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Why is David such a hipster? You'd expect someone with more … character … at his position.

Rothschild Defense force please leave.

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Alt-right should combine to attack a Rothschild. I mean they were #sobrave taking on that niglet-adopter girl… I think it's time to step it up.



I don't think that counts as inbreeding tbh mate.
2 from one family marry 2 from another.
It's a bit weird, but it isn't inbreeding per se

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He could at least hire someone to write in his name, as medieval rulers hired scribes.


Reminder that these threads always attract shills like flies.


Have fun.

I still don't get whats wrong with the Rothschilds

I know they basically own everything, but I don't understand how that negatively affects me

Can Holla Forums please redpill me?

How doesn't it effect you? Just think how the Jews owning and controlling everything effects you. These guys are the leaders of the Jews.

I still can't see that they have any legitimate power. I think it's an Alex Jones smoke screen. Where is the proof of their collective net worth or banking holdings?

It doesn't. I've never been not able to do something because of Rothschild.
I still work, I still eat, I still live

I still don't see any proof of anything bad
Greedy yes, but evil?




You must be young or a shill… How is it that you cannot recognize that controlling interest rates between nations fucks with the economies of said nations? Not just that but deciding policies in that nation without the peoples consent, or, being able to direct the world because you own all its money.

Can you into research or reading? You didn't even listen to the intro of that documentary or read the thread

We're talking about the Rothschilds NOT the Muppets…you muppets




-1 Shekel

The Rothschild family invented Christian Zionism starting with the Scofield Bible.

Daily reminder that the Rothschilds hide behind judaism, and used it as an excuse so that they could have their own actual nation to live in. Imagine being so rich that you could actually make the governments of the world give you a parcel of land and allow you to actually make it your own sovereign nation that does not have to abide by a single international law. They litterally got what every one of us on Holla Forums wants. Our own country to do whatever the fuck we want in. The dream is possible lads, never give up.

Spooky time! #2SPooky4ME!

They aren't hiding behind anything, they're the product of jewish genes and the judaic ideology.

Doesn't Jacob spend all his time shuffling things around due to OCD? What a boring villain.

Arrested oil tycoon passed shares to banker
By - The Washington Times - Sunday, November 2, 2003

LONDON (Agence France-Presse) — Control of Mikhail Khodorkovsky’s shares in the Russian oil giant Yukos have passed to renowned banker Jacob Rothschild, under a deal they concluded prior to Mr. Khodorkovsky’s arrest, the Sunday Times reported.

Voting rights to the shares passed to Mr. Rothschild, 67, under a “previously unknown arrangement” designed to take effect in the event that Mr. Khodorkovsky could no longer “act as a beneficiary” of the shares, it said.

Mr. Khodorkovsky, 40, whom Russian authorities arrested at gunpoint and jailed pending further investigation last week, was said by the Sunday Times to have made the arrangement with Mr. Rothschild when he realized he was facing arrest.

Mr. Rothschild now controls the voting rights on a stake in Yukos worth almost $13.5 billion, the newspaper said in a dispatch from Moscow.

Mr. Khodorkovsky owns 4 percent of Yukos directly and 22 percent through a trust of which he is the sole beneficiary, according to Russian analysts.

From the figures reported in the Sunday Times, it appeared Mr. Rothschild had received control of all Mr. Khodorkovsky’s shares.

The two have known each other for years “through their mutual love of the arts” and their positions as directors of the Open Russia Foundation, Yukos’ philanthropic branch, it said.

Russian authorities Thursday froze billions of dollars of shares held by Mr. Khodorkovsky and his top lieutenants in Yukos — throwing control of the country’s largest oil company into limbo and causing frenzied selling on financial markets.

Russian prosecutors said owners of the shares are still entitled to dividends and retain voting rights, but can no longer sell their stakes.

They said the freeze was necessary as collateral for the $1 billion that Mr. Khodorkovsky and his associates are accused of misappropriating during the 1990s.

Mr. Rothschild is the British head of Europe’s wealthy and influential Rothschild family, and runs his own investment empire.

Remember this story when the "Jewtin" shill kid pops up again


I kek'd
Resolution Copper (RCM) is a joint venture owned by Rio Tinto and BHP Billiton formed to develop and operate an underground copper mine near Superior, Arizona, U.S. The project targets a deep-seated porphyry copper deposit located under the now inactive Magma Mine. Rio Tinto has reported an inferred resource of 1.624 billion tonnes containing 1.47 percent copper and 0.037 percent molybdenum at depths exceeding 1,300 metres (0.81 mi).[1] The proposed mine is one of the largest copper resources in North America.[2] Following the passage of the 2015 National Defense Authorization Act, many Native American and conservation groups fear the copper mine will destroy sacred and environmentally sensitive land.
At the end of the 1880s, control of the firm was passed to the Rothschild family, who greatly increased the scale of its mining operations.

(I don't have any proof the Oregon thing is tied to the Rothschilds, but the Government sure wants the ranchers and indians off these chunks of land so they can set up mining.)

Nice i forgot about this. Kasparov ( Jewish chess player) was a Rothschild Shill too. Bobby Fisher hated his guts!

How did the Freemasons start anyway? Weren't they originally Christian monks that worked freestone, hence freemasons?
In October 1871, 18-year-old Rhodes and his brother Herbert left the colony for the diamond fields of Kimberley.
Financed by N M Rothschild & Sons, Rhodes succeeded over the next 17 years in buying up all the smaller diamond mining operations in the Kimberley area.
In 1873, he returned to Britain, to study at Oxford, but stayed there for only one term after which he went back to South Africa. His monopoly of the world's diamond supply was sealed in 1890 through a strategic partnership with the London-based Diamond Syndicate. They agreed to control world supply to maintain high prices.

At his death he was considered one of the wealthiest men in the world. In his first will, written in 1877 before he had accumulated his wealth, Rhodes wanted to create a secret society that would bring the whole world under British rule.[6] The exact wording from this will is:

To and for the establishment, promotion and development of a Secret Society, the true aim and object whereof shall be for the extension of British rule throughout the world, the perfecting of a system of emigration from the United Kingdom, and of colonisation by British subjects of all lands where the means of livelihood are attainable by energy, labour and enterprise, and especially the occupation by British settlers of the entire Continent of Africa, the Holy Land, the Valley of the Euphrates, the Islands of Cyprus and Candia, the whole of South America, the Islands of the Pacific not heretofore possessed by Great Britain, the whole of the Malay Archipelago, the seaboard of China and Japan, the ultimate recovery of the United States of America as an integral part of the British Empire, the inauguration of a system of Colonial representation in the Imperial Parliament which may tend to weld together the disjointed members of the Empire and, finally, the foundation of so great a Power as to render wars impossible, and promote the best interests of humanity.,_1st_Baron_Rothschild
Natty also funded Cecil Rhodes in the development of the British South Africa Company and the De Beers diamond conglomerate. He later administered Rhodes's estate after his death in 1902 and helped to set up the Rhodes Scholarship scheme at the University of Oxford.

Read Carol Quigley's Tragedy and Hope and The Anglo-American Establishment:

Quigley was a kosher college professor, so he never makes the point that Rhodes was just a shabbos goy for the Rothschilds, but he lays out the map of the conspiracy.

Isn't Fischer a Jewish name tho? Makes sense, since self-hating Jews tend to be the biggest bad goyim.

This SS booklet is the best short summary about Masonry I've come across. They actually shut down lodges and went through their shit, so it's not just some Masonposter with
According to his autobiography, at the beginning of 1924 his friend Baron Louis de Rothschild introduced him to Max Warburg who offered to finance his movement for the next 3 years by giving him 60,000 gold marks.
Warburg remained sincerely interested in the movement for the remainder of his life and served as an intermediate for Coudenhove-Kalergi with influential Americans such as banker Paul Warburg and financier Bernard Baruch. In April 1924, Coudenhove-Kalergi founded the journal Paneuropa (1924–1938) of which he was editor and principal author. The next year he started publishing his main work, the Kampf um Paneuropa (The fight for Paneuropa, 1925–1928, three volumes). In 1926, the first Congress of the Pan-European Union was held in Vienna and the 2,000 delegates elected Coudenhove-Kalergi as president of the Central Council, a position he held until his death in 1972.

His original vision was for a world divided into only five states: a United States of Europe that would link continental countries with French and Italian possessions in Africa; a Pan-American Union encompassing North and South Americas; the British Commonwealth circling the globe; the USSR spanning Eurasia; and a Pan-Asian Union whereby Japan and China would control most of the Pacific. To him, the only hope for a Europe devastated by war was to federate along lines that the Hungarian-born Romanian Aurel Popovici and others had proposed for the dissolved multinational Empire of Austria-Hungary. According to Coudenhove-Kalergi, Pan-Europe would encompass and extend a more flexible and more competitive Austria-Hungary, with English serving as world language, spoken by everyone in addition to their native tongue. He believed that individualism and socialism would learn to cooperate instead of compete, and urged that capitalism and communism cross-fertilize each other just as the Protestant Reformation had spurred the Catholic Church to regenerate itself.

Worry about
He's the one that's going to be running the show.

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Jewish and English father
Scottish and English mother

Yeah, something's jacked. Supposedly he's only 1/4 jewish. I hate to go David Icke, but he looks like a clone or an ayylium or something.

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Conveniently, all the big banking families have merged under one name: Warburg.

They didn't pull any punches either: "war" is self explanatory and (("burg")) is pretty easy to figure out too.















Oath broken !

Where do they originate? Like, who was the first Rothschild ever? Are they ashkenazi?

Anyone posted this on /polarchive/ yet?

Yes, fully. In fact, they led the emancipation movement after they got rich

Lots of good clippings I haven't seen before.

Just remember they also funded the Cecil Rhodes and the Diamond trade in South Africa. Jesus Christ they're have a hand in everything don't they.




That quote by Nathan Rothshild is a fake, allegedly created by american libertarians.

Is the airplane thing real? I can't google it because I don't have hands. Please help.

I don't understand what these people do all day.
Would love to be a fly on the wall following them a week and just observe. It's so bizarre.
Especially rich-people parties seem like the scariest shit ever, with capes, scarifying shit, masks from animals and whatnot.
It's so far-fetched I can't understand how someone would voluntarily take part in it.

Maybe because I am not a spiritual person, and don't understand the mental process of it.

The airplane going is missing (never) been found is real. As far as the Rothschild connection go I haven't verified but I'll check.

Looks like its legit.


Yep. collapse of the american dream

We need to spread this shit.


Don't buy Mondavi wine either, Rothschild-backed.

Thanks for the heads up :^)


Also Rothschild has a specific bank and investment fund. I think it's Nova Scotia bank and LFR (some abbreviation of Lucifer).


How has no one linked the money masters yet

This is the thread being slid shill

You should listen to the whole thing, especially the cognitive dissonance part.

I don't have to listen to it to know it's bullshit.

Quit trying to slide the thread with disinfo.

Bumping for an actually informative, non-slide thread.


What the fuck, people? Those fucking jews has covered this word for a long time. They are using interests instead of it. Freaking spread its meaning:

Those fucking kikes has even written it as obsolete.



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Losing one shekel?

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You have no idea.. ;^)

If you have read Rise and Fall of Confederate Government, you know, that Lincoln was full of shit.

Can we combine all those pictures? Someone made a lot of them. Can we make one gigantic family three of all jews?

Now we're talking. This one looks much more like an anglo-archkike.

Do you guys think that they are holding some kind of tournament for their offspring to decide who is the kikest?

Are they trying to jew each other so they get the honor to be used as satan's vessels on earth?

Inflation, central banking authorities printing money into the hands of the bankers first, therefore they get the money first, spend it first and then it gets passed to you through a loan or salary at an inflated cost.

Because they're the final boss, they own the world.

There are other jews who rule as well, but these are top dogs.

>>>/pdfs/ owner here.

I know I haven't been that active lately. But that is because I have been dedicated to look for real important rarities to collect.
I found one. The Rothschilds: A Family Portrait - Frederic Morton 1962.

This is one of the most revealing biographies on the Rothschild family, and because it is so revealing and contains so much information. "They" don't give book much publicity, to keep it out of public public consciousness.

This book will blow any disinfo shill that says Hitler was a Rothschild funded agent right out of the Sol system.
In fact, the book contains an entire chapter entitled Hitler versus Rothschild. An entire chapter about Hitler and the Nazis trying to stop the Rothschilds.

Hitler was far from the first great European leader that tried to stop the Rothschild takeover of Europe (and the World in general). Napoleon also tried to stop the Rothschild bankers. And there is chapter dedicated to that part of history as well, Rothschild versus Napoleon. So you can read about that lesser known war against the Rothschild empire by another great European leader.

The author is of course sympathetic to the Rothschild cause. But the book is a true rarity.

The book.


Consider that you don't have any connection to the "old practice" before total global authoritarianism.

Look to the landed gentry of Europe for a contrast of morality. Realize the difference between the burger class and the gentry. Perhaps it's not as clear to the typical city dweller, but when you grow up, as I did, hearing the world of my grandpa and grandma, and the virtue they learned and passed down for generations, things were not always this way. People weren't corralled into consumer paradigms, people did as they pleased more or less. THEY DIDN'T EVEN HAVE INCOME TAX.

Sure, everything may seem normal to you. But it's not. I promise you that.

If you make less than 100,000 than you know all too well the suffering of the American people and that times are tough. You also know, whether you are poor or rich, that the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. Many mistake that this is the system, that there are a group of people who are really rich that make lots of money and horde it all. This is true, but the fact remains, raising the wage won’t help people, because companies will raise the price of goods and services like they have done in Australia where the minimum wage is fifteen dollars (AUS). Let us look deeper and find the root of the problem.

Who owns the money? Think about it, money isn’t simply burned like the scene with the Joker, no one just burns money and while people spend it, we know those who earn more, earn enough that is to save prosper well. But to get more money one either has to hustle or have an education, but to have an education one must take loans or debt and to hustle one must risk incarceration and the million black men in prison shows that hustling isn’t as prosperous as it seems. While there may be those few who rise above, the fact remains, most men who break the law get dealt with swiftly and consequently harshly.

The system is not built for rehabilitation, it’s built to break you down and keep you in your place. So why not take debt and get an education, an idea that seems far less risky. Well, the economy isn’t so good, but why is that? Why isn’t the economy so good, why aren’t people spending? Trust in one word sums it all up. Trust in the economy is at an all time low. But what caused that? That word, or rather two words is consumer confidence which despite papers and statistics is an all time low. But what caused that? Well the panic and financial collapse of 2008. What followed seven years later in August of 2015 was the collapse of the Chinese industrial and manufacturing sector.

We went from an inflationary economy (back by Central Banking), to a stagflation economy (where nothing improves but the next iPhone or Samsung phone and only marginally) to an officially deflationary economy in August of 2015 with the shaking of the stock market from the ripple effect of China. If this all seems too complicated, it is and it’s done intentionally. The idea of “liquid” assets or financial regulation is complicated and hazy, but that’s intentional, so that you, the average person do not understand it. Let’s cut through it all and get to the core of it. What happened in 2008?

Well, what happened was a shifting of resources. A shifting of money. Money in 401ks, retirement accounts, money that was set aside for savings dropped in value on the stock market because people started to sell. And that selling caused people that managed your money, namely mutual funds to sell those stocks and positions in the market for a cheap price, causing a reduction in retirements and savings. So picture this, you’ve worked hard your whole life, 40 years, you’ve set aside a bit aside. You’ve portioned carefully only to find in two months, your money go down to half of what it was worth.

What does this do? Well it causes people to panic and to not trust the economy and to save up. But to save up one must have money and to have money one must have a job but to have a job requires an advanced education in a shifting economy, which requires debt or loans to re-train yourself which requires time and effort. Why would you give time and effort to re-train yourself for the global economy when you just lost half your hard earned money and are beyond the working age.

Old people earn money over their lifetimes, but when there is nothing to retire on, they continue to work blocking younger people who got expensive educations from working from earning money. This is the basics of the stagflation economy. Things are “slower”, people have less money but the stress of having less money and less job opportunities and less work around causes people to drink more, do drugs more and spend money in an illicit way, any way to get high and forget the problems of today. So already we can see that the system that we are talking about, the global economy is a fragile system indeed, backed by people’s educations, debts, emotions and their spending patterns.


To simplify, they wouldn't call it the "New World Order" if they weren't intent on destroying the Old Order based on morality, honor, and virtue.

Why are there so few niggers in STEM classes (without affirmative action)? Well, because our IQ is a standard deviation higher than theirs. We're better suited for the job. Well guess what??? Ashkenazi jews have an IQ of 115. Which is a standard deviation higher then ours. We're their "niggers' so to speak. That's why they're in high positions.

So let’s continue. Who benefits from a stressed out worker that does drugs and works overtime for the same salary. Who benefits from people earning less and working harder to maintain their job because other people are out of work. Why are people out of work? Because people are spending less because they don’t trust the economy? What is the economy? A series of connections, frameworks or connections if you will.

You’re hungry so you spend money at Taco Bell or McDonalds to eat. That in one way is a part of the economy. You need clothes, so you shop at Kohl’s or Wal-Mart, that in one way is an economy. The economy is simply the exchanging of money for goods or products and services. Stuff that is made that you cannot make because you lack the resources (lumber, oil, minerals, steel, manufacturing labor, etc, etc). So basically, you cannot build a car, so you must buy one. You cannot stitch shoes or get the plastic from the ground, unlike a sandwich, so you must buy one. So you work to get money to spend money for the exchange of goods.

This is the economy in a nutshell, an agreement, an exchange and it is a constant series of exchanges. But when people spend less, they shop less, companies earn less, so they hire less so people have less jobs to compete for but the population or total amount of people around remains the same so people compete all the same for the same amount of jobs. Who does this benefit, who has to something to gain, who is happy about people not working about people suffering about people smoking cigarettes constantly, about people drinking constantly about people bickering constantly over bills, over money?

Who benefits over young black men killing each other for drug hustling corners, who benefits from young white men working lower paid jobs for which they are overqualified for? Who benefits from lots and lots of Eastern Asians and Indians who are willing to work harder for an education, work for less and question authority and offer innovation far less? Who benefits basically, from people staying in their place and bowing before to the almighty dollar. Think about it, who’s happy when people suffer, when people work harder for less and bicker and argue about it?

You would think it’s the bosses, that own the companies but once more, wouldn’t those same bosses who own your Mom and Pop shops, who own stores want the economy flourishing, working well so they could sell more stuff? Sell more wine, food, shoes, jeans, phones, headphones and such and such? Why wouldn’t a store owner or a mechanic or a programmer want the economy flourishing? Why wouldn’t a doctor want patients to come in, instead of worrying about people not coming in because they can’t afford medical bills? Who has to gain? If the economy is bad, neither the worker nor the employer gain.

Yes, while the employer has to pay more in an inflationary economy and has to deal with turn-over, that is employees leaving for a better job, he doesn’t get as many sales, he doesn’t make as much money and he still has to worry about his business making ends’ meet. So it is not the employer, it is not the businessman and if anything we should thank the businessman because as shitty as a basic job is, that is barely above or at minimum wage, he still (the employer) provides that opportunity. Otherwise, one must live on welfare or sell drugs or scrap money from others, whether they be parents or someone else to get by.


So the million dollar question is, who benefits from workers staying in their place, form business not earning more and from people arguing with each other over petty issues instead of focusing on the issues at hand? Who benefits from chaos? From worker strife? From millions of men in prison? From the system being totally inept and corrupt and from stealing money from the middle class? If we examine it under a spy-glass we can begin to ask the right questions, find out who got hurt and who benefited and who gained and who lost in the crisis of 2008 and why things have changed so much, for the worse since then.

The crisis originated in September, when a bank known has Lehman Brothers could not pay it’s debt back. It was a bank that had been running since before the civil war, a time so long ago that people had earned trust in it. It was one of several big banks, deemed “too big too fail” or banks that would be around and continue to be around. To borrow money, one must pay it back but to earn the right to borrow money one has to say, “hey, give me this money but I’ll pay you back and extra” or known as interest. Interest, is what owns the financial world and it what runs the financial world and banks because no one gives away money for free because there is always a risk you might not get it back.

So interest comes into play. So the interest or “haircuts” on the Lehman Brother’s account got too high and they couldn’t pay back their debts so they defaulted. It just so happened several other financial firms essentially had money tied up with Lehman Brother’s, namely AIG or a mortgage bank. What is a mortgage? Well it’s a house. To buy a house you either have to put all cash down or get a loan. Are you starting to see the bigger picture? The world doesn’t run on exchanges, it doesn’t run on you buying food or goods or services, it runs on a series of loans of exchanges.

At the highest levels, everyone borrows money and the higher you get on the mountain top of power and financial success or money, the smaller that mountain top gets. Those at the top all know each other at some level. So we’re beginning to form a clear picture here, and while it seems confusing bear with me. Banks run the world because they loan out money, and they get interest and since interest is invisible as long as you continue to receive money from someone you know who is trust worthy or has a high enough credit score you can continue to make money as a banker.

This is why poorer people spend money as soon as they get it, they have no credit or no score and no reliability or “report card” aka a financial score or credit score so that banks or other firms can loan them money. Because they have no fall back money, they don’t know that there will be a better tomorrow. So in there stress and short-sightedness, they spend more freely, on alcohol, meth, cocaine, ecstasy and so on as a release for the pressing jobs they work at for less to earn less. So on the surface we come to our original discussion, those who earn the most, the richest continue to make money because they have “fall back” loans or people they can trust on and they can loan out money to the middle class and know they will get it back because if someone from the middle class doesn’t pay their money back, they get a bad credit score and can’t borrow money in times of need.

Are you getting the bigger picture yet? It’s okay, let’s break it down further. When there are crisis or people drink and argue or fret over money, crisis tend to happen from increased stress levels, focus drops, the idea of self-actualization of happiness decreases because people work harder. So the poor go out and spend money, on new flat screens or new shoes because they never know when they get it. And the middle class or the former middle class, continues to pay back debt they borrowed to buy newer things because they’re scared of their “adult report card” or their credit score going down. So, the people at the top, the people that loan money, will only loan money to secure people or people who can pay it back.

And the fear of not being able to pay money back and never getting money again in a form of a loan (for an education or car or house) keeps middle class people working instead of following-up on an education to avoid being poor. Because to be poor means to never have money to spend and only getting it marginally and what would be the point of saving it up regardless if you are, as a poor person, only going to work a terrible job for so long? As a poor person, you cannot count on savings because in times of need, such as a friend or wife or child needing money, you have to spend it? In times of stress, you need to relax as a human being so you spend it a the bar or your dealer or with comfort foods and so on and so on.

Let's maximise shekel-loss.

There is literally nothing wrong with being Jewish.

This wouldn't happen in a free market economy

Let us continue on with this world view or framework in how we deconstruct the world. You know the world is shitty because you earn less or have money problems and you know because your friends or family are suffering. You know you’re desperate for a job or know as a college or university student there might not be a brighter day, you might not get that job. You know as a middle class person or an older person, security, stability and having solid relationships and a solid job over time build prosperity but you’re not feeling it. Even as a rich person, while the effects of this never-ending “recession” are beginning to wear on you. So let’s define the classes, the people that earn money and that don’t.

If you don’t have a job, you are in the “slave” class or welfare class where you depend on the government. Whether you get money because of medical issues, real or not or whether you are an African-American earning money from wel-fare or a prisoner in prison, you rely on more or less the American Government for your bread, for your meals and for your prosperity and therefore you are a slave because while you may get food, shelter and be provided for, the money you earn is insubstantial for real prosperity, for a mortgage or a new suit or an education. Furthermore you are unlikely to have good credit or any standing with various banks or much of a network, therefore you are deemed in one way or another to work the rest of your life or toil about aimlessly, as a slave would in centuries earlier with no definite chance of moving up in financial standing in the world.

You are to die at an earlier age due to drugs or stress related issues or as a girl get pregnant. This is a terrible class to live in and a class that struggles and lacks the understanding for why they are prodded at constantly and it is a class unfortunately that police and bureaucracy tend to clamp down on, because if they would not, the violence in their hearts would boil over and create riots of much more frightening murders of the poor class or middle class who do pay taxes and support the system that is, police, army and bureaucracy.

So what does the “slave class” or being poor have to do with the global economy, with debt, with banks loaning money? Who owns us? Who owns the dollar? Who owns the police? Who owns the courts and federal system? Ask different people and you will find different answers. Some will say various parts of the system is not for sale or believe in our Democracy or our Democratic-Republic while others still believe it is the Anglo-Saxon people who first immigrated here from England and to this day from the 1600s still have roots in power. Known as “WASPS” or the “White-man” and yet still others claim that boomers or those born in the 50s and 60s hold power.

Let’s assume something first, those in power want to stay in power. They want to fuck the prettiest women, drive the nicest cars, wear the nicest shoes, drink the finest wines, sail the nicest yachts, build the tallest sky-scrappers, they want to stay in power and enjoy power. But who is in power? We can think of names and while we confuse money for power we confuse also, who owns the money, owns the power. But what is money? For the “slave class”, it is the check from the government or the meal from the government. For the poor, a step above the slave class, it is the ability to have a job, any job, whether minimum wage or not and being able to provide for their kids due to their bad decisions.

For the middle class, it is a credit rating or reputation with firms to hold their mortgage or house down and their new car. For the rich? Well, the business owners, the scientists, the doctors and lawyers it is the ability to have clients, customers people that will shop, people from the poor and middle class who have money. So what are we missing? If we know the rich or those that have entitled degrees or businesses don’t benefit from a slow economy or less exchanges of money for their goods or service, then what class is above that, that does benefit? Well, let’s call them the “elite class”, the class that in Marxist rhetoric would be the bourgeoisie or those that don’t have to worry about money, because remember, they can loan it out and a loan, is as good as money working for itself.

How much money do the Rothschilds actually have?

Forbes claims that Bill Gates is the richest man in the world. Is that just a smokescreen?

Fuck out of here with that bullshit. The average Israeli IQ is 95.

Money multiples, it stacks upon itself, the more money you have the more money you make. This is a rule of power. What is power? Power is the way, the flow the tai chi if you will of the financial, military and successful world. It is the fundamental laws of human exchanges or negations or relationships which define money and how it works. Why do rich people or rather I shall say, “elite” people as we imagine them drive nice cars, go to balls and wear nice dresses and suits? Because it dignifies power or the ability to create opportunities or exchanges with others because one has influence with others up higher on the mountain top, whether they be judges, senators or businessmen.

Looking nice is just part of the rules to power, a set of rules I must admit are contradictory. For example, say a random bum of the street asked for money, you might give it to him depending on how you are feeling and your background. But if he asked for a business loan you would not give it to him. Say a man pulled out of a new Lexus, or Ferrari or whatever vehicle you imagine a rich man to pull out of and walked up to you and asked for a hundred dollars and that he would pay it back with another hundred in a week. Likely you would still not give it to him, but perhaps you would and would be interested. The fact that you show interest in him because of his materialistic possessions shows that you respect the laws of power, to achieve something must mean someone is doing something right.

But if you knew this man, and he was the richest man of your circle of friends or family or people that you’ve known, you would consider giving this man money, perhaps you would. That is power, the acknowledgement of a connection or the fact that you know this man. See the difference between power and money? Money is simply an exchange, and power is the ability, the dynamic flow of people and connections which dictates money, investments, loans, relationships, wives, husbands and such, it dictates how we act and perceive others and how we respect others. Hence why drug dealers dress nicely, because with their new found wealth, they want women to respect them, to entitle them to let them know they can share in their wealth without the hard work involved to raise their kids.

Despite the grammar error, dubs confirm losing shekels, sooooooo.

Le post.

The average Israeli IQ is indeed. But the average Israeli isn't planning on "taking over the world" now is he? We're talking about Ashkenazi jews. Their IQ grew with 1/3th of a point each generation for the past 700 years.





STFU Goy jews arent anything special
they are just like white people IQ wise but lack creativity. instead they are ruthless and materialistic

Does anyone have the image with all the powerful families surnames? I remember it being posted once in a thread on /cringe/ but i didn't save it.

If I had the image I'd post it for you, but I don't. Sorry. Good luck getting an answer to your request. I asked legitimate questions twice and all these retards want to do is argue over IQ scores.

I wanna know too


So once more, the rich, while they have money do not have power because they are part of the system, they are unable to loan money. They do not benefit from chaos because their prosperity slows and while they don’t feel it, their money does not grow and they must work just as hard, just in much nicer conditions then the poor. Therefore the elite, who have money, who have power because they have the ability to loan money which creates money because money that is lent is working for itself are separate from the rich. That is why, when we ask for socialism or for the idea for the rich to pay their share, it does not work, because those who make more than 100,00 aren’t the problem, neither are the rap stars, the balls stars, the accomplished scientists who earn millions.

They pay their taxes. Even the business owners who make millions and only pay 15% on investment tax aren’t the problem because at one end or another they make their money but it slows during a recession or stagflation or as now, a deflationary economy where growth actually slows. So calls from liberalism or socialism or the call for income equality, isn’t exactly equality, because we’re already equal in some sense, we all spend time making money, we all follow the laws of power, we all follow our place in the system. Rather what income equality is, is the ability for the middle class to get access for more support from the government, in terms increasing the number of slave class who depend on the government, in turn increasing the strain on the rich class who do support the system through tax and the majority of the money they pay.

It would seem, socialism or communism or any other collectivization would not work because it would increase the amount of the “slave class” who depend on government, decrease the number of middle class, strain the rich. Once more, we find only one class that benefits from this form of chaos or “wealth” distribution, the “elite class.” Remember, money isn’t just burned, no one just wastes money and while some of it might get lost or watered out or bills might crinkle and rip and might become useless, much more is printed out in colossal volumes to make up for this. In fact, when more money is printed out, it hurts the middle class and poor class though a term known as “inflation.”

But before we dig deeper and begin to explain these complicated terms, let’s focus on the simple. Let’s focus on what we know and what we can deduce, let’s get even simpler in fact, and break things down to such a level that you have full understanding of the world around you and you climb above it. Let’s form our own circle of power, our own class, our understanding because what runs the world is power, which runs money, which segregates people in class, but power is derived from knowledge so it is through this knowledge you can form your own class, your own awakening. You can join the few who know what is going on in the world and spread this knowledge and form a new class, regardless of slave, poor, middle or rich, you can become “awakened”, part of the aware of those who know exactly who rules us and break those shackles, open up the eyes that are hidden and rise above.

Ok, thanks. And now the third question: how much money is Jacob Rothschild himself worth? As in, are any of the Rothschilds worth that much on their own, or are they only worth that much together?

I honestly am super surprised that a Rothschild would not have more money than Bill Gates. So I am assuming they are deliberately keeping themselves off the list.


What is money? An exchange waiting to happen or in the process of happening. What is power? The network you have to decide how your money and other’s money is handled. What is a network? People you know. Who has the most power? Those who know others who know the network that decide how money is made and created. But before we even dig into this, yet we must know why must we have money. What does money really decide? Money decides prosperity or success and what defines that? The ability to raise your children. But why children? Because money and power define the ability to have access to women’s reproductive abilities or her ability to have a child and to raise that child successfully from birth to adulthood.

Let’s reiterate that. Money is the control of exchanges, exchanges that in the mass amount of volumes and for the larger portion decides the reproductive ability of women to create children. That is why prison or insanity is so unpleasant for many factors but that women are not around, a man insane will live with other men in an asylum, a man a criminal will live with other men in a prison. There is no reproductive ability, no way to offset the aging through the passing of genes. Even the most liberal hippie who smokes marijuana, who has no care, in same way or another fights for his own existence. The very air we breathe, oxygen in the minority and nitrogen in the majority, is in fact some way toxic and erodes the skin and cells.

The very atmosphere we breathe, the very world we live in, ages us. What is cancer? Cancer is the unrestricted reproduction of cells, toxic cells that feed off the system creating imbalances which causes early death. What is AIDS? A virus that erodes our immune system from fighting off the diseases, viruses and bacteria around that kills us. Old age is the passing of the organs and the body as a system. Our cells, continually multiply off each other and copy off each other, just as a son copies off his father in genetic code and behavior if he had one, so do our very skin cells (technically the ones underneath our skin since our skin is in fact dead) reproduce and replicate. A human is merely half a cell, an egg and another half a cell, a sperm merged together to create a unique string of DNA which multiples itself into a full human being. Our cells and our very DNA is a unique combination.

The determining factor for reproduction and to pass on our genes and to continue on in this world is through our DNA which can live on long after us. So really this world is in constant conflict of various DNAs or strand of unique codes, stands which determine nations, cultures and religions in fact. DNA is so sacred to our existence and for our reason of conflict and it why women lie in the center of all this. A man is limited, once he has enough money, status and decent enough looks, by only his factor of time and physical energy to reproduce as much as possible. While a woman, must be limited to nine months for a full pregnancy and due to her oxytocin levels and chemicals that create a bond, to almost the entire child’s lifetime to raise it. That is love, the ability to nurture and create something.
Hence, a man can reproduce and have sex with hundreds or thousands of women but nowadays is limited by legality and jealously of other men, but nonetheless, he is capable of reproducing a lot. But to have this, he must have status or power or money to subconsciously factor into a woman’s mind for his ability to offer his resources or connections for his ability to raise a child should he in fact impregnate her through sex. Hence the term, “getting lucky” for a man nowadays does not in fact to have to have a child with a woman every time he has sex, and most sex in fact does not lead to kids but our very basic hard-wiring, our brains, that very primitive side does still equate sex with reproduction. The very competitive forms for sexual reproduction, now pronounced through money still take place today.


On some level, the competition for money is in fact competition for women, and the other part for the middle class and rich class and even the elite class, for the competition to raise their children successfully. It goes much deeper than that, the competition or desire to have one’s own, to pass on one’s own unique DNA and heritage is what creates families, a bond which cannot be shattered easily. It is why elites horde money, to create unique DNAs and why Kings and their bloodlines mattered so much, because the unique DNA strand determined who should rule and inherit the kingdom and armies of a deceased King. The following or loyalty to these DNA strands or shall we say, dynasties or families has created nations, flags, ideologies and the combining of forces of war.

This is why Marxism or communism is so unnatural, because it seeks to destroy the very hard-wired evolution through millions of years to protect our own DNA and our own existence to reproduce for the sake of other “foreign” DNA. This is the basis of nationalism, to protect others’ DNA lines who closely match yours against foreigners who share DNA far further away from the tree of evolution of yours. So therefore, the elites wish to preserve their existence and their lines of family heritage, but to do that they must create chaos, to point the finger away from them. They must create entertainment, to keep the commoners and the peasants entertained. They must keep the poor alive with Football and advertisements.

They must keep the middle class entitled with movies and TV. They must keep the rich bogged down in political and business feuds and with petty things such as travel and boasting about one’s own status to deflect from the fact that their heritage and sacred lines are preserved. It is why unifying together for anything other than a King or a DNA line is absurd. To follow an ideology or a flag or a nation or a leader, rather then the disguised fact it is the promotion of one owns DNA and knowledge is hideous. However, let us return to the question of those who own us.

Let us assume again, that they can print money, an in abundance and in fact the only nation that is allowed to print money freely is the United States. However, the United States Central Bank, needs to take on loans, or Bonds as they are called to print money. Money can’t just be printed or too much might be printed which causes inflation, which means with too much money around, someone might get it who doesn’t deserve it. If five people have twenty dollars in their pocket including you and you’re bidding on an ice cream cone, you can assume the price will be several dollars but who knows really. But if another ten people come in with twenty dollars, that increased competition will cause the price to go up to twenty, or in fact higher as people pool money together to share the ice cream.

See how power trumps money? Power is the connection people make to take that ice cream cone to pool money together while inflation is the fact more money came in through other people. Now the idea of spending so much and working so hard for an ice cream cone is absurd, but what would you think of a Victoria Secret model or a Lamborghini. What do you think model cat-walks are about, what do you think modeling shows are for? For the rich to “bid” on women or enjoy them being shown off. What do you think clubs are for? For the middle class and rich to enjoy women dancing in tight jeans or short skirts to “bid” with drinks with “money” and on who brings who home, hence the music we listen to nowadays.

What do you think house parties are for? For the poor or young, to “bid” on women with drugs and the ability to have a car or their own place to bring a woman back. Then we form friendships, wingmen, other sub-set systems and cultures around it, around getting “laid” and bringing girls back because we are taught to and it distracts us from the real question, why are all so damn poor? We’ve explained that it started back in 2008, but what happened was a redistribution or money being taken from the rich, middle class and poor to the elite’s hands. When a stock price drops, it’s cheaper and if someone buys that off someone because they know the price will go back up (because they have enough power and connections to know it will), they can in turn buy that cheaply and sell it later for far higher money.

Yet still we lack the answer. We know the elite have connections with each other, because if they did not, they would start conflict with each other. We know they share a unique DNA, a unique strand with each other in one way or another because if they did not, they would not be unified. It is not money alone that unifies people, but a strand of family, of dynastic families, of heritage of people having a common bond. Even amongst two young birds in a nest, one will pus the other out to access resources. So competition amongst the top must be either cut-throat and extremely dangerous as it was in times of the princes of for example Italy of the Renaissance period or extremely calm, because everyone knows each other. An example would be the 19th century for various parts, as various monarchs of Europe knew each other. With the exception of the Napoleonic wars (a young upstart with no royal bloodline who sat upon various countries his own family members to rule) which was a bloody series of conflicts of the Monarchs against Napoleon.

So do white men rule the world? Do rich white men rule the world. Well, the answer would be no because rich white men do share a common DNA strand, they do not share a common enough bond, they would eventually cut each others throats or a more figurative answer would be drive each other out of the business of lending money. Are Swedish men, English men, Russian men, Greek men, Italian men close enough genetically to warrant them working together and setting their families together in the game of power to own congressmen, the media and various other circles of power. We know for a fact, those who own us, own the dollar, own the ability to print money and lend it own, to the government in the forms of bonds and to use as it trickles down in mortgages, own the media as well. Because if they did not own the media, then the media, and those who own it, would shine the light on those who do own us to make us rise up so that the men who own the media, would get more money and power and be able to raise their kids better.

Are you starting to see the pattern? Those who robbed us in 2008, were not the bankers on Wall Street, they weren’t some shadowy firms, not investment bankers and not mathematicians and analysts, those men lost their jobs too. They were men higher up the ladder, who could loan money, who don’t cause conflicts and who don’t run each other out of business because that would cause conflict, cause change and cause other family lines to pull into each other for support for those family lines that started the conflict. Remember, the elites know other elites so to harm and elite would be to get other elites against you. And we know with all the distractions today, that it is intentional, just look at the ads of today. We know that today, with our culture of not caring and nihilism that is intentional, that causes conflict which causes us to work harder and stress out more and save less and prosper less.

We know that our culture of Instagram and Facebook and boasting to one another of how successful we are to garner attention, support, power and other women or men in our lives is intentional. Because it refuses to unite us by our common bonds of DNA, those we share DNA with and thus prevents nationalism or the right to defend one owns borders from foreign DNA invaders. We would assume those who immigrate to another country, legally, threatened by deportation would act correctly while those who are smuggled in illegally, with nothing to lose would go after women first to propagate their DNA in the foreign country to create a common bond for their own success against the natives. We can assume the elites would encourage immigration, politics who encourage immigration of particularly successful countries to impregnate the native women to change the population.

You can look at the firms today, the businesses and corporations of today and find that they have been much the same for awhile and while they create new and exciting research and developments, they remain much the same. The big brands, BMW, Coca Cola, General Motors, Wal-Mart, these firms have been around for a while. If there was increased competition between them, although they don’t share the same market, but what I mean is, if competition firms like Apple and Microsoft did not have those who share a common bond ruling them, we would see continual competition to completely override the other. Instead what we see is passive competition, competition of nature to rule over the other, to earn more, not to destroy as was in the olden days.

Furthermore, the elites would encourage socialism, communism, collectivist ideologies which tell others to set aside ties to family, community, religion, traditional bonds based on you and your neighbors sharing enough of a common DNA strand to defend each other in times of need. After all, by not relying on your neighbor in times of crisis as liberalism would have it, you have to rely on banks, on loans or as poor person who cannot afford their bills and will soon be kicked out or will have their money go to someone else, drugs and alcohol and easy women. Rather, as an elite, you never would want the people to unite, that would pose a threat to the security of you being able to raise your children comfortably for the next thousand years, long after you are gone, ensuring your success on this planet and it’s hostile environment.

While we evolved form tribes of dozens or hundreds of humans, we no longer share such a large connection, rather these connections are more or less digital now, and less feeling, less emotional, less humanistic and to restore that, we would have to follow-up a DNA line which would allow that connection to become human, that connection for DNA, that connection for nationalism, basically a King that would rise up against the elites, that would rise up against indiscriminate money printing and tectonic shifting of the market for personal gains. But there is one last piece we are missing in fingering the elites, in piecing together the puzzle, in figuring out who owns us, in finding out who keeps our virtual shackles on us through debt, constant shenanigans in the media and entertainment, growing government for handouts and who makes us feel like less through our virtual and disconnected lifestyles.

They score higher in certain aspects which you need for high leadership. They score lower on creativity etc. That's why there's not a lot of them in engineering.

Wealth accumulation and IQ are highly correlated to each other.

You ALex JObes fags calling Israel's court "occultism" because it has a pyramid? It's the Middle East!


Blacks have their conspiracies about whitey keeping the black man down.
Whites have their conspiracies about da jews keeping them down.

Neither one of them know enough about economics to see what's really going on.

Oh shut fuck up. Kikes are ruthless conniving bastards and blood thirty psychopaths. They are not "leaders" they are parasitic tyrants.

Supposed occultism aside where else do you find pyramids in the Middle East?

Tell us what's really going on, oh enlightened shill

Seriously can you be anymore obvious?

Some great arguments. Nice work.
Truth is that I've been on Holla Forums quite some time. I was always interested in history. WW2 especially, like most of you here I'm guessing. At some point I got into historical revisionism. No idea how it started, but I learned a fuckton about WW2. Especially the German side of the story. And I agree with most that is said here. The war was far from Germany's fault. The holocaust is probably bullshit.

I saw the beauty of pre-war Germany. I thought of what could've been if they had won. But the more I started learning about national socialism, the more interested I got into economics. The more I learned about economics, the more I turned away from national socialism. Mainly because they would've fucked themselves in the long run, through their Keynesian economics.

So call me a shill or a gook or whatever. It just proves that Holla Forums became a massive hugbox, closed to other opinions.

I'm guessing that the majority here "follows" national socialism, without knowing what it really is. You can't read all "pro - my opinion" books and expect to get a clear view. Read some Thomas Sowell. Maybe Vampire Economy: Doing business under fascism.

Just because you wrote a longer comment doesn't make your argument any better. You still need to explain why you don't think a NatSoc economy would work in the long run. Pointing to a book is not good enough.
I'm here to learn as well and not quite convinced about any ideology at the moment, so I was serious in my previous comment - please enlighten us.

Nice cover story kike.

Why would anyone call a gook? Classic Jewish misdirection.

Hitler was spending a debt-free fiat currency into a virtual economic vacuum. The people accepted it because of the person of Hitler. At some point, he would have had to curtail that and begin to tax in order to avoid inflation. I don't think Hitler had the economic or philosophical expertise to transition from a dictatorship to a representative form of government. Unfortunately, he was not given the opportunity to test his mettle in that venue.

I'm just as much against degeneracy etc as the next person. But I think a society with a free market would do a much better job at keeping people at bay. Also, the free market tends to give the highest economic growth and thus the highest prosperity for the people in a given country. Since prosperity for our people is what we want (what I want atleast).

This is worth a watch for you. Don't really have much time to explain, got some work to do.

Thank you. I'm reading Mussolini's Intellectuals at the moment by A. James Gregor. It is interesting to note that Fascism only became completely totalitarian after 1925. Before, its major theoreticians and influences like Alfredo Rocco, Sergio Panunzio, Filippo Corridoni, Maffeo Pantaleoni and Vilfredo Pareto were all more or less advocating for the withdrawal of the state influence in the productive processes of the nation and defended laissez-faire economic policies and the free market since it would be most conducive to rapid economic growth and industrial development. This was specific to the Italian nation's situation in the world at the time though.

I admittedly do not know enough about specifically National Socialist economics, but I guess I'll start with some Gottfried Feder when I have the time. Sowell seems like a good read, too.

I will watch your video as well

Knew that fucker reminded me of something.

This is Austin Bernard. Cop involved in the Louisiana church satanic pedo ring.

The second is BBC employee clarkey, while making I hope a joke face.

The pedo rings are real. Also that thing about your feels become your face. Invest now in extra rope.

Whoops here ya go.


they all strategically intermarry anyway.öder

Rothschild also intermarry with the Goldsmith Family. Jemima Goldsmith wrote an anti-israel article in the guardian. This is a big story. There is writtten a lot about it in tabloid newspapers, but I cannot find the article they write about. Do you have the link?

you fucking retard, learn how to read

RIP shekel

What if it's not the Jews perse but all of these elite families keep intermarrying and hoarding power and because Judaism is heritable, once Jews married into some of the families the families acquired the Jewish meme and spread it between each other?


also keep an eye on Alexandre de Rothschild

I never knew he was named Don Juan. Based.


We need an official Holla Forums approved family tree for this dynasty.

Each name with its own dossier. Companies worked for, assets owned. No ones really pulled it off, but we can. Why else do they fear us.

Baron David was indicted in France back in July. I don't know if anything came out of it.

he reminds me of this guy lol

One last bump.

minus another shekel heebs



he looks like a lil fag


All well and all to criticize the situation where the trust in the economy has created a seemingly hopeless situation,I am jut bothered by the idea that you need this and that and this also in order to make money. I promise you tat you can get the most expensive education you can find and I will rely entirely on my own lack of education and NY gain and guts and I'll be abilionare before you even have quit sobbing over your prospects nstill not being good enough.

i thought that i was pretty redpilled until i read this


Mr. Burns was really based off Jacob Rothschild?


Bumping X2

oy vey

whats the poem translation

you need to add napoleon to the blue image

Forbes says $400 billion.

Others say with leverage and assets 80 trillion.




Everyone has to watch this! Especially if you're European or are of European decent! We need to all stand up against the fucking Jews and Fight back, Wipe them all out of Existence and we need to destroy everything that invades Europe and take back everything that belongs to us White Gentiles! 14/88


Fuck out of my thread Larping Pagan faggots.

we can't do shit about this, why even discuss it

Go to bed, shill.

Dubs say he going to lose a lot of shekels?


That's certainly quite the in-depth history detailing some stunning revelations about the world as it is, but how can one be sure of how much of it isn't just made up?

Pretty good thread guys.

Embed somewhat related.

Why does Nathaniel Rothschild support Trump?

Are these posts and images part of the Mega Red Pill Torrent?

Nicki Hilton is married to James Rothschild i remembered. I thought that was pretty interesting.

He looks somewhat semitic (that is, not necessarily Jewish) in the first image. But Fischer is just the German spelling of Fisher. A German name isn't as suspicious as Holla Forums makes it out to be, considering that, what was it, two thirds of White Americans have German ancestors?

Zac Goldsmith and Alice Rothschild look like Germans

can someone explain this?

maybe there was not only incest, but also lot's of cheating going on. (German lovers)

or maybe these two are no Rothschilds/Goldsmiths and are only actors

the more I read about them, the less I can hate them. I always wanted to be one. When I was little I pretended to have a british accent and dig stones and talk to myself

Electronica is affiliated with the Five Percent Nation and the Nation of Islam. This is very interesting, because these groups are considered antisemitic by organiztions like the Southern Poverty Law Center

they took mass murdering to a whole new level

they created ww1




Apparently Nathan Rothschild and Ivanka Trump used to date.

And here's the fixed version the op picture in case anyone was interested.

interesting find

The upcoming London mayoral election is between this Zac Goldsmith guy (who married a Rothschild), and a commie Kebab…

*I should clarify that this means Goldsmith will be the Mayor of London, while the Lord Mayor of London will be chosen by the Rothschilds, who in turn run the City of London which is an independent city state, independent of UK jurisdiction

so not only will these people run the uk banks, but also the area the banks are located, and the uk's biggest city as a whole
this Zac Goldsmith will probably be fast tracked though the 'Conservative' party after a few terms as mayor of London and eventually become Prime minister

the heebs are becoming more and more brazen, they used to stay in the shadows but no longer it seems

holy shit read his wikiquote page

"My main interest right now is to expose the Jews. This is a lot bigger than me. They're not just persecuting me. This is not just my struggle, I'm not just doing this for myself… This is life and death for the world. These God-damn Jews have to be stopped. They're a menace to the whole world."




Rothschild Blvd, Israel

Nice, they also have a hotel there.

I'm not even to the 1900s and this is depressing me.

where do these top rothchilds live? like i mean exact address


how come he and his wife look so german?

List of Rothschild properties.

he looks pretty Jewish to me. Even his voice sounds Jewish. But that doesn't make what he says any less true. He may have gotten redpilled on Jews from his personal experience with family members and friends.

Cuz the 'Roffschilden' have been interbreeding with European nobility for a couple hundred of years….So I guess they are somewhat white….Or managed to breed a dangerous "super Jew/gentile" master class. I don't know.

I do know that they tried to hook their claws into Trump's daughter…Of course another Jew got her, but this should tell you the Roffsniggers breeding strategy…

Is she really dating that guy or something? I thought all marriages or dates are fixed within there family

they are heavily into the 'mystery schools'/occult Magik. I think one of them(males) has some kind of duty or something…

Trump could be pretending to be there puppet but when he becomes president he and his supporters lash out against them.

you think they'd admit their true intentions publicly?


story is false

This is a very interesting find.
But to clarify nowhere in the article does it say that Nathan Rothschild is endorsing Trump.

Fucking somebody does have implications. But I'm betting Rothschild wore the pants in any possible decisions or deals made stemming from this romance.

Fucking dropped. Find a legitimate, credible source.
Also, even they mention that Jacob Rothschild holds a considerable stake in Freescale Semiconductors, so it's not that far-fetched

she has already several children with a goldsmith

then she was dating Electronica

Might as well dump some spooky pics.
Rothschild 1972 ball


This is a very underrated post. Its important to show this to blacks in order to turn them against the Jews.

Well that explains everything.


This explains some key things

2/10 Disinfo Chiam.

this post cost Jacob not only one, but two shekels

amazing find


But user, if your pic is true, it's terribly ineffective. A full thread with 750 replies means 750 lost shekels. That's a laughably small sum.
Surely there must be better ways to impoverish the jew?

But why date that man anyway since There parents are extremely strict in dating since they only date people with pure European bloodline or Jewish rather than Blacks or asians. Wouldn't this warrant assassination to her?

this is the same twisted fuck that made a contraption to allow him to fuck a watermelon tied to a rope while pretending it was his aunt or some shit….what the fuck is wrong with these rich fucks?

Haha, I'm smarter than the average ashkenazi.

Eat shit heebo

They're so rich they can't even be on Forbes because they'll be found out

The first picture if horrifying and kind of scary.

They know how to party

I honestly never heard of Dali before (although I recognize some of his work), kek.

Sorry for the


Someone else needs to take shekels away

let's put the refugees in these castles and all the Rothschild's underground bunkers


bobby fischer was jewish, from brooklyn new york


bump. People like the rothschilds are the best redpills because they can be identified





glorious Godly 77s blessed twice

I curse your shekels rothschild!

There are 10x more Whites with 130+ IQ than jews, there are more Whites with 130+ IQ than there are jews in the world, by several million.


FDR, for all his sins, put a method in place to prevent this from being a thing.

And Clinton destroyed it.

So lets say someone John J Rambo'd the fuck out of this entire family.
Would that save the world? (More particularly the west.)

Even controlling for academic ability, Jews are over-represented by 15x in academia.

Every goddamn time.

Religion upholds tradition and moral structure. Christianity is easily the best and most prevalent candidate for this right now, but it doesn't really matter which religion.

Good luck converting people to whatever Pagan shit you believe in, you hopeless faggot.



I'm having doubts myself, what really caught my attention is the claim that the British were the ones that declared war in the War of 1812, which isn't what happened.

I'm all for redpilling but all these prove is that the West has a hard-on for Ancient Egypt.


Nathan Rothschild has a really unsettling face.

Where does this idea come from that Europe is united?

It never has been

Baron Rothschild indicted in France over fraud case

This might be old but i figured i add to the thread.

Looks like they are making some moves in Russia as well.

Been plenty of times it's teamed up to fight off external threats, look at Charles Martel or the first crusade.
If there was ever a time to work together, it's now.


bump, I see this subject more important than threads about complaining about anime and Christianity

Anyone know any good documentaries about them?

My inner heraldist cries at that monstosity. Also note the left crest and the strange-looking horns on the helmet that contain the Star of David; is that Baphomet's horns?

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I don't know how retarded you are, but I can guess you're one of those people still sitting around wondering 'What is God's problem dammit' when every answer is right in your face.

Hmm, lessee. 700 trillion shekels minus 294 (295 counting this post).

Wew, lads, how will old Jakey boy afford his gefilte fish now?

Thanks I'll have to read that.

Check out:

"The Ascent of Money" By Niall Ferguson

I read it back before I was redpilled and the one thing that stuck out to me was I kept thinking how the fuck did one family get away with that for so long???? He laid out the Rothschilds deeds from the very beginning including how they used wars and would pit nations against each other and profit from both nations. Then I realized FUCK they are STILL getting away with it.



my mother literally dated a freemason jew who's now a millionaire.

he owned and operated 'gourmet' burger joint to make people fat and herd them like cattle. That's their endgame really.

Too close to the bottom for comfort.







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Might as well add this.

You're actually infering it.

Die Rothschilds

Has anybody read these? I'm considering buying them off of Barnes Review, and by volition of them being sold there I'd assume that they're pretty damn redpilled.

Jews are a GYPSY race of people. The Wandering Jew.
Jews kidnap children because they are a GYPSY race. So somewhere they done kidnapped some fuggin german kids.
They also condone marrying no jews and the non jew converts, but they all call the non jew women who marry jews shiksa.
They all marry the alien race to start the blending process, so they look like the host.

Zuckerberg jewbook married and Asian. Look for more jews marrying asians, jews thinking about subverting chinese.



How did those guys get close to him for that long? Where are his bodyguards?

Here is a more complete list

⇒ Rockerfellers

Jacob Schiff
- Boy scout Leader
- Pedophilia?

Armand Hammer

Soloman Adler
- Responsible for Communist China



Sassoon Family

⇒ Rockerfellers

⇒ Goldsmid



⇒ Dudley-Winthrop
⇒ McCormic





- Apprentice to Rothschild
- Responsible for shorting the South
Belmont couldn’t convince the Rothschilds to buy Union bonds, but he was able to convince them that the Confederacy would be a bad investment.




That party looks incredibly fun.

He has the voice to go with being the leader of the world.


It is not a thing really, stop these conspiracy theories Goyim.
It is the Freemasons.

What is this meme about?
Breaking oaths?




I have .epubs and the (somewhat shitty) audiobooks if you're interested.

Given their decline over the past few years, I really wouldn't recommend supporting any Carto enterprises financially.

That's a pretty good hand.

Nice subversion attempt.


They're normally quite strict, but they're genetically programed for degenerate behavior such as homosexuality and pedophilia, so bestiality is on the menu as well.

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Shaniqua, please.

Nat Rothschild Marries pg. 3 girl.

I don't like that guy and I am highly doubtful of everything in all those posts now.

Every time the Red Shield takes a sphere of influence, they light a torch.

this is interesting, source?

also, werent the rothschilds in control of wall street/ new york/ US before 9/11? otherwise how could they have pulled it off?



I have an IQ of 154 you fuck. Where's my riches and bitches?



I have an IQ of ~130 and i don't consider myself particularly smart. Jews think that having an IQ of 115 makes you a genius kek.

Anyway, time to make Rothschilds bankrupt, with no survivors.





His life must be hell, blinking and smiling agony.

I think second image was debunked as a red herring farce.

What would be a great discovery for this thread, is which Red Shield does Soros personally answer to.

libs and conservatives and everyone in between hate this man. Why is he still in power?


Really? off topic but anyone have a source?

Careful, user. You're gonna upset everyone who puts their nation before god.

Thanks for the info, and somebody posted some info about Soros connection to Rothschild here.