Play any good RPGmaker games lately?

Play any good RPGmaker games lately?

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Play any good RPGmaker games ever?

>>507551078Pic related, actually.Too bad the new update didn't have much new content.

Yes but now I'm waiting for the translation to get finished so I can start the final chapter.

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>>507551312first time playing it for me. I'm surprised at how much there is going for it for such a simple premise. I thought it would be bottom of the barrel but you can tell the creators understand the intricacies of the fetishes and understand that gradual transformation with frequent character reactions is better than the usual "poof you're a girl now" crap.

>>507551078Can the MC lose his dick yet?

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>>507551210yume nikki, specificallybut most are hot garbage

>>507551210Got a friend who plays these occasionally. He's said there are good ones, but all the ones I've seen are overpriced trash.

>>507551742yeah two ways. Either via gradual shrinkage until you gain a vagina or using a transformation magic that temporarily makes you a full magical girl.

>>507551078I don't think I ever enjoyed an RPG maker game that isn't deliberately subverting jRPG tropes. Or a porn game.

>>507551078>RPGmaker games>good

Is RPGmaker hard to learn?What's the best version?

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>>507551854Oh shit, I felt like it was just never going to finally get there.

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>>507551620Is this actually decent?

Lisa OffSpace Funeralare there any more games like this? i'm going through a phase

>>507552083I learned making games with rpg maker 2003 which to me is the most soul one with tons of soul heavy games but it lacks script editing which is the best thing XP and beyond does

>>507551078No I only play multiplayer games with battle passes and limited time events so I don't have any time to play other games sorry.

>>507551078RPGMaker? Is it that porn game engine?

I'm honestly impressed by how hard this game stretches out 2 minutes of content. How can anyone jerk off to this shit?

>>507552086I like all the little details it has in its actual game structure, I like most of the girl designs, and the story so far is pretty neat. But I guess it mostly depends on whether you can stomach the rough artstyle or not. Some positions definitely look better than others.

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>>507551078I'm waiting for TLS to be finished rn

>>507552330not always but pretty much. That and wolfrpg editor and other programs that all look alike.

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>>507552461By having taste

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>>507551078Warau, Warawau

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>>507552796That's some fucking evil villain holy fuck

>>507552083I just started with MV, and it seems really easy, there's a nice set of tutorials with the thing that literally shows you how to do every basic thing you would want to do.

>RPG Maker threadYou know what to do. Dump it

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>tfw that comfy rpgmaker thread from three days agoBased user for putting a link for all Yanfly,s scripts

Its a shame that there are a bunch of great plugins that aren't updated anymore. SumRndmDde Timed attacks are the only of it's kind, but they are all kill now

>>507551078BLACKSOULS 2

>>507551705They also understand humor and how to write an interesting game.

someone gimme something with a bigass class system and party customization. h-game or not.ive already played MGQ Paradox to death

>>507556219>>507556350What is Yanfly up to those days, anyway?

You've played all the games on this list, right Holla Forums?

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>>507552054>Gobli's Adventure>not totally awesome

>Line's End out winter 2003.Come on Lysander :'(

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>>507557695I only play coomer rpgmaker games

>>507557448Nothing really.

>>507557695>No 'A Blurred Line'You make me sad

>>507556350Still have the link?

>>507558112It's sad though. Dude clearly had fun back when he made

>>507558428He had fun, but he also constantly overworked himself to the point of getting sick multiple times, needing medical attention. Pouring all that effort into plugins and his full time job was going to kill him.

>>507552085>>507551854>>507551742Or turn into a succubus from having at least 3 BDSM events with Natalie

>>507558646I heard about it. Fuck, I miss Yanfly now.


>no more RPG Maker generaleverything is shit


>>507556219dump what

>>507552086It's Undertale minus the cringe dialogue, mixed with Resident Evil minus the janky story. It's really good as long as you can get past the BRUTAL early-game difficulty (rot in hell Iron Maiden) and the MSPaint tier art (which is not great but looks much better in motion and is still miles better than, say, Black Souls).

>>507560423Yanfly plugins

>>507560554that would be nice


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>>507556350gib links

>>507552083>Is RPGmaker hard to learn?No>Is rpgmaker really tedious, backwards and shit?Yes

>>507557695Basically all of them. None of them except like 4 of them are any good though.


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Are there any good RPG Maker horror games? I played one called the Crooked Man or something years ago. It was pretty decent, though not all that horrific iirc


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>>507562138Try Ib, I really liked that one.


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>>507551078>rpg maker>good


>>507552083RPG Maker 2000 and 2003, because those games can be emulated anywhere from a mobile phone to a hacked nintendo switch

>>507562018What is this?

>>507562193download pls

>>507562138The horror game scene is all about rpg maker

>>507562743The full collection of plugins made by Yanfly for RPG Maker MV


You know, guys, I have the impression that it is better to use a low quality, but original tileset, than a high quality tileset but that is part of RTP. Does anyone agree / disagree with that?I'm about to start a project and I decided to create my own tileset. But as my games are not focused on graphic art, I decided to make it as simple as possible, more or less simulating graphics from very old games like Ultima 4. Does anyone have any observations on this?

>>507551078MGQ Paradox.The perfect game to my min-maxing autism.

>>507563121as long as it works

>>507562842Are pretty much any games on this list >>507557695 a good starting point?

>>507552147Yume nikki and all its fangames.Hylics.

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>>507551078Vampires Dawn 1 and 2

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>>507551210Lisa has good characters, design and storytelling, I don't know if you'd like the gameplay.

>>507551210Lisa the painful

>>507551078>>507551210i played a game called panty quest or something in the early 2000s that was a lot of fun. I also played the PS1 RPGMaker and poured hundreds of hours into a Revelations the Demon Slayer remake. God I wish I still had it. I also and bought the memory card adapter to download games. Good times

>>507563703No one played Lisa for the gameplay

How many of my fellow cripplechan refugees remember this classic?

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I made this game name was Haeven but the devs behind Furi paid me 500 bucks to change it so they could use it

Is Final Scenario good?

>>507551078I played Melty's Quest recentlyIt wasn't particularly good but I guess that's still much better than most RPGM games

>>507564467I meant Last scenario, fuck.>>507564460Post keys.

>>507564618They're on my computer. I'm on my phone right now. Email me at [email protected]

BLACKSOULS 2 and Fear & Hunger.Both are pretty neat horror game with a good history and a decent gameplay.Also I liked a lot Monster Girl Quest Paradox.I think this are the best RPG Maker games that I've played so far.


>>507560441>rot in hell Iron Maiden

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>>507551078Just finished the prologue up to the point of her taking her first non-husband's dick. Damn, it was long.. Hard to believe this game has pretty raunchy stuff because she is too considerate.

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>>507552083you can load plugins into MV which makes things alot more interesting but MV is easily the most ass backwards one I've ever worked with.


I don't understand h-games made in RPG Maker. The people who make them are clearly capable of making their own assets, but everything other than the character sprites use default RPG Maker assets 90% of the time. Why?

>SHRIFT true mercy endgud shit

>>507566427Game name?

>>507567189Because it's a waste of time that could be spent either writing, or drawing actual CGs instead of fucking houses. Hell, most of the sprites are actually just auto-generated, you can put in hair and eye colors and get something good enough most of the time.

>>507551078Magical Camp's development cycle is infuriating.>after 6 monthes all that's included is a sole dungeon, a transformation, and a bestiary.

>>507567069Monster Girl Quest: ParadoxPlay the VN first if you're interested

>rpgmaker games

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>>507551078Vampires Dawn 1&2 was niceBut I am not sure it ever got translated into English

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>>507567443Why not go the extra mile then? Do these people have some extremely fast schedules that force them to do that? Given this is Japan I wouldn't be surprised if that's the case.

>>507567297Don't fucking tempt me. I wanna see it but I don't want it to get watered down by shitty machine translation so I'm stuck here waiting like a dumbass.

>>507551078Recently someone showed me an RPG Maker game called Angels of Death.

>>507567457Still better than yandere simulator.>>507567750I don't think you understand how easier for the average retard it is to mae a game in rpg maker versus doing it on game maker or similar.

>>507567894>I don't think you understand how easier for the average retard it is to mae a game in rpg maker versus doing it on game maker or similar.That's not an excuse

>>507551078I finally figured how to get rpg maker games running in my phone, recommend some good porn ones

>>507567414Minako ~ kikyo shita inaka de murabito-tachi ni netora reta saiai no tsuma ~

>>507567527What was this build on?

>>507567957Yes, yes it is.

>>507568265Lazily made games don't and shouldn't get a pass because it was made with certain software.

Is RPGmaker good for someone with absolutely no game dev or programming/coding experience?

>>507567750Because nobody but you is impressed by fucking tilesets. A creator has a limited amount of time to spend on a product, time spent on stuff nobody cares about, like tiles, is a waste of time that could be better spent elsewhere.

>>507568395I think you are missing the point.

>want to make an RPG Maker game>realize my writing ability is shit and anything I make would be 1/10 at best


>>507568678Play FF1 and think about if you can do better than that.

>>507568443It's the easiest.


>>507567457Even making RPG Maker games can get you bored/burned out.

>>507563501I'd start with mimicry man, it's fun as fuck

>>507568678No harm in trying I guess. I think my writing is shit but people seem to like what I have so far anyway.

>>507568678Are you the guy who made Vitamin Plus?

Been playing Karryn's Prison lately. It's fun, but hopefully now that Island Saga is coming out, the devs will be able to focus on it properly.

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Would you play a game like this? am not the one who made it, I just find it pretty cool how it doesn't look like the other games, and could even fool a beginner about it being a RPG Maker game.

>>507569165I don't disagree with you per se, but this game has been in development for 4 and a half years.

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>>507557695>No vampires dawn or unterwegs in duesterburg

>>507569817I remember a secret of mana RPG maker fangame that didnt look like a RPG at all.I forgot its name unfortunately.

Your Turn to Die is an RPG Maker game and it's not even an RPG Where is 3-1b?

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>>507567604>But I am not sure it ever got translated into Englishall the big german rpgmaker games got english translations with their actual release. also vampires dawn 3 in like less than 3 years user.

>>507568105game maker, i think

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>>507570120thanks for the infotime to replay 1&2 then


>>507569747>Pleasure 0%

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>>507563121Yup, everything is better than RTP, even if it looks worse

>>507570220what game

>>507569747Is this game all femdom all the time? I can't remember why but it ended up in my files I downloaded and I just haven't gotten around to it. Femdom isn't normally my thing though so trying to think why I downloaded this as I am nearing completion of my backlog.

>>507571176BE Witches

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>>507569165I agree.t. Made a full game on RPGM VX Ace in 2 years

Should I use the default rpgmaker mv battle system or should I use the ATB or CTB yanfly plugin?

>>507568678And you don't ever improve by not trying, so just do it and gain experience that way

>>507572542It all depends what you think fits more your game.

are there any games with good combat?inb4 >jrpg>good combat

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>>507570919If your pleasure is over certain threshold, her nipples get erect. I don't wanna risk ban over something like that.>>507571440I'd say the femdom content is actually minority. Sure, if you only keep winning and beating inmates up, never succumbing to anything sexual you'll get sadist skills, eventually start gaining pleasure from beatingh enemies and orgasm from knocking them out.But most of the sexual content in game is Karryn being fucked. There's regular gangbangs, blowbangs, her getting molested in a bar, etc. I'd say that particular thing I like about the game is that unlike most other eroge, there's such a large focus on lots of guys having their way with one girl, since in setting Karryn is the only woman in the prison.

>>507571440No, not at all.

>>507568678Make a dungeon crawler with an excuse plot

>>507573424Shit, Lord Embric is over a decade old.

Has anyone used RPG Maker to just make some decent Dragon Quest style dungeon crawlers? I'm in the mood for something short and sweet, and light on dialogue.

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The real problem with RPG Maker is that in order to stand out you need to not use the default assets but at that point you might as well not even bother using RPG maker

>>507551210Princess and Conquest

>>507573187MGQ Paradox Shota X MonstersJimmy and the pulsating mass

>>507572542Default isn't bad by any means. It's not the most exciting, but you can do things to spruce it up a fair bit. ATB is almost always garbage, and it's hard to make it anything but. CTB can definitely result in so me interesting combat variables if you actually do something with the additional mechanics and don't just use it as a list menu for turn-based order.

>>507572542Should try for press turn. Make the SMT like game I dreamed of someone like you making.

>>507572542Default battle system but make use of his other battle plugins to spice it up.

>>507551078I've been dreaming of making a crossover RPG for a long time, I wish I could turn back time and wasn't a lazy fuck. Has anyone made one yet, like characters from FF6, Dragon Quest 3, Pokemon, etc., are used in the game?

>>507566427She becomes really fucking slutty later on.But one thing I like about this(and Sachinama's other games) is that despite the NTR stuff going on it's not really dark, and actually played for laughs.

>>507575778I'm sure things like that exist, but I'm equally sure that those things are in fan forums having been made by eager middle schoolers who don't intend to finish their projects. If you wanna bolster your 'tism and make some odd SSB/MUGEN thing with random characters, I don't think anybody'll stop you until money starts getting involved.

>>507573962And still worth playing to this day.And SB's other games are pretty good too, if a bit unfinished.


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>>507551078RPGs are a dead genre that only got screen time back in the 90s before people knew how to write

>>507566427I want to like this game, but it's way too fucking linear. I wished there were either routes, progress scenes in whatever order you like, or better yet both.

>>507572542Personally I went with ATB and TSBS (a side battle script) in Ace. Kinda regret the ATB though but the TSBS is neat as it let's you make attack animations. Could do shit like>Skill>Character runs forward an jumps>Maybe do a flip an slash at the enemy from behind>Jump back to starting pointTakes time though and you need battle sprites.

>>507575605Eileen's game is using the Default battle system but I think it uses it in an interesting way where you get to use sexual attacks to defeat your opponents.

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>>507576501You dumb shit, Acerola's games are made in WOLF, not RPG Maker.>>507577160Eh, it's the first game Sachinama made, so I'm fine with that. Often the problem starting devs have is making shit too complex, and then not being able to finish the game.

>>507557695well, most of themamong those in that list Ib, End Roll, Blank Dream and Witch's House are my favorites.

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I liked Tower of Trample, it's a shame it's barely made any progress in over a year though


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>>507577287I added the Enemy level plugin and it actually fuck up the player hard because normally the enemies are rather easy normally but now with Enemy leve plugin just straight up destroy the party.

>>507575802Huh? With her husband bedridden and her falling in love with his school bully? I wouldn't believe you if I haven't played their game about JK and could see where it could lead.

>>507578845Has the JK game been translated?


>>507579094Nope, but it has pretty simple language so I can play it somewhat. Hooking is also working I guess.

>>507551210LISA The PointlessBetter than Joyful, I'd say

>>507564467I know what you mean, and yes.Not great if you're used to the style of gameplay it has (so not 90% of rpgms with ff style combat) but still good.Better to play it as blind as possible and use saves if you play in short bursts, it's decently long.

>>507562018> as fuck user

>>507566713>MV is easily the most ass backwards one I've ever worked witWhy? Is VX better?

>>507551078That's an oxymoron

Any cyberpunk game that actually looks cyberpunk?I want to make one myself but I need to see if its even possible.

>>507581417of course it's possible if you have the skill to do it

>>507562018God amongst men

>>507562018Is there a plugin that lets you zoom out the game camera so you can see more of the map?

>>507580596You're an oxymoron

>>507582771he's just a moron.

>>507551210Tales of the Drunken Paladin was the only one I ever enjoyed.that and MGQ Paradox

There's a few good ones here and there.Virgin IslandSEQUEL BlightLily Knight SagaLewd Vampire

>>507562018Based fuck juice

>>507574237RPG Maker helps with much more than assets. It's insane the amount of work you need to put into an engine like Unity or Unreal to make a simple 2D RPG game.

>>507551210To the Moon and Finding Paradise

>>507577156>RPGs are a dead genrelol

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>>507587328*shit genre dragon quest is the cod of JRPGs

>>507587412>dragon quest is the cod of JRPGsWhich means its the game series that hipsters hate because its popular

>>507581417Everything is possible... but some things take more time than others

>>507551078Corpse Party is guud.

>>507587613I don't have it because it's popular, I hate it because it's another generic JRPG

>>507574241Still wouldn't call it "good" but it's getting there. The combat revamp was a huge leap in the right direction, now just hafta fix some bugs and focus on polishing existing content instead of adding new shit

>>507588069No, you hate it because you enjoy eating literal shit.

>>507551078>magical campwhat is that one about


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>>507588326Eating literal shit?Elaborate.Or do you really think mashing the a button is the epitome of gameplay?

>>507588702>mashing the a buttonI'm more than positive the only genre of game you play is Grand Strategy and nothing else.

>>507588467Boy gets accidentally brought to a camp for training Magical GirlsThey torture men who sneak inHe has to dress up as a woman to not get torturedBeing a Magical Girl camp, most things are magic turning him more and more to an actual girl.Couple of tentacles on trap, mostly yuri(?) stuff though.There's a few CGs, but almost all of the lewd stuff is text.Writing and characters are better then the standard western porn, but the development speed is just as slow as all the other games.

>>507588861I have never played a grand strategy game.If I decided to pirate the entirety of Crusader Kings 2 I'd probably like the map game genre.

>RPG Maker porn game where the female MC character gets rapedI played way too many of these that I refuse to play anymore.

>>507589396What about a trap MC getting raped?

>>507589484All two games where that happens?Shotas being raped by older women though, I'll always play those.

>>507588702>mashing the a buttonThat is what you do in action games.

>>507589813What action games?Was my post talking about action games at all?Did I defend action games?

>>507551210Azusa 999

>>507577714>pic filename>"doujin dudes"I thought the requirement for something to be considered "doujin" is that it be a fan-work. All the characters in that image are original, though, so wouldn't that make them specifically not doujin-related?

>>507590138No, but you are trying to paint RPGs as button mashers when there are genres which do this 10 times worse and get away with it.

>>507562706Can't you just port the MV version to those platforms though?

>>507590669I'm not trying to paint JRPGs as that, most JRPGS (not rpgs in general) are just press a button.And I still don't know what action games you're talking about.also those genres are still far less braindead (and arguably better rather than worse) than most JRPG's combat wise.An example of a JRPG with a combat system that doesn't make me want to fall asleep is Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga, or the paper mario series

I'd like to judge interest in the idea since I'm working on a project like this, but:What would be your feelings on an RPGmaker H-game where the majority of the content was yuri between a female main character and the game's largely-female enemies and bosses? There might be a few traps and dudes sprinkled here and there into it, but there's mostly freaky yuri bad ending (though not edgy; tonally kinda in the Disgaea ballpark).Can't give any real details, but would you play that kind of thing?

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>>507591398no because yuri is boring as fuck

>>507591398Text based only?CG drawings?Stock PC characters or custom drawn?I like yuri, but if something seems incredibly generic and stock-assety I'll pass over it.

>>507591398If the gameplay is also fun then yea

>>507591621A ton of CGs and custom art.>>507591684What seems fun to you?

>>507580381never actually used VX but it seems like alot of the good games were made in that and not MVpeople mostly seem to use MV to make tranny shit for

>>507556219the faggot actually charges a dollar for item discard - A PROBLEM HE CREATED HIMSELF with his shitty equip core.

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>>507591758>What seems fun to you?I enjoyed the class/race system from MGQ paradox but my opinion isnt worth anything, make what you like so that you dont hate yourself when you make more content

>>507592065item core I mean

>>507591758Anything you can do to not make it stand out from all the other RPG Maker battle systems.If you do fall back on the turn based formula, try to make the combat arousal based instead of "Attack, Double Hit skill, Fire magic" generic commands.

>>507591250>And I still don't know what action games you're talking about.God of War, Devil May Cry, Bayonetta


Yes Black Souls II is actually an amazing game.

>>507589396>>507589484I'm making a game where Male MC is getting raped.

>>507592708raped by what

>>507551762>>507551838>>507551854>>507592708>>507592648>>507592416Yume Nikki is a shit 'game'Gameplay matters in a 'GAME'

>>507592340oh THAT'S what you're talking aboutyeah I've never played those games since they seemed boring as fuck, I see your point now

>>507592762Women cursed into Futa

>>507592803why did you quote me

I constantly download H-games, but I usually get bored quickly and look for a completed save. I don't know why I go through all the work when I could probably find the galleries online.

>>507592953based as fuck

>>507592803Yume Nikki? Black Souls II is not like Yume Nikki.

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>>507593130the whole journey of the MC is the to find a way to counter the curse.

>>507593342>>507592983I quoted you samefag so answer my question


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>>507592416by default there is no inventory limit in order to use yanfly's item core however you have to limit your inventory. Which kinda forces you to use his tacky ass item discard. He basically made a problem that wasn't there before and is now trying to sell the solution.

>>507593493you didn't ask a question

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>want to make RPGM game>can write and draw passably>can't sprite for shitWill my game be disregarded as another shovelware if I trace the default tilesets with a different style and only make real sprites for the characters?

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>>507592803Yume Nikki is not a game, its an experience.

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>>507593493I'm not that other user you replied to also what question?

>>507593634See >>507571038

>>507593634Doesn't RPGmaker come with an Actor creator? Or is it only RPGmaker MV? If you can't sprite, just generate your character and edit them in a software of your choice.

>>507593634You can draw but you can't sprite? It's basically the same, just that you have to work pixel by pixel.

Yanfly pulling this shit out of fucking nowhere was insane. I still can't believe it came to this.

>>507562018thank you!

>>507568678In my native tongue I'm 1/10 at writing so imagine how bad I am at english, I just imitate my favorite doujin artists text

I just want to make maps

Finished my playthrough of 7th stand user yesterday, pretty kino.

>>507590658Doujin means self-published

>>507595863Which Stand did you get?

>>507595610Then just do that?

>>507567527>>507570220>>507571621> i will tolerate some trash rpg maker turn based combat (and LOVE it if its battle fuck turn based combat) but this casual grandma bullshit mobile game combat can eat shit

>>507593634I'll play anything if it's fun and free.If not free, I'll accept sub-par art if the other aspects are strong enough.Tldr put your soul into it even if you're untalented and you won't be a hack to me.


>>507596007Howlin wolf :)

>>507591250Holy shit, you're the same faggot from the DQ thread. What is wrong with your brain, and why do you have such a massive hate boner for DQ?

>>507567527>Game about breast expansion>No sexual contentWasted potential

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>>507596647>That retard that ENJOYS battle fuck RPGs

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>>507557867This game wasn't good, it was just the only one at the time that didn't use the RTP graphics and had a custom menu system.

>>507593518When I think of RPGmaker games I think shovelware. But game like this and the rest of:>>507557695Even if the game is super simple gameplay they can have such iconic and impactful stories.This scene right here and the one with the wristwatch messed me up.

>>507577156Simple random encounter text based rpgs are basically dead but even FPS's include classic RPG elements as standard features now.

>>507594352it was a real bitch move but you can just download free games from and get just about anything you want for free. Some games have HUNDREDS of plugins just sitting there in the zip and they probably don't even use half of them.sometimes it's a bit of a treasure hunt though.

>>507577156people who make games still can't write for shit though.

can you make a Suikoden II quality game in rpg maker?

>>507599659Yes, but it would take a long time

>>507599401any decent wants to download?

>trying to make hentai games>all my ideas just take forever to be finishedI was actually coming up with a idea that would result in a short game.It involves a demon princess and shota hero, so its basically for /ss/ fags, and I would try to keep it like 2 or 3 hours long in gameplay and cram in as many sex scenes between the two as I can.

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>>507601219don't remember cause I did it awhile ago and my computer diedhigh rated shit usually has alot of plugins though.

>>507601873here's an idea free of chargeTiTs but its a rougelite

>>507597176ok coomer


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>>507603084so it's basically pink?


>>507601873In my honest opinion a hentai game has to have good hentai and not good game, if you know what I mean ... If you are able to make good hentai (that is, hot situations that make people horny), then any shit that you do will be well accepted, as long as the gameplay is not so complicated that people are unable to access the hentai part.

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Monster Girl Quest Paradox 2

>>507605961gyarus really are justice

make way for best RPG Maker


All RPG Maker games look exactly the fucking same. The question is how the hell do people tell these apart?


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>>507607550That is why it is extremely important to use custom tilesets, even if they are not artistically well made.Pic related is better than a game with stock assets (RTP)

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>>507563642>Vampires DawnDidn't that one even make it onto magazine CDs back then?


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Here is your Kamige sir.

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>>507571440exact opposite. Content is corruption & broken protagonist stuff. Also very sparse at the moment. There's a handful of good CG scenes.

do people really care about "stock assets" so sounds like the grafix whoring of the old console days, and anyone old enough to remember knows how that ended upcustom graphics also doesn't mean you bother with the actual gameplay or even story elements as a lot of steam trash show


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>>507612020it depends on the tone of the gamestock assets are fine for more lighthearted projects but if the game is particularly dark or atmospheric then stock assets just take you out of the experience

>>507612952I have NTR in my game, but it's not the MC getting NTR'd.

>>507612020Yes, people care, especially those who are going to play your game. In my opinion the RTP is of high quality and totally suitable for a game in the style of Dragon Quest or Final Fantasy. But as you see these same graphics everywhere (especially in low effort projects) they have lost the ability to be stimulating. So even if your player is immune to graphics and wants to focus only on the characters, stories and mechanics, he will still be losing the visual stimulus because in his head your graphics are generic and uninteresting.

>vampire lust still not out>witchload update MIA>quiet girls still not updated...

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>>507612020I can't stand seeing it anymore

>>507551210I like Hero's Realm, the guy is remaking it

>>507557695>RPGFaraway Story > Liar Jeannie > Standstill Girl > the rest > Capella (aka generic RPGM game with a random loot script)

>>507551210Monster Girl Quest Paradox.SHRIFT.Succubus Prison (does wolf rpg count?)

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>>507560441>and the MSPaint tier artThe dev has been going back and redrawing scenes, although I don't really know how the new versions stack up to the originals.

Playing Sequel blight, damn the game is not even hard but my autism is telling me to min-max the shit out of the class system

>>507567527>Immediately assume the dev is French just from looking at this webm>Look him up and he isThey've got a pretty distinct aura.

>>507616174They're the horniest race of people on god's green earth.


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>>507591398Only if there's vore. Yuri vore is the best.

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>>507616261Even hornier than the Japanese?

>>507616609There's a reason why Japan is so infatuated with France.

>>507616609The Japanese are repressed, not horny. They're more... acting out, you see, in a sort of statement to their ruling bodies-- most of the rules censoring them sexually are outdated as hell.The French, no, they just goddamn LOVE sexuality and sensuality. I think it genuinely is a culturally bred thing.

>>507590884MV has deploy to HTML5 and android/ios


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>>507552083It's not hard to learn, but it's incredibly tedious to mess with. You'll have more creating your own RPG engine than making one out of RPG Maker.

>>507615224>Faraway Story The wait for the next update is killing me.

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>>507617926same here, I even started playing it again because I missed the Super-Heavy Piano on my original run. Can't wait for the obvious Fenny = Necrovia plot twist.

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>>507551078Surprised Demon King Chronicle doesn't get more love in these threads, pretty sure it's still free on that site.


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>>507551210yeah the one i made but it got lost in time. you were a dinosaur that ate fruit and i had like one or two "levels" or areas made. would have been the dopest game ever.

>>507618608 You can meet Fenny when Necrovia is on the continent in chapter 9.


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I have been playing way too much EDF recently and thought 'you know what would be cool? a TBS game but EDF flavored'I started messing with an SRPG script in RPG Maker MV to try and actually put one of my retarded ideas to paper so to speak

>>507619120oh, I completely forgot about that. Then the only new mystery is what Pia's mother says about her daughter IIRC.

>>507551078Remember all those Mario RPGMaker games that ripped tilesets and sprites from every official Mario RPG turning it into some huge hodgepodge fanfiction?

Any recommendations for good ABS systems to get some real-time combat like Zelda or similar?