How will 343 fuck up THIS release?

How will 343 fuck up THIS release?

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Among numerous technical problems, probably leave in the retarded Halo 5 intro that spoils the Arbiter and Great Schism. A ton of people will be playing Halo 2 for the first time, many of which will have no idea what happens in the story.

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>>507583504I really doubt that. Not that they'll leave it in, they almost certainly will, but that anyone hasn't been spoiled on what happens in Halo 2 yet.

>>507583504Jesus CHRISTHow fucking ARROGANT are 343 that they shove in their dogshit story onto a game they didn't even make

>>507583760ahemlet me correct you their dogshit unfinished story that they crunched out

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>>507583741its already in the game, for the remaster in mcc they "added scenes" to hype up halo 5

I like Halo 5.

>>507583741When Reach and CEA came out, YouTube and every streaming site exploded with people playing them with "blind" or "first time" in their titles. There were infinite reaction vids and stream clips related to Kat's death and the Flood reveal. In my experience, most PC players either didn't care about console exclusives, or got really into gaming after Halo had already gone to shit.

My only hope is that there's no sprint. Please god

>>507583504am i the only one that never saw this when i played it on xbox?

>>507584835Me too

>>507585346If you start in classic graphics you won't see it.

Just like they've fucked up everything else they've put their hands on: incompetence

>>507584835This is wrong.

Here's your 110 FOV viewmodel, bro.

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>>507585653isn't that just the regular viewmodel?

>>507586031Yes, but that's the problem. It adapts to the FOV instead of staying in place and appearing smaller as your vision cone widens. Project Cartographer and Halo 1's Open Sauce keep the viewmodel in the original scale and position.Another issue is that the viewmodel isn't altered to better fit the centered crosshair. Compare the AR in Reach to CEA. The Reach AR takes up half the right side of your screen, while the CEA AR is shifted down.

>>507585653I don't see anything wrong with that.I like HUGE WEAPONS on my screen.

the heavy weapons blocking your view is on purpose, you have strong weapon but less visibility

>>507583165They can't even get basic ports like Halo 2 right.They announce 30+ game breaking issues right before release day. They still actually ship and sell this broken dogshit instead of going back and developing and bugfixing.All they do is fucking up.

>>507587124this is being fixed afaik

>>507588169For some strange reason, I have absolutely no faith in their 'fix'.

>>507583165They'll give Cortana a futa dong!

>>507583165Halo 4 had good story but bad multiplayer, Halo 5 had good multiplayer but bad story. I believe, >>507583504Halo 6 will save the world.

>>507589198Disregard that mention midway through the post. I’m on mobile.

did they ever fixed the binds for dual wielding from the flight?

>>507589198>Halo 4 had good storywrong>Halo 5 had good multiplayerwrong>Halo 6 will save the worldcompletely delusional>>507589321>Disregard that I suck cocksoh nevermind it's just another shill phoneposting to avoid his filter, carry on

>>507589198>Halo 4 had good story>Forward Unto Dawn changes ship class and can destroy a Covenant cruiser with a single missile>Chief's armor changes because nanobots, which have been retroactively shoehorned into the universe>all Spartan IIs are shown with the new armor, despite it being lore and not just an aesthetic change (and it's pre-rendered so fuck off with 'muh disk space')>new Covenant subspecies that completely replace previous ones, but are functionally identical >Forerunner structures are now magical self-assembling floaty shit that can phase in and out of existence instead of solid and monolithic >QTE boss fight>Cortana employs space magic to subdue The Didact>The Didact>Chief grows an ego out of nowhere and calls himself simply 'Master Chief' with no callsign or other identifier (pic related) >Humanity builds their largest ship ever and deploys hundreds of new spartans a mere four years after being on the verge of extinctionI can keep going.

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>>507583165343 has always been deceptive as fuck. Going back to the original artstyle could just be nothing more than nostalgia bait with the gameplay still being call of duty twitch shooter shit

>>507584835Shut the fuck up, no you don't

>>507583165>How will 343 fuck up THIS release?See pic and

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>>507583165I just want some interaction between Chief and Dr Halsey. 343 has been teasing this since spartan ops and the ending to Halo 5. Don't know if it will happen now though.

How was Chief rescued from the Domain?

>>507583165By not ending the series and milking it for another 9 games

>>507583165MCC's been busted since 2014.

>>507591232>>Forerunner structures are now magical self-assembling floaty shit that can phase in and out of existence instead of solid and monolithicYou mean hard light?You mean you don't buy that a species that has mastered (they actually inherited from the primordials) FTL travel across tunels in the space and time continuum wouldn't master the conversion of light into solid matter?The rest of your post is exactly the same. Forerunner technology was hyped since the dawn of this series and you act all surprised when they actually introduce it.

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>mandatory sprint>lootboxesAt least the new art style is good.

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>>507583504Halo 2 was on PC in 2006, zoomer.

>>507584835Me too, brother


>>507593683These retards think Halo doesn't have any fantasy elements in it.

>>507589198False on both accounts

>>507593683>you act all surprised when they actually introduce it>after 7 games, 6 novels, and various other multi-media >very suddenly>with nobody being shocked by itWow, really fucking got me.

>>507594502None of that is fantasy. Fantasy would be making up an entire new concept like the magical aura that exists in Star Wars and allows them to use the Force. Wormholes and hard light are well beyond our reach.

>>507594112>only physical release, making it a pain to pick up years later>marketed on that piece of shit Windows Vista>didn't even work on XP>Games for Windows Fucking LiveI can watch your mom's gangbang scat porn on PC too. That doesn't mean I want to.

>>5075951397 games? We have energy swords, scarabs, slipspace transmutation and much more since the first fucking games. lollook up what Scarabs are made of. That doesn't make you rise an eyebrow but hard light suddenly does?

>>507595194The Forerunners are bullshit.

>>507595543>but hard light suddenly doesHard light was in Halo 1. You know what it did, exclusively, in every game? It made fucking bridges and barriers, and they were blue and glowed. You are a monumental retard.

>>507583504Where is this? I'm only on mission 5 of H2A but have seen Locke with Arbiter on the achievements and got really confused

>>507596373It's shoved on the front of the very first cutscene with the new graphics on.

god fucking dammit they are SHITTING all over bungie's legacy. they haven't released a single halo game that hasn't had huge technical problems or been a microtransaction lootbox shitfest. halo fucking sucksAND REACH IS STILL BROKEN

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>>507583165Push PC/SJW and feminist agenda to the max, with I'm a woman and have command RESPECT ME. Useless character development with garbage new squad mates, allies etc etc. Halo is dead, give it up already, let it rest in peace.

Halo infinite is gonna sucks bros

>>507585653>Implying you're using the rocket launcher that often for the view model to matter

>>507597575>>507597618>>507583648>>507584943>>507588606>>507591560>>507592606It's Halo 2 Anniversary for PC you idiots. Not Infinite.

>>507583504...why the fuck would they take liberties like this? what even happens in this scene? and how? there aren't supposed to be any other spartans and arbiter is supposed to be a gold elite I thought

>>507597863The scene is set during Halo 5. It's just shoved on the front of 2's first cutscene.


>>507598060What actual fucking hubris. It's like if Disney re-released the Star Wars OT but started A New Hope with Rey talking about the story.

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>>507595194tell me that neural physics is not space magic

>>507598060What the fuck

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>>507584835The Forge and Custom Games are truly great. If 343 knew how to exploit them they would make a great multiplayer

>>507593683Hard light would be shields and those blue bridges you see on forerunner structures.

The Halo 2 Anniversary cutscenes are so goddamn overanimated. Holy fucking Christ the scene where Johnson takes over the Scarab looks like a goddamn Pixar cartoon.

>>507595139Nigger we've had hard light since Halo CE.

>>507589198halo 5 multiplayer was shit though

>>507597575Yes user Halo's problems are because of feminism.Are there nonretarded Halo threads on /vg?

>>507599736and it behaves nothing like nu forerunner shit.

>>507583504I'm going to be playing for the first timeIs there something I should skip or something? I'm trying to avoid reading because of spoilers. Can I get the quick rundown here please?

>>507599537Pre-rendered cutscenes outside of RTS by themselves are fucking insulting. Adding them to a series known for its in-engine ones even moreso. >>507599736Nigger no shit. >>507596056>>507600060Start the game in classic graphics or else you'll get spoiled on a major plot twist by a shitty promotion stunt for Halo 5.

>>507583504>implying I would ever play in non-classic settings after seeing how they ruined the atmosphere of 343 Guilty Spark

>>507600207>Start the game in classic graphics or else you'll get spoiled on a major plot twist by a shitty promotion stunt for Halo 5.Lol fucking really? Okay so like, immediately after boosting up Halo 2, swap to classic graphics, for how long exactly?Thanks btw, thats really helpful to know

>>507592315Fuck's sake is 343 for real? Why release these games with so many problems so soon?

>>507598060Are you telling me I'm going to be forced to watch Halo 5 footage when I play Halo 2 MCC tomorrow?I wanted to just pretend Halo 5 never happened

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>>507600535You should be able to change it from the campaign settings before starting, then change it back with TAB or the select button on a controller. To be safe, just do the entire first cutscene in classic mode.

>>507600835Okay I will do that thenThanks a bunch

>>507600824Unless they've removed it, which I've seen no evidence of.

>>507600824I would hold off my man. this game has major technical issues because of course it does

>>507600589Gotta meet those quarterly projections, user.

>>507589198>Halo 4 had good story>an ancient evil awakensyawn>elites bad again cuz cuzyawn

>>507600589halo reach still has fucked audio that released like 6 months ago. they're just shitting these games out in shambles. fucking monkey paw'd hard>>507601696coming up with new ideas is hard user, its easier to milk other peoples' ideas

>>507601696>Relied to read two awful books by Karen Traviss and less awful Forerunner novels in order to catch up with Halo 4>Spartan Ops dives into Forerunner/Covenant shit a bit more but completely just drives it further into the ground>Halo 5 forgets all of that even happens and is somehow even WORSE>The books, which shouldn't even be connected to the games with major plot points, somehow provide more interesting plots/lore than what the last two main titles spewed out

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>>507602352halo 5 was the sonic 06 of halo, and it fucking enrages me that 343i is so god damn arrogant they shoved it into a remake of halo 2 for absolutely no reason. disrespectful as fuck, who's fucking idea was that.

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>>507602570Most likely a combination of Brian Reed and/or marketing for Halo 5. Hunt The Truth somehow got me a little hyped up. According to the Art Book, Chief was legitimately lose his shit and go on a rampage. wonder if we'll ever get a developer's commentary similar to Bungie. However, I can't see the company talking negatively about themselves in the same manner.

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>>507602352Spartan Ops made me fucking HATE the Spartan IV's. I thought they were going to do some subversive "oh they start out as fratbro retards but then they get wrecked and have to serious up" but no its actually just a bunch of COD-esque fratboy shit that feels completely out of place to the setting.


>>507602972halo got ran directly into the ground as fast as humanly possible as soon as bungie gave up the rights to it. the original bungie team that made the halo trilogy made a god damn masterwork of video game fps. and despite the hooligans that piss all over its legacy, nothing can ever undo what they accomplished

>>507602352I stopped reading the books after Glasslands left a bad taste in my mouth. Are any of the more recent ones any good?

>>507585653Didn't they add sliders to fix that?

>>507606042They've said they're going to. I doubt it will be anything significant.

>>507603639Remember they've already "remastered" the classic trilogy, effectively killed the multiplayer community by forcing them to play with their revisions, they even went out of their way to grab the spinoffs, retconned the entirety of Ghosts of Onyx and Halo Wars, literally rewrote the first three books, and everything they make blatantly contradicts and ignores the established materials. They are adamantly shilling a "Bungie bad new good" narrative because they don't want their lazy cash grabs being compared to games that were actually good.>>507603952Broken Circle is alright but it opens with a really shitty cringey fanfiction that completely rewrites Truth and Tartarus's characters into cartoon villians. You can really, REALLY tell that 343 forced the author to tack that on just so they could further erase Halo's legacy and replace it with their own bullshit. Thankfully the meat of the novel itself is literally completely unrelated to it and explores some interesting ideas about the Covenant society post-schism. You know, what a Halo 3 sequel should have done.The rest are utter garbage, ESPECIALLY Hunters in the Dark holy shit. Did you ever want to retcon Halo 3 with not one, not two, but THREE random mary sues and two cardboard cutout caricatures? Do you want your story to be about literally nothing but the relationships and drama of these random, flat, non-characters that no one cares about, then suddenly shoehorn in fumbling with the idea of tanshumanism in Halo despite having no idea what either of those are or what they mean? Then here you go. People deride Traviss for being mary sue deviantart fanfiction and rightly so but holy shit this book is LITERALLY a deviantart fanfiction.

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>>507606172if 343 was serious about halo wars at all they would have put it on steam. and no, putting the first one on steam long after it was dead and buried as some kind of ironic joke doesn't count.

when do we finally let go of the halo franchise and stop buying into shitty PC ports full of nostalgia. when do we as gamers start telling macrohard to fuck off and give us a new IP we can have no emotional investment in rather than ruin the one in which we do

>>507606172let me summarize Hunters in the Dark for you so you can see just why it's so bad>The Ark wasn't destroyed at the end of Halo 3>One of the Ark's AI's rebuilds the portal and invades Earth with an army of sentinels in retaliation for what it perceives as an attack on the Ark>Humanity somehow beats them back and just pretends like it never happened, despite being on the brink of extinction>The reader and author have no idea how this happens because the story is just using this as the point where john mcspacemarine and noble savage splitlip set there differences aside and learn to respect one another as warriors because he LITERALLY LIFTS A FELLED LOG OFF HIM>Humanity then decides it's a great idea to invade the Ark>So they send the 5 of our main characters at least I think it was 5 they were all so boring and forgettable I don't even remember how many there were>One of the mary sues starts having psychic bullshit visions because the AI is trying to contact her brain>This allows her to control the local wildlife because ????>They fight off a pack of blindwolves because HEY REMEMBER THOSE FROM THE 1999 TRAILER WE'RE HALO GUYS WE SWEAR>mary sue #1 uses her new mind control powers to send them fleeing but somehow disappears herself, wandering off after being drawn to the siren's call of bad writing and lazy plot devices>some other bullshit happens that I literally don't even remember >the rest of the gang find mary sue has been turned into a borgified monstrosity (because that's what transhumanism is right?) and have a boss fight with the mary sue borg being brainwashed by the AI>mary sue #2 uses the power of love to make mary sue #1 cry and remember who she is>the power of friendship wins the day>by the way this is Halo guys>see one of the characters was an elite>and the robots were forerunners>I think another one of the characters was an ex-spartan or some other retarded bullshit too but literally did nothing worth remembering

>>507602863>Bungie's and 343's Halo conceptsHalo is so fucking anime, also I wish they would have went with this storyline, I wonder why it was changed.

>>507583504best part is, that scene isn't even canon after the alleged rewrite of Halo 5, there isn't anywhere in Halo 5's final story that this scene could of occurred.

>>507607206>spoilersHoly shit, what a bunch of garbage.

>>507606172>literally rewrote the first three books,I mean some of the rewritten material is fine to avert some of the initial restrictions on the timeline.Do you really want the first encounters against Hunters, Elites, and Brutes to be right in the last few months of the 30 year long war?

>>507607206>bungie's UNSChopelessly outmatched by an overwhelming force. will go out guns blazing. their only hope is master chief>343i's UNSCpower rangers everywhere, humanity is super special snowflakes and they are the good guys who always save the day.

>>507608046yes otherwise you're a Reachkiddie

>>507608109im probably tripping but dont the power rangers lose long term, twicehalo 4 spartan ops has you cracking open a forerunner planet and its secrets with ithalo 5 has the majority of the UNSC flipped off because of notCortana

>>507607206This shit right here is why I never read the books.

>>507608971The books from Bungie's era are pretty good even though it's utterly absurd how little bearing they have on the games themselves, 343's though like everything else they do is just awful fanfiction, or hate fiction since they clearly have no love for Halo

>>507600412To be fair, 2A does a better job of maintaining the visual tone than CEA did, and Halo 2s original visuals haven't aged nearly as well as CEs.

>>507609138>Time CrystalsNo, they were shit too.

>>507598743Nah, it's a branch from the school of Divination.

>>507608971>God tierThe Fall of ReachThe FloodFirst StrikeCole ProtocolGhosts of OnyxMidnight in the Heart of Midlothian (Evolutions)Mona Lisa (Evolutions)Headhunters (Evolutions)Blunt Instruments (Evolutions)>Great tierContact HarvestDirt (Evolutions)The Return (Evolutions)Stomping on the Heels of a Fuss (Evolutions)>Good tierBroken CircleThe rest of Evolutions>Trash tierEverything else>Special place in hell tierPalace Hotel (Evolutions)Hunters in the DarkI've done a more detailed writeup of the books if that pastebin is still floating around

>>507610068>God tier>The FloodNo it fucking wasn't, when was the last time one of you niggers read it?

>>507610068Anon, all of the books suck and no matter what you or anyone else say, I', not going to waste my time reading that stupid shit.

>>507610179The original printing is what introduced ODSTs and gave some great insight into the Covenant and UNSC by following their conflict throughout the course of the original game. People shit on it for being a "novelization" of the first game and that's a bit true, but the parts of it that are aren't boring or done poorly and it's great to get more depth onto what the rest of the survivors and the Covenant were doing during that time. It is also, ironically, the only piece of Halo lore that properly captures the Chief's character.


>>507610439The good parts about the Flood (the side stuff that isn't about chief) do not make up for the absolute slog the rest of the book is.

>>507610439>>507610572Oh and it has that absolutely retarded plot point about that one marine betraying the rest of the forces to the covenant, just bad writing 101 right there.

Is it releasing at exactly midnight or mid day the next day?

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>>507610786this i want to know if i should wait up to be able to start it tonight since my internet is shit

>>507584835>>507599448This. Forge and customs were fucking unmatched. It just took too long to get into the game, and it was too late to save its community at that point.I honestly liked Warzone firefight, even if regular warzone was bullshit.

>>507610786If you open up the news announcing it on steam, it will tell you when it releases in your timezone.

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>>507611972>11 PM wtf

>>507592315>Enemy Elites do not dual wield in the CampaignHow?HOW?

>343 keeps remaking the old games just to make them worse and put their retarded shit into themthey cant keep getting away with itits already bad that every new halo is trash, but thats not enough for them, they have to go and fuck up the old ones too

>>507611972fucking gay

>>507583165It doesn't matter because they have people on staff that hate halo. Them Fucking up at this point is deliberate instead of incompetence.

>>507612295Thanks for buying early access back in December! No refunds! :-)

>>507611972>9pmI-I'm not gonna make it, bros.

>>507610068Lower The Flood one tier and I 100% agree with you

>>507612682I can still buy visual issues because of many variations of PC hardwares, but how in the blazing hell they fucked up that one?


>>507612805It's got a soft spot in my heart for having the best expansion of the Covenant lore, ironic that it ended up being the only good stuff we got outside of the games.>>507610572I don't know about the 343 rewrites but 90% of the book isn't about the Chief and the parts that do cover the events of the game tend to do so from an interesting angle, like how the entire first and second missions are told from the perspective of Keyes and the Covenant spy. The only part I actually remember being about the Chief are the library, which is more about the Chief's thoughts on the forerunners and, who would have guessed, the flood, and that bit from alpha base where the marines are thinking about the Chief when they see him there between missions. I definitely wouldn't call the book a slog.>>507610670If you're talking about Silva and McKay then you're remembering wrong. If you're talking about that random pelican that gets hijacked so the covenant can sneak an advanced team into alpha base during the confusion of the assault then that's one of the most poorly thought out nitpicks I've ever seen. If you have a genuine problem about that part I'm interested to know why but otherwise I think you're just mixing up what you remember or the rewrites REALLY changed some stuff.

>>507592315Is there still the issue from Xbox One Halo 2A where the enemy AI reacts faster than the original game due to the higher frame-rate?

By using the broken Vista port as a base with extra added changes that 343i managed to sneak in like the removal of dual wielding.

>>507587912This>>507589198>Halo 4 had good story but bad multiplayer, Halo 5 had good multiplayer but bad storyFuck off with this meme circlejerk opinion redditfag, nothing of Halo 4 and 5 is good.

>>507593683Floating structures aren't hardlight you retard

>>507612805Honestly First Strike always felt the weakest of the original novel trilogy to me. Yeah the time distortion crystal is dumb and a silly plot device the author thought up so his stuff would fit into some kind of autistic official timeline, but as a plot device it was handled fine. Just should have put more thought into the mcguffin itself but if everything around its implementation and execution was handled well I can forgive it being a goofy space time crystal. No, what really irritated me about it was Blue team's assault on High Charity was completely pointless and only there to tease the location in the upcoming game. Revealing that all these other spartans had actually survived the Fall of Reach was premature when you knew they wouldn't be included in the game, and because Nylund didn't know the details of the next game the plot of the book itself doesn't actually go anywhere and is ultimately pointless. It's a nice little aside, sure, but he took a bit too much liberty with it that he really didn't need to to tell his story. It just feels like a really self-indulgent exploration of the setting but needlessly incorporates all the big named characters, a fan fiction, one might say. It doesn't end up feeling like a true link between Halo 1 and 2.

>>507607206Holy Christ the new books are such trash.

>>507614062Yes, and the fire rates are all faster too. 343i are retarded niggers and still can't accomplish what Gearbox did 17 years ago.

they already did. it has no split screen campaign

>>507614486Yeah I liked the book itself but the implication ALL THAT happened between the time of Halo 1 and 2 is utterly absurd especially that nobody says a word in the games.

post kino Halo music

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>>507593202why end the series? who cares if they keep making halo games every 5 years. we get a new cod every year


>>507615192>we get a new cod every yearAnd they're not very good. That's the point. New releases just divide the playerbase and burn them out.

>>507614619To give them their fair chance, I slogged through the Travvisty trilogy and they're bad but they aren't nearly THAT bad. I had actually preordered Last Light but after Reading Hunters in the Dark I completely lost faith in 343's lore and haven't bothered to read it or keep up to date with any of the newer novels. It's nice to see that Buckell wrote another one and I'm sure it's a good book but I'm also sure 343 forced him to rape Halo. Maybe if Infinite somehow turns out to be anything but complete dogshit I'll check out some of the newer books.


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>>507583165By releasing it

>>507583165>was hoping to check out Halo since I always heard great things outside of the 'muh baby's first FPS'>read the threads>343i completely ruins the PC release and fucks the story hardI feel genuinely sorry for the fans of this series. Are the MCC games even good for a first timer or should I just grab a second hand XB360 and copies of the Bungie editions?

>>507589198The only really compelling part of Halo 4's story was Cortana and Chief dealing with the former's inevitable death. Everything else surrounding that was just your cookie cutter "Bad guy wants an ancient artifact to do bad things" story. Something that by that point in Halo had been done a thousand times across the games and books.And of course, now that Cortana is not only alive but now the villain, its kinda hard to imagine any writer salvaging the wreck that was Halo 5.

>>507615946play the original games on their original console

>>507615946Feelings bad for Halofags is unwarranted.For most of us, there is nothing 343 can do to stop us from enjoying the Bungie games. For the rest, they're faggot retard fucks who enjoy the 343 games.Much like Disney can never take the original Star Wars movies away from me, no amount of 343 faggotry can ruin the good time I still have once a year having some friends over and plugging in Halo 2 and playing four player splitscreen with chunky-ass original Xbox controllers.

Can you still stack Gaypass Ultimate with a gold subscription? They have a $1 trial right now and I remember doing it before.

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>>507614909>Stephen Rippy effortlessly capture's Marty's magic, makes an entirely new and iconic theme with nothing in common aside from monk-like vocals but is still definitively "Halo" despite being its own thing>Neil Davridge>"As intimidating as it is to follow in Marty's footsteps we're confident we can blend his style with the themes that really excite us, that we're really passionate about">entire ost is generic semi-patriotic blaring bayformers shitI will never not be mad

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>>507603952Sorry was away.Troy Denning's books are alright, and I prefer them over Nylund's work because the OCs he makes are less shitty. Staten wrote Shadow of Intent, which was pretty good as well.

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>>507607206One of my favorite parts of Halo: Last Light, another 343 book that came out around the same time, is how a rape victim overcomes her deep-seeded trauma because Fred just looks so good without a shirt on.


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>>507584835Damn bro, me tooThe only think I hate is team osiris, except from Buck

whelp there we go, if the furry attention whore shill says Dennings is a good author I guess I'm leaving Last Light forever unopened

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>>507598060This is stupid beyond it's unnecessary inclusion. >"in time, I came to call him ally, even friend."Chief and the Arbiter were never friends, they barely even spoke to eachother in Halo 3. At most Arbiter came back to rescue Chief from High Charity but that's about it. To frame that relationship as a friendship is a fundamental misreading of the last game.

>>507614062>>507614647>tying game mechanics to frameratWhen did this meme start and why hasn't it stopped? Even Fromsoftware does it still.

>>507589198Halo 6 is gonna save halo franchise Halo 4 has a good storyHalo 5 fucked it up bringing back to life evil cortana, but has good mp

>> shall post heresy: 4's soundtrack wasn't terrible. Its problem is that it's not Marty's

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>>507594502I know right

>>507616581Keep breathing, for me.

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>>507616812Halo 4's legitimately has some good tracks. I think my favorite is Nemesis.

>>507616335Stephen Rippy is just that good, user


>>507616421Oh you've gotta be fucking kidding me>male author writing female rape trauma>male author writing female lusting after a fucking SPARTANmy disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined

Attached: 1588494196765.jpg (891x891, 60.62K)

>>507607206It's actually much much worse than this post puts it.>Elite goes off by himself to practice swinging his sword while people are trying to figure out what to do>Spartan comes out of nowhere to try and kill him in a practice bout with his own souvenir energy sword>Not because he's an elite that helped kill billions of humans, because that's the elite that chopped off his arm>Ark portal reactivates just because and some sentinels pop out>when Author describes fight between big sentinel and corvette/frigate the phrase "big guns" is used every sentence>Vale is a civilian scientist who is a sangheili-weeb>Totally impresses a sangheili shipmaster into thinking she's the most interesting human he's ever met by rambling about her personal life >Impresses a spartan by throwing him over her hip when he taps her on the shoulder, her reaction to his surprise is literally "I know martial arts." That's a word for word accurate fucking quote>Random civilian doctor scientist that found the location of a halo ring, speaks elite-ese perfectly, is also a forerunner technology expert, single father, and speaks space-whale gets roped into the trip when the elites kidnap high ranking UNSC officials and drag them to the ark to find out why the Halo arrays are counting down to activation>The months long trip to the ark from Earth gets shortened to a few hours just because>The UNSC commander gets put out of action when she trips and breaks her leg five seconds after getting on the ark. She has no purpose and isn't missed.>Entire conflict of novel is just "walk to the command building and turn the halos off">Vale spends the novel arguing with the Ark's AI to not kill everything, doesn't convince it, but that doesn't matter because the other guys turn it off>Author uses italics to differentiate languages being spoken like he's writing on

Attached: screaming.jpg (492x330, 43.08K)

>>507600824>>507598360The best part is that it reflects the story and the original Locke actor that was too busy with Avengers for Halo 5, this entire thing sets up a plot point in the final game that didn't actually work out the way this shit was implying the entire time. Thank you late development rewrites that piss away millions of dollars of advertising.

>>507616989I'm more mad about how blatantly 343 fucking lied to us when they tried to turn Marty's dorky home movies into an advertisement schemeRippy is great and his OST is kino, he really did Marty justice while making ensemble's little side story its own thing. Funny how 343fags always go reeeee bungie oldfag old bad new good! and completely ignore that a third party company has already proven how to capture the spirit of the setting properly.

>>507593683I dont really get why 343 took hardlight, the thing that only really existed as a bridge in the original trilogy, and turned it into the most important thing in Forerunner technology.Like, its just a hologram you can touch, clearly projected by another piece of technology at both ends. But in the Forerunner prequel books, they outright make entire ships out of it.

>>507616812>no sirNot the composer's fault, but it still reminds me of the game

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>>507617245Unironically autism.They see shiny thing and they latch onto shiny thing as the be all end all.

>>507616421>>507617018>One of my favorite parts of Halo: Last Light, another 343 book that came out around the same time, is how a rape victim overcomes her deep-seeded trauma because Fred just looks so good without a shirt on.Wait, when did this happen? I don't remember reading that in the book.

>>>Arrival>To Galaxy>117>Nemesis>Revival>Green and BlueI thought those were neat.

>>507583165They already listed the broken shit on release they couldn’t fix in time

>11pm est release time>no preloadFucking why

>>507617228>turn Marty's dorky home movies into an advertisement schemeWhat's this about?

>>507617018I don't remember this specifically in the books. Maybe the user can find the specific lines?

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>>507617517they dont care, they just want the build published so they can move on to the next game and get them all out before infinite


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>>507617509Those and Awakening.

>>507616812>>507616923I'm sorry but you just have shit>>507617509 to how fucking different that is from the version they teased us with, the one that actually sounded like it COULD be Halo

>>507617018The funny thing is, in some other media, Spartan-IIs are said to be kinda gross looking under their armor. Like super pasty since they wear it 24/7, and probably have weird surgery scars from the augmentation procedures.Of course, I think thats from Halo: The Flood. In contrast, in Fall of Reach, Halsey is attracted to John. Which is super weird given how Halsey is the closest thing the spartan-IIs have to a mom.

>>507617824Artists are all plagiarists.

>>507617961ok jaden smith

reminder it's been like 2 months since ce came out and they still haven't bothered to fix the random plasma pistol sound and half a year since Reach came out and still no forge/theater or audio fix

Attached: 1587699126099.png (810x810, 514.41K)

>>507618075>343 can't re-release shitYes, we know.

>>507617889>Halsey is attracted to John. Which is super weird given how Halsey is the closest thing the spartan-IIs have to a mom.Just setting the tone for Cortana's affection towards the chief. 343 had to ruin all the subtlelty later on, of course.

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>> Marty started releasing a lot of his old home videos he'd been making at Bungie since 1996, one of the guys he did an interview with shortly after the release of Halo saw these and asked him to document the development of Halo 2 with them because he was curious how Halo was made and what made it such a hit. And so the ViDocs were born, a behind the scenes look at the guys making the game along with developer commentary tracks that shipped with the special editions of the game. In the months leading up to the release of Halo 3 some of these were used as previews and to see the progress being made on the game. 343 then shamelessly ripped the idea and filled it with lies to use as just another commercial >>507617824

*HUFF**HUFF**HUFF**HAAH**Shoots the gay elite and jackal**reloads**teabags bodies**runs away**HUFF**HUFF**HUFF**HUFF**HUFF**HUFF*

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>>507618183I hate that faggot company like you wouldn't believe.

>>507617471In Last Light, Veta Lopis, the main character, was trapped in a closet as a teenager and sexually assaulted. From that point, she develops a fear of closed spaces and intimacy. Or at least, a fear of another man touching her.Over the course of the story, her and Fred flirt and at the end, she sees him shirtless and gives him a hug as proof that she's gotten over her fear of men.And in a series as sexless as Halo, its kinda weird to have a rape victim character at all. Especially one in a "romance" with an asexual weirdo child soldier.

>Sergeant Forge's Daughter is a salvage dealer>On the search for daddy>She found the planet that they blew up in Halo Wars 1>A sun exploding inside a planet somehow leaves a debris field which somehow remained in place for 20 years without drifting off >Elite villain is the loser sub commander from Spartan Ops so you know nothing is going to happen to him>343 Guilty Spark is alive>343 Guilty Spark used to be a pre-halo human, but was turned into a monitor >Getting blown up allows him to restore his memory>Everything that might mildly inconvenience Forge's Daughter is solved, literally by the next chapter. That's not Hyperbole. Every hurdle she faces is instantly resolved by magic>A beach episode chapter where her little crew goes to the beach to play a little bit and contemplate if god exists. That's not hyperbole either that's actually what they talk about. On a beach they specifically landed on.>Crew finds a forerunner planet 100% intact>Just fucks off after stealing some forerunner components to add to their ship>fly to earth and land on a mountain>literally walk from the mountain into a forerunner installation.>Like there's a keypad and a door opens. That's it.>343 spends the whole novel whining about wanting to be with the Librarian again, and whines about how he can't trust the human crew, decides to sacrifice his chance to be with the Librarian again to save the human crew>they just sorta fuck off into the sunset after learning Forge is dead, which we already knew, but the leader makes the oh-so-noble choice of continuing her search for the Spirit of Fire because gosh darn it there's so many people to save>Except it doesn't matter because the Spirit of Fire is by the ark now

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>>507618315Ahh those Bungie's behind the scenes and Vidocs videos. Those were great.Halo really end up like Star Wars, isn't it?


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>>507616661they did develop camaraderie and respect for each other, the last scenes of halo 3 make it cleardunno if they'd call it friendship though

>>507618189Fall of Reach in general tries to explain everything about CE and its characters, but I feel like its just really strange.Like, playing CE by itself, you would have no reason to believe that Captain Keyes knew John from when he was 6 years old because he helped kidnapped him. Or that Cortana was anything more than the ship's AI. Or even that Chief himself is anyone besides a big strong guy in a supersuit. its telling that in CE, the word "Spartan" is never once uttered.

>>507618315you cant rip off behind the scenes videos fuck 343 but complain about real things

>>507617889Halsey wasn't "attracted" to John, she was intrigued by him as an anomaly even among SPARTAN-II candidates and she was protective of all of them since she was the closest thing to a mother they had. He was literally her favorite child she wasn't lusting for him dude I don't know how the fuck you got that out of it.>>507618189This too, still makes me fucking 2000% mad. Halo 4 completely rewrote the relationship between the Chief and Cortana, which was fucking perfect in Halo, took a bit of a backseat in Halo 2 until suddenly popping up again at the end (likely due to the infamous crunch and rough rewrites), and perfect again in Halo 3, albeit absent for most of the game. In Halo 3 it was more there to remind you what you were missing.


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>>507618508>And in a series as sexless as Halo,Staten literally wrote a sex scene in one of the first Halo books to exist. I wouldn't call it sexless.>>507618776He was alive since one of the Evolutions vol II stories IIRC.

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>>507614909Exceedingly kino choice. I've always liked the main menu

>>507618761In the scene where Dr Halsey and Cortana discuss which Spartan-II to pair her with in Fall of Reach, Cortana remarks that Chief is handsome. Cortana then notices Halsey's temperature spike as she's blushing, which proves that she agrees.

>>507618776OMG GUILTY SPARK IS BACK YESget used to this shit

>>507618837>Staten literally wrote a sex scene in one of the first Halo books to exist. I wouldn't call it sexless.Yeah. And everyone thought it was the weirdest thing ever.

>>507618363>using virgin sprint>not the chad evade

>>>song related plays while you fight alongside marines

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>>507618520>Kelly GayNice

>>507618508Hm. To be honest, that doesn't really sound all that bad to me.

>>507618363Okay that one was creative enough for a (You), now shoo shoo back to twitter we're talking about Halo here>>507618520Fuck it let's just use this thread to greentext the awful 343 novels. Gonna request Last Light, Shadow of Intent, and Envoy since they're the only ones I'm even mildly interested in. The rest I can tell are a trainwreck from their wiki summary alone.

>>507618990I got to the end of Shadow of Intent and half expected Rtas to rail Tul.

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>>507614909that's really just all of it pre 343, isn't it

>>507618908how handsome could he possibly be wearing a helmet almost 24/7 and fighting aliens for nearly 30 years

Attached: Return of the Jedi.mkv_snapshot_02.00.10_[2019.12.20_22.44.15].png (1280x720, 630.63K)

>>507619106>Shadow of Intentas far as I can tell, this whole novel was written just to excuse the Arbiter using female elites in his army.You know, the thing that really IMPRESSES people

>>507618908What the fuckPlease tell me you read the rewrite because I am 99% certain that was not in the original, I still have the physical first printing right here I'm going to check

>>507614909As much as I don't like reach for its multiplayer and armor abilities, the music is fucking 10/

>>507615463i'm in the middle of envoy and it's so damn boring, i'm not sure when master chief comes but the boring ass female governor story is bad and yet another lost spartan squad is lazy.

>>507619340I remember that, it's accurate. I think Chief was stripping for a surgical procedure at the time, I think to get the neural net stuck in his head

>>507619265so it was just 343 begging Joe to put his name on something related to them and he trolled the shit out of themnice

>>507618908>Spartan-IIDidn't Noble 6 carry Cortana on reach? Or was that only a fragment of her?

Attached: 1578536040549.png (497x497, 405.68K)

>>507619340Original. The format is shitty, though:Cortana framed her fingers around the man’s face. “He’s so serious,” she murmured. “Thoughtful eyes,though. Attractive in a primitive animal sort of way, don’t you think, Doctor?”Dr. Halsey blushed. Apparently, shedid think so. Cortana’s thoughts mirrored many of her own, onlyunchecked by normal military and social protocol.

Attached: .png (1280x720, 759.93K)

>>507619340>>507619420>“Which one do you want?”>She immediately gravitated to the picture in the center of Dr. Halsey’s collection. It showed a handsomeman standing at attention as Admiral Stanforth pinned the UNSC Legion of Honor upon his chest—achest that already overflowed with citations.>Cortana framed her fingers around the man’s face. “He’s so serious,” she murmured. “Thoughtful eyes,though. Attractive in a primitive animal sort of way, don’t you think, Doctor?”>Dr. Halsey blushed. Apparently, she did think so. Cortana’s thoughts mirrored many of her own, onlyunchecked by normal military and social protocol.

>>507619340I only have the 2011 edition, but for me its on page 269:>Cortana framed her fingers around the man's face. "He's so serious," she murmured. "Thoughtful eyes, though. Attractive in a primitive animal sort of way, don't you think, Doctor?">Dr. Halsey blushed. Apparently, she did thing so. Cortana's thoughts mirrored many of her own, only unchecked by normal military and social protocol.

>>507615463>the Travvisty trilogywhen it's just an intelligence team doing stuff it's fine but then she gets preachy with the morality like usual and it becomes dumb.Like you all just got out of a genocide of your species and you're gonna get whiny because your buddy is a child soldier? That's the priority?

>>507619429>and he trolled the shit out of themI wouldn't say that. It was a good story. It just happened to have that nod at the end.

>>507619345>3:30just sounds like a desperate last defense as the covenant rain down from above, good shit.

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>>507619450I think the difference is that Six was just walking around with Cortana's chip in a tube. She wasn't actually plugged into his armor like she does with Chief.So don't worry, Six didn't break her digi-hymen before Chief did.

>>507619767Speaking of reach and AIs, what the fuck happened to auntie dot? Did she just vanish?>6 got no AI gf>zerg rushed by covenantwhy they gotta treat my boy like that?

>>507619651I hate it for taking the ending left off by Ghost of Onyx and doing not much of anything with it other than making Halsey and Mendez bicker like children, and mute traumatized Lucy "decides" to talk again just because she saw Halsey being mean to an Engineer.

>>507619651A few of us were looking over the first 2 books recently, and the entire mission was pretty much a blind approach. Like, they wanted to start a civil war without knowing the geological makeup aside from Vadam directly. How would they make an entire species turn on one another when they span across thousands of star systems?

Attached: .jpg (4548x2656, 507.3K)

Just remember that 343 officially killed the Didact in a shitty spinoff comic.Also resolved the Spartan Ops plot in that shitty spin off comicAlso had Tanaka's debut in that shitty spin off comic, where she terribly impressed a commander by shooting some Jackals

>>507619971I'd assume if Dot didn't make it offworld somehow then they fuggin shitcanned her permanently so the covies couldn't get her.

>>507620171What a magnificent shitfest.

Attached: escalaretard.jpg (2617x2232, 1.55M)

>>507620171>reminder they did shit no one cares about with things no one likesOkay?

The retcon shit they had to pull with the Pillar Of Autumn during the Battle of Reach is ridiculous if any of you have seen it..The current canon is that the crew of PoA was completely unaware the planet was under siege the entire month because they were on the other side away from the conflict, and they were just under orders to prep for the Operation Red Flag that wouldn't happen.

>>507620171>Just remember that 343 officially killed the Didact in a shitty spinoff comic.To be fair, he's not dead. But it's still definitely shitty.

>>507619971With Reach being overrun and Auntie Dot might be part of its intelligence database, UNSC probably just nuked it

>>507620124>and the entire mission was pretty much a blind approach.So was Chief's original mission, he just had more equipment.

>>507620318Few sacrifices bro, just like the spartans

>>507620171>Halsey finally gets the other Janus key to the Absolute Record>An event which was built up to from Spartan Ops and the whole run of the comic>Forerunner AI just says "fuck you", takes the keys from Halsey, and leavesBravo

>>507620421Chief wasn't trying to start a political war across the Orion arm by giving backwater hicks a few crates of weapons.

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Are any of the halo comics/books worth reading?Be honest.

>>507620318To be honest, I was never a fan of Nylund's ideas when it came to explaining how CE's premise came to be.Like, in Nylund's canon, Chief basically discovered every Covenant species first. Besides Grunts, but for all we know he could have off-page. And its not enough that the Pillar of Autumn is just a ship, with Keyes as its Captain and Cortana as its AI. Keyes has to be involved with John's origin story, and Cortana is a clone of Chief's pseudo-mother, and the Autumn has to be the coolest, strongest ship ever.

>>507611972wait did I miss something? Didn't the halo collection come out years ago but it was a buggy mess?

>>507620708Halo: The Graphic NovelThe novels aren't too great, but some are okayish. If you want some short stories, Evolutions Volume I.

Attached: .png (1500x1108, 2.44M)

>>507620708I'd say most of the stuff pre-Kilo 5 is perfectly serviceable.

>>507620761It's being released on PC.

>>507620708Yeah: Halo Graphic NovelEvolutionsFracturesLast LightBroken CircleShadow of IntentSilent StormOblivion

>>507620761They're putting it on steam.Yes it's still a buggy mess.

>>507620708Fall of ReachThe FloodFirst Strike Halo: Warfleet (has a lot of cool and detailed illustrations of the ships from Halo)most people recommend Ghost of Onyx but the beginning was pretty shit so I stopped reading, feel free to give it a try if you have a good momentum going with the others.

Attached: 1574459544044.jpg (818x985, 90.62K)

>>507620708Yes, definitely. However I will admit they're not for everyone (and there's a fuckton of books)Basically, read The Fall of Reach. Every fan of Halo should at least read the first book. Then if you really liked The Fall of Reach, start reading all the Eric Nylund novels like First Strike and Ghosts of Onyx, and the Joseph Staten book Contact Harvest. Those are my biggest recommendations. if you find yourself still wanting more after that, read up on all the halo books (there's legit like 20 or so) and pick whichever books sound interesting to you. Although I would strongly recommend you avoid anything by Karen Traviss.

>>5076004121. H2A actually is a really good remaster all the way through.2. The cutscene still plays, regardless.

Attached: Arbiter angery.jpg (1920x1080, 140.64K)

>>507620708Eric Nylund's books are worth a read pre-343 revisionism.Cole Protocol, Contact Harvest are also neat.Evolutions volume I is nice for scratching that lore itch.The graphic novel as mentioned.Now here comes the controversial part. I liked Greg Bear's Forerunner Trilogy for what it was: some space horror fantasy story. Pushing the lore rape aside and all the unnecessary explanations about Forerunners, Precursors and Ancient humans, it's actually a solid read.

>>507617528Because (on Steam at least) it's technically a DLC and these can't be preloaded since Steam doesn't support encrypting and decrypting DLC?

>>507621320I only really enjoyed Cryptum, as it was like this young boy's coming of age space adventure with a hint of tragedy, given how he essentially becomes a Didact clone and is just expected to BE a person he's not.Its like a weird form of immortality, where the "concept" of the person lives on by overwriting an individual.