How is this legal?

How is this legal?

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lol, story DLC for a fighting game,.

I swear to fuck, if I ever decide to an hero, I know exactly who I'm taking with me. t. lives three hours away from Chicago

>>507581121I think it also gives you all the previous DLC you do now own.As in if you got the game at louche and never got any DLC for it this is basically a ALL in one package.So its only realy a ripoff if you already did buy previous DLCs.Yea just the 3 characters and a extra story mode should not cost more than 15-20 $ for people who already own the previous DLCs.

>>507581121Yeah, it's criminal what they did to Sheeva.


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>>507581561no it doesn't it gives you all new content that is it

>>507581374>hahaha>best selling fighting game series this gen


>>507581121sheeva was never a nigger

Stop buying fighting games, it's Sunk Costs The Genre

>>507581121The base game was only $59 at launch, and had like 24 characters and a story mode that was around 7 hours long. This shit is only $20 cheaper, and gives you only 3 characters and a story mode that I'm sure will be under 3 hours long. How can they justify selling this shit for so much?....

>>507583292MK11 is inferior to MKX in every way.

Don't like it? Don't buy it. Boy that sure was hard.

I don't claim to know what's included, but the expansion packs of yore were priced at $40.

>>507583584they both suck shit 9 wins

>>507583584Graphically it's far better than X.I also think the roster is slightly better.....slightly.

>>507581121because you dont have to buy whatever your corporate baron wants to sell you consoooomer

>>507581121i bought the entire collection for $60. im having a lot of fun with this game

>>507583584I said best selling not best, i agree with you 100% man.

>>507583883MK9 basically hit everything people love about MK.The roster was perfect.The story had the right amount of "cheese."It was actually fun to play.Why have the last 2 games been so bland compared to MK9?!

40 bucks is pretty standard price for expansion packs

Doesn't this get you vanilla and all the dlc if you've never bought MK11? That's a pretty good deal if you've never purchased before.

>>507584454no but they're selling a combo of this, all dlc, and the base game for $60/ not a bad deal at all.

i'm actually interested in the game because of robocop, is it gonna be any good when the DLC comes out? Can you buy him separately?

>>507584190they've been focusing on wokeness and being ultra realistic/edgy, instead of the arcadey-ness of old MKs.

>>507581526I'm reporting this to the FBI

>>507581526There are plenty of more impactful people you could take out.

>>507581374ok just i dont get this why do people want to hate story in fighting games on here

>>507585881you have to go back

>>507584781so this is realistic?

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>Story focus on a fucking fighting game>let alone MK of all things Fucking zoomers.

>>507581121Who is that sickly Ethiopian boy on the left there

>>507587657I bet you bought RE 3 Remake for Resistance only

>>507587657ok and?

>me hate story modes in fighting games why?

>>507581121Just buy the game after all the dlc comes out for it haha. Whoever purchased mk11 at launch will probably have spent over $250 on it after all the dlc included

>>507581121....Robocop is in this game?You have my interest.

>>507588647hi NetherRealm intern

>>507588757i capcom shill


>>507587496According to them, yes.

>>507587496Yes? Especially compared to his past iterations.

>>507587496A big guy with contact lenses and edgy cosplay holding a hammer?

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>>507589052ok how is he realistic give me your honest opinion

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>>507581121>just want an MK game that’s fun and full of klassic and new characters >every game spends way too much focus on the gore and the story takes itself way too seriously >half of the DLC isn’t even MK characters, it’s just whatever properties that WB owns thrown in for hella fukken epic nostalgia

>>507583584The Krypt says hi

>>507589101you are trying to hard

>>507589392>every game spends way too much focus on the gore and the story takes itself way too seriouslyso you hated it from the beginning

is this realistic too?

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I'm just glad my boy Fujin is in. Sheeva and Robocop are pretty cool too. Despite the insane price, this DLC is pretty based overall. I hope the costumes are good, too. All we need now is Havik, Takeda, and Ash Williams.

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>>507581121Never buy a MK game when it comes out. Netherrealm studios are greedy fucks and will fill their games with so much DLC you'll be buying a whole new game when the definitive edition comes out.

>>507590504>Despite the insane priceI mean, that's a pretty serious critcism

>>507590808so every fighting game ever good to know

>>507589501Krypt is one of the worst parts of the game.

>>507581121Why do Liu Kang and Shang Tsung have such fucking massive faces? They look disgusting

>>507581121Blame capcom. Monster hunter proved 40 dollar DLC is fine

>>507591172what are you talking about

>>507590969The only way they could somewhat rectify the issue is if they sell the characters separately.

>>507581561Incorrect. That's for the expansion alone. There's a $50 edition that has the Kombat Pack bundled. That's about it. At least when Street Fighter V had a big DLC thing it was $25 for all the characters including DLC you may have missed and all the costumes and stages excluding Capcom Pro Tour stuff and gacha outfits. Considering I got the game at launch and only Season 1 for DLC it was a super good deal. Seems if you were keeping up in the game you don't need to worry about it either as the CE upgrade doesn't add much for you and isn't a requirement.Kinda sad that SFV is doing their stuff better.

>>507592241capcom shill

>>507589556Im saying it's totally possible to get that image of a person in real life, even tho we are speaking about a fantasy franchise so some silly stuff is bound to happen. But Shao Khan could be just into heavy body modding (ala teeth sharpening etc)

>>507581121because the average normalfaggot WILL pay for it and they know they can get away with that

>>507581121I thought 40$ expansions were fine?Iceborne happened just a few months ago

>>507594749but this is mortal kombat we have to hate it dont you understand

>>50759474940$ for 3 characters and 6-8 hours story mode is not fine.

>>507581121I think $30 would be better but whatever, $40 ain't shit for a new story mode, Fujin, fucking RoboCop, and Friendships.

>>507591336Hate Crapcom all you want but comparing Iceborne to 3 new characters and a one time story expansion is pretty retarded. There's no excuse for this shit. Iceborne is still producing FREE content after Iceborne. New monsters, new weapons and new armors. Brachydios' armor changed the meta ffs. I live fighting games but the FGC Is is filled with dumb shits like you

>>507595693Dude, it's 3 characters. $10 for each character is so fucking expensive Jesus holy fuck

>>507595868>$10 for each characterAre you forgetting the new story mode and other fluff stuff (friendships, costumes, etc)?

>>507595695this capcom shill is going all out

>>507581121It's an American product made for Americans. Of course it's a scam and only imbeciles (aka the entire FGC) will fall for it

>>507597593yes just like tekken 7 made you pay for frame data

>>507596003You're beyond retardation, enjoy your expensive shit ass season pass. You should get into the DoA franchise. DoA6 came out with multiple season passes and you'll be dumb enough to gubble all that shit up you ass

>>507597720People were grateful that they had the option of frame data (for a small fee). Yeah, the FGC deserves to be milked to death by these shitty devs

>>507597805>>507598042>its ok when others do it

>Holla Forums suddenly hates DLCWhat happened?

>>507598182Where did I say it was okay? Tekken 7 shits on its fan base all day and they take it mouth open. That's why the FGC is trash. You can probably find frame data mods on PC for Tekken 7 FOR FREE way before Harada released that dlc. It sucks, dude. Fortunately, I'm not into Tekken

>>507595695>every game has to provide hundreds of hours like my rpgs!where the hell did this retarded criticism come from? there's nothing wrong with a $40 story expansion including 3 new characters.

>>507599142Read the other replies. That's why I said the comparison made no sense. You can't compare Iceborne to MK 11's second season pass. If you compare it to other fightan's season pass (which makes sense to do), it's expensive as fuck, but, the FGC Is filled with retards (just read this thread) and they'll buy it anyway

>>507598183>only want to play robocop>forced to pay $40 as no option to buy separatelynu/v/ is defending this

>>507598183Aftermath constitutes as an Expansion.

Ah, sweaty, everything should be legal, that's real free trade unlike commie shit like regulationsI'd purchase a ban for this dumb post if I could

>>507598183the same shit fools that hate mortal kombat bitching about everything the game does

>>507583292According to a guy who marketed the game

>>507581121How much OP is willing to pay.

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>>507586169shut up you nigger go and eat some poo poo

Seeing how MK11 turned out is making me fear of what they might due to Injustce3.

>>507581121>pay 100 dollars because i love the franchise>now they told me i have to pay 40 dollars again when i don’t even know how long is the story mode to justify the buy (can’t be longe than 5 chapter)>only three charactersbeing a fanboy is hell

>>507581121The fucking train simulator game has over $1000 worth of DLC. This is nothing compared to that shit.

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>>507583958>I also think the roster is slightly better

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>>507595978Friendships are free.

>>507591107faggot, the krypt in 11 is great

>>507581121>gay furry niggers play it>tranny faggots do the live stream>worst fucking microtransaction bullshit out of any game besides DOA>Terrible fucking balance> best network shit outside of KI

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>>507595693friendship are a free update

>>507583292>hahaha>best selling fighting game series this gen

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>>507583292>Best Selling>Quality Fighter

>>507602779All the fighters that use rollback and have amazing netcodes aren't worth playing its kinda shit. Just play sets with people with fiber optics and make friends with such people on good fighters.Or play SFV and have the worst of both worlds. I get 1-2f of delay on most fighters with my fiber optics friends. But on SFV we still have stutters and you can feel how bad it is. Its like SF4 green bars at best but when it spikes its much worse because of the visual stutters and nature of that shit game.

>>507602194>muh skimpy costumes fuck off

>>507603076smash isnt a fighting game

>>507602779>worst fucking microtransaction bullshit out of any game besides DOAwhy do retares like this still think the game has microtransaction like that

>>507581121what the fuck did they did to sheeva

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>>507606939why do you keep asking this

>>507581121Look at what they did to Sheeva. My poor babyfucking neverrealm

>>507581374let alone for fucking mortal kombat. you'd think the game that kicked off the fightan game story modes wouldn't have such abysmal fucking writingcan't wait for what little character development they didn't revert already to be fucking annihilated in this shit heap

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>>507606114cope more

>>507606939she looks like she's about to team up with bugs bunny to defeat the Monstars in a basketball game

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>>507607568Well she is known for slamming.

>>507606939>Those word bubbles>Yet artist draws both of them very prettyWere they retarded?

>>507581121No one is forcing you to buy it

>>507607568COME ON AND SLAM

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>>507581121How is RoboCop going to work? The guy is practically immobile.

It's weird, I'm always told that MK sells super awesome but I've never heard people actually talk about the game.

>>507608886It seems like an obvious match given the stiff animations of MK.

>>507609049Then you clearly never went into MK threads prior to MK11. We had MK threads literally 24/7 open for an entire year straight waiting for MKX.

>>507581121Best part is you can get the game with every DLC including this for 60. Comparatively it’s a deal but it just proves to me why I never bothered.

>>507581561its gonna be 4 characters, im calling it. A old story or guest character is going to be revealed last second

>>507609176this meme again

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>>507609049when mk11 came out shitposters went rampant you cant have a thread anymore without the same fools coming in shitposting like mad

>>507583584the graphics, krypt and gameplay are so much better than x. No more 50/50s into 43 percent combos and projectiles actually have recovery

>>507584669you can buy him separately but its way better cost wise to just buy the combo pack

how do I stop low IQ posters on this thread?

its just bundle you can buy characters separately

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>>507610210but you cant do a touch of death combo

>>507589215i dont understand how that isnt realistic while keeping fantasy elements to you

>>507609921It's the truth and always has been. MK has always had shitty animations.

>>507609049It's a fotm thing. Normies but it, play it for a bit, then drop it for the next new thing.

>>507610706they got way better with mkx injustice 2 and mk11 you make it seem like they move like old movie robots

>>507610612yes those guys with dragon scales walking around right now

>>507581121They fucking massacred Sheeva, she went from punk fitness model in a slingkini to Baltimore ape.

>>507611473>punk fitness

>>507611971She's got a mohawk in some games. I didn't think that long enough but my point is old good, new bad.

>>507610984Am I the only one who thinks MK9's animations looked better than MKX's and both Injustice games?

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>>507612987yes you are

>>507612987I just miss MK9 being in the limelight. That game was such a great throwback to MK 1-3 players.

>>507612987As a game I prefer 9 but the animations only get better with each game.

>>507581121>How is this legal?Because freedom. They can set whatever price they want, and their market research told them that enough of their customers would be willing to pay $39.99 for their DLC that it would be a good starting price. Sorry that you like a game played primarily by people who don't mind paying lots of money for this kind of thing. If you don't like it, you could just wait until it's on sale.


>>507612987better game, but the visuals and animations are mucho bettero in the new ones

>>507581121It's priced at $40 so they can justify selling a new retail version (MK11 Kollection) at $60.

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>>507613513I don't know man. MK9's looked better in my eyes. Hardly any stupid-looking neutral poses, body weight behind every attack, etc. This wasn't the case across the board, but I feel like they got worse in MKX.

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>>507614128no everything looks better my guy

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>>507581121I don't know how they allow robots in the Mortal Kombat tournament, either. I suppose maybe they wrote that before they developed those sorts of things.

NRS fags are cucked beyond belief their whole series is an SJW pinny penching shit fest


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>>507583484The only fighting game I’ve bought in years is TFH and it’s well worth the price.


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>>507614419I'm talking STRICTLY animations. MK11 is undeniably a better-looking game.

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I ended up buying it since I knew they were going to do a Komplete/XL release that was cheaper than the game+DLC at launch. It's an alright game. The story is complete dogshit and makes you feel like an asshole for ever being invested in MK lore. The visuals and presentation are really good. I've put a bunch of time into the game already because I like unlocking new costume bits and playing dress-up. Goddamn I miss Ermac.

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>>507616060I hope Aftermath somehow manages to fix the story.

>>507616187Nope. Time to retcon even more of the lore.

>>507616060We all miss the ninjas. I still can't believe they released a modern MK without Reptile. Then, again, he's always had inconsistent appearances.>not in vanilla MK3>not in Deception>not in MKvDCThey'd have to be fucking crazy not to put in Reptile and Mileena as DLC.

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>>507616302The only time I'd be worried is if they didn't include Sub-Zero; he's the only one who's been in literally every main MK game.


>>507616187I'm holding out hope too, man. I don't like being told that everything that happened in these games were from throwaway timelines and that nothing anyone has fought for matters.>>507616302I'm mad that Mileena wasn't in the game to begin with; I'm not even that big of a fan of her. You'd think she would be a pretty important character to be brought into the future. Instead, they made room for new jobbers like Geras and the Kollector.

>>507616302>>507616954I'm a big fan of Mileena but why don't people understand that the devs always do this? Characters skip a game and return in the next one all the time, this isn't a new phenomenon.

>>507617332We know it isn't, but it's frustrating because it's inconsistent. Mileena skipped vanilla MK3, MK4, and DA before making a comeback in Deception. Then, she was absent for MKvDC, until MK9 where she became way more popular, and landed a launch roster spot in MKX. I know she's "dead", but come on, with MK11's premise, everyone is on the table.

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>>507618353Mileena was in UMK3 and MK Gold. Yes it isn't the vanilla game but she wasn't completely absent until Deception.


>>507619470People like this are why MK threads died.

>>507587267Because it is usually done really, really badly. The big issue with story in fighting games is that for a huge chunk of the characters, they realistically wouldn't even be fighting, they'd just talk it out due to being on the same side. Soul Calibur is especially notorious for this in that, despite the fact that over half the cast wants to destroy Soul Edge for explicitly altruistic reasons, they kill each other instead of "yo wanna help me wreck this demon sword?" With no justification given as to why they're killing each other.

>>507581526So South Bend, IN? Home of Mayor Buttplug? Go to Michigan and get arrested, its only a few minutes away.

probably charging out the ass because they had to pay out the ass for licensing

>>507619470>spawnBruh Spawn fits so well in MK that they actually wrote him into the lore. Though I have to admit that I do find it hilarious just how incompetent Skynet is portrayed to be.>why send a replacement?>you failed in your mission>i've only just arrived


>>507616060>The story is complete dogshit and makes you feel like an asshole for ever being invested in MK lore.You sumarissed MK 11 story in a single line

So what changed compared to MKX to 11?I mean gameplaywise. Not story or models or animations.