I still can't believe this is real

I still can't believe this is real

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Any tips for a new player?

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>>507581607Your Wonderful Ones rank up with use, and that ranks up your whole team. So if a Wonderful One has reached Rank 4, make sure you switch leaders for that weapon so a new Wonderful One can start ranking up (you will wind up with dozens and dozens of “leaders” for each weapon type)Rescue every single civilian you can, you will wind up rescuing Wonderfuls which makes your team permanently larger each mission.Shove your wonder-liner into anything that looks like an open hole and wrap it in a circle around anything notable and circular (fountains, flowerbeds, logos, etc)Don’t be afraid of losing and getting shitty ranks on your first playthrough. It’s gonna happen and TW101 has the laxest continue penalty of any action game, just go with it and enjoy the ride, you can worry about ranks after you’ve got your skills.Collect batteries. Battery meter is your “stamina” bar and collecting a bunch of batteries in a level makes your max battery bar larger.Using Space Veggies to mix items is a waste. Save them until you can buy a card (lets you get something from the shop for free) and then spend it on the most expensive shitRemaster makes it super-clear that Guts and Spring are mandatory... but the other mandatory skills are>Attack Liner>Multi Unite>Tombstone>Speed Liner>whatever upgrade lets you make a bigger shape by holding down the morph buttonGuts can only parry blunt attacks, not sharp ones. You can only dodge those.The Witch Time upgrade is a huge game-changer for this reason, since it gives you a way to punish sharp attacks

anyone else find this game's controls more frustrating than fun?

>>507584089Only at first. Once I got used to them, I understood what the game was trying to do, which is essentially make switching weapons something akin to fighting game motion inputs.

I'm at 2-c and i want to uninstall this piece of garbageDoes it ever becomes better or it's just a combination of unfun minigames, half working platformer segments with godawful perspective problems, primitive but frustrating combat where you can barely see what's happening among the myriad of special effects and shitty camera that seems to zoom in on its own all the time?

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>>507584753Yes and the camera zooms in automatically forcing me to reset it again and again, risking eating shit from outside the screen boudns

>>507584089Nah. Brainlets get filtered

>>507584907Sales get filtered too, thankfully

>>507580459>this is realbad

"NEVER EVER" they said...Watch out Ninteniggas, Astral Chain is next !

>>507580459Based Nintendo allowing it

>>507585156Astral Chain is an actually good game so hopefully it will happen

>>507585156>Astral Chain sold over 1 million copieskeep dreaming ponies

>>507585010they've already made literally millions of dollars off of this, it doesn't matter

>>507584089At first, sure. Once the game clicked with me I think they're good. Not perfect, but good.

I remember playing the demo on Wii U, it was shit. Not surprised this turd bombed.

>>507585350This game was one of the main reason Platinum was almost finished by the time of Automata release

>>507585441>t. brainlet

>>507580459how are people playing this if its not out until the 19th??

>>507580459Another game that shows just how truly bad Holla Forums is at video games.

>>507585594backers got codes early

>>507585156We wanted you to play it. It was a great game. Everyone deserves to experience this greatness.

>>507585498That was Scalebound retard. Platinum got paid fully for the TW101. You mouth breathing retards really need to get your facts straight.

>>507585803>That was Scalebound retardIt was bothW101 was a humongous fucking flop

So do Platinum fully own TW101 now or is Nintendo still the owner?

>>507585803W101 really did almost kill Platinum, that's why they had to pump out those shovelware licensed games

>tfw pirating it just to spite Platishit*ahem*FUCK PLATISHIT AND FUCK JAPANESE PHIL FISH


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>>507581607>>507583345Adding onto this:>the Ukemi and Hero parry are absolutely NOT Mandatory, but they're by far the best custom blocks and you should prioritize getting them>guts has two sizes, big and small. Big can only be used with 50+ teams, and some massive attacks (primarily those from bosses and a few big enemies like the angler fish) can only be blocked by big unite guts>unite guts and spring have upgrades, spike guts and drill spring. They can be disabled. Enemies with armour like the turtle and dragons will cause your wonderful ones to scatter and your unite morph will break if your drill spring hits an armoured enemy, consider turning it off or foregoing it all together, it's non-essential and only adds chip damage in fights>the fist makes you immune to fire and getting hit by fire will ignite it, and attacks will throw fireballs>the sword makes you immune to lighting and getting hit by lightning will electrify it, and attacks will stun enemies>getting your combo above 2.5 will also ignite your fist and electrify your sword>the sword will also reflect lasers back at enemies, but only holding it idly not while swinging it around>wonderful 101 will NOT de-aggro enemies if they're off screen. There are even missions based around this fact. In 002-B there is a secret mission with a very of tanks which remain stationary and are too far apart to see all of them at once. You alternate between guts to block cannonballs and sword to reflect lasers. Sounds cues are very important in W101 and some enemies are designed around defending against them while off screen based on sound alone

>>507585938They still got fucking paid. Do you know how the contract process works? Of course you. Any flop was solely the financial risk of Nintendo. Scalebound was a fiasco where Platinum did not get paid in full for their time.>>507585967They are a contract driven dev company. If some o e approaches them to make a game they can accept or decline. Scalebound was shot that hurt due to all the wasted time and resources.

>>507583345How do you switch leaders? I don't mean Red to Blue I mean the other members of the same class.

>>507586506Press Select or whatever to pull up the second screen menu, and then you can arrow around on the menu with everyone on it.

>>507586506On the WiiU it was ever-present on the touch screen while playing on the big screen, I haven't seen the port yet so I'm not 100% sure. But it happens while the game is just in a neutral state like you're standing in the game world. Switching users has a few hidden mechanics. It levels up characters faster (but all characters level up passively, switching is never mandatory) and different body types have different hidden characteristics. I don't remember them all, but fat and muscular wonderful ones move at normal speed despite carrying large unite morphs (which otherwise slightly slow you down).

>>507586506Press back to bring up the mini-screen, then the d-pad will navigate it (rather than using items). If you are on the leader screen, you can select any Wonderful One to set it as a leader for its weapon class. You can see their current rank by the little number by their head (non-numbered recruits are just temporary civ team members, they won’t rank up)

>>507586885>but all characters level up passively, switching is never mandatoryIs this true? I was under the impression this was only true if they actually did damage (e.g. in a team attack) which is why things like gun stinger are great for building rank.

>>507586431>They still got fucking paidYeah and it was clearly not enough compared to how hilariously this thing has bombed lmaoGiven how newbie-unfriendly it is, good riddance

>>507587456>clearly not enough compared to how hilariously this thing has bombedSo you're saying they should have been paid more?

>>507584494Nope. There’s a reason this game sold like shit even on Wii U

>>507587705For this abortion?Nah

>>507587456Keep seething. Platinum incurred no financial loss from the game flopping on the Wii U and the KS was free money along with the new sales of the game. Git gud.

>>507587364Well that is technically true, but regardless they level up despite not being the leader. Gun is a good way to guarantee characters level up, because other unite morphs can only be in 10, 20, 50 and 100200 sizes leaving some wonderful ones out.>>507587456>Given how newbie-unfriendly it is, good riddanceImagine being fucking PROUD of getting casual filtered. Get the fuck off Holla Forums and kill yourself you goddamn nigger kike tourist.

>>507587786But that's what you said..

>>507587796Platinum is only alive nowadays because they got lucky with Automata after Kamiya has almost managed to tank the studio with his self indulgent garbage

>>507587736a lot of games sold like shit on the WiiU, because of the WiiU

>>507587880>Imagine being fucking PROUD of getting casual filteredImagine having Kamiya's cock so deeply in your throat you fail to understand that the game that can't even introduce its own mechanics well is garbage.

>>507588087Camera troubles?

>>507588087Not understanding is by definition a problem which is only ever a problem once. Imagine not willing to commit to literally anything for any sort of pay off.

>>507587931Git gud.


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>20 posts already filtered

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>>507588320Imagine willing to stick with a game that literally spits in your faceYou can't blame anyone dropping this piece of garbage and not advsing it to his friends

>>507588571>LITERALLYstop being such a teenage girl

>>507580459Where is the config file located? I wanna see if I can fix this 59fps thing.

>>507588620Stop defending shit games

>>507588571>still being proud of getting fucking casual filteredI bet you think God Hand is bad too lmfaoI hope you get raped to death with a barbed wire wrapped cock so this board can be even the slightest bit better. But you'd probably like that too since you're so fucking gay your asshole has tastebuds.

>>507588620Not him, but lmaoing at seething fanatics

>>507588938I'm not

>try to draw bomb>get whip>try to draw claws>get whip>try to draw hammer>get whip>try to draw gun>get whipFUCK OFF YOU USELESS CHEERLEADER LOOKING BIMBO SLUT CUNT BITCH!!!!

>>507588952God Hand did an excellent job explaining itself and giving you a COMPLETE toolkit since the very first level.W101 is like an anti-God Hand

>>507589273Boomerang and Gun are the worst fucking case of conflicting doodles I swear

>>507584494Get filtered biytch.If you don't have the patience to finish the game even one fucking time before rushing to Holla Forums to spout your mindless opinions then you don't have the patience to play any game with a learning curve such as this. Just give up.

>>507589273Drawing a little swirl works great for me when I'm trying to get bombs out.

>>507589361Once again, not him, but these seething replies are actually making me lol

>>507589273>hammerTry to do one straight line, then let the stick return to neutral position, then draw a circle.>clawsmake sure the angles are sharp, like almost overlapping>bombI just draw a big loop like a rollercoaster>gunDraw a gun homie

>>507589273Here's a tip. Whenever you're done drawing a line or the shape changes, reset the analog stick to neutral instead of trying to draw the entire symbol in one fluid motion. This ensures that all of your straight lines are perfectly straight.>straight line>finger off the stick>circleFor hammer, for instance.

>>507589492Hey he asked if it was ever going to get better. Just trying to be honest.

>starting a w101 with a console war bait post

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>>507589361This game has no patience to explain any of its mechanics wellWhy should i have patience to deal with its self-indulgent faggotry?

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>>507589346I know I'm not supposed to feed the troll, but doesn't God Hand just toss you into the first level without really saying anything at all? I remember hopping around for a bit to try out the dodges, and wondering what the (difficulty) meter in the corner was supposed to do for a long time. I also remember that your basic moves are pretty shit compared to what you get later.

>>507589617how the fuck is that a console war bait post

>>507589783>controls=mechanicsyou know theres an options menu right

>>507589617He tried to start console war thread and accidentally made people discuss the game. His loss

>>507589806Yeah there's a ton of moves you don't have from the start. The tutorial is basically "Read the goddamn manual" and you're just left on your own to figure out what to do with what you do start with. Dunno what that guy is talking about.

>>507589806God Hand is also just as obfuscated as Wonderful 101, and has blatantly invisible mechanics (which wonderful 101 doesn't have actually, all of W101's mechanics are explained just badly because they're via the UI cards which can be disabled) like the way stunning works.

>>507589806>>507589979If you’re not a retard who is shit at games, the basic moves can carry you through most of the game

>>507589783I 100% agree with you.If you don't enjoy experimenting, adapting, figuring things out, and improving, you will not enjoy this game. There are thousands of games that will hold your hand and not let you make any mistakes and learn things on your own. Go play them instead

>>507589492I almost laughed too but then I saw the post ratio of this thread and realised the guy getting filtered won't let it go.

>>507589806>but doesn't God Hand just toss you into the first level without really saying anything at allThe main menu screen makes it better at explaining fundamentals than anything in W101.The first level is also full of setpieces that are there to show different situations you can get stuck in.>I also remember that your basic moves are pretty shit compared to what you get later.No, the moves you have from the start are among the best for the entire first half.Guard Breaker 1 is THE best guard breaking move because of how fast it is.

>>507589979>>507590076youtu.be/r6pNVG2nC_gYeah, this is exactly how I remember it. >>507590080I never said otherwise.

Players are way too used to being spoonfed. Exploring a game's mechanics stopped being a thing simply because no one has any patience to dedicate to games like this, specially games that are meant to be replayed.Gitting gud was all about learning the mechanics before mastering them, not just mastering.

>>507590298It’s probably just 2 faggots, a fanatic salty bitch and a fanatic dicksuckerI know how these things go

>>507590290It's so fun experimenting and getting shit ranks because the game is hell-bent on introducing enemies you can only beat in 1 way like the spiked faggots or jelly.Oh and the bosses are so fucking amazing for experimenting too with their barrage of unblockable faggotry.This game makes it extremely obvious it doesn't want you to experiment.

>>507580459Does it have better performance?


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>>507589273I just do this for bomb, works every time

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>>507590612>It's so fun experimenting and getting shit ranks because the game is hell-bent on introducing enemies you can only beat in 1 way like the spiked faggots or jelly.This completely contradicts your complaints. If they can only be beat in one way, its all about experimenting until you find what can beat them. There, you learned the game by experimentation and will be able to beat that enemy later.If that kind of thing is not what you like doing, fine. But stop blaming the game when it just isn't made for you.

>>507590612Ohrowchee is basically a tutorial for how to block fire and laser attacks

I've been getting a lot of Whip and Claw drawings mixed up lately.Holy shit why.

>>507589413This.Also I saw someone recommend drawing upside down hammers (like a lowercase phi) and it seems smoother, I wanna try that too.

>>507590612>why am I not getting Pure Platinums on my first playthrough?!?!?!

>>507590781nigga its literally just a circle with a tip at the end, what the fuck are you doing

>>507590874Ohrowchee is a foreshadowing about further shit bosses

Isn't there only a single of the liquid jelly enemies before you get claws too?

>>507591110he's clearly doing a loopy loop

>>5075906811080p/60fps on PS44K upscale/60fps on PS4 Pro

>>507590290Not him but this is a weird take since TW101 doesn’t really make you learn shit. There’s zero penalty for failure, the game never once sets you back and says “try again”.It shouldn’t be possible to get as far as you can in a game like this WITHOUT gitting gud but you can in 101 and that’s part of why it’s hard to learn. It feels like a mess because the game never actually demands you play well.

>>507583345>>507586349>you need a 20 pages long manual to play this gameyeah I don't think I'll bother

>>507590870>This completely contradicts your complaints.My complaints are >>507584494>If they can only be beat in one way, its all about experimenting until you find what can beat them.Which is painfully obnoxious because the game even refuses to tell what you can and can't block>But stop blaming the game when it just isn't made for you.Judging by the fact it sold like shit, this kind of self-indulgent attitude is what was the game's ruin.

>>507591378Well, it tells you you're doing pretty shit, which some people can't handle. >Beating the whole game on normal gets you the "Hero in training" achievement.

>>507591378>There’s zero penalty for failure, the game never once sets you back and says “try again”.This has been the case with most Platinum and Kamiya games. The point is to want to get better at the game and get a better score, like an arcade game. The "try again" here is the low rank which should motivate you to replay the level and get a better rank.

>>507591463Or you could just learn it yourself, fagtron.

Post scores.This is from my first playthrough of the remaster and like 10th overall. Still rusty after not playing for like 5 years.

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>>507591378The "Try Again" is getting consolation prizesAnd in most games with their scoring system deaths are harshly penalized too even if it lets you continue near where you died.

>>507591537There's a reason they designed the block to look like jelly.

>>507591537I'm not going to address all your complaints, the game clearly is not for you so you should just give up and play something else.>the game even refuses to tell what you can and can't blockYour guts block has a shape that accomodates blunt attacks. You try to block slice and piercing attacks and you get hit. You quickly learn that unite guts is only for blunt attacks by doing, guess what? EXPERIMENTATION. Then that problem disappears because you actually learned. Do you REALLY need to get that pure platinum in your first playthrough?Then you have things like the sword blocking lightning which is pretty much shoved in your face. You just don't want to give time to the game and you keep blaming the game itself instead of actually trying to learn it. And that's fine, just realize that the game is not for you and go play something else, plenty of people have fun with it.

>>507591835It looks like a fucking iron weight made from the same goo they make all their weaponsNothing indicates what it can or can't block

>>507591378>It shouldn’t be possible to get as far as you can in a game like this WITHOUT gitting gud but you can in 101 and that’s part of why it’s hard to learn. It feels like a mess because the game never actually demands you play well.I'm the guy you are replying to and I agree with you on this, but I can't think of a character action game other than the original DMC that actually punishes you for losing. I don't know why that is a trend, but its probably so normies and reviewers can still finish the game wihtout getting gud.I still like to play character action games with a pretend "Yellow mode" so that I can have some stakes and actually become somewhat competent before finishing the game.

>>507592040it literally wobbles like jelly

>>507580459What type of game is this? Is it fun?

>>507592243With a cherry on top.

>>507592090Bayonetta hugely tanks your score for dying

>>507592040If you're already half-blind maybe you should drop video games altogether and find a new hobby that won't further damage your eyesight.

>>507591996>You quickly learn that unite guts is only for blunt attacks by doing, guess what? EXPERIMENTATION.Except for the fact it doesn't fucking work on many blunt attacks i've seen as wellIt's not experimentation, it's a trial and error garbage.

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>>507592415So does TW101. Maybe not to the same degree, but you aren't going to get good ranks by playing shitty.


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Did everyone already know that you can reflect lasers with a multi unite sword or am I just dumb? Changed the way I fight lasertanks

>>507592793I think I did that once by accident, but they don't stand still and block for you though, do they?

>>507592543>doesn't notice Guts gets bigger with more Wonderful Ones>doesn't notice you can dodge out of Guts in case it's not big enough to stop an attack

People don't realize that you can control the Vorkken fights by keeping his minions down.

>>507592543The only time it doesn't block a blunt attack is if you don't have enough members, and that is only things like orochi or gah-goojin where you need 50. Try not being bad.

>>507580459I still can't believe this is real

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>>507592543You can't guard a hit that's too powerful if you don't have enough members available to block

>>507592543It does. But the bigger the attack, the bigger the unit (amount of wonderfuls) needs to be to block it.But dude, my honest advice? Just uninstall that garbage, you won't enjoy it with that mindset so its not worth even trying.

>>507592998>But the bigger the attack, the bigger the unit (amount of wonderfuls) needs to be to block it.And let me guess, the threshold for the game to consider something a "bigger attack" compared to "small attack" is hidden deep within Kamiya's anus since it sure as fuck is not a clear visual clue.

>>507592923>>507592927>>507592980>>507592998Beat the game twice and didn't even know this

>>507592907They have to collide with the laser, which of course tracks you, not them. It's hard to time but at some ranges you can run behind and deal some great damage


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>>507593347not really. when you block a big attack while using a small guts, the attack would freeze for a bit, prompting you to escape

>>507590612The “spiked faggots” are just the dudes you’ve been fighting with some armor. Make your biggest whip, rip off the armor in two pulls (bigger whips staggers him faster too) and then go to town with whatever you want once he’s exposed. Jelly blob is one of the weaker designed enemies I’ll admit but it can be pierced with claw and possibly other secret morphs I won’t spoil. Sword is good since it has a laser attack to reflect.

should I play with a ps4 controller or mouse and keyboard?

>>507593347I don't think Orowchee would fit in there, but the only other blunt attacks I can think of that aren't blockable are the robots that turn red, start blowing loud warning whistles, and go berserk across the stage at you. What are you thinking of?

>>507593453I typically shit on journos but this one is on the game poorly explaining itself

So what do all the different stats for each hero represent gameplay wise?

>>507593347Not too hard to experiment on an earlier boss or anything by sacrificing a few wonderfuls before an attack but I believe its 50.

>>507593524Controller. Get used to 360 controller imputs though.

>>507593347>since it sure as fuck is not a clear visual clue.Hey, dumbass, if it's a 61290 ton giant robot, you're probably gonna need a few more members.

>>507593721If shield can block the huge tank jumping on you from above it sure as fuck should block a robot trying to punch you.

all this arguing but this was my favourite wii u game and up there for me in this gen. so full of charm and so fun, i honestly didnt understand how people kept complaining that it was difficult. >>507593453lol

>>507593610>new enemy>is armored, when you try to attack it your morph breaks>tutorial window pops up and tells you to block incoming cannonballs to reflect them>reflecting the cannonball damages the armorI don't know what more you need to explain that can't just be learned by the game.

>>507593885Hoedowns aren't anywhere near as big as gah-goojins. Like not even close.

>>507593721>rude faggot looks things up online and acts like he achieved something gEvery time

>>507594065>projectionI played it on the wii u near launch when there wasn't any guides, dork.

>>507584494If you still feel the same way by the end of 006c or so I’d say it’s safe to assume you’ll never like it. Most people who can stick through it until the credits warm up to the game enough to want to dive into hard mode right away, but I don’t think it’s reasonable to ask you to play through the whole campaign before making that call for yourself.

>>507591204there's like 4 in the entire game (not counting secret missions), only once in a pair and iirc they're weaker because it's a story segment or something

>>507594230Sure you did, bud

I think I'm starting to get a hang of the controls and game game systems...

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Some of the game mechanics are really obvious when you notice them (like sub 50 guts not being able to block giant attacks) but I can see how people won't notice them. Shit like that definitely needed an explicit tutorial.

>>507593610Are you the "bouncy mushrooms in Hollow Knight are dishonest game design!" guy?

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>>507593885You do mean the skyscraper-sized robot and not these, right? Because the scale's a little different between those.

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>Virgin victory operator begins a smiling training courselol those newspaper titles during the credits are great

>another exclusive title with years old circlejerk formed around it turned out to be garbage

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>>507594336It's really not that hard to figure out. Sure, maybe you just learn to dodge Orochi's headslam if it breaks through your guts, but by 002-C, you should be able to realize that if Gah-goojin's punch breaks through, you can't just dodge or else it hits the tower. Since other unite morphs scale with how many members you have, surely guts must as well. Sure enough, once you have enough members you can then block those punch attacks. >>507594678>Wonder-white sets filibuster record

>>507580459>that one shitposter was proven right all this timeIt's not fair my Wonderfuls...

>>507594997Looks like someone got filtered.

do the anons saying guts -> fist is better than hammer, yeah that's true buuuut you still need to open with hammer

Anyone finished already, I wanna know if there's any Nintendo copyright in the credits since they couldn't even talk about during interviews, contrary to Astral Chain when they said that is owned 50-50.

>good game gets ported to PC is now badhow does this always happen

>>507595158Are you talking about the turtles? Because you don't have to open with hammer, you can just wait for a guts and then wail away with a fist its underside. That said I usually do and use a hammer cyclone before trying to bait him into a foot slam I can guts while getting in shots with the hammer if I have to dodge the other one snapping or throwing the flame pillars.

>>507595472I never see them use the single foot stomp by waiting

>>507595158No you don't.

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>>507595586how come they won't start with a single foot stomp against me? they always open with the head attack

>>507595556Stand next to their hind legs, it increases the chance of them doing a single foot stomp from my experience.

>>507595556You need to get close. Turtles are very predictable, but they can be a bitch when there are two and you can't bait them both.

>>507595037All your advices come from someone who spent a shit ton time with the game. Newfag going through the game for the first time won't notice it and it should be GAME's goal to teach you without turning your experience into a shitfest.It's like if Sekiro never explained what Mikiri is, removed the indication and then threw your ass to fight a spear wielding miniboss.

>>507595674They only foot stomp when you stand near their feet.

>>507595251Would make sense to at least have SOMETHING in it.Nintendo did fund the project and I don't know if they would ever be able to make a game like this otherwise. I don't see any other company funding a project like this and it would be risky to self-publish such a niche and hard to market title by themselves. Even the kickstarter was just to gauge interest, interest which was only there because of plenty of discussion about the "hidden gem" it became since its release.

>>507595674It's all about positioning. If you position yourself for a head attack, they'll use their head attack, if you position yourself to be stomped on, they'll stomp.

>>507595727>>507595684>>507595679kk I'll try that next time

>>507595251>I wanna know if there's any Nintendo copyright in the creditsI didn't see anything, original credits is Platinum games, and remastered credits after the scoreboard is Platinum games as well, only a bit shorter

Been saving this image for the day W101 would rise again

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>>507595586That's a pretty easy encounter with the turtles though, they're so close to each other that they'll really only do the foot stomp and you can guts them both at once. The thing with the turtles is that they're more dangerous at range, and when they're far apart so you have to deal with meleeing one while the other is suckerpunching you with its face, it's more challenging.

>>507595972is being a target for shitposting worth it for a revival? I say it is

>>507595687Mikiri's activation is very unintuitive and you really have no perceptive way of figuring it out. Most mechanics in W101 are very intuitive and reward perceptive play, even if at first you might not be able to exactly pinpoint the details of the mechanic.

>>507595687Not him, but I realized the skyscraper robot slam almost worked, and then successfully did it a minute later once I had recruited more soldiers that the game keeps dropping in on you. It felt really good to know that I was right about it being blockable. The game gives you visible feedback about almost resisting it when it doesn't work.

>>507595687Anon, the game shouldn't have to tell you that absolutely gigantic enemies to comical degrees needs more members to block. Use some fucking deduction.

>>507596142of course

>>507595972>cutting out wonder whiteHe's the best part of those images.

Attached: 1589161575733.png (731x627, 663.29K)

>>507596029>>507595832When there are two at a distance, I'll try to set one off balance and then just go to Guts/stun the other while the first is occupied, to make it less likely that I'll have a bite taken out of my ass.

>>507596258>Mikiri's activation is very unintuitiveSame with Guts then

>>507595972I'm mad that it looked so shitty in the remaster, looks like it was a 2D image before instead of a bunch of models.

Attached: 20200509231141_1.jpg (1920x1080, 422.12K)

>that part when the Wonderfuls get fucked up and stay fucked up for the entire game


>>507596142>caring what underage prom night survivors on an FBI honey pot forum sayI'm pretty damn stoked

>>507596605thats a 7 year old meme right there

>>507596286It fucking should because thanks to camera zooming in and out and unclear condition behind the Guts changing its size there's literally no way for newfag to figure it out.

>>507596996just use your fuckin' eyes and see that Guts is bigger with more dudes

I kinda wanna get this but I already played it years ago (and loved it, I wouldn't mind a replay at all) and considering I'm working through Okami right now I feel like I'd get burned out on the whole gimmick pretty hard if I did these two back to back.

>>507596531Nothing like Guts.Guts:>looks like a jelly which can intuitively receive blunt attacks much better than slicing and stabbing attacks>grows bigger as you get more members, meaning it is likely to get stronger too>can easily check if it block an attack or not by simply using itIf you removed Mikiri's explanation, you wouldn't even know it existed. If you knew it existed, just like in W101 you know Guts exist, you would have no clue if it blocks stabbing attacks because its not intuitive at all that you have to fucking dodge into an enemy to step on his spear instead of, you know, something way more intuitive like jumping?

>>507591765I've been getting a mix of platinum and golds so far. I'm far too used to having the bonus characters in my team like Wonder Scarf, Rodin or Jeanne for their bonus abilities. I'll be getting those consolation prizes once I hit 101% hard

Attached: e7e0e7867fd519e935429b6030a7661a806a273e.jpg (660x880, 151.3K)

How do you adjust the camera in this game? Like pull it back?Cant see shit when its like this.

Attached: Screenshot 2020.05.11 - (1920x1080, 3.13M)

>>507595972>not using the endgame version

Attached: 1416943410460.jpg (482x291, 80.34K)

>>507597436Hold L.

>>507597436Some parts like that zoom in too much, it's annoying.

>>507596996What the fuck does the camera have to do with any of this, you incompetent fuckwit? Even new players can figure out that more members = bigger unite morphs. In addition, the camera has absolutely nothing to do with the sheer size of Gah-goojin, let alone the fact that one of his arms is a ship you fucking hijacked and rode inside earlier in the chapter. He's massive, and the camera isn't "inconsistent" to that.

>the fucking writing for the final Vorken fightWhy the FUCK is it so great?

>>507597201are you me? i supported this on kickstarter so im waiting for them to ship it out but i'm also playing through okami and desu, i'm pretty bored of it and i might stop. what did you get up to in okami?

>>507581607Don't expect to be getting higher than consolation prize on your first run through most levels. Playing for rank is something you do after finishing the game and unlocking all your tools.

>>507597591L doesn't do shit there

>>507597776I just started it recently, I'm at the gale shrine or whatever the fuck it was called. I really dig it so far, even though the combat is braindead easy it's just a beautiful enough game and the painting gimmick is neat enough to keep me going.

>most of Holla Forums constantly fellating about how skilled they are and how modern games are cancer for appealing to casuals.>game comes out (well, ported) that actually asks you have powers of deduction>suddenly there are DSPs in every thread whining about how unfair the game isIt's like poetry.

Attached: 1538234904655.jpg (132x235, 4.55K)

>>507597231>which can intuitively receive blunt attacks much better than slicing and stabbing attacksNothing stops real life jelly from stopping small spikes. This entire "it's intuitive" argument is an absolute bullshit, just a bunch of unclear mechanics not unlike what mikiri would've been without a proper tutorial.

>>507592090Screw score, if you die at a boss in Bayo you still have to redo the boss. There’s still a barrier to progress. Meet Grace and Glory and you get as many tries as you want but until you can kill them without dying you won’t move forward.TW101, as long as you can land a single hit before dying, persistence will eventually net you a win.

>>507598269t. watched 2 hours worth of youtube tutorials

>>507598285>cut jelly with a knife>jelly cuts>tap jelly with flat side of a spoon>jelly wobbles but retains its shape

>>507598269Every time in MH threads>New game releases>WAH THIS IS TOO EASY [the first MH the poster played] WAS WAAAAAAAAY HARDER>Expansion comes out>WTF WHY WON'T THE MONSTERS HOLD STILL AND LET ME KILL THEM

>>507598451>tap jelly with flat side of a spoon>jelly wobbles but retains its shapeMore like gets splattered around

What the FUCK am I supposed to do on 002-C? Am I just mistiming guts to block the robot? How do I keep it's blue drill missles from fucking up the thing I have to protect?

>>507598427>I couldn't figure it out so nobody could!


>>507598570that just means you're too powerful for a sub 50 jelly to stop

>>507598578You're not going to get an answer from a bunch of self-fellating autists

>>507598269with all the whining I wonder if the controls are actually fucked or if it's just like it was on Wii U (well besides the gamepad screen anyway) and people really are that shit

>>507598578Get more members, that blocks the fists. He'll also try to psych you out into guarding early, but you should be able to re-guts if that happens. >How do I keep it's blue drill missles from fucking up the thing I have to protect?That one you can do nothing about until you get the hammer next stage, but the damage on the tower won't reflect on your grade so long as it doesn't fall. Circle the puncture holes.

>>507598646Except the size of the jelly doesn't matter IRL eitherAs i said, all these retarded analogies aren't worth shit. Made up garbage you know specifically because you watched guides or learned it from someone else

>>507598285You can easily stab a jelly even with small spikes. The point of it being a jelly is to make it more obvious that it can be stabbed and sliced. The point of it being a FLAT surfaced jelly is to show that it is appropriate to receive blunt attacks. Mikiri is nothing like it man, stop pretending it is.All these things I mentioned are usually things a player doesn't even notice but intuitively acts accordingly anyway. Because that's what good game design is.>>507598570Only if the jelly is not strong enough and the spoon hits too hard, but if you just tap it lightly with a spoon it should hold up. If you used the exact same force and speed with a knife, it would go right through it.

>>507598057>gale shrineoh well the combat gets better from there cause they slowly dish out more brush techniques but then for me it plateaued after a certain point again.

>>507598724The controls are exactly the same.

>>507598724i played on wii u and never used the touch screen to draw and i never struggled with it. im thinking theres a lot of retards in this thread.

>>507598831>Made up garbage you know specifically because you watched guides or learned it from someone elseHow did the first person discover it then, shithead?

>>507598269This game is completely unique of its kind, theres' literally nothing like it, even IF you'e played Okami, Viewtiful Joe, Bayo, etc. It's completely understandable to criticize some of the shit the game throws at you. Especially when you usually only get one 'tutorial' for everything, its fucking hard to pay attention to all the shit going on when you're still trying to grasp the base mechanics and you're getting new one's every other minute. The game could stand to have an ACTUAL training mission. Not a fucking bus ride setpiece.

>>507598578>Am I just mistiming guts to block the robot?See the discussion about how a guts under 50 members can't stop giant attacks.Also he can feint his punch, he he drops and his then stops dodge out of it.>How do I keep it's blue drill missles from fucking up the thing I have to protect?If you attack its head enough, it'll stop whatever attack it's doing. The biggest sword is best for this since it'll let you attack from further away. Also note that you don't have to prevent the tower from taking damage to win, it just has to survive. You can let it take his then repair the damage by circling it.

>>507598808I think you can also shoot his fist during the windup to interrupt the attack

>>507598831>specifically because you watched guides or learned it from someone else>if I couldn't figure it out, nobody could!

>>507598462That's only happened with World and it's only because of salty tendies who are mad they can't play the series any more

>>507587456>Given how newbie-unfriendly it is, good riddanceAKA, I get fucking filtered in most games that require skill.Don't worry buckaroo, you might git gud someday.

>>507599091>repair the damage by circling itShould've guessed

>>507599402People did the same shit with Gen and GU (even though they were both easier because of the cheese options they give you, except for soloing the super duper EX gofuckyourself Deviants)

>>507592907Ur dum


Attached: 2354662244224546.png (575x288, 253.36K)

Incidentally, I also confirmed that you can't mess with the camera here, so it isn't zooming in or out no matter what.

Attached: splat.webm (1280x720, 2.97M)

>>507599782stoled, i love this game so much

>>507585215>Astral chain>actually a good gameYeah, nah. Just finished it and while there's some sparks of greatness it has all the shit as other platinumgames that bring the fun to a complete halt

>>507599782Yes, actually.

>>507580459Why not? Platinum wanted a quick buck and made it happen. Now the game exists on a platform where 10 people might actually play it.

I'm surprised I still remember all these fucking secrets.

Attached: 20200511213726_1.jpg (1920x1080, 425.01K)

>>507600120>wtf why isn't this game just a glorified bloody palace like DMC5not that I don't like DMC5 but there's nothing wrong with gameplay variety

>>507590874You can block fire attacks? I did that whole fight avoiding them.

>>507599782Use this version. I forget to edit out the back by Immorta

Attached: 2354662244224536.png (575x288, 252.03K)

>>507600472yeah, just put a fist up and it completely blocks the fire breath. Works on Diedough-goos too.

>>507600231>Platinum wanted a buckfixed

>>507600458That and the box that spawns on the final boss stage are the only secret in the entire game that had to look up. Those are just absurd.

>>507600472This is one of the few things that I think they should have taught you clearly sooner, rather than leaving it in the tutorial menus. It comes up later, but still a few chapters after Orowchee.

Attached: 20200508204401_1.jpg (1920x1080, 321.26K)

>>507600595works on everything you get secrets that way too

>>507600120right? the puzzles and platforming suck and i dont know why they put so much emphasis on the platforming. the combat isnt as sharp as bayo 2 either.>>507600463he didnt even say anything about dmc5. >>507600568aight

>>507600886Someone in a thread yesterday said they should have put a tutorial on the bus level for it, like make you put up hand to walk through a bus car that's on fire.Because there's literally fire in the first level and it doesn't tutorialize you on fire immunity until the 5th fucking operation.

>>507600458Fuck that one secret mission in 2b(? I think) that you need to run the liner up a random billboard to find

>>507598269that has always been Holla Forums

>>507599709also note that you can repair a lot by drawing a big circle

>>507601138Yeah, I remember that. Seems like a good idea, honestly.


lol I found out pink likes it if you get hit by vorkken in his boss fight

Attached: kiss.jpg (236x196, 9.53K)

>tfw the rust is finally going away

Attached: 20200511220918_1.jpg (1920x1080, 542.62K)

>>507593630They’re just a gag.

>>507593630>The Meizerr is all 4444>Chewgi is all 5555>Vorkken is all 6666what does it mean?

>>507595832You can pull their hooked tails with Unite Whip, but this seems to only knock them on their bellies for a few seconds to make an opening for Hammer.

>>507597436Hold L to push the camera out. That being said, this specific phase of this specific fight has a bug where resolutions above 1080 pushes the camera out of position and give you a horrible view.

>>507603152I was just in the middle of uploading a video of it to youtubeyoutube.com/watch?v=4u01kOgQaxs

Attached: stretch.png (237x187, 39.98K)

>>507598724I find that the liner is actually more reliable since to a more stable frame rate.

>>507604907oh wow she even has a special game over scream

>>507604907I can't tell if she looks happy or not as she's dying.

>>507580459Whoever thought the 2C boss was good should kill themselves. It's entirely predicated on countering attacks with predefined moves

send help

Attached: Untitled.png (1891x1073, 3.76M)

>>507606753>not blasting him in the face with constantly the gun


Attached: thumbs down.webm (1280x720, 2.94M)


Attached: thumbs up.webm (1280x720, 2.9M)

Attached: 1589219111851.webm (1280x720, 2.93M)

why is this so hard my hand is killing me

Attached: TURN.png (1919x1075, 1.72M)

>>507607161i got pure plat on it, thumbs me up plz

If anyone has webm requests, let me know. But they need to be short because the game's vibrant colors tend to fuck up quality.


Attached: godaithumb.png (640x360, 376.47K)

>>507608080Could you make a webm of the cutscene where the gravestone is analysed?

So here's a question. If you already have all 100 heroes, that means you don't need to recruit right? But then wouldn't that tank your 100 citizens rescued score? also speaking of scores I still don't get the enemy weapon held.

>>507608346I knew exactly where I was keeping that one.

Attached: heyourgay.webm (1280x720, 2.86M)

ITT we discover the biggest PlatinumChad

Attached: platinum.jpg (839x1500, 474.72K)

>>507608762are you >implying Transformers Devastation is low tier?

>>507608762>Automata>better than Bayo 2 or DevastationNo. You can't even list it as a Platinum title regardless since it's a Taro game.

>>507608630The enemy weapon held is for finishing a mission while holding an enemy weapon.It and the 100 citizens rescued do not affect your final rank, only how much money you get from the mission.The only thing that affects your final ranking is the individual score of each mission, and whether you missed any of them.

>>507608939>developed by Platinum>Platinum's logo is in the titles>not a Platinum title

>>507608630The citizen rescue score is just a bonus for money, it doesn't effect your ranking. By the time you have all the wonderful ones you probably don't need o-parts anymore, and even if you do, it's a small bonus. Enemy weapon held is the same, and the way it works is you get the bonus if you reach the wonder mart at the end of the stage holding an enemy weapon, doesn't matter when or where you got it or if you've ever even used it.

>>507608939>>507608925those arent meant to be low tier those are not played games. I shouldve made that more obvious

>>507608630You can still rescue citizens, they just won't join your team.

>>507609169>>507609201Ahh so there's really no punishment for missing out civilians? Nice.


>>507606753You know you can attack him whenever you want, right? Not just when he attacks?

>>507588526You can’t filter people with no trip

>>507593603Vorkken's Tombstone attack I think.

>>507609807you can filter by name, tripcode, post, individual words, image MD5s, filenames, filesize, and image dimensionyou can also just click the little minus to hide a post and all its replies.

>>507593603Can you block Wonder-Jergingha's big punches? Not the side to side hooks, the one where he holds his fist way up in the air and then punches the ground. I tried and my guts was broken, but I don't remember if I had any members knocked out at the time.

>>507609486theres no space for 101 so it defaults to star platinum

Attached: platinum.jpg (839x1800, 478.11K)

yo can someone tell me how the fuck to get pure plat combo on the segment where you're controlling the big laser ship from the inside with the big buttons. I've tried it a few times and ive only been able to get silver

>>507610306IIRC, when he's doing that attack, it's not a punch, he's stabbing the ground with his sharp nails, so it can't be Guts'd. After a few of those, he gets his nails stuck in the ground which lets you get in a few attacks.

>>507610641I didn't put that together even though I know exactly what you mean about his fist getting stuck in the ground, didn't think about why. Thanks.

>>507607007the gun is worthless except for the designated qte counter

>>507584494Sorry guys was meant to post this in the Warioware general

>>507610306Yeah, what >>507610641said. There's a big red effect there to warn you about it, but as you can see I tried to Guts it as well.

Attached: vlcsnap-2020-05-11-20h15m26s137.png (1920x1080, 2.97M)

>>507610795No prob, man. That's why we're here, to help folks out in times of need.and posting copious amounts of Vijounne

Attached: vijounnered.jpg (800x1000, 148.21K)

>>507610926The gun is for building and maintaining your combo multiplier, dummy. You can also hit his head with your other morphs.

>>507588526>add -oomer filter>when someone talks about Vorkkies boomerang it gets filtered

>>507588620Stop replying to that guy, he thinks a game that rewards you for time spent is "spitting in your face"I think this is the "Kamiya betrayed us" guy but I'm not sure

How do you use Unite Rocket?

>>507611403Mash jump.

>>507610306He does have another punch without the red effect, I assume you can Guts it but I dodged it, and he only did it once in my fight.

Attached: vlcsnap-2020-05-11-20h21m33s789.png (1920x1080, 1.99M)

>>507611403If you mean the controls, you just mash the jump button. As for applications, obviously, you can go up high with it, in combat that use is pretty limited. During a juggle you can hit the enemy with a bomb, tombstone down to the ground, and rocket back up into them, but it's pretty unwieldy and will probably end your juggle, whether the enemy dies or not. Looks cool though.

>>507604129Death related? 4 in chinese/japanese pronounced very similar to death in those languages, there's 4 of each number?

>>507611276little late on the uptake there, user

Attached: 1389743330662.jpg (1280x1280, 1.24M)

Is it viable to play Wonder Director?

Attached: 1388903222482.png (320x120, 2.55K)

>>507591463I mean you could just play the game. Besides, Dominions is a series where it's manual is literally 200+ pagesStop being a casual

>>507611973Goggles is annoying to draw, annoying to use, and Kamiya dies in one hit, so yeah, go for it.

Remember the guy a few threads ago that said it was "lore bullshit" he could use Sword but not Crossbow?

>>507611973if you like Hell and Hell in DMC, yeah

>>507594506>dishonest game designWhat?

>>507593630>that one Wonderful One with a 0 in leader

>>507612637Some retarded youtuber and a twitter grill gamer Holla Forums likes to shill for free (You)s that believe needing to pogo off the purple mushrooms in the fungal wastes is """dishonest game design" because there's no in-game tutorial prompts teaching you specifically that pogo jumping is a thing that exists.

M+KB or controller for this one?

>>507594606Holy shit you can Guts those? I never gets Guts to deflect stuff for me, no idea what I'm doing wrong

How come none of the other boss fights could capture this hype?

Attached: 20200510174811_1.jpg (1920x1080, 578.24K)

>>507612795I'm pretty sure he was faking tweets from people, at least one time he posted a twitter screencap that wasn't real.

>>507598269>user discovers Holla Forums is filled with hypocritical retardsWait till I tell you about /vr/, the board that doesn't even play

>>507612853I've heard funky things about the M+KB controls but I haven't tried them myself. It was clearly designed around a controller, though.

>>507612874You can gut pretty much every blunt attacks in the game. Just be careful it's not the variant of that enemy that has drills for hands, those can't be gutted.

>>507598686Are you the guy who didn't understand why you couldn't use crossbow after Immorta left lmao

>>507613239Can you guts Vorkken's hammer? Maybe I'm fucking up but it hasn't worked for me

>>507613330Yes, but you might need 50+ active Wonderful Ones to block it if it's large enough.

>>507613330Yes, but I do remember somebody saying his larger hammer move is one of the ones you need at least 50 members to successfully block. I have no idea if that's true myself, I've never failed to block it.

>>507613330You can't block the shockwaves, so you need to get right under his hammer to block it, or those will knock you back.

>>507613387>>507613418I see, I think my issue that I have a couple members knocked out during the fight so I'm just under 50 members for the guts

Do I have to play the other 100 first?

>>507608762>platinum>god hand and okami

>>507613596open the image again, and take a closer look at the title

>>507611635>>507611447I mean I mash jump, but it just charges the rocket instead of flying

Wonder cheerleader is rooting for you to get pure platinum's don't let her down

Attached: wonder cheer.png (1668x1672, 403.56K)

>>507613706Did you try not mashing jump anymore after you charge the rocket

>>507612960I mean you clearly literally haven't finished the game or even gotten past that operation>>507613595Wonderful 20-28 is the greatest stretch of games in history. Wonderful 79 was a return to form>>507613818But if I stop pressing buttons I'll die. I'll try that though

Wonder Pink is best shortstack, hopefully the resurgence of W101 generates some more art of her

Attached: 6937b3b5ab2b91c599a20177d74d2e78.jpg (1024x1149, 151.14K)

>>507613706Have you been mashing this whole time

>>507613780>censoredPost an imgur link or something

>>507613914Pink is worst W101 girl though

Attached: vijounnetongue2.png (440x640, 199.99K)


Attached: 20200509171149_1.jpg (1920x1080, 169K)

>>507610478Thank you

>>507613595No, just play Wonderful 99, which is a retelling of the entire story from Wonderful 1 to 98. Wonderful 100 is a gacha phone game with minimal lore so you can just skip it. Then you're ready to play Wonderful 101. Wonderful 0 is a non-canon prequel with lots of in-jokes about the series, it's worth playing at some point after you've familiarized yourself with the main games' story (so probably after Wonderful 99)

lads, how the fuck do i get pure platinum on this.

Attached: pc8Pw3n.png (1901x1075, 2.54M)

>>507614686shoot down as many enemies as you can, and try to get a decent combo on the one tank that spawns inside the ship

>>507613595This is the only other game you need.

Attached: Wonderful 101 prequel.jpg (454x430, 36.99K)

>>507614875theres two, im in hard mode. i've just been reflecting their shots back so I can't combo them in time. should i be using hammer or something?

>>507614454Wonderful 39 was one of the more unique ones and is still worth trying out, though. Who would've expected a rhythm action game to work so well?

Attached: vijounneicon1.png (408x332, 154.84K)

>>507609847>>507613528Tried it with just 20 dudes, I'm pretty sure the gravestone is unblockable, but the hammer is blockable with only a few members.

Attached: vorkken tomb and hammer.webm (1280x720, 2.96M)

>>507615338Don't give Kamiya any ideas.

Attached: 1589067536955.png (690x545, 555.3K)

Blunder Red of Dearth

Okay on 002-C, whenever wonder pink appears on screen while you're still fighting the robot on the tower, how come I can never get her special move to work there? I'm assuming you latch onto the pink fighter jet with her? A lot of the time with these "hidden" cinematic morphs I get the right morph out but fail to trigger it. Do I need to attack or just hold it?

>>507616257I have faith in Kamiya, whatever he does. One of my current dream games is a Symphogear game by Platinum so that might have something to do with it

Attached: vijounnesweater.png (740x1184, 715.49K)

>>507615457the hammer is blockable, you just have to be smack dab under it rather than getting hit by shockwaves

>>507616548From my experience, in most you just need to hold it, but I'm not so sure with that one.

>>507616548That one is weird, it's always been weird. I think part of triggering the counter is you need to stand in the center of the tower, otherwise you don't grab the fighter jet. Because I have triggered it before without swinging, but not consistently.I also have no fucking idea how green's counter works on that fight either.

>>507617086You use gun and start shooting towards the truck he's about to throw. If you hit it, the truck explodes dealing a lot of damage to the boss.

>>507608762I appreciate the Lost but not Forgotten tier

>>507613595There isn't 100. Nintendo skipped over Wonderful 69 for obvious reasons.

>>507613914How about some art of her stealing my fucking meter when I try to draw hammer or gun?

fuck I missed the billboard secret area

Attached: 32142605-abcd-4db0-b29f-975c107577fe.png (1903x1069, 3.4M)

I don't understand unite gutsSometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.I don't get sword reflecting beams eitherSometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.

Hey fellas just curious does the word "Nintendo" appear anywhere in the remaster- opening credits, ending credits, or wherever?

Attached: 1396300825631.jpg (431x795, 168.17K)

>>507618726Guts only works on blunt attacks, and it needs to be big enough on big attacksDo you have a specific instance of the sword not working on lasers?

>>507618726>I don't understand unite gutsIt blocks blunt attacks. The bigger the attack, the bigger your Unite Guts need to be to block it. Your Unite Guts gets bigger for every 25 members in your party.>I don't get sword reflecting beams eitherOnly the actual sword reflects the beam, if it hits your leader you'll take damage.

>>507618979Why the fuck does that matter

>>507618979I know it's been removed from the opening credits, replaced with an health and safety warning about playing in a well lit room away from the screen. Don't know about the end credits, but it's probably gone too.

>>507619037>The bigger the attack, the bigger your Unite Guts need to be to block it. I DIDN'T KNOW THIS

>>507619740It's only a few specific cases with big bosses.

Has anyone gotten a upskirt shot of Vijounne yet? Might be possible during her first fight as blue when does some pole dance spin

>went back to the beginning levels>still miss a bunch of secret levels within themYeah I'm going to use a walkthrough for this I want to make sure I at least get all the heros.

>>507610478Where is P.N.O3?

Attached: 1589253112124.jpg (839x1586, 318.68K)

What am I doing wrong with the Tiekuu fight? I can't seem to hit him when I absorb his balls and fire back

>>507620303Why do you need an upskirt when her panties are on display anyway?

Attached: vijounnecape.png (630x1192, 356.22K)

As much as I love this game, it really did need a more fleshed out tutorial.

>>507620709Make as big a sword as possible to attack them with, you need the range to be able to hit them while the heads are up. If you're able to stun them (like after certain QTEs, or if you manage to guts the head bash) then the head will stay down for a few seconds and be open to attack.

>>507620858Play on easy or lower, there's a whole bunch of new tutorials added that should have just been a setting for all difficulties.