing wrong with Palutena. Or Robin for that matter. It's been five years, but you're still blinded by your hate for the clones their series got. Also Alph is literally in the game, but since he didn't get his own "slot" he apparently doesn't count.

>>507591998>Why are we pretending Smash is anything but "spam forward aerials as the best character for forward aerials"?Reminder that a lot of the top characters in Ultimate flat out can't just throw out Forward Aerials and hope to do good.Peach and Daisy would wear down their kill power if they did, and their Fair is too slow to throw out constantly anyway.Joker's fair is not particularly spammable. ZSS's fair requires precision.Fox can't spam Fair.

>>507597518>I'm a donkey Kong fan!Sure if you count FE heroes as a Dk game. And the original trilogy was a rotating cast. >rexCould've been an X character >alphNot even as an echo, but make room for non protagonists like dark pit!

>>507598018The clones are the cherry on top of all the biased preferential treatment FE and Uprising got to this point. It's funny how being an echo is apparently this nothing thing that doesnt count when its Lucina but the second someone suggests it for Alph suddenly it's too much work.

>Smash logo>Trailer starts with a bunch of characters fighting in the boxing ring stage>Mario starts dominating>Crowd starts counting down>"5... 4... 3... 2... 1...">>Everyone turns in surprise>John Cena: The Champ is Here!>Gameplay trailer>Back to Cena dominating in the ring>Crowd starts counting down again>"5... 4... 3... 2... 1...">Glass shattersDon't tell me western characters can't be kino

Attached: potatosalad.jpg (645x370, 53.14K)

>>507598297>>507598508Please stop using Alph and vague mentions of Xenoblade Chronicles X to justify your hatred of anime

>>507598297>And the original trilogy was a rotating cast.That's a stupid line in the sand to draw since Rareware's Donkey Kong series continued into the following generation. The SNES games don't represent the whole series.Donkey Kong is the main star of the series and Diddy Kong is his sidekick. That's objective. Four of the Country games follow this format, 64 has Diddy as the second Kong you unlock, the cartoon did it, the billion spinoffs do it. They're the faces of the DK series, and Cranky is the most recognizable of the NPC Kongs following them due to his meme status and massive number of appearances. It's why Miyamoto told Retro to prioritize only those three characters and had them toss out everyone else when they soft-rebooted it.Dixie was building up to be a tritagonist with DKC3 giving her the same spotlight Diddy Kong got but that was quickly thrown away when she stopped appearing in mainline games for the next 18 years. Rare replaced her with Tiny Kong, Paon reduced her to spinoff fodder like Daisy or Waluigi in Mario, Nintendo scrapped the entire extended Kong family until Tropical Freeze.She'd probably be in Smash if she actually maintained her main character status for the three console generations in-between Land 3 and Tropical Freeze. It's a huge shame she didn't.

>>507584654>ResetEra>Rosterfagging>WojaksThis post is everything wrong with Holla Forums

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>>507599184>stop pointing inconsistencies with these rules I made up to justify the entire roster being fire emblem

>>507599229She's literally had more reason to be in than any FE character besides arguably marth.

The fact that they chose Banjo is just proof that they're willing to take western IP seriously when considering characters. Undertale too.Will the second pack be mostly Japanese famous characters? Yah for sure. But it really isn't that crazy anymore to expect at least one western pick. That's really cool in my opinion.

>>507599558You're the one making up rules, user. That's why you're so upset they were followed to the letter.

>>507600006Fe fans constantly use "muh protagonist mug rotating cast" and then somehow conveniently always have an excuse for why any other series this applies to somehow doesnt count

>>507584654You know somethings wrong with Smashfags when they make even Resetera look based

>OP doesn't want CandlejackImagine being such a fuc

Attached: candlejack.jpg (598x447, 27.61K)

You only ever see weebs being this anal about where a character comes from. Only thing that matters in this game is how they play. Get over it. Your made up rules were broken long ago.

>>507600168fe fans are weebs and weebs are confirmed subhuman, there's no point in arguing with weeb just go to their house and break their figurines they're too weak to stop you

>>507587993originally Mars (Marth) was supposed to be black haired, however, due to the NES 8-bit color shit, they opted for blue hair as it was easier for it to stand out more than black in game. It ultimately became a preferable hair color due to how it stood out for all the MCs per game, having a different tones of blue (minus Alm's turquoise hair).

>>507600461Anon, Sakurai said that to justify adding Japanese characters that might be obscure to western audiences, not the inverse of western characters obscure in Japan.

>>507587661>misaliogned character panelsat least put more effort into your photoshop next time

Whether you like it or not, no matter how much you seethe or bitch. No matter the logic or RP'ing on this board regarding leaks and rosterfaggotry. He is coming.

Attached: Alvisiscoming.png (785x696, 478.99K)

>>507600449>user wants Candlejacklol go back to Holla Forums and take your irrel

>>507599839When did I say she didn't? I've wanted her since fucking Brawl. Metroid and DK both should have had four characters years ago and I'm just glad Ultimate is finally throwing them a bone, it's long overdue. I'm still hopeful for Dixie maybe being in the Fighter Pass.Get over yourself, not everyone you're talking to is a weeb who wants Fire Emblem characters instead of your favorites. Discussing how their character lineup could be more interesting doesn't mean I support even more characters from them, or that I'm even a big fan of the series. Those things aren't mutually exclusive. The rosterfagging and tribalism in Holla Forums Smash threads these days is fucking exhausting.

>>507600774Who cares what Sakurai said? He goes back on almost everything he says anyway. Get the fuck over it weeb. Smash doesn't have rules.


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>>507601380Alvis or Arvis, a fucking FE character, that should have also been a spirit from FE4 but is conveniently missing....

>>507584654>only nintendo characters allowed>snake gets announced>only characters who had their first game in nintendo consoles allowed>sonic gets announced>only characters who ever appeared in a game on a nintendo console allowed>cloud gets announced>only nonsexual characters allowed>bayonetta gets announced>only main characters and antagonists allowed>piranha plant gets announced>only currently relevant characters allowed in DLC>banjo gets announced>uhhhhhh only Nintendo + Japanese characters allowedPatternfags never ever get tired of getting blown the fuck out


Attached: 1589060029795.png (431x324, 185.69K)

>>507586842I don't get why these characters can't just be shadow characters or whateverI haven't played ultimate in a year, but didn't the dragon quest guy get 4 characters as one?

He's in

Attached: cumguzzler.png (400x518, 128.57K)

>>507601574So are Porky, Adeleine and Sylux from their respective franchises.Some of the spirit choices are a little weird, don't read into them.

>>507601596Don't forget>only small characters>ridley>only japanese characters>king k rool

>>507601596B A S E D

>>507601596>Only video game characters allowedIt's time

Attached: spongyboy.jpg (612x612, 32.12K)

I honestly just want more iconic characters.Whether I like them or not.Whether they are Japanese or not.I want a RE rep, I want Lara Croft, a Halo rep, somehow I want them to get Jak or Ratchet. I want them to get Amaterasu, vaultboy, Waluigi Agent 47, Dante, Altair, Doomguy,

>>507602049Not so fast

Attached: 20200511_215832.jpg (956x641, 314.65K)

>>507602095>I honestly just want more iconic characters.>Only lists 3-4 truly 'iconic' characters and even then they could be considered recognizable at most

Attached: Laughing+luigi_10c51d_4696394.gif (500x375, 247.3K)

>>507602049>>507602287Make way for a REAL celebrity

Attached: daffy_duck.jpg (375x480, 14.73K)

>>507602359how are any of them not iconic? maybe amaterasu. But that is just "okami guy"

>>507586842The issue is this; >>507593252 , >>507599491Yes there are too many FE characters, but the issue with FE representation is that it's heavily weighted towards advertising the nu games, four of them all have the same Marth moveset, and only two of them represent different aspects of the weapon triangle but in gimmicky ways.Hector and Ephraim should be there. Lyn and Celica are more deserving than Lucina. For those raging about my suggestion of the former, she's among the most popular female characters in the series and would be unique in that she'ds represent Myrmadons and Bow users, plus having been in several Smash games. The singular Awakening rep should have been Robin, and Fates/Three Houses should have had a Lord like the Ryoma or Marx, or Dimitri and Edelgarde respectively. Fuck the self inserts; Robin gets that point across. Mounted characters like Wyvern Knights should also be there, like Altena.

>>507589503Wait..just Dark Samus? Not even regular Samus?

>>507602516What's up, Cock?

Attached: Bugs_Bunny.svg.png (1200x1920, 276.63K)

>>507602710So like I can make Goku a western character just by giving him a new outfit?

>>507590868>OG Buster sword instead of the techno-cracked oneThank God for that.Smash is truly the swan song for so many series.

>>507601380The only good villain in the Fire Emblem series.


Attached: daffy.jpg (624x1158, 103.62K)

>>507592716That text is Korean you absolute fucking brainlet.

>>507602619>I know who they are therefore they are an iconic franchise.

>>507602095What would Altair’s moveset be

The west is the only reason Smash was successful in the firstplace. Cope.

>>507603464Nah, it wouldn't have existed had there been no Japanese properties to use. Playstation All-Stars shows how boring western designs are.

>>507587748And you'll never be acknowledged by them either, so enjoy life being a cuck who bows down to other cultures who despise you

>>507603272down B= assasinateAll smash moves dword swingSide is dagger swing atracks.neutral b is dagger throw.Idk man that's samurai job>>507603216Resident Evil, Halo, Mario, Tomb Raider, Jak and Daxter, Ratchet and Clank, Fallout, Hitman, DMC and Doom are all iconic video games series, with iconic characters. We can have an autistic debate about if Okami is if you really want, though I have no desire to do so. But you are actually fucking braindead if you are gonna argue against those.

>>507603710Those characters you mentioned would make another incredibly boring PSAS2.

>>507603710samurai.*sakurai lmao

>>507590742>TouhouposterYour irrelevant waifu bait is never getting in Smash you weeb faggot

Literally fine with anyone that isn't a FE character at this point

>>507584654Shantae is in and you can't stop her.

>>507603078>swan song>Final Fantasy still only has two songsI know its SE's fault but still

>>507594615Honestly, they get defensive and overreactive over someone saying something bad about another race, more than how the actual race would reply. If you were to go up to a white man hanging out with a black man, and say the word nigger, the white man would guarantee act more offended

>>507584654a resetera screenshot with a bunch of wojacks edited onto it really is the quintessential Holla Forums thread opener

>>507604902good, it would awful to see sweaty smashie hands all over my perfect shrine maiden

>>507603710>Resident Evil, Tomb Raider, Jak and Daxter, Ratchet and Clank, Fallout, Hitman, DMC and Doom>On the level of motherfucking Mario in terms of being iconic

Attached: weeg.jpg (803x846, 47.8K)

>>507603710Ratchet and Clank and Jak and Daxter are less iconic than rayman

>>507607032>I am illiterateholy based

>>507607239rayman would be cool as well

>>507592716>japaneseAnon I...


Attached: 1588525364866.png (1024x1024, 653.31K)

>>507586805No I just wanted one last breath of life to be given to the IP compared to what it got from Microsoft. I don’t even want another game because it wouldn’t live up to decades of expectations. It was just nice to have them handled with respect for once since the fucking 90s

>>507602095>vaultboy Nigga there’s a god damned good reason Bethesda hasn’t been approached. Even for doomguy

Attached: DF9B6FCB-79FB-4D0D-9865-742438AB38D5.jpg (410x960, 53.16K)

>>507610316Which is?...

>>507607032Lara Croft probably was as iconic as Mario, but that was before nuRaider's damage that made lara iconic for fucking dogs and being strangled while having rough sex.Doomguy is definitely iconic but not for japan. Maybe iconic of how all western vidya is bloody shooty violent FPS games.

>>507586842you know chrom and male blyat faces are in the same pose lmao

>>507584654Skyrim and Minecraft are huge in Japan, especially among developers. Both games are cited by Anouma and Miyamoto on influencing design decisions in BotW and Odyssey. Fucking DRAGON QUEST has a Minecraft clone.

>>507587974>and popular adjacent Japanese third party franchises.Yes, my favorite Nintendo adjacent series like Metal Gear Solid, Persona and King of Fighters (a series which only appeared on Nintendo consoles this gen)

>>507588538This. Sakurai said he wanted to include Takamaru in Smash 4 but nobody outside of Japan knows him so that was the only reason he was scrapped.

>>507588768Despite being confirmed cut because he couldn't come up with a moveset, Chrom was one of the most requested characters in Japan from the ballot.Corrin was the second highest selling DLC in Smash 4 behind Cloud in Japan.I mean I get it. I have begun to hate FE because of it's shillpicks, but this is like getting mad at guest fighters in Mortal Kombat. The highest selling DLC for MK are the guest characters, they'll never not do it.

>>507584654>posting RetardEra posts hereEnd your life, newfag

>>507590267>>FP2 is gonna be focused on Nintendo charactersDon't know why retards keep saying this when Sakurai confirmed that one of the next fighters is 3rd party and is being impacted by COVID because he can't visit the company which owns the character to give a presentation.Really hoping the ARMS rep is Springman so 1st partyfaggots and Assit Trophy Promotioncels get big heads only to be BTFO by third party newcomers with no promotions and a fucking shilmon Pokemon pick.

>>507612891Wait, what? Source on this?

I'm not buying a switch until Travis Touchdown is in Smash Ultimate.

>> partylets btfo

smash is for fagsthat is all

>>507589550This has to be bait, there is no way someone think this

>>507587661who the fuck is game and watch


>>507589646>Forgetting about Soul Bear and Waifu Bird.

Attached: 1576126996288.png (469x367, 378.94K)

>>507584654I don’t agree that the fans shouldn’t want some western characters in the game but the ones they ask for are dumb like doomguy and master chief, who are both western but don’t fit the the mold of the characters already in the game. They’re likelihood is like 1%. It’s also dumb because 99% of the roster is of Japanese characters and they act like that’s unbeknownst to the developers or something. Ask for a reasonable character like Rayman or someone in that vein.


Attached: Monokuma_Illustration.png (970x970, 397.63K)

>>507614608Rayman isn’t that popular in japan

Why is giving anything to western audiences a "concession"? Shouldnt obsessing over one country that doesn't even make up a quarter of the games sales be conceding?

>>507588626Good luck cancelling Doomguy now, champ.

Attached: fcd1cbde53386c6f352c33e067a3111a.png (800x580, 1.11M)

>>507615435It shouldn’t be that way but when all of the content in the series is from japanesse companies, it seems to be how Nintendo views it.

>>507589106>>507615871These games weren't published by Nintendo, nimrodsIt's the one thing that made Banjo stand out from the likes of Gex (which actually sold more than Banjo back in the day), and what made fans want him in Smash.

>>507588768How aren’t you aware that weebs are a huge part of the smash fanbase? Have you seen smash fangames? They’re basically anime & jrpg protags & smash characters.

>>507586842Now post the one with mario reps. Do it faggot.

>>507602683>Wanting garbage characters from FE games that aren't from fates, awakening, or path of radianceCringe

>>507584654That doesn't stop me from wanting something, even if I set my hopes down

>>507616623>wtf why are there so many mario characters in smash brothers?

>>507616162Where's the rule it has to be a Nintendo-exclusive as well?Holy shit! You guys make up so many rules pulled out of your ass!The only rules I know that are valid (and which comes from fucking Sakurai himself) are as follows:1- No non-videogame characters.2- Female characters that are impossible to cover up without CERO shooting up in the skies.There's no other rules, so get that shit pulled out of your mind...

>>507617102>wtf why are there so many fe characters in smash brothers?

>>507616623The difference is that Mario characters are all different. A better comparison would be if Mario's roster was Mario, Dr. Mario, Luigi, Wario, Waluigi, Gooigi, Shadow Mario, and Wawario from Mario Odyssey 2, releasing next summer. Then people would be rightfully pissed that there's too many damn plumbers. Instead we get Bowser, Peach, Rosalina, Bowser Jr., Piranha Plant, etc. so people don't mind as much. Also helps that Mario is actually a massive series whereas Fire Emblem is relatively small and yet gets the same treatment as Nintendo's biggest franchises

>>507617534If people were just learning about Smash they'd be less surprised to find a bunch of Mario characters than a bunch of Marths.

Oh man another “INSIDER” with a hot new smash scoop.

>>507586805I like the games. Jontron and Furries make me shitpost about Banjo and joined in on pissing on them. Fuck those people.

>>507588768>Were they blind to the hate that Robin got?Robin didn't get any hate though, it was Lucina being added with Robin that got hate. Smashfags hated her because she was a literal Marth clone(like her still LITERALLY revolves around being a Marth fangirl while being her descendant) and FEfags at the time hated her because she hijacked Lyn's and Tiki's spot.