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Hahahahahaha! Wow, i mean, wow. This idea has been completely BTFO in Hegel scholarship since the 70s and nobody accepts this.

Hegel destroyed this, and Marx didn't even bother with it because of it.

Hegel's sources for dialectics are Plato, Heraclitus, Hermeticism, and above all motherfucking Kant's transcendental dialectic. The method Hegel used was not even called "dialectic", dialectic, contradictions, sublations, etc. are all products of his internal critique of absolute positions driven by determinate negation. YOU need to fucking read some Hegel.

No, in order to reach truth, not theories that may or may not be true, you fucking analyze their very foundational claims and run them into through a gauntlet of self-coherence, and that's simply on pure conceptual grounds. The whole point of dialectics is to destroy one sidedness and prove that no position can be absolute, that nothing is essentially eternal and immutable in itself, quite the opposite is what dialectic >proves

My real challenge to you is this:

Write a response article showing why thesis-antithesis-synthesis is useful for universal thinking, because in case you don't know, that's how Hegel and Marx saw dialectics. There was nothing that could not be thought dialectically through, and it's why almost all spheres of thought were analyzed with it including mathematics and the empirical physical sciences.

Show us all how this abstract formulation of thesis-antithesis-synthesis is useful in analyzing the world in total. What can socialist science gain by applying this mutated syllogism? I can show you why Hegel's and Marx's dialectical methods are useful, and they're the same simple method. Stupidly simple method, but with an amazing complexity.

That massive spike was incredibly inflated, it was when bunkermag was still a novelty and exciting. There was a lot of traffic driven from Reddit too.

I fully expected it to drop, so now it's just a matter of playing it right to get more traffic and regular readers.

Perhaps by scholars such as yourself.
Actually he did not.
That's right. Sort of at least.
Marx' analysis of capitalism is actually from a philosophic point of view very radically derived from evidence, that's why it's called dialectic materialism, as opposed to Hegel's idealism.
I did and it made me rage, your "example" in particular. I'm not sure whether you ever read Hegel though, i'm afraid that you got everything you know about his work off mises.org.
It is and always has been the base of all (for you: universal) proper reasoning, scientific research and philosophical discurs, even before Fichte defined it and until Popper tried to get rid of it. Unfortunately you seem unable to comprehend what it means and how it is applied, yet you desperately want to get rid of it for some reason. Much like Popper…

Have a nice day.

Interesting stuff. Regular updates on traffic would be much appreciated SiteDev - like once a week or something.

It'll encourage people (myself included) to write and contribute more if we can get that kind of feedback.

Good job comrades.

I'm done. You're clearly an idiot, believe what you like.

Is there a twitter account to follow?

you guys need to get disqus integration for the comments below each article

Hey guys, the editor here!

We're running a little low on submissions lately. If you have an opinion you want heard, a leftist analysis you'd like to make, or bring attention to something important happening in the news, write you article and submitted it!

Not a twitter account yet, but we do have a facebook: facebook.com/bunkermagazinepub/

It's not updated that often though. I'll see what I can do about twitter.

Are you sure you're the best person for the role?

But no in all seriousness I need to get on writing something soon, apologies, I do mean to contribute

There's RSS:


too be fair we're still doing better then the vast majority of projects not only on leftypol but imageboards in general

Definitely. I'm so proud we've been able to make it this far. But if we want to become a permanent fixture we need to keep up a solid amount of production. Me and the Sitedev decided on trying to publish two articles a day when possible, and so far we've been able to meet that ok, but we haven't had any new submissions in a couple days.

After some effort by the marketing department (me), traffic is starting to rise again. Unfortunately, we don't have any further articles to capitalize on this.

Being that this is volunteer driven, you need to set up publishing based on the average volume of submissions so that there at least is a constancy to published stuff.

That was the case, we had a pretty significant influx of submissions.

New article draft:

Video Games as Bourgeois Fantasy

It's fairly short, but I thought that seeing as submissions are needed and as the article's making a fairly straightforward point, no point adding unnecessary filler.

New article draft:

Video Games as Bourgeois Fantasy

It's fairly short, but I thought that seeing as submissions are needed and as the article's making a fairly straightforward point, no point adding unnecessary filler.

You should expand on it.

You say that games offer an ideal meritocracy, and could expand on this ideal situation's comparison to reality. Why doesn't reality live up to meritocracy?

Yeah, yeah. Maybe you don't want to write a theoretical piece, but you might as well. I've learned that what seems so obvious isn't obvious to everyone for the right reasons.

My apologies to AW, but I changed my mind about publishing his article without the forward. If it was just me disagreeing with it it'd be one thing, but I don't think its a position many people in leftypol would agree with either. If I find that I'm wrong about that assumption, I'll remove the forward.

If you're doing it for one article, you better do that for all articles, or simply state it in the about section of the site that every author is only putting their opinion out there and none other (which should be assumed as this is a loose group effort and not at the behest of an editor setting an agenda).

I'll ask the SiteDev about that. Once that's changed, I'll remove the forward. We also did that for the antifa article since we knew it would be controversial and we didn't really agree with it.

How about only doing weekly posts instead of daily after all this would make the lack of content seem less drastic

Roll to figure out what you should write about (feel free to add):

(0-100) Modern schools of economics and their failings

(101-200) Philosophic ramblings on Deleuze/Foucault/Benjamin (really any leftist 20th century philosopher)

(201-300) Why the left is dying and we need new theories

(301-400) Zizek is a faggot/based

(401-500) Why all forms of Lolbetarianism are cancer, and Ayn - rhymes with it's all mine - Rand is a heartless cunt

(501-600) Stirner, the unique one, was unfairly criticized by Marx and had some pretty good ideas

(601-700) The world needs more Hegel (and fuck that guy Kant)

(701-800) Why [insert country preferably from S. America] is fucked and it's the US/capitalism's fault

(801-900) Why Robespierre is best girl

(901-999) Feel the bern (but really we won't feel shit if he manages to get into office)

You know I think Aldous Huxley was right about technology being used to control people.

Shit, that means I cannot use a computer, with which I produce apps. Fuck you leftists!

damnit too tired

what do you mean you can't use it? If nobody could use the means of production, nothing would happen. It's just that according to some, that wouldn't be your property, but there is an argument to be made that is your personal property instead.

But somehow factory machines don't fit this definition? Even if I built or bought them?

If you were the only one using that factory machine, it could be considered your personal property

Alright, will rewrite and chuck another copy up in a couple of days

If you need other people to work it, it isn't personal. Something people don't mention regarding private property beyond ownership and power over it in absence of direct labor is that private property also concerns social property. Factories are not one man shows, and just because you build one does not logically lead to you enslaving people to work in it or starve, nor to take their labor as your own.

An animu image to illustrate a post in a political magazine :3 :3 :3 XDXD
You know what? I believe we should change the main logo to an image of Alunya, dat would be so cute :3 :3


That title triggerd me but ill have a little read and just make a judgement.

I'm not surprised yuiposter wrote this, he once said here that materialism is just applied idealism. He's imbibed too much pure Hegel and it's gone to his head.

Well I liked it. Idealism makes a lot more sense and is much more useful than fucking metaphysics.

You have no idea what metaphysics is. Please about that or stop using the word. It seems you believe idealism to just be hopeful beliefs, which is wrong. Even if it was it actually is more useless than speculative metaphysics of mysticism.


I assure you I do not think that idealism is just a hopeful belief. It's AW, right?

You pointed to visions of Utopian societies as examples of idealism, whereby they are examples of how society "should" work, and that because of that we have an ethical imperative to work towards them. Perhaps these utopias will never come about, in fact it is likely they won't, but what I, and I think Yuiposter also, is saying is that if we don't have a utopian ideal with which we feel an ethical imperative to work towards, we will never achieve a better society. Simply put, people get more things done when they are trying to achieve a near impossible goal as opposed to simply reacting to the endless critique of the current world.

That's nonsense. People don't more to achieve utopic ideals, they do less. Study history and see for yourself. People act when the ideal meets a material point of development not before. Desire and hope are the pushing force. Ideals are nothing without possibility. Social ideals are not like your personal pet ideals. They cost everyone, as such their price demands a real possible utility at the end. History shows the materialist position as correct, idealism never worked and never will.

You are missing the point. Had there not been an idealist mentality among the Russian communists, would they have been able to industrialize as quickly as they did. I highly doubt it would have been possible under the Czar.

Possibility produces the status quo without ideals.

It's just some dogmatic marxist, who is ignoring the very real inconsistencies of it, and forgetting that idealism powered pretty much every revolution in history.

The French Rev. wasn't argued or fought because of some utilitarian view against aristocracies but the ideals of Rousseau and liberalism. And similarly we aren't going to win by forcing the worker class to read Kapital, but grounding their understanding in revolutionary praxis and a commitment to a better society – one ensuring human potential.

Go join the Zeitgeist movement. They're making soooo much progress in revolutionizing the world.

How far off base can you be? The French revolution happened because things went to shit with a King who pushed his luck too far. The people revolted without the Jacobins, just as in Russia they revolted without the Bolsheviks. It wasn't ideals of a better world that called to them, it was being tired of the shit they had to live with after they had asked for crumbs and not even gotten that. Those who make a revolution and those who construct after it are not the same. When the world goes to shit, people are willing to try just about anything (assuming you crush every project counter to yours as alternative).

I can argue my case not just with words, but historical antecedent. You, on the other hand, just keep going in circles of hope and dreams.

This site could really take off if it had a podcast to go along with the articles.


As announced (>>445867) in the Weaponize Anime thread, I've submitted two articles to Bunkermag. I trust the editors will find everything satisfactory. If there are any problems just buzz me here. I'll check back when I can. Thanks.

We don't deserve a comrade as great as you.

god therightstuff looks like someone's wordpress blog, it does not look professional at all

A site posting content written by and aimed at mentally and socially inept teenagers isn't my idea of a good competitor.

I know, that's why we are winning.

also, checked

considering that's not only what Holla Forums is but imageboards in general are then I would say we've got good odds

509: Bandwidth limit exceeded.

Far out man that's 9gb. Anyway that's fixed.

I just had to comment. The text doesn't work on too many levels.

Question to SiteDev. On what basis do you decide where to put

and where just leave it out?

In case of polemics (A.W. vs. YUIPOSTER on Idealism) you should not take sides by putting it at the start of one and leaving it as-is with the other. It's unfair and dirty practice.

We can already see that a polemic piece "doesn't necessarily represent the views of contributors" since its fucking polemic with another contributor, we see that in the making so to speak, so you should delete that part ASAP, and that leaves us with "doesn't necessarily represent the views of the site’s operators" which in this case is used in a partial manner (appears on A.W. and doesn't on Yui) and otherwise we might not give to fucks about.

With the last three posts concerning retardation like idealism being worth something, and two articles on the shitty idea that you can trick people by sly subtitles to get some revolutionary ideas across, I think that statement is now true.

This began as a bit laughable with the mere name of the mag, and most of the content has been bleh, but up until the anime shit the worst was the bad philosophy pop culture articles. Those at least had some veneer of attempts at intellectual understanding and analysis, bad as they were. Now the site is a weeaboo idealist autism site. Good job becoming Ahuvia Harel's mirror of bad taste in anime and plain retardation.

Freudposter's got it right. We should treat polemics equally if we're going to feature them at all.

Also, podcasts would be rad if we could make something like that happen.

lmao, grow up, dude

A.W. here

The basis is what he agrees with, which is whatever tickles his fancy. He didn't even understand the contents of the article, nor of Yui's article, but he is a self professed idealist and claims my article was "metaphysical" and that "it didn't represent most of leftypol", a claim he cannot substantiate because he neither understands what I wrote nor represents leftypol himself.

I don't care much. This is going to die off by the way it's going. Bad articles, clear bias, and someone in charge of editing things they openly admit they don't understand a single thing about nor care to understand. It made me write down and think through old ideas, it has had some positive impact if only for that.

I said it when he added that disclaimer here that it was a clear bias against me merely because he disagrees with me even though he doesn't understand what I wrote. This was a leftypol group project, not an anarchist group project (which he says he aligns with), and as such it should have been obvious that the editor wasn't publishing based on his own preferences.

All in all, I'm at least glad I made so many people butthurt because I attacked their precious dogmas. My articles are the most controversial because they actually spoke to some things people latch on to like leeches for dear life without any thought put to it.

This is actually a good idea!

I had the false impression that we had ideologically neutral moderation over there, on democratic principles with expertise on phil/hist/pol/journ involved.

Any other way is retarded. What's the guarantee that the guy doesn't eventually start leeching off the traffic we might pull in with ads for instance?

The editor shouldn't be playing favorites. He needs to clean up his act or he should be sacked.
You're being super bitchy about it, though.

Assuming the site managers care about having a semi-decent content, which they don't, they should have better procedures and rules. They don't, so I don't care either. I can prove the editor admits they just don't understand my articles, which is nothing bad in itself except that knowing you don't understand what is said yet making a judgment against or for it based on misconceptions you make up is plain stupid and shows the level of arrogant ignorance being indulged.

Calling out incompetence of this basic kind isn't bitching, and if it is, well I'm a proud bitch.

lay off the salt, fam, people will take you more seriously

I'm a weeb and I agree that you shouldn't post anime in the magazine, maybe 1 article at most.
Also articles are fine but they need better editing, they're too convoluted, need shorter paragraphs and maybe more images.

Someone suggested that the step-by-step guide could use some screenshots, so I'll provide some here. If the editor is so inclined, they can be placed above each step, excepting the last image (Step five 2), which can be placed above the conclusion. Resize them as necessary. Thanks in advance.

He keeps contributing to a site that's using dirty tactics against him. Would you be "super cool" about it in his place? Cut him some slack. His honest work is being portrayed as some freakish anomaly.

Fuck you.

No, seriously, fuck you. You are saying that we should measure him based on his justified reaction to his mistreatment instead of the intellectual work he puts on the table? Seriously? What a dishonest piece of shit you have to be.

I've asked the SiteDeveloper to put the disclaimer in the sidebar. In the meantime, I'll be removing it from all articles that currently have them i.e "The problem of Idealism" and "Why we (the anti-germans) are pro-Israel"

Bunker Magazine was designed as a collectively operated platform for leftist thinkers to publish their work. However, it's become clear we aren't meeting that standard. Because of that, it's necessary to change our policies on how the site operates.

When an opinion article is submitted, it will be posted in this thread for feedback before it can go up live. This way, the quality of content can be scrutinized openly and we can ensure the work being put up is the best it can be.

Like the editor said, we're also ceasing the use of forwards. In place of this, I've made it clear in the sidebar that our writers are producing content that represents their own views.

With these changes in place, we hope to bring Bunker Magazine back to how it was originally intended to operate, collectively.

It's almost like we aren't starved for content.

Hopefully this will help engage users and produce more content. But yes, in the short term, things might move a bit slower, and I do have my reservations about how much this will exactly improve quality, however, I think its worth trying.

But to start this process, here's a link to my newest Gulag of the week article: docs.google.com/document/d/16PZOBgcJ76N2trpHmrfpQO58EnfwZWVXN1VYXhwVDsU/edit?usp=sharing

Does anyone use the old irc or is there a new one?

You can often find me on the IRC 16 hours out of 24, although it can take me some time to respond depending on if I'm at my laptop or not.

bunkermag one or just straight leftypol one?

The bunkermag one.

Yeah, I'll add them for ya.
Also, checked.

Shall we leave comments on the document itself or in this thread?

Personally I think it's a mistake to introduce the boards of 4chan etc as if the audience is already familiar, we want to be hitting a wider audience with this and Holla Forums and /k/ might not mean much to people outside of chan culture. Otherwise interesting article comrade

You can do either.

And besides, plenty of mainstream outlets will have to do the same.

Can we ban faggots only for posting sourceless graphs. They are so fucking misleading and bullshit. It is my pet hate for this board or any board, people think they have 'won this round' by posting some random infographic with spurious information and no source


I don't think we've had anybody try to use sourceless graphs yet. If anybody wishes to use one in their articles I'll be sure to check out the source and see if they are legit.

Sorry, forgot to namefag

Also, check em'

Here's the latest article submitted for review. I'm hoping to get it up later today


Author needs to read some history books

That's the dumbest thing I've read in a long time..

But this is a close second:

Maybe take a course on how to use words properly.


Need a better title, recommend something.

Other than that, some criticism welcome. I don't feel satisfied with the closing, nor am I sure I made my point clearly concerning how the freedom of speech functions. You tell me.

I've got a bug to report.

Since I've registered an account I can't see comments. Site even says: "Be the first to comment!"

pic related

Demand the Impossible!

I have that problem too, I thought it was just me. I can only see comments on my articles or ones that I make myself.

Oh weird, thanks for letting me know.

No Google pls

Thanks comr8.

Is it just me or can others confirm? If it's just me, could it be the source of the problem that I've registered an account name I've been already using to comment?

Happens to me on articles that I don't author.


I hate pastebin, it's an eyesore.

The comment viewing issue has been fixed, thanks for the information guys.

Can confirm, it's fixed.

Another thing: the first time I try to comment on an article I solve the captcha thing, it says I'm golden to comment, so I press the button and it gives me a notification that I should complete the captcha first. Doing it again allows me to comment. It's not serious just bothering.

Also, could we have some basic formatting tools for texts? Bold, italic, quote function, even link maybe…

Latest article submitted

Any thoughts about the critical whiteness article?

I didn't get much of a good feeling from the use of Wikipedia for the universe's quotes, so I decided to comment about that. Aside from that, I found the article to be well done. Good job.

Shit, I spaced out in mid-sentence. I meant the article's quotes, ignore that.

why don't you put adds on it? looks like a wordpress anyway

also, should have a yt channel with regularly posted content of some sort
most importantly is to put several adds on it and create a looping playlist to generate money that could be added as a patreon support for GETchans projects for example

don't be so half arsed, learn to exploit things to your advantage

and why not making T-shirt on the theme of Bunker Chan? we could after that ask doritos for some money in exchange of articles where you'll say that doritos is good.

All of that to fight capitalism, you understand, guys ?



Exploit code, not people!

AW, did you feel this is ready to be submitted for review and published?

I'll edit it today after some further thinking on the subject.

Ok, thanks.

Submitted, if you can think of a better title feel free to change it.


The last gulag if the week is really good.


I was reading this today and wondering if using this development would be a good starter for an article critiquing reformism or universal basic income as a concept. Not that I'd be writing it, just throwing the idea out there.

Do we have a latin america expert here?

Someone needs to write a short essay on Venezuela from Chavez to Maduro and specifically on how the opposition could win an election in a communist dictatorship (kek).

Can't it be said those things are improving worldwide? The inclusion of that shit is so disingenuous

capitalist apologist logic:
or comes back with an article about shortages as if that had never happened anywhere else in the world

I wonder how well they're doing with the severe drop in oil prices on the market.

Not good. That's one of the biggest things that caused the crisis, Chavez failed to diversify the economy so that when oil prices dropped the entire economy wouldn't crash.

The pic shows an increase in the murder rate.

Can someone write an article on how to read marx?


You,ahem, >read< Marx first. Then you engage in theoretical interpretations via articles and books. Finally you read exegetical interpretations and watch academics sling mud at each other for not getting the 'real' Marx's point of view (Althusserians vs Hegelian-Marxists-humanists vs post-structuralist-Marxists vs post-Marxist Marxists…etc).

I'll see about writing this, but no promises of being what you expect. My first encounter with Marx was Capital Vol. 1, never had even read the communist manifesto though I had it assigned in three classes. Frankly a lot of the intro to marxism posts I see here and in other sites are beyond ludicrous if one is to believe anyone short of an academic doing a thesis on Marxism would actually go through such a ridiculously large reading list before reading the major works of Marx. I haven't really read anything besides Capital and a lot of commentaries and articles on it and Marx's philosophy in general, and that's all you need >if< what you care about is finding the 'key' to reading any of Marx's texts and seeing what he's actually arguing given the content he's examining (more or less).

Same goes for philosophy, anyone who says you need background before reading Hegel and hands you a list containing Plato to Kant is an idiot. Learning happens by encountering new things, asking new questions, and before all that simply having an interest in the topic.

If what you care about is having key quotation skills to strengthen arguments based on appeals to authority and taking cheap shots at people who can't really think, then I guess you do have a lot of reading to do.

I don't see anyone giving ludicrous lists of secondary literature about Marx here that often in Holla Forums. (Not like you do with Hegel anyways) Mostly its just me making a large list of Marx and Engels's writings themselves. The only secondary literature I tend to recommend are either very short, are must-reads (like Kilman and Rubin), or are on topics that Marx himself doesn't get into much explicitly but are integral to the Marxist outlook (such as dialectics). Like I've said a dozen times, it isn't necessary to read a dozen books on Marx to get him. In fact, reading 'general introductions' just produce the opposite because most of stuff on Marx's thought tend to be pseudo-polemics where concepts are borne out of opposition to other ones over discussions of 'what Marx really meant' and 'general introductions' either one-sidedly go with one camp or just reify opposing camps together into a confused mess. It's better just to read Marx (and Engels) himself and move on from there.

Also, if you're going to write an article on 'how to read Marx', it should be more literary than literal. You know, about approaching Marx's dialectic that underlies his work over what to read. Mindset over matter.

'Dialectics' confuses more than it helps anyone understand Marx. For the average person it's better to not really bring up dialectics as a method since there actually isn't any. The dialectical relations that you see developing in all his works are best explained as diagrams.

As I started to write this, I realized what you meant by being literal about how to read it. A reading list won't help people much, and I don't know how this could reasonably be explained, but I'll try. The terms I have to explain Marx's thinking style is mainly stuff from Hegelian scholarship, but it applies to Marx as well.

Anyway, thanks for your comment.


Not done yet, but this is the complete gist of two things to keep in mind with Marx. May add more examples, but tell me if this makes sense to you.

All right just finished this piece but I don't know if this kind of material is accepted here
If anybody could proof it I would be very grateful

I also would like to hear what everybody thinks about the article

Some of the long sentences in that article would be better broken up into smaller ones.

Other than that, it's not too bad.

My advice would be to split up sentences where possible.

Good fucking lord, commas are supposed to be punctuation, not a lifestyle.

Other than that, looks good.

Submit it to the website for review and I'll take care of everything.

The feedback is apreciated and its true I always go crazy with the commas they are used less when writing in english

I'll submit it right away

Looks like you guys are really starved of content.

The Principles of Democratic Confederalism

It's long: 2500 words or so, but that's because it's an in-depth piece. Have a read and see what you think.

I've requested permission to post content on Libcom so I can throw it up there, but I'll kick it towards you first. Without Holla Forums this article would not have been written.

Rojava's really coming to the front page since the US started supporting them, but this place was talking about them long before, and it's what really kindled my interest. So thanks, have something back.

Yeah we are, but things are picking up. This is exactly the kind of article we need. Thank you so much.

Go ahead and submit it to the website (just register an account and make a draft). I would say that it does need a better intro and conclusion, just a brief overview about Rojava in the world today and its relevance, and then a few words to wrap up in closing, but other than that it looks great.

I'll knock something together and then submit.

Awesome, can't wait.

Seems I'm having some trouble registering. I got the confirmation email but it just gave me a normal login link to set my password. I tried it anyway but it tells me it's wrong every time.

B.J. Nelson
[email protected]

Well, only the sitedev can fix that for you, but I can see you on the user list. What that means is that if you just post you're revised copy here I can publish it and attribute it to you. In the meantime I'll send an email to the Sitedev about that.

Nah, don't worry about it. In truth I'm already registered. I'll just change the nickname. I was hoping to keep separate accounts, but screw it. No need for there to be so much trouble over a preference, so you can go ahead and delete that account.

You guys are all pretty talented. Thank you for your service.

The Rojava article has been polished and submitted.

Hey paco, did you take the pictures in the article yourself? If not, do you know if there is a copyright on them?

The pictures are mine so there is no problem

I took the pictures myself so there is no problem

I took the pictures myself so no problem there

The pictures are mine

Kek stupid flood detected thingy

Great, thanks.

Hey, just submitted a piece for review about the rise of Trump. Thoughts?


do you know paul?

No, not at all. I found his stuff through /r/communism and the most we've had contact for is some posts on said sub and a question i once asked about dialectics in PM (he just told me I'd see it as I read more).

He's a good thinker although I don't agree with a lot of his views, particularly on Marx. He buys Althusser's epistemological break, I don't. He's also really politically correct, but he's very anti-idpol and anti-liberal in almost anything. I think his blog is pretty good.

He'd probably heavily disagree with my reading of Marx for being too idealist. Last I knew he thinks dialectics is more a tool to better grasp reality, but not an aspect of reality itself. I completely disagree.


Working on a really cool article about Saudi Arabian migrant workers, expect it in two weeks.

Awesome, can't wait comrade!

I'm really happy you guys decided not to add a comments section

These concepts are biological. There are organisms that reproduce asexually and organisms that reproduce sexually. With some species the new parents immediately go their separate ways and with some species the parents protect their kids for a while. There are those that live in bigger groups than just parents with offspring. It is completely unambiguous which type humans are, but when you talk about economic systems in a way that takes this into account, in this society that makes you an extremist.

Collectivist production is not some potential that is buried deeply inside humans and will hopefully awaken some day, collectivist production is what humans do — regardless of how popular delusions about self-made success are. When humans talk about other animals, they immediately grasp that some organisms only survive if they are in groups all the time, not just temporarily for offspring. But when it comes to humans, the propaganda of capitalism is to ignore this physical process right in front of our eyes in our daily activity and to look at some legal accounting procedure instead. Some guy has an income stream of currency that is bigger than the outgoing stream, he is called "responsible and "self-sufficient" some other guy has an income stream smaller than the outgoing one, he is called "irresponsible" and a "leech", regardless of what they actually do. The "responsible" guy can be an entirely passive person who lives off income from owning land. Like the game of musical chairs capitalism creates "irresponsible" people no matter how hard everybody works. The regions that have a surplus in foreign trade measured in some currency streaming in and out during some time span can only have that surplus in a situation where there are corresponding deficit regions with the same amount of aggregate trade deficit during the same time span.

Humans are biologically different from other animals in terms of what a massive surplus we have in terms of how little time we need to cover our physical minimum for survival and reproduction, because of our massively different ability in foresight and planning and in changing our surroundings. But the early proto-capitalists separated your ancestors from the land and means to directly obtain the physical minimum, so that you have to work for others; and they force you, and they are pressured to force you by capitalism, they force you to follow orders instead of planning anything yourself and your wage has a tendency to go towards only covering your physical minimum, if you rely on the free market and not market distortion by trade unions. And so you lose what makes you as a human different from other animals.

Post it on the article. Nobody cares if you post it here, the people that need to see it won't see it.

All my texts are public domain, feel free to "steal" them for your blog or whatever. I don't know whether they would publish this if they are fine with publishing the drivel it replies to in the first place. I see no point in posting there as discussion there isn't more intelligent than on leftypol and namefagging isn't discouraged which will bring the sort of results over time that this sort of thing does.

Haven't been writing anything concerning Left stuff because I've been more interested in Hegel's phenom and taking some serious notes on that. If any of you go on /phil/ you might easily tell which posts are mine.

Anyway, working on an article about economic base vs ideological superstructure. I'm certain it will infinitely rustle the jimmies of most Leftists who are dull determinists and lazy theorists. Fear not, I shit on both sides of the argument (accelerationism and cultural revolution), but i point out they're both right in part, however, both being right only makes the possibility of successful revolution all that more difficult and improbable.

Just submitted a critique of Rick Falkvinge's copyright communism nonsense here:


Hope the editors enjoy it.

Disgust is trash. Can you link your response directly?

That's a really good dissection of the typical libertardian incoherence. It's a shame that you end up indirectly defending the copyright "industry" from his accusations, but terrible arguments deserve to be destroyed.

Why are 33% of our site's articles written by this one AW guy? He's a shit-tier commentator and author, yet he still gets all his submissions approved?

1) Because I'm the only one bothering to write much.

2) Go ahead and write a polemic against me, they'll publish you even if you're retarded. Let's see your analytic muscle back up your shit talk in the public sphere :)

yeah no shit, they publish you

All talk, no walk.

Come on, son, join me in a little dialectic ;)

I'm not scared of being shown up, if you can prove me wrong I'll own up to it, but you have to make an argument first. Mere claims are just hot air.

youre a retarded neocon writing tumblr tier sjw trash

youre going to sit here and fellate yourself on the long winded bullshit you write and how anyone who calls you out on being an idiot "cant refute you" or some other nonsense

id say read a fucking book but you might think the words in it might be un-real speech or some dumb shit

you need to be killed for the sake of revolution

I wish I could see through your eyes so I could know what words you read from my articles. You're in a whole other world.

No, you focus on the "market economy" and show the artist publisher orientation, then you show how Tsarist Russia had copyright law which the USSR had. Then, if I REALLY want to get dirty, I expose how copyright was an entitlement for publishers.

The problem with libertarians is that they tend to go right into a corporate conservative position without realizing the consequences of their actions. This is just the same stuff Falkvinge always does and me commenting on culture one good time.

Might make this a regular thing if culture really needs a good critic.

If it's rejected, I will.

Guys, I want to write something for bunkermag, but I don't have any idea.

Give me some.
Also, if you need the portrait of any leftist thinker or whatever, tell me, I'll do one.

Make one of Fidel Castro shaking the hands of Lenin while Stalin is staring at them for it and I'll make a story about Cuba.

Made it:


In progress, comrade. It'll take some days, but it'll be done.

Maybe use that image of Stalin where he's got his hands on his head and looks stressed in the clouds.

Can you post it here, please?

I think I dun goofed. I submitted an article to the editor via email the other day and I think I was supposed to just sign up with an account and post it? Either way I never saw anything on here to that effect, so I guess I'm just gonna register and post it there and we'll see if it goes through.

If you need any help with anything, I used to edit a section of my college newspaper and wrote a weekly column. Also I second the idea that one of the comr8s had in this thread for a podcast. We could even have some kind of roundtable podcast with posters who represent different ideologies on the left debating a topic for a given week, or something.

You could call it Bunkercast. A short news segment followed by an open discussion between maybe three or so guest posters who are relatively well versed in their specific ideological frameworks or maybe an interview with one poster or another on the specifics or something.

Either way, a podcast would be a great way to popularize Holla Forums, bunkerchan, and bunkermag.

Yo Bunkermag lads. I'm one of the admins of Holla Forums's recently created "De-classcucking memes for commie proles" (facebook.com/De-classcucking-memes-for-commie-proles-1609720659304139/) Facebook page. We've been sharing articles and referencing Bunkermag a ton, so perhaps you could add the page to the affiliates (Our Comrades) list.

hey that image reminds me, did anyone watch sekkou boys yet

is it any good

I have a Youtube account that could work for left wing stuff, but I haven't had much use for it.

If need be, a weekly roundtable would probably be best and then we work from there.

I was thinking some kind of skype group chat thing would work best for recording a podcast, and we could just switch off on editing it and/or leave it to someone for editing that knows what he's doing. We could always upload the audio to YouTube, too. Not sure how willing the majority of people on an user image board are going to be willing to appear in the flesh on YouTube tho.

You could always have it for voice only. I know that cyberunions was around for a while in that manner but we can decide on that later on.


If you guys do make a podcast; just please have a good mic. No one wants to hear "built in microphone from my laptop" quality/ "20 dollar bargain headset" / "these headphones came free with my iPhone" quality audio.

+1 updemo©®a©y

I submitted two articles. Hopefully they both meet the publishing standards.

I'm thinking of rewriting the article on dialectics. I've done some thinking on it, and while I feel I did make the core argument I wanted to make I don't feel I made it as strongly as I could, nor did I explain the real dialectics well enough. It'll be much shorter than the first since the polemic will be left out and I will merely explain dialectics. It'll be mainly three subjects: method, dialectics, materialist vs idealist dialectics (the real difference between Marx/Hegel).

Aside from that, here's an article I've sat on for a while. Economic base vs Ideological superstructure



That's a strawman when it comes to 99 % of unions. Unions almost always bring up the working conditions themselves and struggle to improve them, not just pay. This is qualitatively different from the issue of pay. In real life labor power is never 100 % commodified, and it cannot be unless you literally lobotomize or heavily medicate workers. Any tiny improvement in working conditions, any small limit to what a boss is allowed to do with the hired labor power, means pulling human life in the direction opposite from full commodification.

That sure sounds radical. And it probably means nothing.

If you have enough food and energy, you don't need to trade with the outside world.

The development of the average lifespan in China under Mao compared to India during the same period tells me otherwise. Also take notice how Cuba has fared better than Haiti. So I disagree.

Did you just email them in or did you make an account and submit a draft? I don't see your draft in the submitted posts section. The sitedev hasn't been responding lately so its important you use the account.

As a matter of fact, the only article in the submitted section is a response to my sanders' article. I'm going to try to get that out today, but as a general notice to everyone
use the account system, don't email it in

Thanks for your input. Your first point is something I can expand on, the rest concerns topic details that do not matter to the aims of my article and I might end up removing those paragraphs completely.

The idea that workers shouldn't get together to be their own collective boss is so nebulous that it's not even worth taking seriously. What does this actually mean? It sounds like something I do want as a matter of fact.

It's a theoretical position based on an understanding of what capital entails. Like the Kantian who develops moral rules and then subjects himself to them, the same goes for the worker who is his own boss under the market's rules. It's a delusion of being free because you chose your master; you do not understand that the point is to get rid of the master completely. Is it nicer? Yeah, but if you care about the root of the problem you don't want to merely find a way to mediate the problem, but to just get rid of the root.

People should read "Hegel Myth and Legends" specifically the chapter by Gustav E. Mueller.

Please, guys, Can I have that stalin pics ?
stop privatizing stalin's meme.

Why do you recommend the book?

of course, because absolutely nothing has changed since then.

and because gdp is so indicative of the average person's purchasing power

you're stupid if in 2016 you:

1. use statistics from 2011/2012, knowing how much venezuela has changed since then

2. use restricted exchange rates that exist only for certain medicines and certain food products from certain companies, and hasn't been at 4.30 for a while (6.30 since february 2013)

here is a drawing of Chavez done by me, feel free to use it.

That's pretty fucking great, tbh. Can you into pixel art? Because you got the right color palette going on.

These are the bald spots I detected for you.

How do you do that ?


thank you !

Here is also the beginning of my drawing with Lenin and Castro shaking hands. as asked here

I'm quite busy for the moment, but I'll finish it. Post the stalin face shouting at the skies, comrade, I need it and can't find it.


[excitement intensifies]

Yes, this one !
You're a true comrade.


would look great with dithering

2015 inflation (until september, so october, november and december aren't here) published by the BCV was around 110% (obviously doesn't count "unofficial" things so it will seem low to some people, ymmv)

The price of the barrel of oil decreased a lot since 2011 (it remained over $90 until september 2014, the 2015 average is around $45, that's where the economy was hit hard) so I don't think that oil exports could have stayed at $60bn

Here's a study where 73% of households in Venezuela were below the (not extreme) poverty line: eluniverso.com/noticias/2015/11/20/nota/5251059/pobreza-venezuela-alcanzo-73-hogares and I assume that they're using the official SICAD exchange rate that would put it at 11400 BsF/month (minimum wage was around 7500/month during the study, and most people earn minimum wage)

Given how fucked everything is, you can't get hard facts, but at least we have approximations.

And statistics from mid 2012 will just get you things from just right before everything really went to shit.

Yes, because countries that have had shortages for more than a year are just fine right?

On a 48 hour bus ride from Brașov to Toulouse.

Regarding the ongoing signup issue everyone is having, I'm going to see if I can set it to not use the email password system, that should fix it.

And done! Thanks for the support.

Trump wins

Will finish up the Base-Superstructure article soon. The dialectics essay is getting a bit out of hand (8 pages with expanded examples and explanations) and I'm having some trouble closing the discussion without feeling like I'm leaving something important out.

Congrats to Bunkermag for keeping up with posts and hopefully gaining more contributors. You've made something to be proud of, Leftypol.

Do you really want me to explain dialectics in an easier form than 8 pages for the common layman?

Dialectics as such are literally this easy to describe:

"A dialectic is shorthand for a dialectical relationship.

Dialectical relationships: Such relations are of the kind of contradictory forces or concepts that in their meaning, or existence, necessarily presuppose and require their opposite. To think through one leads to thinking of the other.
This is the famous unity of opposites dialectics is described as by many Marxists.

Such ‘materialist’ relations are:

{worker-capitalist}; {[use-value]-value}; {material-ideal}; {base-superstructure} etc.

That's simple. Even examples of it are simple, I only give a page of three from Hegel, Marx, and one from myself. What's not simple is explaining what role this actually has for scientific understanding, how they move, and what the difference between ideal and material dialectics are.

Most of the writing is on material/ideal and the reason dialectics matter in principle for proper socialist theory.

I don't just want to say "Here. DIALECTICS". That's what confuses so many fucking people and makes them get it wrong. I'm trying to explain in as normal a language as I can what the actual meaning and importance of this shit is >without< heading into stupid simplifications which most people have made of them. I want it to be somewhat clear that this isn't just some weird dogmatic doctrine or a stupid metaphysical belief, and that is taking a lot of examples with some care to say explicitly what is going on in each step.

literally every fucking time this pic

You need a copy editor, me. You have one day to accept unequivocally and give me space on the letterhead or I withdraw my generous offer.

Not bad, but you may just use the example of Sherlock Holmes and how he looked for contradictions in the world which allows for an understanding of the dialectics involved. By having a vast amount of knowledge, he was able to determine various things out of place that said a number of things implicitly about his opponents, which can be shown in the movies or books which was made within the context of a dialectical logic.


As a result, detective stories such as Encyclopedia Brown or even the Phoenix Wright games run on a dialectic (even if it's simplistic) which you don't see in other fields of entertainment.

Worth looking into if you can make it simple.

That's not an example I want to use, and that page is exactly what I'm working against. The idea that dialectics are rules to be applied is wrong. Dialectics are results, not a method of investigation.

This is very wrong, it's a misunderstanding that comes all the way from Engels. For one, this has nothing to do with the logic of dialectics (immanent critique). Two, this has nothing to do with Marx's own treatment of dialectics. Marx, like Hegel, did not believe in real logical contradictions like the light particle-wave (which the experiment actually doesn't show itself, it's an interpretation–Bohmian mechanics does not work on such a duality, Bohm denied it as being valid because true contradictions are signs of error youtube.com/watch?v=9gFCj5PPEyw).

The only example there that actually fits what I'm writing is the barber (set of all sets) paradox. That example actually does give Marx's attitude towards some dialectics: they are signs that there is a mistake being made in engaging with what triggers the contradiction. Such contradictions are of the {ideal-material} kind in that the idea is at odds with the material reality, e.g. value is at odds with material production and cannot be reconciled, class is at odds with human social nature and cannot be reconciled, an active personal god is at odds with human powers and cannot be reconciled. These contradictions signal that these social relations/concepts must be gotten rid of entirely with no remainder.

If you pay attention to the dialectic of labor through the forces and relations of production within the mode of production, the entire root of the problem is ideological confusion caused by humanity's misunderstanding of their social nature and powers. This confusion is natural, but by the point of capitalism the confusion of our necessary subjugation to nature or god or market no longer has a material basis and is entirely a delusion at odds with the reality that we ourselves are imposing class and its problems on us.

Let me just add something to what I said on logical contradictions.

Never. Accept. Logical. Contradictions.

Dialectical contradictions are not of the kind such as A=~A. They're conceptual contradictions of mistaking something as absolute and independent.

Example: Being and Nothing. It is >not< the case that things exist and do not exist at the same time. That's nonsense. What this means is that B/N are moments that are being mistaken as being the only ways to think about the world and making it seem an absurdity. If you change the concept you think through to Becoming, B/N no longer are a logical contradiction since they are then moments of Becoming.

Particle-Wave is a version of static being versus process being. You cannot claim something is both absolutely static and absolutely process in-itself. You're making a mistake and need to reconceptualize the matter at hand in order to get out of a dead end contradiction.

If I remember correctly, Engels didn't utilize Marx' methods in the same manner and stopped short of the totality of the situation.

I push more for overdetermination, and I get the point you're making but I think you're missing mine. My main argument was that Sherlock Holmes utilized dialectics as his main way of understanding crime far differently than the reductionist methods utilized by the police. It has its strengths and weaknesses, for sure. But I'm just pointing out that he's a very strong success in pointing out that dialectics is a strong resource in fiction.

I'd say that the Swptuk has more influence in how I learned dialectics than this random article that pointed me to Sherlock Holmes though.


Bertell Ollman works in the same way, however, that was my problem with him as well. The work of looking at the question as process isn't dialectical itself. It's basically a transcendental inquiry into the conditions of possibility, which is similar in a way to how dialectics are generated, but does not necessarily generate dialectics.The definition i gave of dialectics is, for all intents and purposes, exhaustive of dialectics as such. What one does with them is a different matter that for clarification purposes should not be collapsed into dialectics.

The Sherlok Holmes example is an example of reaching conclusions based on a simple standard logical operation of asking for the conditions of possibility of the end you're starting from. Dialectics do not function like this, they are generated by merely asking what it is that we are inquiring into and generating the content purely from within with no resorting to anything outside.

My problem with calling the Holmes example dialectical is that it is stretching the concept beyond recognition, and that a huge part of the problem of what causes misunderstanding. Conditions of possibility are not necessarily dialectical, they only are if what you discover is that the conditions are contradictory to your starting point. Such contradictions are civilization and barbarism, peace and violence, free speech and words, etc. Without this feature the Holmes example is just an example of regular inquiry, not dialectics.

Also, thanks for the suggestions and responses, they help in making me think through these things.

Part of what I'm doing in the article is not just restating what I've read elsewhere, but what I'm generating myself. It's been a bit slow because I'm actually thinking through most of it on my own without looking for the answers already written by Marx or Hegel. I'm engaging in immanent critique as a sort of self proof that the logic of dialectics really is there and does actually generate them. I simply want to think it through myself for philosophical practice.

Fair enough.

I'm actually working on a revolutionary critique of the Gamergate fiasco and how it's been taken over by bourgeois forces so that's why I have games on the brain.

The word you're looking for is 'radical,' you fucking moron.

Writing an article about the lamest shit to come out of the chans is not 'revolutionary,' and though it's a mind-numbingly banal subject, you can have a 'radical' perspective on it.

I think the moment is passed. Just move on, man. No one is talking about GG as if it's a hot issue.

No, it's "revolutionary" not "radical"

Because I'm reflecting on it from a revolutionary perspective and how it evolved and how it's coalesced into what it is now.

I don't care if it's a "hot issue" but a critique about its history is something I find interesting and maybe someone can pick up on instead of letting it fester into its own bourgeois cesspool without any input from those that look into movements.

Does anyone have any feedback for:

I'm still deciding on the suitability of this for the publication. Thoughts?

Don't. Why would you publish this?

This is a really bad crank piece to publish. The concepts they are playing with ("bourgeois socialism" etc) are incoherent nonsense. Whoever wrote this doesn't know what socialism means, and has quite the anti socialist perspective (pure individualism is the goal by "inheriting information").

All I have to say is: Jacques Fresco pls go.

What's the traffic for it?

Whatsup guys,

Posted an article yesterday and someone told me to post it here. Its an article I wrote about a topic thats personal to me and I'm sure many around here who have ever lived in poverty. It explores the message of Tupac's song "Only God Can Judge Me" as a description and critique of alienation in capitalist society.

Let me know what you think if you have any feedback, and if the publication has any interest in any of the articles.


Looks very good. I'm on mobile now, but if you make an account and submit it I'll publish it when I get to my laptop. The other articles on your blog also look awesome, so feel free to submit some of those too

How delusional can you get? This is utter nonsense.

Whenever you feel bad, folks, remember that some loser wrote an article about alleged bourgeois co-option of Gamergate.

You're wasting your life.

Has someone been buying likes on the latest Bunker Magazine Facebook post?

It's sitting at a bit over 1000 likes, most of which are foreign and not actually engaging with the site.

This is SiteDev btw, forgot my name.


Well here's a truthbomb and a half. Just another example of unethical conduct by FB.

There was no co-option. It was a focus on bourgeois interests while ignoring what journalism is about along with investigative issues that have gone unnoticed.

There's also the fact that the consolidation of media outlets and corruption of those institutions are far larger than just looking at gaming, but I guess pointing out the truth is something demonized over actually discussing it.

Gamergate is stupid internet drama. Read George Seldes if you actually care about consolidation of media and media censorship. I apologize for being so abrasive, but Gamergate isn't germane to anything of any value. Writing a prolix think piece on the subject isn't going to 'point out the truth' in any way, it's just going to be another addition to the interminable sewage of opinion that swamps network cables and clarifies nothing.

As of now, this magazine sucks shit. Start rejecting submissions or it always will.

Look, it's my catharsis. I was involved in it, I watched it grow and get taken over by bourgeois forces and I'm going to explain why.

Similarly to how Marx thought Hegel and Smith didn't go far enough in dialectics or LTV, I plan to explain in a way that's hopefully going to shed light on a "movement" that missed the mark and pushed against revolutionaries by smearing them as reformist feminists.

You want to read it? Fine, do so. You don't? Door's to your left.

You may not care about it. I think that explaining it can tell us mistakes to avoid and why you can't ignore reactionaries unless they undermine any form of socialist push. That's certainly within your view and your right.

Just don't expect me to see it the same way as you do.

I wouldn't care if the Secretary-General addressed it, it was and is dumb INTERNET drama.

If something being addressed by the corporate UN and media is your metric for something not being dumb drama then you too are dumb.

Yeah, I get that. You're not actually interested in contributing an original thought, you're just writing the piece to do something. That's fine for your journal, and I'm not knocking journals, I keep one! but it's pablum like this that makes this dumb magazine so insipid.

If you say so…

We have, in case you haven't noticed, that "manifesto" the sitedev posted here didn't make it to publication.

As it stands, we can't afford to be too picky. We just don't have enough submitted content for that. We are usually lucky to get 3 pieces out a week.


So let me get this straight… You think it's an internet drama, you ignore a revolutionary perspective and because it's not important to you, you're telling me that looking into it from that view isn't worth my time?

So let me ask you something…

When Engels picked apart the Bakuninites in Spain, do you think it was worth his time to do so?


When Marx did all his stuff in pointing out the arguments of reactionaries in "Theories of Surplus Value" do you think that isn't valuable in the slightest?


I really don't know what to tell you… You seem incredibly focused on ignoring that which may come to bite you in the ass and close off your ears saying "lalala, can't hear you over my own awesome" with no real argument to back it up.

You don't know a damn reason why I followed the fiasco except you claim it's an original thought, nor do you realize I already put out a rebuttal to someone else and it's not just to write. I have my own reasons.

But besides trying to write in other Socialist websites and progressive areas, I write here to see BM succeed. You… I dunno. It sure seems you're only interested in being a Negative Nancy and shooting the forest and ignoring trees.

Whatever. I'll write it up as I see fit based on a revolutionary perspective. If the editors want it, fine. If not, I've got other articles I can produce as well.

It's just me bucko. And I can promise that i'll give it a fair shake, just like everything else that goes into the submissions list.

The fact that you consider writing about Gamergate congruent with the two examples you cited is just further proof how stupid someone who writes an article about Gamergate.


Just wanted to say that whoever this Cagyproletarian guy is, his articles aren't half bad. In fact, they're pretty interesting.
The stuff being posted in general is seems pretty good, too. Keep it up.

Thanks. That's all I'm asking for.



It goes up and down based on the content, but as of now, 277 hits today. It typically sits around 300-400 per day, with spikes of up to 1000 when popular articles are published.

Okay guys… I have an idea about talking about socialist responses to different types of issues that socialism may fix. I'd call it "On creating a socialist state" and it looks into industries with the idea of how to fix them by pointing out the current problems.

What do you all think about such a series, say…. Twice a month?

A couple of weeks ago I encountered an essay that re-revolutionzed my understanding of Marx and his relation to Hegel. It's from Cyril Smith's "Marx At The Millennium".

It's funny, because the conclusion is what most humanist Marxists like myself begin with, however, returning to this conclusion now I have a much higher clarity than I ever did when I had merely dogmatically believed it. This closes a train of thought I was already on when I recognized that capital never sublates into communism or socialism, rather it is it's complete destruction which reveals communism to be the true social form of the human.

Marx, in the end, is not a Hegelian nor a believer in dialectics. The true meaning of Marx's materialism is found in his early writings, it's humanism. Materialist dialectics is an error, there can be no such thing. It is true materialism which denies dialectics and shows it to be nothing but human fiction born of a mystified mind. That the world we live in is dialectical is Hegel's discovery, and his error was in thinking this contradictory world was the way it was by the nature of reality. Contradictions, that is dialectics, for Marx result from mistakes and are fated to end in either destroying us, or destroying themselves.

My conclusion that the importance of dialectics is to recognize fundamental errors was correct, yet I hadn't recognized that it was not just for capital, but for all dialectics.

Irony of ironies, Hegel himself had pioneered something very close to this very same view of dialectics in the Phenomenology according to some readings.

Fuck off retard

Planning to write an article on Sanders after the Iowa results.

Is this the new >>>fringe


the only thing worse than humanism is anti-humanism fam

That's why we need theoretical anti-humanism.

Can you add in the site description that anyone can send their articles for the review and publishing? I can't find it on the site.

Yeah, I've been planning to do an overhauled contributions section, just have to write the copy up. It does briefly say how to contribute in the about section, in the sidebar.

Are General Philosophy articles acceptable? Like a criticism of Foucault for instance?

fuck off Holla Forums

Perfectly welcomed, and exactly the kind of thing we publish.

Also, to current contributors, I apologize for being a bit slow this week, it's been a busy one for me. I'm going to try to roll out some articles tomorrow.

How many are there in review?

Awesome I've been working on philosophical essays, not all of them are bunkermag material the Foucault one definitely is.

posted comment on freud article

this is hillarious

I'll try to hand in an article I've been working on by the end of this week.

How come Holla Forums isn't on the bukerchan "our comrades" section?


thanks fam


300 posts


communism was the worst thing to ever happen to the shithole that is albania


A majority of Russians think it's a real shame the USSR isn't around anymore, according to a survey released by Pew Global Research on Thursday. Out of a sample of 1000 people polled last month, 55 percent agreed with the statement that “it is a great misfortune that the Soviet Union no longer exists.”

This may strike some as odd given the not-so-stellar track record of the Soviet Union when it comes to many aspects of history (it did fall after all), but the results are actually fairly consistent with previous polls. As Pew notes in their survey, "in 2009, 58 percent described the collapse of the USSR as a great misfortune, and 50 percent expressed this opinion in 2011."

Meanwhile, ex-USSR states are very happy that they have nothing to do with the chauvinist imperialist state of Russia.

It wasn't Imperialist, it was hegemony. BIG DIFFERENCE.
Oh, and it's not true.
All of Eastern Europeans miss communism







Maybe, but nobody misses being with russia, which is and has always been a shithole.

Russian Empire and contemporary Russia Federation, yes.
Soviet Union? NO!!

You suffer from romanticism (just like any other Fascist). The USSR's standards of living were based entirely on counterfeit versions of products from the west.
Skipping work = jail time, and so on, and so-forth.

Ummm? Go to shop? Everthyng there is the same, all the iphones are the same. Iphone 1 is the exactly the same as Iphone 6. All the TV's look the same, all the loptops look the same etc…
Who cares that Soviet binocular looked similar to American one?

I strongly suspect you're a paid kremlin shill.


I cleary said that I consider contemporary Russiam federation an evi shithole.That having said, can't counter my argument that in capitalist world everthyng is exactly the same?

Here's a good test:

Do you consider Ukraine a separate ethnicity, culture, and country from russia?


Then we have no quarrel.

Rolled 1, 2, 1, 2 + 2 = 8 (4d3)Niggers


At some point every white leftist is going to have to face the fact that race-inclusive political ideologies are exclusively products of white culture. You can spend your life allying with minorities or the global south for their rights, but they will never reciprocate.

It's a lonely realization that will leave you alienated from your comrades, but there's people you can talk to.

Also, do you actually have comradeship with anyone, or are you still an alienated consumer dreaming of red flags that will never wave?

Would you take a submission discussing race and genetics and why it is something that must be understood and used in the push for universal stateless socialism?

Here on leftypol race was always frowned upon and now all mentions of genetics are met with derision and locked threads.

You'd have to make a damn good argument that doesn't devolve into spooks. I'm not going to guarantee publication of anything like that, though, I'll just have to see.

t. editorfag


I have no idea how you'd make that argument, and I seriously suspect it's going to rest on sophistry, but I hope someone somewhere publishes it. Even if you're wrong, the willful blindness of the white left on race needs to end if it's to fucking survive.

Keep in mind as you make your argument that the ideology of International Socialism is entirely a product of white Europeans and North Americans, and is soundly rejected on every other continent where socialism and communism has been applied. Only the USSR and its vassals even bothered to pay lip service to Internationalism. All other Marxist regimes are extremely ethnonationalist.

This is what drew me to Socialism in the first place. Eventually I realized the unity that I saw in a select few Marxist societies was really ethnic unity with Marxism as an ideological vehicle for it. You don't get genuine comradeship in multi-ethnic societies of any kind.

As with most leftist strawman arguments you're getting that entirely from your ass.

But they certainly need to be forced into something, because no matter how Marxist you get, the state-subsidized, idle black underclass cannot go on multiplying for ever. All overpopulated groups crash. Marxism needs a working class that actually works.

Yes, my post was an obvious strawman.
I'm very delighted that you took its place. Keep shitting up the board, friend.

Hey SiteDev, what are the current hits per day? Has it maintained these levels?

It's tapered down to a bit over 100 visitors per day as it stands. Goes up and down as new content goes up.

is the site down for anyone else?

So I have found this French interview of Noam Chomsky: la-bas.org/la-bas-magazine/textes-a-l-appui/noam-chomsky-la-verite-dialogue-avec-jacques-bouveresse

Should we/Could we translate it in English for Bunkermag? I'm thinking about legal issues.

well if this is your disclaimer then i wont waste my time
if you wont guarantee a neutral overview instead of saying "anything that is a spook in your article is grounds for rejection" then what the fuck will you have other than an echo chamber

so you agree with me but think my argument would be wrong when plainly said

leftist gymnastics are the reason i just avoid labels altogether for fear of being labelled an enemy of every fucking political grup

Just do it.

What are they going to do? Arrest a bunch on anons on a obscure leftist section of a even more obscure Mongolian basket weaving forum?

so what exactly is bunkermag?

Both a platform for the leftypol community and a publication of leftist thought and news. In the end, it's whatever you make of it since we run off user submitted content.

anyone else not able to access bunkermag with tor browser?

My webhost blocks Tor for fuck knows what reason and won't lift the ban. I want to move it elsewhere but I can't afford to pay two hosting bills, since the current one comes under my business hosting.

ay editor would you be interested in writing an article about how to change the apolitical attitude of people to becoming more aware in politics?

The next project on my slate is a guide for slick entryism, but if you'd like, I can work with you on making such an article. Just throw done some ideas in a rough draft and submit it.

forgot namefag

Just came here to say I really love Bunker Magazine, and keep up the good work.

Btw, maybe you should implement HTTPS.
Now porky can soak up exactly what you are reading on that site.

You'll notice that bunkermag has been suspended. I got my wallet stolen a few weeks ago and forgot to update the payment details after I got my cards replaced. I can't get onto my hosts admin portal right now, but when I can I'll fix it up.

That fucking sucks man.

But thanks for making a post about it. I just sent you an email about it but then realized that's probably stupid since the site hosted that account.

I was actually right in the middle of submitting a draft. I could actually use some feedback on it: docs.google.com/document/d/1Xdy3F5eFIyunUi7X7vH3o78NXE7JEqMtEdmeSMeaJVs/edit?usp=sharing

Anybody can comment

pretty good, just a bit short. Maybe mention the Socialist Party of America which held a lot of local positions and was pretty successfull on a local level. Reading up one their positions back then could give good ideas what positions are valuable in that enviroment.

I just posted it, but I can go back and add something about that.

But one problem with that is that the SPA was pretty scattershot in regards to their positions. ideologically they were all over the map, which was in part why they split up.

can someone write an article about how US imperialism created the shitty situation in the middle east? i want to explain to US supporters but im not knowledgeable about the situation there. i want to know what are the factions, their creation, their goals and how theyre connected to popular groups like ISIS or YPG

This video explains it pretty well.

hey is this bunkermag thing still on?

Rolling for incoherent essay on Deleuze.

Why wouldn't it be?

First time on Holla Forums, is this serious or satire? Because it's true (I'm a Stirner-scholar).

Write an article on it, if that's the case. I think it would be very interesting.

I'm currently writing an article on Stirner and Deleuze, so an explitict piece on Marx and Stirner isn't really in the pipeline atm. However, it's interesting to not that the entire Marxist critique of ideology that became rather popular in the 20th century from Gramsci, to Althusser (and Zizek, although I think there are other reasons to reject his work) falls prey to Marx' weapons against Stirner in Die Deutsche Ideologie. There's a very extreme dismissal of both the individual human being and the entire realms of ideas which Marx brings to bear against Stirner in order to caulk his newly developed historical materialism against Stirner's influence. We have to remember here that a year earlier, Marx was a Feuerbachian humanist and only Stirner's book triggered his acidic rejection of humanism. You can check out Wolfgang Essbach on this, if you can read German.

It's funny how many people (even non-Marxists) blindly follow the common trope that 'Marx debunked/destroyed Stirner in DDI' (even though most of Marx' criticism is deflected already in Stirner's reply to his critics "Rezensenten Stirners") and simultaneously believe that the XI. thesis on Feuerbach showcases how Marx went beyond the Young Hegelians, when in fact it just highlights how much he was part of that discursive context (which was however rapidly fragmenting in 45 and moving in different directions).

Stirner is like a meme here, but I don't get what it's supposed to be either. Something about spooks, or ideology, or zizek, or whatever.

It would be pretty cool if you could write something about Stirner for bunkermag :3

I know that Stirner is a meme (from /lit/), I was just wondering how /lefties/ think of him. Unfortunately, there are many misconceptions about his thought.

I am in 'contact' with some MLs who are trying to explain to me what dialectical materialism is. I think in the course of this development I'll probably be able to make a far better case for why Marxists today should read Stirner (what I would write right now would be ignoring the entirety of diamat because I only know about the relationship between Stirner and Marx until Die Deutsche Ideologie and then some interesting stories about how Marxists repressed the role Stirner played in the genesis of historical materialism, but those are very bookish concerns that might not be so relevant for activists).

tldr: I might write "Stirner for Stalinists" at some point.

hello my names of Enver I think this magasine very good I wish you good luck from Albania pls include instructional guide to construct your own bunker

I'm working on a basic timeline of this.

What are the standards of bunkermag when it comes to sourcing?

I think we can be pretty liberal on the sources, wikipedia's fine, but I'd have to look for myself in regard to news sites. just put what you can together and I'll look everything over.

Bunkermag: an idea has been floated that Bunkermag might have more success if the focus of the site was more on current events, on local and national leftist events and occurrences that the mainstream news sources won't/don't cover, rather than theoretical analysis.

The idea came from these posts on the subject of the Nuit-Debout movements in France, and the lack of coverage they are getting despite being very exciting, potentially pre-revolutionary movements.



Why has this thread been unstickied?

RIP bunkermag.

you will be missed.

A volunteer unstickied this (maybe on accident?), but maybe that's okay. This thread is still cycled, so it can still stay up indefinitely. What do you all think?

Not sure. On the one hand traffic is slow in this thread so its good to have it up there so people know it exists, however if the project is moving so slowly its actually dead then it makes sense to let it drop until/unless it picks up again.

Happened to the Alunya Thread too, which is a shame.
A LOT of OC came out of that thread.

That would be great, but it would require more people to submit. I could write up an article about the events in france today, sure, but I don't have enough time to keep up a steady stream of content like that.

Hopefully it will encourage more people to interact with it on a regular basis.

I did that one just for cleanup. I think people making comics and stuff like that are communicating in other channels, or can just make a new thread if they want to work on it.

I have an idea, how about I do a news round up every week of things to watch for? Easy content and can inspire more interest. What do you guys think.

I think that's a bad idea.
It did really produce a lot of OC, and OC is what makes us famous. Even fucking reddit steals our OC even though the hate our guts.

Good idea.

We should collect news and current events discussed on leftypol and make them into short articles. If the mag focused on these local events etc it would be easier to get it more widely read than just our own userbase here.

Like a weekly digest?

if it's popular I can cycle it.

It gives incentive to post content, maybe onto Bunkermag itself, so let's see.

I'm fine with the OC thread getting unstickied perhaps for the moment, but it should have probably gotten cycled like the bunkermag thread instead of deleted.

Regardless I'll probably make a new thread sometime to try and get people organized again. The artist who I was working with for the comics kinda fell off the face of the earth before finishing anything, so I'll have to see if I can grab their attention again. I liked their style quite a lot, and I still think there is potential in the project we planned.

Other than nuit debout what else has been going on recently for us to potentially write about? Comrades in France have lots to say but it might be harder for others. We should research and collect information here

This. Myself not being french or able to speak french makes it difficult for me to get access to primary sources, are there any french comrades here who can help?

Comrades in the UK can report on all the recent strike action underway. I will myself too when I get a chance. All kinds of unions have been striking recently, doctors and teachers and railway workers, more besides

This would be excellent!

I have made a small text about the situation in belgium, how do I give it to you ? I live in Belgium and am french speaking, might make another on france if motivated.
I have no pictures for this currently, and as a non native english speakers, it might be a good idea to correct mistakes I might have made.

You can make an account here: bunkermag.org/wp-login.php?action=register

And then put it into a draft. I can then review it and then publish it.

Thank you so much for doing this :)

I'm not that artist but I'm alright at making comics, do you and whoever else happens to be reading this wanna write something for me to draw? Stories/comics/whatever.

Not porn, lol.


I've brought a condenser mic. just under 100 and plan to upload readings of texts from works that are still copyrighted but don't have a recording for them; if the quality of the recordings are worthwhile, I'll be trying to stick them on a site like pomf.is but with long term storage (soundcloud is all I can think of, which unfortunately requires JS).

The texts I'm looking to do are the sort of works you'll find in a typical university course as an introduction to X, Y, or Z topic; I'm also thinking of doing journal articles of interest in areas like sociology.

Wondering if you'd be interested.

Do you think you might be able to do a political cartoon for us, perhaps?

Hmmm, I don't know. I'd have to as the sitedev about hosting content like that. What might be cool tho is if you have the time I could type up of some of the summaries of news events brought up during the weekly round-up over two weeks or a month and you could do a little news show, adding whatever commentary you want besides mine. How does that sound? I'll still ask the sitedev, tho.

You wouldn't be hosting the content; just providing a link to a file or an embed. It'll be the responsibility of the site it's uploaded onto to remove it, not the site which links to it.

I'll be happy to give the summary a shot as well. I'll make another post in a week or two when I'm ready to start.

Awesome! In that case I'm sure we can put them up. Look forward to hearing back from you!

How come this became a normal thread?

IDK, a hotpocket mistake, but it's causing more interest so its fine by me.

Yes! Did you have an idea for one or I can give it my best shot? Or any certain theme?

I had a couple ideas, maybe one about Trump and Kim Jung Un and Unrhue about muh anti-imperialism.

Or maybe one about how Trump's University isn't much different from other capitalist businesses in terms of marketing.

Or maybe one with Hillary Clinton in a shitty ass place in Honduras with an impoverished mother nearby and Debbie Wasserman Schultz standing next to a line of workers getting payday loans looking defeated, both saying how liberal or progressive they are, how they are looking out for women and workers.

Or one about some asshole libertarian with a neckbeard and bitcoin button going on about how socialism doesn't work and is muh big government and then a nationalist rightwinger maybe with a make america great again hat going on about how they have to protect america from the socialists who want to put into place Sharia law. And then cut to a YPJ fighter in Rojava shooting ISIS up and someone asks what she's doing and she replies "Federalist Secular Socialism."

What do you think?

Haha, those are great, ty. Especially like the last one.

Speaking of translations, if you guys ever need anything translated from the Portuguese or vice-versa hit me up, I'm Gracchus: twitter.com/vrexaz/lists/leftypol/members

That goes for Bunkerchan or any other project.

Hey isn't there some interesting stuff going on in far left Portuguese politics? One of the first articles on bunkermag was about the new coalition that was forming.

The government only has one party and it's a mainstream "Socialist" party, but it's supported in the parliament by the SYRIZA-equivalent (Left Bloc) and the Communist Party.

Still waiting on my pop filter lad, but if you want to write a small 2 minute summary just to see if you like the quality, go ahead. I'll drop it on pomf or something.



Oh sure thing, sorry leftypol was blocked on the WiFi I was on the last two days.

I heard that Podemos and the Left Bloc might beat out the socialists in the next elections, would you care to do some analysis into the politics and their positions?

Editor, UK comrade here, I have written the article I mentioned here. I can make an account etc if you insist, but here is a pdf of the article, you can copy and paste the text out of there if you want to publish it. I have no idea what image to use; maybe someone could draw something good? Maybe a mass protest or something? Make it look like London?
If you want an author's name, I want it to be "Anonymous Socialist"

It's very hard to copy and paste from a pdf correctly, could you make an account or give me a pastebin?

As for the picture

If this user would like to pitch in, we'll gladly take it, but for now I'll look for a generic picture.


Done. That okay?

I'll have it up soon

Hurry up with that example text Editor.

Excellent, thanks Editor.
Tell me what you think comrades!

Is there any way you can say that the author is "Anonymous Socialist"? Just in-case I write more, which I plan to do really. I realise I should have just made my own account now, I didn't think this through. No worries if not, I don't really mind at all, just if it was easy.

Good picture choice

Here you go

Sorry for the wait.

Sorry, I'll fix that right away.


It's now under Anonymous Socialist

Also, to those who don't know, every article that gets posted also gets put on our fb page with 19,000 followers

Awesome, thanks! If I make an account with that name I should give you articles via that in future, yes?

Great news! Good job Editor

Actually, in order to attribute the article to you I had to create an account in that name, if you'd like I can give you the password and then you can change it after you log in.

Yeah that sounds good to me


It's not working for some reason…

You should of asked for a email, tbh

Sometimes it takes a few tries if the capatcha isn't working.

It says the password is incorrect :/

email me

Will do so later on, definitely, have to dash right now. Sorry for all this confusion.
Just to clear up for other comrades after this string of posts of me failing to work out how to log in:

Here is the new article:

Here is a link to the facebook page, where articles are distributed to commie proles:

Comrades in France, Spain?
Care to write something on the events in your countries? It doesn't have to be long at all.

We had one submission about that but it was too small and filled with memes. To the person who sent that in, a bit more analysis and personal antidotes would do the trick.

I really want to believe we can do better than that…

latest news roundup

Do you guys like these or are they a waste of time?

I like them. If nothing else, it helps to put out content during slow periods when not many regular articles are being put out.

I'd be inclined to write an article myself for the magazine, but I don't have much to offer beyond what essentially amounts to opinion pieces. I've never really done proper journalistic work before, so I'd hardly know what resources to dip into to make a more worthwhile piece.


Doesn't hurt, better than no articles published at all.

Just write about current events in your state/country or whatever that you know about, with a leftist analysis

Bump! Anyone else feel like it might be nice if this was re-stickied?

I dunno, I feel like this has made things more active.

Speaking of which, here's the latest article

I love when websites do those things. Put the name of the article + link instead of just the links though.

Will do that going forward.

Haha I actually remember doing that second pic years ago. God what a twat I was.

I'm learning about this for the first time.

Holy shit, I'm mindblown. Some of their posts have hundreds of comments, there's a podcast (which I'm listening to now and they all sound genuinely retarded, but there's a podcast still) and a lot of material.

I'm humbled. I wish the Left had 1/5 of their organization.

We're growing. In reality, de-classcucking memes is the front end for our articles and most comments about them end up there. The actual bunkermag site serves as more of an archive and nice looking back end. So as the meme page grows, so does our readership.

And of course, the more content we produce the better we'll do, so if you have anything to contribute its always greatly appreciated.

On a related note, that page now has over 20,000 likes and the latest bunkermag article has been seen by about 1,300 people there.

Lad I'm still looking to doing that audio reading give me a bit more time.

Thanks for the update! I look forward to hear what you've got.


This is some truly shameless drivel. Have we stopped understanding that the end to bourgeois rule cannot be achieved through the machinery of the bourgeois state itself, or have we consigned ourselves to "kinder, gentler class exploitation"?

Have we given up on the central importance that truth, and telling workers the truth, has to revolution, or have you just not noticed the sheer extent to which Sanders relies on identity politics pandering and postmodern handwaving about this invisible, unfalsifiable undercurrent of identity oppression that, he charges, not only can but MUST be dealt with independently of class?

Nine years ago his views on imigration and outsourcing were essentially Trump's current views: youtube.com/watch?v=Iw3K0F6Gs5A He clearly stops short of correctly identifying these phenomena as results of the contradictions of capitalism and instead proposes to deal with them directly as though in a vacuum, treating symptoms rather than causes. In that sense he is a nationalist cynically using socialist rhetoric, who has come to reverse his position to scoop up support from the day's fashionable /idpol/ clique, rather than a genuine pivot to socialist internationalism. He is a milquetoast who has shown himself without sufficient integrity to protect the American working class even within the matrix of class rule.

It was intellectually dishonest to paint a favorable picture of him on the day he announced and it is intellectually dishonest today.


So write a counter-article, get that posted too. All good for dialogue.

I'd be honored. Working on one, will submit it in the next few days.

To be fair, none of them look like women

Fuckin' awesome job comrades

Anonymous Socialist again, I emailed you Editor

I didn't get it. Make sure you are sending it to islandsunn @gmail.com

Oh, I emailed the contact address on bunkermag. My bad.

That would get you the sitedev, who I haven't heard from in a while. I still haven't gotten your email. you did delete the space I put in the address, right?

Hey editor, forwarded you an email with an article and a few submission ideas.


Are you going to clean up the spam in the comments?

I'll email you on the correct address again tomorrow, sorry for how long this is taking.

Got it, I'll have it published soon. Although, I think we're getting a good rhythm of publishing an article a week. I think I'l hold onto this one until Sunday, after I've published the next weekly roundup.

Taken care of.

It's fine, take your time.


Latest weekly round up


Latest two articles!

Why progressives shouldn't endorse shillary.

short bio on a black natsbol

Can I get some feedback for pastebin.com/W5Kfzciw

If it's worth finishing, I'll pick it up tomorrow when I'm awake and then edit it. Right now it's partially inconsistent and I'm struggling to fit the pieces together.

What is this, an op ed? Your writing style is… very strange if it is an informative article. The language is encumbered by flowery prose that doesn't feel like it flows from someone who naturally speaks that way, it seems forced and unnecessary.

Inconsistent then. I'll salvage it tomorrow if it's worth it.

What is Bunkermag? Is it just a news site?

It's worth it It's a magazine for leftypol and anti-capitalists across the web. We built it.

that shit looks like something an austistic fanfic writer would write while trying to be medieval-ish.

Rewriting this into something legible is a complete fucking waste of effort.

So something you'd enjoy, then.


Bunkerman is YOU!
YOU write it.
YOU read it.


Latest weekly roundup for your reading pleasure!