Why did everyone leave her after one date?

Why did everyone leave her after one date?

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She fucks on the first date

>>507506616alchoholic and messy mainly

>>507506616She gushes about her problems, drinks constantly, eats food off the floor, and doesnt love herself. Doesnt help she wants a stable relationship and marriage. All her dates see through this and those who figure they'd at least get a quick fuck in are so repulsed by her room they do a 360 amd walk away. Funny enough, it's never because of her age like she thinks. >>507506805She wishes, maybe in her opera days but according to Dorothea she was already a heavy drinker back then as well.

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>>507507389>She gushes about her problems, drinks constantly, eats food off the floor, and doesnt love herself. Doesnt help she wants a stable relationship and marriage. All her dates see through this and those who figure they'd at least get a quick fuck in are so repulsed by her room they do a 360 amd walk away. Funny enough, it's never because of her age like she thinks.I don't know about you but she sounds perfect

>>507506616Monday cake/MILF/general older women threadI need this

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>>507508071I agree. She's also a fun unit to mess around with due to warp if you choose magic or try to take advantage of her weirdly strong speed growths.

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>>507506805This, like most of my cougar tinder dates

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>>507506616Why does a religious order allow one of their teachers to dress like this?

>>507508829You say this like the Archbishop doesnt wear tight clothing.

>>507508768That's every tinder date desu.

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Wh would you befriend in garreg mach

About to begin CFCan i recruit her and Hilda?

>>507509430Her, yes.Hilda only if you don't side with the cunt.

>>507509430You can recruit Manuela, but not Hilda.

>>507509223I'd give Gatekeeper-kun something to report.

>>507509515>>507509535DmmI just finished deer routeGonna miss "Hil-da!Hil-da!"

>>507509223Raphael, the gentle chad.

>>507509932Sorry, her retard villain detector is TOO strong.

>>507509932>>507510093Empire fears the gigastacy

Is there a single female in this game that doesn't mog Edelgard to death?Even Bernadetta grows bigger than her.

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>>507510093She has less orbiters to do shit for her in the BE, that's the only reason.

>>507510586Definitely thought you were talking about tits

>>507510721That applies too.

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>>507509013Mature women have higher first date fuck %

>>507510586The fish.

Japan is fucking weird. They always make these "old" female characters nobody wants, but they aren't actual roastie used up whores. >oh no she drinks and is messybig deal.

>>507510885Flayn is an ironing board.

>>507510885Doesnt Catherine have some big knockers?

>>507510619... which is why she has no problems joining if you go church, right?

>>507511084>Thinks any woman older than 25 is undesirable>Wonders why their birth rate is plummeting

>>507507389Woah she's literally me

>>507507389>She gushes about her problems, drinks constantly, eats food off the floor, and doesnt love herself. Doesnt help she wants a stable relationship and marriageI don't see what's so bad, sounds like any woman.

>>507511084Manuela is handled much better than their usual old lady trope. Usually they look 20 but are actually 28 and all the men avoid them like the plague because she's over 25 despite being perfect in every regard. Manuela has a ton of flaws and most likely slept around in her youth, but men want her at first and only begin to avoid her for said flaws once they start to know her, not because she's late 30s/early 40s.

>>507511289I was looking at Japanese pornography the other day and a revelation struck me. Those round, soft faces and high pitched squealing. They're essentially overgrown children >but that's what adults areYes, but Japanese women look much more childish than others. This could very well be why loli is such a big thing, relatively speaking. Their women look like kids but bigger, they sound like kids and act like kids, which is why their bigger turn off is women that aren't even that old.

>>507508829Sometimes, you can have a religion where exposing skin doesn't constitute sinful behavior.

>>507508829Does this look like the head of a religion that cares about modest clothing to you?

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I didn't. I married the shit out of her.

>>507510885Flayn is

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>>507506616she probably smells

>>507514453Imagine the mixture of sweat, wine, and perfume?

>>507514646So she'd smell like the French, only marginally better?

>>507514646I don't have to remember, this is just the French.

Just how many people attend Garreg Mach every year? I assume that the playable students were only a small part of the whole group. Is it ever implied anywhere that you also teach the random student npcs?

>>507515492I'd assume that your available time in the monastery is just your free time, and that when you're not in control Byleth is holding seminars and such.

>>507508597>Learns bolting>Hates reasonNo wonder she can't get laid.

>>507511169her base design makes her look flat, stick her in the dancer gear

>>507506616Why is the tea party shit so fucking cringe .

>>507508367Manuela craves for love. And I would glady offer it to her.

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>>507515720Does Byleth just teach tactics and whatnot, or do they do the core subjects too? Is there a "maths with Byleth" option?

>>507508367>>507519141I regret not romancing Manuela on my first run.Big tiddy goth sniper was too good to resist, but I'll fix that on my next 3H playthroughThe question is who I romance on the third

>>507519141cakes deserve repeated orgasms from cunnilingus while having their bellies grabbed

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>>507519636>Big tiddy goth sniper was too good to resistWho?

>>507520280Shamir, the only one that's almost as autistic as Byleth, and a former merc on top of that. They're a perfect match.

>>5075066161) She's the only woman in the entire game that doesn't list her age.2) Has zero regard for homecare especially as a woman. Mess tornado.3) Going on that age thing, even if you can impregnate her, odds are the kids will have autism because she's oldShe's super hot, too bad about the rest of the package.

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>>507520440Maybe the jacket is playing tricks on me cause it doesn't make her look busty.

>>507520280>>507520440Yup, Shamir really felt like a natural match for Byleth to me.

>>507519692There is nothing more sexy than having an intense missionary with a sex-starved cake/milf while she is leglocking you even more close and her nails scratch you back from the intensity, like she doesn't want you to go. She is like clay in your hands at that moment and that's both super hot and cute at the same time.

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>>507520565>the kids will have autism because she's oldThe kids will have autism because Byleth is autistic.

>>507520947The hunger and enthusiasm really makes you fee so close and wanted. It's nice. Two people desperately wanting each other

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>>507520565Yeah, this is why you always go after young girls like Flayn

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>>507519383I would say they're at least touched upon as there's support dialogue where they discuss firing angles for catapults and such, but Garreg Mach is still not a medieval High School but an academy for military officers and from the description of his seminar in-game, Byleth focuses on the tactics and fighting style used by their father's mercenary company.Hanneman can handle Calculus.

>>507521409I hate when this happens. Mondays


I want to kiss a cake's beer belly

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>>507519692>>507520947>>507521275>>507522664>making me think about sucking down the tangy acidic pussy juices of a lonely plump woman with a musky pussy leglocking you until she cums

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>>507522615She's 16, like all the other youths at Garreg Mach

>>507522698>putting your tongue in the tangy part of the pussythats a good way to throat cancer user, stick to the clit

>>507523032Your throat is weak. You won't earn your red wings this way.

>>507523032Some people smoke cigarettes or drink alcohol, for me, it's that sour pussy juice direct from the source.

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>>507506616She probably farts really loudly and barely apologises.

>>507506616Kingdom of herbivore men

>>507522698fuckin basedWe do NOT talk about eating pussy enough on this website

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>>507506616I didn't.

>>507523376But user what if it smells like fish?

>>507523494A woman absolutely worth marrying.

>>507523932This looks like it's art for some 95 game

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>>507508367Too bad, there aren’t that many in vidya unfortunately

>>507508798I like this guys skill but everyone he draws has sameface.

>>507506616Dimitris wife. >>507513456Same

>>507524661dammit now I want some janky-ass retro VN about using Windows 95 to pick up desperate OLs

>>507508664is that a pube sandwich

>>507524413Then you punish the girl for being a stinky stinky slut.

>>507506616I assumed she was just the town bicycle, besides the cast filled with younger and sexier options.

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>>507525691jesus christ I usually don't nitpick but that must be agonizing on your shins

>>507524716I really wish there were. As I grow older, I want to see more mature women. Where's my pandering, game devs?

>>507525812...you're not wrong.

>>507523032That's literally the best part.Clits taste like weird little dirty nipples.Pussies taste like a warm and acidic juice that I would drink if the hole could keep up with me.

>>507525968>>507524716>no VN of all mature women instead of candy-colored teensAt this point I'm just kind of bored of constant high schoolers. Even the slight uptick in college-age characters has been refreshing

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>>507523032desu "I died because I ate too much pussy" is pretty greatIt's like this story I heard where a guy's gf squeezed his head so hard while cumming that she popped his eardrum

>>507526446I'm not super into VNs, but I agree with your reasoning. High school age stuff obviously sells and has its market, especially for that exact age group. But I would love nothing more than to see a branching out with characters that are older so as to help resonate with different audiences.

>>507526684Yeah VNs are hit or miss but I'd take anything. Plus, I'd seriously welcome more realistic, mature sex scenes etc. I get that it's idealized porn either way, but the hook for me with "le Christmas cake" trope is the exaggerated frustration and loneliness really resonates with me as a young adult in a tough world. Ever read Solanin? It's not a titillation manga at all, but it felt so true to the late-20s experience that I was flabberghasted. Such a good manga, and a really quick read

>>507524712Her barely-containable lust makes me lusty too for her.

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>>507527074Can't say I've even heard of it. I'll look it up though, I enjoy a good manga and I've been really wanting to find more mature series. Not so much in an explicit sense, but less of the same old shounen bullshit and something with more of a relatable experience to my age, and it sounds like that might just be what I'm looking for.

>>507526684For a culture that idolizes youth and petite/curveless bodies more than anything to unnatural degrees, I'm afraid you're asking too much here. We will probably reach old age before Japan decides to do something like making the love-interest of a teenage/young adult MC a delicious cake/milf for example.

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>>507527653>but less of the same old shounen bullshit and something with more of a relatable experience to my age, and it sounds like that might just be what I'm looking for.You are me lol

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>>507527853Nah I'm aware. It's a pipe dream to have anything like that being more common. Doesn't mean a guy can't dream of having older MCs and love interests.>>507527943Kindred spirits my man, I'm sure it's not an uncommon view though.

>>507515492The three houses are houses with several students.There are plenty of classes, however. The class with the leader of each house is just the "main" class. There are still other classes with NPC students.

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I like the milfy mentor trope

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>>507506616why does she have such little porn goddamnit

>>507530793Because people can't appreciate a good thing.

>>507530375>>507530525this is cute, what's the name?

>>507531367[Musashimaru] Working Overtime Together

>>507506616When is my wife coming to Heroes? I need her on my phone so that we can be together at all times.

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>>507506616She has smelly feet ahd armpits

>>507520565If you do her paralog, Hanneman says that she's 15 years younger than him, making her 36 in part 1.

>>507521409Thank You

>>507532007Hanneman is only 51? He looks way older.

>>507530793There's more ways to appreciate something than just porn, you know.>>507530525

>>507521489>>507520565Thats Ferdinands wife user

>>507506616Does she only try with hot men or are hot women allowed too

>gorgeous big tittied woman>can’t find a man because... she’s in her 30’sJap devs are fucking retarded

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>>507531956She doesn’t stink, it’s fragrance.

>>507532894I really don't understand that stigma in their culture. It's such a weird trope that an unmarried woman in her 30s is "undesirable"

>>507533048If they’re too retarded to satiate their lusty busty milfs the race deserved to die out. Pissed me off when I found out the “adult” characters in persona 5 were in their early 20s. Like, fuck you, way to completely miss the point

>>507523032If you only go for the clit than it's not fun though, there's a whole world to explore. If you want your girl to like it a lot you gotta be a bit umpredictable sometimes.


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>>507533561No one asked the incel

>>507533561>A female past 25 is pretty much useless in biological terms for healthy childrenI know many people that gave birth past 30's to healthy children. One of these children in particular that comes to my mind, a girl, is very smart and in a university now. Cut the shit.It is optimal for a woman to give birth in her early-mid twenties, yes, but that doesn't mean that any child born of a woman after that age will usually have a problem. Japs even call young adult women "old hags" in their anime/manga. They have a severe complex with age in their culture, perhaps because there are so many elderly people in their country.

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>>507533561If you don’t think there are plenty of simps happy to marry a busty older women regardless, then you really are as lonely as you sound

>>507533561Ah yes, the undeniably retarded pseudoscientist has arrived.

>>507533497>you gotta be a bit umpredictable sometimes.Chew on the clit

I want to be Karen's favorite and have her use me

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>>507535323Not really, I'm more ready to make a cute cake a mommy for the first time.

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>>507535323You ready to die a virgin?

>>507535468Karen’s for bellybutton threads, not mature cake threads.

>tfw ready to be DINKs with a cakeNo rugrats for us, we'll be on vacation, thanks

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>>507537008she has plenty of mature energy

>>507537546Double Income, No Kids

>>507537546Degenerates in North Korea.

>>507511368That's the problem, she's like a real womyn in a anime world of waifus, which is why only basedbois pick her, same with kawagranny in persona 5.

>Only other dude to put a baby in her besides the MCWhat a Chad.

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>>507538623I loved watching him fawn over Manuela in their supports. Imagine growing up to marry your boyhood crush. What an absolute chad.

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>>507539409These are all just dates. She's desperate. And that desperation, coupled with her age and slovenly lifestyle makes uncultured minds wander elsewhere.I am not so feeble, however.

>>507519141>>507508798>>507508597>>507508367Anyone got more Manuela? This thread has proved already that I need to start a folder.

I want more Manuela's feet

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>>507540232sure, I'll contribute

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>>507540853As do many people. Shame those are so poorly drawn

>>507540232Unfortunately there is not as much Manuela content as she deserves, for reasons explained above. But you can always look on deviantart or twitter for some artfag's post, aside from 4chan.

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did this game ever get content recently

>>507541006>>507541160Appreciate it you guys.I'll have to dig around and see what more I can find. It's a real shame she doesn't get more attention, even if I get why.

>>507540853I want to see Manuela trying to act hip.


>>507510885In my CF run I paired Edelgard with Manuela's gigantor tits.


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>>507508768>>507510916Give me some tips on scoring an older woman/cougar user

>>507542980Be black.


>>507542980I got in with an older co-worker just by being kind. She burnt her finger so I went with her to a sink, ran some cool water and applied burn ointment. Little kindness and affection goes a long way.

>>507541163As far as I'm aware the last part of the Season Pass released back in February.

>>507543403Anything beyond that? I’m sure just being kind isn’t enough to push it further

>>507543712Be tall, handsome, funny etc.

>>507543712Not him, but honestly it's the same with any other person if you're trying to start a relationship of some sort. Be kind, be approachable, be interesting, take pride in your appearance, etc. Don't be a creep, you know?

>>507543712just bee urself dude

>>507534486Probably has a lot to do with their birth rate issues

>>507543817Then it’s in the bag then, I can do this

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>>507533561>post deletedWew lad

>>507510586DLC about Edelgard shrinking everyone at Garreg Mach because she's insecure about her height.

>>507538623Ferdinand von Aegir is my favorite eagle.


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>>507510214I'm convinced Goneril is the house of the Chads and Stacies of the Alliance.

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>>507544015>Don't be a creepInstructions unclear, penis stuck in toaster


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>>507538623>Entire support is him fanboying over his childhood crush>Proceeds to marry her and knock her upFerdinand is a fucking based autist.

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>>507544232Don't worry user, you'll get it right one day

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>>507544015You say it like it's easy. How do you know whether you're being a creep or not and not noticing?

>>507544182He's /ourautist/>Sees loli Dorothea bathing in a fountain>Thinks she's a water nymph, spills his spaghetti and runs away

how do i get a huge tiddy mommy gf?

>>507544165>DLC about Edelgard shrinking every girls breast to A-cup at Garreg Mach because she's so insecure about her B-cup that she pads her chest after the time skipFTFY

>>507543712Call her a spongy sodomite and put a finger up her butt, works every time

>>507544623See that's the hard part. I'm not going to say I'm an expert by any means, since everyone's going to think and behave differently. But at the very least if they seem uncomfortable or dismissive, that should probably be a sign to bail.

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>>507544183The important part of this advice is understanding that everything you have and are can be spun in an attractive way by owning it.

>>507544798I'd still enjoy that

>>507543712Whip it out

>>507526446>no VN of all mature womenThis cannot possibly be true even if you limit yourself to translated stuff. How old are the girls in Bazooka Cafe?

>>507543712Stop having premarital sex.

>>507544915Aight this is cute as hell

>>507544967I don't think you can do that with stuttering broski

god I love older women

>>507524915>Oda Non>Man.

He wasn't talking about her room

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>>507545581More like cringe as hell lmao >:D

>>507545361You should’ve told me that 3 years ago.I should’ve listened

Manuela reminds me of Edna Krabappel.

>>507546147Good time to start listening.

>>507546023Maybe there's spiderwebs in there.

>>507546275Same hair and all.

>>507542980>tfw no mature cougar to be friends with benefits with

>>507506616>Why did everyone leave her after one date?Ask a brutally honest person that doesn't give a fuck like pic related

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>>507546275>Ned is two for two on wives he's outlived

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>>507547456Manuela could definitely use some self-love. Not an easy thing to do, but I bet if we saw more of her improving on that in the game she'd be top tier.Not that she isn't already.

Stinky messy slob

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>>507546023Damn bitch, you live like this?

>>507533048If a girl is still single by 30 it means that she is either autistic and waiting her one and only prince on white steed or she is insufferable bitch and everyone were avoiding her. Or she fucks on first date.


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>>507544967Well, there is a baseline of attractiveness you gotta meet. Let's be honest here. I would say 3s and below, just become rich and accept the fact that your wife is with you for your wallet.4s and above, sure. Be yourself and with a little luck, you can land a hambeast or a ghoul. Actual women are reserved for the 8 and above range.

>>507547456Funny of Cyril to criticise someone else when his character is being a one note Rhea fanboy.


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>>507548883To be fair, IRL it's pretty common to be able to see someone else's faults but not your own

>>507548594That may be true, but it's not an useful mindset. It's just going to encourage people to give up and be miserable, letting themselves go even more.A white lie can help them build themselves until they're able of standing on their own, finding more to look for in life than a woman.Unrelated question but some guy in another thread told me my sentence structure is all over the place. Is it true?

>>507549806Aside from that last sentence which had a couple grammatical errors and less than stellar word choice, not really.>A white lie can help them build themselves UP until they're CAPABLE of standing on their own, finding more to look for in life than a woman.


>>507550570Motion to lift? Male to Lesbian?

>>507508829The pope dresses exclusively to lure her technical grand daughter into her bed so she can live out her 1000 year dream of getting fucked by her mommy and you think Manuela is the problem?

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>>507546275Wasn't that intentional?

>>507550570I actually dont know. No info about where the patch came from in the multiple seconds I spent looking.vndb.org/v20689

>>507550560Yes, those I can see. Both my phone and not paying much attention lead to that. I'd say that I've never paid much attention to English grammar but that's no real excuse.What would be a better word choice if you don't mind?

>>507553102>A white lie can help them build themselves UP until they're CAPABLE of standing on their own, potentially finding more to look for in life than a woman.I guess "less than stellar" might have been an exaggeration. I felt that the way it was written made it sound like the objective was to solely find there's more to life than just looking for a woman, or perhaps that finding more to life was guaranteed. I think adding "Potentially" in where I did gives the statement a more realistic truth in the sense that "You could find more in life with more confidence," not that it's definitely going to happen.

What's his name again?

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>>507550865>fembylethYou should have learned your lesson last thread

Attached: 1587167287052.jpg (333x333, 27.72K)

>>507524712Posting the unedited image

Attached: THUGG NASTY.png (1172x659, 1.03M)


Attached: 1568247848946.jpg (391x706, 46.86K)


>>507550719>Motion to lift?Is this a bankruptcy joke? In a fucking Fire Emblem thread?

>>507554548Fuck off, Bylass makes sense for Rhea when every other word out of her mouth is how wet she gets for mother

Attached: tumblr_ppvu2gjJLJ1rrv38xo2_r3_1280.png (1280x1600, 464.96K)

>>507555503That may be true, if Byleth's supports weren't designed with the ultimate goal of having Rhea recognize Byleth as their own person and not just another Sothis container. They're better off for eachother that way.

Attached: 1588270615058.png (618x605, 596.46K)

>>507555418I wasn't expecting someone to get it, but yes

Manuela would be more popular if she didn't have a penalty to learning Reason Magic.

Attached: EEYXKiWXkAAHHF-.jpg (942x1200, 79.83K)

Edelgard did nothing wrong

Attached: 1588100700020.jpg (1200x900, 166.97K)

>>507559092This, genocidal tyrants are based

>>507559092Dangerously based

>>507506616Her hairstyle is atrocious

>>507560193Based on what?

>>507559092Edelgard did so much wrong, it'd be easier to list the things she didn't do wrong.Growing fat breasts...I'm gonna need some help here.

>>507559092I like to think that if Felix was the one to interact with her in other routes instead of Claude/Dimitri, she wouldn't have a leg to stand on because he'd rip all her bullshit excuses and justifications out from under her

Attached: 1564726530584.jpg (1080x788, 50.52K)

>>507560787>Growing fat breastsShe's stuffs her bra, her boobs are actually smaller than Bernies after the timeskip


Attached: 1587270886312.png (1280x1219, 528.03K)

>>507506616Wine aunt


Attached: ;_;.png (1004x472, 157.17K)

>>507560787She turned into cuck, which made edeltards seethe and all of us kek, so that something right

Attached: edelgards life.jpg (1848x516, 206.24K)

>>507514646Does she bathe? Her room can't be that terrible, but if she dosen't bathe thats a big nono.

>>507561031So Dimitri gets his face caved in by a womanlet in every route but his own? The absolute state of the blue lions

Attached: 1589149659929.png (1264x685, 292.96K)

>>507562883Nah he gets killed off by random soldiers because he gets surrounded by them while in a blind rage chasing after her. The only route where Edel can potentially do it is her own route.

>>507507389if marianne wasnt in the game, and petra and hilda were locked in a kennelmaneula would be the patricians choiceshes just buried in premium cut that isnt a wineauntshes also got a bodycount trailing her like toiletpaper stuck to her shoe

Attached: 1587546542054.png (441x213, 183.12K)

>>507562883I mean, Edelgard dies on every route but her own too.I guess it's fitting that the King of Blue Lions gets to live rent free. I just assumed he'd pick someplace better than the heads of Edeltards.

>>507564358There's a difference between being the main bad guy of all the routes except your own and dying in a ditch because some no name soldiers stuck you like a pig

>>507564669Dmitiri died on the battlefield fighting for what he believed was right. In his grief, he lost himself in the battle and it took several men to bring him to his end. At least on the non-canon route.In truth, after penetrating Edeltard like a marshmallow on a stick, he ushered in a age of prosperity for the entire continent.

>>507517597>>Hates reasonwhat's this?

>>507546147Don't be a chad and don't have sex. Or else you will end up like this guy. youtube.com/watch?v=zFWAiLZEmyU People saying have sex want you to die alone and be unhappy and turn into this.

For me, it's Shamir

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>>507568554goth mommy is high-tier indeed

I want to get sloppy day-drunk with Manuela

Attached: __manuela_casagranda_fire_emblem_and_1_more_drawn_by_the_kingduke__sample-d493850fe2263c2129a78868bc668c53.jpg (850x1133, 152.62K)

>>507565481What happens to Claude in the end? I havne't finished it yet, but everyone only seems to go on about Edelgard or Dimitri's endings.

>>507544214Reminder that the war with Almyra got solved by having the chads share dome drinks


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Attached: Holst.png (1080x1440, 1.03M)

>>507569771Claude fucks off to Almyra every time he survives, whether or not he's driven off the continent or wins in the end.

>>507569771Claude's ending is a typical feel good conclusive ending for a game and it isn't something to use as bait for threads so it barely gets mentioned. Almost every FE thread is started with Edelgard to bait, Rhea to bait Edelgard orbiters, or Dimitri because of his "Zero to Hero" arc.

Attached: 1584508484926.png (958x1254, 217.38K)

God I need to breed an old lady!

For me it's Rhea

Attached: 1588623311702.jpg (1200x1699, 440K)

>>507571029Take this one, she's just a thousand years and some change old

Attached: __flayn_fire_emblem_three_houses_and_etc_drawn_by_guttary__f27d0c7381b8e7cd70ca1c56f1a51eb7.jpg (770x800, 106.49K)

>>507570493Based Edelgard living rent free in sjws minds

>>507571327I wonder what she will look like when puberty kicks in.

>>507571627SJWs love Edelgard though, she's the stronk independent womyn who needs no man

>>507571850Cope Dimitri dragon kike loving cuck.

>>507571850But she does need Byleth to win...

>>507571986But Byleth is a grill who has lesbian babies with Edelgard

>>507571114For you and everyone of superior taste.

>>507571850No they don't, they hate her cause she's literally Hitler

>>507571114>Palutena with a different outfit

>>507572229Yes they do, Hitler is fine when he's a bisexual animegirl that hates the church

>>507572229Please, edelfags wish she was as based as Hitler.

>>507539409In a row?

thousands of years enjoying passionate sex with flayn in your retirement villa!

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Are we still posting mommy?

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>>507573171No, it degenerated into Edelfags and Dimitards flingling shit at each other as it always does

>>507506616Who cares? This game lacks incest but has lots of faggotry. So not cool. Talk about the more important things user!

>>507573325motherfuckers can't even make their own threads instead of shitting up threads about fine women

You have to understand, in this universe, she's low on the standards pole. You have much hotter women at your disposal who can produce healthier offspring. Manuela is OLD, and it's funny because she represents realistically what happens to women when they don't settle down.

Attached: 1566630301111.jpg (663x875, 158.79K)

>>507546017How do you know they're female?

>>507572962>Felix gets eternal cunny

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>>507571829Puberty will never kick in for her, Seteth make sure of that.>>507572962This, Byleth and Flayn have the duty to repopulate the Nabateans so Flayn is basically pregnant every single year

Attached: 1574924136999.jpg (1280x720, 210.68K)

>>507575598Its funny because they share the same english va. It is nice that she is getting more work though.

>>507571114Mommy can I have a baby brother or sister?

Attached: 45def1fa39fd0f21f6f2f34ac9171c0f.jpg (1592x1768, 340.08K)

>>507534947>childrenHer womb must've been working overtime.

Attached: 1568237693833.png (600x520, 494.3K)

>>507577286I'd personally say dragon blood is busted.>Become pretty much superhuman and capable of wielding cool weapons via crests that can also be passed down to later generations>If you get some directly from a source you get a boost to your natural lifespanGrowing something on salted land doesn't seem so surprising.

>>507576631Exactly what I thought. She's also voiced in a couple recent dubs too, so yeah, good to see she still has it.

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>>507573531>has lots of faggotry>only three mlm and two are DLChmmmm

Can anyone tell me how to navigate this stupid interface on the connecting fates screen at the Wayseer? I've got several of my pairings with hearts in between them, but some of the hearts are bigger than others. I don't want to do anything outright because I don't want to spend 10k renown to fuck myself over.

>>507573531>lacks incest>you can marry your grandmother

>>507577875>when you will your seed into creating lifebased

Attached: see the invisible do the impossible.png (1236x480, 455.35K)

>>507577885I can only imagine what it was like for her during the pokemon days. Sure the paychecks were steady but, the fanbase.

>>507577286To be fair, Byleth's Crest of Flames and Ferdinand's Crest of Cichol both affected their own sperm so when it hits Manuela's dusty womb it ended up revitalizing it which made her extremely fertile.

>>507578647Pokemon was fresh at the time, so it wasn't entirely full of weirdos I don't think.

>>507578404sauce boss?

Church>Other FE game plots>GD=BE>FE Fates plot>BL

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>>507578404Sauce me up, user. yandex and iqdb got nothing

>>507576081>their remaining yearsDon't they have a infinite amount?

Which route should I do first

>>507578647If anything, the fanbase is more uncomfortable than ever before, so I doubt it.

>>507579483Black Eagles. That way if you turn out to be an edelfag you did the best route first and if you don't you can kill her in the others

>>507579483Church, kill all the lords and reign as a god.

>>507506616She has an obsession with men assholes.

>>507579303They do, but just like her ending with Seteth they probably disappear from Fodlan for centuries

>>507579303happily ever after

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>>507534947why did he need to be kept in good health if he's immortal? does he just fuck off when she dies?

>tfw no big tiddy dubstepper gf

Attached: 1589132697006.jpg (1075x1080, 227.26K)

>>507580486Yeah, gets to watch his wife and loved ones all die and leave him all alone. Except for Flayn and Seteth, you can still be friends with them and go fishing

>>507577286Byleth used Divine Pulse on her womb to restore it's fertility.

>>507580486>>507580981Wait is Byleth immortal? I thought that was only actual dragons and his spirit bond with sothis is something completely different?

>>507579028>>507579038artist is kawaisaw


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Attached: 1584662324711.png (1014x1280, 723.82K)

>>507581192Byleth is immortal in all endings except Crimson flower. Green hair Byleth ain't getting old, it's an immortal slab of meat kept young forever due to Sothis' power and Crest stone

>>507523032wasn't that due to the papilloma virus?

>>507579303They probably dip out to go fishing on another continent every other lifetime. Wonder if they take their kids along too,>A massive clan of immortal Green haired dragons carrying fishing rodsTruly the most terrifying result... for the fish.

>>507580486>>507580981They'll just pull a Rhea and give their spouse an immortal blood transfusion. Aging problem solved.

>>507583485>Truly the most terrifying result... for the fish.They'll learn their place soon enough.

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Attached: Until Byleth Likes it.png (400x483, 174.64K)

>>507571114Unholy hips

Attached: rhea dancer.webm (1280x720, 2.61M)


Attached: 337.g1t.00.png (512x512, 116.22K)

>>507586198oh I'm energized alright


Attached: 1577483872721.jpg (857x1214, 805.35K)

Nintendo makes nice mommies

Attached: ELt6QCJWwAAbOCp.jpg (2500x3000, 906.63K)

>>507586198I want to dance with a mommy!

Attached: __hyoudou_marisa_ballroom_e_youkoso_drawn_by_oda_non__4a6339668e713b9a34be609c60adb85f.jpg (800x1168, 328.22K)

>>507586210The whole war could have been avoided had Cordelia gone the /ss/ route with Dimitri.

>>507587950that's illegal!

>>507586815>dat paunchPraise the motherfucking Church of Seiros.


Attached: fee701b4ffd6e22a40672e87556e28ea.jpg (1414x2000, 323.98K)

>>507589329Those heart pupils say otherwise

>>507589329Thank goodness for Divine Pulse

I just bought Three Houses today, I've never played a FE game beforeI need tips because I don't know what I'm doing

>>507589639The artist loves to randomly add heart pupils to girls as seen on pic related as well as >>507571114

Attached: 99576735bb3b4e3ef33cdcb3c15e745a.jpg (940x1330, 321.62K)

>>507589759Restart and play on Hard instead of Normal.If you hang out on Holla Forums and have ever played an actual video game at any point in your life, Normal will be far, far too easy for you, especially mid to late-game. You will steamroll Normal, even as your first FE.


Attached: 1587089886041.jpg (1280x719, 93.15K)

>>507590283I don't think they are random though.

>>507524915Monkey paw. But I’ll take it in this case

>>507590506As my first act as Archbishop, I decree that every friday will be unlimited pizza day!

>>507591052And on that day, all the nuns will be required to wear TINY MINISKIRTS!

>>507591593Praise whoever puts that special ingredient in the holy water. These church girls are ridiculous

Attached: 1583865331483.png (3000x5000, 3.87M)



>>507592249>be devout>be blessed with massive milkersSort of ironic considering the blessing's from a DFC goddess

Attached: 86-864058_fire-emblem-three-houses-marianne-hd-png-download.png (860x1172, 693.81K)

>>507508829Because japan is a nation of coomers

>>507592476Apparently real Sothis was a busty milf, child Sothis is only known by Byleth. Blah blah loss of power/memories, fuck IS from no putting Mommy mode Sothis in the game.


Attached: 1587046456057.jpg (960x727, 87.35K)

>>507592840It does suck, so much is left up in the air. But if Sothis was back at 100% power, the war would be over before it even started.

Which female is going to bear the most children for Byleth?


>>507592476Keep in mind that since (you) are Sothis, whoever worships you gets the mega milk as well

Attached: _Lm1w1w5lqu3o1.jpg (1280x720, 152.44K)

>>507576081>marrying a literal saint>her pussy is so good it gives you children and eternal youthFlayn is best girl.

Attached: 1585236655288.jpg (740x1024, 140.38K)

>>507593550Toss up between Flayn and Rhea. Gotta repopulate Nabetea ya know?

Attached: 1570546226041.jpg (1200x1697, 333.86K)

>>507593550Official 3H fertility rankingsUltra mommy tier:>Rhea>MercedesIf you cum in these two at all, you're going to be a dad. No form of birth control works. Calendar method is useless, they ovulate 24/7. Impregnation will probably happen within the first week of trying.Higher than average tier:>Marianne>Annette>Dorothea>FlaynContraception is possible, but it is still a risky move. I would recommend wearing a condom in combination with pills. Calendar method is not recommended. Impregnation is likely to happen within the first 2 months of trying.Average tier:>Bernadetta>Ingrid>Catherine>Hilda>PetraThese girls are much more typical. You can safely get away with just pills. Calendar method is reliable if done correctly. It will probably take 3-5 months of trying for a baby to succeed.Below average tier.>Lysithea>Leonie>Manuela>ShamirThese girls are much safer, although they are still capable. Pulling out is the only form of birth control you need. You're more likely to use the calendar method to try to conceive, rather than prevent, with these two. It will probably take 6 months to a year of trying before you get pregnant.Sterile tier>EdelgardCum inside all you want, there's nothing here. No medical treatments help either.

>>507594293I like how the two-toned whetstone sidequest reveals Manuela owns a book of drawn male saints that she no doubt shlicks over, and then her co-worker is Seteth. It's part of why I like the idea of her and Seteth getting together.

Attached: 1540872966092.jpg (600x800, 78.51K)

>>507594524>Shamir>Below Average>One of the only women who gives Byleth children

Attached: 1577881495677.jpg (1358x717, 346.89K)

>>507594293>>507576081Did you get her A-Support with Seteth? She was asleep for a long time, and only joined the Church recently. Those with Nabatean blood don't age when they're in hibernation.

Attached: 1588020859489.png (617x887, 399.78K)

>>507507389>they do a 360 amd walk away>360If anybody does a 360 and walk and they're walking in the same direction they were facing at first.

>>507594524Shamir, Manuela, Lysithea and Flayn are the 4 characters that give Byleth kids. Also on the male side of things Chadinand and LORENZ are ultra-virile.

>>507594524In Japanese Hapi tells Byleth she wants kids with him, for some reason she says she wants a cat in English though.

>>507595263You can walk backwards ya know...

>>507595373They toned down the family stuff in Fates dialogue too, and cut the entirely family DLC, it's probably the fags at Treehouse seething at the concept of heterosexual couples as usual.

>>507595263At this point I'd prefer to believe you're new instead of pretending to be retarded.

Attached: 1448488625896.jpg (215x365, 26.5K)

>>507595115>Those with Nabatean blood don't age when they're in hibernation.That contradict the last statement in this pic >>507576081Also, both Seteth and Rhea never hibernated and they both haven't aged at all

>>507595708Did Treehouse even handle Three Houses? The translation seems pretty good, that change just seemed so weird. I know they changed the Ingrid and Sylvain support but I can understand why that would be controversal.

>>507596427Yes they did, but they are on a leash now because of how large the Fates controversy blew up, not to mention I'm sure Nintendo wanted to know why several DLC packs weren't localized.

>>507596427I believe it was Treehouse, but IIRC the people responsible for Fates got the boot beforehand.

>>507595263Hello new friend.

>>507594524Anon, this needs to be updated to include both Hapi and best girl Constance

>>507595968>That contradict the last statement in this pic >>507576081A "youthful appearance" could imply a number of things. Flayn could still mature, albeit particularly slowly. And god knows how pregnancy could affect her body.>Seteth and Rhea never hibernated and they both haven't aged at allII figured that's because they were already fully grown, although Seteth at least grew his hair out presumably not wanting to be recognized as Cichol

Attached: 1588105708461.jpg (1109x2026, 292.77K)

stop typing and just post cakes

Attached: ETn0bvIU0AAShC-.jpg (2281x1000, 1.1M)

>>507594524How is Edelgard Steelie if Lysithea can give you kids? Lysithea is just the beta experiment version of Edelgard

>be Edelgard>looking forward to fish and chips for dinner>the Flayn Emperor ate all the fish again>have chips for dinnerHubert, found the Imperial Secret Police.

Redpill me on Fates.

Which 3H girl gives the best head?

>>507506616stank puss

>>507599002Ya like incest kid? We got step and blood varieties

Attached: fire-emblem-fates-camilla-gif-7.gif (500x250, 1.02M)

>>507599349the best fate has to offer is a half sister. and it doesn't count cause your shared dad is a dragon god so you might as well be virgin births.

>>507598948This gave me a hearty chuckle user, thanks.

>>507594524>No medical treatments help either.Not if your name is FERDINAND VON AEGIR


Attached: 939a4a4f40b6e1a9a9535ba6c0f0336b.gif (512x512, 65.03K)


Attached: 1587413767891.jpg (622x612, 62.69K)

>>507599349I like it

Attached: _1582640097332.png (535x718, 403.07K)


>>507599707>Fought in the war against Nemesis>Got pwned by JeritzaFlayn pls.

>>507599575Ferdinand clearly knocked up his concubines and Edelgard adopt their children before they both got married.

Attached: __olive_pokemon_and_2_more_drawn_by_lyoung0j__sample-fee1041cc58c6236e8aa1397f26e821d.jpg (850x1511, 177.99K)

>>507599527Doesn't matter, you were still raised your entire life with a bunch of siblings who will gladly fuck you at the drop of a hat. Camilla's obsession for Ara Ara with Corrin makes CF Edelgard's obsession with Byleth seem tame. Fates is degenerate through and through

>>507598873>Lysithea is just the beta experiment version of EdelgardExactly, her being a beta experiment didn't affect her fertility that much which is why Lysithea is below average tier.

>>507506616She wants to get attention for something other than her body but has nothing else to offer.

>>507600304just saying birthright was the "blood family" choice while conquest was the "people who raised you choice" and it turns out birthright is step siblings while conquest is not even step siblings just adopted siblings. and Azura is super bland and her incest doesn't matter.

>>507601201To be fair, it's an A plus body. Too bad nobody wants a drunken, used up whore

Attached: tumblr_py3lpoS7Td1qiplzlo1_500.jpg (500x376, 62.48K)

>>507602156Yeah that's true, but you don't know that going into birthright. Most of them don't even tell you you're not really related until S ranking them so they just pussied out at the last minute

>>507569771He is a bro and gives you the title of king of Fodlan while he goes to be the king of Almyra

Attached: 1573077824641.jpg (372x650, 32.2K)

>>507581192He is Seiros' grandson and god too, her blood already makes normal humans ageless, being god probably makes him more or less immortal

>>507578279Sothis isn't closely related enough to you for it to be incest.>>507578137I don't really know they added in more faggotry. It's like someone complaining about the lack of dark skin characters. Dedude himself is the only barely making it to dark skin but no, we didn't get any female characters with a complexion like his we can romance.


Attached: 19327234032.png (512x512, 192.09K)

>>507604050>SothisYour grandmother is Rhea. She made your mom and raised her as her daughter

>>507603949What about after CF? Does he start aging after the stone got removed?

>>507604971Yeah, CF Byleth gets to grow old and die like a normalfag. Sothis can still hang around with you if you will her back though so she's fine even with her Crest stone gone

>>507604418Also, your dad had her blood thanks to a magic transfusion and that was passed to you.

>>507604365What?>>507604418Rhea created some homonculus as a vessal for Sothis. That's all she was. That vessal isn't Sothis or Rhea in any major way.>>507605529Literally anyone with a crest in this game has Rhea's blood flowing through their veins. Are you going to say two people with a crest breeding is incest? Cause that's not incest...

>>507604971>Go CF>Epilogue>Find out after you kill Dubsteppers you threw away immortality(and making Edelgard or w/e you S-Support'd immortal)>Find out Edelgard's version of history is wholly inaccurate>Watch Edelgard alter history to her own ends just like Rhea did>Watch her Meritocracy go up in flames>Watch Hubert killing all dissenters to Edelgard's rule>Time passes>Be on deathbed>"Do you regret it, my teacher?">"Yes" >Die, taking Sothis with you into oblivion forever or Sothis jumps to one of your kids and tells them how fucking stupid you were for following a sociopath

Attached: 1583184677740.jpg (600x342, 47.75K)

>>507605529Pic in my post is a DLC character, Hapi she's what you asked for.

>>507606115Only people with the Crest of Seiros(the Adrestian Royal Family) have the blood of Rhea though, The other crests are from other Nabateans.

>>507606115Only Edelgard, her dad, and Jeralt have Seiros' blood you idiot

>>507606906Well and the Cardinals of the Church, but yeah I don't know what the fuck that user is smoking.

>>507606990Them too but they don't do anything ever so who cares about the cardinals

>>507606115She still raised Sitri and somehow her genes ended up in Byleth through Jeralt. For all intents and purposes Rhea is your grandmother.

>>507606115Rhea didn't just make some random clay doll and stick the Crest stone in it, she made her as close to Sothis as possible, using her own blood and whatever magic asexual reproduction Sothis used to birth her kids. It's why Sitri has hair and eyes the same color as Rhea and the other dragon people

>>507605286But doesn't byleth still have dragon blood? >>507606229Sothis actually has unique dialogue if you marry her in CF. She goes on about something like how since the stone isn't in his chest isn't anymore, she exists in his very soul itself. She also still says she's going to follow him, and they'll stay together until the end of time.

Attached: 34223abd2a5e4748baebcec6db6275c1.jpg (2048x2048, 985.45K)

>>507608403Yeah Byleth probably lives longer than average but it's not gonna make them immortal or anything. Most of the CF endings read like Byleth gets old

>>507608062>asexual reproductionI thought only Sothis could do that?

>>507608936I was under the impression that the blood makes you immortal, not the stone.

>>507609000Maybe, but Sitri was more than just a meat suit Rhea made for Sothis one day if she raised her as her daughter and was fully equipped for reproducing



Attached: 1569037227345.gif (350x263, 1.48M)

>>507606489Blah blah. Sothis is responsible for crests, she gave humans crests so crests themselves are a result of sothis and Sothis is Rhea mother.>>507606906I don't care. Rhea is related to Sothis so all humans have Rhea's blood coursing through their veins if they have a crest because Rhea is her daughter.>>507607402>She still raised Sitri and somehow her genes ended up in Byleth through Jeralt. >For all intents and purposes Rhea is your grandmother.Once more, shut up with this bullshit.Sitri isn't a god, Rhea and Sothis are, sitri is some failed human experiment. She isn't Sothis or Rhea. Therefore she isn't related enough to Byleth for it to be incest. Because Sitri isn't a god, literally a seperate species from humans, Byleth fucking Rhea or Sothis isn't incest.>>507608062>Rhea didn't just make some random clay doll and stick the Crest stone in it, she made her as close to Sothis as possible, using her own blood and whatever magic asexual reproduction Sothis used to birth her kids. >It's why Sitri has hair and eyes the same color as Rhea and the other dragon people.She isn't a god. She's a human.I don't care how close she made her to Sothis. She was only meant to be a vessal not a clone.

>>507611201I don't give a shit if supporting Rhea is incest or not, I'm still gonna want to fuck that dragon MILF so hard I restore an entire species to supremacy

>>507599002Conquest has fantastic gameplay and maps with absurdly painf difficulty and arguably trash everything else (story, character writing), soundtrack is decent. I wouldn't recommend any of the other routes. The plot in general is bad but it's even worse in conquest. Birthright is too easy and 3rd route is annoying, unfun and gimmicky.

>>507611201So you are just going to continue being willfully obtuse then. Gotcha.

>>507611590>So you are just going to continue being willfully obtuse then. Gotcha.I'm not the one being obtuse, you clowns are. Unless Rhea birthed Sitri, it's not incest.

>>507612398>I don't care. Rhea is related to Sothis so all humans have Rhea's blood coursing through their veins if they have a crest because Rhea is her daughter.Not being obtuse, got it.

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>>507611201Okay you're retarded, thanks for sharing

>>507611201>Sothis is responsible for crests, she gave humans crestsFirst line of your entire essay gives you away as a retard. Sothis didn't give humans crests, the slytherins told nemesis to go take them

>>507544015Just don't stalk her, don't invade her personal space and don't talk about overly sexual or creepy stuff unless she starts talking about it first

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>>507612678Not an argument you smegma covered shit stain.>>507613007Look, the same faggot replied.>>507613172>First line of your entire essay gives you away as a retard. Sothis didn't give humans crests, the slytherins told nemesis to go take themTaken or given, that's irrelevant to my fucking argument. Every single one of you are dumbasses.

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>>507506805imagine what she does on the 2nd date...

>>507510885what does that percentage relate to

>>507614639>I got a fundamental plot point completely wrong>Doesn't matter it's irrelevant and I'm still right, you're all wrongPeople slinging shit at each other over which Lord is the least retarded contribute more insightful comments than you

>>507614825Boob size.

>>507615298>Insted of trying to stay on topic and counter what was said in user's argument, it's better to argue about irrelevant bullshit because that'll definitely invalidate his entire comment.Galaxy brain move. If I can't outsmart my opponent, I'll be a dumbass to annoy him.

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>>507593550>>507594524If you look at the endings for Byleth these are the ones who give children and how manyDeer/ChurchLysithea - "children"Flayn - "children"Manuela - "children"Shamir - "children"LionsLysithea - "two children"Flayn - "named a successor"Manuela - "children"Shamir - "children"EaglesLysithea - no mention of childrenManuela - "with child"Shamir - "children"Hapi - "descendant"So going off this Shamir is the most fertile/fucks the most while Manuela is slightly behind

>>507615707Haven't you ever heard that you can't outsmart a retard? They'll just drag you down to their level and beat you with experience

this has got to be the worst take i've seen on the plot since "there are two flame emperors"

>>507614639>Namecalling>Namecalling>Who cares if I'm wrong, you're all dumbassesExcellent arguments user

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>>507506616Just imagine her eggs OH NO NO NO

i've been sitting here trying to figure out how "everyone has crest blood in their veins" works out when you have characters without crests ingame.double so when i'm trying to figure out what the point the dude is trying to make with this, like, why is this being thought of? what is the purpose of this?this is the strangest take i've honestly seen in a long time, like how does one come to this conclusion.

>>507506616>Famous singer>10/10 body>HURR I WON'T MARRY HER BECAUSE SHE'S A MESSY DRUNKChicks like this get married all the the time, especially in the fucking medieval era.

>>507524413Smells like fish, it's a dish

>>507508798Wait is this Oda Non? Is there a whole Doujin?

>>507616371you forgot "screenshotted a reaction image and doesn't know how to crop it"

>>507618349so how did we get to something thats actually true, from "every human has crest blood in them" ?i feel like there's been some big misunderstanding that could've been avoided.

>>507618349>he fucking deleted his post or got bannednice backtracking to an actual true statement after being called out for "Crest blood in veins of all humans"

>>507618638>so how did we get to something thats actually true, from "every human has crest blood in them" ?I said every human has Sothis' blood coursing through their veins if they have a crest. >i feel like there's been some big misunderstanding that could've been avoided.What do you mean?>>507618910>nice backtracking to an actual true statement after being called out for "Crest blood in veins of all humansI literally said if a human has a crest, they have Sothis' blood flowing through their veins as crests are hereditary.I did delete my post because of this user:>>507616018 I don't want to talk to people who aren't trying to counter my points, there are two fags in here bringing up irrelevant information and using that as a tool just to insult me and somehow they think they're insults...

>>507559092>>507560001>>507560193>>507562883>>507564669>>507571627>>507571963>>507572378What could have gone wrong? How could this have happened? Too much hentai? Too much porn? Has the adoration of your waifu truly fried your brain beyond recognition? You cannot understand the more peaceful ideals and intentions of Claude or Dimitri. But the constant whining, lies, betrayal, and pretentiousness of Edelgard, that you understand. Yet you still agree with her ridiculous plan even when her ludicrous intentions become clear. Is it possible that you choose to ignore the truth that comes out of Claude and Dimitri to favor your absurd obsession? It is truly pitiful that you would allow yourself to sink this low.

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>>507620769Dimitri is a mentally unstable yard and Claude wants shitskins invading beautiful fodlan. Church all the way, but if you have to pick between the three retards then Edelgard is the horse to bet on