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Post western loli. Talk about what shows you've been watching of them, reading about them or anything.
Post webms,gifs and other related stuff if you want.

Need to download this movie again to make some webms. Wished it was more popular.

Feels bad they didn't include her in the netflix cartoon.

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She's chronologically 5 years old.

Ew let's not go that young.


Superior machine

forgot my image


Cheating by posting a lewd, but I find this pic really erotic and the site'll be dead soon anyway. Mona and her friend.




The best I can offer you is Raven giving birth to a python that promptly devours her.

Torture me, my dear sweet stalker bitch…

Blood (red)… Hot and delicious!

Did you know part of her name is derived from Hell?

She's 15 years old so not really loli, only a midget.

Don't care.

did anyone say hawaiian lolis?

Nice gif, but

I'm actually a fan of how close Crazed can get to the actual art style

A girl her age is far too young for sex, let alone the ability to comprehend it.

if only he made more cunnies instead of so much shota shit.

Oh,gosh! My favorite kind of thread is alive again.

Not to mention the fact that she is physically incapable of sexual intercourse.

no such thing as too young for love or too metallic

I don't mind the shota stuff, I wish he made more underage pregnancy art in general, though

fuck off

Getting pissed because of the source

I guess that means that Tumblr triggers you

Jeez, who cares where I got that gif from. Stop being such a whiny bitch about it.

Can you imagine her calling for her sister?

All you'd hear is her saying "What?"


Lando's pretty close to on model too.

Didn't Lando also do preg art of Lilo?







He's done at least a couple.

I think those are the only two he's done

I wasn't even sure if the second one was meant to be preg. Lilo such a little roly-poly girl that it's hard to tell.

Real best loli comin' through.

You mean pleb choice loli coming through

True, I think it's also because they drew a regular preg belly on a fat character, instead of using references to do proper fatpreg



This why I love this site. Because normies like me can watch autists flip their shit over pointless crap.




look, i'll prove it

there is absolutely nothing wrong with pedophilia

As long as they consent and they're emotionally mature then it's okay.

and the parents don't get in the way


I miss him

maximilo does her well too.


Well that got awkward fast

Have some more and enjoy the silence.

Enjoy the Silence is a great song by Depeche Mode

My nigga. Depeche Mode is my fav band.


Thank you!
I live for scenes like these.

Still not a loli.

sauce on the second one? I feel like I've seen it before but can't remember

We're Back: A Dinosaur Story


ah that was it. thanks

Last time I embed a bit without checking the language

Where be the BEST Western lolis?

Shit taste pleb.

Mabel is unique and adorable. Pacifica has stupid giant hair, stupid disproportionately huge tits in S1, and a generic rich bitch personality. Also, Alex Hirch hates rich people, so we aren't even meant to like her.

Oh, and let's not forget how bad Mabel wants the D from older men.

user while I can appreciate your appreciation for mabel, I have to tell you that your taste is shit for not liking at least pacifica's hair.

It's like the size of her whole body. It's weird.

By the way, purely on looks, the hottest Gravity Falls girl is pic related.

Well until there's a ginger, at least. But we're entitled to our opinions.
But yeah the hair-to-body ratio is half the appeal, at least for me; hair with absurd volume is really something of a weakness.

Even after playing the "it's just her upbringing!" game?

they're all the same flash-animated, noodle-limbed pieces of shit, AT-tier of trash.

More like Koren sweatshop

Nigga, Wendy is a ginger.

AT has stupid faces. This has better ones.

Star is godtier, but she's not a loli. She's 14. That's /hebe/ territory. The only men who wouldn't hit it are gay or impotent.

Nah, I think most of the ones nowadays use a program called "Toon Boom"

I meant a ginger loli.

She has no titties, and is therefore a loli. Ever seen a super tall girl with no titties IRL? Best thing ever.

Fair enough.

It doesn't work that way. Loli = prepubescent. Presence or absence of tits has nothing to do with it, it's about age and if she bleeds or not.





Oh God yes, the cookie girl. Were there ever any pics produced? Link me the commercials if you remember their name.

Holla Forums was always the most autistic board, you idiots accept furfags for Christ's sake.


We are still talking about GF, right?

Omelette du fromage

Blame the mod for the furfags. Also we already banned two groups of autists. We can't risk banning another, otherwise the board will die.

Fucking love that cookie bitch.



I would hit that until rainbows shot out.

i prefer toddler star, but teen star is also good

Girls don't bleed if their boobs haven't even started growing, nigga.

Toddler star is cute, but not bangable. Come on, have some decency.

Star at like eight, however…

This is just a case of US animators shrinking away from drawing boobs. The maiden is fertile like a blossoming valley.

Have some Dylan.

Speaking of which…

yes she is

Hey Kaz.

Wanna party?

Evil girls are the cutest. Dylan a best.

now would be a good time for someone to post the screencap about volume of spiders in a uterus

You spelled "Korean animators" wrong.

They are though you fucking degenerate.

user go get help.

normalcuck fuck off


Look like this was undiscovered.

It's a spin-off of Totally Spies with shotas and loli, The Amazing Spiez.
Somebody should do some lewds for these characters.

I can dig it. Enjoy some of my choice feelgood music as well. I'm using this particular song (pay attention to the lyrics) as a lense through which I seek to nurture Germany in her dark times. The process involves a "mirror mirror" kind of deal, but that's beyond the discussion at the time. But yes, I like that stuff you posted.

The thing about Dylan is her cuteness is truly girly when it comes down to it. But yes, I'm into the evil loli thing.

Who are paid and hired by you and operate under your rules. They also animate anime but with different results.

I accept your offering.

Also random content.


Only episode I liked was the body growth one

body type matters, not age


Human Kimberly.


hey i remember her, her missing tooth was cute i could have swore i had some porn of her but i cant find it

Wow, how did that get past?

it's shit and will always be shit



only porn i ever say f her was mr. blik fucking her while gordon was watching through a window pissed

i believe the artist did anther but he goes by Biohazard and he sticks with the show's artstyle




madeline is not for sexual…

Then why is she so lewd?

Lolis are so 2000s, get with the times gramps.



Posting highly underrated sad ghost loli.

So, what, should it only be toddlercon now?

This is a dangerous path that you tread.

My latest binge of Tetsu would be ok with that.

I often came across some screenshots of her before watching the movie. Was really disappointed when I saw how little screen time she actually got.



Great taste.

It's a real shame, because her scene was easily the best in the whole movie.

There was this absolutely fantastic blog called "Ask Norgatha" made by a CalArts student a few years back that had Aggie coming back and doing cute stuff with Norman. But for NO FUCKING REASON the person behind it set it to private.

You can still find all of the pages backed up on the internet somewhere, but it's a real bitch. Still, it's worth the effort because they're an absolute delight.

Might as well post this, long as we're on the subject.


theres a new fetish for me

Since we mentioned Marvel lolis…



looks liek ben 10 art

but while were on the subject

i dig the Johnny "bravo" joestar look

shes not that great

If only… Instead they did that shitty Titanic episode where it's revealed that she and him barely remember each other in the future. I liked seasons 2 and 3 of JB but the one thing I hated was how Suzy went from that adorable cutey who admired Johnny to a less obnoxious version of Lisa Simpson.

Shit taste

Any good porn of her?

I liked that movie, there i said it.

Gee, like it's a crime.

Well there's these, they're good I guess…
Haven't searched that much for anything else.

I um…. I think it's really hot when someone fucks someone else's kids as a way of getting back at them

i ship it, and like the idea of the two hooking up when suzy gets older as johnny gets older and fatter

I am in agreement.


Get the fuck out diperfag

Crazy talk, because why not.



I also remember a body switch episode

Good taste.

Star is cool, but she lost her virginity in a car (pretty common) and in a cloud (much less common), so some people would consider her damaged goods.
I wouldn't. I think experience is a plus, but some would.

I don't care about things like that. Sex isn't my fetish.
As long as she's okay with following a few rules and wearing clothes which aren't too dissimilar to her usual attire, then she's perfect.

How do you lose your virginity twice?

He never said it happened twice. He only said it happened in a car and a cloud. Presumably it was a mishap while air-dropping a car out of a plane.

With your butt.
Nah, I didn't mean she lost it twice. I meant the car was in a cloud and she fucked there.
Like Leonardo and that bitch in the Titanic. Fucked in a boar and in a car.

Where are you getting this from? I assume it isn't canon, right?

I should really get round to watching Star vs TFoE at some point.

From the show.
She literally became a semen demon (or insect, whatever. Some sort of cum-craving creature) captured a bunch of boys for mating, grabbed a boy car and all and flew with him to the sky.

I meant a boat. The car was in a boat and they fucked in the car.

Okay, damn, I definitely need to watch it.





ya'll motherfuckers daughterfuckers need more traffic

I am bumping this thread for more porn. Preferably PPG.


PPG porn (in model) is hideous.

On model is about the only way I can enjoy it.

There's always this.

For me, it has to be on model with a bit of changes, like in proportions or some second sexual characteristics, but they also have to be subtle and well designed.


My nigga

Just when she was starting to become popular, everyone forgot about her.


these are children, your all fucking sick

Good thing for some odd reason I was able to remember Joes name and the brand being Prince something.
I'm gonna miss Buttercups voice…

Hear hear!

I've love to see Mr Fantastics face after that.

Ew, a normie.

Joe a cute.


As someone who knows french as a second language I found her strangely difficult to understand.

Something I forgot to ask, what happened to board owners dislike for these threads?

He has seen the light and now jacks it to Joe.

ITT some fag posts porn everyone and their mom has already seen.

Here is an OC user. I just recently started drawing Lewds. P-please enjoy.

Any more of her?


any more like these?

Still waiting for your mom to draw that porn she promised.

Hmm… draw another one.
Apple Wilson doesn't get enough attention.

I only saw this show back in 2011(I think) when I had to wake up early to drop my siblings to school. But good lord did picture related hit all the right spots. A guilty favorite of mine.


It would be over very quickly then.

Age doesn't matter. You can have thousand year old immortal vampires who are still lolis.
Star has the physical appearance of a loli and she certainly dresses like a little kid.

I dont know the rules of that universe, but considering Star is an interdimensional being, she's more than likely as old as biblical events or a bit younger if she's offspring

She claims to be 14, and from how she acts I'm pretty sure Mewni years aren't any longer than Earth years.


I personally liked Kendall Perkins better, but I can relate.

She sure as fuck doesn't sound 14

Well that's nothing new.


Interesting thought. When we develop AIs which can live for millions of years and have superhuman intellects, will they consider us to be emotionally mature enough to "consent"?

forgot greentext

time travel episode



Fucking pedophiles

Everyone knows you would DEFINITELY do that in real life if you could, but at least you have an outlet.

Still worthy of gulag and/or castration. Please seek help


Please stop projecting your own lack of ethics on other people. You sound as stupid as the "only future school shooters play violent video games" crowd.

what is girl's name?

Why is that so weird looking

One's voiced by an adult with a cartoonish voice, the other's close to a teen

Kudos to the gentleman who shared these two pics with r24hentainet, but you should be aware that that's not the proper way to source images.

Also I just recently watched Dave the Barbarian for the first time and it's funny stuff. It also has this rowdy cutie in it.

I never really noticed. I don't listen to enough teenagers to know what they actually sound like and the American accent helps to hide it as well.

if i came inside that monkey would i be a furry?

Only in fanarts

That second pic is making me feel something. Why?
It's a dirty monkey.

That first pic is kinda cute!
Reminds me of my brothers teasing our sister. Not lewd, just naughty pranks.




Tola from Bolek and Lolek


Thats the idea, nigger.
Nobody values your opinion, Banana-fag.
You post cancer that should never have left the confines of Cuckchan Holla Forums.
While were on the subject, I am not opposed to loli art, I figure that if it keeps you reprobates from molesting actual children, than it serves a purpose. What I resent is when some pissy little gayboy such as yourself posts absolute drivel to soothe his sore bum. Remove yourself from reality, you hermaphrodite. Save us the trouble of having to deal with another memefag.

Wish I could have my drinks served by her…


Goldie from "Goldie & Bear"



Why would anyone like a loser like Chuckie?

Might as well post this.


because he is the only one of them that isn't jewish

Glad I'm not the only one watching it.

Thats some hardcore incest right there. Given that shes distant great great great aunt to him.

I have no idea.

She's actually probably closer to his 11th cousin.

In any case, it's not like it really matters. The genetic relation between them is so distant they're basically less related than most married politicians.




Well since you mentioned her…

Where did Fuchur post the second picture? It's not on his pixiv nor his blog.

What y'all know about Star Darlings?

I haven't seen it mentioned once in this thread. Y'all niggas missin' out on some fine honeys.


He posts sometimes on Rule34Hentai

I think he also goes to halfchan for the drawthreads

Did it make you feel funny?

Of course. Trips always make my dick hard.

God bless that kraut


the rest of that picture can jump in a volcano tho

shit sucks.

yeah she's p. cute

Oh c'mon, Sadness is cute in that outfit.

Never heard of it
tell me more

How about some Wendy's?

I live in a country where there are no Wendy's and society has collapsed. I'm posting from the laptop of someone I killed because he was trying to steal my gasoline.
I have a question because I always hear Americans complain about how bad Wendy's is: if it's really awful, how come it's still operating?
I mean, it's a fast food chain, right? There are others. If no one likes how is it even competing?
Maybe it's more like a family restaurant and not a fast food thing, but still the argument stands.

Is the whole thing just a front for the mob? Is it money laundering?
Also, the mascot is cute. Is she a real person, like colonel Sanders?
I wanna see her panties. Why?

It probably varies from location to location, but I've always liked Wendy's that I've had better than McDonalds or Burger Kings. As far as fast food burger places you can find anywhere in the country go, you could do far worse, IMO.

No, it's a fast-food chain in the same sense McDonalds, Burger King, Hardees/Carl's Jr., and Jack in the Box are.

The cartoon is based on the original owner's daughter, who unfortunately turned into a 3DPD hambeast as was revealed in a series of commercials they made a few years ago celebrating the chain's anniversary. They've since replaced using the real-life Wendy as a spokeswoman with using a more attractive 3D redhead. Why they don't run with the cute cartoon girl more in their advertising is beyond me.

Because she a qt

The thread lives! Fuck yeah!

I looked it up and you're right, she is a hambeast, sadly.
This is why lolis have to be enjoyed between the ages of 8 to 13. They have a high chance of becoming unfuckable.
Because your idea makes too much sense. You think executives are competent.
Also, I looked it up and I was wrong, there IS a Wendy's in my location. Joy.
So I guess I'll go try that menu. What would you recommend, American friend?
What are Apple Nuts?
The menu looks nice, but they always look nice in the pictures.
Here, help me choose my launch if you're so kind:

She can train my dragon any day…

not loli

Then post some loli.


What? She's like 13.

Astrid? Couldn't be. She has a canon ship with 20yo Hiccup. The feminists would never let that fly.


too old for loli in japan terms

You all fail.

Dude, 12 is also



I like Batman in that one. Looks super cute.




Question for Holla Forums: which design of Maurecia do you find more qt, show or the books?

The Wayside books were generally better than the show, but this may be the one thing I prefer from the show

Jesus, that butt is good!

Maybe she should wear a longer dress.




Can you guys recommend me some good/decent western loli artists? Here are most of the ones I know of already:

Fuchur, Simon, Padoga, Garbej, Moma, Kyder, Incognitymous, atomic bomb, Norasuko, Conoghi , Season, Schmutz, drockdraw, Polyle, Zabbuk, DFer, Ashes, GFD, Zenu, VS, Maximilo, 豆 (kind of), Padoga, venge_ace, Alke, John Doe. (All except Simon can be found on pixiv)

Hope you find someone new from this list.

Don't forget Hoshime


Thanks, that's someone new to me.

Forgot about him, used to enjoy his art when I was younger, not that much lately.

Seriously looks like the bear is wielding a bloody axe in the thumbnail.





The color of the hat clashes pretty bad, adds a weird layer. Then that kids fucking face and ring are part of it

How can Iris be 12 if Ruby is six? she is 9 at best!



Good bye, thread.