Excuse me im just the worst zelda passing through

excuse me im just the worst zelda passing through

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>>507582581>Minish Cap>Worst ZeldaI bet you haven't played half of the franchise faggot.

thats not wind waker

Is today opposite day?

>>507582581I think you uploaded the wrong image OP, that’s not Phantom Hourglass.

Nintendo should let Capcom make another 2D Zelda

>>507582581>posts the second best portable Zelda gameWhat did he mean by this?

Doesn’t look like Twilight Princess at all, better get my glasses.


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>>507582581That's not OoT

>>507582581>>507582881>>507582993>>507583223All wrong

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>>507583223Princess gave us midna so i excuse it...

>>507583423Swap Zelda 1 for Botw, and you've got my opinion. But a good tier list nonetheless, user

>>507583423>Twilight Princess>Masterpiecenot even going to look at the restit should be illegal for people with taste this bad to publicly express their opinions

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>>507583423>Link's Awakening >AwfulKill yourself you faggot

>>507582581HEY, that's not Breath of the Wild.

>>507583731>best dungeons >best combat>best companion>best music>best items>best bosses>best armorHow?

It's better than the DS games but that's about it. Way too much garbage padding

>>507583951it has none of those thingsits only saving grace was the Midna poon the followed

I did a full playthrough of the series earlier this year, most of these games I've beaten a dozen times or more but some I had only finished once, so it was a lot of fun and really illuminating. The ranking I landed on wasBreath of the WildMajora's MaskLink's AwakeningA Link Between WorldsOcarina of TimeA Link to the PastOracle of AgesOracle of SeasonsWind WakerThe Adventure of LinkThe Legend of ZeldaSkyward SwordTwilight PrincessThe Minish CapSpirit TracksPhantom HourglassCadence of Hyrule & Hyrule Warriors are my favorite spinoffs but I didn't rank all of them

>>507584456now play the CD-i games


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>>507584639No. They have really good music though


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>>507583423>Link’s Awakening that lowTruly irredeemable taste

MM > OOT > ALTTP > LOZ > BOTW > WW > TP > SS > LA > OOA > OOS > ALBW > MINISH CAP > ZELDA 2 > FOUR SWORDS > whatever else shit there is like crossbow trainingThese are facts and your opinions on the subject are discarded.

>a lot of the progression path doesnt provide ANY hints and expects you to talk to npcs that you have already talked to before again but this time they suddenly make the game progress>shitty quantity over quality kinstone mechanic that has a lot of filler and makes you backtrack all the time>a couple of npcs have dialogue that doesnt make sense like the lady outside the cafee that tells you you found her or the minish that is grateful that you lifted a rock over its home even though there was no rock>if you missed something backtracking and finding said thing can be really tedius (goron-quest kinstone wallsockets, tiger scrolls)it has good items and the multiply and minish gimmick can be fun but it borderline feels like a fan gameat least phantom hourglass had fun puzzles that took advantage of the ds and some islands felt pretty mysterious

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>>507582581zelda 2 or twilight princess

>>507585785I was surprised that a game that was so unbelievably gorgeous and lovingly crafted felt so soulless. The NPC dialogue is uncharacteristically dull for the series, the exploration peaks way early with Mt Crenel, they somehow made flying up to a cloud fortress a lame fucking fetch quest. Great music though

Acceptable "worst" Zelda picks:Faces of EvilWand of GamelonZelda's AdventureFour Swords Anniversary EditionBS Legend of ZeldaBS Ancient Stone TabletsNot acceptable "worst" picks:The rest of the series

>>507585893>Zelda 2 nah

>>507585442literally this

>>507586161Nah, even 4SA is a better game than Phantom Hourglass.

>>507586161what was wrong with bsloz? i only have experience with nes zelda

I miss when Zelda threads were lorefagging and timeline adjacent bullshit. What are your hopes for the next 2d Zelda?

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>>507583423>>507584689>>507583772>>507584456i'm embarrassed for all of you.

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>>507586161>Four Swords Anniversary EditionHow is that even close to being a "worst"

>>507586590>next 2D ZeldaExisting without being something like cadence.

>>507586590>don't be a remake>don't be a pseudo-remake using the same overworld>actually have an overworld to explore>don't have a retarded control schemethe last 2D Zelda that applies to these is Minish Cap

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>>507586884Short, lacking substance, only value as a curiosity.

>>507585442You didn't list the 3ds games but I agree mostly with this. I'd set links awakening higher than SS though.

Vaati was a shit villain though, let’s just acknowledge that

>>507586504It's NES Zelda with 16 bit graphics and you play a retard with a back-to-front baseball cap.


>>507584276people like you should gain some dignity and END YOUR MISERABLE EXISTENCE

>>507587638I like him and hope he reappears in a future game someday desu

>>507586161GBA four swords maybe, GC one is goodSwap it for the DS zeldas which are actually understandably hated

>>507583423TP is my personal favourite but come on, don't fool yourself.

>>507583423How are 4 dungeons, loads of filler, and a repetitive time system not major flaws for Majora's Mask?

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>>507583951>best dungeonslol>best combatkek>best companionbased>best musicretard>best itemsbruh>best bosseslmao>best armor???

just finished links awakening for switchill give it a pass for being short because it is a remake of an actual handheld, i played on hero mode and it was a cute but short game, severely overpriced

>>507591462Not even him but what is the purpose of this post if you're just going to state your opinion without anything to back it up?

>>507588612Spirit Tracks is based as fuck. Those who hate it are the scum of the Earth

>>507592032It’s understandable that people don’t like those games for their controls, same reason why a lot of people don’t like skyward sword

>>507592304Yet literally everything else is about else about Spirit Tracks is above average for the series and it's even downright great in some aspects. Even the questionable Overworld has easily the best theme of any one in the series.

>>507591851>shorti got the gbc version when i was eight and just replayed over and over up to right before the second dungeon because I didn't know to use the dog thing to enter it. It was like a year and a half before I made actual progress past that, but I still had fun

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>>507582581it's shit kek

Your face is the worst.

>>507592304I enjoyed Skyward Sword's controls. My issues were with the repetition and padded out length. I think it's the worst mainline Zelda game.

>>507592524>>507592524Lol I had DX on the Game Boy Colour and fuck me I struggled with that game, was on the last dungeon and just couldn't work it out so gave up after playing on and off for 1-2 years. I played that game for fucking hours at a time though staring at the tiny screen. One time my dad was angry about something and tried to snatch the game boy off me, I screamed NOOO and protected it like a newborn baby because I hadn't saved in a long time. Ah, memories.I've started playing BOTW this week after not touching a Zelda game for years and I love it, first time for a long time I've played a game and can't put it down, instead of it feeling like a chore.I tried to play TP some years ago, didn't get very far (did some part where you are a wolf) and never felt like playing again.

>>507591456>How are 4 dungeons, loads of filler,thought you were talking about BoTW for a second there

>>507592986I don't know what to say about it objectively but on a subjective level Skyward Sword is a game I literally can't say anything good about.Gameplay? nope design? nopeVisuals? nopemusic? nope controls? nope characters? nope story? nope

>>507593186Yes but Breath of the Wild is at least original with its gameplay instead of being a copy paste of Ocarina, aside from a few new Transformations that don't control very well. Majora's Mask is also excessively linear compared to the games that came before it.

>>507593437Majora's Mask has amazing lore and atmosphere but the gameplay itself is a chore and the dungeons are pretty weak. There, I said it.

>>507593597And I thank you for your honesty. I have a boner for Wind Waker for the same reason

>>507585785>game is bad>proceeds to shit on the localizationevery time

>>507592504>Even the questionable Overworld has easily the best theme of any one in the seriesI forgot how bad the overworld was, in spite of the fun music

>>507583423Taste this based should be illegal

>>507593752Me too, man. Wind Waker and Link's Awakening are forever my favorite Zeldas. I love the warm island atmosphere.

>>507593769Trains are cool. Spirit Tracks is perfectly acceptable as a one-time experiment

>>507582581OP being a faggot,and fire burns

>>507594050I get that it's probably one of your favourite settings but the game isn't super fun

>>507582581Thats not Skyward Sword

>>507584689Actually accurateAll zeldas should strive to meet those in S Spirit tracks is above PH SS is the absolute worst.BOTW down at the end of "decent"Good work

>Gameplay>Lore>Music>Level design>Story>ControlsBullshit. We all know what we come to these threads for

>>507595047It's got good dungeons, items, and minigames


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>>507595617Starts with a b and ends with an r.

>>507583423God Tier:>MM (3D with fan hacks)>ALttPDemigod Tier:>OoT (3D)>BotWGreat Tier:>TP (HD)>WW (HD)>ALBW>Cadence>Hyrule WarriorsGood Tier:>LADX>Spirit Tracks>Phantom Hourglass>Zelda 2Only Good If You Were a Child in the 1980's and Remember Everyone Talking About It Tier:>Zelda 1Bad Tier:>Skyward SwordI haven't played the other handheld Zeldas so I can't comment

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>>507595985MM is too high (I haven't played the Exotic version you mention but it's hard to envision it fixing all the other problems it had already) but you still seem like a generally cool dude

>>507596229The fan hacks literally fix every problem with the game.Here's the feature list: restoration.zora.re/

>>507596579The problems I'm referring to are the lacking dungeons and poor pacing.

>>507583772accurate. ww was decent imo.

>>507595780Zelda's "brapper"?

>>507582581Just finished this today actually, it's extremely soulful.Biggest issues were>kinstone fusions didn't have a map for what the fusions did to the world, and a map for what fusions are available on the current map would have been nice as well>nostalgia pandering was a bit much>cloning was way too strict on walls killing your clones, would have been nice to use clones more in regular gameplay>boomerang basically invalidates bow and bombs>that one fucking room in the temple of droplets and big octorok, ice physics in general were awful actually but it was confined to one dungeon>having to use the cane of pacci of all things in the final vaati battle was retardedOtherwise it was a really well paced and genuinely fun experience, fuck you OP you faggot.

>>507596710>Accurate>Pushes the "Decline" bullshitNo

>>507595985>TP (HD)>WW (HD)Are these worth playing through today? I've played OoT, MM, LADX, just started BOTW.

>>507596690Ah, gotcha. Guess that's just a matter of personal taste then. The hack doesn't change the pacing or add dungeons, no.Majora's Mask and Breath of the Wild really aren't like any other Zelda games (except BotW is basically a 3D Zelda 1) so it's tough tiering them with the rest of the fairly homogeneous series. In general I think MM gets its dick sucked way too hard but I think it belongs in God Tier, below ALttP probably, just for being so good while it's so fucking weird.

>>507583951>best dungeonsCool aesthetically, but all except one are nearly brain dead linear hallways.>best combatNearly the same as most of the 3d games, apart from botw which has more fun combat>best companionfair>best musicIt was alright, but not the best when there are games like A Link Between Worlds and Majora's Mask>best itemsThe only cool unique item is the dominion rod and it is only used once. aLttP, OoC, and SS all have a better selection.>best bossesTP is the Zelda game I played most recently and I don't remember any of them except Stallord, who was a little unique, but not fun to fight.>best armorZora suit looks silly and magic armor is cool looking but almost useless, BotW obviously beats TP's armor.


My opinions are better than your opinions

>>507597158Wind Waker HD improves the pacing a lot. Both games are also very much improved by having the inventory on the gamepad screen. It sucks that we probably won't get Switch ports.

why do people hate phantom hourglass so much i thought it was pretty cool

>>507597254Also, for items, MM probably wins on a lot of people's lists

>>507582581Zelda collection on switch when?

>>507582581I wish a game would go all in on the size shifting mechanic here. Imagine finding full picori villages hidden in the starter town.

>>507597381Based on discussions of the DS titles I've had in these threads, most people haven't even played it but hate on it solely for being another Toon Zelda game

>>507583951>best dungeonsevery single one except city in the sky is a bunch of hallways. twilight palace is the worst excuse for a '''dungeon''' i've ever seen>best combatregular 3d zelda combat with a bunch of moves you never use, woah>best companionneck yourself coomer>best musicnice bait>best itemsBROOOO NOT MY HECKIN SPINNERINOOOO>best bossesliterally just 'spam the dungeon items 3 times to win'>best armorlol?did you even play TP?

>>507597657Most people I know are well aware of the touch controls and hate that. Yes the mod exists but that's out of reach for most peopleEven ignoring the controls, they're very average games.

>>507597357I will have to take a look for the games, Windwaker is common on ebay but fucking expensive. TP doesn't seem to be around much.

>>507597158Absolutely. >>507597357 is correct on all counts- Zelda plays best on Wii U because you can switch items in the middle of combat with the gamepad. On cemu, they're still better versions of the originals because the pace is tightened up a lot for WW in particular. With WW you can also reduce the bloom in cemu to make it less horrid

>>507582581Recently played through minish cap on the GBA mister core scaled up to 1080p and with a proper controller. Loved it

>>507596746Gross, something a little more refined than that.

>>507597916I played Spirit Tracks but haven't been bothered to go back to Phantom Hourglass, even though I intend to at some point, but that game is outright good to great in most of the areas you want a Zelda game to be good in. The Toon Games have never been held to the same standards as the rest of the series.

>>507598058Make sure you're not looking up the launch version of Wind Waker HD that included the Ganondorf figure, that's what's expensive

>>507597254>BotW having better combat than TPEHL OH EHL, actually unlock all the moves, kid.Wind Waker beats them both though

>>507597757>regular 3d zelda combat with a bunch of moves you never use, woahThe extra moves are really useful though.

>>507598290Breath of the wild is just Wind Waker's combat but better.

>>507598058Just hack your Wii U bro. It costs like $10 before getting an external hard drive and you get all 8 good games for free


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>>507598421I need to buy a new charger cable for the Wii U controller also, all I can play with a Wiimote is MK. I feel bad parting with £20 just for a fucking wire though.

>>507598567How is it not?It has the same mechanic of stealing weapons from enemies except it's actually useful.The flurry rush is just the parry except you don't get a prompt on screen telling you when to do it

>>507583423>4 swords badno friends confirmed

>>507582581>open chest for completing some challenge>kinstone>shells>kinstones>rupees you cant hold>everyone needs the kinstone half you dont have at once>worst items in the series

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>>507598689Imagine stealing weapons from enemies outside of the Forsaken Fortress. Cringe. You should be countering and using items in combat, which is even better on Wii U because you can hotswap what you have equipped in the middle of attacks.Hate to flame you but it sounds like you played Wind Waker like a retard

>>507583423rate me

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>>507598915When did I ever say I didn't like the combat in Wind Waker? I just don't see how the combat in Breath of the wild is not better.

>>507599018>DS Zelda bottom tierNPC detected

>>507592504i need to play spirit tracks on an emulator. the mic on my ds was busted when i tried playing it the first time, but i did like phantom hourglass. at the very least, linebeck ended up one of my favorite zelda side characters

>>507598290I was going to mention Wind Wakers combat as being better than TP's too. But I still think BotW's is better because of how creatively you can use the game's systems, the weapon variety, and the fact that different moves can be used in ways that the player discovers rather than shit like 'this is the attack you use on guys with armor' where the only choice is hit guy with heavy armor move or hit him ten times with normal move like in TP.

>>507599018How is Spirit Tracks worse than Zelda 1?

>>507599018Why are seasons and ages so spread apart? this entire tier reeks of what games you played first.

>>507582581It's definitely top 10, maybe even top 5 depending on your taste.

>>507582581But that's Majora's Mask or Link's Awakening

>>507599342he never played Zelda 1. He probably hasn't played half of them.

>>507599626I admire your capability for independent thought but any answer except for Skyward Sword is wrong

>>507599154TP combat in theory was better way more moves and intricacies problem is that Nintendo doesn't do challenge so they are useless


>>507599342how is it better?

>>507599749>admires someone for independent thought>critisizes them for independent thought...based?

>>507599559Seasons knows when to get to the dungeons, has earlier pegasus seeds, and just all around better upgrades for items Ages has a bunch of stupid bullshit like the entirety of Rolling Ridge and Tokay Island. Not to mention, Crown Dungeon/Mermaid Cave/Jabu-Jabu are back to back to back and are some of the worst dungeons around. Whoever thought rapidly mashing the dpad to swim should have been fired. An upgraded power bracelet as the final item was flat out insulting.

>>507599749To be honest I still enjoy LA and MM a lot, Skyward Sword I'd rate near the top.

>>507599767That was so fucking egregious in TP. You get all of these cool techniques, and then in the last dungeon in the game you're literally fighting the same little bokoblin shits you were fighting at the beginning.

>>507600000I'm just sick of 90% of the posts in these threads defaulting to the Holla Forums approved opinion>HURR N64 AND GB ZELDAS GOOD>HURR GAMECUBE AND DS ZELDAS BAD>HURR BOTW BAD BECAUSE IT NEW>HURR BOTW GOOD BECAUSE MUH SNOYI'm perfectly fine with retarded opinions as long as I know the people came up with them themselves

>>507600000oof, unbased quints

>>507599767Yeah, in theory, it might be better, but the way it is implemented its kind of unfortunate because it doesn't really have much depth, its just a bunch of moves with specific uses that only pop up when the designers wanted to remind you that they exist. I agree that it's let down by Nintendo not wanting to make it challenging though.


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>>507600398Literally this. It's actually interesting when someone says they like a non Holla Forums approved game and explain why, but then you get half of these tier lists where people put games they haven't played in F tier because Holla Forums doesn't like them.

>>507591947>best dungeonsDungeons are mediocre as shit, you never have to use your brain to think about the spatial relations or layout>best combatHidden moves are cool>best companionShe's definitely one of the better ones>best musicIt's got some good tracks>best itemsItems are mostly useless outside of their dungeons, double clawshot is especially shit. It changes nothing, with single clawshot you would pull to your target, drop to a platform below it, and then pull to your next target. Double clawshot just skips dropping to a platform below and this changes NOTHING to your thought process. The top was cool as fuck but again, useless outside of its dungeon>best bossesThey're okay at best>best armor???It wasn't a horrible game, but it was braindead. The dungeons solve themselves, you just walk to a room, solve the puzzle and keep going until youre at the boss. The dungeons might as well have been straight hallways. It was such a boring zelda that the only reason I beat it was because I wanted to see how the story ended, and they dropped the ball on that because they threw zant aside at the last minute just for ganondorf.

>>507600000Nice quints, user you are replying to is unfortunately not based

>>507598292Not him but the only moves I ever ended up using were back slice and the ending blow (? Think that's what it's called, the first one you get).The game was just too easy and enemies died too fast normally to justify using any of the other ones. The great spin is fun to use against hordes but it's not actually useful.

>>507601106Fuck you, SS is irredeemable trash that retroactively damaged older, better games.

fight me

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>>507601141The Jump Strike is good for cheesing the puppet Zelda fight

It's not that controversial of an opinion, but I absolutely fucking hated Spirit Tracks. A large part of it was the buggy music sections and the retarded fucking train concept, but I just didn't care enough to even finish the game. Conversely, I honestly don't remember hating Phantom Hourglass that much. I know people have a hateboner for the game and some people even think it was worse than Spirit Tracks, but I disagree.

I didn't read any post in this thread. Just scrolled through it looking for lewd images. Did not find any so I'm moving on.

>>507601654Spotted the BotW newfag

>>507584456Genuinely, how old are you or how long have you been playing the franchise? I'm honestly not trying to shitpost, but I'm wondering if that has anything to do with why some people love BOTW more than anything and I couldn't really get into it. It didn't feel like a Zelda game to me. I've been meaning to buy it on the Switch (I played Wii U) to try it again, but haven't bothered yet.

>>507601459Ocarina of Time is the reason that people think the flute sections in Spirit Tracks are broken. Unlike Ocarina, where you hammered in the inputs as quickly as you could, Spirit Tracks actually cares that you try and imitate the song you're supposed to be playing

>>507601887OoT kiddies are the same faggots who hate Adventure of Link too.

>>507601824Not him, but all I wanted with breath of the wild was something as far removed from everything they did with Skyward Sword as possible so that automatically made it a great game in my eyes.

>>507601459I don't get what was so fucked with the duets, but i couldn't for the life of me complete the sand sanctuary one. I had to hand it to a friend because it felt like nothing i was doing worked. I'd move to a note on the other end of the flute, but air would still be moving towards the mic and trigger a wrong note.Not to mention, it was an absolute chore to get around. At least in PH you just got the slate, shot a frog, drew the symbol, and boom, warped. In ST you do some absurd sidequest that takes you across the world twice, get a force gem, shoot a gem in an archway, blow the whistle, and then warp. You know you failed at warping when a TAS doesn't even use it.

>>507601993I won't deny this. I just don't like the idea of Zelda as a side-scroller

>>507583138it's third or fourth AT BEST depending on whether you count ports and Oracles as one game

>>507601141The only move I don't remember using regularly is the Great Spin.


>>507601887I pirated the game, which may have made a difference, but the flute was genuinely broken for me. I spent probably a solid hour trying to do the first one, imitating the song perfectly. I eventually just said fuck it and blew it back and forth like a harmonica and it worked. By that point I was ready to quit the game. I remember seeing other people with similar issues when the game was relevant.

>>507602268You think i don't know that? I'd do that and just hear "a little improv is fine but you have to do better." Not to mention, when i tried to give the game a second chance, it works even worse on the 3ds, because the mic hole is so much smaller.

>>507602647I replayed it in December for the 10th anniversary. I think I only failed the segments a total of twice during the entire run. I've had friends who I had to help with it and I've always seen them doing it wrong so I have to assume you were too.

>>507602747The mic is more sensitive to realize, just be gentle and steady with your breath

>>507600634All Zelda games are easy, even Botw while I died a FUCK ton like an unprecedented amount it wasn't all that hard really.

>>507602085I wouldn't say I prefer it as a sidescroller but I think it's one of the best. I'd put it just below ALttP, ALBW, and BotW as the best, and put it next to WW/TP, a handful of others maybe as second best.

>>507601372I unironically think Skyward Sword features some of the best dungeons in the series.

>>507602963than you realize*

MC is the best 2d zelda by far you pleb

>>507601993no, I like AoL, though I'm a bit biased since I had the Collector's Edition growing up

>>507603120What do you like about it, user?

>>507601824not that user, but i liked breath of the wild because it was different. i had seen the gameplay pre-launch and was excited for something new and creative, especially for the stagnating franchise, and i think the respect i have for their experimentation outweighs the flaws in execution. i guess i just didn't go into it wanting another oot or tp and that made me like it

>>507602647I played the game years ago and enjoyed it for the most part, but this post reminded me of memories I think my brain just suppressed. I just remembered how hard a time I had trying to play some of the music, I specifically remember one song that I couldn't play so I had to go to the garage in my house because I thought there was too much background noise or something, I think it was near the end of the game but I don't remember exactly what happens.

>I don't like thing

>>507603017It does. Ancient Cistern and the pirate ship were great.

>>507597158Wind Waker HD with remove bloom

>>507602995Yeah, I would agree with that. I just think the creative ways you can kill enemies adds a lot of fun to botws combat, even if it is easy.

>>507603017If you ignore Sky Keep, maybe.

>>507603017Skyward Sword was the opposite TP, decent to great dungeons (fire dungeons were pretty ass though) and shit everything else

>>507603528Neat, I feel like I never see anons talking about how cool these are.

>>507603017>Sandship (and everything about the sand sea)>Ancient Cistern>Sky KeepAll top notch (except Tantalus). Lanayru Mining Facility and Fire Sanctuary are decent as well.

Anyone who thinks Minish Cap isn't a great game has shit taste.

>>507603120I don't know about best, but it's definitely top 3 with Link to the Past and Ages.

>>507603714I couldn't have said it better myself. Except I do remember thinking some of the items in skyward sword were cool too.

>>507603714Has Zelda ever had a good fire dungeon?>OoT's is a tedious climb filled with AM I BEING DETAINED?!>WW's is the first dungeon so there's pretty much nothing to it>TP's is loaded with slow and boring walking on walls and ceilings

>>507584050>Way too much garbage paddingMinish Cap?! I’m taking you never played it then. Minish Cap is a very short game that can be finished in only a few hours. It’s very similar to LTTP but less polished and also shorter

Why does everyone hate Four Swords again? It was easily one of the most fun and unique Zelda titles even if you played it alone.

>>507604013No friends they think its a personal attack on them

>>507603932Vah Rudania was pretty solid. Rotating the entire level 90 degrees was trippy fun. Also, if memory serves you can just hookshot the climbable walls in Fire Temple.

>>507591947I'm not stating my opinion, I'm making fun of your shit opinion.

>>507603932OoT Fire Temple is damn good. ST has an okay one

>>507603932I liked all three of those. Especially TP's. Had the best music, and I liked the magnetic Iron Boots.


>>507604173>Not even him

>>507603946Not him but i think MC's padded to hell and back for everything that's not the main story. Kinstones, shells, kinstones that lead to more kinstones, and that one heart piece locked behind figurines.>>507604013I dont hate it but it felt pretty plain. I feel like you'd need the full 4 people to have fun with it. The most I ever managed was 2 player coop. Granted, it was fun, but the fact it requires so much to get going really hurts. it'd be a perfect fit for the switch, since you could do online coop. knowing them they'd make it local wireless only though

I got a few chances to play FSA with others but it wasn't as fun as I thought it would be. Either they're too shitty at Zelda games or I'm an uncooperative asshole.

I've never genuinely liked playing a zelda game other than phantom hourglass.

>>507603932Dragon Roost Cavern was pretty fun

>>507603204Not him but its fun, Ezlo, even the animations just breathe soul and charm.

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>>507604353>Granted, it was fun, but the fact it requires so much to get going really hurts.It's really easy to set up now if you have a computer than can emulate FSA well, which doesn't take much. That, four gamecube controllers, and four instances of mGBA running works just fine. Just play it windowed so you can easily see all four GBA windows.

>>507604575>text speed on anything but fast

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>>507604575>Be Zelda>Marry the hero of legend>Every goddamn morning he wakes you up by doing a sick-ass front flip out of bed from a laying down position>How the fuck is it physically possible


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>>507604848its a random .gif i pulled up>>507604970hes a chad start workin on your core and legs user thats how you get the princess.

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>>507599018I'd knock SS down to DS tier and Ages down to D. Maybe lower LA down one tier.Besides that, this matches my taste almost exactly. Good taste user.

>>507603932Turtle Rock in Link Between Worlds was the highlight of the game for me. Did it early on with few hearts so it was actually challenging, tons of fun. Made good use of the wall thing too.

>>507593186BotW has five dungeons and with DLC it has six dungeons. People say the last two don’t count because one can be almost entirely skipped and the other is optional DLC but all the dungeons are optional. Most of the shrines are optional to save for the great plateau ones.Still, the four primary dungeon thing (five if you want to count the moon stuff) is Majora’s Mask’s fault. Because of it, it was acceptable to ship an unfinished Wind Walker with four primary dungeons. The tower of gods is a dungeon too but it’s smaller and different. So let’s say five. Six if you count Ganon. Forbidden Fortress shouldn’t count despite its map and compass, that was clearly slapped on to give it another dungeon. The fire and ice isle dungeons were never finished and were repurposed for TP. BotW has four primary dungeons because of these two games making it acceptable

>>507608342Wind Waker they had no choice but to cut things cause the gamecube was bombing and there was pressure to get a zelda out asap. Had nothing to do with MM influence.

Skyward Sword is never going to get love, is it? The Zelda cycle skipped it I guess (there was never a Zelda cycle though).I think SS is a flawed masterpiece but some of those flaws are a tough barrier. The controls for one. People who dong like the game often praise the 1:1 controls it the controls are the main reason why the game is hated. Not imprisoned fights or tad tones or Fi or empty skies. The controls.The game has the best dungeon in the Zelda series, the ancient cistern. With its epic boss battle. It also has the time shifting stone mechanic which is amazing and another great dungeon (which uses it) the sand ship. Two of the best dungeons in the entire series. That’s half the dungeons that MM and WW have.

>>507582581It's pretty bad. The dungeons where you're minish the entire time are the high points. The ones where you aren't just incorporate pointless plodding back and forth in- and out of minish form. Overworld's alright when it starts, it's nice the game has the balls to make walls bombable when there isn't a crack in them, but past the halfway mark, you learn there isn't as much of an overworld as there is a means to map every single NPC and trade pokemon cards with them.

>Minish Cap>Worse than Skyward Sword, The DS Zeldas and the NES Zeldas

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>>507586590For it to exist. Would prefer a direct sequel to ALBW but it doesn't need to be, what I'm hoping for most is>New gimmick of some sort>New map(s)>World is completely open and every dungeon can be done in any order, with difficulty scaling>Use L/R as item slots so you can finally have 4 items at a time rather than two

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When are we getting a 3D game that hotswaps different overworlds like the magic mirror. The concept is 30 years old and it's never been in a 3D game.

>>507609478>botw that highEven after playing it several times i dont get the hype that makes people think "best ever." It's a midrank zelda game at best.

>>507609478>AoL in D tierHow to spot a pleb from a mile away

>>50760182430. The first time I played a Zelda game was the original when I was like 6, finished Link's Awakening when I was that age too

>>507609747>How to spot a pleb from a mile away>I AM RETARD.

>>507609478>BOTW that highyeesh

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>>507601824>>507609943That said, your mileage may vary depending on what you were looking for in a Zelda game. Some people specifically like the dungeon crawling and feedback loop of getting new items to play with, and it's true that BotW doesn't really deliver on those the same way as other heavy hitters in the series. It was just the right amount of exploration vs directed content for me though. I prefer Zelda games that let you go at your own pace and don't feel like I"m just being carted from one dungeon to another with no downtime, which is why MM and ALBW are so high up for me as well

>>507609478Yours can't be worse than mine

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>>507582581Minish Cap is Zelda kino, what are you talking about?

>>507583772>WW in the decline

>>507583423man look at this faggot

>>507583423Hahaha, TP on top? I don't need to look at the rest of your shit list. Imagine thinking that terrible, TERRIBLE first 4 hours of slog could be worth anything that comes after.

>>507582581This is one of the best you idiot. Beautiful sprites, excellent characters, imaginative gameplay, awesome music, fun form factor.you've also obviously never played the DS zeldas, or the first two titles.

not allowed to have opinions on Breath of the Wild.Honestly never played a Zelda game I didn't enjoy but those two there had the most problems out of all of them

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>>507582581That title belongs to Skyward Sword.

>>507613563There isn't a decline. It's just one bad game they quickly rebounded from

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>>507609445I'm with you on all of that, although it's hard to imagine how they would have you use 4 items at once. A few good new items would be good enough for me, as well as bringing back some obscure ones like the Gust Jar and Dominion Rod. The wall gimmick of ALBW is great though, that game doesn't get enough credit.

>>507616132Basically just the same way that Twilight Princess HD and Wind Waker HD had it but with L being used for one item instead of the companion, and exclusively ZL for Pegasus Boots (if they're in it) and ZR for the shield.I agree that game doesn't get enough credit, but hopefully more people take a look at it now that we have BOTW and both games opened the gates for promoting nonlinear progression in Zelda again.

There is only Link’s Awakening. All before it and all after is imitation. The Gameboy Color and Switch remake are inferior. Only the Game Boy version is true. Praise be Link’s Awakening

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>>507583772>>507591456Imagine unironically hating Four Swords Adventures without even playing it.Even Speedrunners agree the game is more fun on single player anyways.

>>507598906>worst items in the seriesI think that has to go to Phantom Hourglass

>>507582581Its not the Zelda with a fucking train, so KYS faggot

>>507616690It's crazy how a little thing like not showing you where warps are before you use them gives the game such a more open ended and adventurous feel.

>>507616132I love the gimmick it uses with verticality and using springs and stairs to get to walls to merge and climb higher or lower

>>507582581That's not Skyward Snore

>>507582581>Only bought it because I heard it had micro

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Where the hell did all this Phantom Hourglass hate come from? I had a great time with it. Spirit Tracks was a failed attempt to shake up the vehicular overworld traversing on the other hand desu. Zelda was also at her most annoying.But the worst for me is Skyward Sword. I couldn't even be arsed to make it to the first dungeon before handing the game over to a friend and never bothering to ask it back.

>>507601069>Dungeons are mediocre as shit, you never have to use your brain to think about the spatial relations or layout>thinking in a 3D Zelda dungeonYou don’t play it for complexity, you play it for looking nice.

>>507618637>Not liking the game with a ghost waifu

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>>507618994does it have interaction with zelda or any other girl?

>>507618994>>507620115Here you go>>507618637Cringe>>507620013Based

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>>507620013Spirit Tracks Zelda is one of the only good parts of the game

>>507620219>Music>Items>Minigames>DungeonsShe's one of many

>>507582581That's not Twilight Princess

>>507583423More like

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