>wasted my whole day playing vampire the masquerade instead of studying for my final tomorrowI PUSH MY FINGERS INTO MY...

>wasted my whole day playing vampire the masquerade instead of studying for my final tomorrowI PUSH MY FINGERS INTO MY EYES

Attached: 1588717060774.jpg (1109x1600, 1.02M)

>>507567068I can't play nor study. Just procrastinating.

Attached: 14348797347.jpg (448x256, 18.3K)

>have 3 upper level math exams within the next week>have spent the entirety of the past month emulating various psx/psp games for hours on end

Attached: 1587598087051.jpg (400x414, 62.96K)

>>507567068Just be lucky you can google shit someone watching me take my test

Attached: 7C4BDC0D-A0B2-42A6-87EB-01011EF65350.jpg (1280x720, 111.63K)

How do i stop myself from overprocrastinating bros?

>>507567068You think that's bad? I have a 100 word essay due in 3 hours and I've just been playing games

>>507568849do little stuff like leaving a tab open with the info you need, like a small google search that will haunt you if you don't continue

>>507569841>100 word essayThat’s it?

If you need to study one day before the test you are already fucked, you'll never learn in a day what you were supposed to learn in a whole semester.

>>507567967>set up exam site in virtual machine/just another device next to the monitor>nothing can be detected

>>507567967What the fuck, my uni's just decided to adopt open book exams for the year

>>507567068sounds like a you problem

>>507570052Depends on the exam and your luck.

>>507570207The person watches you so if you type or do anything the isnt on paper the person askes you a bunch of questions

>>507569953>tfw 15 word essay due in 2 weeksI should stop out


Attached: F3E8212E-F0CE-477A-B9DB-D8AE93F328A1.jpg (1280x720, 80.15K)

>tfw just finished my 28-page paper for my master's degree

Attached: 1581092243314.jpg (569x600, 324.11K)

>>507570465That's why I said if you NEED to study. Something worthless like Social Sciences is easy as fuck.

I just want to finish my education and finally stop being tense and anxious every day because I don't have something finished and actually spend time on some hobbies.

Attached: 1550709038638.gif (500x223, 494.67K)

>>507569841>300 words essay due in 2 days>Haven't started, can't stop playing Heroes of the StormI don't even like the game, help me.

Attached: 1546664702738.jpg (1080x1104, 100.2K)

>>507570843Then you'll be even more tense an anxious because you either are jobless or your job requires your entire attention.

>>507570843People study their whole lives.

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>>507570831Good luck at your thesis defense user

>>507570969I already have a job at least there I get paid to be tense and anxious for several hours a day.

>tfw just entered college and aldready want outhelpI was forced into joining

Attached: 1498360220964.png (504x470, 505.29K)

>finals>homework>assignments in Mayi smell highschool

>>507571394Yeah, that money is surely worth it.

>>507567068based as fuck kindred

Attached: 1574358510380.jpg (474x460, 48.19K)

>>507571416Enjoy it, college is pretty cool if you can balance your social life and studies.

>>507567068>>507567210I've graduated college and I still don't know how to kill this sin of sloth.

>>507567441What classes? Are we talking like real analysis and differential geometry or “high level” differential equations?

>>507570052>he didn't cram and still get a good GPAlol what a fag

Attached: 1520298853087.png (618x473, 300.17K)

APA essays are garbage

>>507567967Christ, I fucking hated having to deal with Sanjar using my fucking my cursor like a damn RAT.

>>507571845I’m sorry you had a joke major instead of something like math or physics where even gifted geniuses can’t just cram the day before

>>507571701>social life>implying I have one>studiesI'm too retarded to focus because of online class, I just wanted peace of mind for a while thanks to this but like i said I was forced into joining anyways

>>507567068>Spent the whole day playing video games instead of searching for a job ONE NOTHING WRONG WITH ME


>>507571965>something like math or physics where even gifted geniuses can’t just cram the day beforeimagine going into math or physics instead of engineeringimagine being a retard and thinking you still can't cram for STEM majors

Attached: 1518068745093.gif (404x226, 2.86M)

>>507572069Get a social life, it's not hard, most people get together as a form of escapism

>that imageA im a pleb for thinking the manga should have gone for a "monster of the week" format, about the dud fixing people problems instead of going from 0 to 100 in obnoxiousness?

>>507572164>engineering>no math or physicslol what the fuckWhat kind if engineering doesn't heavily involve both?

>>507572069man, just get your shit together and actually try.

Is vampire the masquerade any good? Just played New vegas and I enjoyed it somewhat.

>>507572441I thought you meant specifically math or physics majors. They're meme majors for smart people who want to be broke.

>Tfw i have 2 weeks to finish myMM BN clone game and only the assets are done. Don't even know where to start with the combat system...To make it worse i have to do it alone

>>507571701>social lifeGb2 Twitter/Facebook/plebbit

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>>507572621Nah you use it for something other than pure math or physics. I know engineers with physics or math degrees

>>507572597quite dated at this point but still a very good rpg.

>>507567068same here , just different game and not tomorrowfuck.

>>507572880How dated we talking here? Planescape torment or Oblivion?

>>507572441Calc 2 and physics 1 is not “heavily involving”. It’s not real math or physics really.

>>50757083128 page is enough? i am at 28 page but still need like 12 more, 35 is minimumwhat subject?

>>507571820algebradifferential geometrytopologyidk if that's what you'd consider "upper level" but for undergrad it's pretty endgame

Attached: 1562864975169.jpg (1301x1882, 1.82M)


Attached: Screenshot (584).png (862x765, 611.28K)

>>507567068If what was going to make or break a final was one last night of cramming, you already fucked up long before.

I gotta do a fucking zoom presentation about my dissertation tommorow.I did machine learning and basically didn't do much work myself, dreading getting questioned about some obscure aspect I forgot to consider.

>>507573047somewhere between the two, although oblivion is it's own special category of jank

>>507567068>finals lol young nigger faggot. Feels good being 28 and only worrying about menial shit at my job.

>>507572696Anyone have a good Unity tutorial to "borrow" enough to make Battle Network clone?

>>507567068Just take Adderall.

>>507572441most engineering degrees only take basic level for both within the first 2 years

>>507571416I was too. As long as your parents are paying for it or you've got financial aid to cover you, it's not something to be too upset over.

>>507567068>wasted my whole day playing X instead of studying for anything for 6 years>squeeze on out with a terrible GPA but two STEM degrees completed>waste my whole day playing Y instead of looking for a job for 3 years>can't get a call back on anything that's not a low-paying wage job because I have a shitty transcript and a crater in my resumeI want off Mr. Bones' Wild Ride

Attached: 1510593796044.gif (400x300, 1.58M)

>tfw done with lawschool in less than 2 years>tfw never studied even once, spent all day every day playing vidyaIt was a good life. But soon I will have to wageslave for a living. It can't be THAT bad, can it?

Attached: image.jpg (1200x1600, 407.45K)

>>507573934Based. I know this feel all too well.


Attached: 1570704530695.gif (344x338, 3.88M)

>>507572343Those were the best parts but just fixing people's problem and collecting homonculi parts until he finds himself would have been too simplistic. Wouldn't have worked with the premise I feel.

>>507573205We took the same classes this semester expect I took classical mechanics instead of abstract algebraWtf

>>507573934>tfw i have a huge crater in my resume>tfw i have no degree only high schoolbeing a neet is starting to have its drawbacks

Attached: 1554080825242.png (201x218, 78.87K)

>>507574157>It can't be THAT bad, can it?Depends entirely on the wage honestly. I'm the moron above you and I currently work in a bank for $15/hour because no one else will even look at me. My options are either work part time for peanuts (~$900 per month) and have free time or full time (~$2100 per month) and literally live only to work and sleep and work again. Just found out last month that I won a couple genetic lotteries and have to spend the rest of my life paying $700 per month for medicine too, so eternal wage slaving is my future.I wouldn't hate it nearly so much if I made enough money to pay for medicine, bills, and rent somewhere instead of being forced to move back in with my parents because the only full time job I can get can't keep me alive. With law you should get enough pay that financial stress disappears and you only have to agonize about time.

>>507574854What is your diagnosis?

>>507573934>managed to graduate in 4 years with a mechE degree and a business admin minor and renewable energy minor and a shitty GPA>hoped all that shit would get me a job>spent the last two years not being able to get a jobWill be exactly two years tomorrow, to think 2 years ago I was showering with my gown in the bathroom trying to steam it right now.I wish I had stayed in school the extra year and gotten an MBA as useless as it would have been. Actually I wish I just did a business degree all together. Business classes were easy as fuck, I would have had close to a 4.0 GPA

>>507573758>As long as your parents are paying for itmust be nice having parents

>>507574487great minds think alikei went into topology with a very rosy numberphile misunderstanding of the subject hoping we'd be learning all about manifolds and pretty pictures but my prof's field of study is functional analysis, which means that EVERY worked example was some functional analysis prob, which is not very fun imo :

Attached: fft-wotl-dark-knight-male.jpg (530x800, 77.43K)

>>507574854God bless America

>Last semester of my Masters>A/A- every class in the Masters program so far>Pass/Fail Option introduced by my school because of COVID>Could literally get a D in all my classes and graduate without problem>Literally cannot break years of habit and put in the same effort I otherwise would>All my classes this semester aren't even directly related to my major; I already aced all the ones that I should'veSomebody stop me. I have a final in the business equivalent of a psych class that I have >90% in thus far that's fucking open book and I'm still worried about it out of habit. I just want to do it and the one remaining assignment I have so I can play vidya for the next couple months while the quarantine blows over and the job market settles down.

Attached: 1538368907786.png (395x363, 195.27K)

>>507567068>i spent the whole day playing MHW instead of practicing my 3D skills>see this thread and feel guilty>mfw i am gonna close chrome and open MHW again

Attached: 1547176061548.jpg (500x495, 63.21K)

>>507574854God damn do I hate this country's retardation more than usual.

>>507567068I did that when I was at uni. Got an A instead of an A+. No regrets

>>507574487>>507575909How does this system work? You can choose order of disciplines in your degree or you can pick unrelated shit or something?

>>507576129mmmmm spinny hammer make my brain feel good

>>507574854>I currently work in a bank for $15/hour because no one else will even look at meThe hell? I literally work at fucking McDonalds as a night shift dishwasher and I make $11 while listening to music and podcasts. Before that, I was a phlebotomist at Biolife getting paid only $12.25 and it was bullshit for the amount of stress compared to fucking MickieD’s. I knew phlebotomists in the same position as I who went to college and paid thousands of dollars to shit I was trained on the job for, I felt kinda bad for them.

29, living at home with parents, 2 months until I can potentially graduate law after 10 years of procrastination in college, to top it all my hygiene is in the gutter..is there any hope for me bros?

>>507567068why yes i do decide to start on my backlog during my finals each semester, how did you know?

Attached: 1589227418016.jpg (1024x636, 110.99K)

>>507573123PA Studies. It's really just to check off a box for graduation.

>>507575375>>507574176yeah, the way i see it, in the usa its super hard to get proper white collar job compared to the rest of the worldit was fearly easy to get into my current job, while it would be nearly impossible for me if i tried the same in the usi think this is due to the hordes of immigrant students so big corporations can be really picky due to high supply of workforce

>Just gave up after my Mom, grandad, and grandma died all in one semester

>>507576741Why is your hygiene bad

>>507576902Where do you live and do you mind a ghoulish looking user living somewhere in your apartment?

>>507576741same age but i need 1 more year for my agricultural (lmao) degree say what you want but this decade of being a lazy piece of shit was paradisedont care if i struggle for the rest of my life

>>507576524? idk what you mean by "this system"i'm sure it varies from school to schoolat mine, to get a math degree, you have to take calculus up to level 3, linear algebra, analysis, and algebra as required classes.then you have to pick 3 electives from a "required electives" listand then you have to take 4 more of any class in the department you wantand you can take them in any order, barring prerequisites

Attached: fft-white-mage-female.jpg (650x1050, 138.71K)

>>507574854That medical thing is fucked man, move to a country with healthcare if you can

>>507569841m8 100 words is a paragraph

>only need to get a D- because of pass-fail>final philosophy paper got delayed by a week>already know I aced two of my finals>don't even need to do well on the last one

Attached: 1587514785043.jpg (657x439, 306.87K)

>>507577268It's probably a first world system. In my slav country we have a fixed list of disciplines each semester.

>>507568849Drill a hole in your head

Attached: ADF4322A-38EB-48A0-8472-B9514E66821D.jpg (500x516, 95.35K)

>>507576661I know, it's bullshit. That wasn't even the standard wage, most of the others in my position "personal banker" (i.e. teller and account manager) start at $12 flat. I literally only get paid this much because I aced all of their stupid competency tests because guess what, I spent 6 years learning mathematics at college so I can damn well break a fucking dollar down for you dumb fucks and the teller programs are piss easy to use compared to any of the shit I had to learn in college. I have coworkers who do this shitty job better than I do and get paid less just because their initial competency tests weren't as great, I don't know how they survive either. Probably going to quit and go back to being a NEET soon, medicine or no medicine. Nothing is worse than slaving away at a shitty job with no visible light at the end of this tunnel.

>>507567068Literally didn't ask

any software engineer or compsi anons here, how much could a masters in cybersec be worth it for my future career related endeavors? how difficult would it be studying while working full time?asking 4 a fren ofc))))

>>507567068>his semester isnt over>he cares about his finals when he can probably just pass/fail>his gpa wasnt already good enough to just freeze for a semesterthe biggest failures are made years in advance

>>507577039I am literally playing vidya all day, worst thing is I am doing some personal super autistic achievements...like atm I am trying to beat all Frictional Games (Amnesia and Penumbra series) on Hard mode...and after that beating them by collecting all things possible...and after that beating them without taking a single dmg etc...it's all because of my stupid autism which combined with procrastination is just HELL that I can't escape from!

>>507570052>Averaged 65% in stats for months>Need 70 for a P in P/F system >Day before the exam make a detailed note page and study it>Score an 88% >pass the class with a 75Through god all things are possible, my friend.

>>507577498Just might.

>>507577492that's interesting, what do you mean by "discipline"

>>507567068You must be a liberal arts major, seriously just drop out. IF by some small chance you are a major that matters, something like a science, or applied science, neck yourself. You don't deserve to be in school if you can't do something as simple as manage your time. Give someone else more deserving a chance.

>>507570962You can literally shit 300 words in a half hour with a intro/conclusion/thesis statement

>>507570052This was literally how I got through undergrad with a 3.9 GPA though.

>>507577690If you have had good internships a couple years of experience can potentially be worth more than a master's degree.This really depends on you, and where the master's program would be.

What are some good games with animal companions?

Attached: Fire Punch is super interesting.png (639x908, 476.6K)

>>507577941Subject for studying, it's what you call "classes". I guess discipline is not a right term.

>>507576884you don't plan on working with that? you'd have to work in a hospital?>>507577109i live in Hungary. here, everything is cheap compared to the usa. for example i pay 6-9$ for a good quality lunch in the city.i make a little more than 1500$ net per month (at current FX rate which tanked) with a MSc junior job which counts as a good wage, around double the national average. uh, i will t-think about it, t-thanks for the thought

>>507567068>He hasn't already aced each of his finals (university)>>507568849It's an artform. You'll learn with time and experience.

Attached: 1586459398436.png (384x764, 318.88K)

>>507577732What if you've put in the effort but can't turn it off out of habit despite needing to retake anything being practically impossible at this stage?Seriously, I'm about to dump hours into studying for an open book exam I could get like a 60% on and still be fine. Tell me how to stop.

Attached: 1541908815354.png (384x390, 153.38K)

>>507577945>Le shitting on the humanities

>>507567068>spent 2 years at college>completely at a loss for what i want to major in>literally anything i am interested in pays absolutely nothing>decide to stop at my associates rather than waste my parent's moneyStarting to realize life might not be for me, how do I get a refund?

Attached: 1559030368569.jpg (1001x1055, 156.85K)

>>507578140Yea, I'll be working as a PA. Pretty decent salary.

>>507573123There is no real minimum. Just as long as you answer the questions set set out to answer in your research. Mine was around 25 without figures. A major difference between high and low level writing is whe. You make the change from struggling to fill three pages to struggling to keep yourself from rambling and going off on tangents for 10 pages.

Where my writing majors at?!

Attached: 139C28D7-D5C4-4BA3-9345-B7720827D7C3.jpg (1024x502, 50.12K)

>>507578247Your parents paying for it was already your refund.


Attached: snow.png (729x662, 562.98K)

>>507578247You don't to need to love what you do for a living if it leaves you enough time to do what you love off the clock. I majored in business after my first 3 semesters of not knowing what the fuck I wanted to do with my life. I'll find an Accounting position that won't force Overtime on me and enjoy my life when at home.If you'd rather do what you love for a living, start practicing on your own time.

>>507578178Keep it up man. It's good practice.

>>507567068Is this a fire punch reference?

Attached: 0053-016.jpg (1115x1600, 235.03K)

>>507577835>I am literally playing vidya all daythat doesn't mean you can't practice hygiene...

>>507578478I took creative writing a couple times in highschool and college despite not being an English major at all. It's a great way to destress while still feeling productive, I found, since you're doing school work but expressing yourself.Not sure if what I wrote was any good, but I enjoyed it.


Attached: DC6866E8-E967-4989-9035-DF8B9AF9F7DE.jpg (1848x1351, 118.82K)

>>507578478>he needs a degree for putting words on paperOH NO NO NO WRITEBROS WE GOT TOO COCKY NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

>>507573934Did you have an internship or any project experience?Because if not you're fucked now.

>>507567068>escaped the educational system due to corona>can't hang out with anyone due to quarantine>no one to play vidya with>my socialization is with family, on 4chan and on discord>it's been like this for 2 months>actually starting to feel depressed

Attached: 1588719986771.png (444x672, 350.68K)

>>507578908A lot of work in it honestly. I haven’t even graduated with my associates and have had three job offers in PR, News and Political research. I was supposed to go to Washington D.C. for a gig this summer but the stupid fake Covid crashed the economy and now I probably won’t ever have a job again.

>>507578247>got degree in some trash field that I didn't like because everyone said I needed to>ended with a shit gpa, worse anxiety and wanting to kill myself more then usual>switching to nursing because the associates is cheep and easy and I'll like itcould be worseif you don't know why you want to go to college then don't goget some work and think it over for a little whileno rush

>spend an entire browsing 4chan instead of studyingI don't even play vidya anymore

Attached: 1570438389421.jpg (960x960, 111.35K)

>>507579363>live with grandmother>will need to continue self-quarantining and avoiding in-person classes even when they resume2020 may as well have not even happened for me. This shit sucks.


Attached: dickhead.jpg (1080x1920, 263.75K)

>>507579043It’s less about learning how to write and more about networking with people and industries looking for writers. Getting your name out there in the right departments in a creative field is the ticket for arts and humanities. I guess I shouldn’t expect an autistic STEM NPC to understand the human element of career building.

>>5075793632 months? thats nothingtry 10 years

>>507579363>2 monthstry 3+ years fag

how do I git gud at programming? t. SE lad

Attached: 1569381368246.jpg (440x351, 8.95K)

>>507580296>SEShould've done EE mate.

>>507567068No worries, because Vampire the Masquerade is probably better than whatever dogshit classes you're taking.

>>507579860I got into a bunch of manga, now I just feel even more depressed when they're over

Attached: 1589200756298.gif (300x200, 1.6M)

>try for a STEM degree>absolutely hate it>drop outNothing like wasting 3 years of my life haha

Attached: 1579075941851.jpg (601x508, 31.38K)

how do i teach myself basic socialization skills? i've basically not interacted with anyone for 3 years sans asking teachers a one line (heavily premeditated) question or asking the uni admin people about payment stuff and shiet

>>507580296I guess you need a lot of practice but I can't make myself to write anything.

>>507580296what are you struggling at?

>>507577524>actually getting to leave your work at the door when you get homei envy you and i dont envy youi make a lot more than you do but i was doing the same job i do now at 18$ an hour until i started my own businesssometimes i miss having an employer to shoulder all the business responsibilities because working for yourself is actually harder than working for someone elsethat being said, i cant go back to making money for somebody else

>>507573047>How dated we talking here? Planescape torment or Oblivion?Oblivion with its primitive and frankly ugly 3D graphics, awful animations and terrible voice acting is more dated than Planescape with its nice 2D art, distinct art direction and great voice acting.

>>507570052You can cram and pull off passing or even acing an exam. The problem is the material won’t stick and you’ll end up forgetting a lot of it afterwards t. crammer

>>507567068If you only had to study 1 day for it, it can't be that hard of a test.

I'm in my last semester but I don't want to stop university honestly. I love being spoonfed knowledge. Doing shit on my own or working is the real nightmare.

I’ve wasted my life.

Attached: 4DEA7FB0-3851-4E5E-9F55-8910FDD9DF56.jpg (493x480, 25.08K)

>>507580424Do you want ongoing manga that are good so they don't feel "over"? If you're willing to follow a monthly manga then Shuumatsu no Valkyrie is a ton of fun and won't be done any time soon.

Attached: Smughilde 2.png (732x259, 149.75K)

>>507567068These are the people who complain about not making enough money, being in debt, who buy things they can't afford, who lament not being happy.It's all because you faggots don't know how to delay gratification. If you learn to delay gratification for what will pay off in the future you'll end up being able to relax more later on.

bros im 18 wtf do i do with my lifemandatory army next year though

>>507581945If you actually have mandatory army you'll probably learn some sort of skill in the army you could parlay into work. If not it's at least an occupation for a while until you figure it out.

>>507580647Force yourself to talk to people, if that doesn't work you probably have no chqnc3

>>507569841>>507570962>>507570617>tfw want a grilled cheese sandwich but my microwave is broken imagine if NFL season gets cancelled and we can't make these posts on game threads for the whole year

Attached: ngu.jpg (612x526, 37.98K)

>>507567068Exactly the same for me except it's not a final. It starts at 12am so I'm gonna wake up at like 9am or something and see how much I can cram into my head in a few hours.

>>507582206army or physical work in general just isn't made for me, hopefully i'll figure it out after it's donefuck, i could probably start an onlyfans and make bank with it

>>507580786Not him but I think I just don't have the required level of logic and abstract thinking.

>>507570052Speak for yourself brainlet. I cram the night before every test and my GPA average is 3.84. Last year btw.

>>507581387what would it mean to have not wasted it? all lives are equally worthless, whether you're on the sidelines or not is pre determined anyway.having a job or a family is as much of a cope as escapism is. being able to get away with not working and still be able to live comfortably on neetbux is enough for me

>>507581596All good things must come to an end, sometimes it just sucks that you gotta wait for the next chapters when you got a craving for em>it takes a week or two for the next chapter>wait for it>it gets released>done reading in a minute or twoEVERY TIME, IT'S INSANE, it's the main drawback of comics of any kind. I got into Kimetsu No Yaiba and I just went through several years worth of chapters in a day and a bit and I can't even talk about it because I'm rangebanned on /a/ for some reason

>>507582985This is just cope and you know it.

>>507583017read Kochira Katsushika-ku Kameari Kōen Mae Hashutsujo

>>507570052It worked in my case. Doing that carried me through all highschool. Even with my College entrance exams. Tbh my parents still think i couldn´t enter the career but what happened is that i didn´t comfirm my name in the entrance list because i realized im uncapable of studying and university would crush me. So i decided to go to a game dev course

>>507583350>It was continuously serialized in Weekly Shōnen Jump for 40 years, from September 1976 to September 2016. Its 1,960 chapters were collected into 200 tankōbon volumes, making it the manga series with the highest number of volumes.

Attached: 1578680116154.jpg (125x125, 1.63K)

>>507570052Literally untrue. I have aced finals that I ignored until the day before.

>>507583350>KochikameDid he end up with the tranny or the tomboy? I wouldn´t mind either desu

>>507573604Good luck trying to get a perscription right now. I'm 6 weeks out from my ADD testing.

>>507570962300 word is easy. Im always in trouble because i always go over

>>507573934>autist values his stem degrees even though he has no social skills or ability to networklike pottery

>>507583342some people aren't cut out for normalfag wagie lifestyle. why dwell on it? How would years shared with neet friends be any less fulfilling than years spent working for a house or whatever? you're conditioned to feel bad for not conforming but the reality is it doesn't matter. looking at other family members who earn money and have relationships, they haven't achieved anything special. they're just more entrenched in the collective delusion, as much of a replica as anyone else.

>people doing post-grad shit even though the average wage increase from undergrad is like 12%Why? How do you not want to kill yourself after your undergrad? Is the fear of having to find work less preferable than putting yourself through that for another 2-3 years?

>>507584642One question: do you post in waifu threads?

>>507584173>Online class had an in-person test as the final because it's basically an aptitude test for my major slipped into the curriculum>Had to cancel because quarantine>Final is literally "read a case study we already worked with this semester and answer these four questions">"Limit your answers to 100 words"I actually had to count my words to make sure I had a good answer that didn't break 100.

Attached: 1533925110927.png (853x1031, 543.07K)

>>507584772Post-grad is for people who don't want to work but who would also feel shame from being a NEET. So they extend their school life as long as possible. Some of these people worm their way into academia which is the ultimate padded cell of career choices, where everyone jerks everyone else off 24/7 in a big happy echo chamber full of awards.

>graduated today

Attached: 1557587670724.png (510x366, 115.19K)

>>507582808post tits

>>507584772i heard the trick is to do it not right after college but after you've gained many years of work experience and you can get a big promotion and/or another sweet spot at another job that requires a masters in something


Attached: penguin.jpg (640x480, 64.72K)

>>507584772>>507585071I'm an accounting major so getting my MBA puts me on track to get my CPA in terms of credits. However, I'm going to wait until I work for a company willing to pay me to get my CPA certification. Getting out with a cost of only $61k too, since I lucked into getting a super cheap Associate's.

Attached: 1568927344470.gif (800x450, 3.85M)

>>507582808post ass

>>507585290Why? Who would willingly take on more responsibility for a slightly higher income when they are already making well beyond what one would reasonably need to live comfortably and save for retirement? Amassing money so you can die with a huge estate is literally a post-industrialist meme.

>>507567068don't play video games in college, it may be hard but it's an unnecessary distraction

>>507585530I am also an accounting major in line for my CPA. Why would you even consider going down this route if you haven't already been scouted by a firm prior to even completing your undergrad?

>>507585629I have a guy in my class group that's getting a bonus if he gets his MBA with all A's. I can respect that he's trying to provide better for his family, but that's kind of wild to me that they'd require A in every class.

>>507567068If your grade is so bad that you can’t pass the class with at shitty final grade you did your class wrong

>>507567068I have spent every class online just playing games on my second monitor. I now am cramming 2 months of classes into 2 days of studying.

Attached: lautrec.jpg (570x570, 84.26K)

>one year to graduate>getting decent to great gradesheh, i might just about make it, i can't believe i lost two years to a degree i wasn't even good at and only got in for the "muh high wages in industry" meme and completely failed halfway through 2nd yearto think i was by that lone dirt road outside town about to eat shotgun just a few years ago, didn't even write a fucking note

>bumbled my way through uni>10 years of experience in software development >no debt to Mr. Shekelstein>my own apartments>my own car>tfw I'm a fucking retard with sub 100 IQI don't know how you guys fuck up this much, life is pretty fucking easy

>Holla Forums is full of Einsteins

Attached: a8d.jpg (300x222, 8.43K)

>>507567967Seems like way too much trouble when you could just delay the exam instead.

>>507585180Congrats, user. I'm going to be graduating Friday.

Attached: sad face.jpg (500x282, 42.02K)

>tfw its been 4 years since I left the shitshow that is educationFeels good, never going through that torture again.

I got a degree in education and I regret it. Ask me anything

>>507585798It's something I'm good at (originally just decided on Business, 100%'d an accounting course and was told to major in it by my professor who had years of experience in the profession) and not super difficult to find work for. I've made good friends with professors and my state's Society of CPAs that have already set me up for interviews for internships and Accounting Student awards, and that's without even my asking.I do feel odd, getting all As while still feeling like an underachiever by not having a job squared away. I even got certified to do volunteer tax prep on campus but don't feel like I did a lot.

>>507586264Do you regret it because the pay is shit or because the work is shit?

>>507586192you have 99 iq?

>>507586192I got through Uni but quit my job because I almost went nuts. Been NEET for 4 years now with no way to get anything decent because my mental and physical health have only gotten worse.

>>507567068Good luck lol.t. Already done with finals two weeks ago.

>>507586264The kids?

>>507586192People say programming is "easy", but I think it's literally the opposite.

>>507567068Let's say I graduate but can't get any jobs in my field, so I go for some shit retail job or something in the meantime. Do I include my completely unrelated degree in the resume or not?

>>507586764Not him but same. Got meme'd into that shit but no matter how hard I tried I couldn't get good enough to get payed for it.

>>507586027same situation, i hate myself for being such a retard.

>>507586820I included my bachelor's in my resume for my part-time job that put me through grad school. I had an interview within the week and was hired on the spot. I think it shows that you're dependable.Also see if your school has job placement assistance, or see if you could at least find a temp job closer to your field, if you'd rather do that.

>>507585180>quarantine in full effect>several hundred infected per day>the national exam is still necessary to pass and I need to go outside

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>>507586764>>507586886As someone whose tutoring lots of freshmen, its the ultimate hit or miss degree. For some people, it just clicks. For others it just never does. Most classes have some sort of bell curve but comp sci is literally who has "it" and who doesn't. Maybe the "it" is severe autism but if you don't have it coming in you'll have a bad time.

>>507568849Jerk off

>>507567068>mfw not in college anymoremy entire student career was a nightmare and i am glad it is over

Attached: 1588321272710.jpg (562x1284, 41.98K)

>>507586820>tell them about your degree and potentially get passed up on being hired due to being overqualified>exclude it from your resume and invent some bullshit reason for a 4 year gap on your resumethe latter is easier to work around

>>507587241Take the test in a Hazmat suit.

>>507587306>Adding fuel to the fire

>>507586604yeah I'm a definition of a midwit>>507586764it's a skill like everything else, you don't need to be Carmack tier prodigy to be a successful dev but you need to have an affinity to it I guess

>>507587352Was it a nightmare because you couldn't let your titties flop around like that in class?

>>507586764 Success in compsci is literally determined by having autism or not. Unironically.

>>507582607>microwaveJust use a small pan and a dab of butter

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>>507587374I think a mask and washing myself when I get home are enough, I can't afford a hazmat suit

>>507586264Why do you regret it?

Does anyone have any good techniques for keeping yourself planted and studying longer? When my attention wanes it becomes hard to absorb material and that's if I'm not procrastinating. No drugs aren't an option and I live in too small an area for a scenery change.

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>>507582607>Grilled Cheese>MicrowaveYou disgust me. It's the easiest fucking thing in the world. So easy that I get fancy with it and use like 4 kinds of cheese in one sandwich and put seasoning between slices and shit. You literally can't fuck it up.Learn to make a grilled cheese and heat up canned goods on the stove, it's the bare minimum for an adult to be able to do.

Attached: 1547007862115.png (926x695, 819.59K)

Im on a private game dev school that will find me job when i finish the course. The teacher is a nice fella that promised us that he will filter any kind of bad company he knows so that is good. I will probably work a couple of years in my country ( Spain ) and then fly to other place because i know game industry here is very though. There are two places where i can easily go and find where to live. Should i got to Netherlands or Germany?

>>507587961That's natural. Schedule small breaks every 40-50 minutes and do something you like to do that takes like 5-15 minutes. Take a longer break to eat. That's the advice I was given.Alternatively, you could do what I ACTUALLY do, and just take the notes and talk out loud like you're teaching them to somebody else. The most info retention a person can achieve is by teaching it to another person, so if you explain the material to someone that isn't there then you can kind of trick your brain into understanding it better than just looking at it. Writing everything down by hand helps too, because it's better than reading or hearing, but the fake-tutoring thing works.

>>507582607>want a grilled cheese sandwich >but my microwave is brokenNo other options remain

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>>507571416Me too, i wanted to learn history but mom and dad told me i should be a lawyer.I hate laws so much, i have no desire to continue but i already spend 5 years of my life i can't just quit. Since i hate laws so much it takes a lot of effort to push myself to study. I have to do some team work in a few days and theres already a guy trying to kick me out of the group and honestly i don't care

>>507587856>I can't afford a hazmat suitJust get some trash bags and duct tape.

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>>507587478Yesterday i was fucking horny i could barely do any job, i will have to do no fap other day i said , i jerked off abd i began concentrating again

>>507588036>4 kinds of cheeseThat's a waste my dude, either use a mild cheddar or a nice smoked swiss and a slice of kraft single just to get dat melt.

>tfw have to create a theoretical substation to residential system with specific power values and a technical report by tomorrow

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>>507582607>microwaving grilled cheeseyou must be an absolute sub-human to not be able to take 10 minutes out of your day, turn on a fucking stove and cook for yourself

>>507580296set a goal for something you want to make instead of studying useless code you will never use

>>507588914>10 minutesSheeeit not even that long.

>programming internship needed for my degree>corona hits>home office>haven't written a single line of code in like 40 daysLet's hope I can bullshit these guys, I think they mostly lost track of me because of corona.Also homunculus is dope.

Attached: 1562543074465.jpg (839x951, 305.81K)

>>507582985> haha so what if I spent my life consuming media, I lived many different lives so I didn’t have to live my real one. These fantasy ones are more interesting anyway haha

>>5075866304 years is though man, sadly it'll only get worse from here so you need to find something to occupy yourself of you'll go insane unironicallysadly I can't truly relate, the longest time I've been a NEET is 6 months, when a guy on an interview asked me hey why weren't you searching for a job all this time I shrugged and said I've burned out from my previous job and he just shrugged and said ok gotcha lol

>>507589213Not that user, but i came to the conclusion that happiness its a meme. The best you can do is minimize your misery, because every road you take is gonna be miserable

>Start the quarantine with my right foot>Exercice, diet, study, chat to friends, living the dream>Keep like that for 3 weeks>Slowly but surely stopped doing that, first with exercice, then with food, after that self higiene, >University work stacked up, can't do all for shit. Attention span of 1 minute when trying to work.I feel like shit, only thing that keeps me going right now is League of Legends because i know that 5 or 6 games makes the time between cooking food go faster, and sometimes i talk to one or two guys i like on discord, the rest are "lmao meme" tier of intolerable people.

Attached: An other long night.jpg (400x306, 27.67K)

>>507588402Im being serious here. What country is best for game dev Germany or Holand?

>>507588760Nah man. I'll use some combo of extra sharp cheddar, colby jack, pepperjack, asiago, or provolone (sometimes another kind if I have it). Sometimes I'll spread either blue cheese or cheese spread with port wine flavoring between slices and put garlic powder on them so they stick. The blue cheese makes it melt like you imagine a grilled cheese should too.

I lost my job due to the chink virus and only have a single fucking class left to graduate so my backlog had a good time bothering me.

>>507589176Same, I really need to start a personal project because I'm getting rusty.

Attached: 1392420688018.png (710x559, 438.12K)

>graduate from CC and ready to transfer to uni>get fucked over by unforeseen circumstances and have to move across the country>have to take more bullshit prerequisites and retake classes

Attached: 1586958372285.png (460x346, 232.51K)

>>507587678>tfw not autistic enough for programming>but too autistic for normal life

Attached: fJQwLBsh.jpg (704x1024, 111.16K)

>fat>tell everyone I'd plan out a diet if I had more free time>they laugh>10kg lighter during the quarantine because the free time has given me time to work out and plan out a diet for once>get a video call from an acquaintance>looked at me like I was alienNobody takes me seriously

Attached: 1392013487064.jpg (1200x863, 178.52K)

>>507588502So much fuggin writing and reading in law but we’ll make it fellow law bro

>tfw graduated in march but probably wont be able to find a job in the public sector in administration this year because of the chink fufuck 2020

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>>507587804>>507588036>>507588453>>507588914Do you guys really not get it?

>>507583745PoeticYou showed you only work hard in the last hours, maybe working with EA is your destiny. They do plenty of that

>>507591420I get that you need to turn the fucking stove on and get to work

>tfw I have a 4 page paper due tomorrow and I haven't even started on it

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>>507571416Give up user, if you don't have the motivation for it you're just wasting you/your parents money. I just failed my math class because i have zero motivation to study and hate the college im at, definitely not going back next year and just gonna work with my dad like I planned on doing before they forced me to go

>>507573276homonculus fucking sucks and the only good parts are when a scene from american psycho is drawn and some of the designsI get the point of it but fuck the last third dragged on and on

Attached: x116.jpg (823x1200, 296.98K)

>>507592401>Hard workIt was 90%luck user. Passed everything by studying the last day. If i really worked hard i would regret it but i really didn´t. Also i migh go get a programing degree after finishing my course so there is no issue.

>>507567068Do you even have to show up for your exam right now? Just have google up on your monitor if you are doing it online.

>>507593117the guy in this picture is wrong she only has 4

Attached: 1587568181463.png (565x600, 35.94K)

>>507567068To all anons who are gaming instead of studying for your final exams: DON'TSeriously. Your grades here could help determine which university you get into or if you graduate college with your degree. Your vidya can wait a few nights. Please anons, listen to me and take my advice. It's for your future. Your vidya won't go anywhere, but your future will if you waste too much time when you need to do work.

>>507570831Great job user

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>>507567068>HomunculusShit got really weird in the end. Great taste.

>took 5 years to get my degree>shit GPA (like 2.5 or something)>got a job with minimal effort after like 2 weeks of looking>bought a house and live on my own after saving for 3 yearsSometimes i wonder how a retard like me pulled this off.

>>507589993>barely scraped by last bit of this semester being all online>on my last year now>uni confirmed everything is online going forwardwew im not making it through this bros

>had to write 30 pages for last month>asked for more time>professor said yes >didn't even start reading my sourcesI just can't do it

Attached: 1586372600235.png (657x600, 84.04K)

>>507594367>Sometimes i wonder how a retard like me pulled this off.Friendly, gentle reminder that the average IQ is 100.

>>507594696Dunno why answer me but im also going full online the las bit of the course. The only issue i have is that i would prefer to work on the class pc rather than on my gaming laptop because my pc is fucked up...

How do you deal with burnout? I feel like I'm just slowly crawling across the finish line now.

>>507595463By burning out and killing yourself by the time you are 40 with lethal overdose of heroin while being balls deep in some lady boys in some shit hole third world country.

>drop out of high school in 11th grade>acquire GED at 19>finally decide to go to college for engineering at 24>highest math completed was algebra 1>highest science completed was chem>part of engineering is physics>need to take calc to take physics>need precalc to take calc>need algebra 2 to take precalcDARKNESSIMPRISONING MEALL THAT I SEEABSOLUTE HORROR

Attached: 1572456562595.jpg (660x439, 229.35K)

Is going to graduate school for a degree in Economic Data Analytics more valuable than work experience in entry level accounting/finance positions if your aim is to become an analyst within the next year or so? By valuable, I mean in terms of being hired for said position and also acquiring a knowledge base.

>>507567210this, I just waste time

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>>507596254This is the path you chose when you fucked everything up in your youth.Look on the bright side: math is easy for self-education.

>>507596254>dropping out 80% throughLiterally why?

>>507596254Can you not test out of pre-requisites? You should be able to jump right into calc 1 after a test to make sure you're not a tard. But if you really don't know shit then it's probably better to start with algebra 2 and move from there to calc 1 at least. Worst case you knock out algebra 2 and precal in year 1. Then in year 2 semester 1 you knock out calc 1 and physics 1 by enrolling in both. If they don't let you do that, well you already wasted 1 year so whats another half a year?

>le manga reaction image>personal blog>le sad music song lyrics in all caps meme>used meme in reference to his own personal blog>btw im still in schoolcant say im surprised

>he's not making his game during quarantineThere is literally no better time to do this. Retard.

Attached: 1589124004301.jpg (647x435, 43.7K)

>>507577498Maybe I will

Attached: Drillsmirk.jpg (1280x720, 81.05K)

>>507587660Are you implying that user is LITERALLY the person in his image?

>>507596886but i need to learn some things first the unity tuturials are a slog ...

This /soc/ tier shit is the best thread on Holla Forums and I hate that it's come to this.

>>507597076Im surprised jannies haven´t nuked the thread yet

>>507570052I almost never studied period. The key to intelligence is understanding the logic of things, both the subject and testing formats.In any subject if you just try to memorize facts instead of intuitively understand concepts you will need to study and you will forget the info later and ultimately be a less intelligent human.

>>507597209>Im surprised jannies haven´t nuked the thread yetthey are too busy jerking to tranny porn

>>507596654I did all of the khan academy lessons for algebra 2 so that's helped me a lot. >>507596657I realized I could sit at home playing WoW and dota 2 instead. >>507596721I'm already in my first semester taking algebra 2 and lined up to take precalc over the fall. At my college calculus is a prerequisite for physics so I'll take calc in spring and physics over next summer if I can.

>>507597876Look of professor Leonard on youtube. Dude is a lifesaver. He uploads easy to understand math courses that he teaches on jewtube.

sitting at a 3.3 gpa cumulative for my accounting undergrad degree with one semester left. I've made zero attempts at networking but I will say that I have 1 year of bookkeeping experience that just came to me without having to do anything.

>>507589830you need to compartmentalize. pick one place for studying and another for playing games and such. staying in a single room for all activities fried my brain

Going to uni late and what worries me the most is networking. I'm terrible at talking to new people. I'm just gonna get fit and dress well and hope it'll soften the initial blow.

>>507597876Is precalc a prerequisite for calc 1? It wasn't at my school. Honestly you don't need it, it's really pointless and since algebra 2 is so fresh in your mind it's going to be pointless to take. If I were you'd I'd look into whether precalc is actually something you need or if you can skip it. I'd also be looking to plan out classes to take during the summer semesters, but only if graduating in 4 years is something you really need to do. Otherwise you're probably going to be taking at least 5 year, maybe more at this rate. Not the end of the world, but worth considering financially. A lot of those easy freshman/sophomore tier classes can be taken online at a community college to save money. Just get the credits transferred over to your uni and you'll be set.

>immunology test was open-book online>literally no reason to fail>tfw only 79%>literally just a single wrong question away from a B>drops my grade from an 80.3% to a 79.4%>mfw I wrote an email to the professor literally minutes after the exam begging her to bump me up to a BConsidering how many safety nets I had for this class, I feel pathetic. The answer to the question was "All of the above", but two of the answers were ones that may or may not be true depending on the case, so I just went with B, which was always true. I'm technically passing the class anyways, but anything less than a 3.0 GPA will fuck with my chances at an internship.

Attached: 1554095913836.jpg (448x246, 16.71K)

>>507599052>getting anything less than an A- when you're explicitly allowed to go open-bookbruh

>>507576741I'm in your position except I still don't even have a GED lol

Attached: [crushing sound].jpg (853x552, 72.89K)

>>507590527Thems the works

>>507599052While immunology is fucking awful, you should know by now that for MCQs the answers that apply even in few cases still count as correct, unless the question specifies "always apply" or something.

>>507598828I'm at a community college now and their site's telling me I need precalc to take calc. They originally offered precalc split into two courses over the summer which I was planning on taking, but because of the virus they're extending the length of each class and they end up overlapping. So that would have cut down my schooling by a semester but it wasn't meant to be. Is precalc really so similar to algebra 2? Would I be able to test out of it with CLEP with just what I learned this semester?>>507598201Guy seems pretty cool, I'll check him out when I'm studying.

What is the point of going to tertiary school when you live in america

>Have multiple group assignments assigned throughout the semester for a class>partners refuse to do anything until the last ~3 hours before they're due and I end up doing 80% of the workI fucking hate working in groups sometimes

Attached: 1529126742534.jpg (750x686, 47.86K)

>>507585180Congrats, sucks you won't get to go do a public graduation and get your diploma on stage. I luckily did the couple of months before the corona was unleashed. It was long but I got to sit near friends and joke around which made it great.

Attached: Denji Switch.jpg (1024x1024, 63.24K)

>>507599486I never read the book, and I only looked at the notes maybe once before the exam. I would've absolutely failed this if it wasn't for CTRL + F.>>507599781The question was "What does it mean when Coombs control cells test negative in a negative reaction?">A) Omitted or neutralized AHG reagent>B) Test is invalid and must be repeated>C) Cells not thoroughly washed of proteins>D) All of the aboveI didn't think it was D because it's possible for A to be true but not C, and vice versa. B was always true, so I put that instead. To think that's the question that killed me...

Attached: 1554363383102.png (1400x1400, 1017.59K)

>get paid $73k a year on piss-easy job>spent the whole day not working>don't even remember what I did, just didn't do anything>not a single day missed over the dog-eater denguI wish I could feel bad about having it so easy, but I just don't care. Trumpbux was just free money, lol. Sorry you can't pay your rent.

Attached: 1C238yb.jpg (720x479, 21.61K)

>>507601393What job

>>507601393What job user?

>>507570843>I just want to finish my education and finally stop being tense and anxious every day because I don't have something finished and actually spend time on some hobbies.I graduated over a decade ago and I still have nightmares about being in University. You never escape it.

>>507567210I just passively consume. I don't want to work, i don't want to study, i don't even want to play video games.

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>>507573276No way,this guy eat his own cum.

>>507570962I know these posts are jokes but my high school english teacher told me to write a paper in less than 500 words for a project and it was legitimately difficult because there's just no room

>>507601967This is me. I feel like I should study and try to get a decent job but I just can't find the desire. I feel like life has been beaten out of me.

>>507573758My parents forced me into it and force me to pay for it too. I was fresh out of high school and had no idea what the fuck I was shooting for

>>507602580What was the theme?

>>507578478I always wanted to be a writer, but was told not to get into it and not pursue it in college by family and friends because it would be hard to make money off it. I agree that I shouldn't have taken classes for it, but I legitimately wish I had pursued independent writing in my spare time instead of not doing it

>>507567068I'm taking my entry exams next month. I'm fucked and even if I study a little I'd rather play somd video games. Wish me luck fellas.

>>507602715I was supposed to analyze a short story we read I thinkMy papers always ran 1500+ words for the most mundane shit so I think she was trying to teach me something about brevity being wit

>>507603525Most likely. I did all of my shit in 300 words at most

>>507600656You had so many chances of success. Why didn't you read it at least once!?

>>507603735Because it's boring, and 90% of the information is useless filler. Are there people that actually read through their whole textbooks? I can barely stay awake to read the average VN unless it's during a fight scene.

Attached: 1571797021413.jpg (1200x1169, 214.41K)

>>507572742Online college isn't good for socializing, but brick and mortar campuses basically cram you in with a bunch of people with similar interests (when corona isn't pooping all over).

I can only socialize when situation needs it, like during highschool. Now that it ended, im isolating myself from old friends and don´t making new ones, only aquitances. The worst is that it doesn´t feel bad...

>>507604170>Are there people that actually read through their whole textbooks?You read the pertinent sections, you dumbass.

>>507604170Anon is stupid! STUPID!

>wasn't doing that well at programming>could have used these 3 months to study>could use the rest of quarantine to study as well>still haven't done shit programming wiseI deserve to be a failure but how do I make programming a little more fun for me? I don't want to be a game dev but the shitty excercises from college killed all my motivation

>>507575909where do you go?t. ohio state honors math student

>>507604927I only have issue learning the stuff. When i get the knowledge my brain switches to autowork mode. But until then, nothing


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>>507604927>I deserve to be a failure but how do I make programming a little more fun for me?Make things you want to make.

>>50760417090% of life is filler.

>>507604747Then why include the non-pertinent sections at all? Why not just make a 100 page book of pictures, tables, charts, and summarized bullet points that anyone could understand? Hell, my mom's a CLS, and according to her, most of this stuff is never relevant in the job anyways, especially the rarer antibodies, so what's the point?>>507604851>>507605702Why are we still here...

Attached: 1564815977143.jpg (1200x1542, 486.74K)

>>507604170Are you retarded? I brought 4 textbooks to my first internship and used all of them in 3 months, plus another textbook that my boss gave me and told me to read the week before I started. If your textbook is "Intro to biology" you'll probably never need it again, but if you're a ChemE (I'm not I just know some) you will probably need to keep every single one of your textbooks. I only rented my Quantitative Biology textbook and I regret it every day because the info in that book would have been hugely useful to keep on-hand.You're extremely lucky that 80% of what you'll apply in your life is learned on-the-job. You should start building a textbook reference collection NOW and use it VIGOROUSLY.

Serious question. Do people legitimately look forward to going to work every day? I'm in my late 20s and have never once have been glad that I had to go to work. The only days that I look forward to are the weekends.

Attached: 1575638571876.webm (1280x720, 559.64K)

>>507606164>Then why [blahblahblah I'm a retard]Because not all courses or lecturers will refer to the same sections, you stupid jackass.

>>507606164If you want to learn more than just how to follow instructions that someone else gives you, you need to understand the systems at play in your work. That can be in the actual science, or in the process of doing the work itself, or even just the process of ***working***. If the extent of the effort you put into your subject area is just "Well I read to do X so I did X and then I went home" then that's what you'll be doing for the rest of your life and it will get boring FAST.

>>507567068>finished my finals last weekNow time to hope the rona's still raging in fall so it can keep being online only and I won't have to drive to campus every day

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>>507606475I don't look forward to it every day, but I do it anyway because it provides my life structure and I enjoy and care about the people I meet there. Work is miserable if you just see it as a paycheck. There's no magical thing that will happen or special career you'll find that will suddenly make your work feel valuable. You have to actively choose to look for things to enjoy and to enjoy them, or your approach to life will just be "I want to stay in bed and jerk off" for 50 years until you die. That's not a result of a bad job or a bad boss or even bad people, it is a conscious decision made by YOU.

>>507606853I have to finish most of my projects this month unless i want to waste june finishing them, and i don´t because its fucking HOT in Spain...

>tfw finished all my finals + assignments 2 weeks agofeels soo goodmanaged to get through most of my backlog too

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>>507573205come back when youre not taking classes for absolute retards

>come from a long line of famous artists and talented musicians>have no creativity whatsoever >my mom got sad when I went compsci instead of any sort of art degree and classes when she knows that I can't even draw a circle properly and I have no aesthetic sense >even if I'm smart I'll always be the family retard>mfw

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>>507608132My family its full of medics but my parents told me andmy siblings we could do whatever. Even then one of my sisters is going for medicine and its obvious how lenient are my parents are with her...

>>507607686Was Bloodborne part of that backlog?

I’m in my 20s and I have no idea what the fuck I should do with my life

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>never studied and spent all free time playing videogames>dropped out of college after failing most of my exams>got a job in construction>make good money and only have to work half the year>collect unemployment and play videogames all day everyday for the other half of the yeari can afford all my bills, my savings increase every year and im not in debt, college is a meme

>>507610160Yess. It was a fantastic ride. Played through it several times too, testing out arcane and bloodtinge builds. Don't really know what the fuck was going on narrative-wise, but the game's atmosphere and intrigue is no doubt alluring.

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>>507567967If test answers can be googled it isn't a good test

>>507610468*intriguing world

>>507610423Enjoy destroying your back and being replaced by robots/third-worlders

>>507610701im a machine operator friendo i sit on my ass all day

>>507610832The enjoy the hemorroids

>>507610468Sweet, I got around to doing all the dlcs recently. Arcane route sounds fun, I use the tentacles sometimes, but I stuck with Ludwig's Greatsword since I love the range and especially the stab.

>>507611124Do try and experiment as many weapons as you can (with the respective builds of course). I legitimately could not find a single meme weapon in this game and each had unique quirks that made them fun to use. Only pair of weapons that share similar animations are both the saw weapons.

>>507567967Why? Is your boss going to stop you from looking anything up? The education system is so stupid.

>>507571416>just go, user! You can figure out what you want to do while you're there!That's how I got stuck in the CS swamp. And now I'm in too deep and too covered in sludge to get outDespite everything I'm somehow bumbling my way through it and I don't know how

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>>507611764Yeah, I started with the cane whip, and I still try and switch it up by using the boom hammer and giant Wheel as well. I'll experiment and try out some stuff I never really use then.

>>507612143I always thought that this was terrible advice but I wish I had taken it to be honest.

Already got my degree. The real pain is trying to get a job in times of the 'rona.

>>507610607This is honestly correct. Memorization doesn’t teach concepts.

>>507580296Eventually something in your brain kinds snaps and it starts to make sense.Same with math (at least for me)

>everything is pass-fail because covid>tfw 61%thank god I never have to take this class again, fuck computational models, this shit is useless and makes no sense

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>>507567068If you think a whole night of cramming is going to be the difference maker on your test you deserve to fail and didn't actually learn anything. You should honestly spend the day before a test being as restful and relaxing as possible to ease your nerves mostly.

A little unrelated but my girlfriend is a feeder and she keeps trying to make me gain weight, i'm a pretty fit dude to begin with but I already put on 10 lbs in quarantine thanks to her. She keeps pinching at my belly and likes being the big spoon so she can poke at it, which is cute though. But I dont want to gain. I know she wont be turned on to me if I lose weight. What do I do, Holla Forums?

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>>507614170Give up user. Just be chonk but stronk

>>507614170I would sacrify my body for a gf desu

>>507614170Work out enough to maintain. When you inevitably split, it should be easy for you to lose what gut you have. Start lifting ASAP.

>>507614170Fucking leave that freak you retard

>>507589830Holy shit are you me?

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>>507567068>Classes>TestsWhat the fuck? Is this some parallel world? All universities are closed.

>>507616057>What are fucking online classes

>>507572343That last part was fucking ridiculous bahahaha. He goes bald and sees everyone as himself. Also has sex with himself but with tits and a pussy


>>507576975I'm sorry to hear that user.

>>507571416>Didn't know what to do with myself after high school since I didn't learn a single thing from my entire life in school up to this point and didn't have any skills that I could realistically use for more than just a hobby>Just wanted to find any work and figure this shit out with time>Parents mad at me and keep telling me to go to the fucking uni>It's free in my country so ok whatever>They push me into STEM>Fail beacuse I don't give a shit about it>Then they push me into law>Also fail beacuse I don't give a shit about it>During that time realise I really love drawing and improved a shitton>Want to go to art uni to finally do something I like>Parents mad beacuse art isn't profitable and tell me to find a fucking work when I finally listened to them and wanted to go to uni>Can't find a fucking work beacuse I have 2 year gap of nothing but being kicked out of unis after high school>Parents are fucking mad>Meanwhile I'm just trying to shill myself and get art commissions from furry degenerates so I can get some money and run the fuck away from my house since if I don't follow what my parents want 100% I will be kicked from the house and I have no means to get money currentlyThanks for nothing you faggots.

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>>507567068LMAO OP I just did the same thing with Dark Messiah baha

>>507617124>Didn't know what to do with myself after high school since I didn't learn a single thing from my entire life in school up to this point and didn't have any skills that I could realistically use for more than just a hobby>Just wanted to find any work and figure this shit out with time>Parents mad at me and keep telling me to go to the fucking uniliterally me but its not free in my country so I'm wasting money here

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>500 word essay due tomorrow>I'm still here>it's 10 PM

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>>507567068good ass manga you just posted there, very kino

>>507617124I have a 3 year gap of failure because of depression, I hope that doesn't fuck me over in the near future. On top of graduating during one of the worst recessions in history of course.

>>507617638Seriously dude, stop procanistating. Making short essays isn´t that hard

>>507567068I'm smarter than you OP.

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>>507617638You’re struggling to write a page long essay? Are you in the 6th grade?

>>507582607>The replies

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>>507617638>stressing over writing 2 paragraphs

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>Just spent a lot and bought some nice fresh eggs, no sanitation crap>Microwave is brokenFuck they're gonna expire before I can replace it

>>507617638That's a paragraph.

>>507619617Cook user, i know it looks scary but the worst can happen is a burnt house and your death

>>507612613Please at least have some idea before you go. Most degrees are laid out in a very specific way you're meant to take them.Since I had no idea what I was doing I essentially just took generals for the first 2 years and it super messed up my schedule. Most CS classes need prerecs of other CS classes or math, so you can only go through them in a very specific way. In addition, some classes are fall or spring only.This means even if you try to be full time you'll end up going extra long since you have to take them in a specific order.Most curriculum plans this out by having you also take generals alongside them.

>have to implement a fully-featured shell in C by tomorrow night>only have parsing working

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Is Holla Forums the most easily baited board? I consider myself a bit of an expert oldfag after being here for 4 years, and no other board gets baited so easily

>>507567068just crunch study lol

>>507620078>Oldfag>4 yearsFucking retard, you're basically still a newfag

>>507620078>monolithic statements about an entire boardRetards are easily baited, and we have a large number of them.

>>507613331If anything, you should encourage people to google stuff for assignments and exams. It's much more in line with real world situations. What you should be learning is to understand why and methods and techniques to apply, not just static memorization. Being presented with a problem and solving it with all information available to you is a sign of true understanding for a subject.

>>507567068You've have fonder memories of VTMB than you ever will of anything you do in school, be grateful for not wasting additional time

>>507608132>sibling is a very famous musician>constantly get asked if I do anything artistic and what my hobbies are>always have to deflect and say some bullshit when it's just 4chan and videogamesI'm going to learn Spanish and start a book on drawing when I wake up. Pray for me Holla Forums

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>>507620789Ganbare, user-kun

>Tfw this thread is stll up and that thread full of /mu/ autist invaders from today was nuked

>>507620559Fond memories ain't gonna keep your ass from sleeping on the street

>>507620789Animo, user. No te rindas

>>507620241You just proved him right on how easy you retards are to bait, that was an obvious baitpost

>tfw have a 100 page essay due in twenty days

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