Shit that pisses you off in games

>unskippable cutscenes

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unpausable cutscenes

unsceneable cutskips


Intrusive UIs, because not everyone follows the Holla Forums party line.

>>507567352skippable cutscenes

Western developers

>>507567352>unskippable cutscenesthis>>507567865incel

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>>507567352micro transactions and lootboxes

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forced mouse accel in any sort of shooter

>crafting system in game>can only craft things at least 1 tier below the equipment you can buy/find for your level so crafting is entirely useless until maxed

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Time limits in platform games.

>>507568216I'll bunk time limits if the stages are designed to have hidden elements to be discovered.

>>507567352>wiggle your stick to free yourself from enemyfuck you platinum games for putting this shit in every of your goddamn games.

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>>507568153>max level crafting is STILL useless because the endgame mobs and bosses you farm for materials drop better equipment anyway

>>507567352Not having manual saves


>>507567352menus that let you use a mouse but not click the fucking buttons

>>507568894I saw none of these politicerinos in doom eternal

>>507567352>>507567505>>507567576>>507567765what about unsneedable cutscenes?

>>507567352>good drops have very low percent to drop>singleplayer game>IN A FUCKING SINGLER PLAYER GAMEsorry but i cheat in torchlight only for that shit.

>>507569157are always exceptions, but even that they joke about politics in the trailer.

Mandatory tutorial sequence that takes entirely too long á la Dragons Dogma.I love the game, the intro was balls-to-the-walls awesome the first two times but any more is torture.

>>507569361just admit you're a retard

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>open world>nothing to do after the story is completeIt’s not fair bros

>>507569543>oh no 1 game doesnt talk about politics>so the left games dont talk about that, right?>RIGHT?

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>>507569665>GTA 4 all you can do is race and go bowling with roman

Games that auto-detect controlers and automatically have override kb+m, because guess what? I DONT WANT TO PLAY THE GAME WITH A FUCKING JOSTICK AND THROTTLE, NEITHER DO I WANT TO PLAY IT WITH MY WHEEL AND PEDALS YOU CONSOLE FUCKS

>>507569815>he's a pedo freak toopost your body, guarantee you're an out of shape bitch boy weeaboo pedo kike.

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At the end about to kill bad guy. Then, this nobody gets in the scene and steals my kill.

>game gives you the option to have your main character be a scumbag>mandatory quest requires you do something good

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no autorun

>>507567352>Best and most entertaining tools are given when there's literally nothing fucking else to do in the game

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>>507567352>unskippable cutscenes>Alt tabbing pauses the cutscenes

>>507569826Unless he's dead.Jacob is superior, anyway.

>>507568494i was getting pissed at that when playing MGR too.fucking just map it to a button or something, christ.

>>507568029Is that a man or a woman? Either way I’m jerking off

>>507570218>fullname and device number in image detailsliterally retarded

>>507567352slow walking NPCs

>>507570821>le hacker man larpembrsng

>multiple builds>only one is viable

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>>507570973>you run faster than the npc you have to follow>you walk faster than the npc you have to follow>running to the checkpoint doesn't automatically skip to the next part

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>>507570795mia li/mia little

Limited inventory

>>507570973I don't remember where I heard this but I'm pretty sure there is a reason for slow NPCs that walk with the player. It's because the average player will fall behind an NPC walking the same speed and struggle to catch up, since some players will inevitably wander off anyway. It's basically the old Navy saying of how a fleet can only move as fast as its slowest ship.

>>507571286>You can carry 99 swords>But not 100 flowers

>>507567352Bitching about unskippable cutscenes is like bitching about baby mario crying in Yoshi's Island. Shit you would not experience if you were not terrible at video games.

invisible walls if you're too lazy to even put a boulder there or a fucking tree, go fuck yourself already.

>>507571514>Shit you would not experience if you were not terrible at video games.>cutscenes = skillHOLY FUCKING SHIT HOW CAN SOMEONE BE THIS RETARDED

>>507571514What the fuck does this even mean?

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>multiple different and interesting weapons/classes and playstyles>playing in the most basic and boring way is still the most efficient

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>>507571798>>507571854>not having the hacking skills to mod in a skip button

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>>507571854>>507571798Holy shit you are both so fucking retarded. Unskippeable cutscenes are only a problem for people that are bad at videogames and have to watch them again and again because they can't beat the boss/level whatever.

>have option to use bows>they're always shittier than melee weapons

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>>507572246never heard of playing a game twice?

>>507567352>Launch game on Steam>opens separate launcher>launcher updates>Updates gameFuck you Uplay.

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>>507570821>no picsPussy

>>507572246Not always. I tried playing Sunset Overdrive a while back but the story and dialogue were so vomit inducing that I dropped it even without having to rewatch anything.

>>507572246I usually play games more the once. Some games i've beaten well over 10 times.

Visual bugs, armor/clothing clipping, floating objects, holes in the map, etc.I CAN'T STOP NOTICING THEM. You wouldn't believe how many Dark Souls armor sets I've completely ruined for myself by noticing small errors on them.

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>scripted immortality until you pass certain point>game tells you nothing about when that point is passedWhoever came up with this shit needs to be exterminated.

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>Time limitsTime limit stuff makes me stressed out

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>>507567352>Unsipplable cutscenes>Poor optimization>Has 9 different launchers it has to use>Has ANYTHING to do with NATs or Port-Forwarding, it's 2020 this should NOT be a thing>Game starts at 800x600 resolution>Doesn't support surround sound>Micro-stuttering for no reason>Still 60$ despite being out for years>Goes "on sale" for 5% off>Requires you to make an account even though you're running it through 9 different launcherWHY IS EVERY FUCKING GAME LIKE THIS NOW?!

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>beat the shit out of the boss no problem>cutscene happen and your character is hurt and out of breath and lose

>>507573679You would love real life

>>507574127I still want to see the logical extreme opposite where a boss brutally beats the shit out of your party only for the following cutscene to show your party members lightly slapping and kicking the boss who is crying hysterically, begging for mercy.

>>507574318How do i reroll my appearance and stats?

>>507567352Uncuttable foreskins

>>507571078>creative non-combat solutions to every problem>unavoidable boss 1v1s

>Character customisation doesn't properly reflect how your character looks in game

>>507574318Maybe that's why I dislike it kek.But single-targeted missions/quests with time limits are fine. (Kill x before time limit is over or leave area before time limit is reached).The thing that gets me riled up are where the overreaching game has a time limit (Moon in Majora's mask, drinking water module in Fallout).It makes me too tunnel visioned and I try to play more efficiently than fun.

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>>507574728>You can customize your character's appearance>But you never ever see them in-game, not even during cutscenes.I think that was the case with Outer Worlds.

>>507576020>Anonymous 05/11/20(Mon)23:23:33 No.507576020▶So glad I half assed the shit out of my character in that game desu

>>507567352>Achievement/item/whatever requires beating a boss without taking a single hit.>Around the end of the fight, get hit with a stray attackI know it's because I suck but holy FUCK does it still anger me

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>>507576020>The only time you'll see your character is when their limp lifeless body ragdolls in 3rd person view after death

>>507567352Rune Factory Frontier showed me how intolerant of loading screens and of animations of picking stuff up/putting them away I could be.

>>507567352>unskippable tutorials embedded into the gameplay >the first 20 hours is a huge tutorial>NG+ still has the tutorials pop up

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>>507571346Just have the NPC waiting for you at checkpoints like in 99% of games where you have to follow a NPC.

I absoutely hate rubberband AI.

>>507579934>playing games with cars in them

>randomly generated>roguelike>unskippable cutscenes>grinding/farming>copy/paste open world games>remastered>season pass 2-3-4

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>>507567505Definitely this. Fuck, I gotta piss.

>cutscene can be skipped by any button press

>first person>look down>no legs

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durabilityI hate it in every form in every game it appears

>>507582227I have a great game for you.

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>>507582772>durability is tied to the framerate

>>507582893>be child>be so hyped over physics>get first pc>computer games rule>get trespasser>its doodoo>ruin pc gaming for some time>ptsd leads me to not get half life at releasenever again

>party member permanently leaves due to story events>lose all gear they had on

>>507570218>zyzz t shirtooo got ourselves an internet tough guy poser calling someone else a bitchenjoying injecting bathtub chemicals like your idol and dying of a heart attack because the water was too warm

>can pick your voice>character never talks

>>507568029>>507570795>>507571147>Mia LiThis is so jarring. I can't tell if she's a fit female or mtf, or both? In some of her scenes she has a feminine jawline than it takes a hard left to to masculine. I'm not sure if I should give my dick permission to get hard or not. Help.

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>no FOV slider

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>>507567352>cutscenes can be skipped>but characters talk for extended periods of time outside of cutscenes, which cannot be skipped

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>Character stops talking long before someone is supposed to be interrupting themFucking Bethesda

>>507584383>You jump around/throw shit at them likea tard while dramatic scene plays

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>Encounters that are meant to be fought later but you can fight it now and struggle for the umpteenth time.

>game gives you a fuckton of tools in battles>but there is literally no incentive to use them because the standard weapon or its upgrades are just better than anything elseWhy do most open world games do this shit

>>507567352>RPG has a spike/damage reflect mechanic >Player has access to it, but it's way too weak to be viable outside of very specific situations This shit always pisses me off, even my favorite RPG series has this issue. If you're going to make it so shitty then why even bother giving it to us?

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>can't jump over obstacle that would easily be jump overable in real life

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>>507583806are you aware of how rare that racerback singlet is in 2020? idiot

>>507579934>Game make a big deal of acquiring and upgrading cars>AI still just rubberbands behind you at the same speed no matter what you drive

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>there's no piss button

>>507586361>there IS a piss button

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Teamkill/team damage automatic punishment systems in games where it’s impossible to completely avoid.

>>507586514Now the flowers will grow

>>507567352>Game needs you to lose in order to get a scripted cutscene>Doesn’t tell you this or force it to happen very well>You waste all your time actually fighting the boss, using up all your items and skills, before finally losing and triggering the cutscene>After the cutscene when the “REAL” fight starts, you still don’t have the items you wasted, so you lose the whole thing.

>>507568494This is only acceptable in porn games

>Kart racing game>You benefit more from staying in last and biding your time gambling for broken items than being in first and staying there

>when game has a cutscene every 2-8 minutes and the player loses controlfucking max payne 3 was so good but so shit because of this

>Status effects don't work on bosses

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>>507567352>dialogue heavy game>no text historyAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

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Obnoxious cluttered UI and QTE/Button prompts on screen.Outside of tutorials and guides, button prompts should NEVER be on screen or part of regular battle.

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>water levelsi know it's a meme but I was playing the last of us remaster, & in that game I was like, "just stop putting this shit in games", they're fucking tedious, hard to control & almost never fun.

>>507577458This makes playing Persona 5 again on NG+ such an incredible fucking chore.And you can max all your social stats within the first half of P5R and they will still pop up the screen showing what stat just got points when all of them are fucking maxed.That was something that should have been fixed in vanilla for christ's sake. Holy shit.

motion blur/depth of fieldlooks ugly as fuck, i always turn that shit off in every game i play

>>507573186The fact that you can't mix and match helms and chest pieces in dark souls 3 because every mix goes out of it's fucking way to create some kind of gap in the neck pisses me off to no end.


>boss casts shit for X turns>interrupt/stun/silence>animation stops>after X turns boss still does the move

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>Open world mmo>no one talks

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>ARPG has cool flashy attacks which look useful.>They're fucking useless because their animations take too long and leave you wide open and barely do any more damage than a regular attack.

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>>507567352>JRPG can't mute voice quips in battle

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>>507589859>JRPG>You can mute individual party members.

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>>507567352>10 menus and loading screens to get to finally get to a tutorial start level with cutscenes every 2 minutesWhy the fuck is this the norm in every release now.

>>507567352>love interest is the first girl the protagonist meets

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>>507570401Bethesda is fucking horrendous for this.

>>507588168This is what I hate in racing games in general. They make them so that the optimal strategy is to put in no effort and just go with the AI until the very end.

>Game is fucking huge like 100 GBs.>On a console with barely 1TB(~600 useable) storage.Incredible I can fit almost five whole games on my console.

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>enemies can abuse level geometry and hit you through walls>you can't

>translated JRPG but only has Jap voices>everything is translated>except the voice only banter between characters

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>>507582772>Weapons degrade as you use them>It could all be avoided if your retard of a character just took 1 minute to fucking clean and maintain them occasionally.

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>Random crits

>>507590339I swear every fucking time I try to play Modern Warfare, there is a new update. And it's always like 50GB somehow.

>JRPG has extremely long special character move cutscenesWhy do they do this

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>Game has a massive HP bar with thousands of hit points.>You die in 2-3 hits from the weakest enemies regardless of how much you increase it.Why even have HP at this point, just have like 3 points like some platformers where you can only get hit that many times before you die.

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>Game has a vast multitude of weapons with several varieties for each tier of the game's progression>And then there's ONE weapon that's available waaaaaay too early on that completely devalues every single alternative from then onI know the answer is always "just don't use it", but it would be so easy to fix just by nerfing the weapon or even just making it unlock later in the game's progression.

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>>507590824>JRPG>Accuracy is just shown as "95">Keep missing with the attack.>Look it up online.>Apparently the 95 isn't a percent.

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>>507567352>start button skips cutscene>can't pause the cutscene>while game autosaves>one save file onlyAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAp

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>huge, open, customizable magic system capable of some cool stuff>magic is tedious as fuck to use and on par with just mashing attack >limited by mana that has to be recharged to boot>Bonus points: bosses are immune to most spell effects

>>507591570>accidentally fatfinger button and skip cutscene>have no clue what the fuck is happening>look up cutscene online>ending gets spoiled by youtube thumbnail

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>Magic is a limited resource.>You need time to cast it.>It's barely any stronger than physical attacks.

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>All kinds of magic in the game>No earth

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>>507590824That's just ridiculous.

>>507591895>extensive magic system with a solid variety of spells and spell types>they all fucking suckthank you dark souls

>>507591895My brother

>>507570821>4chan>MetadataNot in years

>>507573540>Game allows you to over-prepare, outlevel and otherwise be far more powerful at any given point then you "should" be>At no point does your performance matter. Scripted encounters will pretend you struggled against somebody you two-tapped

>>507573186I want to wear Big Hat's big hat, but it clips through everything.

>>507567352>no hitstop on meleewhy do western games do this?

>>507567352unskippable walk/talk sections.

>>507592239its from a music video btw

>>507591604>>507591895>>507592309Games really don’t get shit on enough for this

>Fall damage>Floors covered in lava>DrowningBasically any environmental damage is a pain in the ass, especially when the game encourages exploring toxic environments for loot or forces you to take damage because the only way to advance is to drop down a cliff or something.

>100+ weapons>90% of them are shit

>>507567352>friendly fire>get banned for killing teammates

Walk and talk segments.

>>507589268>Motion blur>Depth of field>Chromatic abberation>Lens flare>Dirt on screen>Excessive bloom

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>>507593735>class-based team game>get reported and kicked for low K/D ratio>played the medic

>>507593305of all the things asscreed games do wrong, this is the fucking worst

>>507593735I play Insurgency Sandstorm quite a bit, and it has one of the worst fucking systems imaginable.After you get 1 teamkill, any team damage just gets reflected back to you.Teammate runs into the C4 charge you warned him about? YOU dieTeammate wanders in front of your PKM? YOU dieFucking dogshit fuck

>>507594321>has hidden secrets by doing extra unconventional exploration>not all platforms you land on could even have collision so end up falling to your death

>The games which starts with gameplay sections on the first launch. Who the fuck though that was a good idea? Let me fucking check the options and control first.Also walking sections in some games when the other part of the level loading.

>>507591028>Readpost>Sounds like code vein>Picture is CVI actually prefer it that way though. Occasionally getting an extra hit from death and living is pretty kino.

>>507590695And the updates don't even add anything.

>>507567352>unskippable cutscenesthey're unskippable so you don't accidently skip them if it's your first playthrough.

>>507594738Yeah that shit kills me, like I waited hours for this shit to update and then everything seems exactly the same still.

>>507589268>Motion blur>Deapth of field>Options: High Medium Low>There is no Off option

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>>507594528>day 1 patches>on disc dlc>games modes locked behind dlc>fighting game has higher-tier characters available only as dlc

>>507595350>first game in a series of games has a canon ending>later games don't import your choices>game dev "your choices matter"

>>507567352>long unskippable cutscene before a hard boss battle>long unskippable cutscenes in an area with no save locations and strong enemies

>>507594828>Press start/esc>Cutscene pauses>Gives options to skip, fast forward, or rewindProblem solved.

>>507567352best solution is pausable cutscenes with start/escape and you can skip by holding down a button

>There is no crack on the first day

>>507595675Thanks cap

>>507567352>Set game to maximum preset>Anisotropic Filtering: 4x

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>>507567352>4k uncompressed cutscenes>old as fuck PC can't handle itHey fuck you too devs

>>507567352>here's a neat gamemode, but its only available for a few days and then we're deleting it foreverWhoever keeps doing this needs the gulag treatment.

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>>507590695I had to delet 1 or 2 of my games so my older brother could still play Morden Warfare.

>checkpoint before an unskippable cutscene

>>507595459>cut scenes have QTE's>can change controller types but can't reassign buttons>have to reset load out every time a match ends

>Long loading screen for a cutscene>Loading screen after it ends too before you can actually play

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>game won't let you kill children

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>>507567505>Have to pause the game during a cutscene>Time to roll the dice on whether pressing Start will pause it or skip it entirely

>>507568729Fag, that makes games not fun to explore.Literally ruins any feeling of danger.

>>507597737>Loading screen finishes>Different looking loading screen immediately starts

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>set of armor/weapon looks awesome>it has awful stats

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>>507598930Every fucking weapon you find in Witcher 3>has 3 slots>looks cool>cool name>shit damage

>game has a bunch of cool looking races>you can't play as any of them and all your party members are human

>>507598930I'm usually okay with wearing cool-looking armor with shitty defense, but when the ugly stuff gives a damage boost or other buffs like that, it's disappointing. I played through most of Dark Souls 2 using the shitty scraps that boost item drop rates.

>>507568494>Fall down>Have to mash X for five seconds to get back up>Get stabbed while still recovering>Have to mash X again

>>507567352>game slows you down during gameplay to walking, while another character shout out exposition

>long as fuck platforming section>you can't die if you fall, but it still wastes your time

>>507598930>set of armor/weapon is better than yours>it's fucking awful looking and ridiculous

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>>507598301This, I fucking hate this so much

>enemy is human/humanoid>clearly uses same base model as player>can't ever get any of their gear

>>507599941Holy shit this - just in general shit that you can't really fail but is tedious as fuck and you have to do it>Hacking in Fallout

>tutorial tips NEVER stop popping up>there's a setting specifically to adjust these>no option to turn them off entirely, only reduce them>It doesn't appear to change anything at allI've been playing Fist of the North Star: Lost Paradise, and it NEVER stops telling you that you can level up by gaining experience. I'm level 31 for fuck sake.

>Game, especially sandbox game, gives fun new weapon/vehicle/ability/etc that's only usable in one mission

>>507600852And that's something that shouldn't be a tutorial anyway. Leveling up isn't exactly a confusing new concept.

>>507584184>FOV slider>max is 90

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>>507567352>escort mission>npc walks much faster than your walk speed>npc walks much slower than your run speed

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>Game gives you a tutorial for a new mechanic>Once the tutorial is over, you don't get to use the new mechanic until a completely unrelated story segment

>>507567352the existence of jap games

>objects, skills and great equipments are locked behind minigames>NPCs are gods while playing it and they're almost impossible to beatMan, I love Majima in Yakuza, but fuck Majima everywhere in Yakuza kiwami

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>shotgun can kill shit 50 meters away as if the enemy was standing right in front of you

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>game forces you to fight for the unlikable rebels instead of the "evil" authority in charge

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>>507601135It really feels like they thought most of the people playing the game would be FotNS fans that have never played a video game before, rather than Yakuza fans that want to play a new game with a different skin, and made everything insultingly hand-holdy as a result.

>>507601135I really don't get the thing with tutorials in current games anyways for the most part.Sure, explain any mechanics that are unique or not immediately obvious. But fuck off with making me sit through 15 minutes of telling me how to walk or turn my fucking head, when it is exactly the same as every single other goddamn game.

>begin game>Level 1: Prologue>spend some ~20 min teaching myself the mechanics before moving on>finish level>Level 2: Tutorial>"Lesson #1 - Attacking: You can attack by pressing the attack button. Please attack the dummy 5 times to continue."

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>>507601394I had no problem bowling a turkey in Y0, but it took me like fifteen fucking tries to beat Majima while bowling in Kiwami.

>>507600852even worse:>some important gameplay stuff is told only on tutorial tips and nowhere elseI learned that in Sekiro holding L1 makes your posture go down faster by pure luck only after Genichiro

>>507601406Thank fuck for video game shotguns with a realistic range that are effective beyond 5 feet.

>>507601570Name 3.14 games.

>>507601406>Shotgun is as lethal as my grandmother's queefs unless the barrel is clipping through the enemy's model

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>>507567352>Get raped in game>Game tracks your IP and sends men to rape you in real lifeI don't get why devs do this, I've had to start using a Koren VPN it's fucking annoying

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>>507601812-MGR-DD: DR-T&B: G's L-Y: OiF-FW, kinda

>>507589268i always crank that shit to max lmao idk why everyone is so autistic about it. hating chromatic aberration I understand, even though I don't mind it in most AAA titles (as opposed to shitty unity games that think more CA = moar realistik grafix), but motion blur has never been an issue for me.

>>507601629Luckly Kiwami had an exploit on how to score a Turkey in 90% of the cases. But I won't lie that I beat Majima and 8-pool after 2 hours just because the AI sent the 8 ball in a hole by accident.

basic attack is a resourceweapon degredation

>Game starts with a long tutorial>Immediately after the prologue, have to do the exact same tutorial all over again>Protagonist complains the whole time, but never actually lets you skip over it

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>>507601908What game?!

>>507602192I thought that was cheeky because the second tutorial is forced on you by a couple of faggots who think you're a noob.

>Game has your character stop running for several minutes so you can walk down a hallway setpiece to look at the background and have another character plot dump on you

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>>507601908There's a poor Korean man getting undeservedly raped because of you.

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>>507602405Why do they always slow you down? Surely just having the other character sprint and making the area larger, or just locking the fucking doors is easier and more satisfying.

>Upgrading skills makes them cost more to use>No way to remove levels from the skill>Massive imbalance between Physical and Magic attacks due to stupid skill/attribute system>Unique low level skill/spell/weapon that is fun to use and has interesting effects>No higher level equivalent

>>507602405Seriously just make it a fucking cutscene with dynamic camera angles to show off the background, that way you don't have to hold forward and feel your brain fucking melting.


>>507602192Sounds like I dodged a bullet with this game. I played the demo and I thought the tutorial would never end.

>>507603565.hack//g.u. has a really short tutorial though.

>>507594503Maybe if you pay attention and look at what your teamates are doing before you shoot, or if someone is going near your line of fire you stop shooting it wouldnt be a problem. Also callout C4 use.

>>507601908Fucking casual, I bet you back up your save file in Souls games so you never lose anything, too.

>>507603565It's a slow burn, but it does get pretty good, particularly once Multi-Triggers are introduced.

>melee build always sucks

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>>507567352>achievement requires you playing with the devs

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>Game has a variety of weaponry>Always end up using one of two builds no matter what kind of character you wanted to make

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>>507606073>game has wide array of classes, weapons, and spells>there's only two viable builds and everything else is either a massive grind or worthless outside of a few niche battles


>>507586361Gta 2 literally has a burp/fart button

I hate everything about games

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>>507603950I do, the point is that you end up on a team of retards with no awareness. If they at least used a standard friendly fire system at least there would be some punishment for them and they'd learn not to run into grenades or in front of firing machine guns.

Character has nice weapon/costume in gameworld>default costume and peashooter in "ingame" cutsceneLaziness

>>507567352>You cannot change your appearance once you've created your character or you can only do it once or twice with an expensive decision

>weapons and armor used in promotions look fucking sweet>genuinely bad and not worth using for cool points in game

>>507608303>Divinity 2 lets me change all the female companions to not be uglyBased.

>>507567352they should be skippable after you have seen them once. it pisses me off when people complain about how game writing is shit, but they skip cutscenes, never read dialog, and pay zero attention to environmental cues. its like watching a movie in a theater, and spending half the time scrolling through Facebook

>>507608350>Promotional equipment is a total mish-mash of pieces from different sets and classes of armor, so equipping it will gimp you harder than if you just wore normal clothes

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>Teleport can crit

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>less than 20 save slots

>>507608931>Only one save per console/cartridge

>>507574726Deus Ex: Human Revolution

>game art and promotional videos features the main character wearing one particular set of armour throught various events, making people believe it's pretty good ingame>it's actually one of the lowest tier armours in game

Not being able to select multiple items at the same time to sell or buy at shops.

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>>507574712hate that shit, why my pee pee gotta look like a damn anteater

>>507596981just killum already

>>507590695I really like occasionally playing Gunfight but it's not fucking worth it when the game takes up 1/4 of my Xbone hard drive.It has to be the stupid fucking Battle Royale mode, why don't they just make it a different game?I'm almost glad I didn't get the PC version, fuck.

>>507567352>unskippable cutscene Its only a problem when the save point is BEFORE the cut scene, and not after. Especially on a boss fight where they know you're going to have to watch this over and over and over again.

>>507608931>using more than one

Game doesn't have borderless windowed mode

>>507568494Hey fun trick in Bayo at least you can move both sticks at once, and even though it does indeed rotate the camera around you like crazy it always finishes the QTE super fast

>>507571514I too am so skilled the cutscenes run away at the mere sight of my power

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>>507612959>newfag doesn't know how to greentext

>>507573101I can't believe that they managed to ruin fucking Sunset with that dialogue. I love the gameplay and style but why wouldn't anyone just shut the fuck up and stop trying to be witty?

>>507613734>newfag misunderstands the use of greentext

Stunlocking, or when your character ragdolls for like 10 seconds and you completely lose control.

>>507613703>qaamgit gud scrubGuns only and we'll see who is king of the skies.

>>507614084Nier Gestalt was a fucking pain in the ass and I'm glad they're updating the gameplay.

>>507567352black people

>>507614546Bro I just wanna be your friend, we can be chill and play some fighting games or something.

>>507602059Did David Foster Wallace write this post?

>>507567352no end game activities

>>507614627I’ll play 3rd Strike, but I can only play Elena and Ryu, and I’m just alright at either. Haven’t gotten my shoryuken timings down, and I tend to panic and only use heavy attacks.

>Escort mission >The person you are supposed to protect RUNS at the enemy AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH

>>507611406The best is when there’s a long ass unskippable cutscene of the boss powering up, talking shit to you, or killing someone halfway through the fight and you’re way more likely to die in the second half.

>>507613927Seethe harder, he either is an ultra newfag or simply forgot to do it. Both are pathetic.

>>507567352>Game has a transport vehicle>60% of the game's side missions and story revolves around using that vehicleI am STILL pissed about Arkham Knight. The batmobile was cool and all, but WHY WAS THE DEATHSTROKE AND FIREFLY BATTLE A FUCKING BATMOBILE FIGHT? WHY? IT RUINS THEIR CHARACTERS AND WHAT MADE THEM UNIQUE.AND FUCK THOSE MANDATORY RIDDLER RACES. I WANT TO PLAY BATMAN, NOT FUCKING NEED FOR SPEED.ME:Andromeda had the same thing, but it was comparatively minor to everything else wrong in that cursed fucking game.

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>"Come with me, we'll talk on the way.">NPC's walking speed is slower than your slowest running speed, but it's still faster than your own walking speed

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>>507616279>Come with me, we'll talk on the way>your movement is slowed to the speed of smell so you struggle to keep up with the normal walking pace>you have to remain near the character for them to finish their chat so you can proceed with the missionFuck you it might as well be a cut scene or put me on rails at this point.

>>507616083Yeah the Batmobile shit really sucked. It also makes the map feel small as hell.

>>507611406fucking ffx yunalesca and her megadeath

>>507616083They fucked up by making grapnel gunning and gliding one of the best methods of transportation in vidya. Think about how many games make map traversal a boring pain in the ass padding. In arkham city it was never a problem when you needed to go from one side to the other because it was fun. I'd play a game built around that as a core mechanic.


>>507567352>censoring in games>game randomly censors some pantyshots while leaving others in the gameShits so bonkers, some models have panties while the majority do not. Most censors lead to a black void, but some like pic related have the tummy modeled and even modeled all the way up to the boobs. This chick specifically has nipple textures for fucks sake.Wtf is with censoring these days? Its almost like all these girls had panties that the devs decided to remove at the last second.

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>>507601419I'm still mad about bioshock infinite doing this. All those jumps and suddenly you're balls deep in a violent nigger mob. Yes Colombia is some kinda nightmare city but still, I have a hard time wishing death on men fighting for their homes and civilians screaming and fleeing the hooting subhuman mob

>rpg has luck stat>doesn't say what it's for

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>Default weapon is used in cutscenes

>>507567505>>507598301The last remnant did a great job with these pausable/skippable cutscenes

>>507567352>boss pulls off instakill move right as he's about to die

>pick up a gun that kills you in two to three shots when the AI uses it>does about a tenth of the damage it does against you and is completely worthless

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>>507618986>murder boss using a dragon dildo>cutscene uses a gun/knife/fork

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>>507609845>Game trailer and store page feature the protagonist wearing an armor from the previous game but it's worn out so it looks a little different.>Armor isn't anywhere in the game.

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>get to the end boss of the game>beat his before he can finish his speech >last bit of health is invincible until he's done bullshitting >land final hit without using any of my 50 million health items or combat boosts >cut scene where you're suddenly almost dead and the bad guy is still gloating

>>507567505>>507598301Honestly after decades of gaming, I came to the conclusion that people who design cutscenes like this past 2010 just genuinely don't care for their own story.