>indie game>it's actually goodWhat's her name, Holla Forums?

>indie game>it's actually goodWhat's her name, Holla Forums?

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>>507547405Fuck the slime boss.

>>507547405shit story that ends terribly

horizon chase turbo

>>507547405Tranny game.

terreriafactoriodarkest dungeonslay the spire

>>507547405i used to think that if there was an indie game on the planet nobody could hate it was hollow knight, then a few days ago i saw a thread where people were shitting on it, and i don't know what to think of this place anymore

>>507547853Great taste nigga. I wish there were more simple racing games like that out there.

>>507547405So i heard this game still doesnt have an ending?I wanna play it but don't wanna start an unfinished game.

>>507547405Yume nikki

>>507547405 playing crosscode right now. Tell me, does the story get any better?


>>507549723no, neither does the gameplaythank god I didn't buy this shit

>>507549723Which chapter ?


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>>507548794Users on the internet constitute such a wide group there's bound to be at least a few people that hate literally everything

>>507549525It has an ending, but they're making an epilogue. It wouldn't feel unfinished if they didn't literally have dialog in the game to the effect of "this is where the epilogue would go...IF I HAD ONE"

>>507549973The first chapter

>>507547405Cave StoryHollow Knight Rabi RibiAxiom VergeLa MulanaBasically only one genre


>>507549525It has an ending, of sorts. It's one of those "the main driving force behind the story has been resolved but the world doesn't magically stop moving because of it, life goes on" type of endings that basically allows for a post-game lap to be inserted into the story. That post-game is what is being worked on.

>>507550576add spelunkyis la mulana really that good?

>>507548794I'll be honest I played through the game to the first two bosses and then some, and I just felt like I was playing an average metroidvania and nothing I saw so far felt super interesting and I dropped the game

>>507550720Idk man, if you like the other games I listed I’d say play it.


DownwellUndertaleApe OutStardew ValleyDead CellsEnter the Gungeonand of course, Hollow Knight(Tetris too)

>>507547405Spiral Scouts.

>>507547405Parasite in City


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>>507550971It is. Or are you one of those people who thinks Assassin's Creed and Super Smash Brothers games are indie?

>>507550360Yes, it does.

>>507550785it really grows on you mid to late as you get more power ups and explore the rest of the map, i too dropped it the first time and then a year later gave it another chance and it became my favourite indie ever, and i don't even like action games

Noel the Mortal FateBuryTowelket

>>507547405It's technically good but TIRESOME to play. Seriously, those dungeons tire me out.

>>507548794The game itself isn't so bad - its the fanbase that's the issue. Hardcore fans keep shoving it into every metroidvania thread like its the indisputable best at everything no matter what forever more


Celeste is good don't @ me

>>507551732>Celeste is goodstopped reading right there

For something recent, One step from Eden was fun as shit, feels just like megaman battle network

Them Fightin Herds

>>507547405Outer Wilds

>>507551348I didn't like how specific the hidden items were. In Circle of the moon you can make observations as to where secrets may be based off of the map itself, and you're not going to have to hit every inch of the wall to see where the secret is. In Hollow Knight any wall could lead to a secret, which lead to me hitting every wall I could repeatedly trying to find secrets, and I found only one before I quit. I quit about the time when I was told I'd missed something like TEN despite spending aeons hammering every single inch of the wall, and finding out some of them were exactly where I hit but the game isn't lenient on it at all and didn't register it. On top of that the other user is right, it 100% feels like a generic metroidvania to me. I've played a lot of them, and honestly it was insulting to hear people praise it so much when Valdis Story is much better in every regard and very few people talk about it.

Shenzen I/O

Golf Story

>>507552143God damn that game was so comfy. Need a sequel


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Rain World.

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>>507551348Name an ability in hollow knight that is something that is unseen in any other metroidvaniaskelemania was already more interesting by hour 2 as opposed to hollow knightif your answer is good maybe ill stomach the game again until your supposed midgame

>>507551820osfe is tight as shit, best parts of mmbn's action with none of the downtime

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>>5075538251 not him2 you sound like a sperg fag3 just the audio makes that game a masterpiece 4 the rest of the game is a solid 7/105 not every game has to reinvent a genre6 you're a fag7 dont play it

>>507554025damn shame the sprite work is such lazy dogshit

>>507554907its not lazy hes just bad at it, hes getting new ones commissioned and releasing them in updates.

>>507555167should've been good at release

>>507555372based retard

>>507555452>paying for unfinished shit that just rips off another better game seriesso fucking based

>>507551218/v/'s greatest accomplishment, and Holla Forums's greatest failure

>>507547405CrossCode was legit good you guys are fucking retarded. The story was great too.

How is Hyper Light Drifter?

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>>507555593the game is finished, the dev made the sprites himself. just because hes bad at it doesnt mean its unfinished. actually fucking retarded.

>>507556120i started in 5 times since i got it free on epicnever played more than 30 mins

>>507556120It's alright. The combat is good but I found the level design to be lousy.

>>507556120It's ok. A beautiful game, kinda hard but really short. It's worthy.

>>507554878The audio is as boring as the game itself don't fool your retard brain

>>507547405This game. Really solid metroidvania with fun gameplay and some solid exploration, on top of really good sound design. Kills me no one ever played it. Been trying to shill to my buddies because its like 4 bucks right now but no one is biting. Pisses me off.

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>>507548794Only smooth brains like Hollow Knight because they think anything inspired by Dark Souls is good


>>507547405No Man's Sky


>>507548115perfect list

Streets of Rogue is rather fun, there's something charming about making every NPC kill each other because you accidentally punched a guy next to a cop

>>507548794It's really pretty mediocre. Its fans seem to have had low exposure to metroidvanias so it's a "babby's first" like Halo.

>>507556120Played through it for free from Timmy, found it boring with inconsistent difficulty. Killed some time during quarantine, at least.

>>507548115>507548115I can not fucking figure out the newest character in Slay the Spire. I beat it with every other one months before she came out, but I can not fucking figure her out.

youtube.com/watch?v=-1n8GvE__PsCSD3 is so fucking fun

>>507558204nice shill, how are the previous games

>>507558204It looks like a game for katies.

>>507547405Virgo vs the Zodiac

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>>5075586063 > 1 > 2They're all good, though.>>507558654>being a keyboardlet

>>507547646They were quite annoying for getting platinum in the arena, but the biggest nightmare for those challenges are the rookie cups IMO.The requirements are fucking insane to platinum them, if you're overleveled/overgeared/both it becomes impossible due to you killing shit too fast, you actually get more points dealing less damage because you're able to rack up all the smaller shit. Have yet to get true platinum on those because they're so fucking frustrating.

>>507552143i would agree if the game was optimized

>>507553459Cute Shizuka, game needs more fanart.

>>507552143I'll get back to you when it stops being an EGS exclusive.

Gran Turismo 7

Crypt of the Necrodancer, and the Zelda one.

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>>507558656That game is shit>For no reason at all has your group split up when the game starts>Introduce the other members late>They're underleveled as fuck>Die in 1 hit>To compensate for having 3 new party members the enemies now take 3x as many hits to kill>Party members don't get EXP if they die>Could have been in a party with the third party member from the start>2nd could have joined significantly earlier>Could have just put their level at yours>Instead game becomes unplayable>Poorly explain that this is a Mario and Luigi system>Make it annoying to handle everything in menu in game and have a one off explanation that';s in normal conversation and can easily be missed>Have it so you can't really tell who's being attackedDropped the game right then and there. Game was easy before then too. Ironically having multiple party members made the game worse.

>>507547405A short hike

>>507556120Boring, mechanics felt underbaked. Maybe I was too hyped for it...

>>507547405I'll list a few off the top of my head I didn't see mentioned:>Vagante>Secrets of Grindea (still in Early Access, but looks like they'll be finished soon)>Deep Rock Galactic>Don't Starve>Valdis Story: Abyssal City>Magicka>Orcs Must Die 1 and 2>Sanctum 1 and 2>Avorion

>>507561995It felt more like a tutorial on how to play a video game for people who had never played a video game before. Got to the top in under an hour, did some fetch quests and got bored, uninstalled.

Spelunky might be the crispest and most streamlined gaming experience I’ve ever had.From a game design perspective it puts 99% of triple-A games to shame. I will continue to play it forever, it came out 7 years ago and still feels fresh, timeless, and innovative

>>507550239>People like endless space>No one talks about Endless Legend despite it being popular enough to warrant continued DLC.What gives Holla Forums?

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>>507563494It's one of my favorite games and I prefer it to Space2. I just wish the combat wasn't such a mind numbing afterthought. Endless Legend 2 never ever...

>>507562696>>Secrets of Grindea (still in Early Access, but looks like they'll be finished soon)dont bullshit me on thatme and a friend bought this back in 2015 or something and i remember it being somewhat fun but there was fuckall progress being made. I remember spending about 6 hours straight farming bulls or something in one area just for the fucking card

>>507557893Plays kind of like defect, but instead of your orbs, you're planning with your stances.You want to be entering Wrath when they aren't attacking, or are able to burst them down. If you can get Divinity, it'll help immensely.

>>507563775Well, it's only a few guys working on it. But yeah, I was reading their blog a while back and they said they were basically beginning to finalise it all. But who knows how long that will take.

>>507556837seconding Synthetik. Also gonna say Demon's Tilt for the best pinball ever.

>>507550720La Mulana is a hard metroidvania but it's dripping with charm.Plus it has a hype ass intro theme.

>>507563761ALL of their games have combat as an afterthought. Legend is probably the best designed mechanically and it still falls short in a lot of ways.How they managed to walk backwards from endless legend 2 to space 2 I will never understand. There must be an idiot involved in the space 2 development behind the scenes that works to hold back the actual intelligent people on the team.

>>507550720You tell me, this is the theme to the first real area of the game. youtube.com/watch?v=CnufDNWKUjI

>>507557893Just play whatever and smash faces in, she's crazy OP, relatively.

>>507547405A Lanterns Glow

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>>507548794I've played games that were just so much better in every way that it's hard to like it, in fact it's just boring and tedious.Go play something like Rabi Ribi and go back to Hollow Knight, see if you can stomach that rubbish.

>>507548794Hollow Knight is a piece of crap. And this is coming from someone who generally likes indie platformers and metroidvanias. It has some of the stiffest, most awkward movement I've ever felt in a platformer. There's no sense of momentum at all. And there's little to no coyote time so if you play it like you'd play every other platformer then you'll constantly fall off the edges of cliffs when you try to jump.


5 Days a Stranger. Pretty obscure but definitely a great series that was an inmersive point and click survival horror/mystery game back in the day.

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Rain WorldKingdom ComeUnderrailSpelunkyINFRADROD (Deadly Rooms of Death)N++Legend of Grimrock 1-2Return of the Obra DinnExanimaHypnospace OutlawEnvironmental Station AlphaDarkwoodAntichamber, Miegacure (+ 4D Toys), Baba Is You, A Slower Speed of Light, AchronOuter Wilds

Streets of rogue


>>507568184>Return of the Obra DinnI only finished with 15 confirmed fates and I did such a shit job the man who hired me died.Any tips for rounding out those other ones? Do I need to actually research the ship roles and shit like that?

>>507567205> It has some of the stiffest, most awkward movement I've ever felt in a platformer. There's no sense of momentum at all. And there's little to no coyote time so if you play it like you'd play every other platformer then you'll constantly fall off the edges of cliffs when you try to jump.Did... did you seriously get filtered by the fact that HK doesn't have a lot of movement inertia?And this is what made you hate the game?Holy shit

>>507547405RaidersSphere Fourth

>>507568184Rain World is genuinely one of the best games I've every played. Masterpiece.It's also fucking brutal AND a 2D sidescroller with a pixel aesthetic and awkward controls, so I'm guessing Holla Forums hates it.

>>507568440Dude, just think more, lol. There are various ways to identify different people, it's not just roles. Use common sense.


>>507568184Darkwood is legit one of the better horror games made. Shit is a god damn pleb filter though, so many people beat the tutorial and never make it to the pig. >>507547405Amid Evil, Dusk, Ion Fury, and Overload are all some of the best shooters I've ever played. There's been so many solid indie games that it's kinda retarded to pretend that they're rare. Specifically for shooters and metroidvanias too.

>>507568952>so I'm guessing Holla Forums hates it.No, in general it don't know about it, but there are plenty of rain world fans.

>>507562696ngl the Sanctum games are so good I forgot they're indie

>>507568152Why would you recommend 5 days but not Trilby's Notes or the rest of the series?

>ctrl+f "neon chrome">0 resultsThis game is the king of twin stuck shooters, it shits on Isaac and Gungeon in every way

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>>507569627>This game is the king of twin stuck shootersIt has some soul, i'll give you that, but Isaac and Gungeon are kinda low bar to shit on. Question is "is it better than Synthetik?"

>>507569010I'll hop back in at some point. I fucking loved every moment of it. I just felt like a fucking idiot on some stuff.

>>507547405>pic not relatedhollow knight was good though.

Hotline MiamiMaybe Hotline Miami 2 (at least it's decent)

>>507570038>>507569627Neon Chrome looks neat. Maybe I'll pick it up.

>>507568952Is it a metroidvania or a platformer? I loved hollow knight but hated Ori with a passion, can't stand platformers.

>>507569438Didn't think anyone would remember one, let alone the rest of the series. They're all good and have different strengths.

>>507570038Idk I just always see people praising Isaac and Gungeon, Isaac is okay, mostly for the unique art style and vibe, but I tried Gungeon and it just wasn't fun to meNeon Chrome is fun, difficult, unforgiving, addicting and has some of the best couch co-op ever, plus I like the fact that it continues to get harder forever much like Tetris.I think me and my buddy were on 9.0 before we stopped, played for hundreds of hours probably

>>507547405Shovel Knight.

>>507570724Yeah, I downloaded the game in a batch and haven't played it yet. Started Child of Light first. What do you like about Shovel Knight?

Monolith is the only good Roguelite in my book.

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>>507570472I also despise Ori, and Rain World is my GOAT. Rain World doesn't have metroidvania upgrade system, but world is nonlinear and nothing stops you to explore it in any order. Platforming is subdued here, i'd say, it's more like climbing, and obstacles always make sense as a part of the world, so there are no platforming gaunthlets.

>>507571020And Primordia is one of the few Point and Click adventures I like. Not too dumb or obtuse puzzles, nice story, etc.

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>>507554907don't worry, the game is dogshit too

>>507558204i don't get how you play this exactly

Valdis Story

>>507570671>Isaac and Gungeon,They are like arcades with shuffled rooms, and they aren't even good arcade shooters on their own, IMO.

which of their games is the best to start with?

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Haven’t seen a single mention of this yet.

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>>507571289>you see the order>you select the order>you prepare it with fast keyboard inputs>when it's done, you deliver it with the number keysThat's pretty much the basis of it. It's like Typing of the Dead but you're making food with arbitrary keyboard inputs instead of killing zombies with words.

>>507571468Chad way: play in chronological order.But you can start with Infinifactory.

>>507570920Not him but Shovel Knight is 2d platforming in it's simplest form. I mean that in a good way, its perfected, boiled down to only the good shit

>>507571584Doesn't count since they had a good stream of funding from xbox and another publisher I can't remember. Good game though

>>507570920The platforming is really solid. Enough new "gimmicks" for each stage to always be fairly entertaining. On my first playthrough I found it mildly tough, though never like Cuphead or Super Meat Boy or whatever other hard games there are.Side note: Yacht Club made 4 games in the "main game". Each one is pretty well fleshed out. The 3rd and 4th "parts" are arguably better than the original.>1st one - you play as Shovel Knight, you have a shovel>2nd one - you play as Plague Knight, you throw bombs with various replaceable parts, levels are the same as the original but with some additions.>3rd one - you play as Specter Knight, you have a scythe and can do diagonal slashes, but the levels are all different>4th one - you play as King Knight, you're much more limited movement-wise, each level is much shorter but there are roughly 3-4x as many levels as in the first threePretty much what >>507571761 said really. If you want a 2D platformer, it's a really good choice.

>>507571707would opus magnum be decent to start with?was thinking that or infinifactory

>>507571695>>507571289youtube.com/watch?v=JU3mx_Lb8Q0Here's footage of a CSD1 Perfect Day as an example.

shit, there are lots of them OP's post, "CrossCode" is definitely a good example. Give me a genre and I'll probably be able to offer a few. Here, I'll give one lesser known to get started.Shadows of Adam , by Something Classic Games. Its an excellent little retro JRPG, with a battle style inspired by the rarely-remembered Final Fantasy Mystic Quest. Has a lot of other good features as well, is Linux friendly, reasonably priced, DLC adds nice content and is also reasonably priced. The devs even came onto Linux gaming sites and did Q&A session. Overall very nice .

Had a good time with Assault Android Cactus. Planning on trying God's Trigger which seems alright.

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>>507571852wasn't this game where you could choose your own pronouns? I don't play games for fags.

>>507571862Yeah, why not. It's casual accessible, due to no space constraints, like in Space Chem.But in Infinifactory you don't even need to bother with programming actions.

I've been having a lot of fun with Lonely Mountain Downhill since it released on the Switch.

>>507572396You don't want to beat up genderbent knights?

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>>507571893CSD2 and subsequently CSD3 are big improvements in mechanics and features, as well as overall gameplay variation. Definitely at least start with CSD2, or go right to 3. It also plays well multiplayer! Cook Serve Delicious 3 (or 2) and Overcooked 2 are two phenomenal indie, multiplayer friendly cooking games - quite different from each other and both worthwhile.

>Still makes Holla Forums seethe nearly five years later. Dare I say based?

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>>507547405PyreDarkest DungeonShadowrun trilogyHadesNoitaFactorioPapers, PleaseBanished


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>>507572628the genderswaps are all shit tier except to waifufags, reallyall are fine as isnot the guy you're replying to tho

>>507547405I thought after the huge price drops this year people would be talking more about it...

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>>507573225It was pretty good. I'm looking forward to the rest of Deltarune.Still don't understand why people treat it like a gift from God himself though

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>>507547405USed to think Crosscode was good, but in retrospect the game is 90% puzzles and 10% combat. Nothing wrong with puzzles but the Main Dev has a fetish for puzzles, to the point they substantially overstay their welcome. He calms down later halfway through the game but he really turns the game into a tedious slog when he has an amazing combat system

>>507573225>5 yearsTime sure flies when you're under the constant cycle of anxiety and depression that College entails....... At least I'm done with it.


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>>507547853God I loved playing this w my friends while hammered. Needs online multiplayer so bad

>>507570472It's not really either. It aims to be kind of a simulation of a post-apocaliptic world with creatures roaming naturally (and probably wanting to hunt and eat you). You do platforming but it feels more like organically climbing over obstacles to navigate the world.The thing is, there's almost nothing "gamey" about Rain World. Every single element in the world is designed from the perspective of "what makes sense in the world" rather than "what makes sense in a video game". With the possible exceptions of save rooms as the only place where they can arbitrarily never be enemies.That makes it kind of hard to compare, since there are very few games I can think of that go for the same experience. Oddly, it reminds me of Death Stranding in how far it goes to immerse the player in the physicality of the character and the reality of the world he inhabits.If that made you curious just check it out, it deserves more attention.


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>>507573643I played a lot of it.While being really solid polished game with nice artstyle it's way too bland/easy for my taste.

Who remembers this fotm?

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>>507556120Nice soundtrack and atmosphere. I can understand not enjoying the gameplay that much but if you don't enjoy the many sections of gorgeous ambiance then you have no taste

>>507574896What is it?


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>>507575137Slap City, a little Smash bros clone.

>>5075752492 when?

>>507575137Slap City. This, and rivals of aether, are better platform fighting experiences then Brawl, smash4, and arguably ultimateyoutube.com/watch?v=Y8EQbD3JzbE

>>507571101>>507570472Ori 2 is much, much better than the first game. Kinda shocked it didn't get a ton of press, the shit was a ton of fun. >>507571218Primorida is great, the voice acting and puzzles not being overly obtuse make it a ton of fun.

>>507567153>Really love hollow knight, but understand that is has issues>interested in what user has to say>google rabi-ribbi>loli platforming shmupAnon, I...

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>>507575429when it's done

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>>507575962get out you retarded tourist nigger

>>507573643Played the demo, and I couldn't get into it. The Dragon's Trap has more SOUL.


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>>507554025Fuck that noise.

>>507547405A lot of my favorites have already been mentionedRain World, Hyper Light Drifter, Terraria and Rabi Ribi. I'm going to add N++ to the list, it's a platformer that never gets old due to its simplicity and can be as easy or challenging as you want it to be.

>>507575962rabi-ribbi is a legitimate metroidvania with shmup sectionsit's not loli at all either

Death Road to Canadareally enjoyed it on Switch

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>>507576368N++ was mentioned already, but it deserves all the mentions it can get.

>>507575962Sure you can pass on a genuinely great game because the artstyle threatens your serious gamer reputation or something silly like that. Also, I don't know where are you looking that you found lolis in it. The story blows though.

>>507547405Not sure If indie

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>Plays like an 80's era anime dub>Even has unsettling end tv logos at the end of each chapter

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>>507547405First one was better than the second

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>>507575756Thst's Because Ori 2 is currently an Xbone and PC exclusive.

>>507559834>I'll get back to you when it stops being an EGS exclusive.Its available for PS4 and Xbox One, but I understand if you want to wait for the steam version.

>>507576271The demo doesn't really cover a lot of the game, its strong points is the monster-changing mechanic which is used later in the game. The music is also fucking amazing.youtube.com/watch?v=qqPXOm4_nVUhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8QNgZw61znQhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MsCJwe4vJCE


>>507547405The only "souls but in 2D" game I can stomach.

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>>507576273Name of the game dude. >>507575962>people sperging over Hollow Knight, dismissing it over minor things>mention you dislike the art style of Rabi Ribbi>people start sperging out again, complaining you're dismissing the game over minor things>>507576587Is N++ worth buying? It and that Fancy Pants game were big when I was younger.

>>507577504did you try reading the filename user

>>507577504>Is N++ worth buying?Yes, I got 110 hours in it, and ain't even completed all.

>>507576745RKS FS development has been a living hell, it's no surprise. Eifer stage was really cool though

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>>507547405>indie game>it's actually good>What's her name, Holla Forums?Not the one you posted

>>507577504If you like it you'll play it a bunch. I have over 150 hours in it and I don't tend to play any single game for that long

>>507547405slay the spire Katana ZeroBastionRisk of Rain 1 and 2

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>>507550576> Rabi RibiWhen does it get good ? I started it recently and I'm at the very start (stopped a bit after the beach) but so far I'm not really impressed; combat is slow because I haven't unlocked anything, and musics are annoying.It's not bad, but I really hope it gets better soon.

>>507547405I'll mention Apotheon, it got that classical adventure feeling.

>>507548794Game is held back by its shit map layout. Even when you already know where to go the backtracking is slow, the fast travel stations are poorly spaced out, and even using all your badge space on movement upgrades doesn't help.Oh, and the whole badge system, having limited space for new abilities just feels lame in a game like this since you'll go out of your way to do some side objective and get rewarded with an ability you're not gonna use cause it either sucks or you like your current stuff better. After a while the only thing I looked forward to finding was more mask pieces.

>>507568152>>507569438how are they obscure? yahtzee made them

>>507551593this. glad im not the only one who thinks that. especially the fucking sand desert dungeon

Town of Salem

>>507550239Only one of those games is even remotely good. You objectively have shit taste nigger.

Attached: 1426797995910.jpg (570x533, 48.33K)

>>507548794It was too repetitive for me

>>507547405All zachtronics games, really

Attached: maxresdefault.jpg (1280x720, 143.33K)

>>507578907It's too easy at the start in my opinion. I haven't played it in ages so from memory I can't give you a point where you should stop altogether if you're not already enjoying it, but by all means I think the beach would be too early for that.

>>507579172Hotline Miami, Bastion, Warband, Mark of the Ninja, and Starsector are all good games.

>>507579172>bastion>FTL>hotline miami>rance>not at least good

>>507547405Does gmod count?

>>507547405Treasure Trove

>>507573225>5 years ago

Attached: 1582540741982.png (500x737, 522.05K)

Attached: [email protected] (1920x1080, 405.65K)

>>507568440One important tip to guess people's roles is to identify them by association/elimination. For example, let's say you found out that some dude is in job A, and when you look at the big picture with every crewmen on it, he's standing with a bunch of dudes wearing the same clothes; you can easily deduce they have the same job.You won't really need to research stuff about the roles, all the things you need are explained in the book's last pages.There are also the "obvious" tips, like trying to search for names in the dialogues, or foreign languages.All of that should help a bit.

>>507547405>Ctrl+F Nuclear Throne>0 resultsCome on now

Attached: 1581108398987.jpg (647x486, 34.24K)

>>507547405Got recommended Master's of Anima and Super Daryl Deluxe in an older thread. Master's of Anima is like fantasy Pikmin, but with more RTS elements and puzzles. Pretty fun, but I still need to beat it.

>>507557391who cares fag

>>507547405if these games are so good then why don't publishers pick them up

Attached: 1574272333930.jpg (810x1024, 38.52K)

>>507579979>tfw we will never get a 3D Nuclear Throne like we got a 3D Risk of RainShit sucks.

Has anyone tried out katana zero? It's a really good game.

Genius of sapheiros.

>>507580052Super Daryl Deluxe is great. It's a slightly rpg system metroidvania with completely off the wall characters and art. The main character is a nerdy Napoleon Dynamite style guy and the game art style is half what what people painted on vans in the 80s and 90s, half things the nerdy stereotype main character would have drawn on his binder during class. Go check out the fantasy rock theme song for instance, they really have attended to detail and make a neat indie title that knowss what it wants to be. There is even multiplayer !

>>507571020Good taste, one of my favorite games of the decade.

>>507547405Open Surge. It's Sonic Maker as done by a fan of Open Source, so it's full of programmer art and the levels, characters and gimmicks are actually text files. That said, it's a lot of fun messing with the engine and trying to make a stage in it.Also, Spark the Electric Jester is worth checking out.

Attached: 1557034939938.png (504x168, 183.23K)

>>507580775it's decent but halfway done

>>507580989>The main character is a nerdy Napoleon Dynamite style guyThat's honestly what turned me off from the game initially, but the animation and overall art style both look pretty great.

What's the Butterlords of indiegames Holla Forums? The legendary NEVER EVER indie supreme?

>>507547405Kingdom Come: Deliverance.Fuck off with your pretentious "retro" tranny shit.

>>507582176KCD is a great game but you're a retard

>>507557391I thought this thread looked familiar. Does someone just make a bot or script that reposts the same topics over and over again to make this board seem alive or something?

>>507582039>Butterlords of indiegamesI don't know but there's definitely a list of NEVEREVERS for me:>rabi ribi 2>esa 2>silksongYeah sure it's all metroidvania trash but whatever man.

>>507574896I was finally able to get Slap working right after building my computer, and it's a good feeling. Previously I was playing on a 8+ year old laptop, so it couldn't quite handle it. Definitely a good game, it's unfortunate I missed Holla Forums playing it.

Attached: 1cbfa0abc24e56d9d9229f23e56989a0.jpg (1223x1615, 136.52K)

>>507583332>>rabi ribi 2>>esa 2>>silksongOh god it hurts so much. At least Silksong has a trailer but I have no fucking idea when the other two will actually come out.

>>507583332>esa 2I thought the dev was actually working on that, even had a devlog for it.

>>507550785The game definitely starts as a middle of the road metroidvania, yeah. The game gets much, much better the further you get into it.

What is esa 2?

>>507569250Darkwood is a fantastic concept but I think it would really shine as a weird obtuse first person game like Pathologic. I never quite got the feeling I was walking around a spooky dense forest with the overhead view.

>ctrl+f "Distance">0 resultsShame nobody talks about this game, a solid 7 out of 10, 8 with custom maps

Attached: Distance.gif (500x281, 3.99M)

>>507585323Environmental Station Alpha

>>507585454The nitronic rush guys made distance 2, yeah?

>>507585476Gotcha, didn't know there was a 2nd one in dev but the 1st was pretty good.

>>507585631Yea, Distance is the spiritual sequel to Nitronic Rush. Don't think there's a Distance 2 though. NR is a good gateway to see if you'd like Distance since it's free and just a less polished disance

>>507585454I tried it in vr for a few hours total and every session ended in me wanting to hurlGreat without vr though

>>507584280The silksong trailer is fake bro. It's vaporware. Don't let those aussies fool you.

>>507556120looks nice, sounds nice, plays meh.

A Short Hike was super fun and comfy

>>507585839Have you tried 3rd person VR? Cockpit view is awful for Distance since you need to look to your sides and the camera spins as your car does, but I enjoyed it with 3rd person view in VR.

>>507586640I think I tried it in the beginning, but it felt off in a different kind of way. Plus I was playing with a controller the entire time, I feel like a using a wheel would have been a lot cooler.Might give it another go once I get my headset back.

>>507548794Hollow Knight is boring and uninspired

>>507576875>pixiv filename

Attached: 1438027819710.jpg (500x479, 26.62K)

>>507587668pixiv.net/en/artworks/77772223What does it mean?

>>507587908It's Tachanka.

>>507569438>>507568152The third one was the best one. Change my mind.

SynthetikDeep Rock GalacticStarCrawlersGrim DawnRuinerRisk of Rain 1/2Hades/Bastion/TransistorHollow KnightRimworldFactorioDarkest DungeonPlenty moreJust cause you dont know good indies doesn't mean they dont exist.


>Nobody ever mentions Nex Machina or Frozen SynapseThis is some real bullshit

Attached: 1489712864870.png (600x455, 193.85K)

>>507590142All I remember about Frozen Synapse was my old PC barely being able to run it despite not being anything that should've been straining it that hard

this thread sucks, Holla Forumseddit barely plays vidya apart from AAA trash and hollowshit

>>507582039>The legendary NEVER EVER indie supreme?Fucking Spire from the Dust Force devs

>>507547405For the king.2 problems though, campaigns are like 8 hours long and no one plays online.

>>507591370Fuck, you just reminded me of it... It took so long I forgot.


Attached: ds-60.jpg (1842x937, 331.59K)

>>507550785You pretty much stopped an hour before it opens up.

>>507549525It has one but they're adding a post game.

>>507593318every year i checkwhy

Attached: 3495046.png (852x1092, 54.36K)

>>507585454It's a decent concept game but there's not much to it.

>>507573447>hadesoverrated shit.Try pic related instead

Attached: curse of the death gods.jpg (1920x1080, 520.34K)

>>507551820>>507554025Based, it's a shame the game is a bit too easy.I really wanted to play more of it but I got everything done in about 40 hours.

>>507556120Combat is fun as fuck, World design/art direction are great. Downsides to it are you can't fucking explore any of the map easily because the map is laid out like a maze. I don't even know why they bothered including a map either, it doesn't help

>>507593981>curse of the death godsneat, Darkest Dungeon Diablo?

>>507596102More like better Hades,it's also a roguelite>darkest dungeonOnly If you're talking about artstyle

>>507573447>supporting shit Hades devlol just pirate that shit

>>507579067Badges wouldn't be too bad except there's quality of life shit on there that should just be always on like the money vacuum or being able to see where you are on the map.

>>507596672I haven't been following Hades very closely, what exactly did the dev do wrong?The only thing I can think of is the deal they had with epic for a short time.

>>507596559>Only If you're talking about artstyleI mean it's pretty blatant, also the dungeons actually look like they use the darkness as well

>>507547405literally not crosscode, you post this every week, the same fucking thread referencing the same shitty indie gamethat game in particular is an excellent example of how decent pixel art by itself cant make a shitty game good

>>507597138Blatant what? fuck off retard

>>507597379yes user Blatantly copying another games style

>>507597090That's exactly it. They took the cash and then they still didn't even come close to finishing the game yet still want you to pay full price for an EA title. You're letting them get the best of both worlds.

>>507597365>can't handle the puzzles

>>507548794babbies first metroidvania,not a bad game tho.

>>507597626so?you faggots are pretty petty if this bothers you

>>507597854What's petty about it? That I don't like a dev thats wants the maximize their product at the cost of consumer availability and development time?

>>507597608>stylefuck off you retarded niggermonkey

>>507547405Pic not related.

Attached: The Last Puzzle Crosscode.webm (1280x720, 2.86M)

>>507598148the exclusivity was for early access shit, who gives a fuck they took epics money for a game still in developmentpretty based I think

>>507598262Autism knows no bounds, have your Darkest Dungeon Hades rip off

>>507547405DuskDevil DaggersSuperHOTAmid Evil

>>507596559Darkest dungeon is the pure definition of artificial difficulty, the RNG is stacked so hard against you that absolutely everything feels like a slog, it's a no fun game, I've actually failed the tutorial because my character missed 8 attacks in a row, piece shit waste of space game.

>>507597626>Full priceIt's $25 and has been on sale for 20% off multiple timesAlso if you're not going to buy an EA title either way why do you care, now thats its on both?

>>507580775Eh, not really. It was obviously heavily inspired by Hotline Miami, but it's a downgrade in every way:>incredibly barebones gameplay. Whereas in HM you had dozens of different weapons and masks to mess around with, here you're restricted to your katana and the occasional potted plant you can pick up and throw>completely on rails. In HM you could usually go through a floor in any way you wanted, choosing which rooms and enemies to tackle first. Here, you're literally on rails, simply moving from one side of the screen to the other. some of the levels are literally rail shooters>misguided attempts at stealth and scripted setpieces. These were the lowpoints of HM, but while they were only a rare irritation there, Katana Zero doubles down on them>Music is much worse than HM. There are way too many overly sentimental piano pieces that feel more like they belong in a Hallmark Channel movie than a gritty cyberpunk story. And the synth pieces are too light-hearted and bubbly for the gritty story it tries (and fails) to convey. Whereas in HM the the mix of psychedelic, ambivalent techno/dance and dark ambient music was a perfect fit for the over the top, fever-induced madcap gameplay>hours of unskippable cutscenes with godawful writing. Everything that happens is a nonsensical, convoluted string of events, characterization is paper-thin and the story is seemingly more concerned with appearing cool and edgy than making a lick of sense. To say nothing of the juvenile dialogue choices that boil down to 'say thing to progress the story' or 'say thing to progress the story in a psychotic and rude manner' and have no meaningful impact on how the story plays out. It's like some angsty kid in 9th grade wrote it. Many of the characters are the same bad-mouthed hyper-obsessive assholes. The rest are just boring Japanese cartoon style cliches. The dialogue is incredibly juvenile too: 'I am a cosplayer' and 'It's the patrician's choice' are actual lines of dialogue

Attached: 1545606237067.png (1267x785, 98.73K)

>>507598603When you put it that way you're just going to get mocked. The game isn't even difficult, just grindy since any punishment is just having to regrind for a new party member with equivalent skills/gear.

>>507563494/v/ isn't smart enough


Attached: supraland-cover.jpg (500x713, 235.54K)

>>507598843>it's been on sale for 20% off multiple timesYes, which isn't really all that impressive sounding when you consider that the game has been in EA for a year.

>>507598280I'm not sure why everyone was screeching about puzzles in crosscode, I found most to be really good fun

>>507599404Most people aren't autistic.

>>507547405>300+ posts>not a single mention of VA-11 Hall-AI'm disappointed.

Attached: DanaZaneGFL.jpg (960x1200, 218.48K)

store.steampowered.com/app/857500/BLACK_BIRD/>horizontal shooter>you play as a little orphan girl who dies alone on the streets and is reborn as a black bird of the apocalypse

>>507599551Cause it's almost like any discussion on it has been absolutely exhausted back in 2016-2017 when people wouldn't shut the fuck up about it.

>>507599367Most EA games start low and go up in price as the they reach 1.0, what are you talking about? Plus, the point is it's been worth the price for months now. It's not even finished and it's already one of the best roguelites available. People who can't do any thinking for themselves and just go "EARLY ACCESS BAD" or "EPIC BAD" are retarded. Look at the facts and formulate your own opinions.

>>507599534That's what I'm talking about, they're just typical zelda block pushing and timing puzzles yet everyone's crying about them.

>>507547405Rivals Of Aether

Attached: D1f21a3U4AAp4nl.png (960x540, 45.32K)

>>507598463>Autism knows no boundsyeah I can clearly see that you retarded shit-eating inbred mongoloid, kill yourself

>>507597626I can see not liking early access, but in that case, don't buy a game in early access. If they scam players to pay to beta test for them and if they scam epic games for exclusivity contract that's over before the game even comes out what's that got to do with you, an intellectual that knows better than to purchase a game in early access? Wait until it comes out, then if it's good buy it. If it's not, don't.

Attached: Assault-Android-Cactus-Vita-Featured.png (1920x1080, 2.61M)

>>507600124Truly nothing like Darkest Dungeon

Attached: Curseofthedeadgods-Art-1920x1080-1.jpg (1920x1080, 858.48K)

>>507600252they didn't scam anyone, they keep changing game mechanics while making the game worse and worse.

>>507599816>>507600252The point is that the dev is shit. It's not about the quality of the game. Go pirate it and do everyone a favor.


>>507600603Oh so you're one of those "dank counter culture" retards. I don't know what I expected.

>>507599551Because it's a very shallow game: all style, no substance. There's nothing "cyberpunk" about it beyond the vaguely futuristic aesthetic. There's no grimness, no loss of humanity or subordination of the self. It's anime girls and cute doggies chatting about romance. All of the "cyberpunk elements" like the supposedly dystopian setting are entirely informed. The characters might as well have been pulled out of your local bar. It's like Cyberpunk Zero Calorie™, cyberpunk trappings without any of the actual gravity the genre carries. Cyberpunk isn't just a "slap some gears on it and give them a tophat" aesthetic like steampunk.The world's not portrayed as "bad" at all, beyond people saying "gosh it's so bad out there". The character never suffers at all. She lives a perfectly pleasant life. And "a perfectly pleasant life" is not cyberpunk. Cyberpunk is supposed to be about something, not jerking off over "OH MAN WHAT IF I HAD A LOLI SEXBOT". They explain a character having cat ears with "I got sick when I was a kid so they gave me a surgery that gave me cat ears." That's an anime level justification for body modification. It's just "hey we want this character to be a cat girl, what justification can we come up with for that".Your character never actually interacts with any of the supposedly dystopian features of the world. She's living a life that looks like it could be carrying on in any big city right now. Every cyberpunk element in the game is a perfect example of an Informed Attribute. Compare the "dystopia" with Papers, Please, where you're actively living the nightmare. You have to choose between medicine for your child and food for yourself sometimes. Your child can die. Even a whiff of seditious thinking will have you hauled off and executed. That's a dystopia. Valhalla is a nichijou VN that happens to have characters with some prosthetics.Not to mention the 'gameplay' is even shallower than your average visual novel.

Attached: 1544127765560.gif (320x287, 982.3K)


>>507600698Nigga what? What part of "they cut a deal for extra cash at the cost of consumer availability and development time" didn't you understand the first time I said it? My very first post was about how the devs were shit and you mistakenly thought I was talking about the game.

>>507552143>Outer Wildsyep this oneonly game in the past decade that rejuvenated that feeling of discovery i got from videogames as a kid. everything else feels so derivative.

>>507600815Your underage faggot ass should be permabanned on sight but instead you're allowed to shit up everything around you with your dumb worthless shit.Degenerate trash like you is the reason why this website became a dumpsterfire.Congratulations on being a parasite who ruins things for other people by his merely existance.

Attached: 1588499451175.jpg (400x400, 21.91K)

>>507600468Art style is not gameplay, retard.

>>507547405her name is indie

>>507601457I think I broke him, let me guess, you hated darkest dungeon and didn't see the resemblance until I posted, now you hate the game because you are Autistic>>507601513I never said it was, I said DD style and hades gameplay

>>507601513do not reply to underage trash

>>507599181What is there to mock, my character missed 8 attacks in a row in the fucking tutorial, a one piece of shit design, mandatory grinding between every single segment is also shit game design.

Posting a classic one here, just in case people have never heard of it.

Attached: knytt-stories_07.png (640x400, 5.93K)

>>507547405>platformersDustforceCelesteCloudbuiltJump King>metroidvaniasHollow KnightLa Mulana 1&2Environmental Station Alpha>roguelikeRisk of Rain 2One Step From EdenCryptark>atmosphere/explorationRain WorldSunless skiesOuter Wilds>RPGEnderalGrim DawnDisco Elysium>things I don't where to listRimworldCrosscodeGrimrockObra DinnFactorio>honorable mentionsCryptarkDead CellsNoitaSMBThe End is NighCultist SimulatorValdys StoryMo: AstrayOriHotline MiamiFuriBaba Is YouKentucky Route ZeroGato RobotoDusk

Attached: Jump King Screenshot 2019.12.25 - (1920x1080, 587.19K)

>>507556120Kinda pretentious unironically, lots of focus is on subtle lore and atmosphere and art, but the actual game lacking and goes nowhere. Its pretty short and still alright though

>>507548019you seem to have a certain fixation with trannies, everything alright user?

>>507597626Its 20 bucks. Thats about average for indie games. And its a solid game.

>>507547405If I keep saying this I’m gonna look like a shill

Attached: D226875C-CB11-48F5-8F6C-1C6074D80119.jpg (646x426, 234.77K)


>>507602112They literally list Darkest Dungeon on a quote on their store page

>>507568952I didn't really like it, mainly for the lack of direction and how pretty much nothing is explained, and there wasn't really a hook. I might try it again later, as I only played it for like an hour, I don't like looking at wikis for games and I just haven't really been in the mood to trial and error things for a while

Play Marathon

Attached: Marathon_logo.png (1000x1006, 55.72K)

>>507596559better than hades how? looks completely unfinished

>>507580306that's WHY they're good dumbshit frogposter. the moment a publisher picks one of these games up their shareholders are going to demand them pumped full of microtransactions and lootboxes and time wasting horseshit just like I pump your mom full of my semen

>>507602983?? wrong game bro,, thats from halo tres,,,

>>507569627plays good, looks cool and the setting is great... for a few days until it gets repetitively soulless (and there's not much dialogue/story to keep things interesting)

>>507600005is it fun? is it dead?

>>507602879It's nothing like DD, kill yourself underage trash>>507603000>looks completely unfinishedjust like Hades except gameplay is more rewarding and complex.

>>507602887The hook happens at different points for every person, but if it hasn't happened to you after a specific moment about halfway through the game, then I don't know what to say.

>>507573225I liked undertale and Deltarune so far is looking to be better then it.

freedom planet was fun. music kicked enormous amounts of ass. I listened to the artist's other stuff too. its a lot of remixes of the same fucking album but its really good too

Attached: 2465736-m.png (960x960, 1.64M)

Can you recommend any 3d indie games? 2d and isometrci not really my thing

Attached: Hello.png (500x448, 73.52K)

>>507573225Only this and HK, which is three years old now at this point, so far I've seen have had long lasting effects on Holla Forums.I wonder what's the next indie hit that will be big enough to remain rent-free in our heads.

>>507603102You could have just said "frog blast the vent core".

>>507547405What does indie even mean? Is it just low budget? No publisher? Some 2 bit graphic platformer? Why do people get offended when you call something that isn't pixelshit or slavshit indie?

Play 20XX. It's fun and the protagonist is cuter now.

Attached: 2018xx.png (1920x1080, 1.07M)

>>507603668Who cares? It's all of those. If it looks indie then it's worth mentioning

>>507603212Is light and darkness an important factor?do you gain curses to buff and debuffsure no similarities apart from art style, I don't see why you think this is an issue that it's derivative of two other games

>>507603668made by an independent developer without much help from a publisher

>>507603668now? it means small dev studio

>>507603961>>507604329>>507604378So this is an indie game?

Attached: 02093847473.jpg (926x1500, 268.95K)

>>507602246>love knytt stories>love within a deep forest>last game creator made in the same genre was knytt underground>mixes mechanics from both games and is the largest world yet>it sounded amazing on paper>changed artstyle to bland "photo realism">forces you to interact with NPC's via sending out one two fairies to act as your "spokesman">both of them have extreme separate views that very few people would agree with>no middle ground>story is shit ontop of that>almost no games made in a similar style since then>creator has moved on fug

>>507604474witcher 1 definitely was

>>507604245How many times do I have to tell you to kill yourself you dumb fucking nigger?Did you still not get a clue I'm not interested in talking to a subhuman degenerate like you? kill yourself

>>507547405I REALLY enjoyed Firewatch :S

>>507604705>nothing like it

Attached: Curse-of-the-Dead-Gods-02-06-2020.jpg (730x411, 163.3K)

>>507604795firewatch is trash

>>507547405Most of Valve's old games are really good.

Attached: 0293749203874.jpg (220x330, 23.02K)

>>507582039Life+, unless it came out or got renamed and I never noticedCave-story-lookin' indie game about a robot/alien(?) dude that can dig up the floor tiles and chuck 'em.>last update eight (8) years agokill me now

Attached: life+.png (320x256, 19.05K)

>>507604705not him but that looks like a typical dungeon crawler. the same I've seen over and over again countless times

>>507604556Stings indeed. I guess that kind of peaceful platformer doesn't catch people's fire, so it hasn't been copied. I at least wish the original Knytt Stories was ported to more platforms.

>>507603326Risk of Rain 2Super Lucky's Tale

>>507548794HK is hated entirely by shitters who were filtered by it or people who don't like Metroidvanias. I just can't imagine someone who enjoys the genre not liking it unless it's too hard for them, in which case they can play braindead shit like Bloodstained. When you see people complaining about the art being the same you know they barely played past the first area, when you see people whine about the combat (in a fucking Metroidvania) you know they're full of shit and probably got beaten by the first boss, when you see someone whine about the map system they're literally complaining about exploration in a game where you're supposed to explore. HK haters are uniformly a bunch of fucking faggots, just like Sekiro haters.

>>507548794because this place is full of contrarians and autists, I guarantee if it wasn't as popular as it is there wouldn't be much hate for it

>>507608817Super Metroid is my fave game, HK's map is way too big and the areas don't have enough variation (except standouts like City of Tears). I don't hate it, but it's a 7/10 at best for me.

>aussie shitposters started shilling their flash game>Holla Forumsedditors fall for it since they don't know any better and now every indie thread is filled with hollowtrash "discussion"

Attached: lele.jpg (869x943, 249.59K)

>>507566814>>507547405Yessssss. I just need to figure out how to survive longer. Been practicing a little in creative mode. Theres another update coming out this Friday with more necromancy and npc stuff

>>507609592This is how it always goes for mega hit indies that only Holla Forums liked at the start. The thought of liking an extremely popular thing send people into autistic tizzies.

>>507608817Sekiro is a shit game though, if you compare it to any other Souls game.Similarly, HK is shit when compared to Super Metroid.

>>507610364>mega hit indieshollow knight is extremely mediocre>Holla Forums likedbarely any discussion was before shilling startedDo you have brain damage?

>>507610829>hollow knight is extremely mediocreThis doesn't matter. It was well received, this is what he was trying to convey, not what your personal opinion on the game is.

>>507610619Sekiro isn't comparable to a Souls-like. Unless that's your point.

>>507611106No it wasn't you dumb nigger, shilling started 2 years after the initial release and now monkeynigger tourists like you can't shut the fuck up about that garbage.Which what my initial post was about. Learn to read you fucking subhuman trash and don't talk to me ever again.

>>507611776/v/ was literally one of the only sites that talked about HK when it first released mate.

>>507608817I don't hate it, I just think it's mediocre and extremely overrated.

>>507611776The best way to sell yourself out as a tourist is to unironically try to argue that Holla Forums only recently started liking Hollow Knight lol. I picked it up day 2 because of Holla Forums.

>HKniggers derailing yet another threadaustralians should have been rangebanned years ago, look what they have done to the website

>>507612103Nice fucking try Canada but we all know all of your leafy ilk got outed as the main shitposters of 4chan years ago.Day of the rake can't come soon enough.

>>507612103None of the other ones matter though.HK is literally the only good game worth discussing in these threads.

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Attached: the leaf.jpg (517x650, 67.24K)

>>507547405>final boss music starts

Attached: D_hUZ5oUwAE8eAL.jpg (600x698, 72.49K)


Attached: BotVice.jpg (1600x800, 320.91K)


>>507552253I had the same problem, you can also explore too far in the dark area and get lost forever

>>507551690Yeah, anyone with any criticism is strawmanned and shouted down by spergs too.

>>507613916They needed better cover art, pixelart in game is dope.

>>507579067Yeah, not to mention that some are so critical to use the others might as well not exist

>>507575429beta is available right nowmason-lindroth.itch.io/hylics-2pass is burrito, it costs $15 but you get the full release when it comes out

>>507547405Valhalla and axiom verge to name 2 that haven't been posted

>>507552143>wilds>reddit the gameObsidian will never make another nv

>>507602887I dropped the game like 3 times before I fully got into it. I highly encourage you to stick with it. I hated RW at first but now its either my first or second favorite game of all time.

>>507577034Wasn't it supposed to come to the windows store? Or is that barred until the Steam release, too?

>>507602249Does Outer Wilds actually have good gameplay or is it just a walking sim disguised as a puzzle game?

>>507566814ALG is great!

>>507617640wrong game retard

>>507577407This looks like Blasphemous but worse.

>>507573225>five years agogod damn it i though this came in 2017 or 2018, holy shit