Jackbox thread

bored and alone, host the box of jack

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>making a thread when there's no hostfor what reason?

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way too early for a thread, I can host at a moments notice but there won't be enough around for a game.

>>507515749well, Op + me and my retard friend can join

>jackbox at this timecome back in 6 hours maybe

>>507515959Fuck you, it's 3:16 in the afternoon.

>>507516043it's a monday, some people are at least pretending to work

>>507516043>3:16 in the afternoonyeah but in actual places(America) it's 10 AM or earlier

sad, I really wanted to play

>>507519134give it like 3 hours then maybe enough people will be around

i have 15bucks, already own jackboxes 1, 2 and 6, should i get 4 or 5 next?


>>507521534why 3

>>507521591tee ko and quiplash alone

>>507521426definitely 3>>507521591because it has Quiplash 2 and Tee-KO, some of the best games they ever made.

>>507521686jackbox 2 has quiplash already

>>507522042quip 2 is a bit better, Tee-KO imo the best jackbox game of them all

>>507522042ok enjoy your shitty version of quiplash

>>507522248let's not pretend 2 is perfect when it has the comic round

mixer.com/BlackBarsyI'll host for a little bit.Starting with Trivia Murder Party 2

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>>507522528I didn't say it was perfect, but it's an upgrade in almost every way from quiplash one


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Let's do the Barsy BUMP

>>507523130Join for TKO

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>>507526768Do you want to get banned

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on my way to page ten!

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Tee K.O. is overgames.jackbox.tv/artifact/TeeKOGame/ba0a230221f9bf8d08a1866aa4f45a8d/A second round is starting shortly, expect more shirts

>>507530273CXN-MGVKCode for custom quiplash

games.jackbox.tv/artifact/TeeKOGama/95a245973b80db232bf0d262022a4070/http://games.jackbox.tv/artifact/TeeKOGame/7f06594d0f1cb6399581e2072b2d0fbf/http://games.jackbox.tv/artifact/TeeKOGame/1c02730369515799491b3c272e25f76d/http://games.jackbox.tv/artifact/TeeKOGame/6279706c3e1ed0c7e7caeaeed0a52440/Dingle, for shirt collection.

>>507530810first link got fucked upgames.jackbox.tv/artifact/TeeKOGame/95a245973b80db232bf0d262022a4070/

there's always a stream up before I'm about to stream, not that I'm complaining but I guess this means I barely have to stream anymore, if at all.

>>507531938Keep your finger on the trigger, i'll DDOS the current one so you can swoop in

>>507532216but why


every fucking thread the same retard replying to everyone crying about ads. Nothing is being advertised at all.

>>507533676He is just jelly he cant make mad dosh with sparks.

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>>507533676It's not rare to see Jackbox threads last over 24 hours long, they quite literally never get taken down unless the thread is made with a twitch link in the OP. If the mods had a problem with these threads, they would have stopped weeks ago. It's best to ignore the autist and let him bump the thread.

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these prompts are a boymeat barbecue for women who smell like butter

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oh god I didn't realize it was meant to be use it in a sentencekill me


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torrenting videogames is a crime fuck you ayyys trying to frame met. John

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>>507538473yeah okay falseflagging phil

>>507523637custom prompts are nice, but aren't the only features they added to the main game itself a worse final round and a "write for me" option that nobody in their right mind ever usesnot really THAT much of an upgrade

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How do you think they'll fuck it up?

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>>507533482>games.jackbox.tv/artifact/TeeKOGamttfw my oni was too thicc. I'll try to draw her in a slimmer and in a bikini next time

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>>507541032every round is comic lash

>>507541032If it's literally just Quiplash 2 with different prompts and one or two different final rounds, it'll be a fuck up. Quiplash 2 has custom prompts, this thing has no reason to exist if it's just more of the same.

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Streams up

>>507543128streams down nvm

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>>507542006>this thing has no reason to exist if it's just more of the same.There's what 7+ games that are just sequels already

>>507543297stream's middle now

>player name prompts

>>507544641>quiplash 2>fibbage 2 and 3>tmp 2>drawful 2that's 5 sequels not including quiplash 3, and YDKJ full stream maybe probably kinda sorta counts as one tooof these i feel like the only one that really just felt like more of the same was fibbage 2

>>507544673Wtf a stream just flew over my house

>>507546771oh crap i fell through a stream

>>507547152I accidentally a stream. What do?

Damn bro, mvc sure sucks dick

Do TKO again pls

>>507548558Cracka detected


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>dude what if i ruined the picture on the last round of civic doodle lmao

>>507553993I mean, it's really a vote of no confidence. In order to ruin it the two people editing it have to ruin it or at least one does and everyone has to agree that ruining it was for the best. It's fairly democratic.

>>507553248we're playing jackbox fag



onis are the worst cancer


>>507558390how quickly the tide turns

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>>507558390*people submitting the same shit over and over is cancerI'll take creative oni shirts over the same old mario drawings that get shoved into every tko game

>>507558390I want to pork an oni ngl

games.jackbox.tv/artifact/TeeKOGame/425a16f1557ad5e90f5e16e0b3901b33/Now is someone going to start streaming or should I

thanks for the stream dude

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is there no host?

>>507515089/DingleDangle up on Mixer, starting off with Quiplash as usualReply with game requests if you want to see them turn up in the strawpollsHOW TO PLAY:>join a stream>open up jackbox.tv (computer, mobile, whatever)>input the code that appears on streamYou don't need to own any of the games.

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>>5075615745/8 so far, git in


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>>507561574TKO always btw

>>507561574Earwax or confirmed gay

>playing jackbox with Holla Forums>all unfunny memes instead of quips>Huuur tranny, duuuur hormone therapy, nigggggerrrrsIt's like you dumb fucks literally don't know how to be funny or express yourselves. Every game is literally the same.

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>>507563026Sounds like the typical Holla Forums user. Idk what you were expecting.

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>>507563026>complaining about Holla Forums being Holla Forumsfind a different board to play jackbox with if you're this assmad

>>507561574Quiplash is ending soon, time to vote on the next game.Votestrawpoll.me/20019654

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>>507563847requesting youtube.com/watch?v=YyV0GLebbK0 again for after Tee KO

>>507563847I voted

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i'm sorry, ok? it's hard to be funny

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Are we gonna do the alien game?

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>>507565870It isn't. Meme's aren't humor. Try to be relatable in a way that isn't just regurgitating something that made you laugh.

>>507561574Tee K.O. is over halfway finishedVote on the next game while we waitstrawpoll.me/20019867

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>>507566605>A vote where you can pick as many as you want.Based.

games.jackbox.tv/artifact/TeeKOGame/fa9953461172073864457a652bd29366/Push the Button will be starting shortly >>507561574

not a single oni lewd or a shitting pikachuwe're doing well

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9/10 players

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>>507561574Push the Button is overVotestrawpoll.me/20020162

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>humans never wi-

>alien tells everybody who the aliens are>Holla Forums still nearly loses

>>507571968Never underestimate the efficacy of the double bluff.


>>507571968that's why they nearly lost. they tried to vote in ayy when he wasn't.

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>>507571795requesting a song on dingle's streamyoutube.com/watch?v=kN5jgNW5mmg

>>507561574Trivia Murder Party 2 has endedstrawpoll.me/20020389

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>>507561574Drawful 2 has finishedVote on the next gamestrawpoll.me/20020537

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>>507576775youtube.com/watch?v=3395PPzVW3Ymy song request for dingle's stream

Hosting TKO

I am no longer bumping this thread



>>507561574Civic Doodle is overVotestrawpoll.me/20020679

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Aliens win in different games now. How do we stop them?


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>>507579747It can't be done

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whoever wrote polippa the nippa you fucking got a legit chuckle out of me

Best game has ended >>507561574Vote on the nextstrawpoll.me/20020926

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>"porch doggy"

Who the fuck is joel he killed that shit

>>507581583Please play this songyoutube.com/watch?v=oAUxhHz-LCM

>implying implications

Survive the Internet is on its final round >>507561574Vote for the next game in the meantimestrawpoll.me/20021088

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play this on next breakyoutube.com/watch?v=mj-v6zCnEaw


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Jesus, calm down people

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>>507561574Monster Seeking Monster is on its final nightstrawpoll.me/20021204

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>>507588319pickled and joel atleast

the end approaches


>Mixer account is banned all of a sudden.T-thanks, anybody know how long a mixer ban usually is?

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>>507561574We just Pushed the ButtonVOTE VOTE VOTEstrawpoll.me/20021425>>507590536If it's a global ban (no chat or streaming privileges) it's probably permanent

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What is this song called?

Oooooooo AAA E A A I A UJOooooo AA E O A A U U AEeeeeeeee AA E A E I E AJOooooo EE O A AA AAA

>>507590701youtube.com/watch?v=UFXqJ--L_Kkplay the jap version now

>>507561574Tee K.O. is on its way outLet's vote while we waitstrawpoll.me/20021546

play this next cowardyoutube.com/watch?v=J_DV9b0x7v4


good night and thanks for the games, Holla Forums

how do you set a profile pic in mixer

>wow it works

Did I miss everything?

>>507537889Closest to actually funny I've ever seen Dictionarium. Which isn't saying much.

Last game's Tee K.O. link:games.jackbox.tv/artifact/TeeKOGame/fae59b216a6b6ddcf6423b60b1d4265c/>>507561574Quiplash on its final round, now's the time to jump in.strawpoll.me/20021677

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youtube.com/watch?v=cUYSGojUuAUthis next

>>507596178you'll have to wait until after >>507593776 >>507593805

>>507563026Here ya go budreddit.com/r/JackboxStreams/

bump the thread

>>507561574Drawful 2 is endingVote vote votestrawpoll.me/20021791

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>>507598714queing thisyoutube.com/watch?v=Y_wiaVl1i9Q

>page 10yup ded streams

now watchj me whip

>>507561574Mad Verse City is approaching its final roundJump in and vote on the next gamestrawpoll.me/20021991

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>>507590536Time to get a new one I suppose. RIP Jackfren

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joe rogan bump.

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>>507561574Patently Stupid hitting its final roundVotestrawpoll.me/20022116

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Attached: space.png (1333x977, 1.78M)

>>507561574Split the Room will be ending soonishstrawpoll.me/20022197

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ray ts, im banned on mixer but yes i also wanna fuck clowns.

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>>507606757i want to draw that clown

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>>507607076I want to Dobson that clown.

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>>507607227i dont get it

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some nigger still streaming? I wanna join

found it, dingledangle

>>507561574Trivia Murder Party 2 is over>THIS WILL BE THE LAST GAME OF THE STREAMIf there's anyone who's capable of streaming, now's the time to make sure you're all set to go.strawpoll.me/20022346>>507609151This may be your last chance user

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>Voting for Nigger Verse Ghetto over STI or ZEEPLE.

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youve gone too far jingle jangle.

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>>507607408mom's spaghetti

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>>507609483hey dingleplay Birthday Cake

this is peak jackboxif you disagree go back where you came from

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no more stream?

>>507612193rivaled by only one

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I demand zeeple dome be played when others are waiting

>>507612618only the dead know peace from that evil

Do you niggas need new host or what?

back under a new name. mixer/thediggerman

>>507613383better than nothin'

>>507613383and i cant open chat for some reason what the shid

>>507613383ill join a game when you pick one that isnt gay.

>>507613383Doesnt look like anyones joining

>>507613383I highly doubt I have enough time to draw this in TKO

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>>507614362ill join a little bit later on.

>>507613383>>507614436>>507614362yeah i kinda just gave up


>>507614436underboob addition

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let's play some jackbox motherfuckers

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are there enough around to play?As when I hosted early morning yesterday it was completely dead

>>507615695still dead.

>>507615695we're struggling to get 8 people on TMP2 on digger's stream rn. Jingle completely destroyed everybody's minds.

>>507615880Jingle did a great job but it's weird how much quieter the threads have been since his account got nuked. There's plenty other good streamfags out there except dumbdigger, nobody likes his streams

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>>507616307fuck you i like that guy

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>>507612545Is this the Jackbox Political Compass?

>>507617680nobody likes you nigger.

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>>507617945take it back

Attached: shirtimage-8 (1).png (579x485, 68.45K)

Need more for ptb at thediggerman

>>507620154mixer.com/thediggermanPUSH THE BUTTON LIVE2 MORE SPOTS

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That's why nobody like you, digger.


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I'd play but I'm god-awful at drawing