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>>507541552hi oscar

so is she actually going to be a playable character?


>>507541872yeah but thats a hack and it seems rather limited

>>507542074Yeah the hacks are pretty disappointing. I played as Commissioner and you can do all his moves but that doesn't scale well with many enemies, so it's very sluggish and you still end up taking damage.

>>507541552Nice pit.

a toast, fellow gamers! to game of the year!

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>>507541552Now post some art from someone who knows how to draw anatomy

>official sequel is inferior to 10 year old fangame

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>>507541552the art style is absolute shit



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What is this game like when you're high? I haven't had a joint in like 7 years but this game really makes me wanna smoke one and play. Must be really fucking nice.

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>>507543335Shut up weeb

I reached level 10 today on Hardest Arcade, got juggled around by the nades in that one part and got fucked. K, I can reach 9 consistently. I'm just gonna grind 9-12 now on Hardest till I got them down 'cause enough's enough, then I will hopefully beat it on Arcade. Then of course the Mania grind will begin. Only using Blaze for now, then will switch to Adam :^)

We'll get Shiva, Estel, and Max DLC. Just like we got Vergil DLC for DMC5, right?

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>>507544854the devs already teased that they want to work on SoR4 before anything else, so there's that at least

>>507543039>he doesn't like stomach boobs

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>>507543969I've played this everyday high and it's a blast. You go into a zone of just ass kicking and good music to bob your head to.

>>507545525I'm sure. The art style must look so good, too. When this lockdown shit ends I'm gonna find me a black guy and get some weed just for this game.

>>507541552why is blaze built like a slightly protruding refrigerator in SOR4?

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>>507541552I want to hold hands with Ms. Y

>>507543163Be fair, the 10 year old fangame has so much shit in it it's impossible to compete with.

>>507546786The remake and all the old games suck compared to 4. Remakefags can cry all they want but it doesn't come close.

>>507546529she's half-latino

>>507547108Why and how user?

>>507547185They're far more primitive and their gameplay is nowhere near as deep and their level design is not nearly as good. They're also shorter. The different characters' gameplay is nearly as unique and varied. Naturally graphically they're not as good either. 1&2 have good music but SoR4 is also filled with bangers. Also on any difficulty apart from Mania they do not compare. 4 is just better all round to anyone not wearing nostalgia glasses.

>>507547668>The different characters' gameplay is *NOT nearly as unique and varied

>>507547121Post proof

>>507542918>shoes on indoors


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>>507549185Okay so where does it say she's half-latino?

>>507541552The artist changed her face too much. Her facial features should be softer/more refined

Post Y (female)

>>507541552>Still no gamepass update

>>507549404He made that up. Max and Adam have also been called latino here a few days ago.

>>507550789Not the guy saying, but she fucking looks latino af.

Why is she not playable?

>>507551453It would take extra work to make it good. More sprites and more moves.

>>507543934>the lightingnice

>>507550789I see. It's just I've heard someone say it about Blaze before so I wondered where they got it from.

Name 1 character that could defeat GalsiaAAAAAAAAAAA



>>507543934>thelastofthugsI dunt get it

>Castle on HardestFuck me man. I'm trying to grind for Arcade, this level alone is insane. I'm not sure I'll be able to beat Arcade on Hardest 2bh.

>>507553050just stockpile lives on the earlier levels. the first 2 screens of stage 12 are the worst anyway, everything after that is piss easy.

>>507545525>and good music to bob your head toAye, I especially like the tracks for the Y

>>507541552>more tranniesNo buy.

>>507541552>Try mania>Reach sewers>3 fatties and 1 robotWat do? I'm getting filtered

>>507546786also remake was in development for 10 years with no pressure from any publisher.

>>507553778standard combo and throw the robot to the left side of the room ASAP. this should get the Big Bens to spawn on top of him. then just use both of your Star Moves. legitimately the best use of them in that stage.

just beat it on hardest with Bs and Cs. what changes in mania?

Why does everyone hate SOR3? It was my first SOR game as a kid and playing as Roo was 10/10 fun

>>507553331Fuck those two robots man. Throughout this playthrough on this difficulty I always find the dual robots tough.

>>507554207yeah, they're pretty fucked. they've got more moves than most enemies and even some bosses.aside from the first stage, I tend to use my Star Moves whenever I see them, only other exception being if I get good luck with Stage 10's wrecking ball.

>>507554109Most people dont hate it, it has by far the best gameplay of the original 3, its presentation however is more of an acquired taste and Yuzo Koshiro went full pretentious hipster with its OST.

Adding new characters to a beat em up is the best way to increase replay valueprove me wrong-o

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>>507554109Dumb fuck enemy AI, have fun waiting for them like 30 seconds each time they fly away from the screen and attempt to get back.But most people here haven't actually played that game so all they shit on is parroted opinions from youtube like muh music bad (simply because of genre change) and muh difficulty and censorship (even though they could just fucking play the jap version since MD emu was out in 94).

>>507554109for every step forward they made, they made two wide fucking leaps back.

I wish i was Miss Nora's sub, bros!

>>507554109For the most part it's people hating on the hard tekkno soundtrack. And then there's a small minority of people complaing about weak hit detection and increased difficulty.

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>>507553759seek help retard

>>507554004I'm doing that, thanks. I always forget to use them.

>>507555569there's a lot of tools in this game that are easy to forget about. i'd be willing to wager the majority of people who play Axel NEVER use his air special.i wouldn't be surprised if nobody knows that you can jump out of a vault.

>>507555441>wanting more abbys

>>507546529Is Blaze the hottest vidya character of all time?

>>507555771welp there you have it sfv is full of trannys then

>>507555896She's not even the hottest character in her own game, Nora and Ms Y both out do her.


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>>507556246Nora is hot but Ms. Y? Nah. Blaze is number 1 baybee.Electra even beats Nora too.

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>>507556285I want to be her foot stool

>>507543934It should be the Commish choking Blaze

>>507557394Ms. Y >>> Nora = Blaze

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>>507558145Shut up.

>>507558476Gain taste friendo

How do i find a Dom like Nora, bros?


>>507556132It was always shit.

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>>507558673Your waifu is shit

>>507558708>Missing best girl Sethanie

>>507558819Your waifu is shitter.

>>507556246>brunette >big titties >fat juicy hips and ass >hispanic She’s superior to every girl in the game by a wide margin.


>>507558972I yield, I can dish it but I can't take it very well

>>507558925this was made way before she was out

>>507558925>girlTranny is shit.

>>507542918>shoes >wineprobably a minimum of 3 bad dragon dildos in that house

>>507555896She used to be mentioned a lot in the early "hottest vidya chick" discussions. I guess she's back to reclaim her title now.

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>>507559170That's right now don't you forget... ... I get to beat shit out of your waifu with my waifu Now get your dick out

>>507541872I don't understand Brawlers, they're like fighting games only watered down for ancient arcades with only had a stick and two buttons, basically shits all retarded.

>>507559367Was the winner ever announced?

>>507559227>literal mental illnessSeek help

>>507543163 A lot of good content in SORR but mecanics wise I rather play SOR4.>>507552637its a meme edits of last of us 2.


>>507543934>Still no Anthopants chocking Axel

>>507559671You first for liking the shit character.

>>507559649Yes, check the line referring to Electronic Gaming Monthly in the second paragraph of picrelated.

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For me, it's cherry hunter


>>507559616And yet, this is still the best extra mode a fighting game has ever

Nora whipping me till i ejaculate all over the floor before making me get down on my knees and pushing my face into my own mess with her boot.


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>>507560518>coulda been a 10>is now a 2Damn, no longer gonna buy this, thanks for the warning.

>>507560573Literal garbage, GG did this but much better.

Can you afford to lose one life in each level on Arcade Mode on Hardest mode? I mean I don't, but I think levels 9-12 it's likely I'll lose at least one life in each.

>>507560518The 2nd is my favourite. >DON'T GET HIT! AHHHHHHGHHGRRGHRHGGRRHGH!!

I haven't fapped since May 9th and this game makes me so horny I'm trying to stop fapping I do it too much this game just makes me so horny :(

>>507560518>RAGE RAAAAAAAAGE>hey how's it going good to see youThat second clip is fucking gold.

>>507560518He's literally just another DSP.

>>507561513Its funny because he rages so hard but never actually swears


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Is shiva really axel’s brother?

>>507562129No you moron

>>507562221But he calls him brother

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>>507557394best SOR female coming throughelectra's body is sor3 is so highly detailed you can see every curve.

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Y twins have to be a reference to Yuzo Koshiro and his sister who both created the series right? To my knowledge they worked on the music/sound and art respectively.

>>507560518mental illness

>>507562389brother in arms you fool, Shiva is a buddhist monk in SoR4

>>507562580>who both created the seriesas far as I'm aware, Ayano was the art director for SoR2, but that's's cool that she returned to do the art for the SoR4 vinyl though

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>>507562389>everyone you call bro is now related to you


Can someone give me bnbs with blaze and cherry?

>>507560518It ain't called Streets of Pleasant Feelings

>>507546529Because fit but stockily built females tend to have fridge-body syndrome.

>>507563183Shut up, Donovan

>>507560976I'd say every three stages would be the bare minimum, unless you're REALLY good at chaining combos for extra lives.


>>507563356that should be DLC


>>507562426>electra's body is sor3 is so highly detailed you can see every curveThe pixel art in SoR3 was fantasthicc.

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>>507560518how the fuck are people dying to max?

>>507564374same way they die to everything in this game. impatience.

>>507564374he only plays Mania mode, so being SoR4 Axel doesn't help his chances

>>507564861Max is easy with literally everyone though.

>>507553594Mr's laugh belongs in the track.

>>507564992all you really have to worry about is avoiding him charging at you and even that isn't hard.

>>507565269just neutral jump. same as dealing with Barbon.

what does she say in the music for art exhibit stage? sounds like she's saying "ganon".

I want Nora to step on me!

>>507541552Do you believe Miss Estel has a ticklish waist?

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>>507541552>most of the porn of her is going to be badly drawn or futait's not fair

>>507561108based coomer

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>>507541552I really liked how they gave her SoR1’s special. That was a nice call back.

>ORANGE TIERMs. Y>PURPLE TIERNora, Blaze>Blue TierGarnet, Estel>Green TierDiva>White TierCherry, Honey, Victoria

>called Blaze>her special attack is ice powerskay

>>507566846ice powers?what do you mean? its just blue ki energy or whatever

>>507567324hmmm during gameplay her flower ornamentals during star power always looked like ice crystals to meseems that you're right though.

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>>507567324in the Japanese ad it looked like her powers had some kind of Super Saiyan 2 electricity, pretty badass shit

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>>507565883I want to pull her pony tail

>>507568612what do you think her attack gimmick would be?

Why is this game only 2 player coop online?

>>507554109Jetpack was boring

>>507570685because online is really hard to program. it barely works with 2. why would you want 3?

>liking sor4 over remakeill start playing sor4 more if they add a cpu friend options and give run ability to everybody

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Slowly learning all the mechanics and boss strategies as I continuously replay arcade mode is really fun. I only realized today that during the bike gang boss, biker girls will only even join the fight if you break a bike (one per bike). For the red whip lady in the boat, she actually rarely even has super armor and sometimes you can beat her up as soon as she stands back up, the trick is to kill galsias as soon as they appear before she gives them boners. One boss I can't really understand when he's vulnerable is the commissioner.

>>507570789>why would you want 3Why would I wanna play with more than one friend

anyone tried it out with the wireless Genesis or the 8BitDo controller?

>>507571012i did with 8bitdo. works fantastic.

>>507570939Im a huge Remake fan but the gameplay of 4 just feels sooooo good, im playing Adam so i dont have a problem with mobility.Being able to play online is a huge bonus too, sad they cut that from Remake.

>>507571162the d-pad is god-tier and doesn't hurt my thumb after extended play like the ps4 one does.

Ms Y sitting on my face while Nora whips my cock

>>507570939>muh runNo thanks, I'd take air specials over a flimsy run any day.

>>507554109the game itself is good. the music is just not the best and it's not a case of acquired taste, it's flat out bad just listen to or are some good tracks as well but yeah

>>507571162>>507571291cool, I didn't have a problem with the DS4 dpad after hours of play, but I'm excited to try it with Genesis button layoutprobs gonna buy it again on Switch towards the end of the month

is Max cheap in this game? is he worth unlocking? i unlocked blazed and havent touched this game since then.

>>507571831you can unlock everyone within 4 playthroughs

>>507571831it doesnt take much to unlock all the characters and max is 5th down the line might as well just aim for getting all 12a lifetime score of 1,150,000 is all thats needed for all 12

>>507568612Was this supposed to be a playable character?? Wish we had her model instead of Cherry's.

>join/host boss rush>partner takes damage on the first boss>several times>dies before commissioner>this happens every time>everyone who wants to play co-op is bad>join battle instead>opponent is insanely good>seems he only even wants to play to show off the massive off the wall combo he's mastered>this happens every time>everyone who wants to play the tacked on battle mode is greatWhy is it like this?

>>507572806fightin niggas is stronger than pussy niggas

>>507541552He's not supposed to be a woman, is he? Take away the obvious wig and there wouldn't be a question about whether he was one or not.

I went from Axel, finding him too slow to Blaze, enjoying the technical mobility of her air special but wishing she was faster to Cherry, greatly enjoying how mobile she is but wishing she was stronger to Adam, who is Axel but mobile. Have never played the huge robot arms man.

>>507573245>what are hips>what are facial features>what is throat>hurr big muscles = man

are long combos the only way to get S ranks? i'm trying to rack up higher scores but the bane of my existence are enemies standing up into a frame 1 jab

>>507573792Same here. And the fire bomb throwing bitches who drop their bombs when they're knocked down.

>>507573792Donovan and his baldy friends keeps fucking my combos with that shit FUCK

>>507570939>add a cpu friendPoor lonely user.

Cherry looks more and more fine each time I see her.Probably the sex hair.

posting some oc

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SoR4 OFFICIAL waifu tier list™>Top Tier:NoraMs Y>High Tier:DivaEstelBlaze>Mid Tier:CherryDiamondVictoria>Low Tier:Candy

>>507574671Her legs with those jeans are just HNNNNNNNGG

>>507573765>Highly effemeniate, low-t but still distinctly masculine facial features makes him look like Robert Pattinson>Fat weightlifter ass from chugging protein shakes and sitting on a bench all day.>shaved head with an obvious french braid wig perched on top of it like a pigeon.Don't lie to me and tell me that it's not a fucking man, you cultural marxist.

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If she’s not made playable with an update then fuck everything.

>>507574671Some of her illustrations are cuteToo bad about the title screen art

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>>507574691very nice

Max is boring as shit why do people want him back?

>>507542918based purple joycon

>>507575026>seething Holla Forums incellol

>>507575089How would you describe this hair?

>>507575545It looks like some cross between drill hair(ojou ringlets?) and dreadlocks.

I want her to stuff her cotton white panties in my mouth

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Oh boy, I decided not to break the window panes in the elevator stage until the fatsos appear. The combination of the jumping chicks and kickboxers filters me really good there now that I'm playing on hardest.

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Found this one in one of the choke threads.

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>>507575545its a cherry

>>507575545Very fluffy dreads

>>507576123Gross they're probably stained

>>507576503Even better

>>507576503Hopefully with Adam’s semen so I can suck it dry like a good lil white boi

>>507575026>you cultural marxist.of course it's a boomcel Holla Forumstard

do you fags play with bloom or without it? this might be the one game where it actually looks good

>>507575026I can't understand this.

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Why is Bare Knuckle 3 so fucking easy?

>>507577215Why does diamond/garnet have a scar on her face? What happened?

>>507577273serious question unlike yoursStreets of Rage or Bare Knuckle?what's your favorite title?

Mr. Y has way better design than Ms. Y. You know it to be true.

>>507577395SOR as a title, but the Bare Knuckle logo looks cooler.

>>507577452He looks like every rich evil anime pretty boy. It's okay if you just wanted to say you'd fuck him homo.

>>507575507I don't even browse Holla Forums, you vapid, presumptuous cunt. I'm a liberal centrist and a normal and well-adjusted person. I slapped a trump hat off a boomer's head back in 2016, ffs.

>>507577395Just in case you're unaware, SoR3 and BK3 are so different in the details that they're basically two seperate games. People aren't being weebs when they call the third one Bare Knuckle instead of Streets of Rage, it's to distinguish them for being so different.

>>507576123Who is she? The final boss?

>>507577378penis inspection day

>>507577953sorry, didn't played sor3 or bk3, just the remake.

>>507577215The one on the left actually looks like a well-toned woman. The one on the right is just bad anatomy; the guy doesn't know how or where to draw hips (they look like they're poking out of her thighs).

>>507575026>SoR4 is sjw*yawns*

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>>507577826>dumbass that touches the property of other peopleyou need to be shooted, bud.

>>507577971she's a cute jobber

>>507578117maybe if you get laid you might find that girls can look like that.

very cool

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>>507554207It's worth telling you that you don't get two at once during arcade. They lessen that a bit

if sega is willing to let indie developers use their old ip, you think they'll be more open to more games being develop after the success of sor4? Altered Beast, Hang-On, Crazy Taxi, Dynamite Cop would be pretty cool.

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>>507578439go straighto!

>>507578171Well, she does look like an old, bloated Paula Abdul. I guess they're being inclusive towards worn-out whores as well.>>507578220The French Resistance were committing crimes to oust the Nazis as well. In that regard, I'm just carrying on their spirit of justice through civil disobedience.>>507578359I'm saving myself for marriage.

Nora and Ms Y spit roasting me with strapons

>>507576245hey that's mine

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>>507578645well, then don't start crying when you get shot.

>rough up Mr. Y, he jumps in the robot>go in the corner and punch the robot leg>sometimes Ms. Y comes over to bother me, slap her away with offensive special and go back to punching the leg>Mr. Y gets knocked out by electricity leakage or whatever>Ms. Y jumps in the robot to take his placeneat

>>507541763in Streets of Rage 5

>>507578765By my wife when I get married? I wouldn't stick my dick in crazy.

Finally! New Nora fanart!

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>no Ms. Y fanartWhat the fuck bros. She's the best girl.

>>507579248First time I see fanart of SoR4 Nora. Not bad.

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>>507556285her sitting proportions are fucked

>>507556285>boring fat/flat trannySrs?

Unironically, I don't recall the last time I felt joy by watching some game release.Seeing SoR series alive again with a proper sequel it's amazing. I feel like a kid again.

>>507562426It's censorship, but I like her sor3 outfit too

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So what are the chances of a SoR 5 or a remaster?

>>507541872I want mr x vs his kids

>>507581460Why are retards asking for a SoR5 when SoR4 has only been out about a week?You downy zoomers really do have the attention span of a fucking goldfish

>>507581737Isn’t it a good thing that there’s enough demand for a sequel?

>>507557394Electra had no right hand, and the whip was connected to her arm at the wrist. She throws away a fake hand along with her shawl in the bar in SoR2.

>>507541552>abgutThank you so much

>>507581658but he's not in the game...

>>507582072He is, use the taser on the arcade machine in the boss room of the art gallery

I can't take it anymore, guys. Somebody help me!

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>>507578504If there's one thing Sega does right these days is picking studios to outsource the development of their IPs. SoR4 was already pitched by another studio before Dotemu/Lizardcube/Guard Crush came around. Sonic Mania was outsourced to a team of fans too. So i'm guessing it is quite likely we could have revivals of other IPs in the future not done by Sega themselves.

>>507579248I want her to punish me, bros!

Question. How did mr x become a disembodied brain in sor3?

>>507582676>adam comes back as a chad and teach these bitches their place with his dick

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>>507551290>>507549185>>507547121>Blaze Fielding>FieldingThat's not a latina/latino surname dude.

>>507579248Another fanart of SoR4 Nora (here she's not alone tho)

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>>507570951The commissioner is similar to diva in that they are vulnerable after they do an attack.Meaning you actually have to play a very boring, dark souls style, bait and punish playstyle or you WILL get hit.

>Everything Barbon has counters everything Blaze has>have to dodge and wait for an opening the entire time>play Max for the first time>everything Max has counters everything Barbon hasOh my god, it feels so good to just roll over this asshole.

>>507583382He was killed at the end of SoR2 and his brain was all they could save.I think?

>>507583727>expecting a japanese game to have realistic character namesShe is a lambada dance teacher my dude, that and her thiccness makes me think she's somewhat of a Brazillian

>>507541552I was wondering about the mobility for the main-characters in SOR4; are you able to use run and roll mechanics like in BK3/SOR3? Or was it removed completely?

>>507570951You just need to respect the commissioner.Move away and see what he does. If he has super armor, wait for that to wear off and then jump him. If he does his walk up grab just jump him. If he does his superman grab, get out of the way or defensive super, either way you can punish. Don‘t be there when he gets back up. Try to kill the taser cop. That guy is half the bossfight.

>>507578645>Well, she does look like an old, bloated Paula Abdul.Get your eyes checked mongoloid, Blaze looks nothing like her.

>>507584631None of the SoR4 characters have roll. Cherry has run, that is it.

>>507584631Only Cherry can run, while Adam can dash. Roll is exclusive to unlockable SoR3 characters.

Is SoR4 good for newcumers, lads?

>>507585914yeah if you're familiar with beat em ups at all you'll feel right at home

>>507559760>but mecanics wise I rather play SOR4.Dude I love slow jank!SoR3 is still the best game mechanically.

>>507587476Yeah yeah, go actually play that game again and see how wrong you are.

>>507578489>It's worth telling you that you don't get two at once during arcadeAre you fucking retarded? Of course you do, several times. Play on Hardest or Mania.

my only gripe is that getting hit should just stop your combo there, not make you lose all your points. i feel like i just keep restarting the same levels over and over because i get touched once and lose a chance at anything higher than a B

>>507578489>>507587958It's even in very first level you idiot.

>>507588046shit I'd be fine with an option to cash out once you stop attacking

>>507581737People are just hoping the game gets a sequel you sperg. I'm not going to be done with this game for a very long time.

>>507588046I think it only takes the points from you if you get interrupted during an attack. I've been hit while just walking and it still gave me the combo points.

>>507588385this is actually really helpful if this is true

>>507578645>Well, she does look like an old, bloated Paula Abdul.I've always thought she was supposed to be JLo even when I was really very young. I guess making her fat was supposed to be a reference to JLo too but JLo 10 years after she was on In Living Color was still in really good shape so I don't know.inb4 gay or Irish comments. I like women with a little more meat on them, I just don't think it suits Blaze's character.

>>507587780BK3 is so much better it's not even a competition. You may as well tell me as a matter of taste you think a spoon is the best way to eat a steak.The only thing I like more is green health over the special timer. That's it.

>like the idea of beat em ups>every one you play bores you to tears

>>507588046My only gripe is Stage 7 and those fucking awful jump indicators, they're too slow if you're on one side of the screen or too fast and you're fucked anyways.

>>507588915She was curvy in 2 and stacked in 3, she was only really skinny in one of her appearances.

4 > Remake > 3 > 2 > 1

>>507589743if it takes you more than three seconds to realize you have to jump, you've got bigger issues.

>>507589242Alright. It's nice that you played BK3 a lot when you were a kid and really loved it, but I'm telling you to go play it as an adult now and see what a slog it really is.

>>507589932Not him, i played the 3 originals again recently, 3 really is by far the best of them.

>>507589743aren't you just invincible to the posts while airborne? I've done some late ass jumps for jumping too early and i swear you clip though them.

>>507583261aren't we all

>>507590151Well, get treated for your head injury then I guess. I honestly don't know how someone can have that opinion in good faith. The only mechanical differences are a roll, a run, and the ability to use your special like a dickhead instead of having to think about it like once every thirty seconds. The run and roll are almost entirely cosmetic because they didn't change anything about the game to account for them, and the special thing is such a tiny change it doesn't save the game from its god awful level design.

>>507589242You mean SoR3 right? The only thing wrong with SoR3 vs BK3 is the censorship, it's literally a better patch gameplay wise. >blitz moves taking less health>Roo jumps higher and light attacks are better>Rolls move much farther >Enemy Damage correctly scales based on difficulty

>>507590361>they didn't change anything about the game to account for themnot true, they made every enemy annoyingly fucking fast

>i find classic beatemups boring and shallowsuggest one game that would destroy this opinion

>First time trying out CherryOnly on normal but she seems really good. At the very least she's fucking fun to use. Don't see people talking about her much but first impression I might like her more than Blaze.Anyways... why didn't they make her hot? Come on.Webm unrelated.

Attached: commando steam.webm (892x480, 2.88M)

>>507590490Enemies are already like that on mania in SoR2. The main difference between enemies in 2 and 3 is the enemies in the US version of 3 do an obscene amount of damage.

>>507590361as a non beat em up player, I genuinely don't understand how people like the others better. I like 4 a lot and 3 is pretty fun but I recently watched a youtuber shriek and cry his way through a mania run in 4 about how the old games are better. when I watched his older videos of him playing 3 he just did the same basic boring combo the whole time and was still complaining so I think it's just boomer autism.

>>507590605She's a callback to skate, short black kid.

>>507590713You probably watched Anthopants. He's kind of legendary for playing all those games in the most basic cheesy way possible. He does the same thing in 4, so it's not really a valid criticism of any of the games.

>>507590648yeah but they made them stupidly fast on EVERY difficulty in 3. Mania made sense because it was supposed to be a bonus, there's no excuse for designing your game around it.

>>507590841yeah it was, didn't know he was a known guy. I think he posted the first 1cc mania so after watching that his videos kept popping up.

>>507590361>The only mechanical differences are a roll, a runEither you are retarded or you never actually played the game

>>507590361>The only mechanical differences are a roll, a runLiterally false>and the ability to use your special like a dickhead instead of having to think about it like once every thirty secondsNo, now you actually have to think when to use specials unlike 2>The run and roll are almost entirely cosmetic because they didn't change anything about the game to account for themLiterally false>god awful level design.Your thinking of 2, 3 has by far the best level design out of the classic games

>>507590605she is hot, she's just hiding the cherries

Attached: 20200511203012_1.jpg (1920x1080, 244.4K)

>>507590605>Axel vs Barbon

are those B.T. guys programmed to wait around and just bop you in the back of the head when you're attacking someone else? fuck

>>507590605Her ingame model is hot

>>507591558>Your thinking of 2, 3 has by far the best level design out of the classic gamesStage 4. Nuff' said.SoR2 doesn't even have "level design" outside of the aesthetics (which are amazing). It's a beat em up that doesn't feel the need to try and distract you with gimmicks.

how do i beat this guy? punching him as he runs towards you doesnt do shit unless im playing sor1 axel.

Attached: index.png (209x242, 6.49K)

>>507591902Level design in most beat 'em ups is more about where enemies/items are anyway. In either case 3 would lose every point in existence for allowing Tunnelway to exist.

>No pits>No lift stage>No stage hazards>Poorly placed enemies>Nonsensical locations and transitionsWhy is SoR2 level design so damn SHIT

>>507589816She has an actual dancer's body in the originals. All of them. I can google up the imgur and bombard you with concept art from Ancient too if you want.

Attached: 49807687787_14e318c1f5_o.png (858x511, 43.87K)

>>507591959Neutral jumpDefensive specialMove up or down to avoid himThrow a weapon at him

>>507590441The anti-blockbuster shit in SoR3 is bad and the censorship led to not just sprite or plot changes but the removal of actual gameplay.

>>507573792they really need to adjust this I think. how do they expect you to play flawlessly when the enemies are as fast and smart as they are? I actually love the enemies, I hate feeling like I have to restart because Donovan with a weapon or a jump kick girl hit me on the Y axis

>>507591959Sorry user, its guaranteed damage, its a balancing mechanic.

>>507592171She's in her thirties now. Of course she's not gonna have the same tight tween body. Now she's a sexy thick momma. If you don't find her body hot now you're literally gay.

Besides SoR what are some really good beatemups

>>507592530the DnD gamesSengoku 3

>>507592409>but the removal of actual gameplayWhat the fuck are you talking about? I've played BK3 and SoR3 they didn't remove shit from the gameplay, as I already stated if anything they ADDED shit

>>507568612Damn, I loved this design, still cant believe they ended not using it in the actual game, so sad

>>507592757oh no it's retarded

>>507591083Try watching iconoclast's mania 1CCs. Theyre a bit more entertaining.

>>507592828Explain why, I would love to know how SoR3 removes gameplay features from BK3

>>507592913literally Ash you fucking niggerdon't respond to me again

>>507592530When i was a kid, I used to play this one along with one of the ninja turtles, golden axe 3 and the simpsons one on mame

Anyone get that Luke Cage vibe from Adam in this game? I really wanna know what the connection between Axel and Shiva is, like did he call him brother as in brother in marial arts or brother in blood and flesh? Where is Skate, it's been 10 years yet he went unmentioned even Dr.Zan made a cameo in the ending credits. Was anyone else surprised the Y twins survived the game? I thought for sure they were gonna join their father in hell

>>507592957>507592957A hidden character not being included is the equivalent of "gameplay feature removed"? I mean, sure it is but you made it sound like they removed gameplay mechanics, not a fucking Easter egg


>>507592171I think Ancient is more about chubby girls these days

Attached: ad3da2819d6a5de40f012304296cd40a594edf0b_2_690x388.jpg (690x388, 209.06K)

>>507593379Oh right, was he apart of the story or just a weird boss you could play as? I wonder what he's been up to in 10 years.

>>507591959just wait until he gets a spear

>>507593501Well the OG's aren't.

Attached: a btfo.png (581x305, 104.73K)

>>507578697What is it he's saying when he uses his special? Ring of Fire?

>>507593905HIs blitz attack is "Grand Upper" as it's always been.The new star move sound like "Dragon burn" or something

>>507593803Muscle girls are based.

>>507593379mid-bosses aren't bosses, besides ash is literally a joke on any fucking difficulty that lasts for maybe 45 seconds against non-retards. It does suck that SoR3 doesn't include anything for his absence though.

>>507543969Fun as fuck like every other game stoned

>>507593803Yuzo Koshiro is just the composer though

How come Max doesn't look to have aged at all in the game? It's been 10 years yet he still super muscly like. Where the fuck is Skate? His brother and niece are fighting and he's nowhere to be found?

>>507594405That would be his sister talking. She actually helped in 2's design.

Why don't people like Cherry's gameplay holy shit. She's fucking amazing. So much fun, really powerful and fast. She can even do her charge attack straight through charging Galsias and fuck them up.

>>507594552I love bullying the fuck out of DJ K-Washi with her.

>>507542918>shoes indors>wine>posting gay shit like a phone picUr gay. Played the game and after >10mins I refunded the bitch. Beat SoR 2. Was good. This game? No good.

Attached: ape escape.jpg (480x342, 19.46K)

>>507594497fair enough, I was gonna post pic as well but it seems irrelevant

Attached: maxresdefault.jpg (1280x720, 75.05K)

>>507565883I want to take her on a nice date and make her wear a pretty dress. Oh, and princess carry her through her doorway after the date is over.

Attached: 1416603934143.png (838x959, 322.18K)

>>507594710Imagine being such a low IQ pleb you cry about people drinking wine.

>>507592171The only appreciable difference I can see from her model 3 is nerfing her biceps.

>>507571232>online playThis. I've been playing with my brother every weekend just like when we played SoR2 and 3 when we were kids.

>>507595054This but with Estel carrying me instead

>>507593803based department?

>>507574814Your list is shit.

>>507574691Pretty bad

>>507595296>he doesn't like turning tomboys into beacons of femininity with only the power of his dickC'mon son

Attached: 1548554218640.jpg (1079x1349, 53.42K)

>>507595869>3DPDdon't care about literally any letter you use

>>507595296I knew the moment I saw Estel that there would be so much porn of her.

>>507594912>irrelevantWhy? She works for Ancient as well, just have no idea if she had any input on that game.

>>507590441>>blitz moves taking less healthWhich also makes the "okay" metre pointless.

>>507596074too bad most of it will be futa because fags can't let a strong woman be normal

>>507596127well probably the main game, there are some buff dudes in

>>507596691Fags and trannies can't let us have anything nice.

>>507595154Game still shhit. Who care about wine or whatever poison you drink. am drunk on gin. Suck myy fuckin diiiiiiick.

Attached: fuck that shit.gif (271x199, 193.23K)

>>507578645I respect you btfoing a shit for brains redhat. But you're kinda reaching m8


>>507584814Hmm... tfw I forgot that Paula had that unsightly wart on her cheek

Attached: Magicians Red.png (1687x691, 1.34M)

>want to play Streets of Rage Remake through Steam Remote Play by tricking Steam by launching a different game that supports Steam Remote Play>everything works fine for the friend that connects except he has no audio>don't know how to solve it>do some research online>find out it's a common issue and so far one guy was only able to fix it by streaming his system sounds through SkypeI'm so pissed right now. So close, yet so far.

Attached: beyond mad.jpg (250x250, 9.76K)

>>507594710Seems like you've got a bad case of the BIG CRINGE.

>>507599631Why not just use Parsec instead?


>>507553778when you get to the sewers the game isn't fucking around anymore. it will filter you and if it doesn't, the fat biker bitches up top will. basically the game isn't too challenging until the biker bitches show up then it throws it into overdrive. they are absolutely cheap as fuck, and all of your deaths from then on will be because of them

>>507599802This sounds interesting. How does it work? Do both of us need that program? I couldn't find anything on the site related to that besides the info that said just post the link to the stream to your friend bro.

What the fuck is his problem?

Attached: file.png (228x300, 162.61K)


>>507600975both need parsec yes, I was playing retroarch with it with a mate, it's essentially the exact same thing as remote play together

>>507601126He cant find pants that fit him and hes angry

>>507600975Its a streaming platform, you stream the game adn your friend reacts to that and sends inputs, anyone who is not thehost will have a large amount of input delay, its borderline unplayable for most games.

>>507583530You just know Estel's tryna jump his bones 24/7 but he's too busy being a good dad

>>507597442No, I'm not. This is how people during the French Revolution affirmed for themselves the courage to affect change. I declared it so myself after I kicked another trumptard who was trying to assault me in the testicles and some other Trump apologist had the nerve to whine to me about how my actions weren't somehow justified.

Am I the only one using a sega controller for this?

Attached: 20200508_183730_HDR(1).jpg (2981x1678, 872.14K)

>>507572806if you are good at a game that has pve and pvp, pve gets eventually old and only other people result challenging enough for it to be fun

What is the fastest way to grind for points?

>>507601126he´s bald user, every bald person on the planet has a fucking problem

>>507602218play whichever level you're best at over and over againeither that or just do Arcade runs

>>507601721*French Resistance*Sorry, typo. Although it probably applies there, too.

>>507560518He tries so hard to be PG it's hilarious.

>> these to the rage compilation

>>507601126He is bald and hates jesus.

>>507601345>>507601583I'm not sure if I'll be able to convince my friend to download this program just to be able to play this game. Thanks for the input though.

>> more

>>507602131Nope. I use this.

Attached: M30.jpg (1000x1000, 50.11K)


>>507602664>IT'S NOT ME

Attached: 1588163145532.webm (1440x810, 2.84M)

>>507560518raging about the game design decisions of a video game you were a consultant on and disparaging the game developers is incredibly based

>>507602664>"This is the most frustrating game I've ever played"The only game he's ever played is Streets of Rage 2...

>>507603650It's clear they didn't listen to his input.

>>507603594>vietnam level>it's not me starts playing

>>507604837>that part where the victorias are throwing fire bombs on you>it's ain't me starts playing

>>507541552What if Estel is the mother of Cherry?

Attached: stage4 cutscene.jpg (1920x1080, 340.5K)

>>507604743Thank god

>>507601583I had that issue when I was using a different refresh rate than my friend changing that fixed the problem

>>507605238Estel has a futa cock and balls to fuck Blaze with so unlikely..

>>507604743>do the opposite of everything he says

Attached: 1560873640330.jpg (297x373, 26.46K)

>>507605980please don't contaminate this thread with your nonsense. we're trying to have a discussion here

I don't care what you guys say about anthopants. he's incredibly based and entertaining to watch. the amount of laughter from his rage has been worthwhile entertainment

>>507542918>shoes indoors

Attached: 16.jpg (342x342, 49.55K)

>>507607042they're comfy though. you wouldn't know i would wager. a pair of indoor shoes especially during the winter can keep your feet off the cold floor. give em a try, you might like em.

>>507541552She BETTER have a cock

>>507607690she doesn't, i checked

>>507606347Probably just told them he wanted to slide through the whole game as Max.

>>507546529>why is blaze built like a slightly protruding refrigerator in SOR4?because its erotic

This game is mad addictive. Can't remember the last time I was so hooked, shit.

You're all a bunch of stinking perverts. Get outta town. Can't have a discussion without hearing this absolute nonsense. Jesus these threads are complete garbage. Worst threads I've ever been in.

>>507606761shut up faggot

>>507602664How normal is this? Have any of you ever yelled at a video game? I think I've yelled like "Noooo" when I've died in a tense situation, but I've never actually yelled complaints at the game.

>>507608436you're the one wanting to see a cock hanging from a girl. how can i be the faggot here?

>>507606963Just seeing him rage from dumb shit just ends up making me mad. I can't laugh at raging idiots anymore.

Blaze Fielding is an Argentinian girl.

>>507608745Not the same guy fag, but you're on the wrong board. >>>/r/eddit

>>507609131yea call me the faggot when you're the one fantasizing about video game traps fucking each other. you're so in denial it's hilarious. go suck a dick, but we know you'd enjoy that


Attached: 1565389257502.png (186x186, 3.49K)

Just went through 2P on Hard with some random, was a good time. I was nu-Blaze he was SOR3 Blaze. Two sexy Blazes smashing the game.

>>507608629It's probably normal if you're a kid or a teenager. I used to have a slightly broken copy of Rayman for the ps1. It still ran, until I got mad enough that I ended up breaking it completely.

>>507609459It's very common on this site for the people to sexualize everything about the video game characters. It's so cringy. It happens to every video game without exception. I had to stop going to witcher 3 threads cus it was just so strange having to look at Triss after these retards start putting a cock on her.

>>507608629I yelled FUCKING DONOVAN multiple times trying to beat a stage with no damage. Mostly with laughter thrown in too.

>>507608629if you ain't raging, you ain't really gaming tbqhonifam

>>507609741Meant to say "When I was a kid, I used to have a slightly broken copy of Rayman". Thinking about it now, I wish I wasn't so stupid with my games and hardware.

>>507609569go jerk off to some porn of 2 traps fucking each other. how about commission an artist to draw estel and blaze fucking each other with their dicks

does the game seriously have no voice acting? I mean cmon it cant be that expensive, cutscenes arent even that long or complicated. its just a bunch of lines. Are you telling me they couldnt make the Voice actors do some sentences for them? It was pretty dissapointing, but i guess you get what you pay for.

This might actually be my game of the gen, not even kidding. It's too much fun.

>>507609131Not everyone here is a degenerate loser like you are. In fact, there's probably some subreddits for perverts like you.

>>507610000not a bad idea

>>507610320I love it when 4chan virgins call me a loser lmao.


>>507602664How old is this dude tho

>>507554109sor 3 was awesomediscovering you could play as roo was one of my highlights as a child

>>507602664He looks like that Opeth lead singer Akerfeldt or whatever.

>>507602664I wonder if the devs regret putting his name in the credits kek. All he does is shit on their game. Btw every time the credits come up he points out his name is there lol. What a fag.

>>507611031I think it's funny that they did it to show that they were in touch with the community when really it does the absolute opposite.

>>507611269>when really it does the absolute opposite.why? community doesn't like him? or just because he keeps shitting on the game?

>>507542918>Shoes indoorsDo Americans really?

>>507611439Because as far as I can tell he's not even part of the streets of rage community? He just has his own community of people who watch his stream. Then again the SoR fan forum I used to check is dead now, so I guess he just kind of de facto became the community. It's weird.

Attached: 9kqhJO7.gif (418x341, 38.36K)

>>507608629Unfortunately very common, goes along with the mentality that any sort of difficulty or learning curve they experience is an objective flaw of the game>game make me lose game badthis is the norm.

taser cop coming for this thread

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>>507579248might actually be the best girl

>>507579248>>507613705*nah, still the garnets actually, by a million miles

>>507588089We were talking about level 12 in arcade mode, which you don't.

>>507608942Her characterization is kind of odd. In menus she's got a sultry black lady voice but in game it's full on anime shrieking, no in between.

>>507613870My bad, sorry.

>>507613870He's not playing arcade mode here, retard.

>>507614010Blaze ACTUALLY sounds like the sultry black lady you're talking about in the PAX East Demo just 2 months before release. See was how she is meant to sound in-game, but i heard some folks didn't like it so they changed it. I personally don't mind both voices.

>>507549185Axel is truly one of us gamers

Attached: 1588386764400.jpg (498x1298, 99.49K)

where the fuck is the voice acting

>>507618041When Axel gran uppah's the money after the commissioner fight.

this dude named mikwuyma is streaming on twitch, attemping deathless mania. so far he's got the best sor4 gameplay ive seen