Imagine a proper Rumble Roses sequel...

Imagine a proper Rumble Roses sequel.>in-depth career mode that lets you turn heel or face and has different routes depending on your alignment as well as the other Roses that you ally yourself with or make an enemy>story mode for each girl like the first game>even more body customization / modification like the second game>more unique costumes and outfits for each girl>the return of the mud match and the queen's match>an expanded version of the street fight mode>more match variants, e.g. cage match, triple threat, etc>a whole host of new playable charactersToo bad it'll never fuckin' happen.

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>>507565132The gameplay needs more refinement to be fun, especially online

>>507565296As long as they keep it arcadey like the first two games and don't go full sim like the awful WWE games.

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Would you a Candy Cane, Holla Forums?

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>>507565618I agree, but the roster could be more balanced. And the grab/reversal system more fluid to keep itself engaging.Also mud actually should have an effect on gameplay.

>>507565618The artists had such an obsession with mouths. RIP you horny angel

>>507566419How would you handle the mud? Make it easier to escape submission and grabs? Make it easier to knock the opponent down (i.e. striking them causes them to slip and fall)?

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>>507566564His lips were the best part of his work.

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>>507566646Yes to both and also harder to stay on the feet

>>507566864Guy could only use his mouth, as he wss paraplegic. Is lovely the detail he puts on the mouths of his girls. Truly a labour of love

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Is the Reiko user from the last thread still around?

He was a true artist with a unique style. It's such a shame we lost him.

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>>507567641>mfw can't draw for shit while this guy can do it with no arms

>>507567903The wrestling boots are so out of place for her gimmick

>>507568145I think they work. I like 'em, at least.

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Goodnight user, going to sleep. Hope the thread takes off.

>>507565296The first game was fine, the second "game" was absolutely fucking garbage. At least the first one was similar to here comes the pain. The XX game was just fucking trash.

>>507568274Probably won't, but it's worth trying, yeah?>>507568451The second was bad, but it had some decent points of interest. The body customization stuff was neat, I felt.

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Anybody have a higher resolution version of this Reiko render?

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>>507565132For me, it's Noble Rose

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>>507569938Not one of my favorites, but I respect her.

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>>507568653The second game's customization was very pathetic for something from aki.

>>507569820Sorry user, that's the biggest I've seen that one in.

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>>507570153Aki didn't have anything to do with the series, user.

>>507565132I loved Rumble Roses. I'm not embarrassed to admit it. We need these kind of games again.

>>507570436Fuck yeah we do.

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>>507570224Yeah, too bad good renders from the game are so hard to find

>mfw we'll never have Rumble Roses VS Dead or Alive

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>>507570676The weakness of being a niche series.>>507570684It sucks it won't happen. Fanart can't even help much there. There's a of potential there but no one has really explored it much.

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>>507565132>exclusively fapped to pro wrestling girls for the past decade because of this gametfw no evil rose gf


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Remember when both versions of Reiko were guest characters in the first MGO with Metal Gear Solid 3 Subsistence? I miss shit like that.

>>507571419Look at all the people back there.

>>507571414I already had a wrestle girl fetish but Rumble Roses just secured the whole thing for me.>>507572058Aisha's underrated as fuck.

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Rumble Roses 3 (PC/Console):>full moddablecoom fightan gayme WHEN?

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>>507572221What about them?

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RRXX runs smooth on Xenia (Xbox360 emulator)??

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>>507574181I wish I wasn't running such a shit PC.At least I can emulate the first one fine.

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>>507574812I like how her salute was her pulling her panties out of her ass.

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>>507574812>>507575132I love that they gave Reiko the camo pants but didn't bother doing anything for Rowdy.

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>>507572195didn't have internet at the time how was the first mgo?

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>>507575976It was pretty fun, honestly.

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DoA girls wish they could have asses like RR girls have.

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This thread is probably going to die soon. I enjoyed it though.

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For me, it's Rowdy Reiko.

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>>507578830thanks, bro

>>507579023Rowdy rules. I like her way more than vanilla Reiko.

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>>507579158I love sukebans so it made sense I liked her. Even better that she's a biker.

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>>507579318Hell yeah. Her and Sgt. Clemets (my favorite) were a perfect fucking match of badass biker babes.

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>>507579023for me, it's Anesthesia

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Reiko... my wife

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>>507579560She's one of my favs too.

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>>507579504Good taste.

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>>507579842Same to you, user.

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>>507565132It fucking hurts. The wrestling presentation is fantastic. The girls are all loveable. And the gameplay is shockingly good.

>>507581453Everything about the first game at least is spot fuckin' on. It hurts SO bad that we're never going to get a new entry.At this point I'd even be willing to put up with a shitty mobile game if it meant the franchise got to continue.

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>>507581664Do you really? They'll only include the most popular/marketable girls and will probably start making new girls that are just the latest anime trope that gacha addicts will eat up.

My favorites, in order from most favorite to least, and using my preferred alignment for them:Sgt. ClemetsMiss SpencerAnesthesiaRowdy ReikoAishaYashaEvil RoseBlack Belt DemonCandy CaneAigle

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>>507583220There's only ten girls in the game already. They'd have to include everyone to get the game started, at least.I can't see them pulling a Team Ninja and leaving anyone out, you know?

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>>507566093I played a couple of matchs of this shit game just for candy caneyes, I'm a coomer

>>507565132>Imagine a proper Rumble Roses sequel.>>in-depth career mode that lets you turn heel or facelmfao

>>507583698I'm pretty sure everyone started playing at first for a specific girl or two.Nothing wrong with being a coomer in this case.

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Is the user that said he would throw a Reiko at me earlier still around? I'm still interested if you are, user.

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>>507583936Mind you, I never played a wrestling game before. I pirated the game just for candy. I tried to learn how to play tho, but there is no tutorial, not even indication of what each button do. I haven't even found a guide suitable for absolute newbs to wrestling games

>>507577042sweet, had a blast with mgo2

>> the manual a read if you having. Rumble Roses is a pretty simple game and once you read the manual it should be easy to figure out.

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>>507585939*if you haven't

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>>507585939If I still have the iso in my smb server, I'll give a try later. Maybe this time I would be able to do more than just smack the other girl.

>>507586691They really are pretty simple controls once you get the hang of it. Give it another shot, user!

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>>507565132>No CAW systemCmon man, We gotta have that here. We need Vidya girls beating the shit out of each others.

>>507588314The second game had a CAW system. It wasn't great, but it was there.

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>>507588426Exactly. Think of the possibilities if RR got remade with a decent to good CAW system.

>>507588735I can only imagine.

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>>507565132To be honest, I sometimes make a Rumble Roses Federation in Fire Pro Wrestling World but it always sucked so I gave up. I did get the "Fire Promoter" DLC, so maybe that'll make it more fun.

>>507590549With only ten women in the company (eleven if you count Lady X) could you even run a successful company with Fire Promoter?

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>>507591190You may have to cheat a bit, but I don't see why not. You can do cross-promotion shit and there's more than enough wrasslers created by autistic japs to satisfy female wrestler requirements for that sort of thing.

>>507592016Yeah, that's a good point. You can always bring in other women to bolster the roster.

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>>507566093>you a x, Holla Forums?Bro you know a majority of these fuckers would put it into anything with a wet hole. Fuckoooooof.

>>507592731Sometimes Holla Forums surprises me with their taste.

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>>507592612Skip the rest of the DLC, even if you're pirating it, it's all done better by mods. The only one that may be necessary besides Fire Promoter is the Move Craft (move editor) shit that's gonna come out sooner or later.

>>507592016>there's more than enough wrasslers created by autistic japs to satisfy female wrestler requirements for that sort of thingbring in some wrestle angels girls, a lot of them are cool

>>507593425Oh fuck yeah they are. Too bad Wrestle Angels is even deader than Rumble Roses.

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>>507593624>>507593425It's on the workshop.

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>>507597031>Rowdy Reiko will never sit on your face

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>>507597238>neither will Dixie and her giant ass

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>>507565132The main thing that pisses me off about that franchise disappearing is that "Rumble Roses XXX" is too good a name to leave unused.

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>>507598770You know they would have taken the boring route and called it Rumble Roses X3.

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>>507565132It would be fantastic. The amount of detail and customization could be amazing but these days I don't know if any developer would resist the screeching from the rabid neo-puritans pushing their morality upon everyone. What a fucking gem this game is. We need more treasures like this.

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I want Dixie to sit on my face.

>>507598931If they're cowards.

annos if you're into this type of shit.go to ultimate surrender.thank me later.

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>>507600223Konami doesn't even make games anymore anyway, sadly. SELL THE FRANCHISE RIGHTS YOU COWARDS.>>507600376You and me both.

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>>507600471I know all about Ultimate Surrender, don't worry.Too bad none of them have actual gimmicks or characters like in Rumble Roses.

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>>507600223They wont really care if its not big name, or better yet they get backed the fuck out like Nier did to Mass Effect.Shit non-retarded budget Square and SNK showed they dont give a fuck.

>>507600471Always did want to see Mistress Spencer and Sgt Clements do that shit to Candy Cane and Reiko.

>>507601609I've done that kind of roleplay before.

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For being such a blatant softcore porn game, it was a pretty good wrestling game, then again I haven't played many. The english dub is fucking hideous though, it's a shame that the only one that had voice options was XX.

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>>507601681Did you win or lose user? I'm sure it was hot either way

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>>507602706It was a great wrestling game, it was just really barebones as far as features went.

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>>507602883I prefer playing the dominant role (and I make sure my partners understand this beforehand) so I've usually came out on top.

>>507602883Sauce on pic? Or any more like that?

>>507602706>>507602928Looking back, it did seem low budget with the amount of characters and features. They still knew what they wanted and nailed it with the amount of fanservice but fun gameplay.

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I liked the idea of RRXX's superstar forms a bunch. I just wish they had done more with it.

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>>507565132Anon, Konami is not a video games developer anymore.

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>>507603648I'm surprised there isn't a pachislot about Rumble Roses.r-right?

>>507602883>>507603276Do you want to know the hottest 'match' I've done? At least, in my opinion?

>>507603496I wish, it was a random oekaki I saved off some long gone Japanese site that posted shit like this around the clock. I miss it badly.

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>>507603789There was a slot machine *and* a pachislot machine, if I'm remembering right, user. Sorry to break it to you.Just give us a damn gacha. It'd be better than nothing at this point.>>507603985>oekakiThat's a word I haven't heard in a very long time.

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>>507603875Do tell.

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>>507603985damn, those sites were the best

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>>507603553Well the fanservice was obviously the selling point, but they had the common sense to at least build a solid fighting system. I like how in XX you could choose different outfits that weren't unique to a certain character, and the body slider. Too bad that aside the character customization, there wasn't really anything else going on for it.

Attached: __hinomoto_reiko_miss_spencer_dixie_clemets_aihara_makoto_evil_rose_and_1_more_rumble_roses_drawn_by_homare_fool_s_art__sample-18f1126ef8012c8b59a08e71ead7f31a.jpg (850x1231, 249.77K)

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>>507604093Sgt. Clemets dominating Rainbow Mika from Street Fighter. Ended up with Mika stripped down and bent over the ring ropes, taking it in the ass from a strap-on as Sgt. Clemets held onto her pigtails like handlebars, riding her until she submitted.

>>507604662Yeah that's fucking hot. Where does one go to RP this?

Nothing good will ever happen.

Only way I'd buy another Konami game.

>>507605003Most of my partners have fallen out of touch. I usually just do one-on-one stuff in private on discord these days.

Reminder that the game's main artist and character designer was a quadriplegic who drew with his mouth and unfortunately passed away 4 years ago.

>>507605032Why would anything good ever happen?

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>>507605493Based Shiro Kotobuki, he knew his shit.Its a shame Konami doesnt make games anymore. They made this now and just went ham, it'd be great. Better gameplay, better features, a CAW system that's good, Cameo's..... Man what a shame.

>>507591190You would have to rely on a lot of freelance and cross-promotional work. Also not have constant shows like WWE.

>>507605493>>507605876Shiro Kotobuki was a goddamn underrated legend.

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>>507605493The main reason I don't get why people want another game. It's like asking for more DOA or Ninja Gaiden without Itagaki. It's been nothing but disastrous.The best you can do is get a spiritual successor led by someone who actually wants to see their vision come to fruition.

>>507584783Going to bed but yes! Glad I saw this before the new thread goes bye bye. Elasana#4859

>>507606349Accept my friend request.

>>507606162He was only the artist, and I don't think he designed all of the girls, even. Not to take anything away from his amazing artwork, but it's not like he the director for the entire game, you know?

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>>507606162There were other artists and designers in the game.

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Why is this so fucking hot?

Attached: 1473058592706.jpg (1280x1621, 674.9K)

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lmao aliens

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>>507565132I wish. Loved those games and would love a sequel but it’ll never happen in today’s climate. Combined with XX generally not being well received it’s really too bad.

holy shit rumble roses thread.its a shame the series died thanks to konami. always surprises me that people are fascinated with 2B and iroha's ass when dixie had a far nicer one. not to mention 16 years ago.

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>>507611987Well with Toobs its new blood and she helped bring back the leotard into vidya fashion, at the same time telling prudes and that one Andromeda fucker to eat shit.Iroha hasn't been in a samsho game in about, pretty ironically, 15 years or so.Shit if we ever get a new RR just have em cameo or a good CAW system to make em and BLAM, have Dixie beat em.

>>507611987more butt>>507612583to be honest as others have said i cant imagine another sequel for this game in today's culture. i think rrxx was truly the last moment in vidya timeline before the whole gaming culture shifted to insensitive whiny bitches that complains about everything. its really a shame.

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>>507611987You're goddamn right Dixie had a nicer ass.And a nicer everything else, too.

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>>507613254>>507612583It'll be gacha like WWE gacha.

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>>507613424Hell yeah she does.

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>>507613424Way better than Tina from DoA

>>507613424heres the webm>>507613459i definitely wouldnt mind trying it out. i hate gacha but hey if its rumble roses why not.

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>>507614171I've said it already but at this point I'd take a gacha over the series being completely dead.

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>>507614171for those that just want the ass shot here.>>507614405the only gacha konami cares about is yugioh and pes. if love plus is any indication rumble roses has no chance.

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>>507614829Yeah, but...y'know. One can dream.

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>>507614829>rumble roses has no chance.It hurt so much bro!

>>507615234IT'S SO PAINFUL user

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>>507615130well im happy enough with the two games at least. cant imagine how they are going to find ways to ruin it by censoring shit left and right.almost all series or franchises that are still alive that i liked as a kid is down the shitters anyway. better dead than milking it until its dry. DOA6 is the perfect example of how bad it can get.

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>>507615490Oh shit! I've never seen that Aisha pic before. I love it. Thanks user.

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>>507615721lets just hope that konami comes back to gaming one of these days. they got too many dormant ips that deserve a revival. especially rumble roses.

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>>507616340At the very least, sell the franchise to someone who cares.At least Reiko is playable in Super Bomberman R.

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>>507616654oh shit really? i didnt know that.i just checked it out and holy shit what a cock tease of a game considering most of the series cameoes are all dead lol.

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>>507617108Her special move lets her summon a wrestling ring around her as a shield. She shares the ability with Xavier Woods. It's pretty fucking cool, honestly.

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>>507565296>especially onlineWho gives a shit about online, these games are made to play alone and have a wank not to increase your gamer E-peen.

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Awesome Rumble Roses thread, thanks to everyone!

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>>507617924I'm shocked it's still up.

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>>507617420the gameplay could use some refinement but i think the biggest issue is having some better modes. all the match modes save for the street fight which is just a simplified version of the game are just bare bone. it needs something like a career mode or something to keep single play interesting. online is juts for fucking around in a game like this.rrxx took me almost 60h to unlock everything and that shit was not fun at all. it was worse than grinding on any rpg game i ever played.

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>>507618092/v/ is a pretty horny place.And go figure, every horny thread is usually one of the better threads on Holla Forums

>>507618162RRXX had the absolute worst fucking grinding and I hate it for that.

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>>507618257It helps that Rumble Roses is niche enough that our threads get overlooked by anyone that might want to try to cause trouble.

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>>507618273i rather go through a h-move than grinding ever again on rrxx. i made a backup of my save to keep my sanity.

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>>507618769Fuck, that pic is hot.And yeah, agreed. You couldn't pay me to go through the grinding in RRXX again.

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>>507618257Well to be fair, I always been very horny over the girls in RR

I want to mating press reiko so bad

you know what else sucks besides the ip being dead? there was also a spinoff manga that was released digitally through konamis online pay service. unfortunately the service is dead and there was no way to rip it at the time. the manga was published by konami themselves so they never released it elsewhere. i would love to read it if theres a chance. even screenshots would be better than nothing.

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>>507619473Who among us isn't?

>>507619606What the fuck is a mating press

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Favorite (superstar) intro?Always loved Miss Spencer and Dixie's(both versions), but Reiko's(again, both) have never been topped to me. I knew the second I saw her in action during the trailer that I was going to blow so many nuts...

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>>507619959you press on for mating

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>>507620382Superstar Miss Spencer is definitely up there for me. SS Sgt. Clemets', too.

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>>507619771Those fag that keep asking people to go pornhub

>>507620382always loved aishas dance moves in her intros. i thought in terms of movement hers was the hottest.

Was this just a worse DOA?

Which rumble roses is better? 1 or 2?

>>507620952I'll say it again. Aisha is underrated as fuck.>>507621020Completely different game. It's a wrestling game and not a fighter. The girls are more varied too, and have actual differing body types between them.

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>>507621041The first one, easily.

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>>507621020Nah, just a hornier version of WWE Smackdown Vs RawThe animations and movesets are really up there with DOA though, which is surprising for a wrestling game. Some characters are fucking brutal.

>>507621041The grind kills a lot of enjoyment in 2, but I've got to say, the Superstar intros that everyone gets(face and heel) is worth a good deal of it. BUT...1 has a story mode for each character, which is a huge draw on its own. While I wouldn't say it's an 'easy' choice, >>507621245 is correct in their assessment.

>>507621481The second game has it's high points (like the mentined Superstar forms and entrances), but there's so much bad with the game that drags it down. It's a real shame.

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