How would your vidya wife feel about you fapping to her?

How would your vidya wife feel about you fapping to her?

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I don't fap to her!

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>>507574528Great. She'll give me that signature smug smile. It's a show of respect, and love.

>>507574528she's not real


I love Kasumi!

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>>507574528/v/ btfo

>>507574909she's not your wife then

>jacking off to anything but your waifungmi

>>507574909Ok cuck

>>507576627All I can think about when I see Reisen is what life would be like with her, my boner goes to my heart!

>>507576134That's an amazing wife you have there. Keep her happy and satisfied.My wife is Zeta. I didn't like fighting games until I met her. I forced myself to git gud, because of her.

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>>507574528>fappingWe're mentally having sex.

>>507574909Your wife is my medical experiment, my dude.

>>507574528Iroha in particular would not mind if gana-sama fapped to her.

>>507574528That was fast.

>>507574528I don't have a wifeI fap to whatever I want to

>>507574528Iroha was literally made for masturbation.


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>>507579071This person gets it. Having a powerful imagination helps a lot.

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>>507574528So what's this nonsense about?

>>507574909i missed you reisenfagi hope the other guy comes back soon, i want him to tell me im a good user one last time...

>>507574909Can I fap to her then?

>>507579735Iroha is sad about how times has change in the past all we be celebrate her return instead she got banned fir being just her

>>507574528Iroha is a submissive maid who's role is to eagerly supplicate for the whims and wishes of whoever becomes her master, in this case the player. She wouldn't take any offense to the player's perversions because it is in her character to please and serve. This reaction fanart is retarded and Iroha would suck dick without question.

>>507580070I mean what happened on the twitter shit, not the picture.

>>507580071congratulations, you completely misinterpreted the picture

>>507579735Official SamSho twitter makes a joke. Woman gets butthurt. Vintage twitter outrage.

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>>507579746I never left!

>>507580556I could entirely use a larger picture of her ass, if you would be so kind.

>>507580071I think you're mixing up what Iroha is reacting to in that picture.

>>507580385O some faggot sjw bann the tweet acount or atleast the comments

>>507574909I DO.

>>507574528She'd probably just be confused as to why I'm fapping instead of just having sex with her

>>507580556SFV all over again

>>507580556that's it?

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>>507581587That's all it takes these

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>>507581587People have gotten outraged on Twitter for less.

>>507581935>>507582053a retweet of what's still technically a screenshot of the very trailer they themselves posted and the word "horny".It's sad that we live in a society that's not ruthless and corrosive, but rather thin skinned, whiny, and apologetic.

She feels it very deeply due to her abilities

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>>507582181This phenomenon is more ‘corrosive’ than any abrasiveness.

Woman expert here. Women get a hug ego boost knowing they made a man cum.

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>>507582357hug egos are my favorite

>>507582181Public mass executions, or another world war could fix our problem. A nation of bitches. I never asked for that. (I'm American)

>>507582357doesn't everyone

>>507580929Would she have sex with you?

>>507580071>Iroha would suck dick without question.based

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>>507574528Fun fact, I am my vidya waifu

ohnononono coomers hahahahaha!ohnononono coomers hahahahaha!

>>507574528I havent fapped in almost a year thx to my depression


i dont fap to fe*ales

>>507581935Faggot devs should have done the dragon's crown approach and draw naked burly dwarves for that Kotaku faggot.

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>>507574528That image makes no sense, Iroha canonically loves and wants to fuck the player.

>>507579735>A single samsho player(?) complains about the samsho Twitter page being horny and they apologize >a bunch of coomers who have never played the game start seething

>>507585274She's making that face due to the "outrage"

She would call me a stupid faggot little cocksucker.

>>507574528My waifu isn't from video gamesUnless you count a shitty gacha cash-in


>>507584519Sauce me please? Reverse image search gives nothing

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How would your vidya wife feel if she found out about your fetishes?

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>>507586738Hopefully she doesn't mind hand holding and leg locking!

>>507587007You sick fuck.


>>507586687 go to hentai cafe and search for maid or something

I think she would be pissed but all I would have to do to calm her down is cook her some steak

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>>507585212I always laugh when people unironically post that dickwad’s tweets on here

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>>507574528I think she would be open to the idea.

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>>507574909You're a good man, reisenfag. I don't jerk it to my wife either. I'm only going to allow myself to get off with her once I've got a better computer and have VR running well, while using a life size torso sex toy.Gotta make it feel real or not do it at all.

I'd never fap to my vidya wife. She's too wholesome for that.

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>>507586738The only even remotely weird thing I'm into is kemonomimi, which she is, so I don't think it'll be an issue

>>507586687hishigata tomaru apartment maidIt's a fakku thing and it won't let me post a link

>>507586738Fat tits and garterbelts?>>507589669If it's not on sadpanda because of fakku then usually nhentai will have it, as shit as that site is.

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>> are right

>>507580556Nothing wrong with that imo. They should have some actual standards.

daily reminder that the latest Blade Runner film directly criticized the idea of waifu shit and yet it's still just become a rallying icon for otaku scum and incels alike because they misread the film as ABLOO ABLOO Y NO PIXEL GF

>>507579626>almost infinite choices>pick pedo b8 loli chestlet

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>>507586738Highly disgusted at first, then she'll do a smug smile. Then immediately squat down over me, and let me have it full blast...

>>507590703It's almost like people preferring unattainable perfection over harsh reality predates the internet, anime, or most of recorded history really.

>>507590703Sounds like your the one who misread the film normalfag

I want to fap to a girl from Holla Forums and know what she thinks about it

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>>507581587source please

>>507591170true, there have always been mentally ill sadsacks who prefer to live in their heads instead of in society, and they have always been shat on


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>>507585632I got that reference

>>507591361Ever wanna fap to a blast from the past while making both parties involved feel good?

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>>507591475Have you seen society? Yeah, fuck that. LOL "shat on."

>>507591958hotbut did she post on Holla Forums or anything?



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>>507590836>boohoo stop liking something I don't like!! :(

I don't fap to my vidya wife.

>>507574528someone may explain pic related?

>>507592441Mating press Mikan!

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>>507592640Then you obviously don't love her.

>>507590836Well... yes? It's next to impossible to do that irl, so why not get the best possible option you can?

Reminder that there's no such thing as a "vidya wife". You have ONE waifu and she's simply your "waifu". If you need to specify where she's from because you believe you have multiple, you actually have nothing.

>>507592817I love her, just not in that way. She is too pure for me to sully by masturbating too. Besides, she has a canonical girlfriend and I am happy for them.

>>507593020Even if you're mormon?

>>507574528I'm sorry, what happened? I don't know the full story.

>>507593262Read the thread.


>>507592362Everyone seemed to be in agreement that all the ancient Momo spam felt like her and her first cuckboi astroturfing up until everyone was tits or gtfo

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>>507593389Ah ok I see now. >>507580556

Disgusted.Not because of the act itself, she probably loves that people find her so sexy. Boost to her ego.Its the fact that I'M doing it that would repulse her.

>>507593647>that picholy shit it's fucking gross

>>507582357If that were true I would have received nudes at least once.

>>507582357why are you a woman expert

My waifu >>>>>> all of you're waifus combined

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>>507593036Ha, I went through that phase with Android 18. "I'm happy for her and her family. Yay..."I got angry after 12 years, then I left her. I met a character name Zeta... She belongs to me, and only me. I'll vaporize anyone she's attracted to, canon or not.

>>507594465Yo, she's cute, but come on now. She's nothing to my Queen Zeta

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Coomers should be gassed, they always go over the edge and look for validation for their autism.

>>507574528I don't.

>>507580556It is honestly a dumb tweet, too specifically sexual for an official account of a non-erotic game

>>507595232>he says, looking for validation for his autism

>>507595232Seriously. What do they think this is, a video game image board?

>>507574528>patreon advertisement in pictureyikes

>>507594357Dude just trust me

>>507594357funny yum yum pills


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>>507593843>boco gets off to humiliationnot sure why this surprises me honestly

>>507594465...that's a cat.I don't mean a cat girl. Your waifu is literally a fucking cat.

>>507574528She would be fine because she loves me so much it hurts

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>>507596079A cat is fine too

>>507596052Wait, where did I say that?

>>507596412You wear a trip.

>>507574528Extremely honored since her whole purpose is to serve humans.

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>>507593647what the fuck creature is this

>>507574528I have never fapped to me waif and I don't ever plan on doing so

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If my waifu existed, she wouldn't like me anyways so fapping wouldn't change ship.

>>507595565>non-erotic gameAnon are you so oversexed that a girls cleavage top to bottom isn't even considered sexual that it needs to explicitly have nipples to be sexual?

>>507597817Not really. She could be disgusted by you enough to make you stop. If she were real, that is.

>>507574909Why the fuck not?

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>>507598076Sure if she was actually interested in me at all. I guess her entire shtick is making you a better person so I don't know.

>>507587157>go to hentai cafe>as in, a hentai themed cafeHow long has that been a thing?! What do they do there? I'd be veeery reluctant to eat anything there.

>>507598263See >>507576908

>>507598479There is no such thing.

>>507598707Why the fuck not?!


>>507574528I don't fap to my vidya wife, she is too pure for that, I'll ignore her potential feelings of her knowing I fap to almost every other female charachter in the franchise.

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>>507574528I don't get it.Iroha is upset because she's being used as fap material or because people complain about her being used as fap material?

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>>507586794>3 women felt bad>shut down everythingSimps will be the end of civilization.

>>507600094Time to pack up.

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>>507574909Reisenfag, I admire your dedication.

the eternal cyclecorporation tries to get PR through social mediastarts as cold and professional and doesn't produce any good tractionsees other companies that are on social media being less formal and more humoroustries to be funny and relatable and gets decent PRsuddenly a post offends someone or the friendly shtick becomes tiresomerepeat

>>507593647All women should strive for her weight.

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>>507600096Simps gonna simp but the fact that the twitterer got in trouble and the tweets were removed is the problem.

>>507593647>>507600582momokun is fucking despicable and it isn't her being fat, she is just a fucking awful human being/

>>507574528I don't fap to her, I have sex with her.

>>507600826How'd ya manage that?

>>507600910Lucid dreaming

>>507600582guys really lust after this and don't see nothing wrong

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>>507600714Oh yeah, she's a huge bitch no doubt.

>>507600826Lucid wet dream?

>>507600582the pathetic lanklets that find this attractive will forever confuse me


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>>507600960Yes!!! You know the trick. I like you!!

She'd say nothing. Just sit down in front of me. And smugly WATCH me pound it just to see how long I could keep going.

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>>507574528Girls looking at you like trash is such a top tier fetish

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>>507601925>>507602048It isn't, you're just trying to rationalize your tastes as anything but degenerate filth.


>>507601925shit fetish

>>507602390I'm not into NTR, sorry!

>>507602258It's not even that degenerate tho. It's pretty tame even compared to some shit normies think is alright( like the pathetic food fetish ).

>>507602258I just like those kinds of eyes. I don't care about the act if being looked at if I am trash, but the eyes of it I like.

>>507600582She's half-photoshop and half-snapchat filter on a good day

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>>507602789I never reported something so fast in my life.

>>507602258fetish tiers are basically based on two things:1: degree of degeneracy2: covertness of degeneracySo something upfront and shocking that everyone is instantly aware of. Thats a shit fetish.But something that seems somewhat bening or odd and then slowly grows into a realization of perversion the more you think about it. Thats a great fetish.So disgusted looks is pretty high ranking fetish, because at first one might think its the opposite of something anyone would enjoy, and then they start to contemplate it and realize.

>>507574909She's built for breeding though.

>>507602858Figures you yt cuckbois can't handle REAL anime proportions and features irl (in real life)

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>>507602789>The markEveryone is so eager to become of this world.

>>507603053I like short, sticc girls so fuck off.

>>507602789Idc about that desu, she's just the right amount of fat I'm looking for.

>>507592528Wasn't said or implied.

No iroha posting?

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>>507603328Good. Iroha a shit.

>>507600582anon, she got liposuctionshe is shaped like donkey kong outside of the good angles or photoshop

>>507582357Why? Making a man cum is easy as fuck

>>507574909That would make her feel even more creeped out than otherwise

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>>507602789She needs to keep getting fatter to fuel my dick lust for women gaining weight uncontrollably.

>>507603573>she got liposuction

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>>507600582She was a solid slampig until a year and a half ago, that was when it started to affect her neck/chin and get out of hand.

>>507602894>>507602616My niggas. Here's your reward.

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>>507603849Too bad you missed the boat

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>>507600582I don't care if she's a rapist or art thief or whatever, I want to blow the biggest load in or on her.

>>507586738Cuckoldly, so probably okay.

>>507603543>tripfag is a massive fucking faggotwow, color me surprised

>>507604349Don't reply.


>>507579735(order of events might be wrong)>official english samsho account has fun with iroha's DLC, makes jokes about people being horny on main, etc. VERY positive response>A competitive SNK player, a woman (transsexual possibly) complains about this>In their defense, they say they never had a problem with feeling uncomfortable in the community or with the character Iroha, but felt uncomfortable about the "horny jokes" the official account was making>tweet didn't get much mileage at all (not even more then 200 likes) so no one should have cared>but somehow a graphics programmer from SNK (Jim Bulmer, who is very engaged with the community) saw the tweet and responded, supposedly saying something about it being a bit "unprofessional" (unsure since they are deleted now)>people thought Krispykaiser, the guy behind the official account, was going to get fired, so there was blowback to Jim Bulmer responding>Jim Bulmer likely had no suck intention, but deactivated his twitter likely just to wait for the drama to blow over (though people are going with the narrative he was "harassed" when no such thing occurred)>tweets on the official account got deleted despite the positive press, apology postedA lot of hoopla over nothing, they should have just told him behind closed doors to cut down the shitposting and leave it at that. Didn't need a public spectacle of an apology and a programmer even touching it with a 10 meter pole.

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will this shit ever end

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>>507604741Not until the day of the rope for all outrage faggots unfortunately.

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>>507600714>>507601086>>507604102Sorry for being out of the loop. What she did?

>>507604641People still go to that website?

>>507604916they keep pushing and pushing it, it's gonna blow up so beautifully

>>507605068she got in trouble for touching people without in actual sexual ways, she didn't understand boundaries and got booted for it.

I'm always nice and respectful to other people's Waifu. You like a one eyed squid girl? Cool. You like a pile of mud that looks like a girl? Right on.I hate elves, red eyes, green skin and black hair. If your waifu has all of the above, I'll still be nice. I'm not a rude Jackass. :)

>>507605528Fuck off namefag.

>>507604741Corona might unironically help since if things get worse, SJWfags might start noticing how irrelevant/innofensive are the things they complain about. Some of the most annoying ones getting corona'd wouldn't be that bad either

>>507604641I wonder how long until companies just avoid twitter. For all the shit they do to stay there and get checkmarks or whatever, one small thing happens and it's account deletions, nonstop backlash, and job removals. They never forgive shit.

>>507605398Daaaamn! Thanks user.

>>507605592I'll fuck on, instead. :)

>>507605593I was hoping for that cause it got very quiet all of a sudden when the chink virus became a thingbut now that people are getting more comfortable with the virus, you'll probably start seeing more shit like this again

Dont know actually, she would probably be disgusted and kick me to another dimension (or just scoff at me) or she would act lovingly and motherly. I would be fine with either. The thought of Chun Li reluctantly letting me jerk off in front of her. Not really touching her or anything but just looking at her, is one of the hottest thing i can think of.

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>>507605864Let's see what happens. The virus is still wrecking shit at this point.

>>507593843Who's your waifu?

>>507604741It will when twitter does. I am being completely unironic when I say that website is the single most damaging website that the internet has made yet. Suddenly the most minuscule of issues is turned into giant ones due to the sheer number of rabble that participate on that site. Employee said something you didn't like? Dramatize it and post it on twitter. If it gains enough traction, that persons job is in jeopardy. >inb4 tumblrTumblr was at the very least self-contained in their autism. Twitter is like an open nuclear reactor.

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>>507606402How fucking new are you

>>507606402Being a tripfag he probably has some extremely popular waifu like Tifa.

>>507606402>Bocomorrigando yourself a favor and ignore him from now on


>>507606143But what about her spreading her legs to seductively tease you so you have a better view to fap. Would be hot

>>507606629>>507606698Dafuq? How would she be disgusted? She's a fucking succubus. Boco, just how ugly are you?

>>507607012she's a succubus, but she does have taste.

>>507606402do yourself a favour and filter this sperghe has like 40k posts on Holla Forums alone with his trip and they're all about morrigan

>>507607012What he said.>>507607096

>>507607172But you said she's probably be happy that so many people get off to her, but its the fact that YOU do, that you think would disgust her.Do you look like that fat bastard Boogie or some shit?

>>507607492I don't know who that is.But I'm pretty sure I'm uglier.

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>>507584519any more with assertive women like this?please?

>>507607657He's pretty fucking repulsive to look at. I can't even imagine how bad you must look if its worse in your case.

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>>507591170How does that in literally any way at all go against what I said

>>507608230Like Chris Chan.

>>507601925Imagine having a fetish this based!

>>507609262Hey boco, post a pic of yourself with timestamp

>>507606819Would be, fellow based taste user

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>>507610854No. Just wait for someone else to do it, they love to.

>>507611012>the way Chun li towers over himOh shit my dick. That's way too hot. For once I'm glad to be a manlet

>>507607937Gyaru tag

>>507592441Mikan is best girl by such a huge margin that it feels unfair.

>>507598263oh ho ho ganging up

>>507593647literally fucking gagged

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>>507611312Pretty sure thats a kid so thats why shes so tall, but still too fuggin HOT. I feel you fellow manlet user TOWERING women is the cutest thing there is and the ONLY thing that would make Chun Li hotter is if she was canonically TALL. Just imagine this BOD but like 6 something feet

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>>507574528have you ever fapped to someone you were into irl?

>>507574528She would probably think it’s disgusting but her scornful face would only make me nut harder.

>>507613190You mean, like celebrities?

>>507613108Good lord how amazing that would be.

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>>507604741Not until hordes of people are ousted from the industry and community and then gatekept from returning.

>>507613508OH GOD it unironically physically hurts that she isnt tall. So close to absolute perfection, still the closeset we are but still she should be tall one leg would be enough to satisfy me, even just a calve..

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>>507613108Only 6ft?

>>507606518Agreed. Twitter is the biggest cancer on the internet. That website needs to fucking die.

>>507614040I think her height makes her hotter. She looks much wider, more powerful. As opposed to being all thin and lanky.

>>507614290The idea is that the proportions would be the same regardless of her height, user.

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>>507592804Something about the mood of that image is fantastic, very nice Mikan.

>>507614112 I said "6 something feet" meaning in imo around 6,5 maybe 6,6. dont get me wrong i wouldnt say no to a 7,5 CHUN or even taller. Just thinking in realistic marketing terms of what would actually be plausible to put in game. GOD DAMN INSECURE PUSSY ASS JAPANESE MANLETS FOR NEVER MAKING TALL WOMEN AHHHHHHHHHHH... just embrace it, it beeing the Chun Li´s eye level Bosom

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>>507592804>>507614703Why the fuck is it so wet though, like even the walls have droplets.

>>507614290What this user said >>507614339 WIDE AND TALL UNF

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>>507614040>that hip swayFuck she's so sexy. I would love to fap to that while she does it.

I can't wait to have sex with all of you in Striking Vipers.

>>507574528Disgusted. She would look down on me knowing I'm a flithy human trying to relive myself to her.

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Very condescending, which would make me fap even harder

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More Chun Lewdposting and tall posting my autism demands it

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>>507590417>they should have some actual standardsMaking an adult joke does not mean you have no standards, sport.

>>507617852Imagine being at slighty below breast-level to her and she lets you take a gawking stare at her tits, letting you jerk off and blast your seed all over her legs. Tall Chun would be bliss.

>>507617530>Be BotW Link>Only roughly at waist-level with Imp Midna>Barely able to tongue her navel while you furiously jerk off>Just kind of sighs in annoyance while you do this for the third time today>Soil her knees with your seed>"I liked you better when you were a wolf," she says, and barely contains her diminutive form in your shadow

Post more momokun

>>507618881Don't do this to me user

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>>507577212Unironically Zeta is the reason I gave her mobile game a chance.>Tfw 2016 and got Zeta as a rigged summon>Was about to quit the game since it was auto-battler #1001 at the time>Accidentally clicking on her Fate story and finding out they gave had a 9 minute story about her pastAt the time, it seemed to be a pretty neat addition since gacha games were just .gif collectors with no story behind the characters. Overall 4 years later I main her in GBVS now, so that's a plus.Also it's a plus that I got Vaseraga(Earth) which is the coolest looking design in the entire game.

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>>507574528More than likely confused yet interested, and very willing to help once she understands what's going on.

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>>507617530I wanna bust a nut all over Midna's butt

intrigued and disgusted

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Reminder that waifufaggotry is a disease