What went wrong with the Star Fox series?

What went wrong with the Star Fox series?

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The immediate next entry in the series after what many people consider to be its magnum opus was a rebranding of a Zelda clone, created either out of a misaimed attempt at camaraderie or as a deliberate act of sabotage so that Rare wouldn't make off with a fresh IP.Assault started life as a multiplayer-only arcade title co-developed by Namco, which was eventually moved over to the GC. After the switch they didn't have sufficient time to give it a wholly original campaign, so they cobbled a short, linear one together out of a few easy-to-make space shooter levels and the existing multiplayer maps.Command was a scaled down title for a handheld that didn't build on anything Assault started, instead ending up as a more shallow and repetitive version of the unreleased Super Nintendo game it ripped off.A remaster of the most acclaimed game in the series that was released on a platform with a 70 million+ userbase never reached 1 million sales.Zero was Nintendo's first proper effort in 20 years, without anybody else co-developing it (Platinum only handled asset work), and it was 80% just a rehash of their last real effort, just with gimmick controls.

>>507573000>>507575206nintendo only uses star fox to push a gimmick, the only good game is the time the gimmick was just a rumble pack

Shmups as a genre died.

Like Paper Mario, is one of those names that Miyamoto and guys massive ego are sitting on, only allowing to use them if he has a bright new idea for it, which will turn out to be retarded shit 100% of the time.

Zero's even worse when you really think about itSo we all know about the controls and how most people hated them but here's the fucking thingThe dual screen system bogged down the graphics and prevented competitive multiplayer>Competitive multiplayer was a surprise omission from Star Fox Zero. Not surprisingly, the new controls were what caused Platinum and Nintendo to shy away from multiplayer. "I think the main thing we were really focused on, since this did start on that two-screen experiment, is on this being a one-player game. That being said, we did include a co-op mode that you can play locally with the TV and gamepad, where maybe you give the person who feels more comfortable piloting the ship the pro controller, then maybe the less skilled player... maybe the younger player can have the gamepad and enjoy the soothing elements of the game.usgamer.net/articles/star-fox-zero-in-hindsight-the-developers-on-the-controls-the-decision-not-to-include-multiplayer-and-the-future-of-star-foxSo you have this mindset that pretty much risked it all, focused the entire development on a risky control scheme for a series that hasn't had a successful game in about a decade and sacrificed visuals and multiplayer for something that was hyped up as innovation.Only for the system after it to be incompatible with the control scheme due to portability so even if was good, it wouldn't be continued unless you force in some mandatory peripheral for it, which would be fucking asinine since it'd only increase the price of a new installment for a series that's been on decline for a control scheme barely anyone actually liked and gave up more than it gained

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>>507575994Bullshit too.Theres MANY of us who want a good smupGive us Ace combat x Daemon x Machina x chrome hounds starfox...This would be massive.


>>507573000Nintendo's (Miyamoto, really) refusal to just build off of a solid game and make a good sequel. you can't just have more of a good thing, you have to "innovate" by slapping retarded gimmicks onto everything. i guarantee you if they just made Starfox 64 2 without any retarded gimmicks it would sell like hot cakes.


>>507573000they're dead set against making anything resembling the only game in it that's good, and the closest they'll come is remaking the same game but worse. Idfk why they have their heads up their asses.

>>507573000The railshooter genre is no longer popular and Nintendo failed at proving the series could be more than a mere 2 hour long rail-shooter.The closest they got was Assault, which still had a ton of problems, execution wise.

I think it had a good run and enjoyed a better amount of popularity than most game series ever hoped for. Maybe I'm stupid, but I don't "get" why every series needs to be perma-relevant. Does SF still have potential? Yes, very much so. Does that mean anything will happen? Not in the slightest. I think we should enjoy and appreciate the things we have.

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>>507576653>>507576659Miyamoto's problem is that he's one of those people who become more conservative with age. I'm not talking about political leanings, but rather how he sees his own creations. You can see that even up to the Wii he was willing to push big new things for his games. Mario 64 dropped most trappings of the 2D titles, and then Galaxy was a big swing back towards them after people had gotten used to 64 and Sunshine. Star Fox 64 (although technically a retelling) had completely new concepts for the planets, NPCs and battles. Ocarina of Time had a bigger emphasis on presentation and story than the previous games in addition to introducing new NPCs and enemies that became staples for Zelda, and then there was Wind Waker's whole thing with the cel shading and sailing. Pikmin was quirky as fuck and not at all guaranteed to sell, and he made it anyways.Meanwhile, modern Miyamoto seems to be obsessed with keeping a franchise's "image," enforcing stuff like limitation of character usage in Mario spin-offs in order to keep the "brand" going, and his own games (the NSMB series) being all almost identical. There are even some bizarre rules which make no sense for a series that doesn't focus on story, like how Donkey Kong is allowed to appear alongside Mario in spin-offs... but not if they are story based, which is why the DK DLC in Mario & Rabbids had to explicitly explain that the DK story was in a separate dimension and only the Rabbids crossed over, rather than any Mario characters. He even initially opposed the Odyssey team's use of New Donk City and Pauline until they pointed out the original arcade Donkey Kong was a Mario game.People bitch about his fetish for gimmicks, but he really only seems to push them when the games don't sell well (Star Fox, or his comments about needing to do something new with F-Zero). When they sell well, he has no problem with repeated games with little innovation (the NSMB series).

>>507578103they should have the rez guy make a trippy VR star fox game, they already did tetris

Or let Dylan Cuthbert be the producer

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>>507579202Cuthbert worked on Command, that game was still shit

>>507579202Like he produced Command and 64 3D? Everybody on the internet says he wrote the story himself, too, though I haven't found a source on that. People forget he was only one of several programmers on the original, he was never the head of Argonaut or anything.

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>>507579956Actually it was Imamura (the guy who designed Fox and co to begin with) that wrote the story and drew those endings

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Nintendo should give licensing rights, funding, and an animation team for A Fox In Space. The guy is breathing new life into the IP and is getting jack shit for his efforts.

>>507579956I've never played this game but it looks weird

>>507580376Cringe. Genuine fucking cringe.

>>507580376>Nintendo should hand the franchise off to the literal faggot who's using it as an avenue to make his WolfxFox fanfictionEven that Event Horizon guy would be a better choice, at least he's actually making a game.

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Miyamoto's always been a hack desu. It was Takashi Tezuka who really contributed the most to Mario and Zelda.




Honestly the best part about Starfox 64 was the radio chatter between all the characters. I can probably recite every line by memory and I don't think any new game in the series will come close to that chemistry between characters again.




>>507580376I hope you stop breathing faggot. Fuck you for the bait


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>>507573000It's a rail shooter. How exactly do you make a new Star Fox that doesn't feel like it's just rehashing Star Fox 64? Star Fox Zero was trash, but I legitimately feel that's the only way they could have gone about making a new game and trying something novel

>>507573000Nintendo refuses to do make one unless they can think of some retarded gimmick to shoehorn in and they also generally refuse to let third party devs who might actually know what they're doing to get their IPs

>>507583657Something like Starlink but less shit and without the toyshit.

>>507573000Miyamoto and adventure killed the series. One is OBSESSED with remaking 64 and the other wasn't even a proper starfox game and ended up being mediocre at best. it's a shame 0 shat the bed but that was also Nintendo's autism meddling with what platinum had in mind. the series never had a chance.

>>5075836572 had no on-rails segments at all, and plenty of people say they like it. Assault has been getting jerked off a lot lately, and it only has like 3 on-rails levels. Any other time you get an Arwing, it's in all-range.

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>>507583109This is probably the actual answer. Fun Fact: you know the long ass intro sequence in Twilight Princess that everyone hated. Yeah, originally it was only suppose to be one day but Miyamoto told them to make it three days


Maybe Treasure could revive the series. I loved Sin and Punishment 2.

>>507575206>Assault started life as a multiplayer-only arcade title co-developed by Namco, which was eventually moved over to the GC. That was supposed to be the arcade game? I thought the canned armada one that played like an on rail shooter was the scrapped arcade game.

>>507573000Furries.Flurries who don't like on-rails arcade Starfox gameplay but just the characters and the fact their animals.Also Nintendo for not making games.


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>>507584073Yes, I too watch DYKG

>>507573000>Make Assault but better. Open ended missions. >Bring Project Aces to make a actual sequel to Zero>Ask Treasure to make a sequel to Zero>Ask Sega to make a sequel with a Arcade presence There i save the series

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Time to move on. There hasn't been a remarkable Star Fox game in over a decade. You'll always have Smash though.

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>>507584239Assault is Armada, it was a WIP title.

>>507579202I think Cuthbert has a deal with apple now so don't expect him working on star fox anytime soon

>>507584009I don't even care about the donut steel, that's an ugly ass gun.

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>>507573000>Star Fox (SNES)A good game with issues caused by technical limitations of its time.>Star Fox 2A great game that improved upon its predecessor in every way.Canceled because Miyamoto's a jealous, bitter cunt.>SF64A retread/remake of Star Fox (SNES) with concepts and characters stolen from SF2.>AdventuresAn unrelated game (Dinosaur Planet) that had to be delayed because Miyamoto's a jealous cunt and said it had to be retooled into a Star Fox game because the main character (Krystal) was a fox. Said main character looks nothing like Star Fox's designs for foxes and sticks out like a sore thumb in every SF game. The game itself is a shit zelda clone.>AssaultAn arcade game moved to systems. Campaign sucks dick, but the multiplayer is surprisingly good, which fits given the origins of the title.>CommandFucking boring. I genuinely don't even remember anything abut this one.>SF3DThe second remake of SF(SNES).>ZeroAnother remake of SF(SNES), now with even less features than any version before it.SF needs to return to SF2's sensibilities.

Am I the only one who actually quite likes ASSault? It's not perfect, but I feel it could have taken the series in a good direction. The arwing feels great to control and the on-foot stuff isn't half-bad.

>>507573000Fur fags.

>>507585065I'm pretty sure the general consensus is "Assault is decent and the multiplayer is pretty fun".

>>507580778>>507581478First off, the nips who made the original franchise are all faggots, and to make it worse, they cant write their way out of a paper sack.There's no furry gay romance in A Fox in Space. It's just a much needed and well written fan reboot of a dead franchise for children.

>>507585065>Am I the only one who actually quite likes (game that has been praised very regularly in every single Star Fox thread)

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(The lack of) E3 is going to be so boring this year. I also believe that whatever Star Fox related to ever be announced in the future will be lukewarm and pointless.

>>507584706None of the Star Fox guns have ever looked that good

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>>507584408Krystal attracted furries to the franchise, and she has caused more harm than good to the series image to the point where even 64fags try to swing the series towards their end to keep it just like the orignal, further damaging the brand because they are more then willing to rally behind Miyamoto so long Krystal never comes back.If the fucker just stayed away from Dinosaur Planet, history wouldve looked very different in the industry.

>>507585065No but I think the game is the worst in the series in several ways.

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>>507578309>Refuses to change and adapt series that do best with small changes and adaptions>Insists series that would work best with little more than better graphics and new maps need a gimmick to be greenlite.What an absolute monster.All anyone expects from things like star fox or F-zero is1) New, fresh courses that are fun to play2) Focusing on fixing and flaws with the previous entrys and making the gameplay smoother.Instead we get forced gimmick #913 or worse, shit like the last mario party game that's so barebones and lacks anything at all that it's a complete disappointment to try and force in a new gimmick.

Maybe Sakurai can do something with Star Fox after Smash. I mean Kid Icarus was amazing.

>>507584459Assault isn't even a good game nor the structure it had would serve as a good template for a new game. It is a very unremarkable game even when it was first released.

The comic style is cool... I want space adventure game series like this

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>>507573000Star Fox SNES was a tech marvel than a good game.Assault lacked single player contentCommand lacked single player contentStar Fox 64 NDS was an okay remaster, but added nothing that the N64 didn'tZero lacked single player content and ass controls.Nintendo just didn't have their AAA team on any of the games except the N64 version.

>>507585213They may not be tonguefucking, but you're deluding yourself if you think there's no homoerotic subtext. You want an actual good fan interpretation, read Lylat Legacy, or rather what still exists of it.

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>>507586204>LMAO EVERYBODY THAT PLAYS THESE GAMES IS A FURRY AND WANTS FAGGOT SHIT LOLI guess that makes you a furry too, then, posting in a thread about furry games and all.

>>507586781Sakurai is doomed to be stuck with Smash. I suspect he doesn't get along with Miyamoto considering he was never mentioned in the end credits of KidIcarusUprising. He refuses to make another entry in that series too because of the stress of making that entry.Also, Smash only exists because Iwata allowed him to. Miyamoto tried discouraging Sakurai from developing it.

>>507586947SNES star fox is still a fun quick arcade like shooter game so I don't have nothing really to fault it forAssault also lacked multiplayer content in all honestyCommand lacked a mode to play non story related bonus missions like what advance wars had643D was alrightZero felt half baked even though it had a lot of great ideas. I would like to see a zero 2 game as I really believe the best star fox game can come out of making a game like zero but fixing its major issues as well as expanding the content.

>>507587027Oh so suddenly you're so concerned about subtext. SF64 was basically Top Gun with anthropomorphic foxes, and Fox never mentioned having a girlfriend. Nintendo then makes Adventures, gives him a girlfriend, and the fanbase hated it. Let me spell it out for you.A Fox in Space is LESS gay than the Starfox series and fanbase.

>>507587423Kid Icarus Uprising was a better Star Fox game than Star Fox. Like Zero, a lot of people got filtered by its akward controls but unlike Zero KIU had the actual content to back it up. Imagine KIU ended at Medusa like the game advertised itself, that would have been reality if Sakurai wasn't at the helm.

>>507586813It is a good game. The Arwing missions are on par with anything from 64, the all-range ones in particular are even better because they consist of something other than "fly above flat plain and shoot down lazily circling enemies." The ground stuff is already perfectly serviceable as is, and could have been improved in a sequel. Its biggest flaw has nothing to do with the on-foot stuff, it's the short and linear nature of the campaign itself, which stems from its origins as a hastily converted arcade title. If it got a sequel that was intended to be a home console game from the start, that issue would presumably be rectified.

>>507587423I don't hope Miyamoto dies, but I really hope he fucks off from development or involvement in development forever. The dude's an old fart who doesn't want to try any more.

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>>507584408I can't believe any review's complaints with controls after the infamous "can't get past the tutorial of cupheads" video. Zero also had a lot against it sales wise as it was being sold on the poorly selling WiiU which was mostly abandoned at that point less than a year before the switch would start selling.If anything Assault is the point where the series went into deep shit since Adventure sold quite well and people were expecting Assault to go back to true form like the original and 64. Yes command sucked and sold badly but how can a small scale budget game for the DS truly cripple the series for the next decade before a truly new game was made?

So, SF/SF2 were made in collaboration with Argonaut, which is now dead. KIU was made by Sora.What company should Nintendo get to make a new SF game, since they clearly suck dick at it?

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>>507588419Get Namco again, and this time let the actual Ace Combat people do it instead of the Klonoa devs.

>>507588130I heavily disagree. I found the on rail stages being the weakest in the entire series for how bland it all felt as well as how bad the arwing handled (unless you want to could the ones from adventures) and the rest of the game came down to shooting all the targets on the ground in stages meant for just the multiplayer mode. The game had promise but the whole package was a complete clusterfuck.

>>507588419As much as nobody here likes them, Ubisoft. Just make Starlink in the Lylat system.

>>507588419Treasure.They've got experience with making fantastic traditional STG as well as Rail Shooters. Imagine if we got a Star Fox even half as fucking fantastic as RSG or Ikaruga or S&P.youtube.com/watch?v=wmbtRW0noRw

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>>507588419I'm sure it will either be ubisoft or some indie developer making their own unrelated game which Nintendo notices and asks them to make it into a star fox game. My dream developer would be monolithsoft just so I can see what they'll do with a furfag setting.

>>507588419Insomniac Games

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>>507589075Prime 4 is in active development though.

>>507588681The namco you knew who made Assault are long gone. Bandai Namco is a different beast entirely which could explain Assault's rushed development and how Monolith got bought by Nintendo shortly after.

>>507588834Treasure could never make a Starfox game because they'd have the StoneLike show up and slaughter all of Lylat in an endless timeloop to resurrect again as a metaphor for how the series is never allowed to move on, or something like that. They'd get shot down by Nintendo in a heart beat.

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>>507589037They hate you eceleb bandwagoning furries more than anyone.t. used to work for them

>>507589195I am massive metroid fag and even I am starting to question if it actually is in active development since it could be they made the announcement to quell the backlash of Federation Force, a game I really like BTW whose biggest sin was being announced and released before the public knew more metroid was on the way.

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>>507575920Spbp, thread should've ended here

>>507589075>shaddy developers who have NO skill like Namco?Ace Combat is better than every single Nintendo IP

>>507588419If you had asked during the 00s: Namco's Ace Combat team with the advances in TPS made by RE4. Nowadays, the team behind Starlink seems more likely, fuck Starlink already has elements of SF2 (just not as fleshed out).It also helps that those guys in Ubisoft are ACTUAL fans, considering the Papatoon line.

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>>507585065Assault's mechanics in concept good? Their execution? Bad.Assault's multiplayer? Good. Its execution? Mediocre.Assault's gameplay can work, but it needs a lot of refining, especially in mission structure.

>>507588419I'm going to say something a lot of people aren't expecting which is Next Level games. They made a number of games I really enjoyed and I think a franchise like Star Fox which traditionally does better in the West should be made with a western team and mindset.

>>507589335damn, how long were you there for? Are furries the reason why Ratchet has gone the shitter since PS3?

Someone post the interview where cuthbert said miyamoto told him not to make a space shooter like rogue squadron and just rehash 64

>>507588419If this were the early 2000s there would be lots of good choices, but there's not really good devs for that family adventure style anymore. I suppose the best answer is probably Retro, but it ain't happening. My best advice is to wait for more years to pass and see if any other studios have potential.

>>507589734I think Zero honestly did a lot of what Assault did better (on ground gameplay most notably)

SF2 is kickass, go play it if you haven't. You'll see what what an ideal SF is meant to look like if you have imagination.

>>507589982What would that have even been for, Command? Command doesn't play anything like either of those games, outside of being in a ship and flying around.

>>507588484The gay undertones and furshit were more blatant in Assault compared to previous entries. I distintively remember a spike in furry media and saw a lot of StarFox shit around the time Assault was released and wondered where the fuck it was coming from (before ever hearing about StarFox).The bloody series definitely made the furry craze worse than it should be.

>>507589335>bandwagoning furriesSure thing, intern. Also not sure why you chose to play the furfag card in a Star Fox thread.

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>>507589982Hearing Cuthbert say that his team wanted to put railshooting sections in Command until Miyamoto told them to just stick to exclusively the shallow all-range mode it ended up with was really disappointing. The Anglar Emperor boss was a really good fight and the closest we got to railshooting outside of the boring missile chases.

>>507590563Did you know command took just 18 months to make?

>>507580376>Fox In Space>1 episode in 3 yearsIm not trying to grow old waiting for fan fiction

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>>507589037Ratchet >>>>> Fox

>>507590776Command was so close to being one of the top games in the series, but a few small details just drop it immensely in replayability and enjoyment. I'd still like to see Cuthbert and Q-games return to the series once more to see what they could do with it. I don't really enjoy command and 643D all that much, but I wonder what they could do if given actual freedom in developing an original entry.

I'm glad it went wrong, the only thing furries deserve are a bullet and a mass grave

>>507591507I still play those games on occasion. I still enjoy playing command in level select.

>>507579956>>507580260I honestly don't even think Command was a total write-off, it had some ideas that could've been cool if they were pulled off better.>Peppy becomes the new general after Pepper retires, now the one who gives Star Fox their briefings before each mission>Great Fox was destroyed in Assault - as one last favor before he retires, in return for all Star Fox has done, Pepper promises them a new ship at least equal to it in capabilities, but they'll have to make do with a shitty obsolete rustbucket until it's complete>Peppy having a wife and daughter (his wife was actually mentioned in a Japanese guidebook iirc, kinda odd Lucy was never mentioned but not a super big deal since she's just a random civilian)>Katt and Bill get sick of being in the sidelines and decide to officially join up with Star Fox>Star Wolf struggles to pay off their bounty and resent their reputation as scumbag criminals despite having been instrumental in saving the universe back in AssaultThe Anglars don't make much sense in the context of the game, the idea that they've just sort of been sitting there on Venom this whole time under a toxic sea (a sea which was never there in 64, and wasn't retconned into 64 3D), but they're conceptually fine in the sense that Andross did indeed perform a bunch of fucked up experiments with biological weapons. If they were given a proper origin in-game, they would've been much more compelling antagonists. Maybe Andrew and that Dash Bowman guy set out to finish what Andross started by combing through his labs and following his notes to make a new army. The intro says "Unwilling or unable to face his former team, Fox has chosen to take on the entire Anglar armada by himself," which could be a cool premise in itself, bitter Fox saving the day on his own and the useless NPC allies having to acknowledge themselves "Wow, we're fucking useless," but the game railroads you into meeting and joining with other characters by the second mission.

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>>507591750I think command's story would have been a lot better if Krystal wasn't in it. She is easily the worst part of the whole story. I also felt like because of what happened in assault it really screwed over what they could have do storywise as a sequel.

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Reading the opinions in this thread makes it extremely obvious what went wrong: Nobody knows what to do with it or what direction to go. That's a simple fact.

I've been saying this forevermy dream Star Fox game is a cover shooter with character creation and online multiplayer

>>507591750Honestly, at this point the franchise is so lethargic and without a proper vision, mix and matching the things that worked and learning from previous mistakes in the franchise will at least provide a good enough foundation.>>507592247Krystal's involvement WAS pretty awful, but most characters were badly written anyway. It is actually funny how they fucked up the translation to the point Panther refers to himself in third person (thought I guess you could say he was left retarded by the Aparoid War).

>>507573000Take a guess

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>>507592990I wish I hadn't clicked on that.

>>507592948To be fair Krystal wasn't portrayed that well in Assault either. I can't really fault her in Adventure since she wasn't in it that much but she served her purpose competently I suppose.

>>507592779Basically. It's the same reason Sonic sucks, or why Castlevania could never into 3D

It's just a case of there being a time and place for a particular type of game as well as perfecting the formula early on. It peaked at Starfox 64. A novel concept of an on-rails plane shooter with bosses and shortcuts. It had some replayability but overall such a short and limited game wouldnt be as well received nowadays.Changing the formula makes it not Stafox, and any attempt to recapture the magic of 64 will fall short and not be able to live up to it.It will never be as good again.

>>507591682643D is a competent game, but I just prefer the original in nearly every way. I dislike the minor changes to how the arwing handles, the arrangement of the soundtrack and other nitpicky stuff. It's still good in a pinch if I'm not able to play on my n64, though.Command was genuinely fun the first few playthroughs, but as a sequel to Star Fox 2 in terms of gameplay, not taking a similar approach to the scoring system kills it for me. If they just had the time remaining per mission affect your score, it'd give so much more variety in how you'd want to complete it. As it is, it just seems like clearing every encounter completely (which gives a missile and a time bonus that negates any sort of meaning for the fuel gauge) is the only way to play and also drags the session on. I will say it remains much more enjoyable if you ignore the scoring entirely, but then I really don't have any goal outside of just seeing the credits roll.

>>507592247Krystal had nothing to do with Command's plot about a mysterious alien race coming out of nowhere to attack Lylat, immediately following a game whose story revolves around a mysterious alien race coming out of nowhere to attack Lylat. She had nothing to do with the shit about Slippy ditching the team to find a gf, or Falco ditching the team a second time within 3 games, or Wolf changing personalities for the second time in a row.>what happened in assault it really screwed over what they could have do storywise as a sequelWhat happened in Assault, they defeated a sci-fi empire? They do that every fucking game. How about a sequel where they actually do some mercenary shit?>>507584483>>507584009

>>507573000The genre isn't what it used to be, can't sell a game on that genre the way Nintendo wants to do them. So what's left for it is to either shift genre or make smaller games.

Nintendo can't put out decent Star Fox games. Everyone ITT is a moron for thinking otherwise.

It's wildly encouraging and inspiring that so many people care about this series still, despite everything... Stay peaceful and comfy my friends. I can tell that at least many of you are intelligent and passionate people. Keep happiness in your life.

>>507575206>64 3D didn't hit 1 million in salesdamn man. >>507579956thanks for reminding me how much command sucks balls. >>507586813assault is just a fun arcade game to chill with. not great but i had a lot of fun playing it and its pretty much the only game after 64 i can dig. >>507588736yeah right, starlink was just a grindfest. it starts off good then you realise that the first two hours is the whole game.

I just want best dog back

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>>507593458The anglers didn't come out of nowhere exactly like the aparoids were. They were a bioweapon of andross' which grew to become an advance civilization and was able to build up an army because no one thought Andrews did stuff in the acidic oceans of venom

>>50759570664 3D actually hit a million units soldgamingnexus.com/News/43090/Mario-Maker2c-Majora-and-Star-Fox-join-Nintendo-Selects

>>507595753is 2 canon...? I wasn't paying attention much to what Nintendo was saying when it released, but I assume they didn't give much comment on how to treat it

>>507595706Starlink is quite a mixed game. The team has talent, bosses like the Primes (especially its 3rd stage) and the Dreadnoughts are fun, that's why Miya—minaminomi—moto asked them to put Fox and crew in it. But besides the usual Ubisoft jewery, the team had actual really bad ideas, I believe the toys shit actually came from the developers, plus they really didn't balance the laser cannons that well, and the space combat is dreadful if you're using hitscan weapons.

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Not enough Krystal poon

>>507597060Nintendo took a lot of Ideas from 2.

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>>507597060There is no such thing as "canon," this series has been rebooted twice now.>SNES, 2>64, Adventures, Assault, Command>Zero, maybe Starlink but prolly not

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Funny thing is, the best part of Starlink was the Star Fox stuff.

>>507597494>krystal as a trannythat's a yikes from me, famalam

>>507578309he sounds like a less cancer but still crazy version of kojima/george lucas. these guys really needed someone to reel in their autism and foment the growth of their best ideas. imo, miyamoto brings more harm and stagnation to nintendo nowadays.

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>>507596005some good news at least?>>507597202yeah i had fun playing it but its very shallow and then the toy crap kind of killed it, being stuck with the same dudes and weapons was a bit boring but i wasnt giving me shekels for the toys. i agree that the primes and dreadnoughts were really fun.>>507597752>>507597494>>507597354who tf are you


>>507598004The sales tell you everything, nobody bought Starlink except Star Fox fans. The PS4 and XBOX versions sold abysmally.

I liked how Star Wolf got a big ass battleship, it'd be neat for them to keep that as their equivalent of Great Fox.

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You could quite easily make Star Fox into a much bigger thing. The exploration and adventure element that is apparent is under-tapped especially if you're looking at Star Fox 2. I think it's a series that could handle many types of genres if I was really that mad, even though that is already apparent.

>>507597060Star fox 2 is the latest game released so one can think only star fox 1 and 2 are canon and the rest are spinoff games in between main releases.

>>507598364They should've seen that coming with how Disney Infinity and Lego Dimensions and even Skylanders died off, the series which made that toys to life thing relevant to begin with.

>>507598450Starlink had a cool aesthetic at the very least.

Krystal don't ruined anything, fuck off.

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>>507598968Go back to /trash/

>>507597752>story actually moves forward>Peppy semi retires and helps Crystal eventually man the helm of the Great Fox>Fox hires Miyu and Faye to pilot the new Arwings he had made>more crazy space adventures ensueSeriously just move on already. We've killed Andross enough times and surely there can be other antagonists and rivals that'll threaten the galaxy. It doesn't have to always be Fox, Wolf and James, nobody is going to autism fit if the latter two are not around for one game.


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youtube.com/watch?v=VQwaVhCVIp4>Best part of 0 is an optional bit of side content.

>>507599173This. Just give me anthromorphic space mercenaries. Give me fast ahips, big explosions, and witty wise cracking.

not pandering to us the furries by making fox and wolf gay for each other and have them fuck

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>>507575206Man everything about Zero was lazy. Even just them reusing the same exact aesthetic from 64 and 64 3D, the abstract polygon shit, ignoring the fact that it never would've looked like that in the first place if they had superior technology.

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>>5075730001. The first two games came out at the peak of its genre and 64 is considered the magnum opus of its genre.2. Things like price point, game content, and gimmicks hold it back considerably, no one outside of Star Fox fans will pay $60 dollars for a 2-4 hour game.3. Star Fox has a certain style that only certain people will love, the cheap muppet like style of characters and sci-fi tone is beloved by those who grew up with Sar Wars, Star Trek, etc.4. Furries, I don't hate furries but new fans turn Star Fox into furry space opera while the old fans focus on lore and traditional space opera.5. No online multiplayer and leaderboards, how is this not a thing yet in Star Fox?6. Advance the series beyond 64, take the best things from 1, 2, 64, and Assault and make something new with it and continue from Assault's story.So yeah, I've come to accept that Star Fox will most likely be a B-tier series for Nintendo, and honestly it's best at that, embodying the cheesy and corny sci-fi we love, and we got 3 games from 2011-2017, which is more than F-Zero and Metroid combined sadly.

>star fox actually has an entire segment dedicated to it on the nintendo amazon store that recently openedamazon.com/stores/page/B9CC6E0D-7381-4FC5-B2CE-D54A5C585331?ingress=0&visitId=c0f10ff8-5f10-4b52-9051-96029c842ce5It's just T-shirts but it does at least show the IP isn't completely dead in Nintendo's eyes (ie F-Zero). Though it's basically only kept alive by Miyamoto, kinda like Pikmin.

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>>507592694Fuck I miss that comic.

>>507598364Oh, and did they notice. When crimson moon came out, that update was free but not the Starfox vs Starwolf content.Still,that kinda gives me hope... until I remembered that then the team will have to work under the framework of two evil overlords: The Ubisoft machine and Old Man Miyamoto.

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>>507578309being conservative is actually pretty smart. Alot of so called "innovations" for the sake of innovation has only breed garbage. Look at what has happened to companies like Naughty dog or Ubisoft. Both are examples of companes that would have been better off if they just kept on shitting out Rayman and Crash Bandicoot games. Now they are full of trannies who think ugliness is beauty because of the retarded timeless fallacious notion that "old bad nu good".

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>>507602039Zero's biggest issue was how slow it was and how short the levels were. Apart from the controls and gimmicks of course.

>>507602654I bought a star fox vintage tee through there. It's pretty awesome if basic. Glad to have some official Star Fox merchandise though.

>>507599173>>507599532Furry drama is cringe though

>>507602651There's honestly nothing worth continuing after assault. The whole post 64 storyline is a complete mess. Best to start off after 64 or zero but with more continuity between them.

>>507604904Not a fury though. Ninja turtles were cooland so was the samurai bunny. Disneys Robin Hood is good. Its just a cool art style to me. I dont deny furries are cringe though. Star Fox just isnt neccesarily furry.

>>507605191I gotta disagree, they can just expand the universe like Star Wars and Star Trek have, they just need to get creative.

They've remade the original game too many times. Star Fox 64 was effectively a remake of 1.

Shittendo refuses to make a direct sequel to 64 and instead just keeps trying new gimmick shit which always fails and fucks up the game

>>507605527I mean when you think about it Star Wars is basically in the same creative rut that SF is. Sure it hasn't done any reboots but the entire sequel trilogy is creatively bankrupt in the same way something like Zero is.

>>507605629>Star Fox 64 was effectively a remake of 1.that's like saying Super Mario Bros 3 was a remake of Super Mario Bros

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What really went wrong? The agronaut deal fallout. Nintendo threw them under the bus for no reason. Star Fox 64 is perfect and I honestly think a more of the same sequel would of been fine (not the same fucking plot and environments again of course, just make a not andross maybe not even set it in the lylat system I just want more star fox 64 levels for fucks sake why this is complicated)

>>507605527With how the sequel trilogy for star wars and the Picard series for star trek went. I rather not have them go a very story focused route at all

>>507605859More like Star Wars has been getting fucked by Disney, EA, and fanboys, at least with Star Fox only Nintendo's doing the fucking.

From the start? Furries.Recently? Attempting to be revived on a dead console.

>>507605905Even zero being a "reimagining" of 64 plays as differently as a sequel would of zero's story was that of a 64 2.

>>507605905It is, it's been stated many times by the devs, what rock have you been living under?

>>507605905MGS is a remake of MG2

>>507605527Have you seen star fox command? The continuity is so fucked after that game, it was almost begging for a reboot. Still should of been from assault instead of 64 though, or just some point where shit wasn't fucked

>>507606323Star Fox takes so much from Star Wars and Gundam. They should make a game that take plce during the Lylat wars.

>>507606323Then they should do a Crisis on Infinite Earths where the timelines collapse into a singular timeline.

>>507606097I don't know about that for sure all the game. Rare got screwed over by the Microsoft buyout during adventure's development, Namco clearly had no clue what the fuck to do with their game which would come together in the messy package of Assault, and Q games had Command as their first full retail price title and given a limited focus and development time by Nintendo.

>>507573000Not enough of that sexy blue fox lady

>>507606597On that note, where the fuck is a Gundam on rail shooting game? I'd pay money for that.

>>507605905Except it isn't.>Star FoxAndross is invading the Lylat system. Start from Corneria and travel to places like the asteroid belt, Sectors X, Y, and Z, Fortuna, and Macbeth on your way to fight Andross himself on Venom.>Star Fox 64Andross is invading the Lylat system. Start from Corneria and travel to places like the asteroid belt, Sectors X, Y, and Z, Fortuna, and Macbeth on your way to fight Andross himself on Venom.Meanwhile:>Super Mario Bros.Bowser has captured Princess Toadstool and Mario must traverse the Mushroom Kingdom to defeat him.>Super Mario Bros. 3Bowser's minions the Koopalings are causing trouble by stealing wands from the various rules of the lands of the Mushroom Kingdom and turning them into various creatures. Once Mario has dealt with all 7 Koopalings, Bowser kidnaps Princess Toadstool and Mario must save her from him.

>>507575206this is so true it hurts

All-range outer space hubworld with planets and locations to discover. Some planets require different machines, others are straight up rail shooter levels. Objective could be salvaging specific parts to build a gigantic mothership that you can use to approach Venom. Final stage you're flying the mothership instead of the Arwing and fight a planet sized Andross.

>>507607304could be good, just as long as the outer space hub isn't a boring slog. give the arwing a special warp speed/boost function so it can reach planets quickly

>>507607304So Starlink?

>>507607016a lot of cherry picking in this post. Star Fox 64 also had Star Wolf, James McCloud, completely different bosses, Bill and Katt, etc etc...

>>507607016I think that user was saying story wise both Mario games had the princess captures which a plumber has to travel through 8 worlds. Defeating a turtle monster at the end of each, to save her.64 also isn't a one for one retelling of 1 since despite sharing a lot of the same themes and location names, they aren't that much alike at all. Macbeth for example is very different between the two

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>>507607516Did Starlink have rail shooter levels? Haven't played it

>>507607304replace andross with someone completely new and i'm fine with this.

Release Dino Planet!


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>>507603806I wouldn't call either as innovative, maybe ambitious to Naughty Dog, but not innovative.Corporate is a better adjective.

It's a game you could change and mix up immensely by just inventing new level scenarios, but somehow, with 64 they think they've done everything there is to do, so they kept reinventing the wheel.

>>507606719There was a whole franchise of them back on the original playstation.

>>507607907Honestly I'd be okay if Star Fox picked up from this ending. Seems like a cool team and having Falco as the hardass veteran pilot is just a great idea.

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>>507605905It's more like saying Super CV4 is a remake of CV1, and it kind of is.

>>507607907I really like this one fan redesign of Amanda I came acrossTurns her into a poison dart frog, which makes her look more interesting and distinct than just being some gay pink girl forg

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>>507607746The Dreadnoughts in game have a final phase that seems literally ripped from the SNES version, this phase also has a corridor scene that is such a throwback, I could hear Andross go "It's foolish to go against me".

>>507608201>>507607907>>507607670They definitely cheaped out on the character artists.

>>507608198Shiet, what are they and are they any good?

>>507607559>Star Fox 64 also had Star Wolf, James McCloud, completely different bosses, Bill and Katt,Almost universally stolen from SF2.SF64 is literally just a SF1 remake with shit lifted from SF2 because Miyamoto's a bitter cunt.

>>507608539Imamura has been the art designer for basically every Star Fox game.

>>507608539It's the same guy who did all the art for Star Fox 2, which looks great. Why the SFC cutscenes look so bad is beyond me.

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>>507608459Starlink definitely had some great ideas. Especially in the expansion and the Star Fox content. But its weighed down by the "Ubisoft Game" formula.

>>507608539The crazy thing is that the artist for those endings and Command as a whole is literally the guy who originally designed the Star Fox and F-Zero characters, Imamura.Here's rare Nintendo Dream art with Krystal

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The furry community. I guarantee if it wasn't for furfags, we'd have more sf

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>>507607907ROB is just fucking stock art, I just noticed that.

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>>507575920The one ray of hope is that the Switches only gimmicks are portability, gyro controls, and HD rumble.If Nintendo ever makes a StarFox game for the Switch, obviously it won't require handheld mode somehow, they've never done that, gyro aiming wouldn't be that bad without the second screen to fuck it up, and HD rumble isn't even really something they could force you to use even if it is a feature.Worst case scenario they require the IR camera somehow, or force you to use split joycons, but so far only Labo and 1 2 Switch have done that

Star Fox Guard was surprisingly fun.

>>507608913Meanwhile they had the same guy who drew the NP comic do some concept art for Zero's short.

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>>507609339>or force you to use split joycons, but so far only Labo and 1 2 Switch have done thatMario Odyssey has a few moves that require split joycons.

>>507584009>>507585607>>507585882>>507592294>>507597752>>507599291>>507609226JECBrush's Star Fox art is so goodI wish he'd become the lead artist of the series, somehow.

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>>507609467Benimaru is way better than Imamura. If he did the art for the series the character designs would look way cooler.

>>507609558Does it? afaik you can do them all with the Pro controllers gyro

>>507608809>slippy's bead necklaceMan, I fucking miss that thing.

>>507607907>>507609327lol Was the vision for Command to be as amateurish as possible? Cuz that would explain a lot

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>>507608715That is very strange, because most of them feel and look very different to me. The best SF aesthetics are boxart/1/comic/2/64/adventures/smash. Zero is okay, but some of it was too weird >>507609467and that's exactly what I'm talking about, this WAY better than the generic final version.

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>>507609745Slippy's entire personality seemed way different in the first two games. Seemed really chill and fun.

>>507607304Nah.>Great Ship hub>level select board>every planet has a ship, tank, and infantry map>tank and infantry missions unlocked by beating on-rail ship missions

>>507609642I want to bury my face in the fur between Krystal's breasts


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>>507609940If nothing else, the greatest sin SF64 committed was turning slippy from a chill fat mechanic bro to a squeaky-voiced mascot-y cunt.

It has survived off the goodwill of one truly good game released nearly 25 years ago.

>>507609856I'm convinced Imamura just throws shit together. The art for Star Fox 2 like what was included in the manual and stuff just seems really amateurish.

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>>507607304Just make Assault 2, but with freedom to choose which planet, battlefield, and mission you want to go to, like Battletech. Have your ground, air, and space battles. Main Story missions for the overall narrative of the game, plus Side Story missions that have multiple sorties. Throw in some "radiant" missions with basic objectives, simple one-off missions i.e. "Go to x planet and blow up y things" that can be infinitely generated so you always have a source of money or loot or whatever, or if you just want to screw around and test out your fighter loadouts or train your pilots. Upgrade your equipment and vehicles, different fighters and ground units, swap out the weapons for everything, set up your loadout when going on foot, etc. It would be sweet.

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>>507573000All range mode.

Something about the N64's colours makes it so vivid and amazing. It's glorious.

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>>507583657More levels, more paths, greater level of depth in movement and ship customisation/loadoutDifferent paths in levels, multiple bossesDont overcomplicate it and focus on your central mechanic and create challenges that test the players understandingWho fucking cares if it rehashes, execution is everything.SFZero is how you execute it wrong by polluting simple effective design with unnessecary mechanics.

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>>507610340>yaru de ponI love this guy and hate him because of how creepy he was in 64.youtube.com/watch?v=wps4NrFb6_s

>>507610597He reminds me of Mr. Popo with his blank stare.

Remember when you fought Gundams in 64?

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>>507610340>>507610597I used to think the raccoon guy was a member of Star Fox, like he was a mechanic for the ships or something and that's why he talked you through the training. It confused me that he was never seen anywhere else or referenced by the other team members.

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>>507579956Dylan's 3D work on the gameboy is what caught nintendo's attention and led to the collaboration between nintendo and argonaut. I'd dare say star fox wouldn't exist without him.

So what the fuck was with that Helicopter thing in 0?

>>507610597He has a friendly Southern accent in 3DS.

>>507593368This user is right; they have to re-imagine the series to push it forward

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>>507610340>Fox's mom and Fara are supposed to look close enough to be twins>actually look nothing alikeAlso the fact that Fox canonically had the hots for a girl who looked exactly like his mom and even convinced her to try on her old clothes, and that was all OK'd, is hilarious to me.

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>>507602770I will never not be mad when he cancelled it

>>507610898It was there to be another vehicle for the Team Star Fox to use like the blue Marine and Landmaster. However this not only turned out to be redundant (the Sewing can already do it's hacking job) but also poorly executed (it was slow and the levels with it where kind of boring). At least the Ai robot that come with it was cute.

>>507610890Didn't he also create the technology/demonstration for Mario 64 or some crazy shit? I've heard someone say Star Fox 2 also used similar tech that pioneered 3D platformers with the walkers.

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>>507611172Also the way Fox's mom dies is hilarious>andross actually had the hots for her and was jealous of james ("fox mccloud sr." as he's called here)>proceeds to plant a time bomb in his car to wipe him out and take vixy for himself>vixy uses the car instead and gets blown upOof

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>>507610898I can only assume it was conceived as more justification for the gamepad.>Shit, how else do we convince people they need to use this?>We'll have parts where you need to use it to see in tight corridors.>But Fox never gets out of his ship.>So we'll have a little robot get out and do it.>But the Arwing can't stop in order to do that.>So we'll have the player fly a VTOL that can hover.And then they only use it for two missions anyways and just let you hack terminals with the Arwing's walker.

>>507611551Okay that is some comedy shit right there.


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>>507611572>>507610898And then there is that cool as fuck ATV that is just relegated to a bonus mission.

What are the chances that A Fox In Space will be finished in this lifetime

>>507611182GODDAMMIT. Not only was it terrible to get cucked out of a climatic battle, he also had to star in Lust Penis, too

Attached: mfw_kurastara.png (539x305, 222.02K)

>>507611551He wasn't expecting her to use James car that day lols.

>>507611859I think he's only planning on doing 3 episodes. Either way he's still working on it so Episode 2 should be released sometime in the near future. He recently figured out how to make the process either by using 3d models or some shit, hopefully that helps.


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>>507612156She looks like she fucks human men

>>507611845I had forgotten that even existed until you said that.

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>>507573000It doesn't look like this. youtube.com/watch?v=uieM18rZdHY

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>>507595706But I liked Command. Then again I was like 8 or 9 so whatever.

>>507612534All those characters are hideous and poorly drawn though, especially Slippy.

>>507607670Reading how Fox ran into Krystal in a distant galaxy and didn’t recognize her actually made me feel.

>>507575920>>507575206Somehow I feel like the gimmicky shit is just Miyamoto being a huge fucking cunt to other developers.Like he's pushing shit on to them to sabotage their efforts or some shit.

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I've been playing the two SNES games during the discussion>1 is really twitchy and difficult to control at times>2 is the better game and really underrated>both titles are an insane threshold for software for the system>the graphics are really cute and the music is bangingThe appeal is so soft and sweet. They really do not make games like this anymore.

>it was actually miyamoto who suggested to cuthbert and his team not to make command a retreat of snes or 64Oh the irony

Attached: dylancommand.png (854x279, 44.58K)

>>507612995An earlyish DS game is actually an acceptable place for a safe rehash imo.

>>507575206Adventure was the best game in the series and had a dope soundtrack. Sure, it's the only game in the series I've played, but fuck you.

So anyway, I usually leave the Primes to thrive enough because their third phase is an absolute banger, but what happens if you let the Dreadnoughts foster? Do they get another phase or is it always the same 3?

Attached: Starlink-Dreadnought-Battle[1].jpg (1280x720, 169.96K)

At least you faggots had more than 5 games before NIntendo threw in the towel despite most of them not being that good. Captain Falcon has been the Smash guy since Melee


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>>507612926Desu if there are any games I would be all in favor of getting the lazy modern style remake, it's Star Fox 1 and 2. 1 in particular would be a billion times more enjoyable with a crosshair in the third-person segments and no slowdown.

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>>507613260David Wise still plays the SFA music, even though it will of course never truly be as recognised as Donkey Kong.youtube.com/watch?v=AgaE3-RY4FE

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>>507613585And they did draw up actual schematics and shit, they could keep it pretty faithful if they tried.

Attached: StarFox2-SNES-ATypeArwingConcept.jpg (5104x4016, 701.46K)

The fuck ever happened with that Star Fox Racing game that was rumored years ago? I was kinda looking forward to seeing if it could be a unique and fun gameAlso short answer is that they never were able to recapture the magic they pulled off with the original and 64, they tried with Assault but somehow they came close while missing the mark by a mile at the same time. It also doesn't help that rail shooters are a relic of a genre.

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Attached: StarFox2-SNES-ATypeWalkerConcept.jpg (3952x3872, 688.75K)

>>507613902It was a total hoax that insiders somehow fell for


Attached: artstation.jpg (1280x720, 91.54K)

>>507613902Grad Prix? It was probably the Crimson Moon DLC for Starlink, as you had to do races in your ship.


Attached: sf2hd.jpg (1280x720, 234.31K)

>>507575206SF Assault probably could be the saveguard of the franchise, moreso like a "Mercenary" type of game witth furries. The game has a LOT of problems (like the fucking unresponsably controllers) but the fundation was there. Sadlly, Miyamoto didn't improve from there and sunk the Star Fox team into the ground. Actually, it's worst that F-Zero or Advance Wars, at least those franchises had only good games, meanwhile SF only have 2 great games, and a good port for 3DS. SF is dead.

Why is Miyamoto such a boogieman now? I don't really see how he's ruining all these games like how people are claiming. Most people at Nintendo seem to like him.

>>507614304It also didn't help that Assault released right after RE4 and Gears of War showed the world how to do TPS properly, so it looked from the get go.

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Attached: obscure waifu.png (500x322, 261.88K)

>>507614304The problem is Miyamoto basically considered Assault a failure. He basically publicly admitted as such.ew.com/article/2007/05/08/man-who-made-mario-super/In the past we’ve worked with some outside development houses on titles like F-Zero and Starfox — and let me just say that we were disappointed with the results. Consumers got very excited about the idea of those games, but the games themselves did not deliver.Which probably resulted in him going >>507612995

It's almost sad how much more interesting and innovative Star Fox 2 is compared to the entire rest of the series.

>>507614865It's a shame that Rare wasn't around. Rare invented the modern third-person shooter genre with Jet Force Gemini LONG before everyone else caught up.

>>507615119But isn't it beautiful that it exists at all? Think about the potential that is still there. It is a dream.

>>507573000It had literally one good game (64) that was essentially the formula perfected. There was nowhere to go but down.

>>507615382I'm just glad it finally came out after all these years. I understand their reasoning for not releasing it, but it's such a damn shame they decided against it.

>>507615496>I understand their reasoning for not releasing itI do not. It's good, but it's not THAT good that it's identical to Mario 64. It was so silly to go to waste on a title which was so beautiful and underrated.

>>507614710He was an artist and character designer who became in charge of game design. The other guys were too ugly for magazine shots and so Miyamoto became the public face of Nintendo.

>>507615382Oh no, I'm thrilled that we actually have it. But its still upsetting to see that a cancelled game is the best it ever got. Whatever, maybe there's still hope.

>>5076154292 is better

>>507615775Hope is a powerful thing that is a double-edged sword. I can't possibly understand what the future holds, but I want it to be a great one in the end. Maybe with people who like 2 at the helm, it will set a new and optimistic vision of the future.

>>507615872the SNES games control like shit, they're cute tech demos but nothing more

>>507612820Miyamoto did a lot of weird and stupid decissions, but actually the core idea from early 2000 with the SF franchise was bold and intelligent. On-raíl shooter and SHUMPS were a niche genere, and there wasn't a gimmick to include in the Star Fox entríes for GCN, if your remember, SNES's SF was a tech demo for the SFX Chip and the SF 64 was a showcase for the Rumbble Pack. The problems were that a mediocre 3D Zelda clone (Adventure) and an unpolished game (Assault) didn't reach a new audiences and Miyamoto didn't understand the situation and because of that, the next SF games were another showcase for gimmicks like the DS touch pad, the stereoscopy 3D for the SF 64 Remake and the second controllers for SF zero. All of that were shitter.If only Miyamoto actually saw the potencial of SF Assault, probably we would have a kind of Lucas Arts Mercenaries game with some on-line capability for the multiplayer, and not a shit controller showcase that was an abominationn.

>>507615096Miyamoto was right there, the SF Assault and F-Zero GX were total flops. The problem was not the new genere that was experimenting with SF, but the execution. Better control options, better levels and an on-line game and here we go, a solid franchise, not the zombie that actually exist in this alternative time-line. Miyamoto understand that SF genere was dead in late 90's, but failed to give a propper fundation for the new Millenia and he fucked the SF games forever. Probably he think the only salvage of SF were the characters.

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GameGame 64Game AdventuresGame AssaultGame CommandGame ZeroGame 2

>>507573000the hack miyamoto ruined it like he does with every series he's involved in.

>>507614173All I truly want is a remake of SF2 that runs at a steady 60 FPS.Thats all that game needs to become the best in the series.

>>507617981You forgot:>Game Guard>Gamelink: Battle for Atlas

>>507603806naughty dog didn't have a choice in the matter with crash.

>>507615087That's just red Krystal

>>507611551It would be a comedy of errors if it weren't so tragic.

>>507616667>the SNES games control like shit, they're cute tech demos but nothing moreEvery SF game besides 2 is a tech demo.


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>>507611172Fox is mad gay and is working through some mental gymnastics to try and stay straight.

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>>507619594>>507619614Alright I guess this is the ideal time to go to sleep now. Later guys.

>>507611551So it's basically that GTA III mission.

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>>507611551That's how a lot of mob car bomb failures went down.

Krystal is cute and I want to marry her!

>>507620145Keep her

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>>507620264Wolf wants women

>>507573000It was meant to be a one off

>>507620145you can have krystal, fay is mine!

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>>507620614They started working on 2 immediately after 1 was finished.


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>>507620614That's why they started making a sequel like less than a year later, right?

Just put Project ACES on the job and give them the freedom to do their own thing. And especially make sure that Kobayashi and his mates get to cut loose.youtu.be/evfmR9eTwKQhttps://youtu.be/tFIf3MjJYX8https://youtu.be/uoCrzJyaHoIhttps://youtu.be/BZbWHIPMjqMWith this sort of gameplayyoutu.be/DWrHlc4NWP4It'd be fucking legendary. Also: actually having semi-competent voice acting.

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>>507620668Fay was raped by human men and she loves human cock

>>507573000they fucked up a on rails shooterit's shouldn't be so hard

>>507620145You may have her, I prefer Katt anyway.

>>507620668cute 'n' fancy. what more is best?

Miyu and Fay can be a team of their own with those unused girl pilots.

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>>507621150It's so weird to me they were thinking of adding a human. I'm glad they decided against it.


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>>507621093Katt is a whore and has been stuffed by bird cock

>>507621246I get the feeling it was probably just a placeholder, like a reminder that the next new character should be a girl too.>>507621382She wishes.

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youtube.com/watch?v=3c9uBYkiWGMGay as fuck

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