What's the scariest game you've played?

What's the scariest game you've played?

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>>507573652>no uncut version of this movieFUCKKKK

Ape Escape with your mom lol

>>507573805it was destroyed

>>507573652Alien Isolation made my heart race other than that idk.

>>507573652Event Horizon was fucking terrible.

>>507573652Alien Isolation and Amnesia TDD until you realize you can despawn the monsters

NaissancE.I'm agoraphobic.

>>507574529I don't know if it was terrible. I think it's overrated.

>>507574821Have you read Blame!

>>507573652Kane and Lynch™ 2: Dog Days

>>507573652Dark souls made me realize that everything is cyclical in real life. I haven't been able to go to church for years.

>>507574761How? Sounds hilarious.>>507574946I know about it, thanks.

>>507574529>>507574868both applies to its cult status as a film

>>507574868Fine. Relative to the praise its cult following gives it, it's fucking terrible.

>>507573652Amnesia got me good, back when that was new and scary, and less meme-tier. Didn't get very far though, too much of a coward

>>507573652The Krypts in MKX, those jump scares had me spooked

>>507573805>>507574178I heard they found more footage but it was too low quality to bother releasing. Witch is fucking retarded.

Subnautica. Played every "scary game" under the sun without batting an eye. Being trapped hundreds of meters underwater with giant creatures in a dark abyss is actual hell.

>>507575407ThisI literally can’t swim more than 20 metres or so from my shipI have finished all the silent hills, sirens, fatal frame games but Subnautica I just cannot play

>>507573652Alien Isolation

>>507573652alien isolation > amnesia the dark descent > soma

SOMABecause of the existential shit, not the monsters.

>>507575323>Witch is fucking retarded.

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>>507575715I just hate a monster that is immortal and cannot be killed/chased away. It makes it annoying, not scary, really, really quickly.

i actually cant handle playing silent hill 2 anymore, shit is WAY too stressful

>>507575198Fascinating opinion.

>>507573652fun fact, this movie was originally pitched as being set in the warhammer 40k universe and would cover the discovery of the warp

Welcome to the game 2

>>507573652Is there a game like Event Horizon that's not Dead Space?

>>507573652probably still fatal frame 3 but at the timebeing much younger just made it scarier im sure today its not as scary

>>507576762Dead Space 2

>>507575746That ending was the only thing that has ever kept me up all night after playing a game

>>507576762System Shock? I know you excluded Dead Space, but that's only a spiritual successor.

>>507573652outlasti played it in the dark with headphonesi stopped playing after the 2nd jumpscarefuck that shit..dont wanna be the guy that had a heart attack by vidya

rainworldthe moment i saw why it's called like that, the panic was real. that and when you go deep down for the ending and these huge things are all around the sound on this game is fucking terrifying

>>507575407>>507575571at first it really is pure horrorbut then you realise they're actually cartoon graphics and the map isnt that bigthat doesnt change the fact that you lose 5 years of your life the first time you see a ghost leviathan


>>507577439I've played plenty of horror games that scared the shit out of me but Outlast did basically nothing for me for some reason. I got slightly spooped at one of the first jump scares and then never got scared the entire way through for the rest of the game. It's an interesting game but I personally didn't find it scary at all. I guess different people are scared of different things though.

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There are better horror games, but nothing ever scared me and made me uncomfortable as this game did when I was 15, playing it with headphones in a dark room.

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>>507577502Wanted to play too but its too hard for me, I just got lost and killed for good 5 hours in the first zone ;__;

>>507575746>>507577019Was the MC ever confirmed to be a functioning retard? Early on when he kills the guy in the chair everything is crystal clear, and yet he's still confused at the end and needs that woman to explain it to him. Again.

>>507573652>event horizonbased

>>507578160i honestly wouldnt say it scared mei literally had physical discomfort after the jumpscares

didnt this movie have female on male rape?

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>>507574761How do you despawn the alien? The monster in Amnesia is pretty easy to cheese.

>>507575118>How? Sounds hilarious.It's not possible in Alien, but in Amnesia the monsters are usually scripted to appear at specific times, and then despawn if they don't encounter the player within a certain amount of time. And since their AI cannot "see" you unless they have direct, unobstructed line of sight, you can pick up a desk drawer from the floor, walk right up to the monster, and it'll despawn because it doesn't know where you are.

>>507573652Fatal Frame 1that fucking blind bitch was everywhere and I still don't understand her pattern

After playing horror games on VR, nothing really compares especially if you have a good 3d audio setup.I've played and beaten Alien: Isolation years ago no problem, but on VR, I feel like a little kid trying to walk through the house at night.I think something like Fatal Frame would work so well for VR.Dead Space 2, Fatal Frame 2 and Alien: Isolation are probably my top picks. Monstrum is highly underrated too.

>>507573652Hmm...I would say Amnesia the Dark Descent. Followed closely by Silent Hill 3.


>>507579106not despawning but theres this thing called psycho running which the alien cant pick up where you are so it only appears during scripted parts its used in speedruns

>>507578638I'd say it worth coming back to when you feel confident. Just don't cheat your experience with guides. Love the fact that there's no cuts from beginning to end of the entire journey in that game.

>>507574761Playing Amnesia for the first time years ago was a blast and really scared me, but by the end of it, I felt like it was so easy to win almost any situation. I didn't mind it so much, but games like Outlast copied the same sort of gameplay and it took all the horror out when I realized I could cheese the game in the same way.

>>507578640He's literally a copy-of-a-copy-of-a-etc. of a human brain, and that human brain had literal brain damage. You're dumber than Simon, you double-baka.

>>507576037That's like the least scary and most easy of the original trilogy.

>>507578640I think it was a mixture of things1. Being a stranger in a strange ass land. Imagine waking up in a weird metal underground. You slowly find out the world has ended, your body randomly turns into a swimsuit, you have weird ass creature after you, and you're helping someone literally make consciousness into a machine. That's A LOT of shit to take in.2. If I'm not mistaken, his copy was a beta version. It wasn't even a finished and still needed to be fined tuned. 3.a copy of a copy. I wonder how much of that fucks with your brain4. If he's a big ass normie, how much do you think he's ever dealt with huge existential questions like he does in the game? I don't think the dude ever self-reflects. He goes from one point to another.

>>507577818>leave cyclops next to lost river tree>walk prawn all the way down to containment facility>tactically shit myself confronting the sea dragon>plan is to grab enzyme mats and use lost river teleport to calmly saunter back to cyclops>mfw GGRRRAAAAAAAHHHHHHHGGGHThat fucking thing chased me all the way back to the water wall I swear to fuck

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>>507580197>original trilogyMasterful b8.

>>507580146It's ironic that this has to be explained several times whenever the game is brought up

>>507578180>Go outside>This fucker starts screaming at you.

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How good is Visage? I have been keeping in the dark about it so that I can have a spoiler free experience, but fuck it. I have a goldfish memory, anyway.

>>507573652Automata, wouldn't be comfortable to explain why I'm playing with bdsm looking chick while 9 year old is following

>>507574529I like the concept but it was poorly executed. At the mouth of madness is much better

SH4 for sure...hated the Ghosts,How erractic and awkward they move,How hard is How to deal with then...but that was when i was a kid.

>>507573652P.T with headphones on. Not even memeing.

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>>507580685It's understandable; Simon being the PC means his constant, voiced-out-loud-idiocy can be frustrating to players.>>507580957You have exquisite taste.

>>507580197ive played the trilogy and i think 3 is the scariest. doesnt change the fact that for some reason i cant even play 2 anymore

>>507580848>bdsm looking chickyou don't know what that word means, do you? was birdbox about bdsm too?

>>507576762Doom 3

Darkwood. The sound design in that game is amazing.

>>507580819It's really good. I shat bricks. Does some really cheeky things to fuck with you. Even though it uses typical horror game shticks (set in a house, spooky ghosts), it does it really well. The atmosphere is seriously laid on thick. I'd give it a go desu but use headphones, play at night, all that good stuff. If you've got a friend to join in, that's good too.

>>507574868>I think it's overrated.Is it, though? Everyone acknowledges that it isn't a particularly good movie.

>>507578640you know, if simon had even a slightest inclination to do something other than be a hunk of shit, he would get out of that chair, get over to the cannon, and hump crawl his way up to the top. that way at least he could see the sun. or even swim his ass over to land and set up a house or something. fuck sitting in that chair.

>>507574529>>507574868It is decent imo, but the fanbase is what is so off-putting. Every time somebody starts a thread about horror movies on Holla Forums or /x/ you have roughly five minutes before some pleb posts about Event Horizon like it's some criminally underrated hidden masterpiece that nobody knows about except them.Calling it a "cult" film is generous; fucking everyone has seen it.

>>507580713it's actually at your front door and its been screaming since sundown.

>>507581235>pretending blindfolds don't play a role in BDSM>imfuckingplying user's point wasn't that the game is too sexualized for a 9-year-oldlmao

>>507582079no one said anything about a 9 year old playing, he was talking about 9s.

>>507582310holy fuck you're rightthat loser needs to get into /ss/

>>507582047Tell it to stop.

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>>507576762The white chamberYou're an anime girl waking up on a fucked space station where something real bad has set up shop, and you gotta use your point n click adventure game skills to find the white chamber, where things may or may not become clear

>>507576762I would say Doom 3 alsoyoutube.com/watch?v=_i0FVPNYqHQ

>>507576762I got you, homie. store.steampowered.com/app/380150/STASIS/

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>>507573652first few hours of Resident evil 2 Remake.Quality horror

>>507583228Oh shit, I enjoyed this 15 years ago and forgot it existed, thanks for reminding me, user.

>>507583827You're welcome, user. I might take it for a spin myself, because it's been so long for me too, I've completely forgot all the puzzles.

>>507583602I own this game and love it's graphics but still haven't played much. How's the horror element?

>>507577920This. I fucking hate those gimp suit crawly fucks. Easy to kill but fuckin creepy. How's the sequel?

>>507583602Holy fuck, I completely forgot about this game. I've heard good things about it.

>>507573652I'm too much of a pussy to touch the first two Dead Space games

>>507573652Don't know about scary but this shit got genuinely unnerving during Moonbrooke

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>>507580957This opinion is the correct opinion.

>>507575265>>507574761>>507575715>>507575746>>507579329>hide and seek simulators>scarywhat a fucking joke, sort yourselves out jesus christ.

Not so much generically scary, but more of dreading being alone and devolving into madness scary. An atmospheric OST that in some ways will never be topped imo. I still have to turn the music off for Breakdown and Pitfalls to this day

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>>507573652Unironically Bloodborne.

>>507587530What games scare you?

>>507581627You realize 4chan is the minority right? It only looks like there's a lot because this place attracts the loners and rejects of society. Which is why you should never generalize shit based on this fucking website.

>>507587741actual real horror games and not fucking hide and seek faggotry like Amnesia.

I don't know about purely 'horror' scary but Escape from Tarkov shits me up like no other game I've ever played, to the point where I usually don't even bother starting. Only game where I've ever died from being too spooked to hold the mouse steady and had to go outside for a cigarette to compose myself.



>>507588052Name 17

>>507588052Imagine not being around to experience Amnesia when it was a new and refreshing horror experience. Faggot.

>>507573652Had some "scary" moments in shooters where I'm killed out of nowhere. there's no real scary games since most if not all of them are boring walk-a-thons with a shit ton of jumpscares.

Something about this game made me stay awake at night the day I played it.Honorable mentions:>Darkwood>Resident Evil 7>SOMA

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>>507588486I'm not a fucking child and was around when it was released. Grow the fuck up faggot.

>>507588646>jumpscares badyoutube.com/watch?v=wL3RVALKojE

>>507575407The first time playing Subnautica is a blast, loses all appeal once you beat it and the sense of wonder and terror is gone.

>>507573652my diary desu


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>>507589231Yes, they are. not gonna click that video retard. Use your own words to tell me I'm wrong

People who think understand horror parrot the wrongfully opinion of "jumpscares/screamers are bad. Video games shouldn't have them"The truth is jumpscares are necesary and encouraged. You see, a slow chilling atmosphere, that is to say the story & world, can only work for so long before it becomes tedious. It builds the anxiety and the desire for the player to release said anxiety and jumpscares are exactly that relief that allows the player to release all that fear accumulated. Think of it as a rollercoaster, the ascend is the chilling slow atmosphere, the top is the player wishing to release the anxiety & fear created by the ascending, and the descending is the jumpscare.The reason why people hate jumpscares is because modern horror media thinks that the more they spam screamers the more scarier the product will be.There must be a balance between the atmosphere and the jumpscares.The atmosphere must make the player wish for a jumpscare.The jumpscare must make the player release their tension.TL;DR Jumpscares aren't bad

I haven't played anything that scares me more than this enemy

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>>507590758jumpscares are trash, end of discussion.

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>>507581449>Everyone acknowledges that it isn't a particularly good movie.I've literally never heard anyone say that. Even the fucking Family Guy reference to it is just Seth Green and H. Jon Benjamin saying how great it is for five minutes.


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>>507573652Condemned 2 especially the Bear part

>>507573652re7, but to be fair I was playing in vr and didn't get very far (maybe like 15 minutes into the game, shit was too spoopy)

Any horror video game monsters that stuck out to you, user?

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>>507591636We're talking about video games here.

>>507580957In the mouth of madnessBut I agree, it's a fantastic underrated movie


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>>507591364Depends on how its executed imo. If a jumpscare is deliberately scripted, its a cheap way of getting a reaction, but if it occurs naturally because of the player noticing something startling it can be a sign of a good horror environment.

>>507573652Event Horizon fucking sucks

>>507590732The anticipation of there being a jumpscare at some point makes the film/game more tense and scary in general.

>>507592431This guy's just a creep in general.

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>>507593559when the game is centered around jumpscares then that ruins the point now doesn't it?

>>507593559no it doesn'tdarkwood has 0 jump scares and is one of the best horror games ever made

>>507594079While it can be overdone, it does not ruin the point, no.You are still sitting there anxious that something is going to jump out at you, but don't know when.>>507594170When did I say that jump scares are the only way to make a game scary?

>>507592431The Guardian from Evil Within 2

>>507594332playing something like PT, yes. Playing indie horror game number 32315, no. Games like silent hill don't scare me, it just amuses me.

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>>507575323Yeah, it was found in a salt mine in Transylvania, but was too degraded to use.

>>507594618Silent Hill games don't go for jump scares. They're more about an oppressive atmosphere.

>>507573652Rugrats: Search For Reptar

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Afraid of Monsters: Director's Cutsome parts of Paranoia

>>507591274DaS3 Irithyll dungeon freaks me out. Plenty of blood curling jump scare screams there

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>>507589009this is some low effort, creepypasta tier shit.

>>507590758>You see, a slow chilling atmosphere, that is to say the story & world, can only work for so long before it becomes tedious. It builds the anxiety and the desire for the player to release said anxiety and jumpscares are exactly that relief that allows the player to release all that fear accumulated.This is true, but you need maybe one or two of these at key points of the story, and you must take care to make them more impactful than just MONSTER IN YOUR FACE.To this day, only Scratches has succeeded at creating two jumpscares that both work wonderfully, at least in my humble opinion.

>>507577818>>507580537I shat myself the first time I went to the thrusters of the Aurora. I always tell people there's good easy loot there now.

>>507573652SURVIVAL HORROR>Fatal Frame 2: Crimson Butterfly>Alien: Isolation>Silent Hill>Siren: Blood Curse>Silent Hill 2ACTION HORROR>STALKER: Shadow of Chernobyl>Dead Space>System Shock 2>Resident Evil 4>Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem

>>507573652most of my scariest experiences with games come from the first time I play them, prime examples being games like Darkwood or Knock Knock, they prey on your fear of the unknown and take advantage of the fact that you dont know the game yet.Knock Knock does this very well, there are so many noises and things going on and you're not sure what you're supposed to really be doing, you hear a noise and wonder if its something you should move towards, stay the hell away from or if its just ambience. the first time I played it I was actually too scared to play it for more than like 5 minuets, which never happens to me. but once I got a grasp of the mechanics and understood what I was doing, the fear went away, still enjoyable though.

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>>507595247>Afraid of MonstersThis.

>>507574529Yeah, the ending was total fucking ass but I really like horror that takes place in spaceships or just space in general.

>>507589009I'm genuinely curious what's scary about this? Oh no, the main character takes DRUGS? People say they do DRUGS? The Pokemon look all BLOODY? Whoa is that repeating sprite for a background instead of the normal background?! Am I missing something here?

>>507596581>Fatal Frame AKA Project ZeroYou should play the first one but in black and white (or basically black and white but with just a tiny bit of colour). Seriously, it's terrifying and what the game is literally made for.

>>507594170I think he's saying that a belief of an upcoming jumpscare is scarier than a jumpscare user, and thats why Darkwood is so good, its nothing but anticipation, you;re always wandering when its gonna happen but it doesnt, there is never a release of the tension

>>507578978It's the loose skin around their necks. It actually feels like an early model of a robot that would exist in a far off future imagined in 1979. The detail and care put into this game is amazing.

>>507596624I fucking hated Knock Knock and everything about the game just pissed me off. I thought I started to understand the system but I could never get the nights to end, and then I saw the game had like a time limit and realized there was no fucking way I was getting to the ending space on that big spiral map with the amount of time I had left. Made me super disinterested from ever playing it again. I buy everything Ice Pick makes on principle but that one was a bit of a shit.

>>507596624>Knock knockUnderrated as hell, good taste.

>>507588749Fear & Hunger has top notch atmosphere. The setting feels off in all the right ways to make you uncomfortable at all times.

>>507574529Hell yeah it was. It has a few cool scenes but the entire movie is weak shit and isn't even that scary.

any game with deep water swimming mechanics and enemies in said water is really the only thing scary to me.

>>507596624>tfw too much of an easily-frustrated bitch to handle IPL games

>>507592431What is this from?

>>507597557I strongly disagree, but on the topic of that timer, I remember when I first played it I got to the last night and I had a fucking sliver of the timer left and fucking moments before it emptied completely, I got through the night and won the game.I think you should give it another go user, and read this, it explains pretty much all of the mechanincs, you should find the game more enjoyablesteamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=335735300

>>507573652Never really been into horror style gameplay so I guess Doom 3 or Dead Space, can't really think of anything else. Subnautica was spooky at times but I don't think I got far enough to get the real spooks. I remember thinking it was creepy as fuck though swimming underneath that giant island.

>>507597918AdventureQuest Worlds

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>>507595009how does a lost horror film end up in a salt mine in Transylvania? Truly one of life's great mysteries.

>>507596152>That fucking mask

Does Cry of Fear still hold up? Should I play both, or just one of them? Is 1 or 2 scarier?

ALL horror games scare me

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The P.T remake in VR was something that actually made me turn my computer off for a bit and relax. I usually love horror games but that was just too fucking immersive with the headset.

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>>507598452I only played cry of fear, but if you like things screaming very loudly while fucking sprinting at you then you should like it

>>507595009Yeah right. Every single cult film ends up being "found" in some cave, castle, bin, or vault.

For me it was resident evil 2. I was at the edge of my visit playing it, having to save up ammo and herbs and those hands in the walls, scared the shit out of me. Everything was desert, very eerie feeling that got to me.

>>507573652gran turismo 4

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>>507573652Heh. The game of life, kid. Because I always spin a one.

>horror games don't scare me anymore unless I'm high and already sort of paranoid Recommend me something for when you've reached peak spook already and nothing gets you

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That part in the Evil Within where you have to stick needles into brains made me uneasy, but video games never made me feel as uncomfortable as, say, Mulholland Drive or Kafka.

Silent Hill 2 and 3. 2 was better but 3 was scarier.

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I don't really play scary games.

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>>507599035yoshi's island hahahha :)

>>507573805What movie?

>>507598650better or worse than alien vr

>>507599035see>>507597085Literally turn the colour on your tv off (or almost off).

>>507594460>enemies are seen gathering bodies from around the map into piles so that this thing can spawnquality atmosphere

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>>507599212Read the file name.

>>507597085>>507599243this is a thing? who started this shit

>>507599095am I the only one who wasnt scared by 3, at all?like its got some fucking disturbing and creepy visuals, but I was never, not once actually scared. I was scared for a couple moments in 2, I was scared for a decent amount in 1, I was never scared in 3.still a good game though

Manhunt, silent hill 3, and the parts in RE4 where you have to fight regenerators>>507598778Don't know about that but the gran turismo 3 license tests give me stress

>>507599212Christ wept, you illiterate fuck.

>>507592431Pukers from Dead Space 2.

>>507573652As a clinical thalassophobe, Subnautica.I've never been below 600m.

>>507599473No idea, it was something that my friend showed me years ago on his OG xbox.

>>507599095Silent Hill 1 is a better horror game than 2 and 3. However 2 I think is more interesting though because it truly is psychological horror where the majority of the time there is no actual threat and its just you scaring yourself because the game is tricking you with sounds and visuals, there are just enough times where there is a real threat that it makes it work.

>>5075994844 had best spook>>507599538i love manhunt but what was scary about it other than atmosphere

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>>507599129>BeksinskiI remember from a recent Scorn thread an user showed everyone Beksinski's digital art that he made towards the end of his life.this shit was seen as revolutionary and Beksinski believed it was the future of art.now it just looks like joke images lmaosome of them look kinda cool but a lot of them are just hilarious

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>>507595010SH2 had a lasting effect on me. I was living alone in an apartment at the time with my dog. I had eerie feelings and a few nightmares in the week after playing

>>507575746Still need to get past the part with the damn monsters on that maze-like complex of rooms. The one close to the eviscerated eye.Fuck me

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>>507599847Never played 1 unfortunately. Coincidentally I was listening to 1 soundtrack today, which I haven’t done in several years. Weird timing.

>>507599538>regeneratorsthey werent scary at all lolI might be remembering it wrong but I remember there being just a handful in the game, maybe 5 or 6? and once you get the scope that shows weak spots they go down just as easy as a normal enemy

>>507598361Old salt mines are actually used quite often as storage vaults for things like film which are susceptible to moisture damage, as the salt absorbs moisture from the air.

>>507599243Already played fatal frame my dude

>>507600112why dont you play it user?

>>507573652Cry of Fear, by far.

>>507599734ok, guess you were samefaggin then

>>507594460The Evil Within 2 was a typical Western action game and in no way as creepy as the first one, the monsters were meh compared to those in the first as well.

>>507600248I can’t; all I own is an Xbox One X, PS4 and a Switch.

>>507600226With the colour off?

>>507600327Am I the only one who wasn't scared by either game but thought they were just really fun action games with a lot of gore?



>>507573652Dead Space 1 when it first came out, I could only play one chapter a day and I had to play in the morning because I was THAT piss scared of it, I eventually toughened up though, which was a good and bad thing, because I couldn’t get scared which kind of sucked for when I wanted to get scared by horror gamesI eventually grew up and became emotionally numb from life and suddenly here comes REmake 2 and Mr.X made me feel genuine fucking heart pounding fear again, that was god damn great

>>507600375you dont have a pc or something? PS1 emulation can be done on the shittest of toasters or laptops>>507600327man tew1 was so good for the first 10 chapters or so, upgrading the pistols crit rate and blowing enemies heads off with it felt so good

>>507597085saw a video about this, the game is a joke.fun to play but a joke with scares.>finding a giant pig scary

>>507573652Afraid Of Monsters: Director's Cut.

>>507575323I actually really liked Witch, but i respect your opinion. It was interesting and i really liked the acting but the movie didnt really seem to go anywhere and not a lot happened. Cheers user.

>>507600469It's a far more tense experience. The ghosts are much better that way.

>>507600327>the monsters were meh compared to those in the first as well.you've got to be absolutely high as a kite to believe this, the only good mnster from 1 was laura

>>507600403I mean, game barely had color to begin with on default settings and changing something from color to black and white wouldn't really do much for me desu. Last time a horror vidya got to me was probably Stalker Call of Pripyat, mainly because I was high. I got lost and wandered into a sewer in the dead of night and got ambushed by a swarm of those rat mutants which would pop in and out of different pipes. Kept me on my toes and actually jump scared me, mainly because if I didn't immediately gun them down with my shotgun they could kill me with like 3 hits at the difficulty I was playing at.

>>507599938He actually snapped out of it and began creating conventional art again before he died.

>>507600609The big issue with the TEW1 on PC at aluch was the horrible blackbars, being locked to 30fps, and the crashes. I had to use cheat engine to make it playable but once those issues were sorted it was absolute kino.


>>507600949Don't knock it until you've tried it.

>>507600814Yes and TEW 2 had no creepy monsters, just boring ones.

>>507593316Just like real asians

>>507600609>you dont have a pc or something?I actually don’t. Yeah, I know.

>>507600121No there was maybe 20 you encounter and the thermal scope and sniper is pretty hard to navigate in close quarters for your first playthrough. Plus there are 3 spots you have to shoot and when you first encounter the enemy they ambush you en masse and you are essentially forced to retreat. They look terrifying, they sound terrifying, and if you aren't used to the control of the game they are hard to kill. It's only after you've encountered them enough and are comfortable with the games controls that they stop being that scary, because they're actually pretty slow and easy to dodge.

>>507574529It's better if you pretend it's a Warhammer prequel

>>507573652youtube.com/watch?v=BX93EdS_64UI didn't play it and will NEVER play it okay, it looks scary as fuck

>>507601451I've honestly read a lot of 40k novels with better horror than Event Horizon desu. The beginning of that last Eisenhorn book Abnett put out where an inquisitor has to visit a chaos tainted asylum to ask a patient about one of Nurgle's soul destroying blights was 10/10 horror

>>507601363I think its worth investing in a laptop or something, not even an expensive one, even a toaster can handle emulating older consoles with ease.once you get up to the gamecube you may start having problems, PS2 emulation is a mess and you probably will have problems with it.but I do think its worth it, lets you play tons of games you wouldnt be able to otherwise.

>>507600949I need to play Anomaly sometime , I've heard good shit about it

>>507600226and yet you rate the overrated garbage that is 2 higher than 1?something must be wrong with you>>507602116eh, it's just the coc mod but with some garbage additions like a terrible weapon repair system with 50+ different repair items that's not even worth using

>>507602674>and yet you rate the overrated garbage that is 2 higher than 1?What? I'm guessing you replied to the wrong user

>>507602116Don't. Just get CoC with Zone Revisited. Anomaly is just more tedium than fun


>>507602783I assumed you were the same one as the one from the very start of the reply chain.

>>507602859is there any feasible way to play any of the stalker games with a gamepad? i dont have a desk.


>>507603103Not possible. Way too many keys

>>507574529I like Event Horizon simply because we convinced my Astronomy teacher it was Astronomy related enough to watch in class when my highschool was experimenting with block scheduling. Honestly can't believe we watched the whole movie in class instead of doing an actual lesson.

>>507575407I didn't know I was scared of deep water until I played GTA V and went diving far away from the shore.

>>507573652Would have to say White Day (2001) stillA close second would be Cry of Fear

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>>507602896I pretty much only smoke small amounts of weed to replay video games or listen to music , anything else weed is just counter productive

>>507603103Fat chance desu

>>507603103you won't hit anything

>>507602945No, I thought both games were bretty gud. I didn't find either of them scary but they were really fun action games with a cool aesthetic and gore

>>507573652unironically half life alyx, but I also don't play horror games.

>>507603162>>507603181>>507603610>>507603661well that sucks but thanks

>>507601917Magos was really good honestly

>>507577346DS is nothing like SS, DS is basically RE4 in space.

>>507604001It was originally supposed to be System Shock 3 :)

>>507604001I'm laughing at you. You can't hear it, but it's happening.

What games have more cute themes with less focus on gore and horror? Stuff like Luigi's Mansion. That's one of my favorite aesthetics.

>>507603103lol no, stalker on a console wouldnt work, it would be fucking stupid hahaha mfw stalker 2 announced for consoles [/spoilers]

Attached: 1564205256770.jpg (828x765, 416.53K)

>>507591636What is A24?

>>507604218He's right though, Dead Space doesn't have anywhere near the role playing aspects of System Shock. Especially if we're talking about the 1st game

I am wayyyy too much of a pussy to play horror games. I wish I had a friend to watch play them. Feels bad man. I've bought so many only to puss out after the first level of heart pounding fear and anxiety..>Couldn't play doom on easy.>have both outlasts won't play em>payled evil within with a friend but won't go back without them

Attached: 1575489520661.jpg (641x581, 55.59K)

>>507604515Doom was never scary, the hell man?

>>507604515>Couldn't play Doom on easy Nigga what? You need to get some more self confidence bro

>>507604386>Implying Stalker 2 will ever actually happen >Implying of it does happen it will ever actually recreate the feeling of the first 3 eurojank core games

>>507604110>>507604218How is DS a spiritual successor to SS? Because it has inventory management and you shoot at scary monsters? Fucking retards.

>>507575265Amnesia ceases to be scary once you realize the monsters despawns if you dont look at it for 15 seconds

>>507604437they produce movies, typically slow, atmospheric and artsy movies

>>507604515If you're an adult Doom is really only scary if you've never played a video game before and have never seen a depiction of a 'monster.'

>>507604986my mom thinks doom is cute, the original one

>>507604570>>507604746Guys I don't know what to tell you.... I'm like bitch made with horror games. I will watch the movies but the games give me too much agency or some shit and the anxiety makes my ticker and chest hurt

Attached: 1566444398901.jpg (250x250, 11.94K)

>>507604218Laugh at your own retardation. DS is not even close to being SS.

>>507604486>>507604867The Dead Space devs literally mention that they were first tasked with making a System Shock game, but the physics engine and how enemies moved due to dismemberment had them change the design and go away from being a true sequel/spiritual successor outside of the audiologs after all the terrible shit went down.

>>507605094You must be like 5 years old or baiting.There's no way a grown man can be scared of the original Doom.

>>507605110>If I intend to make a grilled cheese sandwich but instead make french toast it's still a grilled cheese sandwich

>>507573652Minecraft hardcore

Attached: 1566440336851.png (127x220, 77.76K)

>>507605110>but the physics engine and how enemies moved due to dismemberment had them change the design and go away from being a true sequel/spiritual successor outside of the audiologs after all the terrible shit went down.Yeah and they started basing the game more off of Resident Evil 4 which the devs also praised a lot. I mean thematically there are a lot of similarities but in terms of gameplay i'd argue that its a lot more similar to RE4 than SS. SS is a lot more rpg orientated

>>507605256Not the original one. The newest one. Fuck cmon man, give me some benefit of the doubt. You guys are like big brother bullying me into firing one up tonight after my qt3.14 goes to bed just to overcome the pussy stink

>>507605256>Grown men can't be easily startled and riddled with anxiety Lmao I know more than a few pretty succesful businessmen who also can't stand gore / horror. Some people just aren't programmed for it dude

>>507605110>The Dead Space devs literally mention that they were first tasked with making a System Shock gameAnd they completely failed at doing so, so they called it deadspace. Go actually play system shock before you try to argue this stupid shit.

>>507605387any hardcore game gets a massive fear factorif i ever replay subnautica im definitely doing a hardcore run

I played REmake up to the second mansion. I saw a spider on the ceiling and decided I hit my limit for stress that session. I never played it again.

>>507605535Can't help it m8 that's just the way I am. I mean I get it, gore makes a lot of people squeamish and just causes you to break down seeing it. I've seen it a lot I'm an EMT irl and I've literally seen buff ass niggas almost puke seeing shit I see almost every single day don't take it too hard some people just can't stomach it

>>507606146Fuck you spiderbros are cute. CUTE!

Attached: 1457185053440.jpg (736x645, 82.92K)

>>507605535you say that like thats supposed to be more understandable than getting scared by the original doom

>>507606169Its not the gore. Its the jump scares and being chased or pursued. If anything g ghoulish and demonic stuff gets me wayyyy more. I've had some super vivid nightmares after watching horror movies.

>>507591274Bloodborne had some disturbing shit in it. I wasn't spooked by it but I know if I was a kid playing it I would have slept with the light on at night.

>>507573652Fatal Frame

>>507605387Anykind of permadeath mechanic makes a game way more engaging , especially for horror games

>>507605535nuDoom isn't scary either, I'd argue it's even less scary.

>>507607417>nuDoom is less scary than old doom How? nuDoom has far more ridiculous gore also Doom 3 was legitimately a horror game

>>507605535>he's scared by nuDoom

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>>507599613wrong movie


Attached: Decisions decisions.webm (960x540, 2.85M)

>>507573652between silent hill 2 and darkwood

>>507607582Gore doesn't mean scary, are you a brainlet?

>>507599228Apple and oranges really. Were two kinds of horror, sci fi horror dosnt get me as much as insanity/ghost stuff, so I liked P.T better, though isolation was still amazing.

>>507608240is that Arx?

>>507607582gore is a part of horror genre but yes OP said scariest not horror


>>507573652Deep Rock Galactic. i have nightmares about the bugs almost every night bc i played this game.

>>507598650>P.T remakewhat is that?

Did any of you like the Fatal Frame for Wii U? I downloaded it recently with DLC and stuff, but haven't played it yet. Thoughts? Recommendations on settings or anything?

The most scared ive ever been playing a video game was silent hill 2 when i was 7. I used to watch my dad play resident evil when i was like 4 which was scary too. But when i played sh2 for the first time holy fuck i had to pause it and go talk to my parents to calm down every 15 minutes or so. My mom was like why the fuck are you even playing it if it scares you so bad and i was like because its fun kek

>>507573652a lanterns glow. creepy af

Attached: DeepForest.png (1899x993, 1.07M)

>>507608676>Gore isn't a part of horrorWhat kind of faggot edge fag are you? >Lol hey babe want to watch something chill? >I was thinking comedy, adventure, you know maybe some Mexican cartel beheadings.

>>507610394You've never played many games, got it.Is Bulletstorm a horror game because it's gory?What about Serious Sam?Or maybe Unreal Tournament?


Yomawari made me uncomfortable


Attached: 1581395337660.jpg (1024x1024, 58.08K)

>>507610394you heard it folks, mortal kombat is now a horror game

>>507609615Someone did a 1:1 remake of P.T in unreal I think. Worked great with VR

>>507583228Features the grooviest spook in existence too.youtube.com/watch?v=kxaKWd7jH_4I could never get the fridge to drop, even when looking up a guide after much annoyance.

Cry of Fear is pretty good. The dated graphics actually add to the unsettling atmosphere.

Attached: spooky.jpg (640x360, 44.63K)

>>507579294Why the fuck isnt Fatal Frame VR a thing yet? Is Koei retarded?

>>507612000'ate Sawrunner'ate Forestsimple as

>>507575407Pure sound alone scared the shit out of me when the leviathan appeared, too bad thats just a noodle with horns

Attached: 1589060732948.png (1920x1080, 682.26K)

>>507609756I thought it was garbage. It has too many reused levels and the pacing is awful. Combat is okay though and the mood and aesthetics are great.

>>507598159When did they go indie Japanese horror?

For some reason this place creeped me out constantly despite the overall lack of darkness and hazards.

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>>507611829No I meant, what the fuck is PT.

>>507612367Most recent event has the MC do errands for a lazy inhuman secretary of an evil scientist.

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>>507573652any hentai game when my parents at home

>>507573652bloodborne gave me an existential crisis and i unironically went to see a psychiatrist. so that was pretty scary.


>>507613761I beat the game, enjoyed it. How the hell did it do that to you?

Dead Space for me, and because of that fuck who could regenerate. Ive spent the second half of DS1 and almost all of DS2 fearing for their return, only to be dissapointed in DS2 for their new design. In DS3 they were a joke.

>>507613761ENB please

>>507573652An open-source Minecraft ripoff.The mobs make no noise until they're extremely close to you so it's always a surprise. Also the game is darker (literally) than minecraft so you cant see far in caves. Exploring caves in this game was nerve wrecking as hell.

Attached: Pa3rEcH.png (800x600, 242.18K)

>>507596917Yeah, I wish there were more games that played around with the sheer horror and paranoia that comes with the idea of being stuck with a threat in a small environment like a spaceship. It takes the general claustrophobia of being stranded anywhere else times a million.

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>>507573652Silent Hill 2, but I was like 14 years old.After 16 i could never feel really scared with any game again.

>>507593829youtube.com/watch?v=7cP3rRU7px0he's just doing his job>>507592431>

Attached: 523456252362.png (1000x1403, 1.64M)

>>507573652I think I've desensitized myself to horror games sadly. It's been ages since I've been legitimately scared by a game.I still look back on the first Amnesia fondly though. People over-hyped and memed it to Hell and back, but I think it's still a really solid horror game. Emphasizing the pacing, and atmospheric sound design, and tension with limited resources. etc. etc.

Attached: amnesia_the_dark_descent_by_shezeu-d54fndf.jpg (900x407, 79.67K)

>>507573652The scariest games I've ever played weremalware games and bottom-of-the-iceberg tier games.

Attached: 2345678.png (749x730, 1.04M)

>>507613460Just signed in to have a look, actually pretty cool.I am genuinely sad that everyone jumped ship for their shitty 3D game.

>>507573652Amnesia.Although to some it's not that scary, I had a panic attack and cried for hours because of past experience hiding in the dark.Great game, but it hurt to get through it.

>>507614631Silent Hill 2 is one of my all-time favorites, but more than any game I wish I could experience the same impact that the first playthrough was able to give me. So much of the fear factor was in the unknown, and no Silent Hill game manages to hit half as hard on the second run when you know what to expect.

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>>507615049>tfw weekly AE threads never took offBut yeah, the new event is pretty nice. It also has a lot of stuff for people who enjoy farming, but I'm too focused on a different thing in-game.

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>>507573652Dead Space 2 / PT

Ayyleium Isolation

>>507574529There just needs to be an "anti-retarded 90's filmmaking trends" cut of it like reducing the vast majority of the scenes with the jive talking wacky negro crew member and the dumb fight scenes at the end.


Attached: dokidoki.webm (1280x720, 203K)

>>507576762What they did to dead space was criminal.

the SH3 hospital is the only thing that ever made me want to stop playing a horror game and come back to it.>walking around reading those creepy diaries about heather>exit a room after reading one>enter again and its gone>that phone call>that mirror room that is completely optionalprobably forgetting other stuff

>>507613143It's the sheerly alien environment, both in the literal and metaphorical senses. You've got 'water' underwater (brine pools) that are deadly to be in, you've got the bones of enormous creatures, the strange, slightly foggy green ambience leaving everything feeling sickly and dangerous.There's also a ghost leviathan fairly nearby and you know if you run out of power in your PRAWN here, you're absolutely, without a doubt boned.

>>507610958Those are non-horror games with horror elements.Final Fantasy has weird horroresque monster but that isn't a horror game either.There are some well done monsters that in any other settings would make out for a good horror game if they were polished/ rigged a bit and had a proper atmosphere.Ditto for music.Many games also have jump scares but they're not horror either.Is Bioshock 1 a horror game because of the atmosphere or the intro? That's kind of in the gray area but whatever.Elements don't really make a game, I'll give you that. But it's the go-to for starling since a lot of people don't like gore.


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>>507615284I'm too old for grinding out things like I used to, let alone keeping up with updates, I just sign in to check things out now and again, also I'm a little paranoid about losing my account so I try to make it seem like it's still being used. Got too many rare items, man. You don't even know.But fine, for old time's sake I'll play AQW today.

>>507587624I loved Bloodborne but the only bit in the whole game I remember really scaring me was the Upper Cathedral Ward where the chandelier suddenly falls and leaves you in the dark surrounded be werewolves. Oh and hearing Brain Trusts singing for the first time. That spooked me.

Attached: song.jpg (900x1366, 714.08K)

>>507591587It's been awhile since I've seen that episode but I thought that the point was that both the characters praising that movie were retards, the episode was suggesting that Event Horizon was for dude-bro morons. At least that's how I understood it.

>>507573652Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs. Not because of any of the monsters, but the atmosphere and concepts presented in its story. Fuck me, that was horrifying

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>>507615517>DDLC>horrorThe only horror this game could produce was the /vg/ and the fanbase in general

Attached: due to personal reasons you.jpg (900x772, 73.36K)

>>507591274the ones with the mummy bludgeon are particularly nasty

>>507615021give examples, links if possible for non malware ones.

>>507613242Googling it really helps. Its Kojimas silent hills project that got cut when he did.

>>507616208>Not because of any of the monsters, but the atmosphere and concepts presented in its story. Fuck me, that was horrifyingwhat happened?

>>507579108I've never understood why enemies don't raycast your torso and feet as well when looking for you.

>>507573652Video games aren't scary.

>>507616521but bro it's so fuckin spooky because she kills herself

>>507615913I remember dreading the descent into yarhar'gul>finish byrgenwerth>walk past giant spider amygdala alien as it tries to grab you>go down some steps and look out over this hidden village covered in amygdala with a glistening blood moon bathing everything in sickly orange glow>work your way down to the chapel>see dozens of corpses of those giant snatcher monsters that were so hard to kill for the first part of the game>whatever killed them must be horrifying>walk around and see body-amalgamations exploding from caskets>people are kneeling in a praying stance, human candles, their own flesh burns with a soft radiance and despite being dead they all face toward the far end of the street>follow the way they're facing>giant 6m doors have been blown open>street is filled with people that look like they've been melted into the walls, all running from something>hundreds, or even thousands of people calcified into the city at ground level, frozen in their clambering state, trying to climb up and away from something>as you get closer to the end of the street you hear bell maidens chimesand then the one reborn drops out of the moon in a putrid fleshy heapthe entire area is kino desu

>>507573652Fatal Frame 1. It's also the scariest of the franchise for some reason. They severely toned down the horror in later games.

>>507573652Yume Nikki, I guess? I don't think I've ever been scared by a game.


>>507574529As someone who watched it for the first time a few months ago, I whole heartedly agree. I was laughing at it by the end of it.

>>507587530>SH3>hide and seek simulator

>>507604515Doom has never been horror, not even 3. Get your shit together user

What's the most terrifying, genuinely scare horror movie you've seen Holla Forums?

>>507578640>>507580146>>507580685>>507581069>DURR HURR MY MAIN CHARACTER WAS ONLY PRETENDING TO BE RETARDED BECAUSE HE WAS ACTUALLY RETARDEDThe whole game treats the game like a fucking idiot.The ending isn't some huge revelation, you know exactly how everything works, nothing is hidden from you from the very beginning.Killing yourself doesn't magically transfer you to where you copied your brain, that makes zero sense, so why does the main character/the dead survivors believe that?When you copy your brain to the other suit body, the main character does literally nothing to help the original robot body out (I think it just got locked in there). He treats it like it's fucking dead for no fucking reason like a complete idiot. The game also expects THE PLAYER to also not realize this. It's like this the entire game. It's one of the few games that I would consider giving a zero. It's that bad.

Attached: 1558040930783.jpg (580x580, 25.14K)

>>507617735PS1 version of doom is pretty spooky just from the music change

>>507581458Or help the gel monster rebuild humanity, clone the people that he has access to into new bodies as well, or actually do anything productive at all.

>>507616521Just because you think it's bad doesn't mean it's not horror, user.

>>507615910I've been playing daily because this fucking weapon takes forever to grind for.

>>507617874That's because it was designed for dumb normies who believe it or not actually don't realize this. There was an entire fucking show called Upload that was completely ignorant of how that shit would actually work.

>>507618120What weapon?>After 12 years they finally added pictures to the bankFucking finally.


Attached: tQxcpRJ.jpg (1574x2048, 371.2K)


>>507574529Overrated does not mean terrible

>>507576762>>507583602>>507586760>>507615608I thought that zombies/infection creatures on a space ship was an overdone trope?Would you guys actually buy a deadspace/ps1 themed game with subnautica like mechanics? I'm working on a subnautica-like survival crafting game + resident evil 7 elements right now(programming-wise) but it has no theme. I was going to go with a S.T.A.L.K.E.R. theme but that seems kind of bland.

Attached: 1574965445401.jpg (362x346, 37.55K)

>>507611323Yes, gore in Mortls Kombat is considered horrific and brutal. Do you retards forget that horror is a human emotion and not just a genre lmao

If I can't see it, but know it's there and that it can see me, it scares me. The water monster from Amnesia comes to mind because that shit stressed me out so much. It doesn't even do anything, but it still shakes me to the bones.

>>507617671>Mandus decided that he could not allow it to come to pass, and he built the Machine to create a godlike being via mass ritual human sacrifice to save humanity from its own carnage.>He sacrificed Edwin and Enoch to the machine to spare them their fate at the Somme.I see our protagonist here was a real smart boi.

>>507610958>Gore isn't scary No>Gore can't lead to feelings of horror No>Starts moving the goal posts Yeah let's not. Fucking moron

>>507610243A Lanterns Glow is creepy but it has this calming atmosphere about it as well

>>507618305Necrotic Sword of Doom. It increases all damage you do by 50%. According to my spreadsheets, I'm 72% of the way there.

Attached: The Empress.png (509x958, 572.24K)

>>507591636why did wojakniggers target survival horror for a period of time?

>>507576762>>507577346>>507581289>>507583228>>507583556>>507583602How did you motherfuckers forget about Prey?It was the best game of 2017, easily.

Attached: 1574447678142.jpg (1600x1552, 530.62K)

>>507618652The Shadow Over Innsmouth section of Dark Corners of the Earth was so good in part for this reason. Being stalked by some unseen entity as you investigate a town that clearly doesn't want you there. Shame the rest of the game devolves into a clunky shooter.

Attached: water.jpg (1920x1200, 1.24M)

>tfw desesitized to all horror>wish I could feel the fear againIf my parents had stopped me watching fucked up horror films at age 6 maybe I would of turned out normal and not like this, now mty childhood memories are tree rape and leather face doing what he does.

Attached: WfZ2pj3.gif (512x807, 467.96K)

>>507619071I'm making a horror game right now with the goal of actually scaring me, who I also consider completely desensitized. It relies on a special mechanic I don't even want to say because I'm afraid it will be stolen.

I wish more of you tried the Siren games. Its a really fucking frightening time.

>>507574529>its terrible>nothing close to what it was, but it was terrible based on my headcannonThis is you. Die.

>>50761376118+ only.>>507613143>>507615697Dude, that place was cozy as fuck, it was like a sauna. It's like asking you to build a base inside.

>>507619196Email me your mechanic, I'm an artist who can't code and has basic bitch levels of 3D. If I like it I'll work for you for free designs and shieet because I'm just so goddamn bored and actually want to do something other than shitpost all day.burner email: [email protected]'ll keep an eye on it for the next hour, so if not it's cool.

Attached: 1531441976931.jpg (1024x719, 65.98K)

>>507594728That was pretty neato

>>507619196What's the name of your game so I know to buy it when i see it

>>507574529I literally just watched this for the first time tonight. Can confirm it is a steamy pile of shit. I had a couple laughs though.

>>507604961The Lighthouse is still their best horror movie for a couple of reasons>Almost all of the legit frightening faces pulled by Dafoe and Patternson have no special effects attached. Just good lighting and facial acting.>Is kind of funny>Cool setting

>>507618978They don't need a reason. They're just here to shitpost and prevent people from enjoying things.>>507587624I find Bloodborne to be a successful part of the Lovecraftian genre. Not necessarily because it was super spooky (though the atmosphere was excellent) but because that element was hidden. Lovecraft stories always revolve around finding some horrible cosmic terror, so by allowing the player to discover how deep everything goes it actually mimics these feelings, instead of giving you the expectation from the outset.

>>507618551that seems pretty fun

>>507619217Question: Why is Siren considered so scary? The Shibito are just intelligent zombies.

>>507618909Why are you punishing yourself, dude?

>>507619506maybe actually show some art before trying to scam him out of his mechanic.

>>507619217I like how Toyama goes back and forth from making iconic horror to a cute open-world super hero game with occasional horror elements.

Attached: Gravity Rush Echo.png (949x543, 436.37K)

Strangely enough most scared I ever got in a game was Uncharted 1. I think it’s because I wasn’t expecting anything scary in my comfy Indiana Jones quip-fest. But the final act of that game was terrifying to 12 year old me.

Attached: 8DDB6A46-CFDB-45B8-8AE5-1B3E8485D26E.jpg (290x144, 7.03K)

>>507574529Well it's the closest thing to a 40k movie we ever had, so there's that.

>>507620093You're probably right, I did these a while back and they suit the horror discussion. But yeah honestly just bored as all hell.

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>>5075816274chan is not real life you fucking nigger.


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>>507573652Which reminds me, would you play this?It’s like a combination of Manhunt and FEAR. With a bit of Kane & Lynch in there for good measure. The main element of horror in the story would come from our main character, actually. All the horrifying shit he sees over the course of the game doesn’t seem to really faze him at all. And it’s revealed over the course of the game that our MC is a fucking sociopath who legit enjoys killing.Basically, murderous soldier uses a militarized cult as an excuse to let his darker impulses run wild. You can see where this is going, right?

>>507620029Massive waifufag and I like big numbers. NSoD is related to my waifu and gives me the biggest numbers

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>>507619506Thanks for the offer, but I don't want to ask for help at this stage since I don't want to bring anyone in yet because it could jeopardize the project (I've had many fall apart due to people disagreeing on how things go and they collapse), and also I can't offer any pay.I saved your email so you can remove your comment if you don't want other people to see it, but don't expect an email or anything (it would also help if you actually showed any of your work, if you toss your email out to anyone else).>>507619674I'll let this board know when I have the name trademarked/copyrighted and I have a twitter -> steam marketing funnel set up. It will have 3d spatialized audio (think raytracing but for sound, it's cool as fuck), crafting/survival elements (persistent world, most indies can't figure out saving systems ironically) and this cool mechanic that I haven't found done anywhere else.

>>507620417>>507620324not bad, user


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>>507573652Imagine being of videogames lmaoWhat are you guys, 9?

>>507575407>play subnautica like it's nothing>can't play any other horror gameI think subnautica has a semblance of gameplay that gives me sense of progression. And because existential horror is my favorite.

>>507573652PT. That shit was actually horrifying and I really don't scare easy. Since a child nothing has been able to frighten me, that shit made me shit my pants.


I don't think I've ever felt more blue-balled by a horror premise than Firewatch. I genuinely loved the majority of the game. The slow build-up of grief and paranoia, the tension that comes with feeling like you're being watched by someone in the middle of nowhere, the feeling that you can't trust anyone and that you're not even sure what's real anymore, etc. etc. I fully understand why they went with the ending that they did for thematic reasons, but it makes me sad knowing that they just didn't go all the way with the psychological thriller fear-factor.

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>>507620324>>507620417>>507620519Why do I feel aroused?You do 3D too?

when I was a kid I used to get really freaked out in any First person game. There was some educational first person puzzle game that I used to play and I would be sweating and shaking and would be on the verge of tears every time I played it. Something seeing through someone elses eyes always got to me. I'm not sure when I grew out of it but somewhere around battlefield 2 or cod4: MW2 I snapped out of it.

>>507615517amazing how people still don't know this piece of shit is a Kimi to Kanojo to Kanojo no Koi ripoff

>>507620698Based on the trailers I never realized it was supposed to be scary. I thought it was just a walking simulator.

>>507620507That's fine user I understand but seriously it's not my job to disagree with a project director and nor would I want payment, I just need to be told do this do that and I'm a bullet but in anything else I just laze and shitpost and with corona I'm just fucking around atm with my savings. But here as my work has already been posted here's a longer lasting dumpmail I keep for these [email protected]>>507620706Just started a little while back, started playing with Zbrush Maya and 3Ds Max but I'm still a low level for all three. Gonna max out Maya and Zbrush skills as there more prominent for game development.

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>>507573652Alien Isolation on hard difficulty.files.catbox.moe/ajarfu.webmhttps://files.catbox.moe/zx5p1p.webmhttps://files.catbox.moe/dgd5cw.webm

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>>507620475And it gets WORSE.>Just so he isn’t too edgy, our MC doesn’t utter any dumbass one liners at all. >Instead of just doing something cheap like having him laugh or smile while he kills, his body language communicates that. >Graphic executions that are more like a Manhunt execution than a Fatality.Shit like that

>>507620963It's an exploration walking sim with a lot of branching dialogue and mystery story elements. So "horror theme" isn't really the right term. But that's where I thought the story was going for a long while.

>>507580957I agree but other than having Sam Neill and being horror you can't really compare them. Event Horizon could actually do with a remake, provided its done by a director that actually gives a shit about the material. It has a lot of good ideas and was hugely influential to the space horror genre, even if the actual movie is so-so.