>start energy weapons build >realise at novac theyre not as satisfying as guns>restart

>start energy weapons build >realise at novac theyre not as satisfying as guns>restart

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>>507555119>he doesn't use the YCS/186 with Meltdown to kill entire groups of enemies in one shot from any range

>>507555119>start energy weapons build>realise at novac theyre not as satisfying as guns>go mad bomber againthere fixed it for you

>>507555119>not doing a crazy prospector playthough and maining dynamite

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>>507555119download energy weapons revamp mod >inb4 having to mod to fix the gameif you want energy weapons to be as good as regular guns unfortunately you have to modalso go for the ycs/186 or the alien blaster ASAP

For me its shotguns and explosives

>start any kind of deep roleplay build>slowly lose grip with my character and end up just playing as myself yet again

>start NV>get to Obsidian loading screen>close game because NV is shit>restart 3

Attached: Quiet Back There.jpg (734x795, 94.37K)

>>507557135I know this feel>always try to start a deep roleplay build>end up burnt out very quick>one day decide to go pistol gunslinger>already bored by primm>decide to just start doing what i would myself>end up with some kind of good neutral take no shit badass chick>on a whim decide to kill house because i didnt like how he asked for the chip>feels great >having this freedom to kill is so refreshing as ive never done it before>anyone who tries to fuck with me can get blasted >still do good for the poor souls of the wasteland when i can>actually manage to mantain neutral karma until level 30>nuke legion anyway because fuck those pigs

>>507557135I do this with gameplay styleI'll still wear the attire and make the decisions based on roleplaying, but gradually drift from whatever skillset I wanted to use back to a Sneak/Guns playstyle.

>>507555119>he doesn't go Melee Weapons/Explosives build every single playthrough

>>507555119If anyone asks, we never spoke.

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>>507555119Why is this shitty game shilled so much here?

my game keeps fucking crashing every 5 minutes. FUCKING STOP

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>>507558163It's a shitty game but its a god tier RPG.

>>507558067How do you survive getting stabbed in the head by giant scorpions

>>507555119With certain skills you make every encounter a chain reaction goo fest.

Time to cash out. Sorry kid. Truth is, the game was rigged from the start.

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>>507555473meltdown is shit, every time I choose that perk I end up cc'ing it out again.

>>507558218>my Bethesda game works as intendedftfy


are any of the body mods good or is it all garbage?

>>507557135only times i ever got into RPing after a gorillion play throughs.>cannibal rapist >got mindfucked by bennie's bullet>tag sneak, survival, melee>low charisma, low speech, but take lady killer>stealth kill bitches in broad daylight drag them behind buildings and eat them>maraud the wastes aimlessly >end up in OWB, get brain taken out, realizes how fucked up shit is "suicides" from guilt.man that was a wild ride, RIP Sunny Smiles. my other character was an "NCR" fuckup who was really working for Legion and fucking up all there quests on purpose. nowhere near as wild as the first but damn was it fun.

>>507558848if this roll isn't trash i will play again


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>>507555119Wait tell you get to the strip, use stealthboy, rob the energy gun store blind

does anyone know a good mod that improves 3rd person camera?

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>>507558848Oh yes Daddy, give me some more

>blow up BoS>Veronica doesn't even leave me>do the quest at the ultra lux>call the head waiter>veronica explodes his head before I can even talk to him>have to defend the ncr president>veronica keeps getting killed by the ranger on the stage because she keeps walking up there>vertibird arrives>turn my back LITERALLY one second>immediate MISSION COMPLETE>everyone tells me what a good job I did>I'm guessing veronica punched someone's head off>still don't know what the quest actually entailsI love and hate this bitch at the same time.

>>507557297>restart 3good fucking luckthe game is unplayable on any os that wasn't release 10 billion years ago and its even more unstable then nv is today.

>>507558848Alright, let's roll

>>507555119>he doesn't just use Gatling laser with crit build to delete Deathclaws in under two seconds

>>507555119Yeah, nothing like lead

>>507561470>not just drugging up and killing all of the negros

>>507558848Roll for the 666st time

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>>50755816390% of New Vegas threads in the Current Year are negative so I fail to see your point

>>507555119/v/ my friends. Give me a list of mods.

>>507563270???why aren't you a console chad user? it always works on my 360

>>507563971yeah because a handful of contrarian shitposters trash on the game, it means the threads are all negative

>>507558848Rauoll Duke

>>507564235Nowadays absolutely yes. In fact the best way to troll Holla Forums and get (You)s is to say you love New Vegas. I’ve probably done it half a dozen timez

>Role a build>About halfway in the inspiration for different characters and builds enters my mind>Creeps into mind more and more and makes me want to restartEvery damn game with multiple builds it feels like.

>>507564183>beth games on consolei'd rather chew glass.


>>507563248everytime i've done the ncr president mission i just get lost in hoover dam jesus christ that location is too big for its own good

>energy weapons are shitWhat are you guys on about? The Laser RCW, LAER and Gauss Rifle are the absolute shit.Every time I want to go with guns I end up using energy weapons by the endgame anyway.

>>507555119None of the guns in that game are satisfying to use.

>>507564552the plasma rifle is pretty nice too

>>507563270Fallout 3 never once crashed on my 360 in my around 20 playthroughs of it.


>>507555119only way to do energy weapons is to go to dead money dlc at level 5 or so, do the dlc, get all the money, get the souped up sniper holo rifle, then buy the van graff energy weapons, then rob the place with cass, then get arcade and get the tesla armor

>>507558848Go on then...

>>507564571They're so much better than F3. Even the 9mm has a satisfying pop.

>>507564875>dead money at lvl 5sounds impossible on hardcore

>>507558848serial murderer of the wastes, something that punches people to deathor a based tommy gun gangster build

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>>507564691describe the experiencehow was to play a game at 12fps?

>>507564854Then you best get chewing then, glassboy

>>507565015>>507564875I have never beat DM without being seriously overleveled and cheesing it.

>>507565114It ran fine and the only bug I ever had was a texture glitch during operation anchorage that wasn’t there on subsequent playthroughs

>>507558848Autobots, roll out

>>507565259>It ran finepls anona game that dips bellow 15fps all the time is anything but fine

>>507565015with high survival you can do it. you're gonna have to run like a motherfucker. most of the hard parts are optional, biggest issue is getting enough ammo and food to survive.

>>507565424I don’t know what fps it ran at exactly but it felt pretty good.

>>507565453also people should seriously try to break the casino on dead money, the payout is 11.000 pre-war money, which sells for what? 7 caps or so? that's absurd. and money weighs nothing.

>>507566009I did it for those complementary vouchers for infinite 308 ammo and stimpaks

>>507558848rollen gaen

>>507566267the weapon repair kits are the real gem of that dlc. i enjoy it far more than the OWB goodies.

i hate energy guns they are so fucking stupid and ugly, are there any mods that remove them completely?

>>507558848i would seriously play this again, i would. but damn if the whole thing runs like shit unmodded. i remember getting all the NVAC shit to work on my computer being a chore, and any extra mods being a minefield.


>>507555119If it is the most ridiculously fragile weapon in the game, Elijah's Jurry-rigged LAER is one hell of a murder weaponIf you feel lazy, just give to your resident turbo dyke, and watch her drop the entire mojave with ease


>>507566701just get mod organizer 2, its pretty good. i'm surprised my game hasn't crashed even once with 40 or so mods on


>>507566889for me, it's the tesla-cannon prototype

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Install the Cybernetic Dawn modyoutube.com/watch?v=Vklsg7LT_l4

how is this boy? i'm doing a guns playthrough for the first time, and i saw that dead money has this thing

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>>507564183>>507564691>My 18th century rifle never fails to fire my musket balls, what kind of retarded uses a 21st century rifle when it can't even fire musket balls

Post your weaponfu >fully repair one of these using a weapon repair kit which you can get via one of most easiest early game quests>easily outclasses 98% of the other melee weapons in the entire game

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>>507567448iirc the gun has pretty good damage but the ammo is hard to find

>>507567448It's pretty awfulThe nice bit is that it has high damage, but really, if you need damage, just grab something semi auto and go to town with thatIts spread, recoil and fire rate are badIt sounds nice!

>>507555119has there been a game where laser weapons don't feel like shit?

>>507568097they fell *ok* in the outer worlds. they're just by nature garbage compared to proper guns i guess

>>507558848Something not shit, please.

Has anyone here does a pyro character? How was it? I'm thinking of primarily maining flamethrowers. Most fun shit in FO3

>>507567448i mean, i wouldnt use it against a legion murder pack or the ncr ditto. but in the dlc its the best you've got, and what you hoard ammo for. and afterwards you can use it to kill people in the casinos. i usually deck my guy out in regular clothing, hat, and an automatic rifle and a tommy gun and go kill benny after the DLC has leveled me up somewhat. also you can do the cass quest and kill the crimson caravan and ambush the van graffs outside their place too, and these guns are perfect for mowing down that type of shitty human enemies.

>>507567826Fully kitted, this guy kills just about anything easily, is durable as fuck and most importantly, looks sexy

Attached: Holorifle.png (2950x800, 1.29M)

>>507568687i always wanted to use this thing, but i didn't feel like buying the DLCs when the game first came out


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>>507567826>Kills all of the cazadors

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>>507564691>consoleshitter likes fallout 3color me suprised

>>507569246i played both on ps3 first, and new vegas is easily better than 3. the exclusivity cancer with the DLC wasn't nice at all though.

>>507568687Definitely one of the better damage to microfusion cell consumption ratio in the energy weapons category.

>>507558848rolling baby

>>507567826greased lightning can manage up to 6.75 attacks per second with all unarmed perks and rushing water active. with turbo that gets increased substantially. with super slam, bodies get ragdolled eventually in the mass of fists and get successively propelled through the hail of punches

Attached: greased lightning.jpg (1280x883, 301.83K)

>>507569423why would you torture yourself with 20 playthroughs though

>>507570002I think it actually was the best in that regard, as the higher dmg Energy Weapons require multiple, and the LAER has just a bit lower (but much higher DPS)

>>507567758>this thing that doesn't work very often is better than this thing that always works

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>>507570705It was the best weapon the game could give you after stripping you of all your gear and forcing you to scrounge around for supplies again.

I'm gonna replay the game but would really like to play with some graphics mods.I don't want any of those enbs that blow thing out of proportion with post processing effects, but would like something subtle that maybe sharpens the image, tweaks the contrast and maybe removes the yellow tint.are there any mods to do that?

>>507555119>start radroach build>favor energy weapons>eat people>acquire Archimedes>have sex with Sarah WeintraubDon't stop me now

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>>507572403Is your name Schwick?

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>>507560813Kek, that's a funny playthrough. I kinda wanna do a TTW playthrough where I start as a raider-esque cannibal dude in DC, "retire" and move west, but then have my insanity brought back when I get shot in the head.

>>507573084Nobody double-crosses Schwick!

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>>507572315Try Imaginator, there are different filters you can use. Might be something you're interested in.

>>507572315>>507573338Actually, I think the up to date version of Imaginator is part of Dynavision, so try that.There are also mods for solely removing the yellow tint.

>>507557135Roleplaying of any kind is fucking tedious and basically work. I've spent enough time on F-List to know the magic is fleeting and the ideas that seemed magical five minutes ago suddenly suck ass.


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>>507572315Clarity on Nexus removes the piss filter

>start nu vegass >realize it's boring as hell and inferior to fallout 3 in almost every aspect>uninstall and go back to browsing Holla Forums

>>507558848lets see

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>>507558848Why do I like these

>>507560979my niggathis jolly resonant-voiced fellow taught me how mod organizer 2 works, now I don't use anything else

>>507567448It's balanced by having a lot of kick and expensive ammo. But if you get a mod to fix it and make it a proper BAR, it's the best. I ran a character who used only that once

>>507573781NOOOO not mai waifurino

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>>507558848Monk run was most memorable. Let's see what this one gives.

Attached: one_for_my_baby.jpg (640x480, 39.84K)

Survivaliats rifle is greatI like the fully modded hunting shotgun as wellI also enjoy the hunting rifle but even fully modded the rate of fire and damage just doesnt keep up late game

>>507558848lets see

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>>507558848Rolllling :)

>>507558848Im retarded, how the fuck did you use this again?

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>>507571276Honestly Dead Money in the first parts really succeeded at making it feel like survival again

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>>507558848Give me one worth installing the game again

>>507555119Because they are fucking bad compared to guns so they feel like shit to use, which was not the case in Fallout 1 and 2. Try this:>Install the Frickin Laser Beams mod, makes it so you reduce or bypass enemy DT depending on the ammo>Get the Classic Weapons pack that adds some more energy weapons like the Wattz 2000 and the pulse rifle>Get the Murdelizer mod, a recharger rifle that does similar damage to the YCS>Get the YCS too if you want>Install EVEThere. Now you have viable energy weapons and some mods that add even more without having them be extremely broken. It's fucking sad because the problem persist in Fallout 4 where energy weapons are just not good at all in comparison to even a standard shotgun.


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What mods should one install for their 2hardcore4u run?


>>50755839110 END

>>507577757>evejesus christ

>>507580312Is that all?

>>507555119the Plasma Caster is my favorite weapon out of all Fallout games (yes I know it's the same as the Plasma Rifles from 1/2/Tactics, but you can barely see its detail in those)

>>507558848Give me that bad Vegas luck.

>>507558848I got spurs, that jingle jangle jingleas I go rollin' merrily along

>>507555119>get the NV itch>reinstall>spend a few hours installing fresh mod loadout>fire it up>go through the motions>realize by the time I get to the Strip that I've played this fucking game so much that there's literally no new content left for me that isn't modded>realize I hate most quest/companion/new land mods>exit game>uninstall>shed a single manly tear

anybody got an anime girl angry shouting with screen turning red reaction pic?

energy weapons just dont feel like they have the same kind of impact lead does

>>507582360if you want more shit in the wasteland this is ok toonexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/38623/?https://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/38719https://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/42793/

>>507582693Realistically, they wouldn't even have recoil. They'd just burn through a bitch.

>>507555119Recharger weapons are kino.

>>507558848Let's get a garbage character

>>507558848jingle jangle jingle

>>507555119What's your problem with energy weapons? I usually go modded laser pistol, plasma defender, Q35 which becomes my work horse. After that you've got your choice of end game weapons, the tri-beam laser rifle and the gatling laser are both ridiculous with crit boosting perks, the alien blaster or YCS might as well be the /kill command.

>>507582762Thanks. What about Project Nevada? I used it years ago and it had some neat things like the rate of needs in hardcore, backpack for extra storage, damage modifiers etc.

>>507583523i think the compatibility might be fucked with some mods, but yeah thats decent too. i heard realistic weapon damage is good, but I've never tried it as well

>>507558391Same way you survive getting shot in the head twice, at point-blank range, then buried in a shallow grave.

>>507555119This game sucks. It forces you into first person mode and you have to player agency.

>>507558848I've got hundred and sixty acres in the valley...

>>507565015It's easier than you might think.

>>507583810>TwiceDid I miss something?>>507583743I liked Nevada because it had so much variety. It wasn't just a couple of things but a complete rebalancing of loot, damage, survival etc. as well as adding some things like sprinting, backpack, visor/glasses in FPV.

>>507583523the rebalancing is shitif i wanted an action shooter, i would've downloaded cod

>>507555119>Skyrim: Start Tanky Warrior Build>Become Stealth Archer>Morrowind: Start Thief build>Become Wizard


>>507558848Let's see

speak for yourself I love being a laser cowboy

playing as an ex enclave mad scientist siding with the legion but working as a spy against the NCR, murdering the brotherhood as well as any super mutants and ghouls was one of the best RPs I ever didi was also a drug addict that made my own chems for money, and i couldnt help but get high on jet constantlyhere I am with every NCR ranger hat and helmet i collected

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>>507585391here i am with all my jet

Attached: 20190307234904_1.jpg (1920x1080, 433.07K)

>>507584275>Did I miss something?The Courier falls unconscious after the first round, but there's dialogue with a few characters that make it clear you were shot twice. IIRC, Doc Mitchell, Benny, and some Old World Blues characters.

>>507555119>get q35 matter modulator before lvl 5>steamroll everything until i get the real good shit later onDo other people not do this? Prior to this i put my points into lockpick until i can grab lucky in primm then use that for close range and q35 for mid-long to great, great success

>>507555119>crack sip*>yeah that anti materiel rifle lemme tell you huwaht

Attached: boomer.jpg (800x450, 35.61K)

>>507564691>play NV all day for like a full week>crash maybe once or twice>load up fallout 3 to play for a bit>crash every hour or soMust be a case by case basis

>>507567448>ton of damage>slower fire rate to offset crazy recoil>.308(bleh, but pretty sure the quartermaster in camp mccarran has like 5000 rounds)All in all its pretty good. In dead money i find myself sparsely, if ever using it since 357 is like half the chip cost of .308 in the machines and the police pistol is good enough.

>>507586129TTW is more stable than FO3, normal FO3 still has fuckin GFWL, doesn't it? that game really does need a remaster/remake

>>507584275>Did I miss something?Benny double taps you

>>507563270Get it on gog you idiot. No crashes for me on win 10.

I've never been able to go through all the DLC on a single character. By the time I chug through one I get bored and re-roll every single time.Anyone else ever have this issue?

>>507565015hardcore isn't hard

>>507555119>start any run>end up as a man with no name gunslinger clicheThere is no escaping this fate

>>507564183>>507564691You poor fools

>>507586952i havent been able to do OWB or LR on the past few characters. then again, I always do DM and HH was relevant for my previous character, so by that point facing OWB is just too much


>>507586952I beat LR once or twice, honestly by the time i get around to it im so OP its not fun. Everything prior to it is a blast though

>>507586952Some of my best playthrough's were full game and every DLC, but yeah i find i burn out quicker with meme builds

>>507586952i've never played the dlcs

>>507585391>>507585538Noice, sounds like a good time

>>507587778You're honestly not missing much. LR does the cardinal sin of giving the Courier a big backstory when up until that final DLC, they had next to none. Ulysses is a bad antagonist too. OWB is full of the lol so quirky humour that was kind of big at the time but now its enraging or cringe inducing. HH is short and not that special. DM takes away all your gear and turns the game into a survival game which rubs people the wrong way.

>>507558848pls get me something good

>>507587731What builds did you play with? I suffer from the same issue as >>507587041High luck + revolvers + hand loads get me every fucking time>>507587654Yeah, I can always play through the base game no problem, I even manage to find a little something new, I just got so bogged down by the DLCs, even though I like most of them except OWB. I don't hate it but it could've been better

Attached: lucky.png (1200x574, 343.76K)

>>507558848time to stick to it


>>507558848Ive started this game about 4 times and never make it even halfway through. Guess ill roll

Attached: 2016-01-16_00048.jpg (1920x1080, 314.29K)

>>507563270The GoG version was fixed so it works just fine.Moreover, TTW is F3 but with even more unofficial fixes making it effectively the definitive Fallout 3, unless you specifically want the bugs and poor balance of the base game.

>>507558848Lets do it.

>>507555119Use Asurah's animations, BLEED and All Weapons Sounds Overhaul, the mutlipas rifle becomes god tier after that.



Attached: 1578204690943.jpg (960x526, 112.63K)

For me it's the Knock Knock.

>>507558848rollin' for my boy Johnny G


>>507558848I dont understand how the insanity clause works. Do I use the last number of next seven posts or the last "yellow" number of those posts


>>507555119get EVE and WMX

>>507568687>durable as fuckits glitched and has infinite durability if you use the mod that increases its condition while its at pristine condition. just got to scrounge up some weapon repair kits since elijah gives it to you at like 15%.

>>507557879>decide to just start doing what i would myself>end up with ... chickhmmmmm

>>507591042Are you retarded AND autistic? The purpose is to just randomize everything. Interpret it how you like.

>>507577225honestly it really falls flat if your build isn't garbagei'm sure for autism minmaxers that try to have 10 int it felt like that, but i'm a 10str, 10 end, 10 agl, 7 lck chad so it's actually the easiest dlc out of all of them lol

>>507558848Imma write this shit down.

there is only one right build for NV.

Attached: Fallout-New-Vegas.jpg (1500x912, 63.02K)

>>507592027One that doesn't involve Medium Armors.

You are a CONELCHAD right?

I had the opposite experience op>Start an energy weapon build in nv>By the time I'm at Novac I have a tribeam laser rifle and plasma defender>Going further and loving the Smitty special, last,b and are welder

>>507592398My only problem with it is that it isn't long enough.

I heard you needed a foil and got some mouthy insane nigger.

Attached: NVBIII_Marko.png (980x1440, 1.31M)


you may not like it but this is what peak performance looks like

Attached: ScreenShot22.jpg (580x696, 89.3K)


>>507594032>cheating headgear

>>507594032peak performance is naked with rad child, deadly rad poisoning, and the monocyte breederchange my mind

>>507594391no cheating here, this is all without glitch or mod

>>507558848let's go

>>507594469>wearing 2 items that take the helmet slot>no glitch or mod herei dunno if it's a glitch or a mod, but it's definitely not intended, just like chinese stealth armor allowing you to wear infinite hats in fallout 3

>>507558848Rolling the dice of god


>>507594469Your headgear conflicts, your targeting reticule is non-standard, your posture is from an animation mod, and the shotgun has been retextured.Why even lie like this? inb4 merely pretending

>>507594764No, the combat helmet is the helmet slot. Ulyssess' mask is an accessory that doesn't clash with the helmet like glasses do.The halo is a wacky doodad from the big empty, which is spawned by a chip and emits an electro magnetic field that helps defend against the impact of a bullet in my headcanonout fucking played, son

>>507555119>start explosives build>YIP YIP YIP YEEEEEEEEEEEEHAW>play 2/3rds of the game with at least one broken limb

>>507595216no retard, the valence radii accentuators take up the helmet slotin vanilla if you wear a helmet, then put on the accentuator, it unequips the helmet because they both take the same slotalso the rebreather is a much better face mask than the ulysses cuckmask

>>507595074The headgear doesn't actually conflict. Look it up on the wiki, idiot.So what if I have mods that alter animations, weapon textures, and crosshairs?

>>507595050Is it a dress user?!

>>507595468check the wiki, ya dumb shitthe rebreather gives DR over the 5 DT ulysses' mask gives


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shooting deathclaws with missiles and rockets and watching them limbing toward you is satisfying

>>507558218There are some stability mods as well as the unofficial patch you could try.

>>507595774You do realize other isn't necessarily a single slot right? So long as they don't conflict, multiple other headgear can be equipped.thanks for proving my point, faggot>>507595698lol, look at mr breach here

>>507595671>check the wikior I could just look in the geckalso dr is better than dt, you're retarded

>>507595774The pimpboy is listed here. Pretty sure that conflicts with armor.

>>507595973It really doesn't. Why block 3 damage from a hundred hit round when you can block 5?

>>507596175if you only play on very easy i guess you wouldn't understand

>>507558848Thread derailer 3k

>>507558848Rollan rollan rollan

>>507596270I guess I'd have to be a massive vague faggot like you.


>>507595973lol, this isn't Underrail


Survivalist's rifle is the best gun.

These days I find it more fun to make my own shitty mods in the GECK than to play the game

>>507595698Is that Mr. New Vegas?

>>507596863you misspelled paciencia

>>507555119> play any Fallout-like> this time I'm gonna play NOTSHOTGUNJESUS build> Oh, a shotgun> Proceeds to become a Shotgun Jesus

>>507558848rolling it up and down and all around

Attached: snacki.png (300x310, 15.87K)

>>507597794energy weapons lack the visceral feeling of lead exploding in a chamber

>>507594032>>507594391>>507594469>>507594764>>507595074>>507595216fully reinstalled the vanilla game, no mods, they take up the same slot

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>>507597537Hunting rifle > paciencia

>>507555119Yeah, that's the problem I always have when I build an ew characterThere's only a few Energy weapons that are satisfying and most are endgame

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>>507597959My shotgunjesus autism is deeper.I literally never use pistols, assault rifles, hunting rifles nor energy weapons as long as shotgun is available.

>I've got spurs that jingle, jangle, jingle (jingle jangle) as i go ridin' merrily along (jingle jangle)

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>>507558848Rollin out no Autobot


>>507597991Oh my god, you actually fucking redownloaded the game just to prove an argument over a small DT increasing armor.My hats off to you, dumbass autist.

>yfw you fire the Hunting Shotgun for the first time and hear that bass thumping BOOM.

>>507558218Works on my machine :)

>>507555119Energy weapons in vidya in general are pretty trash, they never hold the same weight as guns and just feel terrible to shoot.

>>507558848Outta check this out. Much like my 5.


>>507598893>redownloadedyou mean opened my gog offline installer and reinstalled it in about 2 minutes to btfo you, yeap..

>>507592813Fuck that ending perkFuck that Edgy fuckAnd fuck that STUPID HAT!

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>>507558848OH BOY

>>507599356So I’m a highwayman/junkie/tranny that works for the legion even though that would make me everything they hate. Cool


>>507592813I'm sorry, you were saying something, you overrated bighorn fucker?

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>>507558848They see me rollin

>>507599753what about the ending perk?don't tell me you had a low agility score

>>507558848Please God HNNNGHHH

>10 END>Ulysses' broken ass mask>gecko-backed leather armor>rad absorptionholy fuck, i am immune to radiationnow if only that had a use in this game beyond RPing a successful FEV subject

>>507558848I got spurs, that jingle jangle jingle>jingle jangleAs I go, rollin' merrily alooooooong>jingle jangle

>>507601323Rerolling bc I already got this one.

>>507600665It's just stupidYou get shot constantly with no consequence but edgy stu shots you and his bullets magically cripple you for life when you're almost certainly a literal cyborg at that point.Plus you get 2 negatives (that negate any good score in an already iffy stat) for one lousy positive. For all the build up you're slammed with multiple instances of cutscene incompetence to prop up a donut steel and all you get for it is an extremely underwhelming trait. It's just lame.

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>>507600996Could be useful in literally anyone would get Ulysses mask be Vault 84.

>>507601968Eh, I have Ain't like that Now so I don't really notice the difference.Also, fast reload and fast draw perks. Got 1 perk per level I can pick what I want.

>>507555119The gunplay/shot feedback in general in this game is boring as fuck, kept quitting >5 hours in until I tried melee instead.


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>>507602463Don't you mean Vault 34?

>>507602898Sure do. It's been a minute.

>>507558848Render onto Caesar

>>507601968lol, someguy's original plot was him blowing up the sheriff place, stealing all your shit, and leaving you with nothing

>>507556308It's impossible to play NV without being a maniac cowboy esque character

>>507603037So even more of a fuck you for playing huh?

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>>507603601Yes, I have no idea what the hell his thought process was near the end of his modding days. It was like a senile old man's.

>>507601968What happens in NVB3? I never got around to playing it.

>>507575787Allegiance:IndependentHome:Vault 21Main Ally:ED-EOptional Perks(One Only): Violent Retard: Tags:Melee, UnarmedStats:10 STRENGTH 10 ENDURANCE 1 INTELLIGENCE 1 CHARISMA Description: NO! Bad hurt things that scary or confusing! Loud noises NO! Talk little because people laugh at you! Pet da cute moe rats and lizads unless dey bite youMr. Untrustworthy: Tags: Speech Description: Be kind to those you randomly meet, then kill them.Assume that anybody around you wants to kill, rob and/or rape you, (because chances are they do).Attempt to breed with the females you encounter in the wastes for the continuation of the species and your line.Radiant Snow White: Tags: Speech, SurvivalTraits: Good NaturedPerks: Rad Child, Ferocious Loyalty, Animal Friend X2, Rad Resistance, Miss Fortune, Mysterious Stranger, Light Step, Rad Absorption, Atomic!TM, Irradiated BeautyDescription: Avoid violence and conflict whenever possibleBe nice to all you meet, never speak a mean wordRemain innocent in every sense of the word

>>507603906Well>Marko comes to you as 'Virgil'>he leads you to the place he retired at in the mountains of utah>Randall turns up alive and dies near the end>NCR official that teamed up with Randall betrays you both after you wipe out Marko's gang, which he left out to dry.>Marko wipes out the town in front of you and busts a cap through your hands before burying you alive>A big black pussy digs you up, says some cliche western shit about anger blinding you before you go after Marko>You face down with the asshole finally in the graveyard from the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly>Goes on a CRAAAAAAWLING IN MY SKIIIIIIIIN rant about how shit everything is and you are especially before finally facing down with you if you bothered to say anything at all>Go back to the Mojave with physical and emotional scars that would haunt you for the rest of your life apparentally when that was just a normal tuesday for youThat's about it.Also, a perk and one that buffs the shit out of Sweet Revenge.

>>507603906A whole lot of cutscene incompetence and preachingStupid hat shoots kills everyone, including permakilling any companions, shoots you through your hands and buries you alive after gassing your ass.You have the choice to let him go or go after him. I fyou choose the the latter you get a permanent -25% (I think) to draw speed and rate of fire, because your hands determines an automatic's rof right?I just used edit to a 1% damage increase an nothing, because how irritated I was at the original perk justified being slightly more aggressive or something.I like someguy's mods but some of his characters are more up they're own asses then Ulysses

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>>507604845Ironically the one-off antagonist from the Inheritence, >>507600353, would've been a much better opponent. No bullshit moralizing, blame avoidance, or moral shaming: he just wants to cut you up in a fucking katana duel.

I'm getting that itch to play New Vegas again. Maybe i should cheat to skip the start of the game. I've done it so many times that it's those first two hours that have me quitting at this point

>>507605194Roleplayers alternative start might be right up your alley if you haven't tried it yet.

>>507603906You meet some guy called Virgil outside Randall's old shack, you and him go around the Mojave while he tries to show you the consequences of your choices in the previous parts. You him then travel up north to a town called Frosthill. Virgil than fucks off and you meet a ghoulified Randall and hunt down Marko's gang. There's also a guy called Ford who's a total cunt that you can recruit as a companion, and some nigger named Thorne, who's also a cunt. After you kill Marko's gang including Glanton, some shit goes down.Marko convinces Randall's new bounty hunter buddies to betray him and kill everyone in Frosthill, as well as having Ford kill Randall, while you're forced to watch, unable to do anything. He then says a bunch of edgy shit, shoots you in the hands, and has you buried alive. Surprise! Thorne saves your ass and you go kill the shit out of the Bounty hunters, Ford, and Marko. The End.


>>507605054>>507600353>I know I'm dead no matter what her so fuck it>You wanna do this fuckin' weeb style?That was kino as fuck, weird to think it was the same authorThe best part is even if you turn him down he's still all "Yeah let's fucking do this!" anyway, bringing a sword to a gunfight.

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>>507558848Hit me

>>507606068The entire rant he goes on about dying at the hands of a worthy opponent is just the best thing about him. The anger in his voice when he mentions an old western book duelist dying to a gun fired into the back of his head was some amazing work.

>>507558848Alright lets go


>>507558848Ah fuck



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only autists still play New Reddit in 2020


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>>507608028mods to make my character look like this?

>laser tommygun>laser shotgun>gauss rifle>rebreeder pistol>implying energy weapons aren't satisfying

>>507558848nyeeaah, here's the high-roller!

>>507608487>Nyehe-nyehe-nyehe-nyehe-nyehe-nyehe-nyehe-nyehe-nyehe-nyeheheeey here's the high roller!

>>507608468all lasers lack impact

>>507609019Get a load of the bloody mess faggot.People turning into fucking piles of goo isn't impactful enough for you?

>>507608424Don't know about the glow but most body mods are big. Maybe not THAT big but I'm sure they're out there, you just may have to brave the lab

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Anyone ever have UNOPATCH PLUS or UNOPATCH NVSE cause the game to crash at launch and know how to fix it?

>>507609019all 3d fallout weapons do lol

is there a version of EVE without all of the stupid visual changes to the energy weapons themselves?


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>Wait, you were ambushed and stranded here but don't want to scour this nature-filled death trap for supplies my innocent savages can use?>How dare you! You are a visitor here!What the fuck was his problem?

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>>507590251>completed Volare! without doing Ant Misbehavin'>find out the Nellis Array permanently locks after completion of Volare! and the key doesn't existWhoops

>>507611141>Cucked by Graham at every turn

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>>507590251>>507611336Wait no that's Thump-Thump, fuck I always get the two mixed up, Wheel of Fortune is stupid and buggy so I just killed Logan and his buttbuddies for the keys to the Searchlight stations, kek


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>>507604192thanks user, I just saw it!

>>507611752I get what they were TRYING to say with that image but boy did they miss the point.

Why did Project Nevada make explosives into suicidially powerful nukes?


>>507558848give me the facts

>>507558848Why not, I could always just ignore it

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What's the best revolver in the game?


>>507614727Sweet Revenge



>>507562638nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/34744I like this one. Moves the view to the center and allows you to zoom out farther. I like to zoom way up and try to angle the camera to make it look isometric.


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>>507564691Fallout 3 crashed on my 360 all the fucking time

>>507615129It's from New Vegas Bounties

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It's NV fairly easy to load up on mods unlike TES? I should have at it again.

>>507616820Once you get the hang of it, modding is super easy.Gopher even updated his install guides for 2020, so it's a good time to learn

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>>507597794Shotguns and single-shot rifles are the comfiest.

>>507616732Huh, how is it the best?

>>507617745I've never even needed to bother with mod merging; it's just the sheer volume of shit to install and configure that makes it daunting.

>>507617984High damage, easy to find ammo (especially compared to the sequoia), speed loader, and it even has a backstory.That and it's just fucking sexy

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>>507558848R0lling for shit

>>507558848Let's a go

>>507555119Laser RCW is great, though.

>>507618154It can be a tedious process, especially if you have to patch things yourself. But it can also be very rewarding. I can't even play unmodded anymore.Merging's easy too once you know how, it's when you're using over a hundred mods and making sure it all merged the way you want is the bummer part. Not hard mind you, just a little mind numbing and repetitive.

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What did you guys think of Fallout: New California? I personally didn't like it.

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>>507618717I played the vault part (back when it was Project Brazil and it ended after you left the vault) quite a few times back in the day, haven't played the full release.People say to basically treat it like fanfiction in game form, so that's what I'll do when I get around to playing the full thing.


>>507618717unfinished, falls off 2 hours in and does not recover


>>507558848Fuck, you got me

>This Machine>That GunThis and That is best. Come at me.


>>507558848Give me goodies



>>507618309Weird how this was a fucking cap and ball gun

>>507558848Rolling like I never rolled before

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>>507618354>>507618482>>507618848>>507619057>>507619058>>507619384>>507619409>>507619413>>507619749>>507620513Use a random number generator instead of shitting up the thread, you fuckwits.

>>507619209But you are 100% correct. The only thing that is missing is the onomatopoeias, Thump-Thump and Knock-Knock.

>>507558848alright, bet.