/mon/day thread. Remember this from last week? Digimon, Medabots, Spectrobes, Yokai, this thread is for all that shit

/mon/day thread. Remember this from last week? Digimon, Medabots, Spectrobes, Yokai, this thread is for all that shit.

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>>507519167Yokai user here. Been answering some questions for newcomers to the franchise lately. I'm glad quarantine has led some to discover the series

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what are some thoughts on Cyber Sleuth? I've been looking into buying it but I haven't played a Digimon game before.

>>507522914Enormous time sink if you want to try getting all the Digimon in the game and decent teams. It was my first Digimon game too, but there's a lot of resources out there to learn about how all the evolution system works and all the different digimon.I sort of got bored with it at the very end because the fighting system is somewhat shallow, but there's a lot of team customization you can do.

>>507522914I'm a digimon fanboy and I fucking hate it. The only good thing I can say about it is that it doesn't look bad. Play Dragon Quest Monsters if you want a pokemon replacement.

2 of these 4 games are better than the other two, which ones are they? Also, just a reminder just because A is better than B, it doesn't mean B is bad it can still be good.

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>>507519167I miss spectrobes.Jeena was my childhood crush.

>>507521074are they localizing the switch game?

>>507519167>New spectrobes is impossible because Disney Interactive is dead

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What are some lesser-known mon titles you'd recommend?

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>>507529010Non moon reader. What does it translate to?

>>507529415The full title is Keitai Denjuu Telefang: Speed version. There's a fan-translation if you're interested, but it's unfinished.

>>507526926Unrelated to thread but so is SplitSecond 2But yeah I want more spectrobes

/mon/ board when?

Has any other mon game had this password mechanic?

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>>507532326What does it do?

>>507529904>Speed versionAs in there’s also a Strength version?

>>507532431Basically, when you assemble a team for battle a password gets generated, and then someone else can use that password to fight a copy of your team.

>>507532574Yes, you get a pangolin as the starter instead of whatever fungus is.

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>>507532950Awesome. Sounds so much better than link cables.

>>507526415digimon>monster rancher>fossil fighters>yokai watch

>>507535379Wrong. Yokai Watch 3 is unironically one of the best, most content rich games on the 3DS.

post your waifumon

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>>507526746Nobody really knows. In late 2018 they said at a panel that they were doing so, but it has been radio silence on the subject since then. Many suspect the combination of corona and the series being all but dead in the West has finally done its chances in. Also the fact that the plot ties heavily into the newer movies and the Shadowside anime (which ages up the characters and adds alternate versions of the Yokai) neither of which have been localised and realistically are unlikely ever to be.If we DO get YW4, it will be the last Yokai Watch thing we get in the West.

>>507529904I’m looking at it right now. I like the pixel art. It reminds of the Pokémon TCG graphics and also Zelda Oracle. Cutscenes are a meh.

I finally went back to World of Final Fantasy. What have you been playing?

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Anyone else ever play Disc Creatures? I've been having fun with it.

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Picked up Medabots Rokusho from a guy for fairly cheap last week. Probably won't be starting it for a bit longer, but I'm stoked to finally own it.

>>507536597I stopped at the Ice mountain. I liked what I played but having every creature you get be level 1 was a retarded decision, especially since there's no way to skip or lessen the grind after a point.

Anyone here play the Monster Crown beta? How is it?

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medabots was a cool concept, not sure why it failed

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>>507538292>not sure why it failedthey stopped making good things

do Personas pass?

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>>507526926Shame, I only played the one on the DS when I was a kid, but it was fun.

>>507536362Fossil Fighters and Digimon World

>>507538884They have in the past. Never played it, but I applaud the design philosophy for being different rather than just going the same cute angle as Pokemon & Medabots.

>>507538292Jesus Christ, this is SOUL.

>>507538292Isn't Medabots alive in Japan?Also, is the anime worth binging?Is it more like Digimon and less like Beyblade?

I have a theory on why the Fighting Foodon games weren't released in the WestIts because you can localize something like Korokke into being Tater Tots but you can't change the actual game's contents that reveal the contrary

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>>507538292From my point of view:>Loved the show as a kid>But even back then, I knew the airing order was fucking odd, why?>The mechs were cool, the toys were also pretty nice>Pogs of these characters were the shit when I was in 6th grade>Season 1 ended, but people still watched reruns>Season 2 came out, and most of my friends were in "that age" were they pretty much "wrapped up" their childhoods>Many characters were not in Season 2>It had this odd gimmick were they transformed into bikes or some shit, it look a bit ridiculous>I also lost interest, all I wanted is a cool shonen with cutom mini mechs, slice of life and tournament arcs.>Only three games were localized AFAIK, the GC one and two for GBA.I watched it again, still holds up but I would really love if there was a version with the LatAm Dub with the JP music, and I was surprised Nelvana left a lot of Japanese culture references untouched, unlike 4 Kids.If they release a new game here in NA, I would buy it without a second doubt as long as it´s not gachashit for phones.

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>>507540124>Isn't Medabots alive in Japan?no. they've tried to revive it but it hasn't worked.>Also, is the anime worth binging?the first season is.

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>>507540410Whatever killed Foodons did us a favor. I just do not like the premise, no matter how funny the anime’s opening narration is. It’s like if Ronald McDonald made Pokemon.

>>507538292It's probably just me but as a kid I never saw any of the toys in any stores- I didn't live in the middle of nowhere either I lived in a bustling metropolitan area.

>medabee loves watermelons>hire a black guy to voice him in englishwhat did they mean by this?

>>507540946I lived in the middle of nowhere and had tons of Medabots toys.

>>507540861I knew about this but I am glad it flopped, or else we would have been trapped in an era where the waifus would have been 1st and Medabots second, look at this fucking image, there´s only Metabee and Rokusho FFS. I may be a coomer but some things are better when they do it with moderation or in a more subtle way like in pokémon, sure it has waifus and shit but the pokémon are still the main selling point, as much as I hated SwSh.


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>>507541116The kinda voice he had, you wouldn’t notice. Wasn’t that Kevin Hart?

What’s next for the genre?

>>507541116youtube.com/watch?v=7KtBjQBtafUIf I had actual talent, I'd take this audio and apply it to a racist animation

>>507519167The only metabot game I played was AX on the gba. I was 6 or 7 at the time and watched the anime from time to time. I also enjoyed the digimon battle spirit games.

>>507538292I pulled Warbandit in Medarot S recently.

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>>507544778it's a shame 1.5 never got a western release

>>507545389English version when, damnit.

>>507538248very based, making some pretty nice crossbreeds but right now there's a glitch with the monster that follows you and it can fuck off for a while

>>507541612>Wasn’t that Kevin Hart?no

>>507519167anyone here play metabot 9? been thinking about playing it, which one is the best in the series?

>>507538248I like that snake monster. Almost everything else looks kinda bland.

>>507545706Once you get used to the UI it really isn't needed. I know zero jap and play the game just fine. This image is a good reference for the daily quest descriptions though.

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There is a mon game on the Gameboy full of aliens based on real accounts. Has anyone played that? I'm currently interested in it.

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>>507522914I really liked it for how easy it is to digivolve and dedigivolveyou get to use a lot of different mon in that game

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I wish they made more Medabot games like the Rokusho/Metabee one for the GBA.But on a bigger scale.

>>507551163Based speedster bot

>>507551163>>507551280>>507538292the anime had some absolute kino fights

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Wasn't the masked dude with the phoenix the champion or was it the bot with the blasters?Anyone got any webms of peppercat/phoenix?

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anyone else play this?

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Medabots art style is so comfy. That in combination with the bleed-through 90’s anime aesthetic was bread & butter.

>>507553716space medafighter x and arc beetle

>>507553912It seems too focused on the cute aspect, which I kinda expect will lead to pigeonholing to certain types of designs.

>>507554219>arc beetleOh yeah not the phoenix, him he was cool.

>>507553786Imaishi worked on this episode right? It really reminds me of his work.

>>507519167Spectrobes... home...

>>507536597I beat the main game and was working towards dex completion, but it started becoming a pain near the end to do completion stuff, so I stopped. I enjoyed it though. Supposedly, it's getting a sequel.

>>507538884I my say persona is a monster tamer given they're more like equips than party members.

Post demons you want back for SMT5

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I'm playing Digimon Cyber Sleuthis BanchoLeomon supposed to be hard? I've been playing in hard for a while but I had to switch to normal since I was dealing peanuts for damage

>>507519167Spectrobes Origins is a better game than any Pokémon game ever. Why didn't it had a sequel ? especially when the end was a cliffhanger

>>507560605Even if they are just bosses again I really want to see the two Hallels

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>>507560969>Spectrobes Origins is a better gameThat the most false statement I ever heard, it is't even better than the first two spectrobes games. I don't like pokemon too but get that bullshit out of here.

>>507561998>Hallel Decarabia>Hallel Forneus>Hallel Nebiros

So if I wanted to get the full package of World of FF what would I need to buy?

>>507560679I'm not sure if it applies to BanchoLeomon but some bosses have high as fuck defensive stats, meaning you either need penetrating moves or tons of buffing attack/debuffing defense to really make a dent. If you don't have penetration/buffs and Acceleration Boost some bosses can be obnoxiously tanky.

>>507562539You get a Hallel, you get a Hallel, every Goetia demon gets a Hallel

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>>507521074How skippable is the second game? And how hard would it be to go back to the second after playing the third? I know in the Rune Factory series, after playing the third game, the first two are a bit painful to go back to.I've been playing the first yo-kai watch, and aside from all the wild goose chase side quests, and the bug / fish catching, and the chasing yo-kai around on the screen with the little lens to reveal them... yeah, aside from those, I've quite enjoyed it. It has a cute comfy story that I am adoring.But I hear that the third game is where the game really starts to shine. And business is starting to get back to normal, so my 3ds gaming time is going to start shrinking soon.

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>>507546816Maybe if you could tell us the title of the game?

>>507546816As a true crime/conspiracy theory casual follower, this sounds really cool. Details, please.

>>507519167Which spectrobes was the best? I vaguely remember playing Origins, and the first game. Never played the second, but I want to. Games are super cheap to buy used and the last time I checked, you could buy Origins Pre-Owned for like 5 dollars.

>>507566319YW1 is completely skippable, YW2 even treads the same ground storywise

>>507566473I don't know what it's called, that's why I referred to it as the one with "real" aliens.

>>507567053It was on the GBA specifically and I only know it exists because it was briefly mentioned in a youtube video. That's all I know.

Man I wish there was a third Fossil Fighters game

>>507526415How's Yokai Watch? Never had a 3DS so I couldn't play it, and my pc can't run citra to emulate it

>>507558016Nice. Hope it fixes some of the grinding issues.

>>507569108The first game is the worst one, the second one is an improvement that reuses all its content, Blasters is great, and the third is the best.

I watched Tri. What was the point? The moral was about letting go, but there is no payoff, you just avoid death ? It's a new angle but it was really weak especially since the series has done nuanced emotion plots really well before. And the retconning didn't even contribute to the story.

>>507567282I disagree, 1 has a certain charm to it and a simplicity to its premise and world that subsequent games kind of undermined by upping the stakes.I always recommend starting with 1.

>>507569108I could just paste the usual Yokai Watch infodump I always use when people ask about the games.

>>507541290To be fair is there something Stephen can't kick the arse of?

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>>507522914I just bought it about a week ago. I was pretty on the fence beforehand but I am happy with the purchase so far. Main cons are that the story is very boring for a majority of it (it just started heating up and I'm pretty sure I'm two thirds of the way). Characters are fairly generic. The battling is fun but a bit simple. But on the plus side I enjoy the number of Digimon, the game is not as tedious as I feared it might be, and the story is now actually heating up.

I didn't get an answer last time so I'm asking this again. Is this a mon game? you collect things and make them fight for you but I wouldn't say that's the main focus.

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>>507577823I thought it was a competitor to professor layton.

>>507578040It is, but it's also a stealth game along with the stuff I already mentioned.

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>>507582971YKW has some great designs that get really overlooked.

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Is it true there are people that think Daemons mismatched arms are just a deformity and not him using stretchy arm powers?

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>>507584171It probably doesn't help that pretty much all art and models always have one arm larger than the other.

I vaguely remember an rpg for the ps1 where you raise monsters from eggs and they can die. Any ideas?

>>507583917Yeah, sucks that most of them are around S-rank though.

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>>507586157If it was an Srpg its Monster Seed. If it was a Tamagotchi its Digimon World.

>>507519167Just finished Medarot 7, final boss is an Azathoth-themed Medabot.

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>>507586196Yeah. Though I guess if they weren't S-rank then there wouldn't be much reason to use them beyond just wanting to.Such as Wydeawake being one of my favorites but being an E-rank he's pretty much useless.

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>>507519167one of the few games im looking forward is the new Dragon Quest Monsters game assuming it actually leaves Japan. The battle and breeding system actually lets you form whatever kinda party you want, if the games had better world building (less generic plots/music and more to do in the worlds themselves, less generic npcs and quests etc) then they'd be perfect monster taming games.

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>>507586463Oh thanks it was definitely Monsterseed.

>>507586945That's why they added those treasures in 3 that can increase a yo-kai's rank. So if you like Blowkade enough to want to use him on an official team you can.

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>>507519167Is puppet nightmares any good?

>>507588210>3DS died before getting to play 3>continue hearing about all the cool things 3 hadLife is pain

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Is Custom Robo close enough?

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>>507589857Assuming it works like Medabots, yes.

i remember playing this game, but nothing about it except that i took a picture of my dick and it turned into a bird, wicked cool

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>>507592303I got this game and got stuck on it.Something about not being able to get better monsters at that point in the game and the battle I needed to continue was too tough for me.

>>507592303the white cart looked good

>>507592303Does this work on 3ds systems or is that disclaimer on the bottom still true?

>>507519167>Remember this from last week?KEEP IT GOINGI revived anarchy reigns for a solid month on this board through pure consistency. You can revive digimon if you keep it going. I am here with you mon man.

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>>507593474I'm definitely all for /mon/day being a regular thing.It always sucked that it was really hard to talk about Digimon, YKW and etc.

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>>507566473>>507567053>>507546816youtube.com/watch?v=Zb6REg5xg5Eis it this? it's called Uchuu Daisakusen Chocovader - Uchuu Kara No Shinryakusha

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>>507595375>>507594525>>507519167I, too, support this becoming a new tradition.

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>>507597474Don’t know if that’s the game, but GOD that sound designer better be fired.

>>507598097May this last until the day this site dies

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>>507597474I think that's it. It doesn't look like it has an English fan translation. I hope it gets one, this concept is something I don't want to miss out on.

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This was my favorite spectrobe species, I hate that it got cut in origins.

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Alright, so what's the definitive Monster Rancher game at this point? I felt out of the loop with the series after play MR2 and one of the DS ones.

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>>507603818I think the first three are generally the most 'basic' of the games. As in they stick pretty closely to the formula set by the first game.4 changes things up pretty drastically with it's dungeons and raising multiple monsters at once, and EVO continued that while adding the circus stuff.I think most would agree that MR2 is the definitive experience? I don't really see any arguments really being made for 3.

Are there mon games that depict their monsters in an active ecosystem?

>>507606469The closest I can think of is Monster Hunter Stories.Sometimes you see fights between monsters depicted as fightclouds in the field. Mostly predators killing prey.

>>507529010Magi Nation, but I shill it all the time here. Great if you want a monster game with an actually compelling world and way too many well hidden secrets.

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>>5076038181 is meh, 2 is best, 3 is hit or miss but buggy, 4 let's you raise five monsters, and Evo plays pretty differently but also have best story and girl.

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>>507529010is Azure Dreams well-known? PS1 game combines rougelite dating sim, town building with some monster taming/breed elements. I really liked a lot of the monster designs and how they had their own innate unique abilities.

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>>507560605I think Orias still hasn't had a 3D model? Would love to see him.

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Anyone else play this?

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>>507603818>Alright, so what's the definitive Monster Rancher game at this point?Monster Rancher 4

>>507608084Never heard of it. Give me the low down.

Remember Neopets?

>>507560605Give us MINOTAURThe single best Non Kaneko design. I don't want to hear any arguments.

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>>507608930I liked Asmodeus as well but I agree with you.

These threads are surprisingly active.

pastebin.com/3WxQUHSWThis should probably be posted in every /mon/day thread. Though maybe we should make a new version with more games and a less troll inviting name.

>>507608713You pick a monster at the start, represented by a Gem. The gem determines your attack in a battle. When you fight other monsters, if you beat them, you get their gem and can use it in battle. Each monster has an alignment based on the suit symbols.Spades > HeartsHearts > ClubsClubs > DiamondsDiamonds > SpadesThe opposite of the above does less damage if I remember right. Later monsters give gems with stronger attacks. The game bills sixty monsters but there's only forty-six with a few dupes. You make a deck from your gems during a fight and go from there depending on the monster you meet. You can give the monster food or an item and they may give you money. Your monster will put on weight every time it eats and it determines how fast it acts in battle. You can have it work off its weight and do more actions in battle. It's a fun little game for what it was and has some cute designs. There was also a Gameboy game a few years back that I think was JP-only.

>>507611056That sounds like a neat little distraction. I'll play it later.

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>>507519167>tfw no Fossil Fighters for the SwitchI blame Frontier for this

What should I play first, Monster Racers or Robopon?

>>507614413It's cause the switch has a tv mode, you can't clean fossils properly with a joystick.

I hear the other Spectrobes games weren't as good, what was the problem with them?

>>507616737Assuming you mean the ones that came after the first. The reasons I like don't like them is that for the second one battles use a worse system and the high krawl were a stupid decision. and origins is horrible in every way except excavating.

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